Dire Straits - 1985 - Live at Wembley, London [50 fps]

BEST Knopfler LIVE
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01. So far away [ 0:00:00 ]

02. Sultans of Swing [ 0:04:46 ]

03. Why worry [ 0:16:10 ]

04. Intro Money for nothing [ 0:21:17 ]
05. Money for nothing [ 0:22:57 ]

06. Private investigations [ 0:28:05 ]

07. Walk of life [ 0:35:25 ]

08. Carousel Waltz - intro Tunnel of Love [ 0:39:33 ]
09. Tunnel of Love [ 0:43:04 ]

10. Solid Rock [ 0:55:54 ] feat Nils Lofgren

11. Brothers in arms [ 1:00:25 ]

12. The man´s too strong [ 1:08:18 ]

13. Introduction Hank B. Marvin [ 1:12:47 ]
14. Going Home / Local Hero [ 1:14:02 ] feat Hank B. Marvin
Dire Straits
Wembley Arena, London, UK
10th July 1985
Playlist -
The Band:
Mark Knopfler : lead guitar, lead vocals ;
Jack Sonni : guitar ;
John Illsley : bass ;
Alan Clark : keyboards ;
Guy Fletcher : keyboards ;
Terry Williams : drums ;
Chris White : saxophone.
Video containing the famous concert from Wembley 1985. Great show of the Brothers in arms tour, containing powerful versions. Nice to see the two guestplayers Nils Lofgren and Hank B. Marvin. Picture and sound quality are both very good. The picture is taken from probably one of the best preserved VHS tapes available and the sound is taken from the best sounding audio soundboard bootleg (Perfect Investigations), except for the songs Tunnel of Love, Solid rock and Going Home but which still have good sound.

