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What would the biology of a realistic order of dragons look like? A detailed exploration of VikasRao’s speculative Draconology project.
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Classic books like Dragonology and fictional documentaries like Discovery Channel’s Dragon Special have entertained the hypothetical idea of realistic dragons in the past, but I’ve been looking for more scientific takes on these mythical creatures.
Enter Draconology - a meticulously-detailed spin on the concept that imagines dragons as a parareptilian offshoot which emerged millions of years ago, and have survived until the modern day. The project was created by the artist VikasRao, and his Draconology series is unbelievably comprehensive.
So, for this entry into the archive, let’s make our own dragon documentary, and explore the awesome fictional science of Draconology…
0:00 Realistic Dragons
1:17 Draconology
1:45 Sea Serpents
3:59 Wyrms
5:13 Bird Dragons
6:07 Gryphons
7:36 Drakes
8:33 Wyverns
10:10 Wyvern vs. Dragon
11:27 True Dragons
13:26 Thank You & Outro
Copyright Disclaimer: Under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education, and research. All video/image content is edited under fair use rights for reasons of commentary.
I do not own the images, music, or footage used in this video. All rights and credit goes to the original owners.
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30 Mai 2023



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robert2german Anos atrás
I remember a high-school biology project in which we had to create a basic phylogeny graph for dragons, including drawings. It was very fun.
Star Burger
Star Burger Anos atrás
That sounds awesome
robert2german Anos atrás
@Star Burger I remember there being a division between four-limbed dragons and six-limbed dragons, and one notable detail was that the “Wyrm” was a six-limbed burrowing dragon with atrophied limbs and lacking eyes.
iZa Null
iZa Null Anos atrás
hope I get this in high school, would be cool
ElveeKaye Anos atrás
Wish I'd had a biology teacher like yours.
Kavriel Anos atrás
I would have loved that. That's a great idea to get kids interested in biology.
Ractrin Anos atrás
I like how the "true dragons" didn't end up looking like the "stereotypical" dragon. Instead they had a very Quetzalcoatl appearance, which makes it believable. As cool as a dragon looking like Draco from Dragonheart would be, I could see a pterosaur-like dragon being more realistic.
Cat Poke
Cat Poke 6 meses atrás
It's either that or a dinosaur-like dragon. MAYBE a bat-like one.
DG 6 meses atrás
@Cat Poke Except we have no bats this size, bats can't take of from the ground, and walking is not ideal for them, because their legs are not adapted for walking at all and having such long forelimbs extended to the sides would be even with other legs very tedious for walking. And bats are small, so they have not so much weight to lift for walking! Better directly under your body like in this video or you have an only cave/cliff/tree dragon that is more adapted to climbing and is small.
Mystique 4 meses atrás
Monster Hunter also has some dragons that don't look like your stereotypical dragon, even though they do feature some few commonly stereotyped dragons.
Hasan's Toys
Hasan's Toys Mês atrás
they look nothing like Quetzalcoatl i think you meant Quetzalcoatlus. (Quetzalcoatl is a mayan god}
J ‘n’ F Gaming
J ‘n’ F Gaming Mês atrás
One very important part included in this is that if you look at all tetrapods, every one has just 4 limbs, and all tetrapods that fly using wings have just 2 legs.
john krappweis
john krappweis Anos atrás
Have you ever heard of the 1982 animated movie “A Flight of Dragons.” They answer a lot of Dragon biology questions like the fact that Dragons can fly because they are essentially organic hydrogen balloons and they breathe fire to vent it off.
seatspud Anos atrás
More like "belch" fire, I recall.
Bear GD
Bear GD Anos atrás
A Flight of Dragons was a childhood favorite of mine. I've never really liked just how potbellied the dragons are, though.
Becky Nosferatu
Becky Nosferatu Anos atrás
They had like... 'pockets' in their body that expanded. It was a neat concept for the film and book. If you haven't read the book, I recommend it! I found it at my library once and read all through it. There's a lot of silly ideas in it though, the pocket idea is just one of many bizarre ideas he had for dragons.
Epaulet Shark
Epaulet Shark Anos atrás
Out of curiosity, did they explode on occasion?
Gabe Bradley
Gabe Bradley Anos atrás
My opinion was always that Wyverns are a type/subspecies of dragon. Saying "that's not a dragon, that's a wyvern" is about as useful as saying "that's not a dog, that's a border collie!"
Spooder 11 meses atrás
Ive always thought that wyverns were 2 legged, bony offshoots of dragons.
NUBIANNAVY 11 meses atrás
I always thought of wyverns still being in the clade of Draconia, just like how hexapod dragons and drakes and wyrms are also in the clade. so, at least in my book, the term "dragon" is a widespread term that can describe any order of draconomorph that is in the Draconia clade. so a wyvern would just be an order in Draconia which haves features that distinguish it as a wyvern, such as a lightweight body frame, a medium-length neck, large wings with membrane reaching to the legs like some pterosaurs, and don't have gas sacks to fly, like hexapodal dragons or four-limbed "true dragons"
Diaborodevil 10 meses atrás
PrettyPants 10 meses atrás
As someone who's not really versed in the terminology, I always thought they were technically the same exact thing, with wyvern being a term people used to sound smarter. Whenever someone used the term "wyvern", that one episode of Jimmy Neutron would pop in my head where he calls table salt "sodium chloride". It gave me "um ackshyually..." vibes lol
TheoTheSeaEagle 10 meses atrás
They both come from different areas of the world. Wyverns originated in England and France, and dragons (at least the ones we commonly refer to as dragons) find origins in Wales. Then there’s also wyrms which come from Nordic and English myths
Flaming Phoenix
Flaming Phoenix Anos atrás
I actually pondered on how dragons would be able to breath fire and I brought the topic up to my mom. I had the idea that they had to have an organ in their body that would produce a highly reactive gas, or liquid, and that when it was forced out it would either ignite from the oxygen or something else would ignite it internally, which is where my mom got the idea that Dragons would have a crop like chickens have, and throughout a dragons lifetime they would eat rocks of Flint that would go into that crop. When the dragon needed to breath fire that crop would constrict extremely fast while the gas/liquid came up, igniting and sending out flames. The Dragons internals being protecting by a thick, flame retardant, mucus.
Daniel Gill
Daniel Gill 11 meses atrás
I love that your Mom entertained this idea and came back with legit suggestions!!!
