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Dodgers vs. Padres full game highlights from 4/17/21
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17 Abr 2021



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Comentários 100
Sanchezille 99
Sanchezille 99 6 dias atrás
Thank you Boston for mookie😌
OP SiZzy
OP SiZzy 10 dias atrás
Kershaw is so good
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 11 dias atrás
the guys on settling down the Padres’ lineup tonight, lets hope of finishing them off with a sweep, GO DODGERS!!!
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 12 dias atrás
at bats. Time to complete the sweep tomorrow. LET'S GO DODGERS!
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 15 dias atrás
And yet another insane game. I don’t want to be that guy that hypes up these games, but this was awesome again. Mookie Betts bro. Unreal.
Dante Patterson
Dante Patterson 15 dias atrás
Was Roberts upset at Kershaw at 5:31?
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 11 dias atrás
corey seager shortstop no defense bed christayor gavin lux ss go
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 16 dias atrás
Kershaw today was incredible he gave us the lead by a base loaded walk and pitched 6 innings only gave 2 hits and 8ks well done Kersh
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 12 dias atrás
Saying this as a lifelong Padres fan... Mookie’s catch was incredibly clutch. Respect...
Steve Wynsen
Steve Wynsen 18 dias atrás
All losers
Larry Bays
Larry Bays 18 dias atrás
Padres have won only 2 of the last 6 games. Expect Brewers to also beat the Padres.
Cold ice
Cold ice 18 dias atrás
Go Dodgers!
Cndace Candler
Cndace Candler 18 dias atrás
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TrickyToad 18 dias atrás
Kershaw had a GREAT night.
Sound 12
Sound 12 18 dias atrás
Kevin Moua
Kevin Moua 18 dias atrás
What can mookie cant do....GO DODGERS !
Emilio Reig
Emilio Reig 18 dias atrás
Great game! ⚾️
Relaxing music
Relaxing music 18 dias atrás
blessings, we hope that the cases of covid19 do not increase ❤️
David Ruiz
David Ruiz 18 dias atrás
MLB IS TRASH ... for bringing politics to the game .... they hurt some many black businesses in Georgia with the move for the all star game
いーようサン 18 dias atrás
日本のひと ↓ ↓
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Check out view from the dug out on my channel 💯🚚
김마기 18 dias atrás
corey seager shortstop no defense bed christayor gavin lux ss go
YooZherName 18 dias atrás
Saying this as a lifelong Padres fan... Mookie’s catch was incredibly clutch. Respect...
Richard 1
Richard 1 18 dias atrás
The Dodgers are a great team. The best in baseball right now.
df hu
df hu 18 dias atrás
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Vedant Sharma
Vedant Sharma 18 dias atrás
tatis is garbage
MonkeyPerson 18 dias atrás
0:14 can someone tell me what that is
Paulo Nunes
Paulo Nunes 18 dias atrás
Betts, the man of moment.
Marlon M Perez
Marlon M Perez 18 dias atrás
The Los Angeles Dodgers road jerseys are the best when "Los Angeles" is exposed than the team name.
TheStrugdude 94
TheStrugdude 94 18 dias atrás
I went to the game! Dodgers stadium south was LIT!
Kevin Guevara
Kevin Guevara 18 dias atrás
Wow what a game
R rusi
R rusi 18 dias atrás
4:49What a front door!!
Paul 18 dias atrás
This week marks the 40th anniversary of the longest, strangest game in professional baseball history that lasted 33 innings! A game that included future MLB stars Cal Ripkin Jr. and Wade Boggs! The game started April 18th, 1981 McCoy Stadium Rhode Island - between the Rochester Red Wings and the Pawtucket Red Sox of the Triple-A International League. The game was tied 1-1 past the usual 9 innings. Rochester scored a run in the top of the 21st inning to make it 2-1. Boggs then tied it in the bottom of inning for Pawtucket, and later said “I didn't know if the guys on the team wanted to hug me or slug me.” The game was still tied 2-2 after 32 innings that night and the next morning - before the game was suspended at 4:07 a.m on the 19th, Easter Sunday morning. The game resumed 65 days later on June 23rd and was finally over in just 18 minutes after a PawSox single drove in the winning run. The marathon game took a total of eight hours, 25 minutes to play. Fourteen pitchers threw a combined 823 pitches. And the press box must have had a sense of humor as Peggy Lee’s popular song “Is That All There Is?” was played on the loudspeakers to a sold-out crowd! MLB was on strike at the time so the eyes of the baseball world were on this game! 25 of the 41 players who took part in this small slice of baseball history went on to play in the Majors including Ripken, baseball’s “Iron Man” with 2,632 consecutive games. He played in all 33 innings of baseball’s longest game!
