Downsizing To A Gorgeous Tiny House On Wheels - Their Forever Home

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This 400sq ft tiny home is packed with various amenities that you'd find in a house triple the size! They have a full shower, washer/dryer, dishwasher, stove/oven, staircase, attic, and a bedroom holding a queen bed. Are you a little nervous about going tiny? Brad and Steph share their experience in minimizing and how they made the transition so smoothly.

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29 Abr 2021



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Comentários 1 045
One thing we forgot to add is why we wanted the extra loft. We designed this home so that we could store our 10 foot long kayaks, put our 400 Bergman and mountain bikes into the living room while in transit. At the filming of these we had just pulled our kayaks out as we paddled Peace River where we were staying.
Matthew Mac
Matthew Mac Mês atrás
Had the pleasure of meeting brad and Steph as they traveled through our area and personally see this home. It’s gorgeous and they are truly amazing people! Hope to see y’all again soon!
T-rump fat butt
T-rump fat butt Mês atrás
Very cool!!!!
Sailor Girl
Sailor Girl 2 meses atrás
I've watched so many tiny home videos. I really love yours. The bathroom, kitchen, stair storage, and full-height walk-around bedroom are the best I've seen. Well done. It's lovely.
Bradandstefsadventures 2 meses atrás
@Linna Goelz thank you. We would highly recommend start with towing a smaller house and getting use to pulling campers
Linna Goelz
Linna Goelz 2 meses atrás
@Bradandstefsadventures how difficult is it to tow? I am very interested in a tiny home with this same layout and want to travel around with it, but I’ve never towed anything in my life before and so feel nervous about the size of this! Thanks 😊 your home is beautiful!
Jimmie Patrum
Jimmie Patrum Anos atrás
This house is without a doubt the most liveable tiny house I've ever seen. What a great builder you had who would LISTEN to your concerns. Great job, you two! Diane
Terri Timmerman
Terri Timmerman Anos atrás
This is the most liveable and well designed Tiny Home I've ever seen. If I ever make the decision to downsize I will definitely be looking up Doug and his team!
Mary West
Mary West Anos atrás
the absolute BEST tiny house ever!!! you addressed everything i always had a problem with....the washer/dryer, the tiny shower stall so small you can't raise your arms while using it, and the most important: real seating and a REAL bed....the builder just needs to make this a regular model and name it after you...
Rosemary Doran
Rosemary Doran Anos atrás
Such a great house and a lovely couple!
Handbag Diva
Handbag Diva Anos atrás
Timbercraft made this model first, I saw a video with the same house just a little different.
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Yes, this may sound like a commercial BUT if you end up with a home built by Timbercraft and you’re not 100% happy with it, it’s your fault because anything was possible...
Angel A
Angel A Anos atrás
I love how much she loves her house, the pride shines through.
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert 6 meses atrás
The builder we chose builds them in Guntersville, Alabama but will deliver all over US
Laloca Pomona
Laloca Pomona Anos atrás
@Gloria Legault k🤗
Super Frank
Super Frank Anos atrás
Seem like really good people :)
Pam Benoit
Pam Benoit Anos atrás
I love butcher block. My favorite.
Gloria Legault
Gloria Legault Anos atrás
This one I liked the bedroom was where you could walk around looked like a queen bed and really liked her closet. I like dresses etc and big hats the living room was bigger and the kitchen tall and wider without of counter space and reg frig etc. Liked the all the way up with drawers that pull put And that they had a small outside area for now and liked the other top for storage or work o am tall 5 7 and I would not feel closed in and the bigger bathroom and window air too right I HAD 4 DONE IN MY OLDER RANCH NO BASEMENT ON MAIN AREA SO IT WORKED REALLY WELL . ONE OF THE BEST I have seen. Do you have something in Florida today manyee sarasota and doen. Not upper Florifa?
LISA LANHAM Anos atrás
This video has got to be my FAVORITE one, hands down! This home is gorgeous and so are the owners. I actually cried at the beauty of it all. I'm taking a plunge and doing my next chapter in life, also on my 50's, and these people have made me realize that YES, I can do it, and don't waste anymore time. Thank you both! I hope you both have enjoyment and happiness the rest of your lives!
