DrDisrespect is BACK. And the entire world watched.

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Is this thing on?
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► Extra Terra - The Singularity Is Near
► Fury Weekend - Gamechanger
► Absolute Valentine - Magnatron Engaged
► Pylot - The Return
♦ Producer/Director/Lighting: Alex
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0:00 Are we live yet?
0:22 New Stream Intro
3:54 Doc is back (New Gfx)
5:24 Doc talking about his BAN
7:28 Reacting to Fall Guys with xQc
8:06 Limited Edition Alleyways T-shirt
8:58 Making of Alleyways Song
9:42 New Champions Club ad
11:00 Doc playing Warzone
13:29 New Stream Outro (live speech)
15:28 Clips from previous Streams (never used)
19:11 Drdisrespect Streaming Montage (last 4 years)
21:09 Credits
21:22 End Credits Clip


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8 Ago 2020



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Comentários 100
Mark Hardy
Mark Hardy Dia atrás
"I hope you brought an umbrella, because my bullets are gonna rain on you."
Rman ShoW
Rman ShoW Dia atrás
I have uploaded the image without glasses and wig in your biography video
Godly Goku
Godly Goku 5 dias atrás
Yayayayayaya firm handshakes
Jodi Crawford
Jodi Crawford 5 dias atrás
The Don of Don's The King of kings. The alpha and the omega. Dr Disrespect.
King Slayer
King Slayer 5 dias atrás
Anis Cocka
Anis Cocka 7 dias atrás
14:37 ....
TheAnimeDude666 8 dias atrás
CC whats the title of the song that he used in the last 4 years montage.
Cheese Smoke
Cheese Smoke 9 dias atrás
Your videos suit you-tubes dark theme
Priyanshu Verma
Priyanshu Verma 10 dias atrás
What is that ending music wanna hear it on repeat 🔥🔥
Triiiple Ram
Triiiple Ram 10 dias atrás
HukenTV 10 dias atrás
This guys intros is insane
ImNotGoat oK
ImNotGoat oK 11 dias atrás
Priyanshu Verma
Priyanshu Verma 11 dias atrás
Love this guyyyyy yayayayayayayayayayaya 🔥
SnY Aisar
SnY Aisar 11 dias atrás
Nobody does it betterrrrrrr
John Akridge
John Akridge 12 dias atrás
There's Obviously some type of Drama Going on. Very Disrespectful
Lita 12 dias atrás
The CC surprise
Lita 12 dias atrás
Twitch was horrible to ban you but welcome to BRvid hopefully you can colabs more with Pewds and grow more, and just make BRvid content...maybe? I meen on the bright side you still have a channel...this some merch yes!!!!👍😅
Lita 12 dias atrás
LOL funny Doc funny video I liked this video yes!!!!👍😅
Diana 13 dias atrás
I'm proud to say I was there to see this.... 😎
Fat Sack
Fat Sack 13 dias atrás
mfw Dr. is actually Tom Cruise.
N1K0 13 dias atrás
Your videos are fkin epic.
Jimmy Hira
Jimmy Hira 13 dias atrás
Crazy330WhiteBoy 14 dias atrás
I just got banned in war zone and I have no idea why
jeremy gemar
jeremy gemar 14 dias atrás
Doc really is the goat
tormentor one
tormentor one 15 dias atrás
Im joining now now now now😭😭😭😭
Brandon Santos
Brandon Santos 15 dias atrás
TNT1138 16 dias atrás
M Merritt
M Merritt 16 dias atrás
"Semi" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Toploader 16 dias atrás
This dude is 38? Just goes to show age is but a number when it comes to universal entertainment. I enjoy his content being someone that's same age as him, I'm sure young adults and preteens will will also get a kick out of it. Welcome to your new you tube audience!
maintaofclips 17 dias atrás
they don't wanna see a legend win
Padurariu Catalin
Padurariu Catalin 17 dias atrás
J Cullitan
J Cullitan 17 dias atrás
Imo doc had a great idea, decided to tell 2 freshly free agents about it.. they ratted him out. Dont trust em doc
thats the song he was singing just added the water fall at the start and add he own words
I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner
Steena84 17 dias atrás
7:56 😂😂
VTAO 18 dias atrás
The return of the century.
