Do This Exercise EVERY DAY for Gains! (Skinny Guys)

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If you are a skinny guy and you struggle to put on muscle with your traditional heavy workouts, you are going to want to watch this and start doing the exercise I show you here every single day. This is something you can do whether you work out that day or not and it is going to provide benefits beyond just strength and size.
The exercise is the carry. Not only is it one of the most versatile, as it can be performed with dumbbells, barbells, farmers bars, kettlebells or even plates, but it can be done in either a large area of space as in gym or walking back and forth in a small space if training at home.
Jesse from Athlean-X has incorporated this exercise into his foundational strength exercises like the squat, deadlift and bench press and it has been helping him to get bigger and stronger on all of his lifts. The main benefit of the carry is that it is especially helpful for those guys that are very skinny when they start lifting and don’t have enough muscle mass on their frames to comfortably support the weight on the bar.
It is for this reason that I actually prefer the deadlift to the squat for really skinny guys since they can more easily train with weights that their body can accommodate. When trying to rest a heavy barbell on the “shelf” of upper back muscles that doesn’t exist, it can be distracting and counterproductive for the very hardgainer to get past this early on.
The carry however is something that allows you to get around this issue and start adding significant amounts of weight to the total system (you plus the weights you’re carrying). In addition, because the dumbbells or bars can be held at your sides in line with your center of gravity they are going to allow you to not have to load the spine or compress the vertebrae as much in the process of performing the lift.
Beyond the strength benefits of the farmer’s carry there are many other significant and often overlooked ones. Most importantly is the posture improvements the carry provides the lifter. As was the case with Jesse, a beginner with terrible forward rounded shoulders and head posture, the carry promotes an upright torso with proper activation of the muscles of the upper back and traps. The fact that this can be done for time allows for an endurance benefit to these quick fatiguing muscles that helps to correct the issues long term.
As a conditioning exercise, the carry is one of the best you can do particularly for skinnier guys who are hardgainers. This is due to the fact that the exercise itself is far more muscle sparing and less catabolic than a long 8 mile run daily would be. The caloric expenditure is lower but the weight bearing stress on the bones and muscles is something that is a net positive in terms of muscle gain.
This also allows for good trap development without having to subject the shoulder joint to the abnormal dow and in motion that something like the rack pull would do. For this reason, this exercise is one that can build the traps without excessive risk to shoulder health.
This exercise can and should be done every day because it does not impede on recovery from your workout. With no significant eccentric muscle stress applied to the body, it is easy to perform just a few laps of this exercise at the beginning or end of your workout for that day (or even on non-training days) and see all of the benefits mentioned above.
If you’re looking for a complete training system that never underestimates the value of the carry as a good muscle gainer for everyone, be sure to check out the TOTAL BEAXST program at the link below and start seeing all new gains. This total body training program is going to add muscle to your body faster than any other workout you’ve tried.
For more videos on exercises you should do every day, including the face pull, and why they are helpful for maximizing the muscle gains you see, be sure to subscribe to our channel with the link below and turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video when it’s published.
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ATHLEAN-X™ 4 meses atrás
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Skoob Zombie
Skoob Zombie 6 dias atrás
I need to just come train with you guys you has good positive energy and atmosphere at your gym 💪🏻
FlipaRican 510
FlipaRican 510 9 dias atrás
Thanks, was very helpful.
tahir nazir
tahir nazir 21 dia atrás
hi, I am following your youtube and I found it really helpful. I have a question, is it possible to get a 30day workout program or any other routine that I have to follow to maintain my physique. please let me know how can I get it or is it available anywhere online. thanks and best regards
Aditya King
Aditya King 29 dias atrás
I'm 6ft and 110 lbs
Will Moffat
Will Moffat 4 meses atrás
Abdul Shaik they literally show and tell u exactly how to do it, if u can’t do it from what they’re giving u ur too novice for it to work at all
Mark Littlefield
Mark Littlefield 3 horas atrás
I'm a 58 year old Surfer I started doing this and it really helped me with my surfing like he said stability I'm glad I found this
Daniel A. Septembre
Daniel A. Septembre 6 horas atrás
I like this body size. A little bit more muscles and it's perfect. Most of the body builders are way too bulky.
