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An exploration of ocean plastic, avatars and adaptive bottom feeders. The musical!

Also an experiment in pre-rendered graphics.

The name comes from a box of miscellaneous plastic objects my child has. Things that are not categorically blocks or figurines or anything describable. I referred to them as "gonks", which was pronounced by my then-2-year-old as “donks". This film was me making my own set of donks, and building silly things out of them.

Made by myself over 16 months, at WOMBOT @wombotstudio (a new studio, which is me and my wife, in our garage)

Funded by a lot of very lovely people on my Patreon:

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1 Fev 2023



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[CK9C] ChaoticCanineCulture
Felix’s animations always have me wondering which came first, the visuals or the sounds?
Fat Mario
Fat Mario 16 dias atrás
Gotta be the sound for this
Tiddly Winks
Tiddly Winks 19 dias atrás
Funny, that was exactly my first question
dwsel 21 dia atrás
I constantly wonder how does even one prepare a storyboard for the stuff like that? 🤔🤯
socialgutbrain777 Mês atrás
Maybe it's kinda in tandem, like little bits of each at a time? At least that's how I would go about it when thinking of song lyrics and the accompanying instrumental.
JoBulletChief Mês atrás
In the Moral: Never visit under down where the Objects are!
Rush Garcia
Rush Garcia Mês atrás
Can we all appreciate the bravery this man has to record footage at the bottom of Mariana Trench.
BlueAshes 6 dias atrás
we don't know if what we see, is actually this a whole different perception from what's microscopic to us
ShipNip 13 dias atrás
but its a living submarine, not a person
Ched Cheese
Ched Cheese 21 dia atrás
He went all the way down there to raise the bar
Draco Long
Draco Long 28 dias atrás
Ronnie Lerma
Ronnie Lerma Mês atrás
Oh yeah, a toy factory in the middle of the Mariana trench
Jordan1303 Mês atrás
that "goofy comic running timpani sound" transitioning into Breakcore/Jungle music at 2:42 is just beautiful!
peacemaker 5 dias atrás
@noisyføcks omg another fellow lapfox trax fan!!?? hi hi
Dotokez 7 dias atrás
​@Grannatz SAME!
Dotokez 7 dias atrás
XzX 8 dias atrás
Goofy ah type beat💀
dane myers
dane myers 10 dias atrás
Literally my favorite part, lol
Fourkz Mês atrás
I never knew I needed a plush of any of Felix’s work, but that spike ball dog is just perfect. That and maybe the double king.
DJ Scott
DJ Scott Dia atrás
This is just like the Pixar film LOU
Nyxiann 8 dias atrás
@Walrus Armageddon yes lol
JustComrade 10 dias atrás
@Fourkz his most popular at that
Fourkz 17 dias atrás
@Rex358 it’s from another of Felix’s animations that he did a few years ago
Rex358 17 dias atrás
Which one is the double king?
John House
John House Mês atrás
4:50 I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything as cool as a mechanical in-universe sound (namely, the Submawhale reversing, making beeping like it was a pickup truck) so quickly becoming an out-of-universe forboding musical tone warning of danger. They’re both warning tones with insanely different weight and fear. It’d be like if a horror movie somehow made the squeaking of the rickety basement stairs and the violin sting of the monster appearing based on the same sound. That’s crazy effective.
saikitonia 9 dias atrás
Luka 11 dias atrás
@JoseMat 2953 7
Cake Crimson
Cake Crimson 27 dias atrás
Walter files 1
The_Trash_Medic 28 dias atrás
star child
star child Mês atrás
@JoseMat 2953 OMG You two are totally right. Felix's done it so beautifully as always.
jacob brown
jacob brown Mês atrás
2:42 the moment it goes from occasional rhythmic sounds to a full on BOP
Nyxiann 8 dias atrás
@Dorkish yes
Dorkish 19 dias atrás
That section was breakcore/jungle
MeatCanyon Mês atrás
Incredibly playful and imaginative. Always a pleasure to see a new film of yours. Brilliant as always ❤
ThisCountsAsAnAccount 9 dias atrás
Toasting_Toaster 10 dias atrás
It's papa meat!!!