Cat Poke
Cat Poke 6 meses atrás
Me and everyone in my family all assumed they'd have the chemical reaction thing going on too. I think it's a common assumption. The flint one sounds like it needs actual studies to figure out if it's possible but it's also a cool idea
Dragon mon gamer
Dragon mon gamer 4 meses atrás
My idea is that there is a gland somewhere in their throat filled with highly reactive, boiling hot liquid chemicals that turn into a gas and ignite when exposed to oxygen
Flaming Phoenix
Flaming Phoenix 4 meses atrás
@Daniel Gill she works as a vet tech. Not exactly a job where you'd be thinking about the internal workings of a dragon, but still fun nonetheless!
Rusty .Thebanite
Rusty .Thebanite Anos atrás
"If hippos were carnivores that lit their prey on fire." So all the nightmares at once.
ScionStorm Anos atrás
And I thought Anubis' pet soul eater, Ammit, was all the nightmares at once.
Rusty .Thebanite
Rusty .Thebanite Anos atrás
@ScionStorm Hippos body crocs. I'd say Ammit is all but one nightmare at once. Although eating souls is a step up from fire-breath so maybe it was an exchange program.
jacob norris
jacob norris Anos atrás
Add firebreath to one of the deadliest creatures on the planet and you get something you'd rather not want to meet.
J.M.$ Anos atrás
You forgot the flying part as well lol
AcidNeku Anos atrás
Until a few years ago, I didn't even know about the dragon - wyvern debate. I've always thought (and still do): all wyverns are dragons, not every dragon is a wyvern, just like every duck is a bird, but not every bird is a duck. Dragon is just a broad term for many different creatures. The one with four legs and two wings are european dragons (just my way of thinking, not saying it as a fact...not sure what most people's opinion is).
Thomas Revill
Thomas Revill Anos atrás
As I understand it, most of the debate regarding wyverns comes from the study of heraldry, where the distinction has a lot more importance as it was related to symbolism and involved in distinguishing people from one another by their coat-of-arms. Beyond that, it's just fantasy nerds being pedantic - I don't particularly care about the differences as it's all ultimately fiction, but to each their own.
Cottonmouth255 Anos atrás
It’s also important to remember that dragons are, ultimately, works of fantasy. So many cultures have come up their own draconic beasts, and the only feature they all share in common is that they’re reptilian in some way. You could make up any fantasy beast and call it a dragon if you wanted it to be.
Concealed Title
Concealed Title Anos atrás
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Siren of the Sea
Siren of the Sea Anos atrás
European Dragon is honestly the best description of the most recognizable form of a "dragon". Many myths & legends in & around Europe involving dragons have them with four legs & a pair of wings that more often than not also breath fire. So, classifying them as the "European Dragon" seems fitting.
La'ayiv Anos atrás
One hundred percent correct.
『PURPLE HAZE』 Anos atrás
I’m surprised there isn’t more dragons with names taken directly from mythical dragons. I could absolutely see Orochi, Gorynych, Lindwurms, Basilisks, Serrushes, Leviathan, Behemoth, Ziz, Python, Ladon, and even to an extent Typhon fitting in well to this family tree.
Küala Anos atrás
But the Behemoth is depicted as Bovine.
yunglorde Anos atrás
You forgot Naga
Hero Hamza
Hero Hamza Anos atrás
here be dragons
Evose123 Anos atrás
Yurlunggur (The aboriginal Rainbow Serpent) would be a good species name for an Australian Wyrm
Joe Heits, Lv.100
Joe Heits, Lv.100 9 meses atrás
Of Behemoth, Leviathan, and Ziz, only Leviathan comes close to being a dragon. Behemoth is mostly a hippo/bovine, and the Ziz is a bird. For Python: Python is actually a snake.
Yamil Diaz
Yamil Diaz Anos atrás
Something similar to this with birds would be cool. Phoenix, Thunderbirds, Roc, Basilisk, Caladrius, Peng, Garuda, Quetzalcoatl, Pegasus, Hippogriff, Mothman, Sirens, Erinyes, Angels, and Valkyrie would all be interesting biographical subjects.
RangerStedfast 4 meses atrás
And centaurs too
Patrick Anos atrás
I’d love this as a video game. Create a Skyrim-esque world except where dragons aren’t mythical creatures but wild animals that could have adequate intelligence and small levels of society (like a smart dolphin). I think the approach would be cool bc it could be a mechanism for keeping humans in a medieval age since dragons would prey on cities like wolves on sheep.
Santino Solis
Santino Solis 9 meses atrás
Until the invention of firearms results in a dramatic decline in dragon numbers, stopping only in the 21st century, the "Save the Dragon" movement takes off, culminating with U.S President George W. Bush adopting a pet dragon against the advice of his staff.
Promethean Rebel
Promethean Rebel 9 meses atrás
A game where you're a biologist studying fantasy creatures like the zoologists of today. No need for combat or survival, you're just sitting down and observing them in action.
MasterIceyy 8 meses atrás
I really hope the author goes back in and reworks the world, the fact they mentioned that the Tiamat sea serpent hunts giant squids, i immediately imagine this guy creating a biological version of krakens and their evolution. there's so many different fantasy animals that he could put into the world, to make it a living breathing eco-system containing only fantasy and mythological animals
Andres M.C.
Andres M.C. 6 meses atrás
@Santino Solis Well, in this game gunpowder doesn't exist!
Santino Solis
Santino Solis 6 meses atrás
@Andres M.C. if gunpowder didn't exist, the world would be a better place for humans and animals alike.
Adam Latosiński
Adam Latosiński Anos atrás
I remember when a science magazine I used to read as a kid once published an article about dragons as an April Fool's joke. They weren't so blatant as to claim that large fire-breathing reptiles like the ones from the legends really exist, but presented them as an order of winged reptiles inhabiting the jungles. Being a kid, I believed them.
Maria Hanczewska
Maria Hanczewska 4 meses atrás
Jaki to był magazyn?
Adam Latosiński
Adam Latosiński 4 meses atrás
@Maria Hanczewska Wiedza i Życie
Demetria Lowther
Demetria Lowther Anos atrás
I really appreciate the thought that went into their dragon phylogeny. It seems they they had a background in biology and know the rules of nature that would govern the evolution of such animals. The big one that I noticed was that they didn't just randomly add or subtract limbs and they adhered to keeping core anatomy consistent between the groups. I always find it frustrating when I see speculative zoology dreamt up by people that don't understand how anatomy works or how animals radiate and diversify through evolution, but try as I might, I actually can't fault this. They thought it out, they knew the rules and they worked within it to create a quite believable draconian family tree. I also greatly appreciate the fact that they branched the group off as a parareptillian offshoot rather than trying to shoe-horn dragons into true 'Reptiles' and thus either break the Reptilian lineage or severely box in the features of what dragons would have. On a divergent topic but still draconian in nature, I always imagined the 'flame gland' of dragons as being an evolution of a venom gland given that venom glands already provide the framework for such anatomy and provide enormous diversity in chemical cocktails produced. The fangs as a delivery system also keeps flames well away from soft tissues. If the animal was already evolved into a venom spitter (like some snakes employ), that's half the system in place with only the final jump needed in the composition before it becomes flammable. The incendiary venom would likely best work as an exothermic reaction created by mixing two components (such as in bombardier beetles) where the compounds are harmless by themselves but once mixed at the point of ejection and passing through oxygenated air, would catalyse into combustion.
