Doctor Reacts To Grey's Anatomy Bomb Episode

Doctor Mike
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10 Mai 2022



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Comentários 4 622
LunacyDraws 2 meses atrás
That doctor screaming back at the lady made me laugh so hard
TheBedroomSimRacer 7 dias atrás
@Eliza Adler that's the most accurate description ever
Eliza Adler
Eliza Adler 10 dias atrás
@Kate's Cosmos grey's anatomy is basically a highschool where everyone is medically qualified
zxi . . ♤
zxi . . ♤ 15 dias atrás
Reminded me of the chicken-roster thing from Moana 💀
Keali Kristine
Keali Kristine 16 dias atrás
It’s my favorite scene in the whole show
Kate's Cosmos
Kate's Cosmos 18 dias atrás
@angel_of_the_night They have high school shenanigans in medical series?
Nikolai Orr
Nikolai Orr Mês atrás
If I ever scream that obnoxiously in a hospital I want the doctor to scream back at me too lmao
Ur Mom
Ur Mom 6 dias atrás
If I was actually in the hospital and I was just sitting in a room and I heard that woman screaming I would think “is someone having a baby ????”
Mayday Baeday
Mayday Baeday 10 dias atrás
@Martin Daa Kampmann you say "respected" like she was being a rebellious toddler. These people just went through a severely traumatic incident. Screaming in someone's face, especially a man screaming in a woman's face, isn't going to somehow "snap" her out of trauma, if anything the stress will push her deeper into shutdown.
Martin Daa Kampmann
Yeah agreed. It seemed like that kind of reverse psychology got her to realize what she was doing, rather than talking calmly to her which she might not had respected, in the what i assume was a shock state.
Plasma Snow 2nd account
When she says "I think I'm going to take my hand out now" and Dr. Mike yells "NO!" from the other room I laughed so uncontrollably
Rachel Covert
Rachel Covert 3 meses atrás
Like yelling so loud my sis heard it in the other room
SHARMAINE IRISH, RPH 5 meses atrás
LegiVonPegi 5 meses atrás
NeoG3nesis 6 meses atrás
@John Burien it was around 7:44, it was a quick couple second moment where he got up to get some water then there's a cut with him sitting down at 7:48
John Burien
John Burien 6 meses atrás
when did he leave the room im watching it and he was still in the room when they took the hand out
Zoey Decker
Zoey Decker 8 meses atrás
Him: "I don't think missiles are legal in Seattle," Me: "I don't think they're legal anywhere,"
Ur Mom
Ur Mom 6 dias atrás
Unless you’re in a war
Bono Giamboni
Bono Giamboni 6 dias atrás
@Bad Dog that said infringement being illegal clearly hasn't stopped people from infringing recently. Laws aren't divine mandate.
Bono Giamboni
Bono Giamboni 6 dias atrás
@Bad Dog i am already in another country so i can't really move out, and in fact i do like it, enough to even consider moving *into* the US.
Bad Dog
Bad Dog 6 dias atrás
As far as flamethrowers, yeah they are legal. Beside the fact that under the second Admendment ALL arms are legal. And are NOT to be regulated. But even those areas that practice illegaly going against the 2nd Flamethrower is legal. Otherwise you would make a lighter illegal. And no California hippy will allow that. Otherwise they have no way to light up a doobey.
Bad Dog
Bad Dog 6 dias atrás
@Bono Giamboni yeah you are correct. each missle would need a separate stamp. HOWEVER. its Legal to own any weapon without needing a tax, stamp or other yahoo. Its illegal to INFRINGE on this. Don't like it? Then move to another country.
Blackfox413 9 meses atrás
The fact that this hospital hasn't been shut down over 10 years ago is the true medical drama miracle.
Amelia Marshall
Amelia Marshall 18 dias atrás
@Wertsir This made me laugh, thanks!!
TheMadAfrican1 22 dias atrás
It's criminal that we only got 3 seasons of Code Black and this rubbish keeps going and going and going and going...
Heather Stratton
Heather Stratton Mês atrás
It's a TV show. A real hospital would not allow any of this to happen
W S Mês atrás
Emma Wadey
Emma Wadey Mês atrás
the fact that izzie was even let back inside the hospital is insane
Laken 8 meses atrás
Can we all just breathe a sigh of relief that dr Milton ended up getting fired for being drunk on the job 😂
Ur Mom
Ur Mom 6 dias atrás
indigo.c0re 28 dias atrás
Alexis Tigges
Alexis Tigges 2 meses atrás
Wrong guy Milton didn’t drink on the job it was Dr.Taylor
Nina Evermore
Nina Evermore 2 meses atrás
@• bea b • sadly that’s not even what happened he was just sent home to sober up. He pops up in future episodes
Ramune edits -
Ramune edits - 6 meses atrás
@• bea b • ohhh ok
GippyHappy 5 meses atrás
I love that the bomb squad consists of one guy who clearly has no idea what to do when presented with a bomb
John Hardin
John Hardin 3 dias atrás
What do you want from him, he’s spent most of his life as a Texas football coach
xander Mês atrás
TheBedroomSimRacer Mês atrás
"sorry I've only got 2 hours of experience on a Roblox game"
Antonio Arreola
Antonio Arreola 2 meses atrás
He's the expendable rookie.
