Disney Heroes singing in their Native Languages

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More translations for description and subtitles are very welcome!
Rediscover Disney heroes in their native languages, when and where their stories took place!
Read more about the info in the video in the pinned comment below!
Disney princesses in their native languages:
Disney villains in their native languages:
All Disney songs in their native languages:
Intro video made by @Felicia Goldfire
Intro song: Kingdom Dance (Tangled) -
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23 Out 2020



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FlamSparks 3 meses atrás
Background information about the characters: *DISCLAIMER* Since many of these heroes belong to movies which involve characters included in the official Disney Princesses franchise, they all have an official time and location provided by Disney itself. So, most of the information gathered regarding these characters comes from this official source, find here a video showing the pages of a book from the franchise, where time and location are displayed: However, in a couple of instances (namely Aladdin and Maui), I didn’t follow the official statement, because directors had given different or more specific indications, and since directors are the ones who shape the environment of a movie, I decided to give priority to their word instead. And yes, animals *DO* speak languages, because we are all Disney nerds and we all love a talking animal. *Simba* voiced by Ayanda Nhlangothi When “The Lion King” was released in 1994, a special Zulu dubbing was made on that occasion: it is the first and only Zulu dubbing made by Disney, as well as the only dubbing in any language spoken in Africa (other than Arabic), not to mention, the language sung by Lebo M. during the song “Circle of Life”. For this reason, Zulu is the only language that can be chosen for Simba. Given the impossibility to determine when the story takes place, I decided to put Simba first in this video. Full song: *Hercules* voiced by Διονύσης Σχοινάς | Dionísis Shinás While the movie gives us a clear location (Thebes), establishing the exact point in time is a bit complicated. The story takes place during the so-called Greek Heroic Age, which spans roughly from 15th to 9th century BCE. It’s Herodotus to place the myth of Hercules in 1300 BCE. Full song: *Maui* voiced by Piripi Taylor (Māori) & Elijah Kaʻikena Scanlan (Hawaiian) Official franchise places the story between 100 BCE and 100 CE. However, according to directors Clements and Musker, the movie gives a fantastic explanation to the causes and conclusion of the hiatus Polynesian people took from voyaging for still foggy reasons, which occurred about 3500 years ago and ended a thousand years later. We can therefore assume that the story takes place more or less 2500 years ago. The languages used in the video are two, but they actually represent one sole language: Proto-Polynesian, the common ancestor to all Polynesian languages, which subsequently spread and diversified across the Polynesian triangle. The story takes place somewhere in it, maybe even across the whole area. A Tahitian version of the movie also exists and was supposed to be featured in the video, but to this day, no high-quality audio in said language is available anywhere. Find here a LQ audio of the Tahitian version: Full Māori song: Full Hawaiian song: *Shang* voiced by 成龙 | Jackie Chan Official sources place the story between 206 BCE (beginning of Han dynasty) to 900 CE (end of Tang dynasty). I chose to reduce the interval to Han dynasty alone, as Xiongnu invasions (here identified as Huns, although a connection between these two populations is still debated) happened mostly during this dynasty. Several anachronisms can be easily spotted along the movie: the capital city is clearly the Forbidden City, which was built only in the 15th century, while fireworks were invented c. 8/9th century. Full song: *Arthur* voiced by Rickie Sorensen, Richard Reitherman, or Robert Reitherman The hypothetic historical figure of -Wart- King Arthur is believed to have lived between the 5th and 6th century. Since he is a child in the movie, 5th for the win. *Aladdin* voiced by هشام نور | Hisham Nour I kept the time-lapse given by official franchise, but I decided not to go with the official given setting (Iran) for two reasons: 1. The movie opens with a song titled “Arabian Nights”, quoting the most notorious English title given to the collection “One Thousand and One Nights”, while Iran is not part of the Arab world (official language: Persian). 