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29 Mai 2017



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Comentários 2 197
BEST Knopfler LIVE
BEST Knopfler LIVE 2 anos atrás
Tracklist: 01. So far away [0:00:00] 02. Sultans of Swing [0:04:46] 03. Why worry [0:16:10] 04. Intro Money for nothing [0:21:17] 05. Money for nothing [0:22:57] 06. Private investigations [0:28:05] 07. Walk of life [0:35:25] 08. Carousel Waltz - intro Tunnel of Love [0:39:33] 09. Tunnel of Love [0:43:04] 10. Solid Rock [0:55:54] feat Nils Lofgren 11. Brothers in arms [1:00:25] 12. The man´s too strong [1:08:18] 13. Introduction Hank B. Marvin [1:12:47] 14. Going Home / Local Hero [1:14:02] feat Hank B. Marvin ***
Denis Damoizeau
Denis Damoizeau 11 horas atrás
@Malcolm Lee it's a Magic band,ni? follow me on Twitter if you whant ? have a Rock n'Roll day m'y Rock Friend !🎸🤘🥁🎶😱😭😎#direstrait
Malcolm Lee
Malcolm Lee 22 horas atrás
Whenever I hear or see Dire Straits it reminds me of a totally new chapter in my life. I passed my motor bike test, got a job in the beautiful lakes and gained some valuable life skills. I finally saw them in 1990 at Man City's ground where I'd been before watching the Manchester Derby years before. 😎🤠😇😁🤩🤭👅⭐
Denis Damoizeau
Denis Damoizeau 3 dias atrás
WE must take the tunnel of love, to go so far away whit they brothers in arm,at the walk of life ;you play 🎸 and watch TV but Money for nothing and WE just for free.hei brothers ;what the way to the Sultan of Swing ;you got a Movie,Mark is a Riders,i whant Mark on TVeeeeeeee!
fatima Shikh Yousef
fatima Shikh Yousef 7 dias atrás
le goff ronan
le goff ronan 8 dias atrás
Jose Pedro Moreira Guedes Lima
So this concert happened in the same night as live aid? Cos I seem to have heard they had a concert after live aid.
Maria del Carmen Garcia
Maria del Carmen Garcia 21 minuto atrás
Maria del Carmen Garcia
Maria del Carmen Garcia 22 minutos atrás
eccelentes por siempre!!!!!!
Efrain Romano Munive
Efrain Romano Munive 4 horas atrás
Dinero por nada es buena rola
Efrain Romano Munive
Efrain Romano Munive 4 horas atrás
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst 10 horas atrás
2021, being 25, listening to this version of sultans of swing feeling pitty for myself i won't ever witness this kind of coolness in nowadays music. Damn old people, you were so lucky. Goose bumps every time listening.
Catherine Michoux
Catherine Michoux 15 horas atrás
Souvenir souvenir🎸🎧🎵🎵
Ricardo Galrão
Ricardo Galrão 18 horas atrás
Has ever could been ever, Kiss you and still not that happy!! Know your, please....Give-me the guitar Best Knopfler LIVE!!!!
janes francisco
janes francisco 22 horas atrás
Ms R
Ms R Dia atrás
Thank you. Just Thank you. Very much.
Ms R
Ms R Dia atrás
Thank you. Just Thank you. Very much.
Ricardo Galrão
Ricardo Galrão Dia atrás
All the shit, we are the in our own vests we ´r that cool, foulsk
Ottoniel Parra
Ottoniel Parra 2 dias atrás
Espectacular .....en cuarentena 2/8/2021 DJ ELMONO
איליה אוסטרובסקי
the stars still shining 💕 bright.
Ana Evangelista
Ana Evangelista 3 dias atrás
So soldade
Сергій Надєєв
Гітара Марка просто супер!!!
Maria Jose Nieto
Maria Jose Nieto 3 dias atrás
Imposible mejorarlo. Que genios!!!
Sabino Gumapac
Sabino Gumapac 3 dias atrás
Mark you're the best 🙂❤️And i love it 😍😍♥️
DOMI EV 3 dias atrás
Super concert mais dites-moi j'ai la berlue ou le pianiste c'est Paul Simon ????
Generalissimo 3 dias atrás
I wonder what it must be like for kids to watch this sort of thing and come to the realization that they'll never be as cool as their grandparents were.
Derek Ngo
Derek Ngo 4 dias atrás
Has been listening to this music since early teenage days!!! Love it !!!!
Mohammed Tazi
Mohammed Tazi 4 dias atrás
The legend
João Carlos
João Carlos 5 dias atrás
Maravilhosos. 😍
mira1fraga 5 dias atrás
Adoro questo album......sono il massimo...😍😍😍😘😘😘
Bogdan Zięba
Bogdan Zięba 5 dias atrás
co tu się
Markus Fènix
Markus Fènix 5 dias atrás
pero que grandes y que buenos son joder
Levi Basilio
Levi Basilio 5 dias atrás
Levi Basilio
Levi Basilio 5 dias atrás
Vita Libertas
Vita Libertas 5 dias atrás
Remember the time when real music was still made.
Stuart Sanderson
Stuart Sanderson 5 dias atrás
We're a very lucky generation!
Mango and Gom
Mango and Gom 5 dias atrás
just found this - I was there as well - great memories and what a fantastic band they were
Craig Larson
Craig Larson 5 dias atrás
the best effort on "sultans" i've ever heard, and i've heard darn near ALL of 'em
JF K 5 dias atrás
I can listen to this each day and every day what a great band, hope to see Mark live someday in Amsterdam.
d64d64 6 dias atrás
I know many others have said this already but let me join: Terry is a fantastic drummer. I love his playing. I feel him being there made it work so so well live.
Nelson Arteaga
Nelson Arteaga 6 dias atrás
Un magnífico equilibrio en todas las melodías. Mark Knopfles genial. Vale la pena seguirlo escuchándolo ahora y siempre.
Road Chapman
Road Chapman 6 dias atrás
Comment peut on classer un guitariste comme Mark dans les 27 meilleurs premiers guitaristes du monde? source Wiki ! C'est idiot, non?
Iva Batinic
Iva Batinic 6 dias atrás
Jeanet Larsen
Jeanet Larsen 6 dias atrás
Godmorgen til hele Verden ⭐🇩🇰💃🏽💐👣🩸🌞
Joe 6 dias atrás
If this was at Wembley in 1985, it's very likely anyone of this footage included the very night DS was playing Live Aid; both events were in the same location. DS played Live Aid first, then had enough time to get to the other building to play to the fans who didn't get tickets into Live Aid. July 13, 1985 btw.
