Doctor Mike Interviews Dr. Fauci On COVID19

Doctor Mike
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Dr. Anthony Fauci has been a champion of truth & integrity during a difficult time for us in America. He serves on the National Institute of Health branch of Allergy and Infectious Disease and has advised 6 presidents! He is someone I look up to and I was lucky to be able to ask him some questions about our current pandemic.
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29 Mar 2020



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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike 4 meses atrás
DEVINE SPARK 6 dias atrás
Hahaha what a joke ! Then you are going to pretend you know God's name. Son I guarantee that you don't even know what is in a vaccine i want to inject you with. I challenge you and fuchi to show live the process A - Z of 100% proof of virus and have 10 independant doctors that i know be judge. I'm an expert of identifying all B.S viruses. I have challenged all news channels too and nobody has come farward. Reason should be obvious.
Bob Nordberg
Bob Nordberg 12 dias atrás
@Nothing Burger yeah NIH at a big fight with a French over who discovered the AIDS virus I know all about it!
Bob Nordberg
Bob Nordberg 12 dias atrás
@Fear Nothing, Laugh Often check your pulse regular you might be deceased.
Bob Nordberg
Bob Nordberg 12 dias atrás
@Debra Franklin Google Newsweek dr. Faychi at the NIH funded the Wuhan.. do you really want advice for the man who most likely caused the virus in the first place Would you ask Hitler's Dr Menglia for advice too?
Bob Nordberg
Bob Nordberg 12 dias atrás
@Keto Karbs 2 years ago 10000 Texans died of the flu this year about 4000 died of Coburg ever shut everything down everybody out of work losing their muscle mass lose their job their wife and their minds. With nothing on nothing but time on their hands to research Doctor death doctor doctor faucet.. And now he wants everybody to wear masks I found proof this morning that dr. Foutch he's a lying sack of shiest Towards the end of this video trying to scare people about another lockdown doctor Fauchi talks about eye protection for covid-19.. this is when Dr. Fauchi lies and says he only talked about this to a group of teachers.. NO DOCTOR FAUCHI YOU BROUGHT IT UP WITH ABC NEWS I found proof this morning that dr. Foutch he's a lying sack of shiest Towards the end of this video with CNN Dr. Fauci was again trying to scare people about another lockdown. This is where CNN Host gives Fauchi A EYE PROTECTION (((OUT)))..AFTER LOADS OF PUSHBACK FROM MEDIA ABOUT HAVING TO WEAR EYE PROTECTION NOW this is when lying Fauchi on que from CNN and lies and says he only talked about this to a group of teachers.. NO DOCTOR FALCHI YOU BROUGHT IT UP WITH ABC NEWS
PlatformX Edu
PlatformX Edu 38 minutos atrás
Something worth watching 👍
tabby licious
tabby licious 10 horas atrás
again, its the trump supporters in the comments writing off this interview because Doctor Mike isnt asking questions related to politics. when will it get through your rotten brains that covid was NEVER about politics. its is a freaking DISEASE. what Doctor Mike is doing is asking questions fueled by medical reasons, which you will NEVER see on tv because thats where the politics are. he is trying to open your eyes to actual questions that should be asked, but arent BECAUSE your standard politicans and journalists do not have the expertise in it. but i mean, go on. your second wave hasnt even come yet while the rest of the world are in their recovery phase. make it as related to politics as you want, then see your country devolve into a third world one when the medical industry can no longer afford to treat patients of ANY DISEASE or INJURY. bet your "politically" filled brains dont even see that because all you trust is a VARIETY SHOW STAR that is your current president.
Bboombox10 13 horas atrás
Felt like answers were broad as you would find from mainstream media. Specifically thinking about the question in regards to the process of returning to work as a health care worker...
Sherry Watkin
Sherry Watkin 14 horas atrás
Why didn’t you ask him about the tests that are not reliable?
