Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar & 50 Cent FULL Pepsi SB LVI Halftime Show

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12 Fev 2022



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Comentários 186 129
Idk Mês atrás
This will always be one of the most iconic halftime shows
Idk 23 horas atrás
@Kelly Dreadful hence me saying “this will always be ONE of the most iconic halftime shows” I didn’t say the most iconic I said one of them 💀
Kelly Dreadful
Kelly Dreadful Dia atrás
Incorrect. Prince performing 'Purple Rain' in a literal rain storm will always and historically be the best halftime show.
Cheshna Stitch
Cheshna Stitch 2 dias atrás
@☆Duke The Doggo☆ ĺllĺllĺ
Fabrizio Farci
Fabrizio Farci 2 dias atrás
My name nessuno
Scorp 15 dias atrás
Loudest I have ever heard a Super Bowl crowd, and the fact that they are all west coast and got to share this moment together is just priceless.
Joobie Joobie
Joobie Joobie Dia atrás
@SEA Trip Reports look up
Joobie Joobie
Joobie Joobie Dia atrás
@SEA Trip Reports I’m aware
SEA Trip Reports
SEA Trip Reports Dia atrás
@Joobie Joobie MO born, MI raised
CJ Dia atrás
@Joobie Joobie Oh I see what you did there. But using the question mark makes it look like *you* didn't know that, doesn't work well online vs. real speech.
Joobie Joobie
Joobie Joobie Dia atrás
@CJ also what’s the kissy face emoji for
hadlee 189
hadlee 189 14 dias atrás
Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Eminem, Mary J, 50 cent, & Kendrick all won Emmy's for this performance! Well deserved also, it's the best halftime show for a Super Bowl Ever!
Supreme Kai
Supreme Kai 2 dias atrás
@Stephanie Boggs Mary J nailed it, idk what you talking about
Justice Vazquez
Justice Vazquez 5 dias atrás
​@Stephanie Boggs So ture tho
Stephanie Boggs
Stephanie Boggs 6 dias atrás
I could’ve done without Mary J but whatever
Henry Weber
Henry Weber 9 dias atrás
when eminem came on stage the crowd just exploded. fantastic performance
Waluigi 2 dias atrás
​@QuansArchive Bro, it doesn't matter what skin color you are, I have some black friends that think Em is better than Snoop and Dre, me, a white person, thinks quite the opposite.
Fredrik Wessmén
Fredrik Wessmén 2 dias atrás
@QuansArchive Imagine still thinking in colors after all the recognition Em had over the years. America will NEVER end racism.
HungAndFaded 4 dias atrás
@BiggDogg_ 😂😂😂
Monica Kratz
Monica Kratz 18 dias atrás
This was, by far, one of the best halftime shows ever performed.
AAAAAAA66879 5 dias atrás
if it is "by far" it should be "the best". It s ok if you judge. dont be scared;)
peepeepoopoo studios
peepeepoopoo studios 6 dias atrás
tyler the creater shoulda done this year ngl
s0 UNR3AL 7 dias atrás
@Bavv well a super bowl is every year if im not mistaken so she wanted to make people have entertainment and for money ig, idk
Poloplatinum Dia atrás
Best halftime show ever. Dre was, is and always will be the best to ever do it. His music, beats, artist and creative vision has brought more joy to ppl than perhaps any other artist ever.
Berkant Uslu
Berkant Uslu 9 meses atrás
This is not just a concert , this is also a history class 🕺🏾
Elijah Pipkin
Elijah Pipkin 7 dias atrás
@Kelly Kelly nah not cardi B 😂😂😂
azz 10 dias atrás
i remembered how my sister literally break down each of the rappers last year and i was just in awe
nel dormiveglia
nel dormiveglia 10 dias atrás
​@josiah566 Oof, that would've been sick. But I understatement they couldn't fit everything in 15 minutes. I still go back to it and enjoy it like the first day (mind you, I'm not even from the States lmao).
Perspective 10 dias atrás
I agree👍
HubsiCube 3 dias atrás
This was not only a halftime show, this was a timemachine!
Sisi ba
Sisi ba 3 dias atrás
taylove 10 dias atrás
I haven't seem A Super Bowl half time performance like this in years. R and B and rap. I don't think we will ever see these 6 perform ever again together. They all 6 killed it... ❤️
Yitzhak Aguilera
Yitzhak Aguilera 3 dias atrás
Es y seguirá siendo por siempre la mejor presentación.