Dinis Santos
Dinis Santos Anos atrás
I remember watching a "documentary" on dragons as a kid, it was like a project trying to explain a world where dragons existed and went extinct, telling the story of a paleontologist obsessed with dragons. It was so good, and my little kid mind was blown away so hard
Connor Dorsey
Connor Dorsey Anos atrás
I remember that it was awesome
James Gabor
James Gabor Anos atrás
Dragons: a fantasy made real is the name
Connor Dorsey
Connor Dorsey Anos atrás
@James Gabor I am aware
Melissa Grant
Melissa Grant Anos atrás
You can find the full "mockumentary" on youtube if you're feeling nostalgic.
PlutoniumIngot Anos atrás
I saw that
Quasar Anos atrás
The fact that this person has created an entire taxonomical tree of dragons that goes really in depth is amazing to me. The detail and individual concepts of each dragon are amazing and I love it. My only problem with this is how the dragons have these weird, janky proportions. Their legs look way to small to hold them up, they seem to stand way too upright, and their wings dont seem to have the surface area to lift such a massive creature. Overall, though, amazing concept.
ApparentlyLoki Anos atrás
Ok now I always wanted to write a story with dragons (a lot like Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland) and I’m definitely going to analyse the work of the artist way more than I should to get good biology in this story. Thank you for letting me discover this genius.
CDgonePotatoes Anos atrás
0:21 THAT BOOK! It's what made me obsessed with worldbuilding, had me discover this whole way to approach a fantasy world and while it hasn't turned me into a biologist to learn how I could better implement some sci- into the -fi, worldbuilding and interpreting more pseudoscientifically other fantasy worlds has entertained me countless hours.
Ismael 6 meses atrás
Holy crap I used to have that too when I was little, it was my favorite thing ever
Nova Eclipse
Nova Eclipse 4 meses atrás
Last year i borrowed the book from my school library and loved it so much was tempted to steal it.
Caleb Dormer
Caleb Dormer 5 meses atrás
I love this guys comment section! His channel is the channel that got me into speculative biology, and seeing so many people like me is so inspiring! I’ve found my people.❤
Amber Kat
Amber Kat Anos atrás
This is interesting. My personal concept of dragons is that they evolved from ancestors with 6 legs, so they have four legs plus a separate set of wings. They glide more than they flap, often climbing trees or rocks to jump out of, and using their flight to skim down and try to catch fish, one of their favorite foods. (They love climbing up, but are even more poorly designed to climb down trees than cats are.) Sadly I was unable to find any information on how sharp teeth effects speech sounds- some groups of humans have traditionally sharpened their teeth but no one cared about the phonetics, just how exotic it was. /facepalm
Blank Flank
Blank Flank Anos atrás
I'd actually think an elongated snout would effect speech more than sharp teeth. I'm very interested in how a dragon could talk and what it would sound like non-magically. They could probably make more sounds with their tongue, since it's longer inside a longer snout. But I imagine it's pretty much impossible in that construction for the skin (or, in most cases, scales) around their mouths to be malleable enough to make most of the sounds we can make with our lip and cheek movements, along with the fact that the longer snout creates much smaller cheeks, much farther back, barely cheeks at all sometimes. Altho, if their lips are quite malleable, they could once again probably produce more sounds, as there is more surface area to use in different ways. And what about the construction of their tongue? It needs to function similarly to a human's tongue, being a big muscle capable of fine movements, otherwise that would also limit its capabilities. Could they have similar speech if it was forked? What if it was basically just a snake tongue? Would that really produce more S sounds like we always associate with snakes? How in fact would sharp teeth effect speech? Needles, shark teeth, teeth like mammals where they have four larger sharp teeth - what kind of differences would there be? How would their voice sound coming out of such a long neck? How much would size of the dragon play a role in how deep or loud their voices are? Could a large dragon have a high pitched, soft voice? Surely a small one couldn't produce a particularly deep voice, right? It probably has more to do with the size of its vocal cords, but that is limited to body size, so smaller ones couldn't have large vocal cords. But is there a limit on how small a large dragon's cords could be? Oh and the airway thru the nose. I imagine that opening and closing this airway would have a significant effect on the sounds, based on how large the nasal passage is. You got me on a roll lol. Based on all of this, I think most of them would have a very unique and complex language, and thus accent. If all of the parts required for speech have a significant enough amount of malleability, they could produce a *lot* more sounds than a human can. On the other hand, if the parts are more restricted in movement, they might be able to make some unique sounds, but would be otherwise unable to perform a lot of the finer motor control, and might resort to more growls and other such noises - which, to be clear, would not make them automatically less intelligent with some kind of "savage" simple language. It would just be *very* different from any human language.
Amber Kat
Amber Kat Anos atrás
@Blank Flank Thank you very much, you gave me a lot of other elements to consider. I'd imagined a long, thin and flexible tongue. Not forked, and not quite as broad and thick proportionally as ours, but longer and tapering more at the tip. They'd mostly use it to eat small fruit as the non-retractable claws on their hands make certain things difficult to do. (In addition to not picking individual small fruits like currants easily, dragons would also be horrible at sewing or other needlework and at making or repairing books.) Sort of like giraffe tongues, but not exactly the same. I imagine they could make similar tongue sounds as we can, more or less. Flexible lips would be necessary as their home planet was largely desert, so protecting themselves from blowing sand and from unnecessary moisture loss would be important. But they'd also need to be able to draw those lips out of the way when catching fish, either down/up or back, or both. So vowel sounds would be possible, depending on their vocal cords, but only when they weren't fishing or fighting. The other main issue aside from their vocal cords is their teeth- their front teeth are pointy, slightly sharper, and more closely spaced than crocodile teeth, also slightly less conical and more triangular with the flat side facing inward. That would allow them to eat their preferred diet of fish, meat, fruit, and vegetables, but would also mean that dental frictatives and africtatives would be out. Their k and g sounds wouldn't be the same as ours, and the probably wouldn't have an L sound. But would also have more chirp-like and purring or crooning sounds, as well as screeching sounds. Not necessarily as part of words, but still important for their social interaction like parents and child interaction or interjections, and with many onomatopoeic words based on them. And some word sounds are based off of those, like growling "gr" sounds being part of words with bad connotations. It would be hard for them to imitate human speech, and vice versa. Thanks again, you've really helped. If you have any other ideas please let me know.