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 15 horas atrás
Truth about vaccinations
Geoff Nelson
Geoff Nelson 16 horas atrás
This really is BS, in the history of medicine/science a virus has never been isolated and kochs postulates fiufilled. Scientists have offered $1000,000 to provide a paper that proves a virus, covid 19 has not been isolated, therefore never proven and yet we have produced billions of vaccines for an unproven virus that does not exist.
James Meyers
James Meyers 18 horas atrás
Well Dr.Fauci needs to take all the hydrocloroquin hundreds of doctors have used and are saying that works. The problem is they don't want to use it because it is not part of their political agenda
Nick.j Fury
Nick.j Fury 20 horas atrás
World health Organization: Time line by 2 different doctors. The WHO needs to be held accountable Reference books from past Corona Virus: Who is Director General Tedros? A politician not a medical Doctor? With very close ties to China. How China influenced this. CDC time line, Dr Fauci knew chloroquine worked in 2005 Hydroxychloroquine, facts are here. And When they suppressed the news about HCQ in March, I figured out that there was something fishy about this disease. They had a cure and nobody needed to die anymore. I thought everything was over then. The facts are clear HCQ works it saves lives, Main stream media the CDC, FDA and The WHO need to be charged for crimes against humanity. They helped spread the virus early, they blocked known treatments and supported trials they knew were fake. NY,NJ and California sent known Covid patients into nursing homes. Millions lost jobs, lost there homes for a virus that 99.7% live with out a vaccine. Not twice
Jenny Loves Jesus Christ
@ 5:15 Fauci flips us the bird 🐭
Motto 2 dias atrás
How did Dr Fauci know about this pandemic years ago? His old friend has something to say:
Joël Dia atrás
Unicorn POTATO
Unicorn POTATO 3 dias atrás
I am so glad dr,Mike is for trump TRUMP 2020!!!
Rob 3 dias atrás
All lies, Real science is hidden and highjacked by psychopaths, to fit their Agendas, they are hiding the criminalities of GMO in our foods/water, the air we breathe and calling it a pandemic. and most don't know viruses are not airborne, nor living organisms, they are created by cells in our body to aid toxic waste removal caused by food/water/drinks/industrial chemical air pollutants, our body absorbs daily, that's what truly makes us sick and eventually die, again all the effects we humans are stricken by is all the chemicals and food beverages we consume daily is the cause for our body to decay, flu and colds are the effects of these toxic chemicals, there's no virus only the ones your body generates inside the cell nucleus., Fauci is a fraud, funded by Depopulation freak Bill Gates !!
Joël Dia atrás
@uchihaluis999 Doubt it, they don't have anything to do in their lives to they invest all their energy into being a moron.
uchihaluis999 3 dias atrás
Aren't you tired of being a moron?
Ricket Dykes
Ricket Dykes 4 dias atrás
Both of these men are in Bill Gates pockets.
Michael Giebey
Michael Giebey 4 dias atrás
Hospitals are being paid for every covid case they report
raz ram
raz ram 4 dias atrás
raz ram
raz ram 4 dias atrás
Ashley Harland
Ashley Harland 4 dias atrás
Stop being a boblehead Mike. It’s becoming stinking game.
Shivendran Singh
Shivendran Singh 4 dias atrás
Idiopathic medical mafia
swin28 5 dias atrás
I have to be honest, I’ve brushed off watching your videos because I had an ill-conceived judgement of you as just another hack who is trying to maximize good looks and doctor persona as an easy claim to fame. I watched this video because I was on a Dr. Fauci binge, watching him talk made me feel more comforted that there are medical professionals still fighting the good battle while people have somehow turned a global pandemic into a partisan issue - something even I fear as someone living in a neighbouring country. Anyways, I’m glad I watched and am now a subscriber. I appreciate the effort you make to help educate others on medical knowledge using your platform, a few of your advice has resonated with me and my husband (mind-body health). I am a little late discovering your channel, and at the same time incredibly disappointed you’re not as big if not bigger than other BRvidrs that bring no real value to their viewership the way you have. Something needs to change and knowledge needs to be more freely accessible to help improve the world - good job going against the grain in a field that has traditionally discouraged it. Let’s hope more people become famous on BRvid for the same reason. Thanks to you and your team for all the effort in all your videos, educational or comedic.