Olivier Chartier
Olivier Chartier 10 dias atrás
There's so much love in this performance. And the fact that they let them spit in the mic instead of playing a vocal backtrack for most of the show make the thing just more genuine. A hard to top halftime performance, and a very significative one.
Stefanie Chan
Stefanie Chan 6 dias atrás
Still my favourite thing about this whole performance is that Anderson Paak comes out of nowhere and is just having the absolute best time
Chitus 2 meses atrás
That halftime was a huge homage to Dre for creating all of them.
Zephyr Irons
Zephyr Irons 15 dias atrás
​@James Hershberger isn't Stevie Wonder of MJ the youngest? I'm pretty sure Stevie Wonder topped at number 1 at 12 years old
James Hershberger
James Hershberger 25 dias atrás
@TheShadow8771 🤨 Snoop still holds the record for being the youngest artist to have their debut album enter the charts at #1, Doggystyle when he was 19. This almost certainly wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t a star from “Ain’t Nothin But A G Thang.”
CCryptoTrapper Mês atrás
@Angela Crosby Andre Harrell discovered Mary and she was on his label, Uptown along with heavy d and jodeci
2 Train
2 Train Mês atrás
@Angela Crosby Andre Harrel
Peter Ambi
Peter Ambi 17 dias atrás
One year later I still watch a hundred times. The best half time show that seeps on every audience. The flavor is incomparable to others. All the performance are simply amazing in display of their talents.
Syed Wahab
Syed Wahab 2 dias atrás
This was the first show ever in my life with multiple artists that I was able to rap along the entire show. Every song they played I knew the lyrics to. Just for that alone, this might be the greatest halftime show ever in my opinion
Asfifljiksduf 10 dias atrás
Seeing all these legends of the 90s and 2000s, as well as the g.o.a.t. of the 2010s come together is just amazing 🔥
B T 8 dias atrás
@Bando 95 Em was the GOAT of the 2000s
Bando 95
Bando 95 8 dias atrás
Lil Wayne wasn’t here
Deb Deb
Deb Deb 5 dias atrás
i am 67 years old and i think, without a doubt, this is the best SB halftime show ever.
ADHSte Dia atrás
The absolute pride you see on dre's face is so heartwarming, you can see he is having the time of his life and eminem is always amazing
rin Mês atrás
hands down one of the best halftime shows because all of these legends together was so iconic
jay jay
jay jay 6 dias atrás
@Joandythegoat 778 whatever brother
Joandythegoat 778
Joandythegoat 778 7 dias atrás
@jay jay not even top 10 💀
Kitty Mcgee
Kitty Mcgee 7 dias atrás
It was old school
Jaxson Deer
Jaxson Deer 12 dias atrás
@Tokari what was the mj ones
Jaxson Deer
Jaxson Deer 13 dias atrás
It is the best
Drewium 10 dias atrás
This is the closest I'll ever get to see these legends in concert! Love it!
Joyce Slijpen
Joyce Slijpen 5 dias atrás
Let's face it.. this halftime show is so iconic, it'll be hard to beat this! Watched it already so many times, still gives me goosebumps every time. These artists have a lot of respect of each other ❤
Mohammad Sedighi
Mohammad Sedighi 8 dias atrás
Still gives me goosebumps like the first time I watched it.
FABIO ANDRE 2 dias atrás
Som bom demais cara, das antigas balada boa de ver e curtir a noite toda
izabella 5 dias atrás
Snoop looks so happy at the beginning. i'm not the biggest fan of rap but i gotta be honest, this is iconic!
Dee's Page
Dee's Page Anos atrás
Snoop's just too timeless. Love his moves and vibe. So classic
dalila Muftic
dalila Muftic 28 dias atrás
Rodolfo Tsang
Rodolfo Tsang Mês atrás
Reuben Singh
Reuben Singh Mês atrás
Camille Urueta
Camille Urueta Mês atrás
Definitely! At the same time he’s ahead of the game too. Have you heard his affirmation for kids. It’s pretty cool.
Suvetta Green
Suvetta Green Mês atrás
@Apostle J.Thompson Amen
Jack Lambert
Jack Lambert 3 dias atrás
Dear NFL. THIS is how you do Super Bowl halftime shows! This show had a VIBE, like a party was going on. More of this, please!
