EA Is Worse Than You Thought

big boss
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EA bad, here's why.

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18 Mar 2020



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Comentários 18 687
Aaaa 11 horas atrás
This guy just copying internet historian..
Sadan Siddiqui
Sadan Siddiqui 20 horas atrás
Eternal Anxiety is what EA means. It's very deep from 100 to 0 so get your plastic chute armor kids!
Alif Saufi
Alif Saufi 23 horas atrás
EA: "it's not childhood shattering, it's an upgrade" Every human who saw the new pvz games: "it's not a shotgun, it's an eraser for mistakes"
Laurel Koeniger
Laurel Koeniger Dia atrás
Indie games are soooo much better nowadays. AAA studios really need to get their shit together or they won't stand a chance in a few years
skytrident. 2 dias atrás
Everyone: First of all, congratulations EA. EA: Hello, I like money. Everyone: What inspired you to add loot boxes to your games? EA: Money
Mikey Penski
Mikey Penski 2 dias atrás
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown 2 dias atrás
If you seriously still pay EA and you dont care how bad they are You need your brain fixed ASAP
hondalover 3 dias atrás
your trying to hard to act like internet historian
Cat 3 dias atrás
“EA is worse than you thought” 6M people: Fascinating
SirTechnicMaster 3 dias atrás
That's not just EA. The whole AAA gaming industry is broken into pieces. Because money.
Mist Born
Mist Born 3 dias atrás
Gayming is massive.... what an amazing line to start your video with
Have Fun Ta Za Ra Su
Have Fun Ta Za Ra Su 3 dias atrás
EA is cancer
junk because i lost my pvz accounts since they don’t have a way to save them?!.🤢🤮
Serpaint 4 dias atrás
"It's very logo on a game, is a red flag" Garden Warfare 2: *Today, we make history*
Gₒ Cᵣₐ𝓏ᵧ
Gₒ Cᵣₐ𝓏ᵧ 4 dias atrás
Ea is dogshit
Goose 5 dias atrás
They did an amazing job with nfs Heat tho
ThomasTheDankEngine 5 dias atrás
ThomasTheDankEngine 5 dias atrás
brendan coats
brendan coats 5 dias atrás
EA, Activision & Ubisoft. The big 3 with the single worst business ethics known to gaming.
Suresh tc
Suresh tc 6 dias atrás
Ea: evil arts
i dont have meme channel
EA is like me: lazy wants money very little braincells
Gurdim Eikenskjaldi
Gurdim Eikenskjaldi 7 dias atrás
Lord British already knew EA was evil a literal century ago
The Greatest Onion
The Greatest Onion 7 dias atrás
This reminds me of internet historian, except more uploads
Wayfarer Zen
Wayfarer Zen 7 dias atrás
EA's strategy now is to produce "good faith" games that restore public perception of them from "well deserved outrage" to "kinda forgot what we were mad about but EA sux I guess", and then the next game they make is a pay to win garbage fest. Rinse, repeat.
Ariff Ansar
Ariff Ansar 7 dias atrás
Electronic Antichrist
Nobody 7 dias atrás
Don’t forget about Playfish Games. A studio that was well received and had a good revenue, only to be shut down by EA 2 years later. Or how about SimCity? They butchered their SimCity franchise. That fucking pissed me off.
Wuffy Wufferson
Wuffy Wufferson 7 dias atrás
And seriously makes me think twice on buying any new game from them. Frankly i dont think i will and they just lost a customer
Wuffy Wufferson
Wuffy Wufferson 7 dias atrás
Ooo i so glad i didn't buy anthem it looked so promising. Fuck ea XD
SkipSpotter 7 dias atrás
Sadly, successful companies get to a point whereby they become faceless, unstoppable machines. Mapple is a perfect example.
Wuffy Wufferson
Wuffy Wufferson 7 dias atrás
The new battlefield is complete trash. Should've just continued making mapsnfor battlefield 4
Zat ter
Zat ter 7 dias atrás
The smallest part of the video is that People likes the game
Wonderland Dreamer
Wonderland Dreamer 8 dias atrás
EA ruined my favourite developer, BioWare. They gave them such tight release dates and made them work with frostbite (which is not made for the traditional single player BioWare game) so the original Dragon Age and Mass Effect creator left the projects. And then they put them (a single player heavily story based studio) working on Anthem...
Dakota 8 dias atrás
having is an outcome of loving what you do. focus on the money - bad product, focus on the product - good money.
Mraxe 8 dias atrás
" it's not gambling, it's surprise mechnics " " it's not slaughtering the orphans, it's letting them see their parents
T ZS 8 dias atrás
I can agree on the scheme they used in BF II. You need to put in some hours before you can play with legendary characters. And honestly, 80 hours is not that much. If you are adulting and you play for like one hour a day, you get them in 2 and a half months, and 3 weeks if you play 4 hours a day. Im not supporting the paywall attitude, but this amount seems okay.