This is better than my previous username
It would probably be easier for a dragon to talk if it had a syrinx like a bird, than it could mimic sounds like a parrot or raven.
theidealist101 9 meses atrás
@Blank Flank i'm imagining lots of points of articulation, probably a wide variety of vowels and consonants. Probably less labials, but a lateral labial would be quite interesting (L but with the lips). Generally lots of laterals, they would be easier with a long mouth. Given serpentine similarities, lots more fricatives (hissing sounds, e.g. F, V, S, Z), and probably a lateral fricative like Welsh LL, but less approximants, trills, liquids, etc., and perhaps several series with sort of nasal obstruents, where perhaps something in the nose can block the airflow like in the mouth. Plus a few more different types of glottal sounds. However, there would be no open vowels (AH, AA, AW, OR), since their tongues probably would have less space to go down due to their narrow jaws. And likely any dental sounds (TH) which might exist would sound quite different due to sharp teeth having gaps between them, so would sound like people saying TH with a tooth having fallen out. And the glottal fricative (H) would sound more like a hiss, like how snakes do it. Of course, this all assumes that air can pass through the mouth as well as the nose - but they might actually have to speak through their nose instead of their mouth, since for many animals the mouth only connects to the oesophagus. And it assumes that dragons have a similar tongue to humans, which is all speculation.
Sunlocked Anos atrás
"I know my feeling on this are weirdly strong" Listen man, you run a channel talking mostly about world building and speculative evolution. It would be weirder if you didnt have strong opinions on the classification of mythical creatures.
Little koji 9000
Little koji 9000 Anos atrás
Lawofseven14 Anos atrás
I, for one, love it when people are passionate about random shit lmao, immediately peaks my interest in what they're talking about
Sunlocked Anos atrás
@Lawofseven14 oh absolutely. I love hearing about my friend's current interests. There is always so much cool shit going on
Kutsuge Mind Urmoks
Dale Icious
Dale Icious Anos atrás
@Lawofseven14 I’m gonna be that guy, ‘cause ‘proper’ word usage is my passion, but it’s piques
Skeks Anos atrás
The wyvern and dragon declaration is strongly tied to the fictional world where they are in. In dnd for example, the six liumbs = dragon, four limbs = wyvern rule is relieable. But in other worlds the rule to distinguish the two can be, for example, Dragon = human ore more then human intelligence. Wyvern = animalistic intelligence.
Jade Dragon玉龍
Jade Dragon玉龍 11 meses atrás
Wyverns cannot carry as much precious metals in one trip as those with a proper amount of limbs, it is a most unfortunate situation for them.
Cat Poke
Cat Poke 6 meses atrás
Generally I tend to assume in other people's work that a wyvern is a dragon with wings for arms, but in my own work I never have a distinction. Dragons range from bird like to lizard like to dromaeosaur like ETC when I draw them.
Cat Poke
Cat Poke 6 meses atrás
@Jade Dragon玉龍 Sure they can. They just need a specialized pouch for carrying metals.
Jade Dragon玉龍
Jade Dragon玉龍 5 meses atrás
@Cat Poke Well yea, if you're going to cheat and build pockets and such >>:=p
dplocksmith91 Anos atrás
Funnily enough, there's a family of paraavian dinosaurs, the Scansoropterygians, that have batlike wings. They basically look like little feathered dragons. I like to imagine an alternate universe where dragons evolved from members of this group that survived through the end of the Mesozoic era.
Peice of Nick
Peice of Nick Anos atrás
I freaking love this and Im especially glad to see that someone has managed to figure out how the do a cool looking scientifically accurate take on Griffins for once. This Dracology thing would make for a great docufiction miniseres on Netflix or something.
Junco Anos atrás
aw man this brings me back. I adored the Dragonology books as a kid. I still own them! I always tell people that dragons were my Barbie since I loved and collected them so much. Thanks for bringing back a part of what made my childhood!
Tatsu Dragneel
Tatsu Dragneel Anos atrás
The dragon vs wyvern debate comes from English heraldry and was made popular by D&D. Heraldry outside the UK doesn't make this distinction. A heraldic lion is only facing the side while the heraldic leopard is often designed the exact same but facing the viewer. Also in heraldry a "lily" depicted as a flower and a "lily flower" the fleur de lys symbol are also separate, despite technically being different designs for the same thing. My point being heraldry is very arbitrary and only 1 countries heraldry makes this distinction. They are fictional creatures so if a piece of media wants to use English heraldry/D&D rules for wyverns/dragons that is fine, but it's stupid to impose that definition on every fictional story as if it's a hard rule everyone must follow. This is how I like to look at them: "Dragon" is used in ancient Greek to refer to any great serpent and "wyvern" comes from a Latin word "vipera" used for various venomous snakes and may mean "alive" and "bear" referring to many viper species giving birth to live young. If we use that as our bases "dragon" is the umbrella term and "wyvern" are a family of venomous dragons who may also give birth to live young. (regardless of limbs) But they are fictional and if the creator says they're dragons, they're dragons, if the creator says they're wyverns, they're wyverns, regardless of how many limbs or wings they have or if they breath fire, venom or whatever else or not.
Max-Blast Anos atrás
I've always liked the idea that wyverns are more natural than magic, a cousin species, and less intelligent. As true dragons often depicted with near or even above human intelligence. Wyverns are apes-like to the dragons' human-like intelligence.
Karfunkelfuchs (Orpan)
Same here. In most movies that feature wyverns, they are often shown as wild animals and/or the bad guys (Game of Thrones, Dragon Slayer, Smaug from The Hobbit, Reign of Fire). Four legged dragons are mostly shown as magical, intelligent creatures and/or the good guys (Dragon Heart, Eragon, How to train your dragon, Shrek etc). I guess wyverns look more intimidating, thats why they use them a lot for bad dragons.
LolloBlue96 Anos atrás
Western dragons as a whole are represented as evil/animalistic due to the Christian association with Satan (Draco in Latin means Serpent, Serpent-Satan association). It was fairly recently that we started seeing more intelligent, wiser or even benign western dragons in media. (Glaurung being a cunning agent of evil, the dragons from the Inheritance Cycle having a complex morality system...) Wyverns are by all means dragons, most commonly in Italian and English folklore. Hell, some wyverns were portrayed as four-legged back in the Renaissance.