Gilmar vasos decorativos
Uns das melhores infantaria das músicas
Heelo There
Heelo There 13 dias atrás
Best half-time show ever, the way they lined all the performers up was great
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson 4 dias atrás
To see Em, 50, Dre, Snoop, Mary J and Kendrik all together jamming to Still Dre. was brilliant. Nothing more to say.
Felipe 9 dias atrás
Amanda Alvarado
Amanda Alvarado Mês atrás
One big reason this performance always hits is the fact that every single person in it screams confidence. It’s literally seeping out of every one of them. I love it
Collin Fay
Collin Fay 6 dias atrás
Mary J Blidge didn’t actually say a single word lmao. It so clear that every lyric is lip synced
d R
d R 13 dias atrás
​@3 Days and Other Lies Yep, Dre looked on top of the world! Dude deserves it, there are producers I like better but objectively it's hard to name a more influential producer in hip-hop!
d h
d h 29 dias atrás
Just like a burglar
CaptainTOET Mês atrás
@Zoolap Factory not everything so shhhhh
Nadine’s Mommy Channel
The transition is just AMAZING..! This one is definitely a stand-out among other halftime shows! I'm still having goosebumps from Riri's & Justina. But this one is all too familiar love! 😍❤️ AMAZING!
T Calvin
T Calvin 5 dias atrás
The G.O.A.T. Super Bowl halftime hands down.
T L H 14 dias atrás
This is hands down one of the best halftime shows!!! I'm just getting a chance to re-watch and it is still BOMB!
KrisBN 18 dias atrás
What a historic moment. Best halftime show there is and ever will be
R R 3 dias atrás
Lady gaga was better
beardley 5 dias atrás
@Adrian Pearson Jr no... this was maybe top 10, but not anywhere close to the top 3.. Prince and MJ still hold it down
Adrian Pearson Jr
Adrian Pearson Jr 12 dias atrás
@Andie Azhan like who can actually top that? Not Beyoncé, Rihana’s was mid… maybe drake??? But I don’t even give him that.. this mixture was just too good
Adrian Pearson Jr
Adrian Pearson Jr 12 dias atrás
@Andie Azhan not even close. After the Dr dre snoop Eminem 50 cent Mary j performance.. nothing else is even remotely close
Andie Azhan
Andie Azhan 12 dias atrás
And there is rihanna
Asta Is A Beast!
Asta Is A Beast! 2 dias atrás
But anyways they all sounded great and the performances are amazing. This is the best Super Bowl imo.💪🏽
Kerm Johnson
Kerm Johnson Mês atrás
The fact that they have Kendrick performing with them just solidifies his legacy. Imagine being Kendrick performing with the men and women you looked up too in super bowl show. This is for real hip hop fans and that's it. Just amazing.
pablogrenfell 14 dias atrás
@MIMIH22A No Dre never produce a song for Kendrick , he helped Ali , the TDE's sound engineer to make the mix , that's the all point about their relationship , Kendrick Told Dre that he want to keep his former team , Sounwave .... even Compton and The Recipe aren't produce by Dre
Consey 20 dias atrás
@Kyle White The fact you believe Snoops stuff alone is better than anything Kendrick has made speaks volumes my g. Just because they came before him doesn't mean he hasn't surpassed them as an artist, because he has.
Kyle White
Kyle White 20 dias atrás
@Consey You got DRE, Snoop Dogg, AND Eminem and you say Kendrick is "arguably" the best? Lmaooo. No argument needed, the other 3 are legends. Some of Kendrick's stuff is good, but he doesn't hold a candle to the 3 GOATs that quite literally came before him.
sarah Perkins
sarah Perkins 29 dias atrás
@Mason Ballard don’t blame him, he should have been the exception
Nauf Hijazi
Nauf Hijazi Mês atrás
Kendrick was a kid in the California love video like weird fun fact as an extra
FortniteIsDogWater 8 dias atrás
Let's just repeat this performance for every half time show in the future 🙌🏼 ✨️
sabrina kegley
sabrina kegley 17 dias atrás
This is so great that it puts chills down my whole body. ❤
Danny Cadden
Danny Cadden 9 dias atrás
When dre played that little snippet of I Ain’t Mad At Cha literally gave my goosebumps goosebumps. Easily the best half time show… just imagine if Pac was there too 🥺
Slim shady
Slim shady 17 dias atrás
The way Eminem came out was amazing!!!🔥🔥
mighty sassy
mighty sassy Dia atrás
Just so amazing how Eminem blends with the rest, where colors know no boundaries. So heartwarming. Forever be an avid fan. 💕
Erin Hayley-Lawrence
Still one of the best halftime shows EVER. I never get bored of watching it over and over😩
Ann Droid
Ann Droid 20 dias atrás
I don't think James knows what he's 🦜 ng about because these are the legends of rap. Although Tupac is missing, Biggie Smalls(notorious B.I.G.)