2. According to its filmmakers, the story was heavily influenced by the 1940 movie “The Thief of Bagdad”, and it was originally meant to take place in the same city, when the Gulf War burst out and directors were forced to change the setting: The name “Agrabah” itself was made up by Musker, playing with the name “Baghdad”. Note: the dubbing used is in Egyptian Arabic because it's the only official Disney dubbing in Arabic (like the vast majority of Disney movies). Full song: *Phillip* voiced by Olivier Constantin (1981 redub) The movie gives us a clear century: 14th. As for the location, the official franchise provides a generic “Western Europe”, though the location seems to fall somewhere in France or Belgium, probably in the region of Wallonia, so the French-speaking part. Full song: *Quasimodo* voiced by Francis Lalanne Place and date are clearly specified: the story starts in Paris on the day of “la fête des fous” (January 6th) and ends two days later. The year is specified in Victor Hugo’s book. Full song: *Florian (Snow White’s prince)* voiced by Rolf Dieter Heinrich (1994 redub) Both date and setting are provided by the official franchise. Full song: *John Smith* voiced by Mel Gibson “In *1607,* we sail the open sea For glory, God, and gold And The *Virginia* Company” *Eugene* voiced by Manuel Straube Both period and location are provided by the official franchise. But while the given time is pretty clear (1650-1815), figuring out the _where_ is a bit more problematic. The location might be somewhere between Austria, Czech Republic or Slovakia. I went with German both considering the original fairytale and because, looking closely at the map, Austria looks to me like the most likely option out of the three. Full song: *The Beast* voiced by Emmanuel Jacomy The location is pretty clear, and it was confirmed that the story takes place in 18th century: Full song: *Mowgli* voice-actor unknown The period given is Kipling’s time, while for the language, even though several languages are spoken in India, I picked the one from which many of the characters’ names come: Hindi. e.g. भालू (“bhālū”) meaning “bear”, शेर (“śer”) meaning “tiger”, अकेला (“akelā”) meaning “alone”. Full song: *Henri (Cinderella’s prince)* voiced by Michel Chevalier (1991 redub) All names of the girls announced at the ball are French and they’re addressed as “mademoiselle”, which confirms the location provided by the official franchise, which is also the source of the time. Full song: *Kristoff* voiced by Vegard Bjørsmo If we want to trust the map popping up at the end of Frozen Fever, Anna’s next birthday after the events of the first movie was in June 1840 (directors confirmed that Elsa and Anna were born on winter and summer solstice respectively). Since Oaken informs us that _Frozen_ takes place in July, 1840 must be the year after those events, while _Frozen 2_ takes place three years later, in 1842. Like the Northuldra people in the sequel, Kristoff is a Sami, although he comes from a different tribe. While he can probably speak fluent Norwegian, his native language is doubtlessly Sámi. Full song: *Pinocchio* voiced by Corrado Pani? Once again, time and place of the original story are the best source we were given. Full song: *Naveen* voiced by Bruno Campos A newspaper during “Down in New Orleans” reads: “New Orleans, Louisiana, Friday, April, 25, 1926” (though April 25 was actually on a Sunday in 1926). *Dimitri* voiced by Сергей Вещёв | Sergey Veshchov Tsar Nicholas II Romanov and his family were arrested on March 22, 1917, following the events of the first Russian Revolution occurred during that year (February Revolution). They will be executed on July 18, 1918. However, the movie uses even a song to let us know that prior events take place in December, month on which, in 1916, Grigori Rasputin was assassinated. As the movie takes place ten years after those events, we can probably count them starting from December 1916, instead of 1917, hence: December 1926. Dimitri is included in this video because 20th Century Fox was purchased by Disney on March 2019, and now on Disney+ the movie is included in the “Princesses” category. On a side note: Saint Petersburg was called Leningrad from 1924 to 1991. Full song: *Miguel* voiced by Luis Ángel Gómez Jaramillo The story takes place in present days (2017 was its release date) in an imaginary town in Mexico. EDIT: in Rivera's workshop there's a calendar hanging on the wall with the date 2016, hence the story takes place in November 2016. Full song: Dubbers credits:
NoticeDruid 49 minutos atrás
@FlamSparks ya true true haha. Disney really does tend to be inconsistent.
FlamSparks Hora atrás
​@NoticeDruid but at the end of Frozen 2, we can see how they look at the first photographs, which started to circulate at the end of 19th century. If it's historical accuracy you're looking for, then Disney is not the right place where to look
NoticeDruid Hora atrás
@FlamSparks this just my opinion but I find it hard to accept the 1840s as the time period. One of the reasons is the ships in Frozen look more of 18th century design than the 19th century design. And we don't really see the one of the more hallmarks of the 19th century which is the steam engine. While I'm not ruling out the 19th century, I just find it hard to accept.
literally nobody:________me:
@Debo Bose it's based on madhya Pradesh not Maharashtra , Hindi is the correct choice because even though mp has many Indegenios languages , Hindi was established as lingua Franca there during British period
Артур Мартынов
The Anastasia it is not Disney film.
CaligoWolfz397 Productions
CaligoWolfz397 Productions 38 minutos atrás
Did you decide to go with Jacki Chan singing “Be a Man”?