Louise Rosado
Louise Rosado Mês atrás
I just love how Dr. Mike is ironic the entire episode, it gave me life
Recovering Pagan
Recovering Pagan 7 meses atrás
That anaesthesiologist - Milton - also has a well-known history of drinking on the job, including falling asleep drunk while an infant was on the table undergoing brain surgery. I wouldn't expect him to be anything other than a liability in any kind of high-stress situation.
Jbear 3 meses atrás
Was the baby okay?
Alexis Tigges
Alexis Tigges 4 meses atrás
I thought the guy who was drunk on the job got fired I think Milton is a different unless I’m wrong lol
Zoroaster 5 meses atrás
I think if I where the EMT I wouldn't have been standing there. Immediately once I found out it was a bomb I would have removed my hand very slowly and walked out of the room.
Rosie Orvald
Rosie Orvald 5 meses atrás
that was dr taylor, fired before this episode
𝕄𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕪 ℕ𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥𝕝𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥
I’m happy that you’re explaining these things cause I would never know what these mean 😅😅😅
*メロディー♡ 8 meses atrás
this episode made me cry, seeing Meredith’s eyes as she puts her hand in the patient and Cristina’s reaction to it. It will forever kill me inside.
i know exactly who you are
@meep "oK bUt" no
i know exactly who you are
@ComicBee2010 of course, your mom
CerealKiller 5 meses atrás
@John D it's a medical DRAMA It's suppose to make you feel stuff Ffs
ComicBee2010 6 meses atrás
@John D of course you
John D
John D 7 meses atrás
It's a TV show... relax, ffs
Derek Knox
Derek Knox 8 meses atrás
Always bothered me that they carried the bomb away, instead of having a containment device right on hand.
Matrim42 Dia atrás
Yeah, there’s no way they could’ve gotten a BCV in there. Realistically there are two ways that this would go down: the first way would be to place the UXO in a sand filled container in a wagon and pull it out with a robot. That would probably increase the risk of a detonation but it would mean no one would die from it. The second is pretty much what they did, transport it by hand in the orientation it was picked up. This would decrease the risk of explosion but would result in at least one death if it did. If I were the on scene commander I would go with option one unless there was no way to get the other people away from it. Then we’d take it out to the parking lot and either load it into a BCV, or (more likely) just BIP it and make it go away.
Steve Films
Steve Films 4 dias atrás
@KatieQueen and they’d have plenty of time to do that while they were doing all this other stuff.
JasJasbinks 3 meses atrás
@KatieQueen i’d rather knock down some walls rather than blow up 😭
KatieQueen 3 meses atrás
@Felicia Tierney have you ever seen a bomb containment vessel? They are geniuenly quite large and there is no way they couldve gotten one into the room without having to demolish some walls
Felicia Tierney
Felicia Tierney 6 meses atrás
Right? That was always my issue too!!! But you do kind of get the idea at some point that the bomb squad guy knows he's going to die that day and is just trying to keep everyone else alive. At least I did.
Erik Santana
Erik Santana Mês atrás
Karev's one of the rudest Dr's in Greys! Love him LOL!
Akshaya Ananth
Akshaya Ananth 9 meses atrás
Ongoing petition to have Dr. Mike react to Grey’s Anatomy season 6, episode 6, “I Saw What I Saw”. It’s a medical whodunnit mystery; tons of medical talking points, lots of teaching points, lots of high stakes in the episode so appropriately dramatic, and there’s not too much personal stuff getting in the way of medicine. One of my absolute favourites.
JotFeelings_YT 4 meses atrás
Rip ur notifications
l_____I 5 meses atrás
@Doctor Mike waiting 👀
Kink Panther
Kink Panther 5 meses atrás
@MushroomsFrogsAndĚÝ˧ lmfao What's the reaction these are all meant to kill and BRvid wouldn't allow any footage
LegiVonPegi 5 meses atrás
@Doctor Mike ·
Q S 6 meses atrás
@Doctor Mike hey Doc when did you get 10 millions subs? Was there a video celebrating the event. Sorry I haven’t kept up with your channel for a minute. I was actually watching “The Resident” when I remembered you again 😅.
Katie Zeitz
Katie Zeitz 6 meses atrás
Couldn’t help but lol when you said “imagine you went into a doctor’s appointment and the doctor started rattling of everything that’s wrong with you without a plan.” I have several chronic illnesses and this is how most of my doctor’s appointments feel.
Beanie Guitar Guy
Beanie Guitar Guy 24 dias atrás
I love hearing “you just need to lose weight” after explaining that I have chronic pains that are making it difficult to exercise lol
adhdhamster Mês atrás
As someone who also deals with a chronic illness I also laughed at that 🤣
Brazy knowledge
Brazy knowledge 2 meses atrás
Yeah I just sit there so confused as they speak doctor
Offensive Gen.
Offensive Gen. Mês atrás
Tank ammo might actuallly be legal in seattle. It's not legal to make, but legal to use. However, if someone got hurt in the use, both parties who made it might get charged
jalabi99 7 meses atrás
8:43 I laughed way too hard when Dr. Mike said "this is the most useless bomb squad person ever" - I agree, but I still love that episode!
Morgana 8 meses atrás
I think that part of this episode is that Meredith truly feels alone throughout the show, but specifically while her hand is on the bomb. Kristina has Preston to worry about her, for all she knows Derek is worrying about his wife. You stick your hand on a bomb to save lives and you realize just how alone you are when there’s no one there to risk their life for you.