Reuben Singh
Reuben Singh Mês atrás
@Seanyo Productions they are legends
Reuben Singh
Reuben Singh Mês atrás
@Ferrer why you here then
André Lima
André Lima 16 dias atrás
Bebelito Bila
Bebelito Bila 17 dias atrás
Expectacular ... arrepia muito
Andrea R Almeida Rodrigues
Esse show do superbowl foi fodastico.
Brenda Nieva
Brenda Nieva 11 dias atrás
Impresionante las sensaciones que me genera, se me pone la piel de gallina, realmente INCREIBLE!!!!
Michael and Gabrielle Villegas
This half time show was one of my favorite ever. I still listen to it to this day.
Laura Mês atrás
I love how all the artists congregate around Dre at the end. To see him at the centre of so much success and cultural phenomena. A true legend.
MC FLEX 25 dias atrás
@Brendan Ibach I agree. I like Dojo Cat though.
Brendan Ibach
Brendan Ibach 26 dias atrás
@MC FLEXand they do it 100x better than the clowns you hear nowadays
Brendan Ibach
Brendan Ibach 26 dias atrás
@martin bursiagathe present rappers suck, that’s why
Muhi Gergely
Muhi Gergely Mês atrás
Julie Thomas
Julie Thomas 9 dias atrás
I don't know how I missed this amazing half time performance. AMAZING!!! Brings back so many memories of my High school days. Was smiling from ear to ear during that whole performance. The crowd, I don't know if I have ever heard a crowd at half time get that loud. Man did that bring back memories.....good memories and good times.
Анна 3 dias atrás
гениальная музыка, в наше время такую не могут создать ❤❤❤
Eileithia Grayer
Eileithia Grayer 14 dias atrás
3:13 50 cent 4:40 Mary J. Blige 0:35 Snoop Dog 2:05 Dr. Dre 7:05 Kendrick Lamar 9:25 Eminem 11:45 Keys 4 Tupac 11:50 Dr. Dre/Day & Snoop
Sahih Luke
Sahih Luke 14 dias atrás
@Eileithia Grayer Gracias beautiful
Eileithia Grayer
Eileithia Grayer 14 dias atrás
You're welcome YT'ers 😊
Anthony 18
Anthony 18 5 dias atrás
1 year later still the best half time show
Ximena Alejo
Ximena Alejo 9 dias atrás
The best Halftime show EVER ! and I loved Eminem's and 50Cent's Entrance! The most ✨iconic✨ halftime show in history. WE LOVE THE COMPTON LEGENDS !
Jesse Neri
Jesse Neri 4 meses atrás
The fact they got Eminem, Kendrick, Mary, Snoop, 50 and Dre up there is monumental to say the least
Sandra Gonzalez
Sandra Gonzalez 17 dias atrás
Don’t forget Anderson Paak!
Marcos Hernandez
Marcos Hernandez Mês atrás
And Anderson Paak 😂
Kiks Mês atrás
@Martina M Did she really? Wow.
Jacob Mês atrás
Don't forget anderson paak
Bob 4. Sekunden
Bob 4. Sekunden 3 dias atrás
Niemals wird diese Show übertroffen. Unfassbar
Ümit Demir
Ümit Demir 18 dias atrás
If I could, I would give this show one million likes! Had never more fun watching a show.
Алексей Чемодуров
Шикарное шоу, шикарный концерт, жаль меня там не было, поделился бы впечатлениями!!!