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Thank you Lisa for your kind words. We love the fact that we have given you some inspiration. We believe life is short and you need to use it the best you can while you can. We also believe financially, that if a fireman and a teacher can do this anyone can. Once again thank you and good luck with your plans have a great day...
Kim Frank Watson
Kim Frank Watson Anos atrás
I appreciae how sensible they are with having an analog jack, or not trusting a washer/dryer machine, and just not tampering with the integrity of the roof. I like the microwave/oven - makes sense. And finally someone has addressed the no-nonesense approach to making the bed, always the thing I think about.
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Thank you for your kind words. This was a well thought out kickass mobile she-shed. We need for nothing. We started planing the perfect trailer 6 years ago, while trying our best to keep our piece o sh@t Rv rollin. So this is the end result of doing it wrong for so many years. And we just don’t want/ can’t afford to replace yet another Rv every 6/7 years. Thank God for Timbercraft...they make dreams come true.
Daria Mcleod
Daria Mcleod Anos atrás
I have been working on a Timbercraft Denali design with Doug for three years-Covid added a year-and I'm finally ready to complete my plans. It was wonderful to see your video. You did a great job showing the reality of the plan. I hope we can meet someday over the firepit and compare notes :)
That’s wonderful! You’ll love your home and hope we can pull up beside you one day and sit by a fire. Please send us pictures!!
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
That’s amazing news. You will not be disappointed and I bet you’ll even be more impressed with your own design. Please keep us informed and we would love to see your home and meet up one day - Denali to Denali. God bless
BioluvsKatz&Bees Anos atrás
One of the best looking and functional tiny homes I’ve ever seen! (And I look at them on BRvid ALL the time!). So well done! This one would actually feel like a home! A bed you can walk around, in a bedroom you can stand in!!! And your kitchen cupboards are sooooo awesome! Well done!
Thank you so much! We can’t take credit for the full layout but the creation of the space we live in - it does feel like a home. Timbercraft was the only option for us. We fell in love the moment we stepped into one of his builds.
CeeR Anos atrás
This is the nicest tiny house I've ever seen! A beautiful home.
Anup Debnath
Anup Debnath Anos atrás
I simply love the lighting and the color scheme of the house. It doesn't just look good, it also brightens up the mood. The best thing about tiny homes is that it forces you to be organized and optimize your space and that's a good thing. The house itself becomes more energy efficient and there is less carbon footprint. There is more thought put into every little detail. I love how the stairs are also used as storage drawers. Now that's an innovative idea that I am have never come across before. Another stand out feature of your tiny house is the bedroom. It is nice and roomy. Usually people relegate the bedroom to the attic and there is not enough room to stand there. One can only crawl in and hit the bed. That makes me so much claustrophobic. I can't ever compromise with my bedroom. We spend 33-50% of our lives in the bedroom. It needs to be better than an attic crawlspace.
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Thank you for your compliments and your ideas. I can tell that you have thought this stuff through, as we have. 50% of the reason we started this is because of our concern with anything we use being wasted. We are living lite and are in a much better position to do things we like, most often on a moments notice. We would recommend this to our family and friends to go do as well
Karijane Macdonald
Karijane Macdonald Anos atrás
Your tiny home is the best I’ve ever seen! Just lovely.
Thank you! When we saw Doug Schroeder on BRvid we could not believe our luck that he was barely over 100 miles away
stupidusername Anos atrás
I love the whole design, and the living room chairs makes me want to cozy up with a coffee and read. I appreciate that she knows how much it would be a pain in the butt to make a bed that cramped or too low
Awesome! Thank you
Thank you
Debra Shepard
Debra Shepard Anos atrás
Love it ❤️this home was well planned out, I wouldn’t change a thing, love the bedroom, I wouldn’t be sleeping in a loft or on the floor either👍 plus they had a builder who knew what he’s doing 🙌🙋‍♀️🙌Enjoy your home you two ❤️🙌
Teresa Padrick
Teresa Padrick 11 meses atrás
! My kind of contractor That shower!