Hairy Ballbastic
Hairy Ballbastic 17 dias atrás
@Lario Gustavo (real) Okay alright this is all getting very confusing. When did you say meatcanyon was a waaah waaah? I'm not sure I follow
Lario Gustavo (real)
Lario Gustavo (real) 17 dias atrás
@Hairy Ballbastic I NEVER SAID I AGREE WTF
Hairy Ballbastic
Hairy Ballbastic 17 dias atrás
@Lario Gustavo (real) wait why are you confused if you're agreeing with me?
Finpa Mês atrás
[5:20] - The way that this fades out with each lighter part of the shading is so well done here. You've absolutely nailed that 1960's animated cartoon cross-fade to black.
Temmie Destructo
Temmie Destructo 17 dias atrás
I never noticed that before, that's such a good detail.. I feel like the way the fade interacts with the shading also makes the object's depth very convincing. I don't know how they did the fade, but I really like it!
Undercooked Moth
Undercooked Moth Mês atrás
1:44 has got to be the cleanest and quickest way I've ever seen an unknown threat be added to a scene its so good
Danny the funn
Danny the funn 8 dias atrás
3:02 now 11 players joined
Snek 16 dias atrás
Player 2 has joined
kirbyeatsbomberman Mês atrás
I love how at 5:02 in the foreground you can see the earlier donks. The dog, the crab that steals the glasses, the box croc, the first cone, and the mushroom pig (The one that is friends with the shell with the shoes).
Martin ignacio Does stuff
Well the dog survived Good
TheMagicBekfastblades 28 dias atrás
I just realized that lol
Ryan G
Ryan G Mês atrás
4:01 - This is such a psychedelic kaleidoscope of pure right-brained creativity. I like to imagine sounds and imagery such as this appear every time Felix closes his eyes.
Jade Asereht
Jade Asereht 21 dia atrás
If you like styles like this may I suggest checking out Cyriak. He makes very disorientating videos.
Toker Mês atrás
Love this at 5:05 it’s almost like insects (maggots or something) and in just the best creepy way, you legit see the life drain out of the Submerwhale’s eye! So terribly true
I Don't Believe In Salads
Not insects but Whale Falls. Look it up.
TheImporter 17 dias atrás
I knew it! He definitely got inspiration from those time lapse videos of bugs eating decomposing things.
Earth 24 dias atrás
It's like crabs and isopods at a whalefall sped up.
the mosaic show
the mosaic show Mês atrás
why are you excited about this. (just kidding, that scene was awesome
Matt Mês atrás
The idea of there being leftover waste from a character creator is so unique and fun I love it
Paw Paw
Paw Paw 13 dias atrás
@A Stick aà
кто это?
кто это? 29 dias atrás
You love NFT?
MotleyMiss Mês atrás
Thank you! I watched this way too early to really understand what was happening.
Big Tum Pufflfera
Big Tum Pufflfera Mês atrás
I founded
end3rguy Mês atrás
@Big Tum Pufflfera huhhhhh
A Mês atrás
It would be cool if there was a reference sheet of all the individual Donks, I would love to be able to make my own Donk Creature by mixing and matching them like the creatures do.
Colton Shortell
Colton Shortell 29 dias atrás
@3Eyes4Watching give it to me.
3Eyes4Watching Mês atrás
​@Helix "oc do not steal"
Helix Mês atrás
Steffi Maier
Steffi Maier Mês atrás
Would be cool if there was some website that had this character builder with all of the "Donks".
Plebulus Mês atrás
Even better all the 3d models
NeeaElenna P.
NeeaElenna P. Mês atrás
The music and sound design in this is something else. I wasn't ready for the sound effect in 2:44 and couldn't help laughing at how absurd it was. The animation is stellar and everything just makes me so uncomfortable yet intrigued at the same time. Love your work!
Jenny Blake
Jenny Blake 7 dias atrás
Предположительно, это отсылка на Скуби-Ду Но я не уверен...
Emberheart Mês atrás
I just love that dithered effect the whole video has. It reminds me of those 90's education games that used those pre-rendered animated CGI frames which went through a process to reduce the colors to keep the file size down, leaving that distinct dithered look on everything.
