Do All Teens Think the Same?

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24 Mar 2019

jubileejubilee mediajubilee projectlive deeperblind devotionlove languagemiddle groundspectrumjubilee spectrumdo all teens think the same?teens spectrumteens debatedo students feel less safesafe at schoolschool safetyteens social mediateens phone addictionphones down social experimentteen stereotypeswhat do teenagers dospectrum teenagersteens reactteenagers



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Comentários 10 028
5hawn 34 minutos atrás
I need to befriend these teens
Katie Sylvester
Katie Sylvester 2 horas atrás
Alba needs to be some sort of public speaker. Damn!
Taylor E
Taylor E 4 horas atrás
alba’s voice sounds like zendaya 😂
becky 4 horas atrás
"What is happening in Nicaragua then?" She tried it and got schooled real quick 😂 loved Alba's wisdom
Cody suski
Cody suski 5 horas atrás
teens these days all swear they got some mental health trama or something its just excuses to what they couldnt get done lmao
Cody suski
Cody suski 5 horas atrás
kid in the blue gonna come back another episode lookin like a female
Bella Chandler
Bella Chandler 6 horas atrás
The actual threat of school shootings doesn’t scare me the most, it’s the fact that we are *trained* to throw heavy and sharp objects in that situation. It’s like they are telling us “ not if, but when it happens”
majorelle 8 horas atrás
Alba is so mindful and smart
ANGELA MARIE 8 horas atrás
i hope these kids parents are proud tbh
majorelle 8 horas atrás
I’m on my electronics for an average of 22h and 42m. everyday
Chrisss 9 horas atrás
you got all the weird teens
Amara always
Amara always 12 horas atrás
What's so funny is that girl who went to the disagree side, about liking the way she looks, is a gorgeous girl!!.
Abraham Vasquez
Abraham Vasquez 13 horas atrás
Highkey i feel bad bc she shouldnt be thinking that she isnt enough but for my opinion shes enough to someone that cares for her but besides strangers who dont know her
greenalfoil 15 horas atrás
The beauty of all the stress as a teen of 'who am I/what does my future look like' is that by the time you hit 25 it doesn't matter haha. You're not where you thought you'd be and you realise it didn't matter that you cared then.
Zeramas _
Zeramas _ 15 horas atrás
The school shooting one is strongly agree. Im in my junior year of highschool and since i live in florida. people have told me that they always keep a knife on them just because the bad stuff that happens around my town. In my highschool people are really bad.
les gens sont beaux
les gens sont beaux 19 horas atrás
Random person: Alba's cute. 🤡s: That _thing_ is ugly 🤡s: She's a girl Like first of all Alba is trans. Second if Alba didn't identify as non-binary, there's nothing wrong with a girl finding another one attractive. Also, Alba is very hot, and probably hotter then most of you clowns in the comments. And that's coming from a girl. Seriously, keep your pants on?
layla G
layla G 21 hora atrás
This might go unseen, but having their ages next to their name while speaking may have been useful to me.
Saskia Lehmann
Saskia Lehmann Dia atrás
Do all europeans think the same
Athena 2911
Athena 2911 Dia atrás
Otter Woods
Otter Woods Dia atrás
Ive never really thought about it but im constantly worried about how im going to get to college how ill pay how ill stay out of debt my grades if i can get a job volunteering or just do anything to make a college application look good that's something that only my generation and the one before me have had to worry about just look at how much college prices have changed over the years
Eva Darmon
Eva Darmon Dia atrás
Do anyone know a group on the internet able to make us speak with people about important subject and discuss?
Eva Darmon
Eva Darmon Dia atrás
H J Dia atrás
As a teen, when the question about school shooting one came up I just imagined myself standing smack dead in the middle and just blurting "I can't relate cause in Australia we actually have gun laws so..." and I do not regret it
abirdkilledmeh Dia atrás
Alba is a cutie tho. She be getting all the girls in college
WolfvineGaming Dia atrás
Lol doesnt plug their socials.
leckin XD
leckin XD Dia atrás
Do kpop stans think the same?
Æ Mike Gabriel
Æ Mike Gabriel Dia atrás
Ali Seed
Ali Seed Dia atrás
The girl that said she doesn’t look good is one of the prettiest in that room
max dashen
max dashen Dia atrás
Why are the men always so feminine in this?
D'Asia Mcinnis
D'Asia Mcinnis 2 dias atrás
Awe listening to Alba made me sad.
Anna Arkless
Anna Arkless 2 dias atrás
sorry what. she wasnt ALLOWED to have social media till she was 18?? What kinda authoritarian crap is this? I moved out before I was 18 n shes here not even having used social media.