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Debra how are you doing!!
Guyla Mullins
Guyla Mullins Anos atrás
Beautiful home. I love these. I live in a mobile home already so essentially it’s a tiny home. These videos give me great ideas for storage and downsizing. I have 1200 sq feet and raised 2 kids, 3 cats, and various friends that stayed with us. They’re grown now so I wanted ideas for redoing my home.
Tracy Seamon
Tracy Seamon Anos atrás
This is the most well designed tiny 🏠 I've ever seen. It's so adorable! And thank God she decided she did not want to sleep on the floor. I get so tired of looking at some of these tiny houses sleeping lofts that feel so small and cramped.
Rosalind Taylor
Rosalind Taylor Anos atrás
This couple is so cute together. Never talking over each other. Lovely home. Brilliant!
Sandra P
Sandra P Anos atrás
This has been my favorite tiny house for years! Great to see how somebody is actually living in it! Beautiful not so tiny house!
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Sandra how are you doing!!
Catherine Lyn
Catherine Lyn Anos atrás
I said the same thing before I saw your comment lol tiny house goals
Meredith G
Meredith G Anos atrás
This house is gorgeous. I love the hidden space on the other side of the counters! LOVE that tile in the bathroom, it’s so striking. Steph’s dress is SO CUTE. She remind me a lot of my mom 🥰
Elaine Richardson
Elaine Richardson 7 meses atrás
Kept thinking she had a slip on...
Robert White
Robert White Anos atrás
That’s what you call a house on wheels ! The inside is really sharp & roomy .
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Surprisingly, It’s the same as loading up a Rv, it takes less than 1 hour. We have no pop outs so we have twice the space of most travel trailers to store things. 1 tote for the kitchen, 1 tote for the living room & the plants go in the shower...
Ginger Smith
Ginger Smith Anos atrás
It's awesome! Curious to know how difficult it is to secure everything when they move the house?
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Oh it is a kick ass movable she-shed no modern convenience’s where spared. :)
37Claudia. Anos atrás
This is one of the best tiny homes I have seen on BRvid. Well thought out and no shortcuts, built to last and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you
Som_O_Tube Anos atrás
Your house is one of the best tiny house I see. You and the builder should be very proud.
kathleen Windsor
kathleen Windsor Anos atrás
What a beautiful home! I have watched tons of videos and i would choose this house hands down!
Sheila Cheeks
Sheila Cheeks Anos atrás
I am in love with y’all’s tiny house!! It’s very beautiful, spacious and clean! I love everything about it. I enjoy watching tiny house videos. I have seen so many but this one is my FAVORITE!!! You both are so wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to share with us all your beautiful tiny house. It’s very INSPIRING!!!!! ❤️
Thank you so much for your kind words! If you ever see us, come say hello
Sandra Slate
Sandra Slate Anos atrás
This is in my top five favorites. I absolutely love the layout of this place. The colors are so pretty, they provide such a warm relaxing atmosphere. And the decor is very beautiful! It gave me a lot of great ideas for my future tiny home.
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Sandra how are you doing!!
Thank you! It had a lot of the same feel as our “stationary home”. Bear wishes on your home.
Sue Bauman
Sue Bauman Anos atrás
Tiny home life seems to be making this couple look way younger than their years! Lovely home, I can HEAR the quality of the cabinetry when the step-drawers are opened!
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Sue how are you doing!!
Sharon R
Sharon R Anos atrás
This such a beautiful home! I'm in my 50s so can relate to a lot of what they said. I love you can stand up in the bedroom. Wishing this couple much happiness and safe travels.
Thank you so much!
Sheldon Allen
Sheldon Allen Anos atrás
She’s a helluva’ speaker; so real, clear, and articulate; he’s smooth, and laid back. Both of them made me want to hurry up with my transition to a tiny home.
Vivian Bowling
Vivian Bowling Anos atrás
PottersHands Anos atrás
Right!! Mee tooo
At the filming of this we were near Tampa Florida - at the present we are at a campground in Ellijay GA til mid June
Michelle L Cinkel
Michelle L Cinkel Anos atrás
Where’s the camp fire write!!???!!