Kat 9 dias atrás
yesss. i have good memories of those types of games and have been thinking it may become a design/art trend soon. im all for it
Aidan Sexton
Aidan Sexton Mês atrás
I love the call back of the soundtrack from the beginning, 0:34, and when the sub was yanked down into the void of the donks, 4:53. Also, while making this, I realized that the beeping is what alerted the donks to the presence of the sub whale, as when the boat came with a new supply of character creation pieces. So the sub whale kinda told the donks that new stuff/food is here. Edit: I just love the dramatic "Oh No" the soundtrack has when concerning what is happening at that moment
TheSleepyDot 17 dias atrás
thats such an incredibly cool detail!!!!!!!!! good catch, this makes me appreciate this even more
Khmer lefty’s Bass Player
4:49 eEeEEhH😒
Sketch-ee e
Sketch-ee e Mês atrás
God what a way to turn it back around. I didn't even notice that! That's such a nice detail!
big time fucko
big time fucko Mês atrás
i didn't even catch that! thanks for pointing it out :D
Exalted 25 dias atrás
This is both weird and wildly imaginative at the same time The creature at 3:25 speaking in Synths was neat and the movement of the amalgamated beings sound like DnB music
Cogsworth Mês atrás
Oh my god, the dynamic transition from the comedic “submarine going in reverse using sonar tones” to the tense music where the submarine gets seized by the creatures from below is so, so clean and creates an incredible feeling
Vincent bien Cruz
Vincent bien Cruz Mês atrás
5:03 to 5:15
Anonomoose Mês atrás
For me, the ‘eating’ was very reminiscent of real life whale falls
flaetsbnort Mês atrás
and it's pretty much foreshadowed in the beginning when the garbage barge's reverse sounds also transition smoothly to a tense background music
LittleBagelPolytope 2: The Reckoning
@Layshas Wonderous World I thought they were eating it.
nunya business
nunya business Mês atrás
@Otto N. yes I loved that part!
Big Tum Pufflfera
Big Tum Pufflfera Mês atrás
1:26 : The little cone 1:36 : Slumum 1:47 : Melowdown 1:58 : Cororuntus 2:02 : Arxmit 2:06 : Zeril 2:11 : Riya & Grandtraa 2:23 : Growbete 2:28 : Thecaterpet 2:31 : Donks ball 2:34 : Spikeball & Shelball 2:36 : Sychine Spike 2:43 : Donks Dog 2:46 : Scratwtch 2:53 : Nethyer 2:54 : Destyitn 2:56 : Crawyigh 2:59 : Crwepod 3:04 : Swrake 3:08 : Mawala 3:11 : Donks Worm 3:20 : Singteer 3:34 : Squareworm 3:36 : Mushwalk / Burntilus 3:38 : Shelwalk / Nautilus 3:41 : Nigtere 3:42 : Skelewarn 3:47 : Necklowaak 3:49 : Senkitim 4:03 : Idye Leg 4:07 : Idye Hand 4:10 : Idye Face 4:13 : Manytons 1 4:14 : Manytons 2 5:04 : Manytons 3 ----------------------- 5:24 : The Notice 4:18 : The submarine 5:20 : Submarine Dead 0:19 : Electric Zone 0:28 : The ship 0:48 : The fish 0:51 : The sea shell 1:00 : The green water 1:10 : The creature 0:00 : Intro 6:30 : Outro 6:25 : Text 1 6:28 : Text 2
ecto 10 dias atrás
I loved this.
Vammar Butnat
Vammar Butnat 19 dias atrás
​@꧁VINICIUS THE SEEK꧂ ????!!!!!???? Buggg
Singteer ❌ singette✅
Taunt Killer4u
Taunt Killer4u Mês atrás
I would love to hear a full song like the one found at 3:21.The melody and mixing is beautiful!
CandyInjection 14 dias atrás
Ditto! I keep coming back to that part, it’s so calming. I wish there was more
the mosaic show
the mosaic show Mês atrás
i love that lil dude
Nicolò Ferone
Nicolò Ferone Mês atrás
Ah yes, my daily dose of man-made horrors beyond comprehension Btw I love your animations and the effort you put into making them
Hurricane Bady
Hurricane Bady Mês atrás
Its incredible how you are able to capture the feeling of deep sea life. especially in the end, where the submarine is consumed. It reminds me of how whale carcasses dift to the bottom and all the sea life consumes it in a frenzy.
Happy:) 24 dias atrás
There are a lot of independent animators out there but I'm sure there is no one who can compete with Felix's animations on BRvid.