AnonymousPhoenix 2 dias atrás
being a teen this video also helped me to learn more about our Individual differences and to the teenagers watching this I hope you have a better day everyday and know that you are always be by somebody in your life
Breanna Camille
Breanna Camille 2 dias atrás
when she tried to act like alba didn’t know what she was saying and then alba proved her point in less than a minute🤣
Łėïłåňïē Rivera
Alba is so woke and intelligent💞🤞😭
Łėïłåňïē Rivera
Alba was the prettiest! I wish he/she would know that💕💞😭 she/he is amazing bruh
Taizailin Editsss
Taizailin Editsss 2 dias atrás
2:30 awww ☹️ I wanna hug her
Erica Simpson
Erica Simpson 3 dias atrás
My heart aches for our youth ❤️ I’m 19 so really still part of it but like middle schoolers and high schoolers scared to go to school, worried about their bodies, social media like my goodness. But I’m also so proud of them and I know that they are strong. Hearing some of their words these kids are so intelligent.
AntonyS0lis 3 dias atrás
We were all stressed and felt pressure as teenagers. I'm 30 now and I remember feeling that exact way, fearing what adulthood was going to look like. The difference is, most of us Millenials were teenagers before social media so we didn't have a global platform to express it, which allowed it to go ignored on a global scale. Gen Z has social media to express all of their stresses and pressures so the voice of that is much louder so it seems like it's a "new" concept effecting this generation.
alyciasapphic 3 dias atrás
alba is so well spoken 🥺
Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs 3 dias atrás
AngelGoat 3 dias atrás
I wish I was friends with the girl in the white shirt because she's similar to me. I care about what's happening in the world yet I try to move forward in life. However, I'm iffy on my appearance and I have no friends in person and always surrounded by a verbally abusive brother. Gradually I started to get social anxiety as a result. I felt bad about that girl in the white shirt though, I wish I was there to cheer her up and hang out with her. That probably sounds weird but I rarely have social interactions besides adults or my cousins.
Montana's life
Montana's life 3 dias atrás
I wanna give alba a hug
Honest af
Honest af 3 dias atrás
this video was so short, i feel like it wasn't enough
The epic Viner
The epic Viner 3 dias atrás
Yeah just checked I have 8 hours 30 minutes of time on my phone today and I spent 6 hours out side today So I don't know what that girl was saying when she said she had over 6 hours of time on her phone
EseyTheCookie X
EseyTheCookie X 3 dias atrás
did they already do “do all black people think the same?”
Fudiroll 4 dias atrás
They give them so much credit for revolutionizing social media when it was really the people born between 1985-1999
Just Mikrokosmic
Just Mikrokosmic 4 dias atrás
I would've disagreed with them for everything...
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam 4 dias atrás
Stop fear mongering about school shootings
23peatx 4 dias atrás
Caitlyn is sexyyyyyy whats her @
Emma D
Emma D 4 dias atrás
The kid in the Blue shirt and blonde hair, I LOVE HIMMMM!!!!!!😍😍
Bouchra Lkhou
Bouchra Lkhou 4 dias atrás
The girl who's not happy with her looks is the most beautiful one amomg them ...
Emilia Dumitrescu
Emilia Dumitrescu 2 dias atrás
Bouchra Lkhou facts i was thinking the same
Frosyni Rini
Frosyni Rini 4 dias atrás
This deserves to be on netflix.
Minnie846 Mouse
Minnie846 Mouse 5 dias atrás
Alba is so powerfully spoken if that makes any sense
Atomic Apple
Atomic Apple 5 dias atrás
I always ask my schoolmates about their opinions about stuff like this. It’s interesting to see an “American” perspective.
BLaZeD _Athanas
BLaZeD _Athanas 5 dias atrás
Alba is well spoken
Rocío BS
Rocío BS 5 dias atrás
I love all of them omg, they're all so cute and amazing idk!❤
Lily Lucas
Lily Lucas 5 dias atrás
i’m crying bc the one who didn’t like herself. i feel so bad for them.
Dolly 5 dias atrás
Ive been out of school for two almost three years now and I remember that my school had threats of school shooting but I can't say I was scared about it happening....i honestly couldnt careless if it happened ....
Pranth 17
Pranth 17 5 dias atrás
“Do you like the way you look” Both boys in blue should have gone disagree 🤷‍♂️
Archie and his pet snake
My screen time is 7 and a half hours
Sibs restaurant
Sibs restaurant 5 dias atrás
4:34 yeah but a school shooter or someone who plans something like that isn't just gonna switch and any school can be shot at and it is a big problem. 1 shooting is too many.
hxze 5 dias atrás
I expected cringe from the kid with the blue shirt but got wise words
Black Snake
Black Snake 5 dias atrás
I hate how someone says they shoudln’t have restless honest with you and just realize that if you organize well enough, you will sleep normally almost every day
Lucas Bright
Lucas Bright 5 dias atrás
This is the strangest group of teenagers
Antony García
Antony García 5 dias atrás
This makes me feel old, but proud and happy to see they really care about the REAL THINGS. Makes me believe this world really have a future 👊🏼💪🏼
Teri Wright
Teri Wright 5 dias atrás
This is a good group of kids , they seem like they have their heads on straight.Yall need to get some kids from high point NC.Promise that outcome will be TOTALLY different 🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️
ana long
ana long 3 dias atrás
FORREALL , im from winston-salem NC 😂😂😂
GSS For Climate Change
YES! The girl who said how she can't just be a teen because there is so much pressure on what your life will be like in the future! That's how I feel all day!
