Donald Trump Interviews Himself In the Mirror

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Before his interview with Jimmy Fallon, Donald Trump interviews his "reflection" in the mirror.
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Donald Trump Interviews Himself In the Mirror



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Comentários 80
Khurshid Afzal
Khurshid Afzal 2 minutos atrás
How does Jimmy not laugh
BIGGANI J.A.M. J.A.M 7 minutos atrás
So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause
McFarland Geoffroy
McFarland Geoffroy 12 minutos atrás
How did Jimmy get him to do this
Richard Servello
Richard Servello 54 minutos atrás
He wasn't such a sensitive little snowflake when he was running.
ZaraTheCoco 58 minutos atrás
This is basicly roasting someone to their faces but on another level
Debalaxmi Konwar
Debalaxmi Konwar Hora atrás
GeekShot 2 horas atrás
The like to dislike ratio is gonna be just like voting polls.. Trump 2020
Pamela Cook
Pamela Cook 3 horas atrás
He's not a real good sport so yeah at the beginning he did some shows but after he won and they made fun all the time he wouldn't do them. I am not a trump fan but they do get carried away anymore because for one thing he can't ignore them.
RTheBruce 4 horas atrás
Trump: I look fantastic USSR trump: no, we look fantastic
Misael Amezquita
Misael Amezquita 4 horas atrás
Nice fun comedy, no hate, as it always should be.
Adaam Hidrey
Adaam Hidrey 4 horas atrás
I bet that audience weren't cheering a year later...
Jack Tiger
Jack Tiger 5 horas atrás
Very good but Jimmy's hair is too much!
Alfie Kenny
Alfie Kenny 5 horas atrás
Can’t believe trump actually agreed to do this
Ben Laskowski
Ben Laskowski 5 horas atrás
HOLY HELL!!! 😂🤣😁😵
Random Nintendo Fan
Random Nintendo Fan 5 horas atrás
Day 14 of quarantine and I'm up at 3 am and I'm watching this
lib x
lib x 5 horas atrás
gotta say, i respect trump for taking part in this
The Bearded Baby
The Bearded Baby 6 horas atrás
Let’s be honest, trump does this all the time
Demarcus A
Demarcus A 6 horas atrás
I am in tears. I need to watch more of jimmy fallon
Ed Alamo
Ed Alamo 6 horas atrás
Jimmy Fallon: " I look fantastic" Donald Trump: "We look fantastic" Me: COMMUNISM INTENSIFIES
Jane Thomson
Jane Thomson 6 horas atrás
I just realized this was 4 years ago
bestof 7 horas atrás
I think even i was more nervous than Jimmy Fallon
Jugeshori Hijam
Jugeshori Hijam 8 horas atrás
Wow 😇😇
Saitama 8 horas atrás
Welcome to another episode of "why is this in my recommendation after 4 years? But i don't care.
nobody u know
nobody u know 8 horas atrás
“ How u gonna create jobs in this country “? trump 2020 say “ by shutting everything down” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #CoronaVirus
Brady Fries
Brady Fries 8 horas atrás
FRA_Zach L
FRA_Zach L 9 horas atrás
Love trump
Franky Zendejas
Franky Zendejas 9 horas atrás
One of them is Jimmy And the other one is an ugly racist bitch who’s the worst president
Allison Scanlan
Allison Scanlan 9 horas atrás
Wow it's surreal to remember how long ago this was
Emma Grijalva
Emma Grijalva 10 horas atrás
Why does he look like that
Rafi Al Haidar
Rafi Al Haidar 10 horas atrás
Plot twist: Kim Jong Un hired Jimmy to distract Trump so his army can bomb the U.S
Sofia Templos
Sofia Templos 10 horas atrás
poor jimmy fallon has to talk to this man
Monica Lazal
Monica Lazal 10 horas atrás
Julia Burdette
Julia Burdette 10 horas atrás
Everyone’s going to hate me right now but... Bernie2020
Arshpreet Kaur
Arshpreet Kaur 10 horas atrás
Shout out to all those who haven't watched this yet!
chris hawkins
chris hawkins 10 horas atrás
This is like something in deadpool's head how he talks to himself
ThorraProject 10 horas atrás
jimmy got some balls for mocking the president in front of him holy shit
Theo Second
Theo Second 10 horas atrás
News Report: " Jimmy Fallon found dead in his dressing room. "
fish man
fish man 10 horas atrás
What the hell
ShadowMoon 10 horas atrás
We need Elon musk to do this but instead of his reflection he does the interview with a geneticaly engineered catgirl
Ike 90277
Ike 90277 10 horas atrás
The fact that comments are turned on? Dang there must have been a huuuuuuuuuge argument.
