Doc Rivers in the Locker Room after losing Game 7 to the Hawks

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Doc Rivers is back again after failing to make the Eastern Conference Finals, sorry Doc 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

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21 Jun 2021



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Comentários 8 743
Billii Gru
Billii Gru 12 minutos atrás
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BYV Basser
BYV Basser 21 hora atrás
This is hilarious, good stuff man
Tymooki 22 horas atrás
😂😂😂he so funny
Yoshir0cks Dia atrás
This video lives rent free in my head everyday
Devantrez Hill
Devantrez Hill Dia atrás
Eternal Enigma
Eternal Enigma Dia atrás
And GEORGE HILL I ain’t forget about you😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Marquea Jones
Marquea Jones Dia atrás
Lesly Guel
Lesly Guel Dia atrás
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Waliyya Lyons
Waliyya Lyons 2 dias atrás
This is not doc rivers,nor is it Ben Simmons ,nor embid. Is this a spoof or something??!!not funny at all! I'm mad as shit that they lost because of Ben Simmons,yo he's getting a fat ass check for losing the game!!!?🤔😭😜😠😤🤯😫😥😓
Carter Oehme
Carter Oehme 2 dias atrás
r u scared of the ball😭😭
Bohemia Parpar
Bohemia Parpar 2 dias atrás
Mark got the quiver down, means he could do Terrance Howard too 😂 like DeRay.
Prohtein 2 dias atrás
He is absolutely a championship point guard. Just watch next season, he will lead the Guandong Tigers to the CBA title!
salvageist 3 dias atrás
Will you pretty please do Kevin Durant in the Olympics. Pretty please.
holden ford
holden ford 3 dias atrás
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Jonquaviontavious Howard
The way George hill was looking at doc rivers🤣🤣🤣
ronbruceofficial 4 dias atrás
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣bruh I’m dead.
Jen M
Jen M 4 dias atrás
George hill should have stayed with bucks and won a ring but u got cut
ricky 4 dias atrás
i like how his version of doc rivers never takes any of the blame 🤣🤣😂
Phillip Johnson Jr.
Phillip Johnson Jr. 4 dias atrás
Teran Icer
Teran Icer 5 dias atrás
RDC, y'all did it again 👍
lil Josh
lil Josh 5 dias atrás
You sound like Steven A Smith 🤣
KingNyx 5 dias atrás
Ben Simmons…Ben Simmons listen to me when I tell you…You…are trash…
P.L. Apostol
P.L. Apostol 5 dias atrás
Doc "Cryin" Rivers
Shadow 21
Shadow 21 6 dias atrás
Doc Rivers is literally the most overrated coach in NBA history - this man has a job for one reason and we all know it.
YTW2015 6 dias atrás
Karma for not letting scalibrine not play a single minute in the 08 finals. Not right.
Luciano Martinez
Luciano Martinez 6 dias atrás
It’s sad fr because I feel like the sixers really don’t deserve Embiid
Kyle Johnny
Kyle Johnny 6 dias atrás
Bro, imagine if Embid goes to Dallas. That's a guaranteed Conference Title, at least.
YonnieCakes 7 dias atrás
I’m cracking up cause you started off sounding like Uncle Ruckus 😂😂
Tilii. g
Tilii. g 7 dias atrás
Doc sound like he either need some water or he bout to cry 😭
GrimReaperTV - wacky60
Kai Sotto is better than Ben Simmons. Don't try to argue because Ben should go to the G-League
Soul Cry
Soul Cry 8 dias atrás
“Dat game wuzzint on me and ima stand on dat” 😂😂 yo
Domineer Legend
Domineer Legend 8 dias atrás
Now I cant wait to see Chris Paul after they lost Game 6 🤣🤣
Jay 8 dias atrás
This nigga fade is immaculate
ShadeBTW 8 dias atrás
Do some football stuff 🏈
Chevy Dee
Chevy Dee 9 dias atrás
I just cried so funkin hard 😂😂😂😂
Gosu 9 dias atrás
Clean ass fade bro
Robert Lin
Robert Lin 9 dias atrás
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Timothy Asdent
Timothy Asdent 9 dias atrás
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David Jarrah
David Jarrah 9 dias atrás
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Vivid Vivid
Vivid Vivid 9 dias atrás
I'm going to build my own business quietly . I'd love to collaborate if the time permits itself .
Vivid Vivid
Vivid Vivid 9 dias atrás
I'm a writer . You're a producer , director , writer and actor , and damn good at it . I try to write good stories for you and other actors and actresses . Actors and actresses who act alone don't eat without us , that's why we're so vital to their entertainment careers . Actor and actresses can recommend my work to producers and directors . I'm grateful for that .
Gteven Rall