MinutemanSam Anos atrás
@Karfunkelfuchs (Orpan) Game of Thrones does not feature wyverns, they are dragons that follow evolutionary biology. In fact, within the Game of Thrones universe, there are creatures called wyverns. They are similar to dragons, but smaller, less intelligent, more aggressive, and possess venom instead of fire-breathing abilities. The best way to tell the difference between a more proper wyvern and a four limbed dragon is that a wyvern will only walk on its hind legs, like a dinosaurs, while a four limbed dragon will walk on its legs and wings, like a bat or a pterosaur.
wannabewyvern Anos atrás
how dare you say I have low intelligence grrr1!@!!!!@@!!12
Ender Anos atrás
Concerning wyverns vs. dragons, I always saw wyverns as a subcategory of dragons with only two legs.
Noah Davis
Noah Davis Anos atrás
It warms my heart to see Dragonology referenced.
Timothy Chapman
Timothy Chapman Anos atrás
Here's an interesting fact about dragon legends: The earlier legends describe the dragons more along the lines of what dinosaurs looked like. The later legends attributed mythical powers to these creatures. Also, some old editions of some encyclopedias (I think one of the Encyclopedia Britannica editions of the 1800s) claims that dragons are "now rare". So it may be the case that the dragons are merely reptilian creatures that have only recently gone extinct. And their legends embellish the creatures a bit.
Garrett Lich
Garrett Lich 4 meses atrás
So you mean saurosuchians that for a time live along us (look into em thier badass)
Sammy and Ivory
Sammy and Ivory 3 meses atrás
If they recently went extinct come we haven't found any remains? Surely there'd be some skeleton lying around somewhere.
BDebs01 Anos atrás
I still have my dragonology book and remember begging my mother for it. It was the coolest thing ever at the time and I still love looking through it. It’s just so magical:)
Bruno Beltrán Belmonte
I love your passion of discussing the made up classification of wyverns, its funny how we discuss made up concepts, about made up creatures.
Afrinaut Anos atrás
I wish the artist had done some research about African dragons (past the commonly over-exposed cultures of north-Africa). They do exist in myth. They are always overlooked. Like Aido-Hwedo of the Fon people, a dragon the size of the universe/creation. And the greatly overlooked powerful Nubians of north-Africa, they worshipped a dragon like form of Apedemak (one of their lion headed gods). Africa is full of dragons that typically range from being dinosaur largely sauropod like in appearance, to being serpent like.
Marco Anthony
Marco Anthony Anos atrás
Wow, interesting. I never heard of African dragon. What was their general shape looks like? The East Asian and South East Asian dragon generally resembles giant snake or snake-like body.
Ryujin No Kami
Ryujin No Kami Anos atrás
Looks like unrelated cultures around the world had roughly the same idea for how a dragon should look like
Marco Anthony
Marco Anthony Anos atrás
@Ryujin No Kami Yeah. That is one thing I am curious about also. Could it be similar creature exists in the past, or it was origin part of a story frome somewhere that travelled around the world and people begin modified dragon according to their culture or views.
alexander the great
@Marco Anthony it could be that the story originated with the original habitat of modern humans, and spread with them to the rest of the world
Carson Paul Lee
Carson Paul Lee Anos atrás
The possibility of dragons originating from pterodactyl fossils found in antiquity is such an interesting concept to me.
Anthony Wolf
Anthony Wolf Anos atrás
Dragons a fantasy made real was an awesome movie! I remember watching it as a kid. So glad someone posted it for free on here!
smilepaint Anos atrás
i actually did my senior thesis on the theoretical biology of dragons and it ended up shockingly similar! makes me wish we could all collaborate :D
Royal Rex Royulada
Royal Rex Royulada 4 meses atrás
This archive is so well made, it stays so close to reality as if this would be what dragons would be if they truly existed
Lively Bubbs
Lively Bubbs Anos atrás
I grew up with the mockumentary dragons: a fantasy made real and the dragonology book (in Icelandic). Best parts of my childhood
Ryon Hatcher
Ryon Hatcher Anos atrás
Fun Fact: VikasRao is actually working on other Mythical Creatures in the future, besides Dragons and Griffons. Like Manticores, Sphinxes and many others. Which I honestly look forward to seeing.
Peice of Nick
Peice of Nick Anos atrás
Same, I wonder how he'll do some of the more human-hybrid creatures such as Centaurs, Minotaurs, and Werewolfs?
Ryon Hatcher
Ryon Hatcher Anos atrás
@Peice of Nick He'd probably not make Centaurs the way they're often depicted in the Myths. I think Vikas will do Minotaurs in a similar way as ArchAngel23 did, I recommend checking out ArchAngel's Deviantart Contents if you want to know what I mean. Either that, or they'll just be Humans with boney soles and Ox-like horns protruding from their heads. As for Werewolves, I think it'll have something to do with a disease that reacts to certain Lunar Phases. He even confirmed doing Giants and Dwarves. Too bad he won't be doing Elves, though.
James Thomas
James Thomas Anos atrás
i'd have thought griffons would have fallen under Chimera this would have included griffons, hippogryph, manticore, and sphinx. then again this falls under the more more modern term for chimera which is denoted as any mythical creature that is a mix of any number of animal. (for example a hippogryph would technically be lion, eagle, and horse as it is the offspring of a mare and a griffon. and according to WoW it would have included deer in there somewhere as well)
Ryon Hatcher
Ryon Hatcher Anos atrás
@James Thomas in Vikas's case, they're a subspecies of Bird Dragon, specifically the Garuda.
James Thomas
James Thomas Anos atrás
@Ryon Hatcher oh i understand that, i'm just considering the idea that a griffon is more akin to chimera in the sense that the lore of a griffon is the offspring of a lion and eagle. as of late chimera has come to mean an amalgamation of two or more real world animals into one being. that is not to say i disagree with how he portrayed his version of griffon.
Gerald Snodd
Gerald Snodd Anos atrás
I am a maths student but biology is my hobby. I have found this gem of a channel and subscribed. Please keep making these videos. 😁
radiation shepherd
radiation shepherd Anos atrás
I was so into Dragonology as a kid. Read it over and over
paemon yes
paemon yes Anos atrás
This brings me back to when I watched Treytheexplainer’s video of realistic dragons many years ago. I’m glad this channel also explores a “scientific” approach towards dragons
Nicholas Lavictoire
I'm with you about the "true dragons" thing. If you ask me, true dragons are snakes; in nearly every ancient culture that has dragons, the dragons are either snakes-like or skink-like creatures completely lacking wings or fire-breath and are usually venomous. The large, 4 legged, 2 winged, fire-breathing dragons are some of the newest depictions of dragons that came about through the bastardization of previous dragon art in the middle ages and I think D&D is responsible for calling them "true dragons".