Nate 18 dias atrás
Speed. Intensity. Surgical Precision.
Zach Ryan
Zach Ryan 18 dias atrás
He's more than a streamer, a true hero and champion
Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards 18 dias atrás
Fall guys is cancer
WallTheMart 19 dias atrás
You can see he's telling the truth. You can see it in his tinted, polarised lens eye thingys.
Sam Oblinger
Sam Oblinger 19 dias atrás
15:03 hype AF LETS GOOO
DeonPHOENIX 19 dias atrás
You think I'm gonna stop right there. You think that's the end of the line. Ohh boy, I still get goosebumps.
my name is
my name is 20 dias atrás
Alex is such a beast. The Two Time and Alex are the best duo on the internet
my name is
my name is 20 dias atrás
No competition
Tyler 20 dias atrás
If you’re not in champions club WAKE UP
Sociopath 20 dias atrás
This video right here is much much better than a whole movie.
Shubham 20 dias atrás
Everything is alright but BRvid need to bring that 30% cut on super chats to 5%.Nothing higher than 5% is tolerable
Ulti matum
Ulti matum 21 dia atrás
I like the Kavinsky vibes. Wait. Are. You.. Kavinsky??
yasin interview
yasin interview 21 dia atrás
The best streamer I have ever seen
305chucko 21 dia atrás
Absolute, 100% GOAT INTRO
Elfaran Elasul
Elfaran Elasul 21 dia atrás
I'm still wondering why he's ban on twitch...
Ahegao TV
Ahegao TV 22 dias atrás
Doc had the best music
Matt's Cig Review
Matt's Cig Review 22 dias atrás
gotta start smoking cigarettes man
Chris Gto
Chris Gto 22 dias atrás
''And dont forget to attack life with VIOLENCE.SPEED.MOMENTUM''
ryanowns5 23 dias atrás
14:37 - 15:12 This is why we love the 6 foot 8 great.
Anis Cocka
Anis Cocka 7 dias atrás
His rage gives me life 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Mike Lemillion
Mike Lemillion 23 dias atrás
Say what you want one thing is certain doc didn't change the game... He made a new one and changed the metric
Lee Clarkson
Lee Clarkson 23 dias atrás
I get it now.. Twitch had no choice, it dawned on them that the doc was too big to remain on their platform so they made a phony ban to save face. That is why they have never explained themselves.
JERSEYSFINEST186 24 dias atrás
Such a great return 👏
Marcus 24 dias atrás
*_I actually started crying at _**_5:33_**_. Amazing_*
Taylor Alden
Taylor Alden 24 dias atrás
Think about this twitch saying we don't need doc and now him being on BRvid and getting about 2 million viewers on each stream he has done lol 2x doc dont need twitch lol
Willow Faded
Willow Faded 25 dias atrás
That twitch ban was bullheck
Ronars Tibayan
Ronars Tibayan 25 dias atrás
Love him or hate him, his really is one of the BEST gamer out there....
PapaRich 25 dias atrás
What kind of person gives this a thumbs down. smh
Freddy Prince
Freddy Prince 25 dias atrás
If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it ,did it make a sound . If that same tree in the woods falls and all of you hear it but are dead did it make a sound probably but it won't matter because it was only you freemasons who dropped the tree in the first place and then listened to the noise and think you're actually making noise . Oh in your face 0 percent
Freddy Prince
Freddy Prince 25 dias atrás
33 under me
Ajay kiran
Ajay kiran 25 dias atrás
This intro feels like an intro to a sci-fi/superhero movie
SweetChildOfDarkness13 25 dias atrás
I'm glad the Doc is back. Future husband! Datssss bae!!!
Piece Bombs
Piece Bombs 25 dias atrás
LoL he's like the 21st century version of Billy Mitchell!