Thundewr Fox
Thundewr Fox 5 dias atrás corona virus live update
Pat Russell
Pat Russell 6 dias atrás
Don't believe anything Faux Fauci says! He wants the vaccine to come out so he can make money off it, regardless of how safe it is! faux fauci!
Joël Dia atrás
He doesn't! Get a job so you have something to do with your life!
Josefa Sandhill
Josefa Sandhill 6 dias atrás
This hasn't aged well.
youtoo youtoo
youtoo youtoo 8 dias atrás
Fauci belongs to deep state of USA. sadly to say.
Databas3 9 dias atrás
This BRvid interview is 10x better than news interviews. Dr. Mike is a genius, so is Fauci, so we can actually see them discuss something besides football and masks..
Peace and Love
Peace and Love 9 dias atrás
I know this isn’t the video for this, but could you make a video about cobblestone throat?
Russo Simon
Russo Simon 9 dias atrás
#Fauci is a fraud! #DrFauci knows about #Hydroxychloroquine + zinc work against the 🦠 but ignore it. Just because of money 💵 #HCQWorks
Russo Simon
Russo Simon 9 dias atrás
#Fauci is a fraud! #DrFauci knows about #Hydroxychloroquine + zinc work against the 🦠 but ignore it. Just because of money 💵 #HCQWorks
Russo Simon
Russo Simon 9 dias atrás
#Fauci is a fraud! #DrFauci knows about #Hydroxychloroquine + zinc work against the 🦠 but ignore it. Just because of money 💵 #HCQWorks
Russo Simon
Russo Simon 9 dias atrás
#Fauci is a fraud! #DrFauci knows about #Hydroxychloroquine + zinc work against the 🦠 but ignore it. Just because of money 💵 #HCQWorks
dutchgala 9 dias atrás
*Dr. Fauci, voted "The sexiest man alive!"* 😷 *World's Prize Pitcher, (wait) of this ball* 😷 ah
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall 9 dias atrás
Funny how he says not to do xzy and then they go and do xzy lol
C0gitoZ33 Droid
C0gitoZ33 Droid 9 dias atrás
*politicians are not the doctors so they rely on doctors. But what about doctors that ARE SELLOUTS?* Fauci, Brix and Dr. Mike come to mind. Yes, *Doctor Mike is a SELLOUT to Big Pharma. I would not want him near my dog!!* The fact is that dr. Judy Mikovits exposed Fauci and Big Pharma criminals. Dr. Mike is trying to "debunk" what is impossible to debunk because of overwhelming evidence that supports Dr. Mikovits. still in doubt? Then *I would suggest you read the books titled 'Virus Mania' by Torsten Engelbrecht and Claus Köhnlein and 'What Really Makes You Ill' by Dawn Lester & David Parker. * these 2 books cover microbes, pathogens, viruses, fungi, vaccines, bacteria, pandemics and germ theory. *You will learn something quite important that they do not teach the future doctors like this *SELLOUT* in medical schools.*
amyalewine 7 dias atrás
Watch Dr. Robert Willner Deadly Deception also. he exposes Dr. Fauci and Dr. Gallo 3 times during the video. The book is too expensive to buy. I guess they want it very expensive so people cannot find the truth.
