Dubsmash with Selena Gomez

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Selena Gomez take turns recording videos using the app Dubsmash.
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Dubsmash with Selena Gomez


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15 Out 2015



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Comentários 10 205
aisha namoura
aisha namoura 3 horas atrás
She is the only one who didn't play the Wheel Of Musical 🙂 And we all know why..
flacrum 17 horas atrás
Zarthoshtra bi
Zarthoshtra bi Dia atrás
What is song name at the end?
Tinny Gzz
Tinny Gzz 2 dias atrás
The Alex Russo laugh 🥰
Cha Eunwoo
Cha Eunwoo 7 dias atrás
Shay 31
Shay 31 7 dias atrás
I fast forward Jimmy's parts and only watch Selena's 😂
Voice of East
Voice of East 7 dias atrás Carrot 🥗
༎༎꧁José BH꧂༎༎
Yo hablo españ entiendo ni mrd xd 😕
Hela Abdu
Hela Abdu 10 dias atrás
Mariana Zavarce
Mariana Zavarce 10 dias atrás
She was such a baby 🥺
James Connor
James Connor 10 dias atrás
Parnia Pourbakhshi
Parnia Pourbakhshi 11 dias atrás
闵龙夏 11 dias atrás
I like this
chaosverum music
chaosverum music 12 dias atrás
2:33 who already knew what she was lip syncing before you even heard the audio
jakiya nasrin
jakiya nasrin 12 dias atrás
Selena was so happy that time but now she looks so depressed
Shreya Singh
Shreya Singh 12 dias atrás
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez 12 dias atrás
She looks so good in this intervew
maddyjul07 12 dias atrás
she seems so much happier here then in the recent interview. hope she’s doing good
m_gaston 8 dias atrás
Estaba con Justin
you’re my tear
you’re my tear 12 dias atrás
Life does that to most of us 🥺😭
Katia Garcia
Katia Garcia 12 dias atrás
yea, i noticed that too. i guess because she has lived through the "battles" of life that she is now more mature. and also she had to grow up so her face may have changed a bit. still beautiful tho. <3
Ana Karen De La Garza
Ana Karen De La Garza 13 dias atrás
So this f*cking app was the one that started another f*cking app
Ruby Burks
Ruby Burks 13 dias atrás
dubsmash musically tiktok
Account Google
Account Google 13 dias atrás
Her voice change now
Alper Batuhan Celep
Alper Batuhan Celep 13 dias atrás
after Rare?
Adrián Torres
Adrián Torres 13 dias atrás
Aaa aaa
Aaa aaa 13 dias atrás
I love her so much😍
Jerry Stone
Jerry Stone 13 dias atrás
Gotta Love Selena, she is cute and funny.
Kimberly Nicholls
Kimberly Nicholls 13 dias atrás
this started musically
Christina Ph
Christina Ph 13 dias atrás
She's the cutest
Samyrah Gomez Lara
Samyrah Gomez Lara 13 dias atrás
Pavani Fernando
Pavani Fernando 13 dias atrás
Who came here after Rare?
Zara Hoffman
Zara Hoffman 10 dias atrás
Crystal agreed
Crystal 11 dias atrás
Pavani Fernando she seems like a totally different person in the rare interview
Aleeza Sheikh
Aleeza Sheikh 13 dias atrás
Lol I used to have this app back when tik tok was musically
Iraq China Washington
Iraq China Washington 13 dias atrás
I don't see nothing special on her.just she is so normal person. I have seen some girls way far better than her....😟😟😟😟😟
Rianna Permanand
Rianna Permanand 15 dias atrás
im deadd
ella dipronio
ella dipronio 16 dias atrás
i can’t believe the boomers found this funny
ella dipronio
ella dipronio 13 dias atrás
Dhruvil Desai that makes no sense lmao .
Dhruvil Desai
Dhruvil Desai 13 dias atrás
you probably spend 20 hours a day on tik tok pls
Joseluis Valdivia
Joseluis Valdivia 20 dias atrás
💐💐💚💚🌷🌷. 💎🔲🔳💠💠💎 💎Selena 🌷 💎 💎💠💠🔳🔲💎
talaash 147
talaash 147 20 dias atrás
Love SG
Jewel Jackson
Jewel Jackson 21 dia atrás
Dubs is dancing
Jewel Jackson
Jewel Jackson 21 dia atrás
That’s Tik tok not dubsmash
A M76
A M76 21 dia atrás
Dance with Disha and Divya
Selena is always a queen
Sanghita De
Sanghita De 21 dia atrás
I see Benedict
Darkchaos95 22 dias atrás
I thought the tittle was “ Dumass Selena Gomez” 😂 😂
Muhammad Abdul Rehman vlogs
3:05 he says no you're cute
Yisroel Weiss
Yisroel Weiss 24 dias atrás
This is like tic toc , very funny!!!😆😆😆😆
Natasha Lee
Natasha Lee 25 dias atrás
Who watching that in 2020 ?
Marvin Schneidmiller
Marvin Schneidmiller 27 dias atrás
Richard Sylvanus
Richard Sylvanus Mês atrás
Fallon is NOT funny
Doge PokeTrainer
Doge PokeTrainer Mês atrás
TikTok was created. Dubsmash has left the chat.
This World Shall Know Pain!
She almost makes me not want to make the world feel pain
Reet dhaliwal
Reet dhaliwal Mês atrás
Gupta RISHABH Mês atrás
when you die because of cuteness overloaded
Gupta RISHABH Mês atrás
2:34 i bet she said fu''k
مرتضى حسين
عرب 💔😂
Lag Now
Lag Now Mês atrás
Qualities Of KISSES.. Sweetest Kiss: On Forehead. Loveliest Kiss: On Cheeks. Most Romantic Kiss: On Lips. And The Hottest Kiss Is: , , , , On The Bike’s Silencer After It Has Run 100km. JUST TRY IT.. :-D Hhahaha
Ant Says
Ant Says Mês atrás
She’s so fucking amazing!!
raed ghazal
raed ghazal Mês atrás
Fuck she's hot
Jonathan Efraín Morocho
Sahil Shirgil
Sahil Shirgil Mês atrás
Which app is this??
born strong
born strong Mês atrás
2:50 where's jb at????
World's Progression
Nim Kaur
Nim Kaur Mês atrás
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