Do All Teens Think the Same?

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24 Mar 2019



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Comentários 12 899
liza oterblad
liza oterblad 43 minutos atrás
do one with parents!
Hampy Dampy
Hampy Dampy 2 horas atrás
6 hours pffffff mine is only at pc 12 hours
Dug Express
Dug Express 4 horas atrás
No one gonna talk about how that poor guy was left hanging at 7:42
Ella van der Walde
Ella van der Walde 6 horas atrás
* sees video * *hell no*
yoshiii 7 horas atrás
14 years old?!?!
Erin Is Cool
Erin Is Cool 7 horas atrás
Alba doesn't like how she looks, but i truly think she is the most beautiful out of all of them :D
yeet yoit
yeet yoit 8 horas atrás
well im going to be honest i don’t like alba. i find her to be the attention seeking type.
Trevzeee 8 horas atrás
I somewhat disagree that teens have more of a voice then previous generations because I feel like adults overlook teens especially now due to the excuses like teens are always on their phones and such. As a teen, I want to make a difference but I am not given the opportunities to do so.
Unspoken Name
Unspoken Name 8 horas atrás
tbh at the age of 14, there shouldn't be too much stress (excluding family, and those situational stresses).. that you have restless nights. You barely started hs, what stress do u have (as a normal teen), when bills aren't for you yet, post-secondary education inst there yet either, no need to earn money yet (not illegally anyways). The stress should come when a teen changes to an adult, like around when you are almost graduation hs, and heading towards uni/college or work.
y/n -
y/n - 9 horas atrás
i love how caitlin yeeted to the ‘strongly agree’ section on the way she looks^_____^🥺
Bibendum 9 horas atrás
Do all midgets think the same? 🤔🤔🤔
Bibendum 9 horas atrás
I’m confused, this girl says she’s over 18 at 1:31 but this is supposed to be teens... is there another reason why they put her in?? Like does she look younger or soemfjing
Benito Gómez Mellado
Benito Gómez Mellado 9 horas atrás
I love my generation Z
Lumos & Nox
Lumos & Nox 10 horas atrás
I’m not entirely happy or comfortable with the way I look. I know what I can want to change, but I have no way to do that. I just want to see my body on a screen and change it until I’m happy.
Nicholas DeNinno
Nicholas DeNinno 10 horas atrás
I feel like on the last question, teenagers are more so being influenced BY rather than influencING. They pretty much just believe everything their teachers tell them and instead of making sure they’re right, they protest their teachers beliefs.
mac n cheese
mac n cheese 10 horas atrás
older generations run the world but teens shape the world they're required to run i feel if u know what i mean by that
Santos Colon
Santos Colon 10 horas atrás
wow y’all care ab current events LMAO yea no. Ain’t nobody give af what the president doin what the states doin what happening in the news ppl act like that’s gonna change how our lives are lived when they rly aren’t as long as I dont let them
UMBC Herky
UMBC Herky 10 horas atrás
Alba pissed me off clearly liberal
peppermintiee 11 horas atrás
the girl who said she didn’t like the way she looks and why made me very sad. I hope she’s doing well. ):
Eclipse the Brave
Eclipse the Brave 12 horas atrás
The school shooting one hit me hard because my school had a threat I didn’t go to school that day alone with a lot of other people
Prodigy I
Prodigy I 12 horas atrás
The front girl sounded like she had a prepared speech every time she spoke. Although she seemed like she was going to cry most times...
Katie Do
Katie Do 12 horas atrás
I’m just gonna spoil it for you They think differently
breahthequeen _
breahthequeen _ 13 horas atrás
Can I be Alba’s friend like please 😩
Cherry Bandit
Cherry Bandit 13 horas atrás
As someone who is Alba's age, I can confidently say that she is beautiful. And whoever is reading this comment now, know that you are beautiful, too 💖
Anna Gorban
Anna Gorban 14 horas atrás
You guys should do “do all kids the same”
Inge Vem
Inge Vem 14 horas atrás
Alba can change the world when she is older
Shep TheShep
Shep TheShep 14 horas atrás
Hahaha hahaha, they actually thing all teens agree with each other, hahahahahahaha
Empressveiws Tv
Empressveiws Tv 14 horas atrás
We need this teen episode every week
Will Robertson
Will Robertson 14 horas atrás
with the question about how influential teens are, i feel like i would be standing on the ‘somewhat disagree’ line, i would want to stand on the agree line but although we have more power than past teen generations we are constantly getting squashed down and shrugged off by world leaders and people of power, we can make such a difference but we are told that we are just teens and our brains aren’t developed and we can’t think properly for ourselves, that we are lazy and glued to our phones, when that’s just a stereotype, it’s so aggravating!!
