DIY High-Performance Board Longbow Build

Kramer Ammons
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DIY High-Performance Board Longbow Build
Buy bowstring here! -
Buy a tillering string here! -
Free PDF Bow Build Plans-
Fiberglass tape
The glue I used -
This is a complete tutorial on how to make a high performing longbow. From the buying of the wood to the shooting of the bow. In this bow build, we use fiberglass drywall tape to back this longbow. We used Titebond 3 wood glue to adhere to both surfaces together.
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6 Dez 2019



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Comentários 80
Kramer Ammons
Kramer Ammons 5 meses atrás
Thanks, everyone for your support! It's a pleasure to be able to make videos and hang out with you!
Eli Zagozda
Eli Zagozda 15 dias atrás
Dude, If the bow he killed the animal it’s not in adequate. Bow hunting is a vary effective way to hunt animals.
Danny Osborn
Danny Osborn 17 dias atrás
@derek melton did you get an answer, im also wondering about thickness
Danny Osborn
Danny Osborn 17 dias atrás
@clippersncurls check spam folder, thats where mine arrived
Michael Hemric
Michael Hemric 25 dias atrás
Kramer Ammons HI! Can you use fiberglass chop matt like you would use to make fiberglass resin aka automotive or boat fiberglass for the backing? It looks like the sheetrock tape but its much more coarse and random pattern than a grid pattern? Thanks for the info
VICTOR E Mês atrás
Great video... I'd be interested in just buying one.
SealTeam Ryx
SealTeam Ryx 8 horas atrás
Garbage... terrible work.. worst I've ever seen! Hahaha just kidding well done that is really cool I wish I had the patience to do that.. I would try n end up hurrying through steps and messing it up lol so again, well done sir 😊
Joe Newman
Joe Newman 13 horas atrás
What's the lbs pull on that
Sweet Surrender McGuire
Sweet Surrender McGuire 13 horas atrás
Is ash a good wood for making bows?
Cole Clark
Cole Clark 14 horas atrás
I made a proper longbow by scaling up the size, and the tillering takes WAY longer to do that in the video. Also, since it's so much bigger (about 80 in total length) it has a draw weight of almost 100 lbs. Thanks for the video!
PeacefulWarrior 14 horas atrás
Great video buddy, I will do a bow up myself one of these days. You forgot to tell us who the music is by, loved that too :-). All the best, Michael from London, UK.
Rali Thorn
Rali Thorn 14 horas atrás
Neat video
محمد الجوراني
Would you please send me a bow as a greeting for your generous person?
Viridian 23 horas atrás
I don't have a garage or any of the tools needed :(
Veiled Dancer
Veiled Dancer Dia atrás
I enjoyed the video. Thank you.
Veiled Dancer
Veiled Dancer Dia atrás
I went to your site and I was going to download your plans. I don't see any privacy policy. Do you have a privacy policy?
david rosalsky
david rosalsky Dia atrás
I love your show. I'm not much of an archer but I am a pretty good carpenter. I would love to make a bow that I can use to get better at this sport. Can you make a bow from fiberglass ( I think) snow skis? I don't ski but I have 3 pair
Cole Clark
Cole Clark 14 horas atrás
probably not, as fiberglass is literally slivers of glass. if you cut it it will send slivers into you. Believe me, that doesn't feel good.
Michael Hawkins
Michael Hawkins Dia atrás
Would the process be much harder with laminations of different types of wood and/or composites?
Ahmed Hissam
Ahmed Hissam Dia atrás
4th ingredient, nail
BIG BAD WOLF Dia atrás
Cutter Carlo
Cutter Carlo Dia atrás
nice editing and photography :)
violinneophyte Dia atrás
It's no longer a 15 dollar bow when you get THAT many woodworking tools involved.
ricky reid
ricky reid Dia atrás
awesome probable wont build one but if i did couldi round off the sharp edge on the back
ViNO FLY 2 dias atrás
Is nobody gonna mention how good his transitions are in the beginning
Saint Of Killers
Saint Of Killers 2 dias atrás
I watch a lot of craftsmen and makers and the like on BRvid, and I gotta say, the production values here are off the damn charts. Great editing, shows you how to do the thing, minimal fluff, fantastic music... Good stuff, sir.
