Dream Team Reality TV Show...

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Dream Team Reality TV Show...
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If the Dream Team had a reality TV show, this is probably what it would be like...

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24 Fev 2021



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Comentários 99
Idiot Operator
Idiot Operator Hora atrás
Dreams “friend”
Hikaru_ Hora atrás
I like how they put dreams “friend”
Katheline Luong
Katheline Luong 12 horas atrás
I guess George is colorblind to food as well
Margarita Cruz
Margarita Cruz 18 horas atrás
Aw don't worry my cousin is color blind when i ask her to get me some thing and she gets me some thing else i just say thank you Because i to appreciate what she does for me 😁
Mingus 18 horas atrás
0:06 *voice crack*
『Orange Rose』
『Orange Rose』 20 horas atrás
Why would you get upset when you get a lasagna
Austin Kemeny
Austin Kemeny 21 hora atrás
We need a full version of Dream Team Reality TV show.
OrangeyMC Dia atrás
I also watched this and the animatics. Now I know why how to draw lasagna is in my recommendations
Not. Ali
Not. Ali Dia atrás
0:37 Dreams “friend”
Raja Ramadan
Raja Ramadan Dia atrás
Can you blame him? He is color blind !
SirFynixx BG
SirFynixx BG Dia atrás
Mom: Why did you fail the test? Me: *i ' m c o l o r b l i n d*
ella not found
ella not found Dia atrás
i watched this too many times
Ava Bernard
Ava Bernard Dia atrás
Lemonweeb _
Lemonweeb _ Dia atrás
Sapnap sitting there be like: 👁👄👁
Morgan Kham
Morgan Kham Dia atrás
Lol when George was doing his little thing it says Dreams “Friend” 😂
Dalia Arkoub
Dalia Arkoub Dia atrás
jesse hamed
jesse hamed Dia atrás
more of this plz
SavingCPR Dia atrás
When the black guy blames racism for EVERYTHING
SeekerFN Dia atrás
MatthewAnimeGamer 2 dias atrás
Dream stfu
Kaye Vogus
Kaye Vogus 2 dias atrás
Cough* *Dreams “Friend”* *Cough
moonygirl76 2 dias atrás
This is the funniest one, I don't care what anyone says.
EmilyDeRat 2 dias atrás
dream's "??
mario number 1
mario number 1 2 dias atrás
*it's A frickin' apple*
Jennelyn 2 dias atrás
okay, lasagna and apple
Ellaiza Rae Andres
Ellaiza Rae Andres 2 dias atrás
I would legit watch a season of this lol
Ruby Reese
Ruby Reese 2 dias atrás
At the end George’s description dreams “ friend”
Alice the Unicorn
Alice the Unicorn 2 dias atrás
George: But I'm colour blind Judge: Sir, you are on trial for multiple homicides-
BadBoyHalo’s Sister
BadBoyHalo’s Sister 2 dias atrás
Apple lasagna.. there’s only a slight difference. GEORGE WHAT IS THIS
Aisyah_7754 2 dias atrás
Dream's "friend" Lmaooo🤣🤣
wolf mango
wolf mango 2 dias atrás
Do more
5B06何尚城 HE MARK
5B06何尚城 HE MARK 2 dias atrás
I bet the lasagna is shaped like an apple
Zombie PvP
Zombie PvP 2 dias atrás
Lasagna is like an Apple
Alex The Kitty
Alex The Kitty 2 dias atrás
Ok so we just ignore how at the end Georges part has this? Dreams "friend"
Lil Zuko
Lil Zuko 2 dias atrás
When’s episode 2 coming out?
hanna 3 dias atrás
the fact that it says dreams “friend” under george’s name has me dead HAHAHA
Tanuk Hapangama
Tanuk Hapangama 3 dias atrás
George's last line is literally all SJWs solving problems these days.
Melk 14
Melk 14 3 dias atrás
Rachna 3 dias atrás
Start giving hearts on this channel
Aly Bunny
Aly Bunny 3 dias atrás
"George, you have murderer 8 people, what's your excuse?" "I'm color blind." "Understandable, Have a great day."
cherry lungs
cherry lungs 5 dias atrás
Dream: proceeds to yell at george over armor Also Dream: sometimes i feel like george exagger-
Kate Abten
Kate Abten 5 dias atrás
I love how the Dream Team Lives with each other
The Buttcheek Master
The Buttcheek Master 5 dias atrás
George: • Gets Dream and Sapnap to jail • George: *im colorblind*
Ian Jade Rabino
Ian Jade Rabino 5 dias atrás
Lol that's funny dream in funny he is just shouton
CookieQueen 5 dias atrás
0:36 George Dreams “friend” 😭😭😭😭
IdioticMariana 6 dias atrás
Boba_ Cookies
Boba_ Cookies 6 dias atrás
You speeded friend wrong in George's description, you spelt it friend, it's actually boyfriend. Hope that correction helped!
Jealous_Park 6 dias atrás
Air quotes on the *"Friend"* 1 like (to either the video or this) = 1 friend point to GeorgeNotFound
Harmony Student 010 Tzu Chi
Loo goerge like that
Peach_ mxlk_
Peach_ mxlk_ 6 dias atrás
Anyone else keep coming back just to see when georges description is *Dream's "Friend"*