Mr. Pumpkin Head
Mr. Pumpkin Head 25 dias atrás
Goose bumps everytime
Joel McCourt
Joel McCourt 26 dias atrás
Glad you're back!
Alex Panthea
Alex Panthea 26 dias atrás
EPIC!!!!!!! that is all
Πετρος Δεληγιαννης
you cannot ban the owner of this world
chuck Hernandez
chuck Hernandez 26 dias atrás
When im feeling down or sorry for myself, I just turn this vid on and it gets me going everytime
Robots On Fire
Robots On Fire 18 dias atrás
Ditto brotha
TheBoneYard 26 dias atrás
So what even happened? Lol
Angad Bajaj
Angad Bajaj 26 dias atrás
noobgamer_69 27 dias atrás
Diavel69 420
Diavel69 420 27 dias atrás
The one’s who last this long will always be remembered.
Kanwar Deep
Kanwar Deep 28 dias atrás
Oh boy, you need a strong heart to get through that introduction. Amazing
Kill It
Kill It 28 dias atrás
Hey thank twitch, now you are relevant again my guy
Niubility Chen
Niubility Chen 28 dias atrás
Imagine 10 years later, the Dota2 OG team has a same channel like this🤣 THE TWO TIMES CHAMP
Kenny W From Chicago
Kenny W From Chicago 28 dias atrás
This intro gets me more pumped than 7 lines of the best Bolivian marching powder I've ever had
Artom Polski
Artom Polski 28 dias atrás
Welcome back dr disrespect, my hero😭 The slick daddy club and now champions club FTW nobody can stop the dr's mayhem ! ! !
The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind
Back for my daily rewatch of the return of the Greatest, the Two-Time, the 93-94 back-to-back Blockbuster video game World Champion wb Doc.
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis 28 dias atrás
Dr disrespect is a light in the dark.
John M
John M 28 dias atrás
The chills are real
GuNjAn StArK
GuNjAn StArK 28 dias atrás
Never seen an intro like that in the history of myself watching BRvid 😵
PinheadLarry 59
PinheadLarry 59 29 dias atrás
From youtube he came.....AND FROM BRvid HE WILL RETURN BABY
Shut up
Shut up 29 dias atrás
That 5 minute intro had more production quality than most awards shows and professional hype videos
andy Murtagh
andy Murtagh 29 dias atrás
Editing to the highest level your a savage👍👍👍
AOwlNation 29 dias atrás
We got your back Tiger
Hit N RuN Gaming
Hit N RuN Gaming 29 dias atrás you're a back to back winner? NOT a 2 time back to back?? 2 time means you did it twice. So 2 time back to back would be 4 wins 2in a row both times..
Derek Skinner
Derek Skinner 29 dias atrás
You may not have gotten an official reason, but YOU know why you were banned. The fact that you refuse to tell anyone makes it seem like it's worse.
Gabru 29 dias atrás
1:20 - 1:30
AnonZombie 29 dias atrás
When he pulls off his shades and tosses them, then turns around with another pair, I actually died.
LJ Garcia P.
LJ Garcia P. 2 dias atrás
Basic DrDr mennn
lol xd
lol xd 15 dias atrás
yet, you're here to tell the tale
Lee Clarkson
Lee Clarkson 23 dias atrás
You actually didn't..
Pure Editzz
Pure Editzz 28 dias atrás
Flustered 28 dias atrás
Time stamp ?
Ilyas Hand
Ilyas Hand 29 dias atrás
The outro is amazing.
VarthGaming Mês atrás
Dr strange
Dr strange Mês atrás
Only here from the ban......and dam........I can't leave.........
Stark Naked
Stark Naked Mês atrás
These people need to get jobs. Making money off streaming and youtube should be illegal.
Damani Jones
Damani Jones 18 dias atrás
You’re right. Only Doc should be allowed. His production value is top notch. Everyone else should get jobs.
Florent Mês atrás
3 Words ... I.....LOVE....YOU..... !
Mihir Rathore
Mihir Rathore Mês atrás
I'm glad he's here
Sarcasm wala
Sarcasm wala Mês atrás
speed violence momentum ❤️
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