Dirty Cheating in Football

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Watch some of the worst and funniest dives, handballs and cheats in football history. Featuring Kylian Mbappe, Neymar Jr, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and many more.

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I'm a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig

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The main goal with this channel is to express my love for football in a creative and fun way. I dedicate hours upon hours to make every single video feel unique and inspiring. I really hope you will enjoy this channel!

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16 Mar 2020



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Comentários 80
Score 90
Score 90 2 meses atrás
Tawfiq Abdulwahab
@Bad Gunner 05 boy
Adian kazi
Adian kazi Dia atrás
i guess he had a heart attack haaahhaa
IG : Fzr_ Xd
IG : Fzr_ Xd 8 dias atrás
LoL 😂
FBM game
FBM game 8 dias atrás
Gene sackey
Gene sackey 10 dias atrás
African music is just f****** not nice
Joe Oddo
Joe Oddo 12 horas atrás
8:57 Ouch!!!! Not the ball, not the f***in ball! why dont u take my feet?!
thejackone 13 horas atrás
Barcelona should make a school about dirty plays, man so many of his players do nasty things
SALiM 15 horas atrás
Ankit Saha
Ankit Saha 16 horas atrás
1:12 That wasn't cheating. That was a genius goal and completely follows the rules of football
Ciuffo Dipelo
Ciuffo Dipelo 16 horas atrás
Maradona pezzo di merda.
Sooraj T
Sooraj T Dia atrás
Mbappe trying Maradona... ✋ hand of God.
gris selle Hernandez
blick fernando gamer
hes moking the goalkeeper🤣🤣🤣 1:29
Isaac Rivera
Isaac Rivera Dia atrás
I wonder if they'll post a video with clean cheating
Bela Nagy
Bela Nagy Dia atrás
I hate Suarez ... with so much passion ... can't wait to see him retire. Sry :/
Gilberto Núñez
Gilberto Núñez Dia atrás
El de Marquez a Robben fue penal...
Ankshuman Talukdar
Luis is totally a cheater
aman kumar
aman kumar Dia atrás
Suarez is absolutely junky ,asshole ,cheater
Diogo Sa
Diogo Sa Dia atrás
Bro, Suárez really loves to dive
Ankan Mukherjee
Ankan Mukherjee Dia atrás
Ronaldo and ramos deserve oscar 🤣😂
Ranking Dia atrás
Very truthful video.I hope you can make this kind of video next time.
DINAMO M4RVZ Dia atrás
1:16 wasn’t cheating, it is allowed to take the free kick when u want
Orly X
Orly X 2 dias atrás
1:42 No era penal
ICE_LORD_YT 2 dias atrás
You know what ...from now on I should do this to my friends 1:08
Dael Agabon
Dael Agabon 3 dias atrás
5:48 I thought it was standing.
Amot Brna
Amot Brna 3 dias atrás
3:49 was not cheating
vidula godhamgaonkar
vidula godhamgaonkar 3 dias atrás
The face Suarez made was hilarious
Parameswara Reddy
Parameswara Reddy 3 dias atrás
2:45 he thinks this is volley ball
Levi De blanco
Levi De blanco 3 dias atrás
We don't call this cheating we call it tactical dives I'm a massive soccer fan
what is the the name of the song that u always play in the beginning of ur vid?
Devi sara Luplunge
Devi sara Luplunge 4 dias atrás
They all are good actor.
Dostain Rodini
Dostain Rodini 4 dias atrás
I think football rules should be a little more strict for attackers.
Fredrick Paul Kipsang
Fredrick Paul Kipsang 4 dias atrás
Guizin Animations
Guizin Animations 4 dias atrás
7:20 two goalkeeper!!
Ricky NGATHEM 5 dias atrás
1:34 best keeper in the world... 😁😁😁
Dániel Papp
Dániel Papp 5 dias atrás
Cheating against P$G is not cheating. Its just equals with their money.
ガードハロー 5 dias atrás
Strale and Vuk
Strale and Vuk 5 dias atrás
1:02 dude he's laughing LoL
Raul Esquivel
Raul Esquivel 5 dias atrás
“Dirty cheating”?🤨 Is there any “clean cheating”?🤔
mary constance
mary constance 6 dias atrás
So all the 'greats' have scored with their hands...
Engel Samir Vasquez Cajina
Lo que le pasó a cuadrado si me dio mucho asco hasta me enoje y todo, ramos es un buen jugador pero lo que hizo fue asqueroso, lo mas estúpido fue el árbitro sacándole la roja jajaja dios mío.
SUBHUMAN .COM USA 6 dias atrás