Robert Sandberg
Robert Sandberg 10 dias atrás
Well, its August and its going stronger than ever...😞
Royce Ivan
Royce Ivan 10 dias atrás
WILSON BONAFIDAE 10 dias atrás
When you base your response to a pandemic like this one on a political animal like Dr. Fauci you will see way more deaths than otherwise. Trump was right in the early days of this pandemic when he said Hydroxychoroquine was useful in saving lives and lessening illness in those suffering from coronavirus and Dr. Fauci was either completely wrong or willfully lying to the world about its effectiveness. Which is it Dr. Fauci? Your continued silence about the issue indicates your guilt in the deaths of thousands because of your immediate denigrating of this treatment which has now been proven to work. Why is it that Dr. Fauci immediately denigrated this cheap and safe drug which has been used safely for decades but instead pushed for an as yet nonexistent vaccine which will be full of toxic chemicals and will almost certainly be dangerous and ineffective in treating those who have been tricked into taking it by quacks like Dr. Fauci and all the other doctors who have denigrated the cheap, safe and effective Hydroxychoroquine treatment.
Anna 10 dias atrás
Could you name or link the studies from which you are getting your information from?
Christopher Ivan
Christopher Ivan 10 dias atrás
Hey mike.. you need to wipe Fauci’s Spunk off your chin.... Future job secured 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Tim Walsh
Tim Walsh 10 dias atrás
Think for yourself - Here is the full banned video from America's Frontline Doctors on treating covid
DarthAlphaTheGreat 10 dias atrás
I am really impressed, when asked “what you think is the front runner”, he backed off since he had no data to back anything up, so it won’t accidentally give people false hope and info. Unlike a certain other person in power...
Michelle Kiwikat
Michelle Kiwikat 11 dias atrás
Killer Fauci... interview Judy ... oh no wait... You will never interview Judy because she will pull you up on all your lies .. pity you did not ask Dr Fauci if the vaccines were infected by animals years ago ...
ben schutte
ben schutte 11 dias atrás
He is corrupt, nothing but lies! Watch "Hurry and Watch!!!! Dr. Fauci Didn't See This Coming, Bloody Hypocrites!!!" on BRvid WHO is lying all the time, here is the proof: The Houston doctors are telling the truth, here is the proof: Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread The doctors you saw in the video aren't the only ones, many more out there are using it. Watch "Doctor: hundreds recover with malaria drug" on BRvid
Sajidah Ismail
Sajidah Ismail 11 dias atrás
This did not age well
Rob Davidson
Rob Davidson 11 dias atrás
Good interview!
PikachuIce 11 dias atrás
I got an ad for a product known as Q-grips before this vid. Can you tell me about it?
stephanievf1 11 dias atrás
Mike, how long is covid-19 contagious for? I’m being treated like a leper at work, I’m supposed to interview for a big promotion and everyone is treating me like I still have it. I tested positive july 12, I first noticed symptoms on July 11th. I’m so frustrated
Sam Arevalo
Sam Arevalo 11 dias atrás
Can you please make a video fact checking the video on those doctors who claimed hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax and zinc being “the cure” to covid. I am a nurse who has been working on a Covid unit for the past 5 months. It is frustrating to watch people make claims like this to the vulnerable public. By the way you’re awesome! Thanks for using for platform in such a positive way.
Eveleen McGovern
Eveleen McGovern 11 dias atrás
So, he admitted that they’re claiming that people are dying from covid, even if they die from natural causes.
Scott Chrest
Scott Chrest 11 dias atrás
I love to see Dr Mike cover some of these topics with some Canadian doctors.