T ismun
T ismun 8 meses atrás
Such an insane show. I feel like I have to eat magic mushrooms before every episode I love it. I love how it's centered on emotion and has a complete disregard for reality. As an EMT it's very refreshing sometimes (despite feeling like I'm losing brain cells).
Momi Mês atrás
the miracle face had me lmao
Polarose Dachshunds
Polarose Dachshunds 8 meses atrás
The animation of the ambulance flipping through the air sent me LOL. This pair of episodes were so ridiculous. I agree with the petition for you to watch GA Season 6 episode 6 I saw what I saw.
i know exactly who you are
sent you where
Sakareeh 5 meses atrás
Hahahahha it played when I read this
HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
And the bomb squad guy being ripped apart in a ball light.
Doctor Whovian
Doctor Whovian 5 meses atrás
When you realize anyone who plays “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” has more experience in explosives than the bomb squad guy in this episode
addie 8 meses atrás
the fear in merediths eyes shows that she was just numb. she didn’t know weather to cry or scream so she was just numb
adhdhamster Mês atrás
Also known as shock. But yeah. It's painful to watch
jia Mês atrás
Osmium Technologies
Osmium Technologies 8 meses atrás
Just adding to the mountain of criticism with those 2 episodes, Here’s a few more inaccuracies that weren’t talked about: -If there is any kind of bomb squad technician on site (especially if that site is a hospital), there would 100% be a boombox there as well. A boombox is literally just a heavily armored box that, if there are no other options of disposal, gets live ordinance put in it so it can detonate without killing anyone. In this situation, a boombox would’ve been wheeled in way, WAY before the live round left the patients body. Once the live round gets removed, everyone would be told to leave the room, the bomb would be put into the boombox, the boombox would be sealed, and everyone can rejoice that their internal organs are still internal. -Every single person in that room would have some kind of body armor on. With the size of that shell, the body armor would do nothing, physically, but anything that makes the people operating on the body feel safer helps them do their jobs better, lowering the risk of a detonation. For those concerned about how sterile body armor is, two hands have been INSIDE the body. It doesn’t matter how sterile the body armor is if everyone in that room gets turned into a hashtag. If it increases the chance that everyone gets to go home and the pros outweighs the cons, it should be used. As unlikely as this situation is, if it ever did happen, these two things would be the first course of action for the responding bomb squad: Make the people operating on the body feel as safe as possible and have a plan to dispose of the bomb (and a backup plan if possible). Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.
Daniel Lopes
Daniel Lopes 26 dias atrás
That was a HEAT Missile, it needs to hit something with a certain velocity and have the fuse activated, this kind of ammo doesnt explode like that, it fires a very very very hot plasma that is supposed to pierce armour, also that shell was a 75mm, even a HE (explodes everywhere) shell doesnt have the explosive power to do that much damage, it would kill both the guys, but not vaporize them or do such a shockwave to throw meredith like that
adhdhamster Mês atrás
@Wesley Brame also yes haha that was killing me too I just figured that maybe because it was a historic replica that maybe my knowledge of that one specifically was off .. so thank you for reaffirming what I was thinking 🤣
adhdhamster Mês atrás
Dream146 5 meses atrás
@Wesley Brame might be true for proper ammo but this was something two idiots who knew just enough to be a danger to themselves and others managed to cook up
MechaShadowV2 6 meses atrás
@Wesley Brame I was thinking, with my limited knowledge of firearms and explosives, something like that shouldn't "just go off"
a random comment
a random comment Mês atrás
As someone in nursing school, this channel is a gold mine. I get to enjoy my corny medical dramas while learning more about working in hospital triage.
Ruby4233 8 meses atrás
The main thing that has always bugged me about this episode is that only attendings seemed to know what a code black was. Everyone in the hospital should know the code colors. Same as Dr. Mike said, in the hospital I worked in we had a card on our badges that listed them.
Mayday Baeday
Mayday Baeday 10 dias atrás
Someone explain to me what's the point of code names if they're casually on cards and badges for anyone to see? In this case, "code b0mb" seems far more logical. It doesn't require any silly memorization of "code black means there is a b0mb" because it's right in the name. Like I said, of the codes are out in the open anyways, it's not really a secret to anyone.
Opticalshadow 4 meses atrás
i am a instrument tech in SPD and i know wha ta code black is.
Tiffany H
Tiffany H 5 meses atrás
I was a custodian in a hospital for a while and we were required to know every code
*-Shaved husky-*
*-Shaved husky-* 5 meses atrás
@Red Niw when I was a kid, I was in the hospital because of my dad having an infection on his leg that he didn’t treat (stubborn guy, he is) and I heard a doctor say that, I asked the nurse that was there what it meant, she answered with the best response “do you know what mortal combat is? Well, imagine one of the patients is trying to be one of the characters.”
Angie B.
Angie B. 5 meses atrás
Millions of years ago, when dinosaurs still walked the Earth, I worked at Walmart, and we actually had a list of code colors on the backs of our nametags. If I recall correctly, Black was actually a bomb situation there, too.
Neliam Andrea
Neliam Andrea 4 meses atrás
HE CUT OFF THE BEST PARTTTTTT right after addison hugs derek Adele tells webber “that’s not the she he was asking for”
Advocate 8 meses atrás
i literally cried this ep. this show has made me cry more then i’m willing to admit
please help
please help 7 meses atrás
As someone who has worked with bomb squad they actually dress very casually. The reason they do this is to appear nonthreatening so people in the area around them don't panic.