Patricia Powell
Patricia Powell 4 dias atrás
The BEST half-time show EVER!❤❤❤
Mr Love
Mr Love 8 dias atrás
Jacob Porter
Jacob Porter Mês atrás
One of the best halftime shows ever.. Nothing too extreme it's just a vibe everywhere
Juicy Bongo
Juicy Bongo 26 dias atrás
@N Oneyng that's a bot promoting a white boy
Jacob Porter
Jacob Porter Mês atrás
​@2Ketcup FYI this guy is a bot.. He posts the same comment on every post
Dean Flores
Dean Flores Mês atrás
Na this was THEE Best halftime show ever
HirowasTaken Mês atrás
@2Ketcup who?
Tonka Krešo
Tonka Krešo 14 dias atrás
Oh boy what a halftime, gave me the chills! ❤❤❤❤
International immigrant
I’ve never listen to this sort of music in my life but these guys absolutely smashed it and now I’m converted also there newest and oldest fan ❤
mubaarik shide
mubaarik shide 4 dias atrás
The greatest half-time show ever so many legends🔥💯
Marlei Santos
Marlei Santos 4 dias atrás
Podia ter um Show assim no Brasil
Dora Santtos
Dora Santtos 7 dias atrás
Uma das melhores apresentações ❤
Daniel A
Daniel A Mês atrás
Was nice of Dr Dre to let the NFL play a game at his concert!
Huy H
Huy H 28 dias atrás
Same comment for MJ93'
Jenny Jen
Jenny Jen Mês atrás
@Brian Martin nothing was lip synced
Stephanie Holder
Stephanie Holder Mês atrás
good one 😆
Mike M
Mike M Mês atrás
@Brian Martin But its not..just listen to 50. Sure there is a background track..always is. Listen to his voice and when he says "Okay" at the end
Garlic lover
Garlic lover Mês atrás
@Brian Martinnaw u could hear it in their voices it’s not lip synced, they all sound older now then their music vids
Azer Qerty
Azer Qerty 18 horas atrás
I'm a french people, and I know anything about baseball or whatever, but whithout a doubt this is by far the most powerful and iconic performance I've seen in a halftime show
Leanderson Lima
Leanderson Lima Dia atrás
Esse é melhor show do super Bowl de todos
HumanAJGD 2 dias atrás
Damn, one of the best ever and the fact that they actually played Lose Yourself is amazing. One of the best of all time for sure.
Angry Strawberry
Angry Strawberry 15 dias atrás
Greatest halftime show of all time. Love every second of it.
Lighting Rod
Lighting Rod 14 dias atrás
I’m 24 rn, and even in my 50s I’ll still love this performance
The Admiral
The Admiral Mês atrás
Still getting goosebumps one year later! Legendary halftime show! 🔥🔥🔥
Marcos dos Santos
Marcos dos Santos 27 dias atrás
DATA_ERROR 28 dias atrás
‘ second, third and fourth that brother; ❤️‍🔥🎩
Grant Robey
Grant Robey 28 dias atrás
@Luvian Stana Not mid. It’s awful. After the 2nd quarter I was playing Battlefield 3 until the halftime show was over. They need to bring Eminem back.
Grant Robey
Grant Robey 28 dias atrás
Greatest Halftime show ever. No other halftime shows will ever top this. I wish Em could comeback one day for his own halftime.
Adad Reznor
Adad Reznor 28 dias atrás
Was trash lol
Orla Doyle
Orla Doyle 9 dias atrás
One of the best half time shows by far!!!!
[Liam] 6 dias atrás
This was one of the best halftime shows ever and always will be
Gavin Koeller
Gavin Koeller 10 dias atrás
As a person who got into hip hop/rap after this half-time show i love coming back to the songs i now know by heart
ntombodidi Mhlubulwana
ntombodidi Mhlubulwana 18 dias atrás
The Eminem part 🙌🙌🙌🙌..... this is one iconic halftime show will be difficult to beat 💓 🔥
ImAFatNerd 14 dias atrás
This was the best halftime show ever. There won't be a show that can reach the bar they set.
10k subbed with 0 Videos challenge
The fact that the NFL did this for the culture of Los Angeles is crazy, they killed it!