Bob Nordberg
Bob Nordberg 12 dias atrás
Bob Nordberg
Bob Nordberg 12 dias atrás
What if there was no doctor Fauchi there would be no Corona 19 ? #1. He did fund the known leeky lab in Wuhan China #2 Fauchi Funded the COMMUNIST LAB after the US HOMELAND SECURITY shut down GAIN-OF-FUNCTION research in the United States because it's so dangerous has the possibility to WIPE OUT ALL MANKIND AND END THE HUMAN RACE
Bob Nordberg
Bob Nordberg 12 dias atrás
Dr Faucit leeky leeky highway
Bob Nordberg
Bob Nordberg 12 dias atrás
I know a girl who lost her virginity twice .lol
Rebel Withacause
Rebel Withacause 12 dias atrás
Hydroxychloroquine WORKS! We have an 82 yr old friend who got it in Staten Island and his daughter insisted he be put on it. He was on a ventilator and in icu for 8 days but he SURVIVED! They don’t want you to know this because the Dems are pushing for mail in ballots and they want Trump out of office so they will do ANYTHING to make that happen. Go to Judicial Watch if you don’t think there is voter fraud. They don’t want you to know that either so they have their “experts” on to claim it doesn’t happen. It DOES.
Rebel Withacause
Rebel Withacause 12 dias atrás
This doctor is a fraud, deep state, like Fouci.
The Gay SYFY Guy
The Gay SYFY Guy 12 dias atrás
Softball questions though u r very handsome. Ur too smart for that
Sarah 13 dias atrás
The good thing we have now is results from those randomized, controlled trials from both remdesevir and hydroxychloroquine studies! We might be in a worse place case numbers wise, but we have made quite some headway with sorting through treatment options.
Never Mind
Never Mind 13 dias atrás
Why are no hookers catching the virua ??
Countess Corie Kuykendall-Mock
I had an old lady go ballistic on me because I asked her politely to give me my space. She told me that if I was that worried I should stay home. (Yes I was wearing a mask)
Lynda Mackrous
Lynda Mackrous 13 dias atrás
Find out where dr Didier Raoukst us at 4 months Kate’s’ he was successful 4 months ago with hydroxychloroquine why was it banned’ testing it on patient’s on ventilators was way too late’ no way to test’ besides it’s a harmless drug is winning an election by contradicting hooe with fear and desperation to win an election at all cost’ or too cheap for big pharma,a NO $$$$ to be Lase
Argel Tal
Argel Tal 14 dias atrás
idk what some politicians in the US have to ... "critisize" about Dr. Fauci ... he explained it so easily that even non native english speakers totally understand whats to do and whats going on.
Jordan Dennis
Jordan Dennis 13 dias atrás
Cause he's a liar that's why.
Trude 14 dias atrás
Watching this 3 months later. Your poor country is really not functioning well atm😕
Georgette Robinson
Georgette Robinson 14 dias atrás
@DoctorMike i just now am watching this video, and the part About opening up to soon has happened here where i live. I live in Nashville,TN and the cases are so high on a daily basis now its insane. And they want to open schools back up like nothing is wrong here. The public schools are starting the school year off with online learning which i agree with and then in September they will look at the daily numbers again and if they start to go down they will open up for on campus learning but will give the parents a choice of wether or not to send the kids back to school. Which again i completely agree with. What i dont agree with is the diocese of Nashville is wanting to open up the private Catholic schools like nothing is wrong and my 11 yr old goes to a Catholic private school, but theyre not giving parents a choice and the fucked up part is we pay almost $900 a month 12 months a year (yes including summer months) for him to be there and they arent giving us a choice?!?! So of course i emailed the superintendent of the Catholic schools here in Nashville and she says she spoke with several doctors who all agree for the kids to go back to school. Meanwhile im seeing articles on the news websites here and ALOT of doctors are saying no not to open schools! But my point, Dr.Fauci is right everything he said would happen if cities opened up to early has happened here in Nashville! I really wish ppl would listen to him , he knows what hes talking about!
Cotton Candy Bunny !!!!!!!!
I just wanna go back to normal🥺😖
bigsquare88 14 dias atrás
Almost 5K thumb down?! How many stupid people are out there? It is scary!
Lindsey F
Lindsey F 14 dias atrás
This was 4 months ago?! It feels like a century ago! 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 Man, time moves oddly during a pandemic; I suggest everyone keep a journal-one day your grandkids, or whomever, will hopefully be fascinated by it!