Nedearb Wormback
Nedearb Wormback Mês atrás
This possesses all the vibes of a nightmare without actually being frightening. Truly a masterpiece
Exalted 25 dias atrás
Spore but on Meth
Ceo of ceo’s
Ceo of ceo’s 26 dias atrás
I think you mean dream
Codi Serville
Codi Serville 26 dias atrás
Oh yeah that's really well said
Caiuã Oliveira
Caiuã Oliveira 27 dias atrás
Bro described a dream
Victor Lemes
Victor Lemes Mês atrás
insonia Mês atrás
2:32 this part was honestly my favorite
Ma tu
Ma tu Mês atrás
You've done it again Felix, you've created a masterpiece. It feels like I needed to pay to watch this. Art.
RooftopGame Mês atrás
I think my favorite part of the whole animation is the music, especially with the submarine at the end. The sudded shift from a common submarine reversing into a dire situation gets me every time. Love it :)
miserable little pile of secrets
Sometimes I just listen to this without the visuals. Visuals or no it's so imaginative and wonderful.
Unique Identity_
Unique Identity_ 17 dias atrás
M0b 5PaWn
M0b 5PaWn Mês atrás
Too talented, man. The animation AND the music??? The jungle beat with the Scooby-Doo running sample went unreasonably hard! 😂
Juan Ka wawa
Juan Ka wawa 3 dias atrás
Haha Scooby-doo is running 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lessons in Meme Culture
Brilliant work Felix, you’re incredible.
Gamey Gaming
Gamey Gaming Mês atrás
@PetriD- hey there funny joke
Trey Morningstar
Trey Morningstar Mês atrás
Si idol pala ‘to eh
Wealthy Bone
Wealthy Bone Mês atrás
Wtf wasn't expecting to see you but it's nice seeing you here.
Quincy epic
Quincy epic Mês atrás
Who the hell are you (satire)
BonBon Mês atrás
Watching this again and as someone who loves breakcore, this part is so good 2:46
Nyxiann 5 dias atrás
Duberluper 13 dias atrás
The animation is crazily impressive, but what’s even better is the music and sound effects, the way he can transition any sound effect or music into an entirely different genre in an instant and vice versa is amazing
ረ ዐ ዪ ቿ ኗ ሁ ክ ጋ ሁ ዪ ቿ ዪ
Deep sea life sure is amazing to look at.
JoseMat 2953
JoseMat 2953 Mês atrás
Wet Beast
Wet Beast Mês atrás
an interesting detail i noticed at 5:04 is that the eyes of the large towering donk have little dents directly in the centers of them, like the ones at 4:35 due to repeatedly being hit, and while im not quite sure what this implies it's still a neat thing i noticed its little details like this that really pull the whole thing together
Nyxiann 5 dias atrás
nice Lonely Wizard pfp!
Floor Potato
Floor Potato Mês atrás
You can see That all eyes of that kind actually have that dent in them. 0:51 you can see the eyes have dents in them way before that eye hitting part
Skalkmann Mês atrás
This is incredible, I’ve watched this too many times to count
Abdullah barhoum
Abdullah barhoum Mês atrás
Me to
Return To Sender Fender Bender Ender
I love how the sound effects of the beeping from the boat and submarine and the cartoon running noise effortlessly becomes part of the song despite initially sounding disruptive
Shy knit
Shy knit Mês atrás
It's so good, you don't really appreciate sound design sometimes until it's so integrated
I can’t Think of a name
I also like how the short jingle creates a mini-action scene of sorts as the Donks pull the sub to its death
AlphaAmoeba Mês atrás
Thats one of my favorite aspects of this film its so fucking cool
祭日 Mês atrás
HappyHam 28 dias atrás
Translation because Google can't figure out how to translate this correctly: "The sound is fucking crazy and feels great, and this work is of really amazing quality" Google翻訳は「ハメ」が分かれませんでしたから、翻訳を作った。
mikaxxy Mês atrás
I wish that they made a full album out of this, with each short beat being expanded into a full song. The sound design is absolutely amazing
Lilbeanies Mês atrás
decided to give some of these little guys names: 1:47 Crosby 1:55 Thomas 2:02 Meepers 2:09 Pinchworm (left) and Grabna (right) 2:23 Growsy 2:28 Donkworm 2:43 Spiky 2:47 Donchik 3:05 Mushwurm 3:08 Donkstomper 3:10 Donktipillar 3:22 Maizee 3:36 Mersha 3:38 Shelbo 3:41 Snoutia 3:42 Shniffren 4:01 - 4:09 Lord Donk 5:04 Master Donk aaaaannd that’s it :P
Dominik Jančík
Dominik Jančík Mês atrás
Finally fully unleashing his inner Cyriak, Felix Colgrave lets discarded character builder waste find a life of their own at the bottom of the deepest ocean. Also looney tunes running sample in a jungle track is pure gold. Love that you keep pushing your style and glad you have the support you need, keep at it Felix, you're one of a kind!