Lucas Sosa
Lucas Sosa Hora atrás
All characters are DEAD😫, Miguel no Todos los personajes estan MUERTOS😫, menos Miguel
samara al halil
samara al halil Hora atrás
Pinocchio could've sung Bella Ciao and he missed it
Дарья Думанская
Очень странно, но больше всего мне понравился как звучит саамский, хотя я никогда его не слушала ранее 6:25
Ева Винокурова
Я которая только сейчас узнала что Рапунцель и Белоснежка немки?
Hanna Marikutsa
Hanna Marikutsa Hora atrás
Spanish Coco is my favorite
ragana and broo
ragana and broo Hora atrás
Hearing it in Saami: WORTH IT!!
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee Hora atrás
4:04 This is me when i got something from my dad thats really good
Dawn Music
Dawn Music 3 horas atrás
El de maui fiel el mejor para mi
Hozic 3 horas atrás
poo the bear in chinese ?
Лёва Козарь
Лёва Козарь 4 horas atrás
Дайте название предпоследнего мультфильма
аннушка заюшка
Шенг как обычно краш
gabrielle johnson
gabrielle johnson 4 horas atrás
I’m telling I’m Hawaiian and I speak with my family in it everyday so no that is not Hawaiian that is just embarrassing
gabrielle johnson
gabrielle johnson 2 horas atrás
@FlamSparks I speak Hawaiian on a regular basis and the way the made Maui is not the way I grew up learning about him even my brother is named after him
gabrielle johnson
gabrielle johnson 2 horas atrás
@FlamSparks to you but to me not really
FlamSparks 2 horas atrás
Why embarrassing? The Hawaiian dubbing I personally think it's one of the best
Mario Jesús
Mario Jesús 4 horas atrás
Viva México shingo :v
Екатерина Демина
Просто смотрите все в оригинале с субтитрами, чтобы не терять атмосферу.
Маппер Чаин [ВМП]
7:25 Лол, диснеевские аниматоры во время СССР туда не ездили, поэтому получилось не очень похоже
Мухасранск Маппер [ЭС]
Erob 5 horas atrás
I missed the ol'disney
5 horas atrás
Кстати интересный факт это видео само нашло вас)
5 horas atrás
Где русские?
GloryGlory Hole’allelujah
I love them all, but I appreciate that the time spent on the English ones was much less than the clips in other languages- since we can all basically hear the English versions any time we want. 🤷‍♀️ ❤️
Amxlia Playz
Amxlia Playz 5 horas atrás
Prince Philip singing in French is the the best thing in the world
Екатерина Демина
Ждала песню Дмитрия) Думаю, что песня самой Анастасии звучала бы более мелодично, но я все равно рада, что хоть где-то вспомнили о русских в контексте эстетики.
Бауыржан Кайржанулы
Arabic language very biutyerful
Алина Золотарь
На французком песни очень красивые
Виктор Сидоров
Так даже лучше 😳
Adrian figueroa
Adrian figueroa 6 horas atrás
What is that Disney film set in Russia anyone explain please
Фаик Тагиев
Фаик Тагиев 6 horas atrás
0:58 sounded like he burned his tongue. Fsi-sfo-so-fo
marselo agachate cono selo 7u7
Vamos mexico :bñv
Erika Lahti
Erika Lahti 7 horas atrás
Mulan took place way later than it says. They used gunpowder which wasnt invented till 850 AD so it had to be after that
Fee Loo
Fee Loo 7 horas atrás
Ха, Мулан очень легко узнаваемый голос Джеки Чана)))
Luckdragon's Lair
Luckdragon's Lair 7 horas atrás
This is fun since I'm learning German. I'm excited that I understood exactly what Flynn said before he started singing. In German, "Nein, nein nein. Tut mir leid, jungen. Ich singe nie." But it sounded like he said "junst" instead of "jungen." That wouldn't make sense to me though. The translation of what I wrote in English is, "No no no. I'm sorry, boys. I never sing." Very close to the English in the movie. In the movie, he says, "I don't sing." In German, that would be, "Ich singe nicht." He might be saying that with a very soft "t" at the end. It's hard to tell since I'm still very new to learning it. But, I'm excited that I could understand it. I usually can read the words better than interpret the spoken words. I understood a few other words he sang, so I'm very happy! Yay! Tut mir leid was the easiest for me since I had to repeat "es tut mir leid" several times to remember what it was when I was learning it. It was just so long compared to the English. Sometimes English is longer, but other times, German is longer. I'm still trying to grasp three different words for "the." I learned Spanish as a kid-early 20s, and I know they have el and la. Masculine and feminine. German has masculine (der), feminine (die), and "other" (das) which is the catch-all. That is throwing me off so much to try to remember which is which. I could kind of understand Florian too, but it's been years since I've seen "Tangled," and I saw "Snow White" 2 weeks ago, so that song is fresher in my head (I looked up the clip of Flynn in English to see how close I was when I was catching the spoken words). Anyway, this was fun.