Emirii Mês atrás
The hospital I gave birth at had a "Code Baby" in the delivery rooms. Ironically it didn't mean what you think it might mean... it means the mother is becoming violent or harmful to self or other
TheBedroomSimRacer Mês atrás
@Monkey🍌 that's probably some of the darkest humour I've ever heard lol
Monkey🍌 Mês atrás
So becoming a baby
EmeraldWing3 3 meses atrás
Ok my mother and I did laugh when Derrick gave Tuck that final hit. I didn't know it was an actual medical move. We weren't expecting it and just up and made us giggle ourselves silly from all the tension of that episode.
Delinda Stout
Delinda Stout 5 meses atrás
They weren't giving her a shower. They were supporting her and removing evidence of what she just went through. No talking, no questions, just supporting her in the moment. ❣️
Derpman the First
Derpman the First 2 meses atrás
The best part is at the beginning of the episode it shows George dreaming about this weird foursome with the other three in the shower (probably referencing the story Cristina made up for the guy who used prn as painkiller)
i’m sad lol
i’m sad lol 4 meses atrás
well she should have been “supported” by a medical or psychological professional
Rachel Shoup
Rachel Shoup 8 meses atrás
I love how he didn’t get Ben mention the fact that she didn’t have any gloves to begin with and then suddenly have a blood covered glove on
Caitlin Sophia
Caitlin Sophia 8 meses atrás
I was thinking the exact same thing!!
Nadia Archuleta
Nadia Archuleta 5 meses atrás
Thank you, Doctor Mike. I always wondered why they still tried so hard, putting so many people at risk, to save the man's life. Your scenario of opening up the patient and securing the bomb as the first priority makes a lot more sense ethically. But then, as a Grey's Anatomy fan, even I acknowledge that not only did the show jump the shark, they blew the dang thing up with this episode.
Savanna Seidensticker
Savanna Seidensticker 8 meses atrás
What's bothering me the most is how terribly they're handling this bomb. In actuality, they certainly would not have had one person CARRYING IT THROUGH THE HOSPITAL. They have containment vessels where they can safely put explosives to detonate or transport them which should have been in the room. Technically not sterile, but I think that's a sacrifice that would have had to be made in order to lessen the possible damage of an explosion.
Sarafina Summers
Sarafina Summers 18 dias atrás
Ok, dumb question. Can't you dump a ton of betadine on/in something like that to make it sorta sterile enough to bring into an OR long enough to get the job done and bounce outa there like a rubber ball?
adhdhamster Mês atrás
@Dem Gainz YES!!! That is what really bothered me!!! Like the hospital staff yeah I'm not surprised but the actual eod would be in a suit 😑
John Apple
John Apple 2 meses atrás
@Danii Gomez true
Danii Gomez
Danii Gomez 2 meses atrás
@John Apple then they’re stupid
John Apple
John Apple 2 meses atrás
@Danii Gomez won't stop some people from thinking it is
Kensleigh Gurske
Kensleigh Gurske Mês atrás
😂😂😂😂Alex screams back at the lady😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Elias Farley
Elias Farley 6 meses atrás
I worked in a hospital in the kitchen and every SINGLE member of staff knows what the color codes are. That's the one thing that bothered me about Grey's. Everyone on premises gets trained about the color codes when they're hired.
Frida Frausto
Frida Frausto 5 meses atrás
you're so funny when doing commentary! love it. your knowledge on every subject medical-wise is amazing and I salute you for all the studying you've done in your past years to know all of this off the top of your head
Tobi Dobidu
Tobi Dobidu 8 meses atrás
The code sheet you put out was really interesting. I always wondered why Cardiac arrest wasn't code red since that seemed to be a more fitting alarm to something so serious. Did not know code red was taken or that there were so many other color codes. Also can I just point out how amusing it is to see basically every color as a code and then there is "aqua" for flooding?
🌸Elizabeth Afton🌸
Well it makes sense why code red is for fire because fire is mostly red. Cardiac arrest meaning blue kinda confuses me. In Chicago med when I see parts when they forcefully arrest the heart in surgery it turns purple.
Experiment IV
Experiment IV 9 meses atrás
oh hell yes, this is one of those episodes with great tension if you’re invested in the series or you’re a writer. can’t wait to see you tear it down. as a narrative plot it’s quite good, but i do wish the show had a bit of a better balance between realism and drama.
MechaShadowV2 5 meses atrás
I like to write but think it's terrible since it's so ridiculous
MoonL13 7 meses atrás
@M Jacobs bruh is that pennywise where's your pennywise fanfic wtf am i saying what
Dog God
Dog God 9 meses atrás
Well I'm a writer, and I thought it was pretty cheesy and not very tense at all, to be entirely honest.
Experiment IV
Experiment IV 9 meses atrás
@MediumSur Moon i didn’t ask for attention i was just leaving a comment lol i didn’t expect it to be read really
Experiment IV
Experiment IV 9 meses atrás
@Ben Knight i mean i am a writer and i think the grey’s anatomy writing team (especially for seasons 1-6) were really great, but since it’s a primetime drama you sacrifice a bit of realistic stuff so the narrative works. it’s not like i’m here trying to self-promo! im just here to be like “i like this episode and the show’s writing is good, but i wish they would do stuff a little more realistically sometimes.” legit all i came here for lol
James Nash
James Nash 5 meses atrás
Wait a minute, if oxygen is merely an accelerant, then how exactly can we use oxygen torches just like we use propane tanks? They are at the store in the red canister next to the little handheld propane bottles, and the only difference is that you need to use a different type of tip because it gets hot enough to melt the normal propane nozzle. So how exactly can it be used in that way if it isn't itself flammable?