Christian Gabor
Christian Gabor Dia atrás
Yeah I have more of an endomorph body and carries don't do anything for me except make my arms tired. Also heavy squats always felt natural to me. I like how in this video you make the distinction between body types and I didn't realize that different lifts had different effects on other body types.
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson Dia atrás
I love you skinny mustache man.
PurpleAki Dia atrás
I feel like both the comment section on ATHLEAN-X and theneedledrop have reached peak humour
LstandsForLeon LA
Heres the think I don't have a gympass
john r
john r Dia atrás
Get that farmers strength boah!
Steve Parker
Steve Parker 2 dias atrás
My left hand grip always gives out way before my right, MS has given me left side weakness. For rack pulls and Deadlifts I use hooks, thus back exercises have now given me more gains.
GAMING DROID123 2 dias atrás
Lucas Couto
Lucas Couto 3 dias atrás
Interesting, though he didn't mention the amount of "reps". Did I miss it? How much should I do?
Dragon Man
Dragon Man 3 dias atrás
If you squeese your eye like that you gonna have an issue of your eye ball and vision
DragonBallMoments7 3 dias atrás
Skinny Guys who dont go to the gym like me, do this: 3 sets 15 reps per arm; hammer curl 3 sets 15 reps per arm; basic bicep curl 3 sets 50 reps ; squads 3 sets 20 reps ; jumping jacks 3 sets 13 reps ;bent over dumbell row This is all you need for the first year. Your arms and leggs wills grow and you will get a nice posture. After this I went to the gym, only for my chest and belly. This really helps guys I grew so much!
The Peacekeeper
The Peacekeeper 3 dias atrás
1:25 chris hansen wants to know your location
zGJungle ZG
zGJungle ZG 3 dias atrás
I'm skinny and tall, 6'3" and 160 and do alot of heavy carries at work, blows some customers minds when I move things they can barely lift when they have at least another 20lbs on me, do get quite some lower back problems tho..
Hardik Patel
Hardik Patel 3 dias atrás
Can We Do The Same Exercise On Treadmill ?
Zznuke gamingZz
Zznuke gamingZz 4 dias atrás
Question do I have to change the workout up every so often or not?
Rick Adriaanslaan
Rick Adriaanslaan 3 dias atrás
Zznuke gamingZz when it gets to easy
mark cook
mark cook 4 dias atrás
Jessee is Pornstache from Orange is the New Black
Die_Maulquappe 4 dias atrás
Wow really impressiv gains! My one and only training channel!
Twabbern Studios
Twabbern Studios 4 dias atrás
how long do u need to do this to gain muscels
Mig 28
Mig 28 3 dias atrás
6 wieeks
danturbo316 4 dias atrás
Who knew that carrying the 20's to the living room because the gf doesn't like exercises in the bedroom was actually beneficial lol!
Bubblebath ::o
Bubblebath ::o 5 dias atrás
Can you just do one side and then the other? Or should you have both arms same time?
Brian Bowman
Brian Bowman 5 dias atrás
Aww Jesse!
Arjun Dubey
Arjun Dubey 5 dias atrás
I used to be really skinny. I started to help my mom carry groceries from the store. Now I'm ripped💪
Mig 28
Mig 28 3 dias atrás
I started to carry your mom, Now I'm ripped💪
My Turkish Life
My Turkish Life 6 dias atrás
I carry my take out to the front room 😁
Kaven Haul
Kaven Haul 6 dias atrás
Skinny people have NO EXCUSE when it comes to gaining muscle. All they have to do is lift and eat. They don't have to worry about balancing fat loss.
Waluigi 5 dias atrás
Kaven Haul what about managing what they eat as to not counteract their gains?
Dilan Silva
Dilan Silva 6 dias atrás
Thank you so much for these instructions
Ungoogleable o_O
Ungoogleable o_O 6 dias atrás
6:10 Bad knees.
Andrew Tapia
Andrew Tapia 6 dias atrás
Ellis Combes
Ellis Combes 6 dias atrás
Better to be a skinny guy than a chubby/fat guy like me lol!
danturbo316 4 dias atrás
Eat once a day and start lifting, I guarantee results in a month
Diego De Anda
Diego De Anda 6 dias atrás
The skinny(er) guy looks like the lead singer in the band Daniel, Me Estás Matando
R35 8 dias atrás
So your telling me I should start putting my weights back?