Agustin Velasquez droguett
Nunca sale chile
Panzer 9 horas atrás
im mexcican :D soy mexicano y no me da miedo de admitirlo
MumiTM 10 horas atrás
I feel like the Princess And The Frog should have been sung in Creole
Juan Carlos Mendez Romero
Thanatos prodosia
Adax Rblx
Adax Rblx 10 horas atrás
Pocahontas did not marry John Smith but they where close friends
MrJames1765 10 horas atrás
Turko 10 horas atrás
Isent quasimodo suppose to be in notradam it is actually a real place
Matheus Soares
Matheus Soares 10 horas atrás
Não tem português tão esquecendo o Brasil 😭 que droga
Grudgingly Walawigi
Grudgingly Walawigi 10 horas atrás
ok so this is going to sound weird, but i think prince naveen, from the princess frog, is from algeria. and the reason for that, is that the time period would be the 1920's, when most of europe was colonizing africa, france took over a large part of the north and west part of africa, which would explain his at the time strange skin color for a prince, and why he would understand french, since he would have to speak to the french regularly, since it was only during the time of the cold war that europe reversed its actions.
Dercrai ni
Dercrai ni 11 horas atrás
amigo te equivocaste con Dimitri el es de la fox original mente no de disney
Cristina Zamudio
Cristina Zamudio 7 horas atrás
Fox es de Disney no?? Lo compraron, incluyendo peliculas como Anastasia a Disney+
Whistler 11 horas atrás
Shouldn't the 'Princess and the frog' be in French Louisiana Creole?
Kay CKND 11 horas atrás
wow the comments are just 40% saying that jackie chan sang the "I'll make a man outta u" song 30% making fun of the greek language 20% making memes about simba's/wall e's native language 10% others saying random things for example mexicans being proud of their homeland (maybe), arguing if anastasia is a disney movie etc
Bardo Film
Bardo Film 12 horas atrás
2:05 Fun fact that’s Jackie Chan singing
Ростислав Вишняков
4:27 Я могу ошибаться конечно, но тут скорее испанский, чем английский подходит. Как минимум из-за формы типичной конкистадорам, да и конфликт индейцы/европейцы всё же ближе испанцам т.к. именно они устраивали глобальный геноцид коренного народа. Но в в любом случае я могу ошибаться.
Taraye & Kardowin
Taraye & Kardowin 12 horas atrás
Disney never created Anastasia, all dogs go to heaven, Banjo the the wood pile cat or land before time. They were a seprate group of animators that left that company to make cartoons on their own. Yes it true Disney bought fox but they don't get the credit for making those movies.
Brisa Barrios
Brisa Barrios 13 horas atrás
Que nasionalidad es Moana????????!!!!
Brisa Barrios
Brisa Barrios 13 horas atrás
No mames así cantan che?😶
u2b 13 horas atrás
I always thought Pincchio was german but now that I see this video the name does sound italian and I guess this is why the disney restaurant of pinocchio they sell pizza.
Garlopa XD
Garlopa XD 13 horas atrás
como decimos aca , lo mejor para el final 🤠😎😁🇲🇽
Yoda 13 horas atrás
when I heard Hercules singing I thought of something, how do you identify a Greek with a tongue tied if the whole language already gives that impression?
José Antonio Trinidad
José Antonio Trinidad 13 horas atrás
Hércules habla como como si tuviera una papa en la boca
Socal Drives
Socal Drives 14 horas atrás
Never heard Norwegian outside of metal. Its actually a pretty cool sounding language
Nite Pulsar
Nite Pulsar 14 horas atrás
what for big hero?
Артем Тимофеев
BrIT Pem
BrIT Pem 14 horas atrás
И в дисней русские хотят что-то спиздить)
Yellow rose Of Texas.
Yellow rose Of Texas. 15 horas atrás
I was watching this with my sister and she knew almost none of them. She’s 16........
los crooods 2
los crooods 2 15 horas atrás
Arriba México
Дмитрий Булыгин
А чё, прикольно. На родных языках звучит очень органично.
matthew palmos
matthew palmos 16 horas atrás
Māori when he sing your welcome in he native language sounds better
El Angrus
El Angrus 16 horas atrás
VIVA MÉXICO!!!!!!!!! Viva México cabrones!!!!!