Maya Rae
Maya Rae 10 horas atrás
He looks like a cheetoh
C 3001
C 3001 11 horas atrás
Never really liked trump but did find it funny and respect to the guy for doing this
Dash Spaceski
Dash Spaceski 11 horas atrás
That's what Aussies call a good sport. Amazingly well done. Lil dodgey here n there but Worth a bit of time out.
Exodus N
Exodus N 11 horas atrás
This seems to be back before they absolutely ripped into him, this is more just silliness
q8HxV0 ZP63y2
q8HxV0 ZP63y2 11 horas atrás
Can't believe he would agree to do this
Branden Soo
Branden Soo 12 horas atrás
Trump 2020
B the Change
B the Change 12 horas atrás
“I’m like a Greek god who just took a bath in a pumpkin spice latte”😂
Sarah Farrell
Sarah Farrell 12 horas atrás
This is great! Glad President Trump has a sense of humor! 💙😂
Sunny Stephen
Sunny Stephen 12 horas atrás
God bless President Trump and very funny interview by Jimmy Fallon :)
Simon Soderberg
Simon Soderberg 12 horas atrás
This was over 3 years ago how the hell did this get in my recommended while we’re quarantined
_ ppsucc2000 _
_ ppsucc2000 _ 12 horas atrás
Really had to upload this on 9/11?
Валюха море мо
Fuck trump but fallons a legend
Walter Pearlman
Walter Pearlman 13 horas atrás
When Fallon showed balls to attempt parody without malice
John Gardner
John Gardner 13 horas atrás
I was waiting to see if anyone said this is the reason Kanye wears maga hats
Radian 13 horas atrás
Donald Trump: "No, *WE* look fantastic." Me: *Communist music intensifies*
Talo 13 horas atrás
The fake trump is better than the real trump
Tammie S.
Tammie S. 13 horas atrás
jimmy - “how are you gonna create jobs?” trump- “i am just gonna do it” the great part is, he actually did it
Michael Orozco Silva
Michael Orozco Silva 14 horas atrás
Tuxedo Gaming
Tuxedo Gaming 15 horas atrás
trump is such an icon for this
Chris Groot Wassink
Chris Groot Wassink 15 horas atrás
This was back in the time trump still was just funny
Faze Pikmin
Faze Pikmin 15 horas atrás
Oh how the tables turn
Avery H
Avery H 7 horas atrás
Not really. Trump is still a joke.
Sheniqua ShaQuon
Sheniqua ShaQuon 15 horas atrás
X CatBug X
X CatBug X 15 horas atrás
Cus it comes from, CHI-NA
KyleFerrari 15 horas atrás
Fernanda Calvo
Fernanda Calvo 18 horas atrás
The fact that jimmy sound like harry styles HAHAJJAJAJ
mrrandom45 18 horas atrás
Back when people clapped for Trump
christine carter
christine carter 19 horas atrás
I remember seeing Donald Trump on WWE back in the 80's... He's always been in the entertainment industry, I love his sense of humor 😻
Oliveadora 20 horas atrás
I hate trump but this is funny as shit
J M 20 horas atrás
Anyone else wonder why BRvid is reccomending this in 2020 as Trump runs for re-election?🤔
Harrison Phillips
Harrison Phillips 21 hora atrás
Trump is the most American thing to happen to America in centuries. God bless him.
al3ksejkramaric 21 hora atrás
Its confirmed. Donald Trump invented a character and he is never out of character
Donut Unicat
Donut Unicat 21 hora atrás
This is how many people like his hair
Paul Roehl
Paul Roehl 21 hora atrás
Trump: we need to lower government spending, its getting out of control The guy next to him: *coughs* Trump: nvm, give everyone 1k for free 👌
Anushka Desai
Anushka Desai 22 horas atrás
Wait if this was four years ago Why is everyone treating it like it happened now What
Diamond Tol
Diamond Tol 22 horas atrás
😂 this is genius
D-D-D-DAam 22 horas atrás
The time when America get a president that is not a WAR LORD, the zionist media hates him, weird right? 🤔🤔
this boi.
this boi. 22 horas atrás
he looks more like trump than trump does.
Seacano o
Seacano o 23 horas atrás
🤣🤣🤣I admit this is funny
DesXRosy VLOGS 23 horas atrás
Manoj Kumar Srivastava
Manoj Kumar Srivastava 23 horas atrás
Trump: "I knooooow this, our country's gonna be well off in my hands" . . . . Oh, America America America, only if you knew better.
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