Drapt 01
Drapt 01 14 dias atrás
if were i lived if people were as smart as new york people the place were i live would not be in the red for covid 19
Jordan Dennis
Jordan Dennis 13 dias atrás
New York through old people with COVID into nursing homes and killed elderly. That's smart?
Grady Whitman
Grady Whitman 14 dias atrás
9:20 "Why to you think there's such a shortage of paper masks (when you knew a pandemic was imminent?" Real Answer: Because Fauci messed up, it's on him, he failed. He doesn't get big bucks from dealing with cheap, highly effective but upatentable things like masks, he's only focused on the multibillion dollar Big Pharma drug kickback".
Sohari Tutru
Sohari Tutru 14 dias atrás
Dr. Robert Willner in this lecture reveals information wise people should heed. If you love life and your freedom, you should view his lecture. God Bless You all...
Grady Whitman
Grady Whitman 14 dias atrás
Fauci needs to stop blowing bone osteopath Mike soon, or the acids from his semen will completely destroy Fauciss vocal chords and we won't be able to hear what he's got to say!
Grady Whitman
Grady Whitman 14 dias atrás
Faushcist bets his career on lifelong immunity from infection or vaccination, next month he wars that CV@ could need multiple annual injections to provide immunity. He's working for pharma here. One and done shots are big profits, but annual shots and billionaire revenue, Faucis setting us up for annual shots. Too obvious.
Grady Whitman
Grady Whitman 14 dias atrás
5:49 Young people more affected by Covid? Death rate of under 20 is 0.00004......old people 80 is 14%, jut off by a factor of a few million docs, you need to reshoot this part.
Jordan Dennis
Jordan Dennis 13 dias atrás
Doctor Mike is a fraud.
Erika L
Erika L 14 dias atrás
💜 thank you Dr. Fauci
kiwi tayro
kiwi tayro 14 dias atrás
It's July 29 2020. We still haven't done what he says. 150million Americans have died.
LMS Pepas
LMS Pepas 13 dias atrás
Err...150000 deaths. 150 thousand, not 150 millions. That would be almost half the population of the USA that is around 330 millions. 🧐
AvangionQ 14 dias atrás
Reinfection after two months is possible. +
Freya Neale
Freya Neale 14 dias atrás
With death certificates can you only put one reason as to why someone has died?
mrowe1204 14 dias atrás
This is interesting to watch months later and most has come true with what Fauci said except the numbers sadly are going up.
Jordan Dennis
Jordan Dennis 13 dias atrás
With States fudging numbers. Texas had to remove 600,000 cases
Evie Smith
Evie Smith 14 dias atrás
Watching this in late July makes me wish we had listened to medical professionals so that it wouldn't have gotten this bad. It also makes me scared, looking at comments from two months ago, that two months from now it will be even worse.
McHajen 14 dias atrás
"in direct answer to your question" enough said, politics need more like him
Basse Manden
Basse Manden 14 dias atrás
"Europe is the new china" More like America is the New china LOL
Donna LaRue
Donna LaRue 14 dias atrás
Purba Banerjee
Purba Banerjee 14 dias atrás
Hard to believe this interview is 4 months ago. What is time even, this year!
Lilly Miller
Lilly Miller 14 dias atrás This man is a actor aka a professional LIAR
Lilly Miller
Lilly Miller 14 dias atrás
This guy is clearly acting check out his IMBD profile
DEPLORABLE 961 14 dias atrás
They know how to treat it 'cover-19', they created it. they are preventing all of us form getting normal meds so they can try to force vaccinations.
Daniel Chastain
Daniel Chastain 15 dias atrás
"Do you think that there would be any conditions where you think politicians might act too soon and say 'let's start opening up some of these restrictions.' What would happen in a red alert type scenario like that?" Hypothetical. Assumption of hypothetical. Lead on, Sheppard. What kind of leading question is that nonsense? Mind as well say "do you think if aliens came to earth and were harmful that they would harm humans?" Uh, duh. How about "is now too soon to open" "When do you estimate is the right time to open". Those appropriate questions when asking an expert. Of course "I don't know" is the correct current answer. But what do I know, this pretty boy is a doctor, not I.