Jacob Berry
Jacob Berry 2 dias atrás
ZNA production sent me. Hello there.
Mario Pulido Evora
Mario Pulido Evora 2 dias atrás
Hello, what kind of wood is it?
Scentaur Fragrance
Scentaur Fragrance 2 dias atrás
No boiled linseed oil ????
Nederlands Verzet 2020
also... if you need a bowstring... use paracord XD works like a charm i use it on my native american longbow. the real paracord should be able to handle around 500lbs, goodluck drawing that much
Nederlands Verzet 2020
imagine a world where americans used a logical system like the erm... metric system
Mikhail Vershinin
Mikhail Vershinin 9 horas atrás
Imagine a world where we can bear arms 🤪😂😂😂🤟🏻
J Strålis
J Strålis 2 dias atrás
Nice 😀💎
RowanBows 2 dias atrás
for a selfbow poplar is a very bad wood. I mean, ok you make a laminated bow but why not take a bowwood, maple, ash tree...? Ive read that selfbows are possible but its a high risk
felixccaa 2 dias atrás
pls, take care not to volume up the music section - Your voice is recorded really low - I'm listening to what You are saying whilst doing something else and I have to run back to PC not to get problems with my neighbours .... =D thx for the great video (apart from that)
Rodolfo Lazo
Rodolfo Lazo 2 dias atrás
somebody received the pdf file? , i tryed 3 times. but no i draw it by the measures showed and told in the video..but would like to have better backup info for a new attempt. The video is great, Kramer´s enthusiasm is very encouraging and make the whole process quite interesting and dinamic...,
D S 2 dias atrás
Day 43: I have started scavenging and foraging the woods for meat. This will help me hunt deer.
Stoney Fish
Stoney Fish 3 dias atrás
Is there a good substitute for wax paper?
Tim Ralston
Tim Ralston 3 dias atrás
Who does this guy think he is? Bowbuild Baggins?
devvildogg1775 3 dias atrás
So I got my first bow to shoot arrows, after about 50 or so shots started hearing cracking and the bottom limb started splitting. Looks like I took too much wood out and I didn’t notice when I was scraping. Do you have a method to keep the limbs nice and even?
Evil Blaze Drummer
Evil Blaze Drummer 4 dias atrás
do you hav an arrow tutorials ...your tutorials are amazing ... enjoyble plus mesmerizing and inspiting
Abby 4 dias atrás
You said this was a draw weight of 50, I made one out of PVC pipe and it was so much fun, and now I want to make a new one, except I think 50 is a bit too much. How would I make it less? Sorry if this is a stupid question!! But I’m super excited to try this out!
stathis kapnidis
stathis kapnidis 4 dias atrás
Man, your videography is beyond amazing. I do think that you can be a little less stiff in camera, but again, this is an outstanding job
jacman1111 4 dias atrás
I used 2 rollerblade wheels on my tillering tree for the pulley
jacman1111 4 dias atrás
If you had an endless supply of guava staves how would you go about making the bow if you wanted the fastest one? I probably have about 500 stave's on my property. Do you think guava is a good enough wood to harvest and sell them?
Jason Ransom
Jason Ransom 4 dias atrás
Came on my feed today, I’m impressed. Maybe in the future I might make one, for that price and time to make its a deal. Great video.
KWatt-Engineer 5 dias atrás
Love your videos they are enthusiastic and at a level that encourages a newbie like me to give it a try. Well I gave it a try and broke serial number 1. Serial Number 2 is already in the shop. 3 layers of glass and epoxy are curing on the blank. I have a couple of things I tried for your comment. When cutting grooves for the nocks, I taped 3 hacksaw blades together to start the grooves & then finished with the chainsaw file. It makes quick cuts and no clogging of the file. Also to ensure an even belly when tillering , consider using a parallel jaw sliding caliper when you put it on the flat back you can instantly see if the belly is parallel to the back . The bonus is that you only need to draw the profile on one side. I am working my way through all of your vids & look forward to the new ones .