GF Sheffer
GF Sheffer Anos atrás
Let us know how it goes !
Singing Lily
Singing Lily Anos atrás
I love this home. It’s beautiful and well thought out
Pretty 🌙Brown🤎 Eyes
I appreciate the vibes these two have. Great space they have created. Beautiful forever home.
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Yes, it’s nice to know that there are still somethings in life that can’t be faked...
Glenys Perry
Glenys Perry Anos atrás
Finally a bedroom that works.
Betty Veronica
Betty Veronica Anos atrás
@Gigi Exactly! Also, they don't need to crawl to get in and out of bed, like most of the ones I've seen. 😂
Glenys Perry
Glenys Perry Anos atrás
And make the bed without contouring yourself.
Gigi Anos atrás
At least it’s spacious enough to walk on the side of it & sleep comfortable & not bang their head to the ceiling
Garden Joy
Garden Joy Anos atrás
This is absolutely one of the most exquisite tiny homes I've ever seen. Such quality and such a gorgeous style. You can see it was expensive, but wow, it seems worth it, if you can afford it. This has the most 'real house' feeling to it with the fireplace, the full fridge and the real bed. LOVE those windows and how it makes everything look. I'm totally in love with this tiny house. Though I guess for that money I get a full size house here.
You would be surprised how little it costs compared to a non mobile home. We sold our home and paid cash for this with the equity. No way we could buy a “regular” home for the price we got this one especially with the craftsmanship
Timbercraft Tiny Homes
Kerima Brown
Kerima Brown Anos atrás
That’s one of the best tiny houses I’ve seen and I’ve seen many.
We think so but we’re biased. Thank you
Abmar Anos atrás
Liza Holt
Liza Holt Anos atrás
Rt, I love this home. I wanna buy one
Norliah Nasir
Norliah Nasir Anos atrás
I actually love the fact that they have nice comfortable armchairs in the living room. It looks so cost n beautiful
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Yes, it’s amazing what you can do with an IKEA card a fair price and then after a year or so when they get dirty or worn out you go back and get the same chairs just in a different color they work perfect and they’re comfortable. :)
Michele Harris
Michele Harris Anos atrás
It's a lovely home, well designed and with great craftsmanship - thanks so much for the share! :)
Deb Boyea
Deb Boyea Anos atrás
I absolutely love your tiny home! It seems perfect in every way!
Thank you
Kate BW
Kate BW Anos atrás
Stefanie and Brad, your home is stunning, such beautiful craftmanship throughout and so much personalized details that make it yours. I love it! Congratulations on the beginning of your journey together with Cramer in your traveling forever home!
Thank you!
Jamie Pan
Jamie Pan Anos atrás
This is such a homey home, that you forget that you’re not in a normal house. I would definitely live there. She can decorate beautifully.
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Jamie how are you doing!!
Stefanie Wilmert
Stefanie Wilmert Anos atrás
thank you!
Jo Ann
Jo Ann Anos atrás
I have always loved the Timbercraft tiny homes, but it was very nice to see how someone actually LIVES in one. Timbercraft is still my first choice if I ever go tiny. Beautiful home! Thank you for sharing!!
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Thank you so much, we think you have a good taste. I can honestly say that after living in this thing for five months, my only regret is that we didn’t do this five years ago. I guess in life timing is everything though Thanks again have a good one...
Donna Doble-Brown
Donna Doble-Brown Anos atrás
This is my favorite tiny so far! Love the look of it and all the choices you made . . . Just beautiful!💚
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Donna how are you doing!!
Thank you. The color choices were the most stressful - I didn’t want to mess up
diamonds Are forever
Absolutley LOVE your tiny home. Very tastefully done. Love that you can stand up in your bedroom and have room for a sofa (or "snuggle chairs") You have lots of storage to. And your so right about not having the combo washing machiene. Hope you make lots of happy memories in your cozy tiny home. 🏡❤ much love. Jen UK.