Emma Wells
Emma Wells 6 meses atrás
I remember being in the hospital for my broken ankle recovering after surgery in my room that I stayed in for a week and I suddenly hear “code blue” over the intercom and then I see a bunch of nurses running and I’m like oh dang that’s not good
Melisande La Lavandere
Melisande La Lavandere 7 meses atrás
I like the sound of Dr. Mike's voice when his nose is all stuffed up. It's adorable 😁
shortforsophie 8 meses atrás
3:13 I had a pt post-ablation that developed a tamponade. The attending physician was watching the senior resident meticulously gowning up to do the pericardiocentesis, and literally said “this is a situation where blood pressure trumps sterility.” Everything worked out beautifully, pt made a full recovery, but yeah… that was an unreasonably intense half hour. Tl;dr patient had a complication from a cardiac procedure and began bleeding into the space around his heart, and needed the blood drained lickety-split.
Alcatrazz 8 meses atrás
I laughed so hard when you said “oh let’s make sure she’s clean for the next episode “😂😂
Lexi&Mayweirdofun 6 meses atrás
lyla doran
lyla doran 7 meses atrás
gotta be clean for mcsteamys entrance 😌
Charmaine Sayi
Charmaine Sayi 8 meses atrás
2cDorian 5 meses atrás
Gotta realize, the Bomb Squad guy has probably never handled a bomb inside a body. They usually resolve the situation by detonation. Not in an OR.
Caitlin Hill
Caitlin Hill 8 meses atrás
You should watch season 12 episode 9 “The sound of silence” where Meredith gets attacked and react to the terminology and how everyone reacts.
Sarah Pivnick
Sarah Pivnick Mês atrás
I just watched these episodes and I was up 2 hours with a consistent heart rate of 119. My usual is 95.
Audrey Kwa
Audrey Kwa 8 meses atrás
I laughed sooo hard. His reactions were amazing
Kyle Lewis
Kyle Lewis 8 meses atrás
When I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2006, there was a soldier in our unit (10th mountain division, 2/87) that had an rpg hit him in the chest and not go off, much like this situation. The doctors were able to successfully remove the unexploded ordinance and the soldier lived.
Arthropod King
Arthropod King 4 meses atrás
I remember reading about that.
kermit the legend
kermit the legend 4 meses atrás
reading this makes me feel reaally good knowing this soldier lived and I know I will sleep well tonight thanks you so much for posting this
Johnathan Hautz
Johnathan Hautz 4 meses atrás
@Parker Carpy You actually don't need to "prime" and rpg, it is literally point and shoot just like any other firearm. They do have safety mechanisms, such as a minimum arming distance which if I recall correctly is fifteen meters before the warhead is armed, and a safety like most firearms but if the safety is engaged the rocket will not fire.
Miau 5 meses atrás
@WreckerR can't have the boom boom part causing anymore trouble
Dillon Malone
Dillon Malone 5 meses atrás
That is a genuinely incredible story. Terrifying but incredible. Thanks for serving also. Oh and nice profile picture.
KayleighJones 6 meses atrás
You should do the episode where they’re trying to decide if Meredith can keep her medical license or not
KayleighJones 13 dias atrás
@Erica D sorry, I’m not a grey’s encyclopedia and I don’t know the season and episode number but I did give some detail on the episode immediately following “the episode” so yeah I literally could be more vague
Erica D
Erica D 13 dias atrás
Could you be more vague? "The episode"
Nightwng2k Mês atrás
Just finished watching the "Grey's Anatomy" and "House, MD" reviews. I really enjoyed them, especially with special guests like Legal Eagle, joining in. And it's interesting the choices some made for episodes to be reviewed, and how relevant your comments could actually flow over to other medical shows, like ER, which is my favorite of the genre. Lot's of "primetime soap opera" going on, but lots of medical world connections too. The county teaching hospital environment Interactions with the "good, bad, and the ugly" of coworkers in various departments and positions. Personal interactions with coworkers you've grow close to who are going through different situations from family crisis, furthering their education in other fields, death of a close coworker, assault on a close coworker, questionable ethical decisions by coworkers, and other situations. Changes in technology, both hospital and medical related to external technology (such as the difference in the older cell phones and their impact on technology such as electric wheelchairs and pacemakers). And the evolution of technology and procedures brought about by that new technology. As well as the lack of some technology at a financially challenged hospital of the period. Changes and ethics of law relating to certain situations (HIV/AIDS medical workers, the use of organ donation by HIV patients to HIV recipient patients, and many other law situations, not just malpractice cases). Hospital disasters (a helicopter falling on the ER ambulance bay which killed a much hated doctor, a desk clerk launching a rocket into the ambulance bay (that ambulance bay got blowed up a LOT), mass shooting incident, toxic spill incident, smallpox/pox incident, and others). There is so much in that series (and I guess in others) for a medical professional to make notes about and review, just as they would be good for medical practice attorneys to review as well. I know that medical shows are typically "truncated", so a lot is left out. But I thought each show had medical consultants to evaluate what ended up on screen. Perhaps much of it is ignored since you've had a look and reviewed so much as questionable. But ER for a long period of time had Michael Crichton who you would have thought would have required more accuracy in the show. Still, if you get a chance, it would be interesting to see you look at some of the episodes. It's hard to choose one because, as you can see, some of these episodes actually have a longer arc. "Loves Labor Lost", for example, deals with the situation of a missed birth problem and the death of the mother while the baby survived, while a later episode deals with the malpractice suit. And, of course, in talking about "ugly" coworkers, there is Dr. Romano, who was very much hated and hateful, had some "good" moments, lost his arm in a helicopter incident, then had a helicopter fall on his head. The incident with Lucy and Carter being attacked, leading to Carter's drug addiction. Carter going overseas to work for "Doctors without borders" and all the incidents with that. And so many other situations to address. "The good, the bad, and the ugly" fill the show. Of course, I'd like to see a medical evaluate most of the episodes of this show and many other shows, but that's pretty much a career right there so probably not for you. Still, I thought your examination of the others series was good and really would like to see more. Thanks.