President snowflakes
President snowflakes 9 dias atrás
0:46 I've already realized that he's giving himself a bj mid fight
R 9 dias atrás
0:58 anime be like
Max Rigby
Max Rigby 9 dias atrás
Don't forget Activision
TWISTEIN 10 dias atrás
The fking nba is worst shitt if u play u will know
BRANDON STUCK 10 dias atrás
I think the wheels are back on track ( not in a good way ) with apex
SIDVERSE 11 dias atrás
Where is plants vs zombies 2?
Sze Gordon
Sze Gordon 11 dias atrás
EA sucks so bad, never play any game they produce now
NepNepGear 11 dias atrás
Dude the editing on this video is so well made and funny xD
Judgethecriminal 11 dias atrás
3:10 fucking sent me
Dawid Owczarz
Dawid Owczarz 11 dias atrás
and it's worth mentioning this circus with titanfall games that happened this year
HoursOfOrigin 11 dias atrás
As a game developer (Graduated from college at least) myself, it hurts me to see what gaming has become. On one end, you have AAA's where corporate side doesn't understand that if you have no players, the whole investment goes to whack. On the other, you take a gamble with indie devs because you never know when they're just gonna dump the game off halfway through. Gaming has become a cash grab instead of about passion projects. If the devs at EA actually cared, they'd all abandon that company and form their own, as EA clearly lost their vision ages ago. I couldn't live with myself to be working on other people's instant cash grabs, and I certainly couldn't have my name be on the credits of garbage designed for leeching off of someone. If I make a game, it's going to be a work of art that people will enjoy. Not something for milking someone's bank account dry.
Beslan Sonov
Beslan Sonov 12 dias atrás
wanna meme at 5:18
yeetus deletus
yeetus deletus 12 dias atrás
E.A SPORTS What a shame...
Tomas Ciasca
Tomas Ciasca 12 dias atrás
North Korea, yeah you there, could you please nuke all of EA’s offices or like plant a bomb or something.
U.S.S.R 13 dias atrás
imagine spend 60$ and yo still needs 59.99$ for a goddamn DLC
YucamiYT 13 dias atrás
Sorry for wasting a comment, but have fun with this: 20:00
President snowflakes
President snowflakes 9 dias atrás
Thank you bro I didn't watch the video but your timestamp really helped me watch the entire video in less than 0.01 secs thanks you again
TheTrueComrades 13 dias atrás
Idk what worst EA or Blizzard
robohunter35 14 dias atrás
I think EA better than Activision
KUNO 14 dias atrás
not worse then ubisoft lmao
______ 14 dias atrás
perfect ad
my name is Jeff
my name is Jeff 15 dias atrás
I've played all need for speed games and I'm a hardcore fan for for the game or I was till need for speed payback... I had really high hopes for payback because rivals was probably my favorite out of the entire series, but payback was just a poorly made cash grabbing excuse for a racing game, don't get me wrong I still enjoy the game but not as much as I used to. EA doesn't care about the games they made anymore just as long as it has the name of a really good game series like madden and then make something like madden 19-21, they just want money now but I can't find any other good game companies that will hit the same spot that EA will and because of that I can't enjoy. the same games I did lets say 10 years ago. I just want the old EA back.
TheShadow 15 dias atrás
Fuck that company boycott them
ItMeFlaco 16 dias atrás
It’s honestly sad to see your childhood game turn into a dump and all of it because of a shitty money hungry company
Baked Beans
Baked Beans 15 dias atrás
Like Fifa.
Simo 16 dias atrás
The mystery is, how did any gamer still pay for EA games after the mid-90s.
Nugget The Rabbit
Nugget The Rabbit 16 dias atrás
Cyberpuke 2077 is just like Anthem
Kalenz 17 dias atrás
EA is why pirating games is a moral good.
Xavier Harris
Xavier Harris 17 dias atrás
It's not gambling it's suprise mechanics I'm not a pedophile I'm just testing
DeadlyWolf 17 dias atrás
i liked plants the plants vs zombie games they made and spore
Kieran 17 dias atrás
The only ea game I like is bf2 but they didn’t add mace windu to it
Sandy Sand
Sandy Sand 17 dias atrás
I haven’t purchased an EA game since 2015, indi market is far better
Sultan Tulaman
Sultan Tulaman 18 dias atrás
What about Ubisoft
Anahita anahita
Anahita anahita 18 dias atrás
I will never forgot what EA done to pop cap pvz
PanafricanTV 19 dias atrás
starwars was amazing fifa 22 is good and ea access is value for money
SAX Games
SAX Games 19 dias atrás
Can BF 2042 redeem the franchise?