bella The smol neko
bella The smol neko 6 dias atrás
There’s something about Felix’s art style that is just so pleasing to look at^^
plantpun Mês atrás
The subtle horror of a submarine being scavenged down to bones is a fantastic way to end a video. I love how your 2D animation style works perfectly in 3D
(λ)alf🌙 9 horas atrás
I loved the nod to A Topiary
Crimsononaut_in_space 3 dias atrás
​@turtleboi ye, donks are just crabs who like to get goofy at raves
noone 26 dias atrás
I like how Felix obviously used whalefall timelapse as a refference with that one.
Edp445. Mês atrás
@Spooky no shit Sherlock :/
Spooky Mês atrás
@Edp445. it was a Timelapse
The Notorious N
The Notorious N Mês atrás
If I were to give this a rating on a scale of one to ten, I would give this an 11/10. The sheer time and effort put into this is immaculate. The sounds, the visuals, it’s all so masterfully crafted with love and care. I don’t know who you were until now, but this video has me interested.
Ragonfana Mês atrás
This video is absolutely fantastic, especially in the sound design in my opinion. I've just recently gotten new hearing aids and this video was an amazing introduction into the world of bass tones and how they can just absolutely revolutionize how a song or video sounds. Amazing work as always, Felix!
[REDACTED] Mês atrás
I keep coming back to this. It’s so interesting and eerie I kinda wanna turn away, yet I keep turning back to see it again and again.
Anya Isma
Anya Isma 6 dias atrás
Usually in animations and movies music is used as a background noise and has very little connection to what’s happening on the screen, but in this film visuals and sounds are inseparable. This is truly genius
White Mês atrás
I love how unique and random yet creepy it is. The way it all flows purely with the beat.
Gresham Bergeron
Gresham Bergeron Mês atrás
Felix Colgrave is one of the primary reasons I’m working as an animator today. So grateful for this guy’s work and the insane things he brings to life
Ashley Lawrence
Ashley Lawrence Mês atrás
Island Boy
Island Boy Mês atrás
@Abundant Bungus Depends if he's independent with support or not, I'd dream of a position animators like Felix have but I understand a lot of hard work and side jobs was needed to get there.
LillianGraceFull Mês atrás
@Hershey huh
Hershey Mês atrás
@LillianGraceFull na they right its a bot
LillianGraceFull Mês atrás
@Tangarisu well yeah but are you sure? they’re been on here for a while now and they have old videos too.
Tera Flove
Tera Flove Mês atrás
Ещё не было такой работы от Феликса, которая не могла бы удивить. Очень мало таких художников в этом смысле слова, а жаль. Ждём следующую работу, а эту ставим на репит
Kelvax 18 dias atrás
There is truly no one like you Felix, the work you create is one of a kind. The sound design and artistic creativity are unmatched.
Willem Jansen
Willem Jansen 23 dias atrás
Don't let the sound design go unnoticed! It's a big part of what makes this video so great.
Heart of Arsene
Heart of Arsene Mês atrás
This is honestly the best representation of what I thought cartoons would be like in the future when I was a kid. It's so polished and well thought!
Die Krähe
Die Krähe 20 dias atrás
I love how seamless and amorphic this is
EmpressCherazu Mês atrás
I love how all the little creatures cheered for the big one as it sang, like they were celebrating the fact that it was the biggest to ever be made. Also the fact that the submarine was an organic creature, loved that
Vepirae Mês atrás
@CC no they weren't fighting They were helping the singing one becoming big
AlcamorphGaming Mês atrás
@CC Maybe so, but for now we only know that he can make goofy yelping noises unless its confirmed that big guy can sing
CC Mês atrás
@AlcamorphGaming Yea that’s what I’m thinking, megadonker CAN sing but his style is being cramped by pieces of other donks
AlcamorphGaming Mês atrás
@CC Makes sense but didn't the fighting donks fall apart? Maybe the one that sang collected them to grow even more after they fell apart
CC Mês atrás
@AlcamorphGamingBig guy I think is an amalgamation of the two fighting donks and also the one that sang
Ben Atchison
Ben Atchison Mês atrás
This is such a modern day Hanna-Barbera creation, the use of music as if it were any other sound and even influencing the animation is just so reminiscent of that. Excellent work!!