Sara Morse
Sara Morse 8 meses atrás
I think Dr. Mike should react to the 2-part season 6 finale ("Sanctuary" and "Death and All His Friends") or the season 8 finale ("Flight"). There is a lot that happens in those episodes that are medical, and not just interpersonal drama.
Vox Cruora
Vox Cruora Mês atrás
Doctor Mike, on future episode videos, do you think you'd be able to tell us how the episode's scenario would be handled if it were real, in a real life hospital, at the end? I think that'd be interesting, a sort of wrap up summery that really puts into perspective how much of the episode was dramatized.
O.M.G Gaya
O.M.G Gaya Mês atrás
1:08 i would never understand why the paramedic uniform are always white.
Irena Luo
Irena Luo 8 meses atrás
oh my goodness this video literally made my week. You're like me watching a show/movie with ridiculous storyline or situations.
Depresso Espresso
Depresso Espresso 8 meses atrás
You’d be surprised how easy it is to build an explosive, Mike. All you need is enough gunpowder to generate the propelling force. I mean, people make nail bombs out of nails and tin cans or pieces of pipe!
That Green Scorpion
That Green Scorpion 8 meses atrás
I died when he screamed back at her in 2:41 but seriously Doctor Mike brings us joy, Comedy and he helps us learn new things about the medical field.
FlashNeko417 9 meses atrás
Honestly, the fact that EMT took that long to reach a point where she ran out screaming is impressive. She did what she thought she had to do in that situation to save a life and in response she had everyone abandoning her and that shitty doctor holding the oxygen bag all but emotionally torturing her. Like, maybe at some point you'd require the other doctors to leave but you'd think the bomb squad would AT LEAST send in a bomb defusing robot or something with a monitor to have someone able to keep talking to her even if it was from a distance. And given THIS hospital's track record, I would not be surprised if instead of being given the psychological counseling she needed after the incident, she was just fired and told what a horrible EMT she was.
Jbear 3 meses atrás
@Phe of the Fae thank you. Absolutely.
Famousguy221 3 meses atrás
@David N nah what she did 100% makes sense given her emotional state at that point, she wanted to get as far away from the explosive device as possible and the logical thinking of removing her hand might cause it to explode was not able to get through that
Angélique Riou
Angélique Riou 6 meses atrás
@DravenGal I thought she looked recognisable!
xXP3PP1Xx 7 meses atrás
@awkwardsity interesting 🤔 thanks for the answer 👍
awkwardsity 7 meses atrás
@xXP3PP1Xx It’s kinda a necessity for EMTs and paramedics since in most serious bleeding situations the first thing you wanna try doing is put direct pressure on the wound and that’s usually done by packing gauze pads on and occasionally in the wound and then pressing on the gauze with your hands. It’s also used as bandages or dressing, basic wound care stuff, and other things too.
apollo draper
apollo draper 4 meses atrás
the concept of seeing a person just for them to give me a list of every single thing that is wrong with me and then send me home is hilarious
brooklyn foster
brooklyn foster 2 meses atrás
actually SATs don't lose points anymore for wrong questions ☃️
Anjana Gauri
Anjana Gauri 24 dias atrás
"They need to diffuse that situation" - I can see just how frustrated Dr. Mike is about the professionals mishandling the entire situation. And I share your disappointment about their obvious lack of basic psychological tact and skills.
LukasRainbow 5 meses atrás
Gotta love that you’re being entertained and taught at the same time
DrySoap_ 8 meses atrás
Dr. Mike should write his own med drama script.
Sarafina Summers
Sarafina Summers 18 dias atrás
@Zuzana Hadrová Good. Romance blows.
Dhimal Dodia
Dhimal Dodia 4 meses atrás
No.1 quote on that show would be "chest compression, chest compression, chest compression!"
Leotion 5 meses atrás
I'm behind the camera.