Tony Evans
Tony Evans 19 dias atrás
It doesn't make sense that Fallen Order was an EA game. It just... doens't.
San Yasi
San Yasi 19 dias atrás
No, they're not; they're just as bad as I thought. And that's BAAAAAAD. Thank god for piracy! (and that I don't care about multiplayer on any game)
Peter Adams
Peter Adams 19 dias atrás
I literally don't play or buy any EA games because of their reputation
KajiRider1997 20 dias atrás
EA: Evil Assholes. Its in the wallet
TheShinobiOfficial 20 dias atrás
The dislikes are from EA employees
Slim 20 dias atrás
Best example are the Sims.
David Reed
David Reed 20 dias atrás
Kinda dont even want another Dragon Age game. Since I know it'll suck.
Malachi Williams
Malachi Williams 19 dias atrás
I didn't get sad until I read this comment and realized how true this probably is
Hampus Brokmann
Hampus Brokmann 20 dias atrás
EA is the reson i dont Play anymore
Hampus Brokmann
Hampus Brokmann 20 dias atrás
And BRvid and googel is the reson i dont have a computer anymore and never will again
astrobevo 20 dias atrás
Halo infinite naw ima take my time
Arh tech
Arh tech 20 dias atrás
1:48 simu liu before becoming shang chi
ALx99 21 dia atrás
No, no not gambling..Surprise mechanics!
Shadow Isaac
Shadow Isaac 21 dia atrás
You don’t have to tell us twice. We lost everything because of them. Our home. Our family. Our minds. We are but a memory. But we take solace in the fact that the fans remember us. Well, at least they remember Isaac.
Alex May
Alex May 21 dia atrás
I'll never forget them for running Origin and the Ultima series into the ground. I can't forget that shit.
The Parallel Nexus
The Parallel Nexus 21 dia atrás
A beautiful legacy destroyed with abject cruelty.
Artur Łepek
Artur Łepek 21 dia atrás
Heh human ist a just a product....
RainGaming 21 dia atrás
It's going to be hilarious. Cuz y'all will laugh at the absurdity, not knowing it's subliminal message of what will happen in the future. Just solve the riddle. Time is running...
Werewolf Master
Werewolf Master 22 dias atrás
Andromeda was buggy but GREAT in plot. I regret it wasn't more of it very much. As I'm a plot guy.
Werewolf Master
Werewolf Master 22 dias atrás
YOU FORGOT ABOUT POLITICS IN EA GAMES. Agressive P.C. etc Disney signed a deal with EA BECAUSE it's the worst - same as Disney. (yeah that's the reason imho).
Shreyas Ganapathï
Shreyas Ganapathï 22 dias atrás
Why hasn't EA been hit with antitrust regulations am I missing something? I'm not in the US btw
Rvo Studio
Rvo Studio 22 dias atrás
Democrats and Republicans hating each other Ea come out with a new star war loot box game Guess we’re friends now
ByNiro05 22 dias atrás
80 hours to unlock a character aint that much tbh
Deaf Seal
Deaf Seal 22 dias atrás
It’s sad u friends doesn’t understand this and think EA of great game developers I tolled them this video they don’t rly understand English tho. SO ANNOYING
MemeMaster5421 23 dias atrás
EA has become a meme, so people will not think twice about hating them even if it is unnecessary. we look for the bad things before anything else which is unfair to the developers
DylanAKAVance 23 dias atrás
Fun fact: ea did care about their players but slowly changed in the introduction of the *ultimate cash grab* oh wait no, *ultimate team* it made them mad amounts of money no one could believe it, not even basically ea was loved by many people in the golden age (2001-2008) then it became most hated (2012- so on)
Xilomala 23 dias atrás
What about Titanfall?
R. Voogt
R. Voogt 23 dias atrás
Mass Effect Andromeda was fucked up because of Anthem.... ANTHEM!!! All just for money...
HollowPine 23 dias atrás
this is the first time i've enjoyed a nord VPN sponsor section
Professional Rookies
Professional Rookies 23 dias atrás
When EA acquired bioware and cut out bits of ME3 prior to launch and offered it as DLC on lunch day my days of gaming as a hobby were over. EA and Activision have destroyed gaming.
Mikuláš Répal
Mikuláš Répal 23 dias atrás
"Medal of duty: Epic Warcrimes 2" I want this game
Morgan Germani
Morgan Germani 23 dias atrás
1:27 I would like to play that Medal of Duty: Epic Warcrimes 2. Honestly sounds fun as hell.
Christian Roubideaux
Christian Roubideaux 23 dias atrás
Epic war crimes 2. A game I can get behind
Caravan Dee
Caravan Dee 24 dias atrás
Sad part is after all this you guys keep buying😁 Sold my ps3 and haven't look back..
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