MJ 1957
MJ 1957 Anos atrás
So wonderful to see how much you love your home and showing it! It's my absolute favorite I've seen, and I've seen a lot! lol The idea of a tiny home is enticing, but it's always been about storage, or lack of it, for me. You have changed my mind bc I love everything about your home including the amount of storage space you have! I'm seriously considering it and my bf says, "If it makes you happy, then I'm all for it!" I'm a very lucky woman! So, I guess it's research time!I
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
We are so happy to hear that we have possibly changed your path although we have only been in the home for 6 months our only regret is we didn’t do it sooner. if you were my family or friend I would make you start your research at timbercraft, they can do anything and they will make your dreams happen. Good luck with everything & thank you for the kind words...:)
MsJustice007 Anos atrás
Your home is perfection!!! I’m in love with it! I agree, fire pits are a must, every evening that it doesn’t rain. All of Spring, Summer and Autumn long, fire pit! I hope I can get a home nearly as close to yours as possible! I really love it! Susan
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello beautiful how are you doing!!
Thank you very much! Good luck on your home choice and please check out @timbercrafttinyhomes
Katherine Bailey
Katherine Bailey Anos atrás
Thanks for sharing your home! I've been eyeing the park model version of the Denali XL for a while. I'm glad to see the fireplace and heritage furniture incorporated in your decorating. Enjoy!!
Thank you!
Danielle M
Danielle M Anos atrás
Gorgeous home. Love the bedroom design!!
JustBe Anos atrás
The builder did a wonderful job, lovely craftsmanship.
Matthew Mac
Matthew Mac Mês atrás
Had the pleasure of meeting brad and Steph as they traveled through our area and personally see this home. It’s gorgeous and they are truly amazing people! Hope to see y’all again soon!
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert 24 dias atrás
So happy to see a response from someone we met. Happy travels and hope we meet again. Currently in California. Thank you for the nice comment.
Veronica Goodridge
Veronica Goodridge 9 meses atrás
I love this tiny house. It is designed well, and it doesn't feel crowded. The best I have seen so far.
Milla's Puffs
Milla's Puffs Anos atrás
I love their story, their house. I've been thinking constantly to go tiny and they gave me a great inspiration 💛
Also reach out to us if you need a shoulder ... it was pretty stressful downsizing lots of precious items
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Thank you for your kind words. This was the next logical step for us. As a teacher/ firefighter it’s the only way we could afford to see the country and not go broke doing so...
Aistir's place
Aistir's place Anos atrás
I love their home. Very cozy and a stand up bedroom. That means everything to me.
Soda Mom
Soda Mom Anos atrás
A bedroom you can stand in, and she has compromised on absolutely nothing. Gorgeous home.
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Thank you so much for your kind words. I think you hit the nail on the head in regards to your comment. when you work/ build withTimbercraft there are no compromises...
pattyg Anos atrás
Finally a floor plan with an actual bedroom. No loft for a bedroom. Love your tiny home.
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Yes, this home was designed for adults and we’re glad you like it....
C Anos atrás
Beautiful build! Love all the great things you put in, especially the potty. We live in a travel trailer and I hate messing with the black tank. Much rather have some type of alternative. Storage in the steps, bedroom that you don’t have to crawl around in or have an “A” pitched roofline (or some other shape). I have a bad knee so that stuff doesn’t work for me! Congratulations on your lovely home! Great builder also from the sound of it.
C Anos atrás
@Bradley Wilmert that is a little high but I would pay it if I could escape “poopy duty”! You can always save $$ somewhere else. You can’t put a price on something that makes life easier! You are most welcome! It peeves me to no end to come on YT and see all the harsh, cruel words people often reply with. I have had some of them directed at me for my opinions at times and I try to gently remind those who are the cruelest that we all have opinions and are entitled to them just as they themselves are. I find it’s easier to just not make a comment if I don’t find anything about a build or whatever else is going on. May you have many years of enjoyment out of your new home! God bless!!