Jannis Florian Doering
Finally SOMEONE thinking like a normal person about Wyverns and Dragons! Making the distinction in the powers instead of the count of legs makes SOO much more sense! I think making the distinction like that makes it much more interesting.
Ivy蓝 Anos atrás
This channel has introduced me too so many new speculative zoology projects that I’ve never heard of, amazing work, keep it up!
ItsJustAlf Anos atrás
I know right he’s amazing
Md Hanif
Md Hanif Anos atrás
My thoughts exactly
Curious Archive
Curious Archive Anos atrás
Glad to hear it, thank you!
Safwan Rahman
Safwan Rahman Anos atrás
I also love speculative biology but sadly there arent much channels for that so CA is really great😊
Caroline Anos atrás
Same! There are so many speculative biology artists I never would’ve found if it wasn’t for this channel.
Sash13 Anos atrás
I can safely say, if (kinda feel sad for saying it) dragons would be real in our world, my life choices would definetly focused on them. I was fascinated by them since i was young.
Guilherme Rafael Zimermann
Okay but now imagine the types of fascinating health problems the true dragons could have, like if they have their mouth forced shut by another creature while shooting out their flames they could end up burning their own face off (in a similar way to how if a bombardeer beetle gets clogged up they'll probably just pop from all the boiling hot chemicals building up pressure in their blast chamber)
Sozeb Ffej
Sozeb Ffej Anos atrás
The SCP called 'Where the Dragon Went', or something similar, is a story very much worth hearing.
Fl3d3rmaus TV
Fl3d3rmaus TV Anos atrás
Bro, go old school. "The Flight of Dragons," by Peter Dickinson came out in 1979 and is still my favorite explanation for the abilities of dragons, from speech, to flight, to firebreathing, and even accounts for their limb configuration. Please check it out, its an incredible work, and the art in it is lit.
Sivan Levi
Sivan Levi Anos atrás
Dragons have been a passionate subject to many people. I've written a diary-like story about discovering dragon bones in the Himalayas as a personal project.
Marco Brunacci
Marco Brunacci Anos atrás
Wrong. You don’t have unusually strong feelings on wyverns vs dragons. Any cultured individual has a strong opinion on wyverns vs dragons
brawmanker l'exterminateur de la vie
Yeah monster hunter made it clear
Marcus Go
Marcus Go Anos atrás
@brawmanker l'exterminateur de la vie mh wyverns are basically the dinosaurs while the elder dragons are basically dragon gods.
brawmanker l'exterminateur de la vie
@Marcus Go that's false the elder dragons are just sentient ecosystems while the black dragons are the equivalent of Gods
Marcus Go
Marcus Go Anos atrás
@brawmanker l'exterminateur de la vie But still they are more fantstical than the wyvern groups.
Dented_Riddles 7 meses atrás
Not quite what I was looking for--I'm a worldbuilder--but this is seriously fascinating.
Tranquil Claws
Tranquil Claws Anos atrás
The dragon-wyvern debate is indeed fierce. I had personally taken the two-leg four-leg stance before, but you've raised an interesting point by depicting the scene of a Skyrim-like dragon. Most dragons come with a breath attack of some sort while wyverns do not. However, wyverns are in modern stories almost never depicted with four legs. Thus, dragons are dragons if either four legs or a breath attack are present, and wyverns are wyverns when they have two legs and no breath attack (there can be non-venomous wyverns, so I do not count venom as a distinguishing feature). All dragons and wyverns have wings, otherwise, they would fall under the drake classification or similar. If a wyvern evolves the ability to spit acid or venom, they have acquired a breath attack and thus fit under the classification of dragons. It is important that we give our monster-taming and adventurer guilds meaningful classifications in our fantasy worlds. The most important distinction to be made is the relative safety in distance. Imagine preparing to down a wyvern by disabling its wings only to realize it has four legs and can definitely outrun you on the ground. Likewise, imagine thinking you're at a safe distance from a wyvern only for it to nail your comrade with an acidic spitball. Against a downed wyvern, you can reasonably assume safety in distance, but not so with a dragon. Proper dragon classification saves lives.
horace morgan
horace morgan Anos atrás
This was great. Do you think you could do one on the different species of mermaids and sirens etc ? That would be amazing
bellbell251 Mês atrás
This video was so amazing! I'll show it to my nephews soon! Thanks for the distinction between Wyverns and Dragons, it'll be useful for fantasy lovers and writers everywhere! And I have to admit, this makes me relieved that I don't live in a world with Dragons.
Sivanot Anos atrás
I personally really love the idea of True Dragons being an extremely distant offshoot from their cousins, easily distinguishable by the extra two legs. And breathing fire, of course. But I do like this interpretation of them too lol.
Not a porcupine
Not a porcupine Anos atrás
Well first of, you're probably the best speculative zoology channel I've ever found, you all do it so well, I can't get enough of you all. The second thing I wanted to say is that I can guaranty you that there are many more speculative zoology projects on Deviantart, so it's a great place to go digging for more of those kinds of projects. I'm not telling you what to do or anything like that, I'm just trying to help this amazing channel in any way I can.
- insert name here -
I agree, there are so much great projects on DA, have you heard of nijin konai?
Introvertion Anos atrás
Can you recommend some?
Chance Givens
Chance Givens Anos atrás
I second this!.
Filip Habek
Filip Habek Anos atrás
Yes, DA is a fun place.
Clobertina 11 meses atrás
I remember getting Dragonology a long time ago... WAYY before I could concept what speculative biology was about, This brought back nostalgia
Bryce McKenzie
Bryce McKenzie Anos atrás
This is so awesome. Great job!
Mew Nashi
Mew Nashi Anos atrás
omg I'm currently planning as video game based on dragons and I'm trying to make the dragons as scientifically accurate as possible xD this video comes at the perfect time!
Évelyne McCauley
Évelyne McCauley Anos atrás
I love this kinda stuff. Speculation about the biology of fictional creatures... I'd love one of these about phoenixes or merfolk, as they too appear in many cultures world-wide. I'd do writeups myself, but biology was sadly never my forte in school...
Tanner Downey
Tanner Downey Anos atrás
I always loved the explanations in the Flight of Dragons movie. Hydrogen for lift and flame, genius.