All134 6 meses atrás
@Zuzana Hadrová you can still have romance and fun plot lines, but dr mike would make it more realistic
Mirza Akbar
Mirza Akbar 7 meses atrás
Yeah he can be a consultant for medical drama
ErebusMint 3 meses atrás
I’ve co-watched almost every season of this show because my sister is obsessed with it, but I swear new episodes just MANIFEST THEMSELVES because I have never heard of this one
Ellie Hurm
Ellie Hurm Mês atrás
The bonk when Meredith hits her head is everything, I’m sorry
räknamedsune 5 meses atrás
They didn't evacuate the entire hospital, only the OR floor (-Dereks team). They moved some patients to another hospital and advised everyone to leave if they didn't want to stay but the majority of the hospital staff and patients were still there which is why they had to move. It wasn't about the equipment, if the bomb exploded in the OR they originally were in the entire hospital would've blown up and everyone on the other floors would've died, not just Derek and the bombsquad
Samata Dutta
Samata Dutta 8 dias atrás
I have been laughing continuously through your (Doctor Mike’s) commentary of this episode.
Corbin Brier
Corbin Brier 9 meses atrás
Alex screaming in her face always makes me laugh. It's just so sudden and funny.
P. Rubin
P. Rubin 7 meses atrás
Cringy but funny
ChaquetaB 8 meses atrás
@Merlijn My theory is they were mad at the actor for leaving so they took it out on the character. They could have had in die in an accident or even just disappear (to give them time to come up with a better story/explanation). I just don't believe Alex would have ever done that to Jo. Especially since they're doctors, I'm sure he could have traveled to see the kids...or asked Jo if she wanted to move with him to be close to the kids.
Merlijn 8 meses atrás
@Jackie yeah that was not great. I'm sure there was a reason they couldn't do it much differently but it still hurt
Jackie 8 meses atrás
@Merlijn he is my fave too, just disappointing how they had him leave
Merlijn 8 meses atrás
Alex is definetely one of my favourite characters, second only to Miranda Bailey. He is so funny and has such a great character arc during the series
RunningRabbit 8 meses atrás
This episode was in my head once someone left a bomb in front of a neighbor's house! We could see the whole thing, it was traumatic x.x
Brian Hecimovich
Brian Hecimovich 7 meses atrás
They had to make everything more dramatic, therefore everything they did made 100% logical sense
Don Baker
Don Baker 6 meses atrás
7:47 funny as hell when the actual doctor said No I watched it 10 times 😂
Bosse Linder
Bosse Linder 6 meses atrás
I watched this episode less than a week ago, got so pissed at everyone and everything happening in the episode that I just stormed out the living room before I got to see the explosion bit.
Anna M
Anna M 8 meses atrás
Fun fact the actress that plays Meredith ended up performing that stunt herself at the end because something happened to her stunt double and when she did she didn’t land correctly and actually hit the back of her head hard when she bounced back.
Chavon Hawthorne
Chavon Hawthorne 6 meses atrás
Ellen Pompeo is A QUEEN
Shona 7 meses atrás
@Rachel Erin It's alright, she was in a hospital so she got immediate treatment
That Girl Reacts
That Girl Reacts 7 meses atrás
I wouldn’t call that a fun fact.
caleb r
caleb r 8 meses atrás
@KASSETTETAPES Such a good argument 👏 yeah I can smash my head on the floor just as good
caleb r
caleb r 8 meses atrás
Lol garbage acting amirite 🤣
LizElda _07
LizElda _07 6 meses atrás
Date night with Dr Mike watching Grey's Anatomy where he pauses every five minutes to explain medical terms. Can you imagine the fun? Ah on second thought this Netflix & Chill date would be more '& Chill' 😅
Happy Girl
Happy Girl 8 meses atrás
Meredith and Dr. McDreamy (Dr. Shepherd), were in love but his wife came back into his life but he really wanted to be with Meredith. There’s so much more to it, a real drama show. When this episode first aired, and he asked where is she, meaning Meredith, his wife ran up to him and was happy he was ok, I yelled at the t.v., No, not you woman! Lol… The other doctors wife, said, “That’s not the she he was asking about”. Everyone knew who he was asking about Meredith. They did eventually get married, in a very odd way lol. But I read that GA did have medical doctors for consultation, but apparently the writers didn’t pay attention or ask for information from an experienced bomb squad. I stopped watching GA awhile ago.. McDreamy died. 😭 Lol, it wasn’t the same without him, sometimes I follow his racing career now. Patrick Dempsey use to be in a lot of movies before Grey’s Anatomy. 😁
Toe Mês atrás
Yo my man pulled out the EMOTIONAL DAMEGE
Weeb And gaming inc.
Weeb And gaming inc. 8 meses atrás
I never thought a tv show can have a very dark, almost dark enough to make you start laughing ending. (And I mean that shocked laughter you get when something extremely dark happens)
Mike Holmstrom
Mike Holmstrom 4 meses atrás
There was an episode of "Emergency!", where a weapon collector accidentally shot himself with a grenade launcher. They had to bring the Doctors to the scene, built enclosing walls with mattresses, and did the operation in open air. At least when they got the grenade out, they put it in a bomb container, unlike this.