Vdub Designs
Vdub Designs Mês atrás
Man I would have loved to see the creative process behind this. The animation and sound design are so brilliantly designed just for one another, I love this so much!!!
Orbital Outcast
Orbital Outcast Mês atrás
The music in 2:40 - 4:10 needs to be extended. If Felix doesn't extend it into its own thing then that's a missed opportunity. Felix Colgrave's extended ost albums were red-hot, I wish he still did them. btw when is he gonna start back collaborating with red mongoose? I haven't seen those two in the same sentence in years.
Orbital Outcast
Orbital Outcast Mês atrás
yeah, and what else?
Davis Street Studios
Davis Street Studios 13 dias atrás
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The creativity is EVERYWHERE in this film, and might even show the consequence of major companies disregarding true creative potential and even the environment. (BTW, have you considered doing a Simpsons Couch Gag?)
Arthur rocha matta the creator
I gave them names 1:18 blob monster 1:43 ballio 1:55 owzter 2:01 juan 2:06 rog 2:10 scarlett & queen of donks 2:22 ronaldy 2:27 lonjanda 2:34 spikyballhead & snailshellhead 2:42 krush (ill give that name to the turtle near my house if the name gets the most votes in my whatsapp group) 2:46 donks bird 2:53 valter 2:55 moving statue 2:56 teethy (beacuse it looks like that teeth toy) 2:59 master donks 3:05 flyeror 3:07 major & big junior 3:12 donks worm 3:21 singer donk 3:34 brickcardbordbox 3:36 mushy 3:38 shelly 3:41 luna 3:42 robert 3:47 rumballoe 3:56 giant mushy 3:57 giant shelly 4:31 olive 4:36 ms. fidget 4:44 rongba & mint 5:04 monster donk
Vammar Butnat
Vammar Butnat 25 dias atrás
Look Up
April Jones
April Jones Mês atrás
I like the implication that when a creature (donk?) adds a new object (donk?) to itself, it becomes an entirely new being
Asset Mês atrás
I gave them names 2 Party hat 1:22 BALL hat 1:35
IMAVG Mês atrás
Felix's animations leave you with a feeling of knowing and not knowing of what happened
Villager Number 78
Villager Number 78 Mês atrás
I am confused beyond explanation and I love it.
Good Warspear
Good Warspear Mês atrás
Ye but mostly the second one
AresOrBird Mês atrás
It’s legit just like “ah, I see.. mhm… what the fuck just happened?”
Human Human
Human Human Mês atrás
@Crimson makes sense
Kalicrowa Music
Kalicrowa Music Mês atrás
This kind of stuff makes me hopeful that artists will still be valuable for a long time even after the AI stuff. An AI would not be creative nor directed nor talented enough to come up with something like this and put it together. But maybe even that day will come eventually sadly. Even when that day comes, I still appreciate the creativity and work of human artists like you! keep up the good work!
Voxel Mês atrás
It would be so cool if Felix gave out official png renders for the objects, so we could create our own Donks. I think it would spread the intetnet so far.
Salakohanj Animation
Salakohanj Animation 10 dias atrás
It's interesting to see the intersection of different elements in "Donks" - ocean plastic, avatars, adaptive bottom feeders, and a musical! This sounds like a unique and innovative. It's great to see art being used as a tool to address important environmental issues and to inspire people to take action towards creating a more sustainable future.
Jorge Pablo Navarro Mendivil
Estoy obsesionado con la música, no puedo esperar a que Félix publique el soudtrack extendido.
jay! 24 dias atrás
Absolutely incredible! As someone who has taken animation and audio/music production, I can’t imagine the hours of work put into this. I’m in love with the style and sound design. Stunning work :)
ElRichMC - Minecraft & Gaming a otro nivel
Astonishing work. I'm glad I'm supporting you on Patreon. Keep creating art :)
Pitzu Mês atrás
A la madre el sich
Oogalook Mês atrás
Yeah. The little thingy is so sad, still unsatisfied. Culminating at 4:00 where it's all gone much too far, brilliant stuff.