Aurelio Benavidez III
Aurelio Benavidez III 9 dias atrás
Could I add a back pack with some weight to it, to the carry?
SFB 9 dias atrás
I have to quit my job now with all the things I have to do EVERYDAY
X X 9 dias atrás
I can picture Jesse at a playground asking kids how much they weigh
Salamander 10 dias atrás
When I pee, I squeeze my glutes for maximum stability
Logan Velez
Logan Velez 3 dias atrás
This comment deserves more likes😂
Waluigi 5 dias atrás
The Marksman
Jumpin Nemo
Jumpin Nemo 5 dias atrás
Abner 6 dias atrás
PJ R 11 dias atrás
07 January 2020 Tuesday PM : Nice vintage picture Jeff. Hey Jessie, you are very cute and attractive. Really like your new stache. Would you like too go on a date, preferably somewhere in or near Arizona?
ADOBLO 11 dias atrás
Him:oh my favorite is carrying small children Shredded cops: *chokes on coffee*
Daniel Badea
Daniel Badea 12 dias atrás
So if you are a skinny guy you have probable a bad posture, you are weaker than other guys, you are less atractive because of that bad posture, and over all your life is ruined
Three Knock Theater
Three Knock Theater 12 dias atrás
They enlightened me...with SCIENCE!
lucidmist 14 dias atrás
Doppelganger of the late and great Freddie Mercury.
Christopher Aguirre
Christopher Aguirre 14 dias atrás
After this video I can now carry all of the groceries in one trip
Rickey G
Rickey G 15 dias atrás
Much appreciated 💪😏👍
lexchance com
lexchance com 15 dias atrás
Gr8 vid Jeff👍🙏
wakeupnow 16 dias atrás
Sets and rep of carry?
sideshowhashi 16 dias atrás
did he just say long distance running has to go???? i love running and im tryna gain some weight
Itz Phillip
Itz Phillip 13 dias atrás
sideshowhashi bro think about it you won’t really gain weight by cardio.... makes sense? also: can i know what reason you’re running for? i’m interested in your answer
Maniacal Orange18
Maniacal Orange18 16 dias atrás
"Oh bro here we go. I got you Hulk Hogan." lmao 😂
myk13 17 dias atrás
how long should you walk for?
Michael Dadourian
Michael Dadourian 17 dias atrás
We must always consider the source, when considering who we are taking exercise science advisement from. Jeff is top notch.
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 18 dias atrás
Jessie is showing them gains
The Windfall Disciple
The Windfall Disciple 19 dias atrás
Bruno ffs
Bruno ffs 19 dias atrás
He looks like a raisin wtf
Jitendra Paswan
Jitendra Paswan 19 dias atrás
When to do this carry exercise before the starting the exercise or after.
Noah Beezy
Noah Beezy 19 dias atrás
Did Jesse use BEAXST? I’m a skinny guy who is just starting
Slaterhater 20 dias atrás
Jesse is lucky to have 8 pack insertions. They are so rare to have
Travis Sakowski
Travis Sakowski 20 dias atrás
Great content as always. Thanks bud!
Travis Sakowski
Travis Sakowski 20 dias atrás
I think your version of skinny is a lil off brotha.haha
Maaifoedie De La Rey
Maaifoedie De La Rey 20 dias atrás
If you were to design a workout routine, based only on exercises that you really should do every day : Face Pulls Farmer's Carry ..... ? ?
Jiva Daya
Jiva Daya 20 dias atrás
Inspirational Jesse! Been watching you develop for a while now - Thanks for sharing :D
Dixon Yamowthe
Dixon Yamowthe 22 dias atrás
He shouldn’t be making small children jokes with that mustache
Virginbreaker 2 dias atrás
That’s the stash, he has a joko ped that’s why he made that stash
Mig 28
Mig 28 3 dias atrás
@Hax army Thats the joke, he has the pedo stash so thats why he made that joke
Complex Ez
Complex Ez 4 dias atrás
@oLogical YT ThAts THe jOKe, hE HAs A PEdO StASh S0 THaTs whY He MaDe tHe JOke
oLogical YT
oLogical YT 5 dias atrás
That’s the joke, he has the pedo stash so thats why he made that joke
Mousy Prousy
Mousy Prousy 5 dias atrás
Thats the joke, he has the pedo stash so thats why he made that joke
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