Walter Duranty
Walter Duranty 15 dias atrás
"COVID-19 virus has properties that have never been found in nature before" 8 June 2020 source
CarportCarl 15 dias atrás
See this interview:
VicT0RIous101 15 dias atrás
Fridays with Fauci
abhinandan mishra
abhinandan mishra 15 dias atrás
He is the author of the book considered Bible of the medical students ( Harrison ) respect sir
Magda Sanchez
Magda Sanchez 15 dias atrás
Fauci should be in jail with his criminal friend Gates🤬🤬🤬
Jordan Dennis
Jordan Dennis 13 dias atrás
Along with Doctor Mike.
Madam X
Madam X 15 dias atrás
Soooo, they completely ignore the fact that Hydrizycloroquine is : FDA approved, perfectly safe, and has been round for 65 years. BUT, we all need to be compliant and : play follow the leader, hide/ seek, and Simon Sez, destroy the economy, lose jobs, ( and in many cases become homeless), wear ineffective masks that kill brain cells / lower our immune systems, by breathing in carbon dioxide, submit to unreliable testing into our brain, until we're forced to inject our children, (who have little/no risk), to submit to rushed biotoxin filled vaccines, (with aborted fetal cells) from drug companies which we can not sue, that will ultimately alter our DNA ? I swear I trust my govt to act in my best interest about as much as I'd trust a methhead in my running car with my purse and my keys. - Stay safe everyone. ☮♥️
Jordan Dennis
Jordan Dennis 13 dias atrás
A bunch of front line doctors have shown it's success too.
Shristika Thapa
Shristika Thapa 16 dias atrás
Today my English teacher showed us this video to learn about making requests and responding to them. Thanks it helped a lot.
Fans, boomboxes, and more
BRvid needs to add a reason for reporting a user as "Spreading false information".
Auriann Sehi
Auriann Sehi Hora atrás
BZRK Edge the ones that have false information
BZRK Edge 6 horas atrás
Auriann Sehi What comments do you report
Auriann Sehi
Auriann Sehi 3 dias atrás
I keep reporting false comments as "spam" but YES I agree. Definitely needed.
Nate The Goat
Nate The Goat 16 dias atrás
dang, mike your in the hot spot... stay safe for your family, patients and another 6 million people :)
g4do 16 dias atrás
BRvid is purposely silencing the truth about covid19
Jonas Graumans
Jonas Graumans 16 dias atrás
This hasn’t aged badly in any way
annie lin
annie lin 16 dias atrás
Dr. Varshavski, I was born in Taiwan, Taipei and the country has been the best so far to implement protocols in regards to COVID 19. Taiwan has the lowest COVID 19 death rate. I really think the COVID 19 Task Force could have reached out to Taiwan with the protocol in the early stage of this COVID19.
Azure Nojito
Azure Nojito 16 dias atrás
Revisiting at the end of July, 2020. > Yeah, look how it turned out.
gerri577 16 dias atrás
4 months later, and America is facing it's greatest threat from a virus since it's inception. Trump could be the camel that broke the straws back. One man, responsible for the downfall of an entire nation.
Alisha Phelps
Alisha Phelps 17 dias atrás
I'm dying over the foreshadowing in this video. lol We need an updated check in with Fauci, please!
Carolina Pellicier
Carolina Pellicier 17 dias atrás
What Fauci said during the time of 3:00 in the video, it is exactly the same thing happening right now. We need to listen and take the necessary precautions. If you take care of yourself you would also protect others at the same time.
Jordan Dennis
Jordan Dennis 13 dias atrás
We have a treatment for COVID.
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