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Yes, after using the Incinolet toilet it is definitely the way to go we only have to clean it out once every 3 to 4 weeks just dump the ash in the fire pit no smell and no germs it’s little pricey at $2400 but to us it’s worth every penny. Thanks for your kind words
Kymmberly Anos atrás
what a cute couple... hope they live happily ever after in their happy home.
Thank you!
Rae Wayne
Rae Wayne Anos atrás
Beautiful! My favorite of all the Tiny Home videos I’ve watched. Love it!
Timbercraft Tiny Homes
Carlisa Sanders
Carlisa Sanders Anos atrás
Very charming couple who make tiny living very accessible and attractive...& the builder really listened to them! It’s really rare to find such a great builder.
WinnStarr 2018
WinnStarr 2018 Anos atrás
Your home is beautiful. If I moved out into a tiny home this is what I would love to have. Take care and stay safe.
Paige Mull
Paige Mull Anos atrás
I’ve looked at a lot of mini/tiny houses. I absolutely love the layout of this one best!! It’s perfect. ❤️💜💚
SCHWAB SQUAD 7 meses atrás
This is one of the best Tinyhouses I've ever seen. It feels so big!
La cocina de Mili
La cocina de Mili Anos atrás
I really like your forever home!!!! Congratulations!!! So nice and comfortable!!!
CodenameAnaya Travels
You have a lovely home, and I can’t wait to build my own tiny for myself !
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
If and when you do build your own home I would definitely give timbercraft a look they are the real deal I would send my friends and family to them as well... :)
Lisa#7 Anos atrás
Oh my goodness! I LOVE your stairway and your bedroom! Your set up of this, is the first one I've ever seen.
It’s what sold us on this house builder! We love it (can you tell?)
YeshuasGirl Anos atrás
Beautiful and well appointed thow! Thank you for giving us an in-depth tour, including storage spaces! Well done 👍
Blue Bird
Blue Bird Anos atrás
Love this so much! I could see genX taking over this tiny home movement! I’ve been following since finding Incredible Tiny Homes. This is something to keep an eye on so we are prepared! 🏡 I do think about room for future grandbabies & exersaucers though! 😚
Sandie Gibson
Sandie Gibson Anos atrás
I am a gen-x-er and I have been thinking about going into a tiny house for years. I would like to buy a piece of land and put my tiny house on it and grow my own food. I am constantly watching tiny home videos, they're addictive....
sandy p
sandy p Anos atrás
Your home is beautiful. Love your choice of colors for the cabinet and the layout.
Pdarling 68
Pdarling 68 Anos atrás
Very beautiful tiny home, love how it is setup🦋
Thank you!
Joyce Pendleton
Joyce Pendleton Anos atrás
Beautiful home! I am all for the Tiny Home movement!💞
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
this lifestyle works great for us, but we are empty-nesters our boys are grown and gone I would never recommend this for people with kids in tow but that’s just us. We have no regrets except for we should’ve done this five years sooner. we’re having a great time thanks for your kind words...
K Sharpe
K Sharpe Anos atrás
This is a beautiful tiny home. I love the organization skills you have. 😉
Thank you
Star Glaxner
Star Glaxner Anos atrás
Such kind people! I am so happy for them and I look forward to the day someone helps us design and build our tiny home on wheels too✨💖✨ Thank you so much for sharing!
Alyssa Lambert
Alyssa Lambert Anos atrás
This is so adorable...right down to her coffee mug collection. ❤️ I love my coffee mugs, too.
Sharlene De Gazon-Legay
Absolutely amazing. Love it,comfortable and organized ! A very great home indeed!🤩🤩🤩
Seeker Anos atrás
This looks so cosy and amazing. Wow! It's very well built. Congrats =)
Guys, come to Canada 🇨🇦 and fall in love with Alberta. We live in northern Alberta and just love it !!! We lived in Calgary, sold our house and bought an old hunters shack in a tiny hamlet, retired, and are renovating it to our own now. What an amazing home you have !!! Everything is so cozy and homey. You’ve done a lot of work to make your home the best. Peace ✌🏽
@codeninja1 , I know, right. Lumber prices are ridiculous right now, but a mill near us has said that they’re seeing movement in prices now, so that’s great. We need a lot of lumber. 🔆
@Bradandstefsadventures , that sounds amazing !!! Like I said to Morgan, it’s wonderful, beautiful and there’s lots to see 🔆
@Morgan Dunn , you won’t regret it hun. It’s beautiful, full of beautiful spots to go to and learn about past history, see amazing landscapes like no other I’ve ever seen, and when people need a hand people step up to selflessly help. 🔆
codeninja1 Anos atrás
Just left calgary and moved back to NL. Hoping to do the same if the price of materials will ever go back down.