STONED HAMPTER 6 meses atrás
"they need to defuse the situation" COME ON DUDE!!!! I WAS ABOUT TO CRY NOW I AM JUST LIKE "WHY!!!" (good one tho)
Frankee Boyd
Frankee Boyd 7 meses atrás
Now I just want to watch him review every major episode of Greys. I love that show, but even I can see how some of the stuff they do would NEVER fly in reality
Crummy-Art 2 meses atrás
At 5:51! I actually learned that from my 6th grade science teacher! That was a very fun lesson, she explained how oxygen fuels fire and is the reason some of us may get a little light headed, or feel as though it's harder to breathe when we're close to a (controlled) fire. (That's what she taught us at least)
emily livitz
emily livitz 6 meses atrás
doctor mike I woke up feeling depressed as hell and I havent belly laughed this much in months. thank you
Liv W
Liv W 7 meses atrás
when the editor wrote bonk when meredith hit her head I couldn't stop laughing even though i know she could have been seriously hurt that was so funny
D B 8 meses atrás
The first mistake is thinking that any uber dramatic episode of Grey's will "have a happy ending" proves that he needs to do many more of these episodes.
Lilian Aparecida
Lilian Aparecida 8 meses atrás
Hey, Doctor Mike. I'm from Brazil and always watch your reactions. I love them. Here in Brazil, we have this medical TV Show called "Sob Pressão" (Under Pressure) I think you should react to it. it portrays the public healthy in Brazil which is free (SUS), but most of the time is precarious. Sending love from Brazil ❤️ 🇧🇷
Svatopluk Čech
Svatopluk Čech 5 meses atrás
I hate these types of medical dramas. I would have stopped watching a long time ago because it's so stupidly unrealistic. Btw thanks for pointing out and explaining the medical problems in the drama. Love your vids ^^ I hope you're happy and healthy!♥
Cheyenne Peterson
Cheyenne Peterson 8 meses atrás
I love Grey's Anatomy it's more about the drama then the operations which I love I got bored watching the operating scenes unless there was drama involved and meradith and Derek's love story so cute and sad although my favorite couple was Alex and Jo and April and Jackson because The love was incredibly beautiful
Rio GC
Rio GC 6 meses atrás
I was just at the hospital and hear “code black and code red” I was like WTF! Then some nurse told me that it was a drill. In my mind it was an active shooter situation 🤦🏽‍♂️😂 can’t be too careful now days
Matrim42 Dia atrás
Bomb squad guy here, yeah, there’s a lot I would have done differently. First of all, I would be focused on calming the person holding the bleeding back. Might put armor or a bomb blanket between her torso and the bomb (at that range it probably wouldn’t help much, but the psychological effect of armor can be profound). I would probably lose the bomb suit, just go with normal body armor. It would put me more at risk, but again, the psychological effect is marked. If the bomb squad guy isn’t armored, the people involved feel safer. Not being a medical professional, I would consult with a surgeon as to whether or not we could replace the hand with a device like a clamp or some such. Obviously all non-essential people would be gone. If a clamp could not be applied, I would scrub up and change places with the person holding the wound. Then we’d do what we had to to get a visual on the device. Meanwhile, my backup up range would be busting out the pubs to read the specifications on the type of round they built. They may not be totally reliable as homemade munitions can be squirrely, but it would give us an idea of how the device was meant to function. Depending on what the pubs say, there may be a couple different routes. Regardless, removing the round would be the first priority. A second EOD tech would come down (they WOULD be in the bomb suit) they would take the UXO once removed and would place it in a sand filled container in a wagon and cover it with a bomb blanket. Then a robot would pull the wagon along the shortest route to a prestaged area (probably in the parking lot) where it would either be placed in a bomb containment vessel or barricaded with sand bags and blown in place. A lot of things could change that approach, but it’s how I would handle it given the scenario.
Missunnaturally 9 meses atrás
you have to watch the episode about the shooting in the hospital!
Rahaf Say
Rahaf Say 8 meses atrás
Ricardo Pimentel
Ricardo Pimentel 8 meses atrás
Charlie Hatch
Charlie Hatch 8 meses atrás
I would love to know if what happened to Alex was plausible
starryeyeschick 8 meses atrás
That would be a good one.
cardhouseanimal 8 meses atrás
Those two episodes had me on the edge of my seat!
stacy frazierbauer
stacy frazierbauer 6 meses atrás
This episode was the most nerving on the edge of your seat episode ever! We haven't seen any really good gory ones in a while not since covid.
馬九溢 Hannah
馬九溢 Hannah 12 dias atrás
It was all so serious and dramatic till the "bonk" happened making me burst out laughing XD (12:35)
George Larson
George Larson 7 meses atrás
5:55 thank you for telling people about oxygen. It's not flammable, it's an accelerant. It makes a flame burn hotter and faster
SilentRuth10 8 meses atrás
Thank you for hiding some of the worst gore. I love learning about medicine, not losing my cookies, lol.
Ace 6 meses atrás
I love these episodes of greys when it’s very action packed and adrenaline filled
Gelai Narag
Gelai Narag 6 meses atrás
Doc, you 👏 have 👏 the 👏 best reactions to overrated or useless situations in medical dramas 😉 basically, your reactions/suggestions/comments are appropriate haha like the bomb squad guy…for real, all he’s been doing is babble about how bad the situation is 😆
howling hills
howling hills 7 meses atrás
I had to take my husband to the ER, heard them call a code blue while we were waiting in the waiting room . As they led us past said patient i could hear the sound of flatline on cardiac monitor but medical personnel were just standing around him And my first thought was "chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions!"
Carliemarliee 2 meses atrás
Maybe he had a DNR
Lil Spooky
Lil Spooky 5 meses atrás
4:29 if you have the money for parts and stuff it could work especially with blueprints and could use things to replace the parts they can’t get and when building you have to be careful about every part so it won’t nothing drastic happens when firing it
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