Time2 Studios
Time2 Studios Anos atrás
I had a book called dragonlogy, the dragon eye and lots of interesting stuff. And we can call pterosaurs wyverns since they flying reptiles
Corvus DA
Corvus DA Anos atrás
I disagree on the pterosaur = wyvern part. Pterosaurs are not closely related at all to snakes, which dragons and wyverns are based on, and they don't look anything like them either. The only thing they have in common are wings made of membranes, and in that regard you could just as well call bats wyverns.
alexander the great
@Corvus DA I agree. This would be an example of convergent evolution, rather than actually being related. It is an interesting concept though. If the medieval society that discovered them didn't know any better, maybe they would think that way.
imthebiggestbird Anos atrás
@Corvus DA a lot of the early birds seem a lot more wyvern like
justmindset Anos atrás
I was just going to make a comment about the Draconology book. It has all of whats in the video and more. Great piece of worldbuilding!
BlinkO Anos atrás
I had a couple books in that series - had me fuming at this depiction of a knucker as it had no vestigial wings lol
Oliver Puckett
Oliver Puckett Anos atrás
I absolutely love the pterosaur-like concept on dragon morphology, it's such a unique and awesome idea!!
Fremont Anos atrás
Wow! Terrific! Can never have too many dragons! Would be interested in the source for this video - impressed with how you’ve laid it out. Am working on an alternate history novel with dragons and would like to communicate but am not on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Larz VanHellsing
Larz VanHellsing Anos atrás
I think it's amazing how one can build a realistic approach to fantastical beings like in this case dragons, though I do believe there can be more to this regarding a dragon 4 legs and a pair of wings, unrealistic doesn't always need to be against logic or breaking the natural order
BigMonkey125 Anos atrás
I heard another idea once on how dragons could breathe fire. The idea was that they stored methane from digestion in a special secondary stomach. When the dragon had need of fire, it could release the methane and ignite it with sparks that it could produce by gnashing flintlike teeth.
Comet Aura
Comet Aura Anos atrás
This is a very valuable resource for creators, thank you!
Grey'sToons Anos atrás
I just love how Azhdarchid-like the biggest flying ones are, it really makes them feel more believable than the traditional mythological/fantasy depictions of dragons.
Little koji 9000
Little koji 9000 Anos atrás
I liked your spec alien videos. They really catch me. Will there be more?
Grey'sToons Anos atrás
@Little koji 9000 Thank you very much, it's really nice to hear that! Yes, there will definitely be more. I concept out, draw, and edit everything myself so it just takes a little while to produce. Plus, life n' whatnot gets in the way. But rest assured I’m always working on ‘em.
granabam Anos atrás
honestly it's the opposite for me; as much as convergent evolution is a thing, it's almost uncanny how similar a parareptile is to a pterosaur in anatomy and physiology. then again there's dolphins and ichthyosaurs
Little koji 9000
Little koji 9000 Anos atrás
@Grey'sToons the fact you do it all your self makes watching them even more better. Love from Finland.
Grey'sToons Anos atrás
@Little koji 9000 Aaaw shucks 😊, much love to you too!!
NumbingDisasterAnon 4 meses atrás
I remember Draconology book that was like a self-teaching journal that had many "facts" about different types of dragons and their linages, many (and I mean MANY) interactive auxiliary pieces (smaller slips of paper to take out of pouches within the books, little toys to represent scales, etc) and plenty of empty spaces for you yourself to write your own notes and answers within. It was like a zoological study journal and a teaching guide to dragons and at the end of the whole thing, you could write your own doctorate to be an "official draconologist". It was really fun as fuck
He-Meme Man
He-Meme Man Anos atrás
I think that an ability to produce and eject streams of red/white phosphorus would work well. It reacts to air, burns at high temperatures and has some other aspects often associated with dragon fire such as its difficulty to extinguish.
O Goo '-' GLaDOS
O Goo '-' GLaDOS Anos atrás
Seria legal ter vídeos assim em português.
Sarah Perkins
Sarah Perkins Anos atrás
I love this! The best dragon book that describes dragons, their behaviors, and their culture that’s I’ve read is called The Book Of Dragon by Ciruelo . It has beautiful pictures and a great descriptions
Rinnzu Rosendale
Rinnzu Rosendale Anos atrás
Seems apropriate for me to recomend a book series called "The Memoirs of Lady Trent". It is about the expeditions of a Dragon Naturalist (Victorian biologist) set in a fictional Victorian style world where dragons are just another species. Like birds, reptiles, mammals, dragons. It is VERY good and the audio book is top notch too.
A Silver Dragon
A Silver Dragon Anos atrás
My favorite book! Edit: I've always perceived the Wyvern vs Dragon debate like how people compare Tortoises and Turtles. All Tortoises are turtles, but not all Turtles are tortoises. Likewise, all Wyverns are dragons, but not all Dragons are wyverns.
Quinzark Anos atrás
Was about to post this, but then saw it was already done :)
Amos Kwito
Amos Kwito Anos atrás
And how people compare frogs and toads. All toads are frogs, But not all frogs are toads.
Nuke2099 Anos atrás
In Monster Hunter Wyverns and Dragons are related but completely different.
Velociraptors of Skyrim
@Nuke2099 Aye, but that's where you can apply the "True Dragon" descriptor. Dragons can be the otherall group, but True Drsgons are what would be commonly called Dragons.
GlaciusTS Anos atrás
I like this. I’d love to see them tackle a more complex dragon model that branches off from a much earlier point in history. Species of cartilaginous fish (Euphaneroptidae) have been discovered from the Devonian period with a pair of anal fins rather than a single anal fin. It would be neat to do a version of dragons that branched from this era, when fins were still evolving, and suggest a second major group of fishes would evolve alongside existing fish with 6 paired fins rather than 4, probably with jaws that appear somewhat distinct from jaws today, like an imperfect convergent evolution thing, slim powerful descendants of these fish would go on to eventually climb on land some time after the dinosaurs were wiped out, and quickly fill in the gap left behind by large reptiles and feed on the sudden abundance of smaller life that survived the extinction event. This would result in convergent evolution events that become more amphibian and reptile like. Here you would get your first basilisks. Some would grow fur and go on to ancestor the first Centaurs and Pegasi. The basilisks that remain would go on to birth the first Dragons.
Yubio Anos atrás
Imagining how mythical creatures would actually be like in the real world is super neat. This just makes me wish that dragons were real even more.
BrianDahWeasel 3 meses atrás
I love listening to hypothetical and well thought out fantasy/science videos such as these. Other people imaginations are so fascinating to learn about!😃
Rayneingdown Anos atrás
Aw man, I wish this video had been out in Spring 2021! I actually did a research project that included analysis of dragon anatomy and how that affected people’s perceptions of them depending on which ways they were portrayed. Very informative and interesting video!
specimen larry
specimen larry 6 meses atrás
Kinda weird how the depictions of dragons in medieval times was a giant reptile on two legs. Like a trex. Maybe they found a trex skeleton and based dragons on it. Very interesting.
oblivionslefthand Anos atrás
Y'know, I've been designing a Pokémon region called Le Mura, filled with "Lemurian" Pokémon, and totally forgot Lemurian was an actual word. It's based on Madagascar, so it's a spin on the word Lemur. Turns out the real one was named after Lemurs, too.
