Diving on a Paint Covered Trampoline in Slow Mo - The Slow Mo Guys

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In what might be the messiest video they've ever made, Gav films Dan take a plunge through a layer of powder paint onto a trampoline causing a very sudden need for a shop vac and a mop. If you have a 4K display, set this bad boy to 2160p!
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Diving on a Paint Covered Trampoline in Slow Mo - The Slow Mo Guys

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Diving on a Paint Covered Trampoline in Slow Mo - The Slow Mo Guys

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3 Out 2022



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Comentários 1 652
My favorite part of these videos is: Gav and Dan set up a ridiculous scenario, predict it'll make a huge mess, indeed make the mess they predicted, and yet, are still surprised by just how much of a mess they make. Never change, lads.
Brandon Adam
What I love about these guys is that they've always stuck to doing their own thing. This video mirrors the same format, humor, awesomeness and fun that these guys had in their videos from a decade ago. The production and quality of their content has evolved, but they've always kept the same integrity and soul that makes their channel one of the best on the platform, rather than trying to be hip with the kids. Never change lads.
Internet Cop
It's been 7 years and Gavin's jacket is still pristine and Dan's is still wild looking.
The image of Dan disappearing into a cloud of unicorn vomit is possibly the most surreal thing I've ever seen on this channel. 10/10
Ethan Baer
Honestly that red hair is a pretty good look for Dan.
no name
You guys should REALLY be wearing masks/respirators the WHOLE time when dealing with powdered materials like that. We want you guys around for a long time.
Dave Emerson
Gav and Dan giggling while watching something happen to Dan will never get old.
Dustin Rider
Dan emerging in a cloud of color looked so cinematic and absolutely hilarious
Legends say Dan is still vacuuming the room to this day.
Louis Jennings
It would be interesting to get more of a “Dan’s Eye View” of some of these experiments by having a GoPro or similar on his head to capture his perspective.
Once again, Dan's commitment is incredible. That jump was FULLY horizontal - actually almost face first. He hit the trampoline so hard he almost bounced completely out of shot hahahaha what a legend.
Marjie Young
That moment of assessing the immediate aftermath where Gav is giggling at how Dan looked just after the dust settled was a real bonding moment between the audience and Gav. I mean, I was laughing exactly like Gav was and Dan hadn't seen himself yet. Rainbow striped all up his body. 🤣
Judah Sh
I remember discovering this channel back in 2012, "Fire Tennis". Back then I thought, these guys are fun to watch and their videos could be used for study. But I never imagined it would be a massive channel. I thought this was the kind of science people want to have in school, fun, but still educational. I shared the popcorn video with my teacher and it started a dive into practical science. Not long after that, you hit 1M subscribers, and that blew me away. But now look at you guys, almost 15 MILLION and the content is still fantastic. The quality has improved but your older videos are still fun to watch and useful for learning. And because of you I discovered a few other channels with some learning in them like KOR, SmarterEveryday, Cody'sLab, Tod's Workshop, and several more.
Justin J. Eastman
Probably one of my favorite videos in a long time. Covid really did a number on people being able to make content. But kudos, this was very entertaining. Hoping to see another series of videos like you guys did a couple years ago.
Janet Farnworth
Love it when Gav giggles so much he can barely talk
Ptao Tom
Your videos always contain a part which is unexpected yet visually mesmerizing...Dan and Gav never disappoint..
i love how these are so always hilarious and i never expect them to be
Your actual Dad
I’ve been watching these guys since I’ve been about 14. I’m 22 now and to be honest I still get the same amount of excitement now that I did then for every upload thank you Slow-Mo Guys for all the countless hours of entertainment
Marc Weerts
Spectacular! Also, probably the most complex and messy way to dye your hair! 😂
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