DOOM CROSSING: Eternal Horizons ■ Music Video feat. Natalia Natchan aka PiNKII

The Chalkeaters
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We couldn't walk past the most unexpected game crossover of 2020. With "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" and "DOOM Eternal" released the same day, the adorable duo of Isabelle and Doom Slayer aka Doom Guy has spread across the Internet.
We thought that it may be a good idea to mix the sound of both worlds into one song and animation!

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We are The Chalkeaters, the gaming music project based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. We make comedy songs and music videos about video games, gaming industry and related memes.


Song “Doom Crossing: Eternal Horizons” by

Executive producer / songwriter: Alios [ ]

Composer / arranger: Ergy [ ]

Sound producer, arranger and engineer: Masel [ hire: ]

"Animal Crossing" artist / cover artist: Pondis [ , ]

"DOOM" artist: Hunternif [ , ]

Character animator: Kiryumia [ ]

Motion designer, supporting animator and supporting sound engineer: Lenich [ ]


Isabelle vocals:
Natalia Natchan aka PiNKII [ ]

"DOOM" supporting artist: Fedor Titov [ ]
Brutal "DOOM" voice: Jonathan Luhmann
Piano: Dmitry Kovzel
Flugelhorn: Kelly O'Donohue


Special thanks to Mick Gordon and Kazumi Totaka for amazingly beautiful game soundtracks that in many ways inspired this song!

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14 Abr 2020



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Comentários 56 886
The Chalkeaters
The Chalkeaters 2 anos atrás
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The good doggo
I like how two communities that are literally opposite of each other get along perfectly just because they were released on the same day
"To craft and Test things,
Billy Cobb
That speed/power metal section actually goes so fucking hard
Pluto_fan 14 dias atrás
Other games release on the same day: “BUY ME!” “NO, ME!”
Enrico Pucci
I really like how Doom guy in Issabela's world needed something calming, he needed something and peaceful.
The only problem with this is that it ends too early
Commissar Hillman
"You two have nothing in common why are you best friends"
Is no one gonna say how cool eternal horizons sounds as a game
Happy 2 yr anniversary to both AC:NH and DOOM Eternal!
You gotta love how two COMPLETE OPPOSITES FANDOMS can go along perfectly just because their games are being launched on the same day
A perfect friendship between a bipedal dog that needs to release it's stress and hell slaying buff man who finally needs a break.
Marcus Gabriel
Marcus Gabriel 21 dia atrás
2 years later and I still think this was the most wholesome gaming meme I ever seen
Darby the gamer
These two communities getting along is the closest we’ve been to world peace
Morgan Sinclair
What I love about this is BOTH clearly have something to offer the other. It focuses mainly on Isabelle, but clearly Animal Crossings provides something of a respite for Doom Guy as well.
i love how this became the most wholesome fandom in the internet
Dave's lurking account
These two games releasing on the same day was truly a magical coincidence... Or was it?
This song is still in my playlist and I always listen to it when it comes up. This crossover of games and fan bases was one of the best in videogame history imo.. A bit of a shame it is almost forgotten.
Vik Lendvay
This is un-ironically one of my favourite fan songs of all time, and no one can convince me otherwise!
The way she said “big
When the DOOM music kicks in
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