OutplayShower ;
OutplayShower ; 15 horas atrás
make communist vs capitalists
suski_dusk 15 horas atrás
Just reminding some people that an algorithm is something that creates a so called ”bubble” when we’re online, let it be social media or google. The designed algorithms will show you things that are the most compatible to your beliefs based on the previous data-actions you have done. This means that even though all of the world’s knowledge is right under your fingertips, you must know how to look for it and be critical when reading something. This is one of the first things I was taught in my Finnish language course since entering a Finnish upper-secondary school. Not just me, it is something that taught to every upper-secondary school studen’t in Finland.
xxx headass
xxx headass 15 horas atrás
The black girl is so cuteee
generic username
generic username 15 horas atrás
i love alba lmfao
Michael Alamo
Michael Alamo 15 horas atrás
The one in the front is very mature for their age
Sophie Leckrone
Sophie Leckrone 15 horas atrás
alba be my friend please
Tano Capote
Tano Capote 16 horas atrás
Damn some of these kids had really good answers that seem like they were really thought out but they just said it on the spot I would not be able to come up with such good answers props to them
Joshua Mercier
Joshua Mercier 16 horas atrás
I wish there was a person there who disagreed when everyone agreed on something
Desie Dolphin
Desie Dolphin 17 horas atrás
*Normal People Screen Time: 3-6 hours a week* *My Screen Time: 24 Hours a DAY*
mary k
mary k 17 horas atrás
alba reminds me so much of kehlani
Nathan West
Nathan West 17 horas atrás
Girl the back 😍
Δημητρης Δατσιος
That one girl:My screen is 6 hours and i know that's bad. Gamers:hold my mouse
Δημητρης Δατσιος
+EJ hmm nice
EJ 15 horas atrás
Hold my doritos
Nicholas Richardson
Nicholas Richardson 18 horas atrás
Weak generation
Special Agent A
Special Agent A 19 horas atrás
Why does everyone have to be so deep and serious
dindins 19 horas atrás
and these kids don't even have to do the ib
Give Us The Floor
Give Us The Floor 21 hora atrás
Check out Give Us The Floor if you're a teen looking for support or want to help your peers! Give Us The Floor is For Teens, By Teens.
Twixy YT
Twixy YT 21 hora atrás
Who think the girl in the front is that girl In school thats shy
Cemre 21 hora atrás
I think teens are stressed because they mostly feel like the world revolves around them. And the most of them don’t acknowledge the other kids who don’t have any body or died before their “sweet 16” and have no dreams for the future because they don’t even have tomorrow.
̇ ̊ʚ tea time ;;
̇ ̊ʚ tea time ;; 21 hora atrás
give alba a hug 😩
Leah Dada
Leah Dada 21 hora atrás
I just feel messed up. My screen time can reach up to 9 hours.
XXXX 21 hora atrás
Spectrum for people *on the spectrum*
Charlie Burke
Charlie Burke 23 horas atrás
Big Chungus is. The only one that think he looks good
I PEW THAT PIE Dia atrás
The teen in your country looks like adult no tea hahahaha not like us asians.
Cactus Child
Cactus Child Dia atrás
1:54 *drives bulldozer through left wall*
joonphoria Dia atrás
Not gonna lie the first thing I noticed when I clicked on this video was how beautiful Alba looked,,
Mauricio Naranjo
Mauricio Naranjo Dia atrás
Kids now are all influence
1000 subscribers with no videos challenge
Taylore is so beautiful😍
Braxton w
Braxton w Dia atrás
Alba is definitely a feminist
scmcallister Dia atrás
2:07 I feel so bad for Alba, especially since they're so cute in my eyes.
SUH DUDE Dia atrás
Question “I beat it over 5 times a day” *STRONGLY AGREE*
Will Vogt
Will Vogt 14 horas atrás
+L N we all need an L N replying to our comments to make sure we ok
L N 15 horas atrás
Can you even still use your dick my dude
Swimming Passenger
The girl, Alba, who strongly disagreed with liking the way she looked was so beautiful! When I saw her at the front the first thing I thought was how pretty she was. I loved her style too. I hope she’ll see the beauty in herself soon.
BubbaFett17 Dia atrás
My screen time is 8 1/2 hours
ModestGamer Dia atrás
Bro can somebody get that chicks insta
THE SAUCE Dia atrás
the lesbian girl wants attention you can tell
Lia’s World
Lia’s World Dia atrás
Honestly 2:47 got me because I could tell my mom that I get stressed and she would say all you have to worry about is school.However while I do have to worry about school and all the pressure that gets put on me to make good grades so I could get in the best high schools and colleges , I still have to support the people Around me when their sad and that’s really hard because I don’t like seeing anyone sad.But I don’t say anything so I have to keep it all in 😪
Simply James
Simply James Dia atrás
The kid in the blue is probably a kid who plays fortnite all day
sugondese nuts
sugondese nuts 20 horas atrás
he seems chill, i would be his friend
Thomas Arensberg
Thomas Arensberg Dia atrás
They only get weird people to speak for us
Fat Nigga
Fat Nigga Dia atrás
Of course the two girls are addicted to social media
hi sisters
hi sisters Dia atrás
Alba is so mature.