RFXCasey 5 dias atrás
Do one on making a recurve, it can't be that difficult. And couldn't you just glue on a little wedge of wood for an arrow rest? Also, why not fiberglass resin the entire back of the bow over that fiberglass tape? Heck, have you tried using fiberglass resin rather than glue for the entirety of the tape process?
Some Dude
Some Dude 5 dias atrás
Would duct tape suffice? (Instead of the fiberglass tape)
stickshinkle 3 dias atrás
It should work. Hes got a video on Duct Tape backing too
swissgunner 5 dias atrás
Please go metric, all those 8ths and 3rds make no sense to us eurometricnerds
Christopher Phillips
Christopher Phillips 5 dias atrás
Dude that's 107.72 miles per hour. Super fast.. very cool
Andrew Spencer
Andrew Spencer 5 dias atrás
8:34 alot of that wood is going to soak in to that wood
Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith 5 dias atrás
Can you show how to make a recurve bow.? There's a lot of dense brush and forest where I live so I need a shorter bow like a horse bow to get around easier and not hang up on brush.
talos935 6 dias atrás
Have you got an arrow making video too? Loving the vid. Lots of work fine into the video ❤️❤️❤️
The Sunakhenhs
The Sunakhenhs 7 dias atrás
Can u make me a bow?
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnson 7 dias atrás
Ytanythinggoes 8 dias atrás
I might try this method, iv made a few bows and broken them all, very dissapointing , this bow looks quite nice, great job. 👍
Mathias List
Mathias List 8 dias atrás
well, nothing new. I made several bows and even one out of spruce and it is nothing new in this video. Btw you need no fiber glass tape for a working bow. I never heard anyone talking less about bow making in an half an hour video. Might be you learn more about bow making when making a bundle bow or reading the wikipedia article about leaf springs.
Wiggy McDoll
Wiggy McDoll 8 dias atrás
Thanks bro. I also liked you in blink 182!
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 8 dias atrás
This is an amazingly easy tutorial on making a proper bow. Great going man, I wish you the best of luck! Edit: it looks like the fine tuning part is the most intensive yet rewarding part. I’d love to get one of these going for my kids. Do you have any tutorials for more advanced/high performance bows?
Heart of The ocean
Heart of The ocean 8 dias atrás
Exellent video! Been a long time fan of the wood longbows all my life. Always wanted to make one, but didnt think i could. After watching this video, not only will i be making one, but may just open my own business selling these. Loved how you broke down every detail and the music choice was on point! Thank you again!!
D Drover
D Drover 9 dias atrás
Awesome video. Nice work also....I'm adding "making a bow" to my project list...thank you.
twicebitten thasme
twicebitten thasme 9 dias atrás
Excellent video and end result looks great. Thank you for sharing this!
anvariel4 9 dias atrás
Great video... but the music is way to loud. We are all here for the talking, not the youtube stock-music.
David Chase
David Chase 10 dias atrás
Question why not make the arrow rest as the center point of the bow? Will it really make it unbalanced? But I'm sure it's not enough to cause any trouble. Just wonder if it torques the arrow on release. Very good video, great detail.
Tony Cole
Tony Cole 10 dias atrás
Yea, really enjoyed this video, and your right the firbre glass tape is definitely the big secret, Thanks mate from NZ Auckland
Scott Larson
Scott Larson 10 dias atrás
I would not recommend poplar. As hardwoods go, its pretty soft.
Michael Letford
Michael Letford 10 dias atrás
Fuckin good you mate first time I’ve seen your Chanel just came up because of other things I watch you should. Sell them 🇬🇧
Greg Barber
Greg Barber 10 dias atrás
Thank you this a very cool idea I will have to try it
Richard Houle
Richard Houle 10 dias atrás
Hey I love ur vids! U should really do a branch that isn't straight and has a couple knots in it.. I've been doing this board build but I'm dieing to use a hickory sapling. This would be really great i think thankyou!