I is no one no one at all
I like alba
Tiresome 5 dias atrás
Is she saying 6hrs is a lot? My average screen time is 9 hrs a day
Jaden Matte
Jaden Matte 5 dias atrás
These kids seem kinda sheltered, I'm almost 16 and I'm so so much more opinionated than them
four of cups
four of cups 5 dias atrás
school shooters in america have been male 95% of the time and the two boys said they're not scared of it D-:
Top Fragger
Top Fragger 6 dias atrás
Honestly I don’t know what these people are talking abt teens chill all day atleast for me lol
Daniela Cary
Daniela Cary 6 dias atrás
When that girl said “my screen time is 6 hours” I said “Girl my screen time is more than 8 hours “
bland bland
bland bland 6 dias atrás
They look like middles schoolers lol
MKing 6 dias atrás
Taylore: * laughing* I literally never heard anyone talk about that (thousands injured)
Fatima Hosni
Fatima Hosni 6 dias atrás
There's this thought that I created in my head since I was young that's killing me If I don't get good grades. I won't make it to the next year, and if I don't make it, then I won't graduate college, and if I don't then I'm a disappointment to my whole family. Then I won't have a job, then I won't succeed in life. That's the thought that comes to me every single day, before I do a test even if I'm prepared for it, then I'll miss it up eventhough it easy.
Fatima Hosni
Fatima Hosni 6 dias atrás
I literally stopped the video and cried for 30 min bc I know that I'm repeating my year like I failed in all subjects And my father is very supportive of me(I study science) [he still doesn't know that I failed] and I disappointed him, I'm literally a failure. And I don't want to go back to school and see all my friends because I'm ashamed of myself
Duhhrvy 6 dias atrás
*sometimes I just want to sit and be a teen* I felt that one :( school is extremely tiring and legit not even focussing on learning anymore it’s only about passing
Nicolas Sol.
Nicolas Sol. 6 dias atrás
No not all teens think the same
Lindir Landir
Lindir Landir 6 dias atrás
I love these beautiful people!
yøuthtner 6 dias atrás
Alba looks like Demi Lovato
Maimai 6 dias atrás
Alba talks so smart
Phoebe Campbell
Phoebe Campbell 6 dias atrás
Can I just say alba is stunning ✨ I thought that as soon as I started the video
Brainsphere 6 dias atrás
Umm more of Alba please!!
Darius Phillips
Darius Phillips 6 dias atrás
Is it possible to do a segment on introverts and extroverts???
Gabby S
Gabby S 6 dias atrás
Natalie Skupchenko
Natalie Skupchenko 6 dias atrás
do all homophobes think the same?
March Delgado
March Delgado 7 dias atrás
Alex Barčovský
Alex Barčovský 7 dias atrás
"I shouldnt have restless nights" Literally 1 second later: "I shouldnt drink coffee to stay awake" Girl I think there is a causation there.... Like maaaybe try and stop drinking coffee and see what it does for you
Jubert Hubberly
Jubert Hubberly 7 dias atrás
Alba has my heart honestly. I wish them nothing but the best honestly. All of them
Anayeli Montes
Anayeli Montes 7 dias atrás
alba, i wanna be your friend
Maite Renteria
Maite Renteria 7 dias atrás
Mateo is so cute
Anayeli Montes
Anayeli Montes 7 dias atrás
girl my screen time is 16 hours, don’t worry :)
Anayeli Montes
Anayeli Montes 3 dias atrás
Chloe Jones yeah it’s bad, i do everything on my phone. i’m listening to youtube videos while i clean, while i shower, i listen to music while i sleep, and i’m on my phone all day😂 it use to be 19? but it went bc yk, i’m not on it as much. weekly total it’s 99 hours😅
Chloe Jones
Chloe Jones 5 dias atrás
Anayeli Montes girl how 😨 I thought my 7 hrs was bad. Is it just from social media?? Or do are you watching videos?? like i see ppl saying 12 hrs 14 hrs and I have no clue how y’all are on your phone that much
RobinXE 7 dias atrás
can we get a europe version?
Moa 7 dias atrás
Alba looks like demi lovato
Moa 7 dias atrás
OTF Angel you’re lying to yourself
OTF Angel
OTF Angel 7 dias atrás
Hell nawh
mickael cordero-villaman
From the answers these teens gave out, you can see America still doesn't get it smh
weirdo 7 dias atrás
Do all BRvidrs think the same?
lolofaant25 7 dias atrás
The black girl looks so much younger than 18 :D but she’s super cute and seems smart
KammyFML 7 dias atrás
Why do they always bring people who look weird af
Neonmatrix 7 dias atrás
These participants lack universality and generalisably. They are all living in the Western Culture
I love rain Like chocalate
*Am I the only teen that isn’t in social media other then youtube?*
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