İlayda Yetişen
İlayda Yetişen 7 dias atrás
Does anyone know where this is from?
İlayda Yetişen
İlayda Yetişen 4 dias atrás
@Golden Bacon oh ok lol ty. I thought someone took the clips and reanimated them.
Golden Bacon
Golden Bacon 4 dias atrás
this is an original video this is their channel
madison galt
madison galt 7 dias atrás
we need episodes of this
Can I get a Uw uw
Can I get a Uw uw 7 dias atrás
StOp PlA food
Crazy Corn
Crazy Corn 7 dias atrás
Is this really George and Dream?
Perpi 7 dias atrás
Yooo, Dream really added 'George - Dreams "friend" 😂
AKplayz 7 dias atrás
congrats on 1m subs!
Bautista Causillas
Bautista Causillas 8 dias atrás
Dream: Oh so you bought a new pet george! George: Yes! Dream: what is it? George: I adopted a cat! "Cat": Woof Dream: George, that's a dog. George: Oh Sorry it's not my fault having Colorblindness
TheGreat PastaMan
TheGreat PastaMan 8 dias atrás
Vip: could I have a tart and caviar? George: *brings a car and a milk carton the size of a dinosaur* Vip: I asked for a tart and caviar.... George: sorry I’m colourblind Vip: sorry I’m SUING
Shark Laptop
Shark Laptop 8 dias atrás
Dreams "friend" 💚💙😨
Jamie Rothwell
Jamie Rothwell 8 dias atrás
This video is so funny! XD
オレンジキューティーズSimple Tips
its the dreams 'fRieNd' for me 0:36
Amciu Zawadzka
Amciu Zawadzka 8 dias atrás
Apple vs lasania 🤪
Kelvin Huỳnh
Kelvin Huỳnh 8 dias atrás
Is this is a official channel that Dream made ?
RosePlains 8 dias atrás
i saw the anamatic
Farhana Fatima
Farhana Fatima 8 dias atrás
Is it just me the design looks like mumbo iskall and uh grian's sahara shop?
Sultan hamster hamster
iM cOlOrBliNd tOo
dem 8 dias atrás
i kind of wanna watch it
Genyvine Meryence
Genyvine Meryence 8 dias atrás
Bruh..George tho😂😂😂😂😂
Isco _
Isco _ 9 dias atrás
Some of those are really good some of them are really bad...this one was a good one
Ibrahiem Miller
Ibrahiem Miller 9 dias atrás
just found this channel its very funny
ZeroOverZero 9 dias atrás
Like how friend on George’s description is in quotation marks lol
Brooklyn’s Edits
Brooklyn’s Edits 9 dias atrás
Can you get me an apple? Ok, here’s lasagna
ALİ KAAN GÜRDOĞAN 9 dias atrás
Shadow teal Betancourt
It’s funny
The Beast
The Beast 9 dias atrás
Part 2 pls
limar gaming
limar gaming 9 dias atrás
I sub
24k Mxge
24k Mxge 9 dias atrás
AWWWWWW I felt bad for George
Fenix 9 dias atrás
F in the chat for George 🙏😢
billooned 9 dias atrás
Dream he has speedran life 100 times Bbh absolute nothing to see here Gorge uhh color blind
River Michael
River Michael 9 dias atrás
Nobody mentioning the fact that for George’s part it says “Dreams “friend”
wznCHARLES HUNEYCUTT 9 dias atrás
Wait so he thinks lasagna is a Apple wow maybe George is actually food blind what you mean he's actually not color blind his food behind
Dellfin Willson
Dellfin Willson 9 dias atrás
Ai love you dream
Macintosh C84
Macintosh C84 9 dias atrás
ItzFrostGamer 9 dias atrás
Badboyhalo: george can you get me a apple George: yeah BBH: george this is lasagna George well I didn't know that I'm colorblind BBH: ynduxb wha? Apples are round you moofin head
SpeedingPacman 9 dias atrás
*points to a tree* George: LOOK DREAM, ITS A NETHER PORTAL Dream: *sigh* here we go again
Susannah Tussing
Susannah Tussing 10 dias atrás
we need more. | V
Magaly Vargas
Magaly Vargas 10 dias atrás
are we going to ignore it said “dreams ‘friend’ ”
Magaly Vargas
Magaly Vargas 10 dias atrás
For george
Coco cook
Coco cook 10 dias atrás
Aww George we love you
FLAMEGAME YT 10 dias atrás
**George drives** Hits an old lady George:I was colourblind
Anastasia Slamniuk
Anastasia Slamniuk 10 dias atrás
We all know why they called George Dreams "Friend"
The God of Space
The God of Space 10 dias atrás
LilyMC 10 dias atrás
I thought this channel was to upload clips or something like that... I was wrong
•Honey• 10 dias atrás
Song? Lol
Lili Monarch
Lili Monarch 10 dias atrás
Yk, Dream said he edits most of his videos. Meaning he most likely edited this one... including the descriptions of !Dream and !George. 🤔
Cheeto The Cheetah
Cheeto The Cheetah 10 dias atrás
" dreams "friend" " XDDDDDDDDD
The oofstirs Brothers
The oofstirs Brothers 10 dias atrás
Make this a thing
Alicja Soroka
Alicja Soroka 10 dias atrás
The_S1moon 10 dias atrás
Is he shape blind?
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 10 dias atrás
I love you dream😍😘
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