Gteven Rall 9 dias atrás
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Jerome Jeffcoat
Jerome Jeffcoat 9 dias atrás
Do the suns on blowing the lead
Ch Do
Ch Do 9 dias atrás
Ben Simmons face azz
Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
Asanda Xulu
Asanda Xulu 10 dias atrás
Are you scared of the ball ? 😭😭😭😭
Reelmuzikfein 10 dias atrás
Nick Arnold
Nick Arnold 10 dias atrás
God damnit this is hilarious and the point is absolutely dead on.
highlander2000 10 dias atrás
Who is it, Ben?! You are 6'10" !
kingboo730ify 10 dias atrás
JapDreamMachine 10 dias atrás
Just realized this but CP3 from the 2021 finals has hot to be a new meme for rdcworld
Slytherin 11 dias atrás
"Dunk on that lil ni-, Dunk on his little ass" :skull:
Ron Collier
Ron Collier 11 dias atrás
Ben Simmons.....the new Shaq of free throws
slyck101 11 dias atrás
I gotta ask, the blooper reel lit tho, right??
MR Goode
MR Goode 11 dias atrás
Noir 11 dias atrás
1:16 I spilled my coffee
Zelbon Grimmage
Zelbon Grimmage 11 dias atrás
MG J1s
MG J1s 11 dias atrás
You know you're saying EXACTLY what Doc wants to say but can't say.
Sean 11 dias atrás
As a Sixers fan I had to wait almost a month till I was ready to watch this, and so worth it haha
saz19s8 11 dias atrás
He sounds more like Stephen A Smith than Doc Rivers
John Keable
John Keable 12 dias atrás
I feel like this is 100% spot on 😂
PharaohLawLess1 12 dias atrás
RollDat Marley
RollDat Marley 12 dias atrás
That game wasn’t on me n imma stand on that 😂😂😂
kid gorilla
kid gorilla 12 dias atrás
“dunk on that lil ni-… dunk on his lil ass!” 😂😂
Peter Xia
Peter Xia 12 dias atrás
That hariline looks faker and faker by the second
Deborah Munganga
Deborah Munganga 12 dias atrás
Matt Eck
Matt Eck 12 dias atrás
No one talking about how he absolutely nailed the voice
Mohammed Hamid
Mohammed Hamid 12 dias atrás
Leroy Thomas
Leroy Thomas 12 dias atrás
Please do a team USA
Harvey Zachariah
Harvey Zachariah 12 dias atrás
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KingNyx 13 dias atrás
I knew this video was coming, but somehow missed my feed
Jmarkus Perkins
Jmarkus Perkins 13 dias atrás
I love you Mark but that Doc impression is terrible
Richard Winston
Richard Winston 13 dias atrás
Are u scared of the ball🤣🤣🤣
Salman Tahir
Salman Tahir 13 dias atrás
How does Mark’s haircut get cleaner every video?
Jt 13 dias atrás
😂😂😂try some Dallas or something
Jeremy Thomas
Jeremy Thomas 13 dias atrás
Lol mad hilarious
Jason Puskar
Jason Puskar 13 dias atrás
Saying the Sixers don't deserve Embiid punched me in my heart
Dwayne W.
Dwayne W. 13 dias atrás
"I don't think I like the game of basketball anymore.."
Shanivan Epps
Shanivan Epps 13 dias atrás
Dunk on that n😚
DatDude7802 13 dias atrás
You sounded more like Stephen A. Smith when you first started talking. 🤣
Tony Hill
Tony Hill 13 dias atrás
Hilariously funny to all😂😂😂, except the players I bet are cringing 😬😬😬
Health and Money
Health and Money 13 dias atrás
Chill Bro
Chill Bro 13 dias atrás
Anurag Choudhury
Anurag Choudhury 13 dias atrás
This is the best one they've done man
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer 13 dias atrás
Trae Young is actually listed at 6’1
Aaron Crim
Aaron Crim 13 dias atrás
TheoryofUltran 14 dias atrás
Where did the “ben Simmons be like” video go??
Anthony Butler
Anthony Butler 14 dias atrás
That game wasn't on me and imma stand on that💀
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 14 dias atrás
Omg I honestly can't stop watching too funny bro plz keep them videos going
KeKe Simming TV
KeKe Simming TV 14 dias atrás
Davion Bradley
Davion Bradley 14 dias atrás
Honestly Boston will probably take Simmons💯
eric cooks
eric cooks 14 dias atrás
They're stat-padding his height 😂
B Wells
B Wells 14 dias atrás
Is that Stephen A Smith coaching? 🤔😂
YBLAFlexicO 14 dias atrás
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ive watched this prolly 100 times lml
Joaquin 14 dias atrás
This should be how Joel embiid was in the locker room after game 7
Dre Cartier
Dre Cartier 14 dias atrás
Literally cried during this whole video cause it was so funny
Mike Muponda
Mike Muponda 14 dias atrás
They stat padding even his height lmao
Marsela coli
Marsela coli 14 dias atrás丼鉢 BRvid: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" BRvid: BE GONE однако я люблю таких рыбаков
Scarecrow the Scarecrow
“Are you scared of the ball?” LOL
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