We would love to! It’s in our plans. We have one more year of work and then we are traveling
Kenneth von Arx
Kenneth von Arx Anos atrás
I’ve never seen a Denali actually being lived in . I’ve always been a fan of Timbercraft and Doug. I love this home and seeing it actually being lived in is amazing.
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
We’ve been in it over a year and it’s a wonderful place to be just great quality I really have to hand it to Doug and his team for building such a wonderful product and for giving us a great place to live that we can count on for years to come. :)
Josie Rodriguez Torres
Soooooo would love a forever home like that, Love that they spoke from a mature and experienced life, the daily and practical, knew what to could go luxurious on and the foresight of what to keep simple. Great job Mr.Schroder!
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Doug and the guys at timbercraft make dreams happen they are the best in the business I have proof of it...
That’s a wonderful compliment!
S. Williams
S. Williams Anos atrás
Loved every inch and the thought that went into it.... The only thing I would change is the chairs in the living room.... You guys have a BEAUTIFUL home!!
Handbag Diva
Handbag Diva Anos atrás
I’ve seen 100’s of videos & Timbercraft is be far the best tiny home builder out there. The real estate market is going crazy where I live, my house will sell for 6x what I paid. Kids are grown, time to downsize. This is perfect for me, especially the bedroom!
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Wow, our home sold for 2x what we owed. It paid for the tiny home and the truck. We are free at last. It is wonderful. It sounds like you are even in a better place than us financially, so you know we would tell you to go for it & sooner than later...
Carol Leffingwell
Carol Leffingwell Anos atrás
This is truly one of the most beautiful tiny homes I have ever seen. I agree with you I would not want to crawl around on the floor in the loft this bedroom is absolutely gorgeous you’ve done a magnificent job and I want it I want it right now LOL
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Thank you so much for all the compliments and know you’re not wrong....:)
patti tehaate
patti tehaate Anos atrás
I've seen this tiny house, so it's really nice to see it lived in . Good on you's for choosing this house. I love the added deck as well.
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
We’ve had over 500 comments on this home and you’re the first one to notice the back deck it’s a wonderful addition because it gives us a ramp to load toys, and then it’s a deck, and then it protects the glass doors when you’re going down the road so it’s like a custom toy hauler...
Tammy Royal
Tammy Royal Anos atrás
The outside of this home is beautiful. The inside is very nice. Love the bedroom & all of the storage. ❤️🏡☺️
Thank you!
Kim and a Kayak
Kim and a Kayak Anos atrás
Beautiful home! You have it decorated so beautifully ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you!
Victoria Scofield
Victoria Scofield Anos atrás
I’ve been eyeing the Timbercraft Denali and Denali XL for several years and decided if I ever get a tiny house that’s what I want (albeit with a slightly different layout I already planned out). Pretty sure I could squeeze in the vintage furniture I really want to keep.
Julie Smith
Julie Smith Anos atrás
One of the best I have seen. Nice practical layout,super cute and stylish and a nice couple. Wondering what a total price for this though? Loved it anyways
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Thank you for all your compliments. in regards to the price its more reasonable than you might think it’s the same or less than most modern toy haulers in this length and build range...
Rochelle Clark
Rochelle Clark Anos atrás
Wow your house looks fabulous, really well thought out, he made the things that you wanted work. This would be an easy livable place
Blanca Vargas
Blanca Vargas Anos atrás
Love this tiny house concept!, she inspiring me to get more serious about this concept!. Thanks for sharing your experience! Congratulations and enjoy your new home!!