MOV MOV Dia atrás
Finally a group that actually represents what they are trying to show
Charlie Williams
Charlie Williams Dia atrás
These are f**king teens; they think they are adults, like bruh.
LosTresPollos Dia atrás
girl in the front had a massive victim complex while somehow always having a superiority complex
Lovely Jk
Lovely Jk Dia atrás
I low-key got mad at Taylore when she disagreed with Alba about the bubble thing
swim on
swim on Dia atrás
Maybe there's something wrong with me but I love myself to much, I could watch myself in a mirror longer then I'm on social media
2 to 5
2 to 5 Dia atrás
Why am I literally like Alba
Tylerz Dia atrás
do all teachers think the same
Jimmy Duplessis
Jimmy Duplessis Dia atrás
It’s not that ya teens are to stressed! It’s just we are new to the feeling and as we become an adult we adapt and learn to get through it
Lump Nuggets
Lump Nuggets Dia atrás
This video makes me proud of my generation
Lump Nuggets
Lump Nuggets Dia atrás
Dude I wish I was on this I have so much to say and this is so cool that this is out there and this is a great comment section bc I feel that a lot more people will listen to what teens have to say
Josh Third splash brother
Only like 2 “normal” teenagers
Aryan Islam
Aryan Islam Dia atrás
At 7:41 when the kid in the blue t-shirt tries to high five the girl but gets ignored is honestly sad
Mike Hocksbig
Mike Hocksbig Dia atrás
girl with short hair acts aba 22yrs old wtf
Uzouma Dia atrás
I don't think they are really teenagers. They seem way more mature
George T
George T Dia atrás
Yes we're all identical
CdMsW Dia atrás
Blue, gray and black... was that planned?
sveva derksen
sveva derksen Dia atrás
I agree with Alba on a high level.
Jordon Dia atrás
We can tell who the adults in childrens bodys are and who are still children...
Naomi Tebboth
Naomi Tebboth Dia atrás
The girl with the short hair is so pretty
Beleaf Dia atrás
These teen are really smart.
Samy Meftoul
Samy Meftoul Dia atrás
actually i'm a teen and i feel like i'm litteraly the opposite of these guys in a lot of ways.. I'm not mature , i'm not feeling any kind of stress, i don't care about recent events etc well i think i'm just an asshole
6 hours is a long time of screen time?💀 i do like 3x that number 💀💀
Jess Sunshine
Jess Sunshine Dia atrás
“I just want to be a teen how can I be this stressed” Two questions prior ‘i have a 6 hour average of screen time a day on social media’ ...uhhhhhh 🙄
MrJohnoss Dia atrás
MATEO??????? thats carlos
D Pencil
D Pencil Dia atrás
Crazy how I’m 17 and I’m so intellectually smart and these teens know what’s up
Jim Feig
Jim Feig Dia atrás
How long till gen Z understand hard work now is useless for their future?
Shanna-May Brennan
Ok, but alba is so well-spoken
summer & emma
summer & emma Dia atrás
that girl that disagreed about liking herself makes me so sad because she’s actually really stunning.
why tho
why tho Dia atrás
I was born before that 😥now I feel old
Be a
Be a Dia atrás
Just so you think about it, she was born in 2005
Megan Hamm
Megan Hamm Dia atrás
alba is gorgeous tho go stand in the agree area hun❤️❤️
Kachow Dmitriy
Kachow Dmitriy Dia atrás
The real question is do teens think
why tho
why tho Dia atrás
the real answer is no of course not we're all robots
Tina Haller
Tina Haller Dia atrás
I just turned 20. 1. Somewhat disagree, i put it down for my 9 hour shifts nightly and I'm pretty much taylore. Didn't get a smartphone until late 17 2. Disagree. Work will break these kids. People are mean in real life 3. Strongly agree. I hate being a young adult. Full time college and full time job. I loved being a teen though, life was way easier. 4. Disagree. Been through one that was a false alarm. 5. Somewhat disagree. Too busy to care. I sleep and work and eat then repeat. 6. STRONGLY DISAGREE. Work at a min wage job old generations give no fucks about the younger generation. They laugh when I tell them I have to work to support myself. We. Have. No. Influence. Celebrity teens might but the rest of us...
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