Pitt 24
Pitt 24 Mês atrás
Totalmente inesperado ver al Rich acá. Muy grato
alfredo dominguez
alfredo dominguez Mês atrás
Elmago 280
Elmago 280 Mês atrás
El rich wtf
posjava xd
posjava xd Mês atrás
I will never be tired of watching this Masterpiece
Ева Чимитдоржиева
Это потрясающе. Просто невероятно.
namn Mês atrás
This would have given me really weird nightmares and a renewed fear of the dark if I had seen it as a child. I don't think I could give it any higher praise than that.
-_MaxUs_- Mês atrás
За 9 дней 1,6 млн просмотров!!! 👍🏼
Alley’s Arts
Alley’s Arts 5 dias atrás
I love everyone’s comments. These are truly one of the more supportive groups of people with great feedback and I’m totally here for it!
arandomperson12345 Mês atrás
I love how with a brief, wordless 30 seconds, Colgrave gives a reason unique for this absurdly abstract world to exist somewhere.
pink alexa liu
pink alexa liu Mês atrás
You mean the submarine?
Prince Meatball
Prince Meatball Mês atrás
@Vegan_Semih_Cyprus_33 bro the bot forgot to add the link
Truth revealed 👉 The Connections (2021) [short documentary] 🔥
nix nox
nix nox Mês atrás
I always appreciate how honestly you depict the uncaring mass brutality of a beautiful universe filled with life.
Neon Animates Sometimes
This animation has such a good sense of weight to it. Like the water drop falling
Theoretical apocalypse
Theoretical apocalypse 14 dias atrás
I’m so absolutely in love with the dynamics in this
guy online
guy online Mês atrás
so cool to see felix do something outside his usual style. amazing as always, ur a huge inspiration to so many!
Mr. Fl00f
Mr. Fl00f Mês atrás
Theres just this certain part that gives me the 'shiver me timbers'. like, I feel bad for the guy who had to go threw all of that drama and then get eaten alive like 2 house later, but still. The amount of effort he put into that one seen, it's just so realistic.
Austin Morrison
Austin Morrison Mês atrás
I just love how the Donks don’t just use feet for feet or heads for heads. They use every part for everything.
un idiota con un canal de youtube
@A Stick truuuue
un idiota con un canal de youtube
@AlcamorphGaming is my favorite donk
Someone IDK 💀
Someone IDK 💀 Mês atrás
They keep eyes pretty consistent though
@AlcamorphGaming yeah I wonder what sound that was
Mr. Delirium
Mr. Delirium Mês atrás
3:35 i am obsessed with this part. Another W animation Felix.
Agente 13
Agente 13 26 dias atrás
so true, i loved the instrumental of them coming down the stairs
Floor Potato
Floor Potato Mês atrás
I can relate. Something about it is just magical
Raymond Cortex
Raymond Cortex Mês atrás
1:27 The entire segment of toys, trinkets and clothing like boots and stuff reminded me of The Amazing World of Gumball's The Friend episode. It's amazing how you've done this in 16 months, hard work indeed my friend.
Emily Dickens
Emily Dickens Mês atrás
Listen I just binged all your animations in order and I still love your older ones but WOW the improvement of like texturing and shading is amazing!! I’m so proud of you
Deathcrush Mês atrás
This is incredible. Outstanding sound design and visuals ❤️l loved it
Qupa 9 dias atrás
This guy is so talented and creative I love his animation man it so creative the music to this is amazing 🤩 the background music the style that everything this guy is a god at his work
something anonymous
I really love the scene of the donk using the shoe as a nose+mouth and vocalizing. There’s something weird and adorable about it, like watching a baby learning to speak for the first time
Benedict Mês atrás
@Vectoraz ! ignore it don't say anything about it just ignore it
the mosaic show
the mosaic show Mês atrás
yeah! i just wanted to give it a big ol hug :)
LittleBagelPolytope 2: The Reckoning
@Vectoraz ! A prefer calling it a "Donkling"
something anonymous
@manino282 the one Donk to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them...
manino282 Mês atrás
And then it becomes a god
cool rat
cool rat Mês atrás
really incredible how that first sequence expresses the image of ocean plastic so clearly?! everything else is just heaps of fun..... so cool to watch and consider what's happening and how it's done.. the last bit was so clearly evocative of bottom feeding seacreatures... ... so so pretty
Green Lion
Green Lion 28 dias atrás
One of your best works yet. Sound design is top shelf.