Football is a crooked sport, there is no other sport in the world where sportsmen can blatantly cheat and get away with it, and its been like that for a very long time now, Players who constantly dive and cheat and card bait and player bait and ref bait, have never been punished after a game where their antics have gone unnoticed by the Ref, their not recorded as cheats and monitored per game as a precaution because of their antics they just get away with it time after time, look how many times teams have lost through cheating, and nothing is done about it, look at the Way England got knocked out of the 1986 world cup through that blatant hand ball, everybody witnessed that and so did Fifa after the game had finished when the incident came to light, but Maradona and Argentina was never punished for that Fifa took a blind eye for that situation which is wrong, sport should be on a level playing field football is the only sport where a situation like that can happen
Javier rivas 3030
Javier rivas 3030 6 dias atrás
5:10 cristiano tambien golea con las manos
Lookman 6 dias atrás
They are following diego maradona
MGL Channel
MGL Channel 8 dias atrás
that's why many people hate this game. it's boring and so many actors need to cheat just to win the game. i don't understand this game.. but i think this game is funny..😄😄😄
Saoirse Murphy
Saoirse Murphy 8 dias atrás
1:40 wasnt cheating He actually got his foot stepped on
Anshul Naik
Anshul Naik 8 dias atrás
I love how all the people that tried scored using their hands are the best players.
Aryan Sharma
Aryan Sharma Dia atrás
@0UU RS I am not even mad at him for doing that honestly XD
0UU RS 4 dias atrás
Ronaldo faking that injury is too funny
Denis Puscasu
Denis Puscasu 8 dias atrás
Mbappe was joking how is it dirty
yo kai
yo kai 9 dias atrás
Why referees don't check the replays?
MAD HEADZ TEEVEE 9 dias atrás
Wtf was mbappe thinking
Steve 10 dias atrás
The tumbnail😂😂
Dip Shitz
Dip Shitz 10 dias atrás
5:20 how was that cheating?
Pedroza7iHD 10 dias atrás
No era penal!
Francesco Marongiu
Francesco Marongiu 10 dias atrás
Sergio Ramos is disgusting
love levinho !!!
love levinho !!! 11 dias atrás
The oscar goes to Neymar🤣
Dj Quaresma
Dj Quaresma 11 dias atrás
I love Suarez's spirit.. lol
harshil chaudhary
harshil chaudhary 11 dias atrás
Suarez is cheater... No doubt he is good striker
DEEPAK Verma 12 dias atrás
Ansha Vahida
Ansha Vahida 12 dias atrás
i don know why thy still do it like a child
Zingy Stardust
Zingy Stardust 12 dias atrás
If Robben felt a breath of wind or a long blade of grass he would go down like an axeman had come at him.
aras oyunda
aras oyunda 12 dias atrás
0:20 mbappe s °hand°some goal :D
serloinz 12 dias atrás
makes my blood boil .. pathetic ..whatever happened to just being a decent human being and a sportsman.. who cares if it helps your team and you can buy another car.. it makes you look like a massively unlikable dick ;p
Dazi Dazi
Dazi Dazi 12 dias atrás
Suarez and busquets fuckin fools and whores. And this ugly face and teeth
Tomaszek 12 dias atrás
Intro Music ?
Er Simo grossini
Er Simo grossini 13 dias atrás
Damiano Bruni
Damiano Bruni 13 dias atrás
Bruh the Bach goal is allowed it’s not cheating open you’re eyesight
TUKANG BACOT 13 dias atrás
Connery Meakes
Connery Meakes 13 dias atrás
PSG the kings of dirty cheats
Omnipotent_Gaming YT
Omnipotent_Gaming YT 14 dias atrás
First of all those first 2 clips of mbappe using his hand was not really dirty. He didnt use it to his advantage the whole game.
Proxima B
Proxima B 14 dias atrás
Neymar, Ronaldo, Mbappè, Ramos, Suareź, those cheaters gaining MILLIONS for THIS
Adolfo Quijano Lopez
Adolfo Quijano Lopez 14 dias atrás
I really hate seeing When other teams cheat vs Mexico Spain or A.Madrid like if you to hate watching when a team cheats vs your team
Rubel Safi
Rubel Safi 15 dias atrás
Salt is missing @Neymar
Ivan Rajič
Ivan Rajič 15 dias atrás
I mean that robben penalty was quite clear.
oscxr røllins
oscxr røllins 15 dias atrás
1:47 it still hurts to my people.
Dr. Joy Sarkar
Dr. Joy Sarkar 15 dias atrás
محمدعلی بهجتی
Only ronaldo face vs.PIQUE😂😂😂in 8:25
Rebecca Fogarty
Rebecca Fogarty 15 dias atrás
These guys look like 4 year olds dobbing on each other
Armando Martinez
Armando Martinez 16 dias atrás
Barcelona has joined the chat
Ethan Armwood
Ethan Armwood 16 dias atrás
Cheats everybody
Deco Inc
Deco Inc 16 dias atrás
Ronaldo will never cheat he is just making some fun for fans
antonio carlos carlos junior
Suárez 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ninxio BRAWL STARS 16 dias atrás
Hakim Ouaouich
Hakim Ouaouich 16 dias atrás
This suarez. Is a born cheater!! I hate that player!! He prevented by cheating Ghana to reach the semifinals of the worldcup. He is a shame for football( falling , hands, biting...)
Ana Rogic
Ana Rogic 16 dias atrás
5:16 i think that was a joke.
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