Marian L
Marian L Anos atrás
@Bradandstefsadventures is it possible to get price range? i am going to the site and i have not the funds or ready myself but i am single and a senior and hoping some time to own instead of rent so it could happen anytime and want to start putting my mind on it more and doing more about that. a price range would help. Your layout is so brilliant and like so many others ...appealing to me too. if you are ever in PNW ..i would visit or invite you to my town .
Thank you and if you ever wanna talk about the process, reach out.
Chenil Perez
Chenil Perez Anos atrás
They energy on this video is so wholesome 🥰💗
Thank you for your kindness
Julia Witt
Julia Witt Anos atrás
I can't believe you tow that thing around ..... That's amazing. What a lovely home. I really like the bedroom space
Q A 9 meses atrás
I need one!! It would be great to have a tiny home this well made. I can dream, can't I?
Patty Pollard
Patty Pollard Anos atrás
Your wife is so happy with this you can see her happiness it shines in her voice and eyes. You did an awesome job with everything. Your forever home love it... thank you for sharing it... ❤️❤️🙏🙏🌹🌹
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Thank you for your compliments we are very happy with the results we took a big leap of faith. I knew if we were selling our home home to move into a tiny house, it was going to be have to be over the top & 2nd everything that makes it move down the road would have to be overkill because we cannot afford to replace it every 7 to 10 years. she’s very proud, It could’ve very easily gone the other way we’re very lucky...
Carol Siegle
Carol Siegle 9 meses atrás
Love your little house, everything about it. The lay out is awesome, way to go💗🤗
ChildofGod's Favor
ChildofGod's Favor Anos atrás
I love your home. The way things are going now in the world, it is best to downsize so that we can survive.
Rebecca Bunch
Rebecca Bunch Anos atrás
I love it ! It is beautiful !! I dream of having something like this soon !
Marlene Greyling
Marlene Greyling Anos atrás
I love your beautiful home!🌹 Love the 2 chairs and your bedroom too. No sleeping on the floor 🤗 Blessings from South Africa 🇿🇦
Alison Galloway
Alison Galloway 2 meses atrás
Gorgeous, one of my favourites. Always like Timbercraft work. I like that the bedroom and bathroom is hidden. Who wouldn't love to spend the rest of their life there. Your decorating skills enhance it even more.
Pamela Hall
Pamela Hall Anos atrás
Love your tiny home! It's beautiful and I love the layout and decor that's tastefully designed. Well done to you both in following your dreams in downsizing to a tiny home! All the very on your travels and to the future!
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Thank you so much for your compliments. If you have wonderful holidays and happy new year... ;)
RPGenie Anos atrás
Love it, I tell my husband I’d love that one day but then we think about how our kids might not ever want to stay with us when/if they have their own families.
Our kids are busy with their lives and rarely make it by. We hope to travel to such great places they would want to come camp with us.,
Catherine Lyn
Catherine Lyn Anos atrás
Hotels are a thing. Or they can camp outside. They might not want to stay with you if you have a house either
Reg Desousa
Reg Desousa Anos atrás
You can get one with a sofa that turns a bed ..even build bunk beds etc ...I would hate for my parents to keep their dreams on hold because of us ...
Morris Patch of Heaven homestead
Absolutely gorgeous guys! Blessings
Lizzy Talma
Lizzy Talma 10 meses atrás
This is by far the nicest and best appointed Tiny Home I’ve seen to date. Enjoy your travels.
Bradandstefsadventures 9 meses atrás
Thank you so much!
LAURA SARGENT 9 meses atrás
Beautifully done. Good choices. Love it.
Eden Alexander
Eden Alexander Anos atrás
This couple are truly wealthy!!! Simplistic,but beautiful and organized and Living the dream. Adventure with each other through life's journeys. God Bless you in your travels.
Bradley Wilmert
Bradley Wilmert Anos atrás
Thanks Eden for your kind words and encouragement in many ways I do feel like we are Much richer than we even have a right to be. it’s amazing what you can do in life when you don’t have a 30 year mortgage to pay...:)
melody Hart
melody Hart Anos atrás
They build some very nice houses !
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