Ash Lopez
Ash Lopez Mês atrás
@Theodor Hansen I feel like Em has a lot of West Coast influence to be fair. 50 I could say maybe too Plus these are the artist he found. They’re literally big ass stars so i mean i don’t think anyone would’ve been mad about it
Billboard News
Billboard News 7 meses atrás
*BLACKPINK - "PINK VENOM" with hip hop vibes Release august 19 at 12 am ꏂꇙ꓄*
RON KALI 7 meses atrás
@Theodor Hansen EM wouldn't do the show unless 50 was in it
Steven Prado
Steven Prado 7 meses atrás
@Gwendoline haters going to hate young one
Dhrm Dew
Dhrm Dew 7 meses atrás
for real
Jefferson Gabriel Fx
Jefferson Gabriel Fx 3 dias atrás
Só as lendas 👏🏼👏🏼
Joshua Clarke
Joshua Clarke 5 dias atrás
BEST HALFTIME SHOW EVER!!!!!! how awesome to have all west coast artists performing in the west coast for this. Chills man. Chills
VGH 1129
VGH 1129 7 dias atrás
Snoop’s voice is so clear and unique. Love this show. But the most I love 50😍
Ecliptic Timefle
Ecliptic Timefle 8 dias atrás
This is the greatest halftime show ever nothing can compete
Stan Fearless
Stan Fearless 10 dias atrás
This is a privilege for all those who lived during the best era of rap music. What a pleasure is to watch these friends succeeding.
Tomato Mês atrás
Seeing all these legends preform together during a halftime show was crazy, one of the best halftime shows ever.
Danielle Guyger
Danielle Guyger 21 dia atrás
Best half time show ever
Luis Bruno Meza
Luis Bruno Meza 21 dia atrás
Waayy better than rihanna
Raúl Hernandez ramirez
@andere naam Kendrick was not playbacking Bruh
Mirko 123
Mirko 123 23 dias atrás
@andere naam they would be way to quiet singing live
andere naam
andere naam 25 dias atrás
Yeah they're all great playbackers
Yusran Fahlevy Almajid
This is a proof how generous Dr. Dre and the others to allowed the superbowl to be held at their concert.
shanaalove 4 dias atrás
I love how happy Snoop looks to be performing
Mary Sackey
Mary Sackey 5 dias atrás
I will always come back to this performance ❤❤❤❤❤ legends upon legends
marsh.rapgod 6 dias atrás
I get laugh every time when 50 say "Still" in the end in his heavy voice 😂 I love it 🔥
Jenny🗿 9 dias atrás
One of the best halftime shows in history
roc Anos atrás
endless respect to Dre, so many become legends with his help.
Apostle J.Thompson
Apostle J.Thompson 2 meses atrás
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Apostle J.Thompson
Apostle J.Thompson 2 meses atrás
Don't take the v@ccine trust in The LORD ALMIGHTY!.!
AquDrIFT 2 meses atrás
This is what's crazy to me, Dre's an absolute legend off his rapping career alone... and then you realize how much else he did, for Eminem and so many others
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Marco Antônio
Marco Antônio 5 dias atrás
PQP, essa abertura foi monstra !!!
Zara- La Boule De Crystal
They are all incredible... I ain't mad at chat first notes 🔥❤️ and Kendrick was amazing, my favorite part, such as MJB... I mean all of them 😮‍💨
Bryan McClendon
Bryan McClendon 7 dias atrás
The absolute best Superbowl Halftime show ever. They can never top this.
Ukxlelx 18 dias atrás
the screamings at the end of the performance gives me chills...1 year later and im still enjoying this...this is a throwback to the good times
Emanuel Richard
Emanuel Richard 7 dias atrás
Que top!! 💥👍🏻🇧🇷
Mike Litorous
Mike Litorous 25 dias atrás
I love how happy Dre is to say Snoop Dogg at the start of the set. They’re genuine friends and they’ve probably dreamed of a moment like that, especially in their home city.
Pafisic/ObsesSian 11 dias atrás
Watch the UpinSmoke tour yourll understand
AlanBrownSugar 11 dias atrás
They’ve had bigger moments than that, in Cali
LordTee1 12 dias atrás
@Ann Droid I'm not an anime fan, but banning it would violate the first amendment. Besides, it's just cartoons from Japan.
Jesse Salas
Jesse Salas 12 dias atrás
Old shut
grace asong
grace asong 11 dias atrás
I can't get enough of this show 😍
ulen ulen
ulen ulen 4 dias atrás
i gotta be honest kendrick performance is INSANE
felipe rodrigues
felipe rodrigues 9 dias atrás
Impressionante como os americanos valorizam seus rappers, parabéns. Diferentimente dos brasileiros que so os julgam o rap nacional
Michael Jackson - Thriller (Official 4K Video)
Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido
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