Александра Васильева
Все языки красивые 😊 Но! Саамский... Ммм..это как райское пение для меня
dogo bruhify
dogo bruhify 16 horas atrás
2:28 sorry man but that would sound more German the furthers you can go back and understand English is 1650's
Giovanna Pirrotta
Giovanna Pirrotta 16 horas atrás
Qualcuno è italiano?
Incomum Noir 77
Incomum Noir 77 16 horas atrás
caraho, cade o brasil Disney, nem Portugal apareceu... preconceito em...
Elam Collins
Elam Collins 16 horas atrás
English, a boy who clean couldron... You serious?!
yanzi fans
yanzi fans 17 horas atrás
Híjole por qué de último México
THE UNDERTAKER 17 horas atrás
BAT9 Game
BAT9 Game 17 horas atrás
3:34 What's the name of forgotten
BAT9 Game
BAT9 Game 17 horas atrás
Соряньте из головы вылетело 3:34 как называется
fantom 17 horas atrás
Очень красиво
Lucilene Appis
Lucilene Appis 17 horas atrás
Tô me sentindo ofendido porque a Disney não liga pro brasil
Red Fantom Darknes
Red Fantom Darknes 17 horas atrás
Хмм русский вариант лучше ха !
Тамара Фетисова
Простите, а все комментарии реально написаны людьми из разных стран?)
Женя Чикина
Женя Чикина 18 horas atrás
Балин, их родные языки звучат гораздо красивей, я тащусь!
Levingies 18 horas atrás
Поздравляю, ты нашел меня. +250 очков тебе.
Anastasia Rudenko
Anastasia Rudenko 18 horas atrás
русский не ожидала услышать, класс)))
Robin 18 horas atrás
Странное ощущение.....
Твой Андердог
French language very beautiful
Pa tatra
Pa tatra 18 horas atrás
Arthur parlait BRETON pas anglais au 5e siècle ! C'est comme dire que les Gallo-romains parlaient Francique... Oui hélas il n'y a pas de doublage breton à ma connaissance... Sinon Gallois ?
Руслан Жанбакиров
Тимур Абасов
Тимур Абасов 18 horas atrás
5:05 кому знакома мелодия, лайк!
Артур Мартынов
The Anastasia it is not Disney film.
Edgard Vazquez Hernandez
Edgard Vazquez Hernandez 19 horas atrás
Perdón pero balu debe ser tin tan por siempre
Chukcha V.Chume
Chukcha V.Chume 20 horas atrás
Послушал голос Шенга на китайском, пошёл послушал английский голос... И понял что в русском дубляже он куда мужественнее...
Anything Anywhere
Anything Anywhere 17 horas atrás
I listened to Sheng's voice in Chinese, went to listen to the English voice ... And I realized that in Russian dubbing he was much more courageous ... For anyone
Ni Kun
Ni Kun 20 horas atrás
França e Alemanhã: *existem* Disney: Essa vai ser minha maior vigarice
Jassiel Uriel Colmenares Olguín
Me gusta Miguel más que griego y que polinesio nuclear
anima mobile fox
anima mobile fox 20 horas atrás
Только один вопрос для каких дигинератов над о стоит ударение?
peter kim
peter kim 20 horas atrás
Simba should howling
L A C H I M O L A L A 20 horas atrás
Natural Masterpiece??!!! I s t a n
Kristian Madsen
Kristian Madsen 21 hora atrás
Sámi? you mean norwegian ?
Kristian Madsen
Kristian Madsen 19 horas atrás
@FlamSparks never heard of thst, but cool :)
FlamSparks 20 horas atrás
@Kristian Madsen the language spoken by the Sami people, native to Norway, Sweden and Finland
Kristian Madsen
Kristian Madsen 20 horas atrás
@FlamSparks what the heck is Sami lol
FlamSparks 21 hora atrás
Nope, Sami
Touka Kirishima
Touka Kirishima 21 hora atrás
Okay, but why only the male characters? Was it "heroes" and there will be a heroine version?
Touka Kirishima
Touka Kirishima 20 horas atrás
@FlamSparks Cool, thanks
FlamSparks 21 hora atrás
Was uploaded over a year ago:
Kristian Madsen
Kristian Madsen 21 hora atrás
my face during this video 1:40
Saitama 21 hora atrás
Coco is the best movie
Painter Gamer
Painter Gamer 21 hora atrás
7:30 what name the this film?
BAT9 Game
BAT9 Game 17 horas atrás
I'm sorry about the indistinctity.
Saitama 21 hora atrás
5:24 Mowgli
майя 21 hora atrás
Disney must be crazy that lost only chance for a Russian princess.
Dart The demodog
Dart The demodog 22 horas atrás
I didn’t even know snowwhite was German that changed my whole life
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