Hakim Diwan
Hakim Diwan Anos atrás
Lemuria doesn't exist it's a myth like Atlantis.
Hakim Diwan
Hakim Diwan Anos atrás
@oblivionslefthand Oh ok I'm from India and many people here actually believe it 😅
MrDibara Anos atrás
Question: do you have a video like this one regarding Mermaids, or as I've prefered to call them nowadays, *Merrows?* Right behind dragons, mermaids/merrows have always been my second favourite fantasy creature since I was a child! And I'd love to see a video of this kind regarding them and whether or not they'd be able to build their own underwater civilization. *_Specially when there are some crazy water Ops down there, more specifically the Dolphins and the Orcas_* (make no mistake, those guys are much meaner then you'd imagine, if "Casual Geographic" taught me anything)
William King
William King Anos atrás
Great video! I have always been an admirer of these mythological creatures, enjoy them in literature and fantasy novels (Tolkien's Middle-earth stories and the Dragonlance Chronicles, just to name two). It is fun to think from a scientific view of "what if they were real."
Enrique Ramirez
Enrique Ramirez Anos atrás
I even gave each dragons individual names, (Three for the Gryphons, One for Drake, One for the Wyvern, and Two for the True Dragons). 1) "" the Garuda (Voiced by ) 6:14 2) "Featherface" the Southern Axex (Voiced by ) 6:48 3) "Byron" the Lermurian Giant Axex (Voiced by ) 7:13 4) "Igby" the Titan Drake (Voiced by ) 7:55 5) "Toruk" the New Guinean Giant Wyvern (Voiced by ) 9:48 6) "Clark" the Lemurian Dracolisk (Voiced by Tony Goldwyn) 12:10 7) "Pumice" the Eurasian Mountain Devil (Voiced by Laz Alonso) 12:54
Zucely Escobar
Zucely Escobar Anos atrás
This was really cool! It actually explained how dragons could live somewhere at all! And the designs were unique as well!
Gwagia Anos atrás
i would love a part 2 of this, some more detail for some of the animals mentioned and info on the ones that weren't mentioned.
Alteori Anos atrás
- insert name here -
How to set up a alteori trap: just place it in the comments of a curious archive video :)
GrumpyCatLawyer Anos atrás
yo u watch him
Axell the werewolf
Axell the werewolf Anos atrás
That was fast
NeMŕtvi Anos atrás
Report: Trap laid for next week's video. Standing by until release of footage. Will advise.
Skink_wrangler Anos atrás
AYYYYYYY!!! (Your videos are pretty cool)
Ilianna McCaskill
Ilianna McCaskill 4 meses atrás
I’m a huge nerd for fantasy biology like this. I’ve always been from the view point that dragons had four legs and whatnot. I had honestly never considered Dragons vs. Wyverns being Fire-Breathing vs. Venomous. That actually changed my view on that. Cool video! View changing unironically 😂
matteste Anos atrás
Nice, remember trying to do something similar once with creating my own dragon family tree to make them more believable, though it was only divided into four groups with one of the groups only having one member, being an incredibly ancient and distant relative to the others. Also, the way fire worked was a bit different for my dragons.
Almeida Anos atrás
Last week I was talking with a friend about the dragon evolution! Thank u for bringing this content for us 🐉😊
Jeremiah Bryers
Jeremiah Bryers Anos atrás
I imagined an earth like ours with the same time frames and gravity where dragons didn't exsist and it was more like wyverns diversified into a massive group of archosaurs that out-lived the dinosaurs with the most famous wyvern being the only member capable of breathing fire. The reason why I imagine only 1 member was capable of actually breathing fire even if some may have gotten close is because of another youtuber called trey the explainer which went over the science of dragons on his channel years ago.
dudeboy17 dudeboy17
vikasrao's art is amazing. i would love to see these dragons in a game or book form. it's just so amazing.
Kevin O'Bill
Kevin O'Bill Anos atrás
I am so surprised and laughed at the same time when seeing this video but in a good way, I'm also very happy to see videos of dinosaurs, Kaijus and even Dragons because they are the best. Plus, I like this idea of Gryphon as sort of another subspecies of Dragons.
kirbee🐝 Anos atrás
His pokemon video was really neat
Blitzkrieg thunder
Blitzkrieg thunder Anos atrás
I think considering the many dragons we call dragons it is more of a category like demon or fairy, the most consistent characteristics of dragons is that they are powerful and important
Wendy Lacey
Wendy Lacey 10 meses atrás
The author as updated a lot of this project since you left with new dragons,new habitats, and even new creatures existing alongside the dragons. You should make a part 2 explaining all of these new creatures.
OrderlySummit Anos atrás
I actually had an idea in high school for a story where the main character was part-dragon and used a similar pyrophoric reaction for his fire breath as was mentioned here
Akechi Mitsuhide
Akechi Mitsuhide Anos atrás
In Hungarian folklore, dragons tend to have multiple heads (most commonly 7, but sometimes 3, 9 or 12 are used). We had a kid's show back in my time about a friendly, one-headed dragon who felt a bit left out for only having one head.
Junonia the SilkWing
Oh yeah, I remember reading the Dragonology books as a kid! Man, I loved those things.
Corvus DA
Corvus DA Anos atrás
Personally, I consider any serpentine creature that is powerful in some way a dragon. This definition actually includes mosasaurs, which I think is cool as hell.
Dark Emperor (TheObscureOne)
It would most likely that if Mosasaurs were alive today they would be called sea dragons in some regions
World oғ ʀօʟɛplay
If anything, most pterosaurs would be near considered as "Wyverns" if they were alive today, too. They're like the closest thing to a irl Dragon other than breathing fire or whatever as an ability.
Cody Pierce
Cody Pierce Anos atrás
I love this guy's work maybe he should do other creatures like Griffin species and unicorns and other creatures from mythology I just love this guys work totally awesome
Soonami Sapphire
Soonami Sapphire Anos atrás
Oh man I totally forgot about this book it used to be an elementary school it was everyone’s favourite but it was always missing pieces thank you for reminding me
Henni Regner
Henni Regner 9 meses atrás
Another version of fire breathing also seen in ''How to train your Dragon'' is producing a flamable gas and lighting it on fire using some kind of ''bones'' and exhaling air so strong that its like a flamethrower.
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