Adriano Müller
Adriano Müller 11 dias atrás
Mike G
Mike G 11 dias atrás
Truly a work of art.
jackflintstone 11 dias atrás
Oh, my Kramer made string was the sheeit too...thanks for a quality string. I am making my own strings now though. Not hard, but a pain and your fingers will get crampy until you get some practice in.
jackflintstone 11 dias atrás
Thanks Kramer for setting me off on an archery adventure! I finally have a wonderful board bow, actually two of them after four failures. You make it look easy but figuring out what tools to use and how to use them takes some trial and error, hence the failures. Mostly I gouged the limbs, causing me to tiller them too thin and having the weak limbs crack. My best result was a board bow of red oak built to Kramer's specs (so far all bows I have made are to the specs in this video). I thought this one would also be a failure as I cut in the arrow rest in "too deep", at butt-hair more than half the width making this bow a true center shot. I kept it as thick as possible at the arrow rest to not weaken it any further and it turned out fine! It draws at 45 lbs at 28" which is perfect for me. A good rule of thumb is not to thin the limbs under 0.4". This will ensure a strong and durable bow. My other finished bow is made of maple, another great wood to use, however I made this bow an ambidextrous bow with arrow rests on both sides. This was a mistake, as it is a strong beautiful bow with a 50 lb draw at 28", but it shoots terrible with carbon fiber and aluminum arrows, all arrows hitting erratically 2' to the left at 50'. The oak center shot bow shoots modern aluminum and carbon fiber 500 spine arrows as well as my store bought recurve. The maple bow may need wooden arrows? Oh, don't paint the fiberglass tape and then put more glue over to fill in the mesh pattern. I thought it would made a deep rich back, with multiple layers of paint between the glue but the glue didn't adhere to the paint very well. I had to peel it all off and start again on a poplar bow. A power planer can save much time to remove wood on the limbs, then finely removed with a spoke shave down to 0.4", then finished and tillered with a power sander with 60 grit. Go with red oad or maple for best results, poplar is sorta weak. I tried mahogany too but it shattered on the first pull of my draw knife, a very weird experience.
In Cognito
In Cognito 11 dias atrás
I paid 379 for a 60 pound long bow and two years later it warped after a three day rainfest javelina hunt....its not supposed to rain in the valley!
In Cognito
In Cognito 11 dias atrás
did you ever act in Blues Clues?
Umayr Sayfurrahman
Umayr Sayfurrahman 12 dias atrás
Those transitions man!
Richard Harriman
Richard Harriman 12 dias atrás
Whats the music at 22 min? Great track, want to know who the artist is.
martin avila
martin avila 12 dias atrás
Hey kramer, can you make a red oak board bow build video?
Alan Tan
Alan Tan 12 dias atrás
Smithing increased to 99
Siavash Mombeinipour
Siavash Mombeinipour 12 dias atrás
Just give us the album and track names of the musics you have been using
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez 12 dias atrás
What tool are you using at 14:00 and what is it called? I can’t find it anywhere and I don’t know the name of it
stickshinkle 3 dias atrás
It's a Draw Knife
zack Osborne
zack Osborne 12 dias atrás
What would be the final thickness of the bow from back to belly. I'm in the middle of tillering now and I'm not sure how far I should go
Bill Allen
Bill Allen 7 dias atrás
I've heard not any thinner than .4 of an inch...from Wyoming USA 🔫🤠🇺🇸p.s. stay safe and healthy everybody GOD BLESS ❤
Curry_Monster 12 dias atrás
Great ad
Raider9714 12 dias atrás
WTF why is chiseling wood so satisfying
Carnage 86
Carnage 86 12 dias atrás
music is to high bro .... everything else is amazing
Micky&Bludnut P
Micky&Bludnut P 13 dias atrás
hey mate - thanks heaps for all the clips. Also had a look at your website -pretty cool. Do you ship to Australia? Need a good strong long lasting new string for my vintage Wha Gok 58 inch recurve. Cheers mate - Mick
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