Tyg Rahof
Tyg Rahof 18 dias atrás
This was like a playoff game!
Richardson Ogando
Richardson Ogando 18 dias atrás
I'm from Dominican Republic , to me Mookie Betts is the Best .
Jay C33
Jay C33 19 dias atrás
Playoff baseball vibes
Sam Ray
Sam Ray 19 dias atrás
what a game
Graham Webb
Graham Webb 19 dias atrás
Intense games like these are so fun to watch. It's what baseball needs
The Cáncer
The Cáncer 19 dias atrás
Que suerte tenemos los fans de LA de tener a Mookie Betts de nuestro lado.
Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith
These games have been great! Can’t wait for today’s game.
Jacob Sotelo
Jacob Sotelo 19 dias atrás
Is there a way to move Padres to a AAA league
_bite 19 dias atrás
Glad to see Jimmy Nelson get back into the game
Ronald Oglesby
Ronald Oglesby 19 dias atrás
Crybaby Kershaw at it again complaining about his catcher interfering when he was clearly wrong. Poor sportsmanship smh
Andres Mena
Andres Mena 19 dias atrás
This is how all baseball games should be man
John S
John S 19 dias atrás
mookie! what a athlete!
DODGE 114-50 in last 164 games, outscoring their opponents by an aggregate 339 runs.
Benjamin Jimenez
Benjamin Jimenez 19 dias atrás
Madres fans on life support right now “PaDrEs ArE sTiLl bEtTeR”
TALENT, HEART,+WILL TO WIN, +HUNGER WILL out over a 162 game seaso. You have to be fortunate as well in terms of health, of course, but DODGE are playing .866 ball with an MVP(CODY)not having even played in 11 consecutive games, + another MVP(Mookie)just back two games ago! Graterol + Joe Kelly two live arms have yet to pitch yet this seaso! DODGE 114-50 in last 164 games, outscoring their opponents by an aggregate 339 runs.
lovelessissimo 19 dias atrás
I like to see Darvish doing well. He is a solid dude, and was cheated out of a ring in 2017.
Dr Amp
Dr Amp 19 dias atrás
Betts comin in clutch... again
TRU SKATEBOARDS 19 dias atrás
Poker Face
Poker Face 19 dias atrás
Tom Hallion is the best example I've seen of the need for electronic home plate umpires. In his defense, at least he is consistent with his calls. Consistently bad.
Mr40ozkilla81 19 dias atrás
Nite nite MADRES!!!🤣🤣
NotABitButABigFan RR
NotABitButABigFan RR 19 dias atrás
I’m 8 and I pitch from the pitchers mountain
King Hëbï
King Hëbï 19 dias atrás
4:49 that pitch was hella good
xErvinX 19 dias atrás
Mookie is meant for LA
66 rhymes
66 rhymes 19 dias atrás
2:58 カーショーなんて言ったの?
Soul 19 dias atrás
Did anyone see kershaw getting push by his coach at 5:30
LARULES100 19 dias atrás
It was more like a ata boy.You still the man type of push.
Gilbert Navarro
Gilbert Navarro 19 dias atrás
Kersh absolutely balled out.. people said he’s done
Phil Watson
Phil Watson 19 dias atrás
Mookie is just electric, so much fun to watch every day
rusty waggle
rusty waggle 19 dias atrás
Making baseball fun to watch! What a game!
What a freaking double play by Taylor.
Kershaw is the man. Say what you want about his post-season career. He's a true Dodger and ball player. I'd keep him around as long as he wants to play.