Susan In South Florida
Wow. I’d forgotten what Knopfler looked like in 85ish.
Beachcomberbloke 7 dias atrás
Dancing round the the kitchen as i fry steak!!
Marcio Hoppe
Marcio Hoppe 7 dias atrás
É blasomdverdad
Mi Mi
Mi Mi 7 dias atrás
ne znam to sta znaci
Mi Mi
Mi Mi 7 dias atrás
babu u maramu...cabaar
Mi Mi
Mi Mi 7 dias atrás
idemo, fresh start ?
Mi Mi
Mi Mi 7 dias atrás
nema bi sest,,,
Mi Mi
Mi Mi 7 dias atrás
ne znam,a cuo sam, dekadencija je guranje porno zvezde u drkanje
Hans Gumapo
Hans Gumapo 7 dias atrás
Нина Худякова
Claudia Zuchinali
Claudia Zuchinali 8 dias atrás
I wish I was there!!! Keep listening all the time! Poor young people who miss such amazing bands nowadays!!
Armando Gomes
Armando Gomes 8 dias atrás
SULTANS OFF SWING...🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🇵🇹🇵🇹🤟👍
Michael Van Winkle
Michael Van Winkle 8 dias atrás
Knopfler and band were exceptional in this video.
Philippe Cirse
Philippe Cirse 8 dias atrás
The audience is an ocean and the performers are drunken boats !
Eduardo Scalioni
Eduardo Scalioni 8 dias atrás
aqui são os melhores guittarista .Eduardo scalioni produções músicas é os 9 planetas e os 7 mares e os 5 continentes .a música estar no meu DNA
Josh Liberman
Josh Liberman 8 dias atrás
The best band of all time
waqar syed
waqar syed 8 dias atrás
the reason sultans of swings feel so dope over here is because of saxophone. you can find out similar performances but without saxophone it feels something else.
Buddha Cook
Buddha Cook 8 dias atrás
Ahhh this brings back memories 👍💖 Australia
bouchaib aziz
bouchaib aziz 9 dias atrás
ايام شبابنا الجميلة .حيث كنا في حلمنا بصدحات الموسيقة الغربية التي كان لها روادها الافداد في كل العالم ربما تغيرت الموسيقى الان في هدا العالم واصبحت كشيء ليس له قوانين واضحى كل من هب ودب يقول انا موسيقي.
Joseph McElroy
Joseph McElroy 9 dias atrás
The whole band is glorious
Joseph McElroy
Joseph McElroy 9 dias atrás
Sorry but one more thing I would rather die than have no music or musicians in the world
Joseph McElroy
Joseph McElroy 9 dias atrás
I really believe lady writer is one of the best songs ever
Joseph McElroy
Joseph McElroy 9 dias atrás
I really believe Jimmy pege is the greatest guitarist but mark is really amazing
Joseph McElroy
Joseph McElroy 9 dias atrás
Sorry Knopfler is a legendary guitarist
Joseph McElroy
Joseph McElroy 9 dias atrás
Gooner is a really great guitarist
Joseph McElroy
Joseph McElroy 9 dias atrás
God is good
Peter Jongsma
Peter Jongsma 9 dias atrás
Solid Sweet Rock. Go Mark Knopfler.
Murf Kuhls
Murf Kuhls 10 dias atrás
Beautiful music.
Esther FERNANDEZ 10 dias atrás
Queee lindo muchos recuerdos .
César Martínez Pérez
bhuaaaa esos acordesss es que te quieres morir y subir al cielo,,,, es imposible sentir ni hacer sentir así
geraldo ferreira da costa
Dire Straits e um dos melhores guitarrista do mundo
Muzammir 2018
Muzammir 2018 10 dias atrás
Terry was like a machine... fenomenal
Stuart Sanderson
Stuart Sanderson 8 dias atrás
I remember them on Live Aid. Terry Williams at the start of Money for Nothing will always be one of the highlights of the day for me:-)
Muzammir 2018
Muzammir 2018 10 dias atrás
after 36 years listening to Sultans of Swing still shaking my head.
Beachcomberbloke 7 dias atrás
I concur Bro.
Rockinghorse Winner
Rockinghorse Winner 10 dias atrás
Did he really say 'queenie' on _Money for Nothing_ or is that an edit..??
carlos gilberto dumarcy lobato
Bons tempos
Jorge Francisco Mota
Jorge Francisco Mota 11 dias atrás
Sommm soooo tooop muito bommm Lindasss,tenho 53 anos curti muito na minha infância,e curto a indaaaa ✌️👏👏
Krzysztof Zak
Krzysztof Zak 11 dias atrás
They was, are, and will forever the best! :)
Aginaldo mota Magavel
Aginaldo mota Magavel 11 dias atrás
Dori Rios
Dori Rios 11 dias atrás
Qué tema!!!! Esta banda es genial!!!!!!!!!!
Alexandr Borshenko
Alexandr Borshenko 11 dias atrás
Maria José
Maria José 11 dias atrás
Dan Wuollet
Dan Wuollet 11 dias atrás
True Patriot
lindaLourdes Morais
lindaLourdes Morais 12 dias atrás
Linda música gostei muito parabéns
Rossi Stéphane
Rossi Stéphane 12 dias atrás
good, anyway :)
Spomenka Zlokolica
Spomenka Zlokolica 12 dias atrás
Peter Jongsma
Peter Jongsma 12 dias atrás
Dire Straits. Anyone Remember The Great Movie Mark Knopfler was in. The one where The Girl had Webbed feet? Laughed me Fucking Head off.. She ain't Far Away From Me. Neither are Any of Us.
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos 13 dias atrás
22/07/2021 e olha esse som incrível
Marcello Passeri
Marcello Passeri 13 dias atrás
Miglior chitarrista e voce di un gruppo rock
lindaLourdes Morais
lindaLourdes Morais 13 dias atrás
Show Maravilhoso Adorei parabéns
Chad Fasching
Chad Fasching 13 dias atrás
Slow down so hyper dance music
Ademar Satio Matsuoka
Ademar Satio Matsuoka 14 dias atrás
Big Band, Big Guitar Man
Peter Jongsma
Peter Jongsma 14 dias atrás
Sweetest Rock and Roll . Carry on You Skinny Boys. Nice Riff.
Yamil Martha
Yamil Martha 15 dias atrás
The best music 🎶 ever!!!! The best concerts ever
Martial Darras
Martial Darras 15 dias atrás
I was 9 years old at that time...
Arturo Arreguín
Arturo Arreguín 15 dias atrás
Welson Polansk Gomes Polansk
Gasoline85 16 dias atrás
2880 people wouldn't know good music if it bit them in the a**...
sevensix17 16 dias atrás
wie gut das man alles glaubt beim Bund
sevensix17 16 dias atrás
79 sagte mein ... schon es gibt nur eine Band ,und nur einen gitaristen MARK KNOPFLER
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