Amelia Aguilar
Amelia Aguilar Mês atrás
Younger me would have never thought that Felix colgrave could make something as creative and talented as this
cosmohause Mês atrás
I listened and watched this so many times already, I truly cannot express the amount of positivity I have for this. 10/10 mate!
entropyandme 14 dias atrás
I can't help but feel that NFT's existence is a major theme in this work Truly exceptional
The Idiot Archive
The Idiot Archive Mês atrás
How does felix create such interesting almost open-ended metaphors with the strangest of storytelling methods and animations... always a treasure to watch these animations.
WideMouth Mês atrás
@Rincewindl it’s open-ended. It doesn’t have to represent one thing. It rings true, which is why it’s enjoyable. Personally, I find the theme of ocean pollution to be too obvious, and I don’t think it’s very relevant to what happens in the animation. It seems more to portray competition as it relates to consideration (or lack thereof), resources, and materialism, but that’s just my take.
cursed_cats Mês atrás
2:08 An eye for an eye turns the whole world blind
ugly dog
ugly dog Mês atrás
@Honk Frog is your brain made out of ricotta cheese?
Honk Frog
Honk Frog Mês atrás
@Dopamine Cloud cool story bro, don't forget your fedora on the way out. "UnLiKe MoSt PeOpLe" lmao Mr. Genius here wasting time arguing with lowly druggies on the internet, thank you for gracing us with your ENLIGHTENING presence 🤣
Dopamine Cloud
Dopamine Cloud Mês atrás
@Honk Frog i'm under no delusion that the stories my chemistry tells me are automatically substantiated just because it's in my head, you know, unlike most people that think they have revelations while high that they can't reproduce or argue for
Paris Comisford
Paris Comisford Mês atrás
This is insane. The sound design alone is a work of art, then you add it to the scene and it’s just mind blowing.
Bat_Mobile Mês atrás
I watched Felix's video since Pigpen to the Double King, his childish cartoony artstyle mixed with dark comedy, created a beautifully haunted and irresistable artform. It is similar to Yoshitaka Amano's art, his approach may different but his art gave off that same beautifully haunted sense of art.
Grey Sun
Grey Sun 28 dias atrás
I've watched this so many times, and I always find something new to love
garbage Mês atrás
I keep watching this at midnight and the funkiness of it all scratches my brain perfectly, soothes my eyes and ears but at the same time confuses me, causing my brain to go into a high-like state I love this
Ken Hanson
Ken Hanson 18 dias atrás
Animation teacher: “were going to be making a simple short animation” The kid who got his hands on blender:
Sol00013 Mês atrás
The scene starting at 5:06 where the donks strip the submarine down to its bones is super reminiscent of those timelapse videos of starfish and other sea floor scavengers going after whale falls and stuff. Those sequences always felt so eerie to me, they're a natural example of exactly the type of surreal horror this channel does so perfectly
Train_boi Mês atrás
Reminds me of actual decomposition
Tuff Tony
Tuff Tony Mês atrás
@Walrus Armageddon Yeah, that, and the way the donks were just tearing the submarine apart right before that. I keep coming back to that part of the video and it never gets any less creepy
AlcamorphGaming Mês atrás
It's like one of those timelapses of ants eating food or something.
moosey Mês atrás
It's called "whalefall" when a whale dies and sinks to the bottom to be eaten by scavengers which is just such a perfect and badass name for it in my opinion.
Walrus Armageddon
Walrus Armageddon Mês atrás
The eye rolling back freaked me out
Phil Fichtinger
Phil Fichtinger Mês atrás
thanks a lot for this! and for the acknowledgement of the aboriginal people. what a boss move, all of it, mr colgrave. 🤘🏽
Lilril Dug
Lilril Dug 11 dias atrás
There is so much symbolism in every clip.... The music is so good too. This has to be my most favorite of your work yet.
The Epic Flyer💨
The Epic Flyer💨 9 dias atrás
I remember watching the trailer a long time ago, and I found myself back with the full version! And it’s really good!
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