Rapack Goon
Rapack Goon 19 dias atrás
nurhayat81 19 dias atrás
Uh... for it to be a rivalry the other team has to win.
nurhayat81 19 dias atrás
Desmond Ciauri
Desmond Ciauri 19 dias atrás
Why Padres fans upset doe? They tried hard doe.The Dodgers like to win doe.Be nice Padre nice
vervor 19 dias atrás
Another amazing game! Down to the very last play!
Krakked 19 dias atrás
he couldn’t pitch like that in game 7 2017 world series tho 😂
Enmanuel Campusano
Enmanuel Campusano 19 dias atrás
Aunque perdiera SD muy buenos juegos...
peymang 19 dias atrás
This may be the most talented team I've ever seen. Even the call up players are amazing...yes they spend the bucks but they're talent development is unmatched...just a revolving door of solid players.
J C 19 dias atrás
That guy Mookie is good...
JD Serafin
JD Serafin 19 dias atrás
Goooooo dodgers!!!!!!
SebastianTheGreat 19 dias atrás
5:30 Clayton getting shoved and a mouthful from his coach for (I guess) trying to catch that ground ball
Robsky 19 dias atrás
jacques mesrine
jacques mesrine 19 dias atrás
Great pitching battle. Darvish played great but the Dodgers were just a little more fortunate this game. I'm a Dodger fan but I watch Padres games too. We'll see if the Padres can win today because they have what it takes to beat them.
Mma Voice
Mma Voice 19 dias atrás
What a game, what, a, GAME!
Malachi Tate
Malachi Tate 19 dias atrás
Darvish is so smooth
Shreder 19 dias atrás
Aaronetic 19 dias atrás
Animal puppet: JUSTIN! JUSTIN! JUSTIN!
Artemio Castillo
Artemio Castillo 19 dias atrás
BEASTMODE RIPS 19 dias atrás
MVP this Game was kershaw and betts
Ruben 24
Ruben 24 19 dias atrás
Yu where was this when you played for the dodgers
LAMH 19 dias atrás
jen monami
jen monami 19 dias atrás
Mookie is annoying..
Return of Me
Return of Me 19 dias atrás
The Padres walk and talk like they have done something. When is the last time they won the NL West?? I can’t believe how cocky they are.
Salsa 19 dias atrás
Dodgers are just way too good. Too much depth and talent, idk who can’t stop them
Jon Thoma
Jon Thoma 19 dias atrás
Where is the Ken Rosenthal article about the shiny substance on the right brim of Darvish’s cap?
Belly Yi
Belly Yi 19 dias atrás
majorleagers are a group of 12-year-old girls losing temper so easily
Chase Clark
Chase Clark 19 dias atrás
I’m so glad the Padres are good and are pushing the Dodgers. Having this kind of intensity throughout the year will be nothing but good for them come playoff time.
Vick100 19 dias atrás
I think the padres needs to focus more on the game instead or arguing and trying to fight with them.
ming7622 19 dias atrás
TTVsuarezow 19 dias atrás
Turner hits a HR in every game 😂
Hashtag aroma
Hashtag aroma 19 dias atrás
El Classico of baseball lmao
Beau Li
Beau Li 19 dias atrás
Noname 19 dias atrás
무키 배츠~~쩐다~~!! Amazing~~!!
Iris loves life
Iris loves life 19 dias atrás
A perfectly executed double play is really a thing of beauty and Taylor was just as much an MVP turning that, as Mookie with that amazing catch. The Dodgers' depth is incredible!
Camero Rockett
Camero Rockett 19 dias atrás
I bet your depth is incredible 🤤
FAST///M3 19 dias atrás
Man STUPID house work got in the WAY of watching this one🤦. Dodgers defense clutch and Turner's crazy hitting streak💪
herminio meneses
herminio meneses 19 dias atrás
This game was tighter than Walker Beuhler's pants
Edvard Ferand
Edvard Ferand 19 dias atrás
The fact that these two teams really don't like each other just makes the rivalry better.
Iris loves life
Iris loves life 19 dias atrás
The NL West is going to be in for some amazing games this season. The 2 best teams in baseball, duking it out!
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