did this guy just INSULT MY MOM?!

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I stop by the offices of Talk To Me In Korean to see if they're actually a better teacher than my own mother. Also I get in a fight with a small child.
Oh and no he didn't insult my mom. Hyunwoo was very nice.

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14 Set 2019



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Spade Strange
Spade Strange 22 minutos atrás
that child and Momiplier, if they worked together at their full potential, would take over the world in under a fckin day
Brian Bommarito
Brian Bommarito 16 horas atrás
Hyunwoo and Momiplier might co-write a book after this video. I’d call it “There is no NYUH in Korean” and dedicate it to Mark.
Brian Bommarito
Brian Bommarito 16 horas atrás
Ethan CrankGameplays is watching this video while playing with a Rubik’s cube.
Bird Boi
Bird Boi 21 hora atrás
I love Lixian's character's cameos!
Kira - Kira
Kira - Kira Dia atrás
Mark: "i think youre a better teacher than my mom" Me: sigh "now we have to track you down and a annihilate you"
Judith Anderson
Judith Anderson Dia atrás
Mark is right about the audience part
Daddy Chan's Babygirl
* Red velvet's Red Flavor plays * 11:35 Nobody : Not even Mark : Not even Mark from NCT : Not even SM himself : Me : I SMELL RED VELVET.
Icy Irish Lad
Icy Irish Lad Dia atrás
Mark looks so defeated when the translation isn't "someone who loves me"
Dario Hasanbegovic
4:01 fuckin' hell
Dario Hasanbegovic
1:37 definition of mindfuckery
Sam DeLuna
Sam DeLuna 2 dias atrás
Momiplier watching mark get his ass beat: yes yes yes yes
_iiLuvBTS_ 2 dias atrás
I can relate on the ADD thing 😂👀
Alex Hood
Alex Hood 3 dias atrás
I don't know about you, but I think Momiplier is really cuteee❤️😄
Nathan 3 dias atrás
I need more *Markiplier and child fight* content
MoonEater Gaming
MoonEater Gaming 4 dias atrás
Lixian, Voce br? :D
Tribleman247 5 dias atrás
This is the most wholesome thing I have seen in such a long time, how did I miss all these vids from Mark for damn near 2 years 😂
Everett Skornicka
Everett Skornicka 5 dias atrás
I want to dislike buuuuuuuttttt I’m gonna die for this Help
Zackary Wyatt
Zackary Wyatt 6 dias atrás
I can imagine lixian holding up Google translate while editing this trying to figure it out
Mochira 6 dias atrás
So using Markiplier logic, I’m full Puerto Rican but also half American and half English. I love my background 😍
N 6 dias atrás
Who besides me can speak czech?
Leia Bandura
Leia Bandura 7 dias atrás
MOMAPLIER IS BETTER TEACHER BY 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%
FoxFern 2008
FoxFern 2008 8 dias atrás
Markipliers cousin Is A D O R A B L E
Canadian Queer
Canadian Queer 9 dias atrás
Okay but Korean folks are GORGEOUS
Rad Dead II
Rad Dead II 9 dias atrás
It took 30 mins for me to learn hangul. I love how simple it is!
TokyoAnime Studios
TokyoAnime Studios 10 dias atrás
Me: *sees title* *Grabs pumped shotgun* also me: *well, time to start a blasting*
Trinity The Slytherin
Trinity The Slytherin 11 dias atrás
Don't ever insult Momiplier... I will find you... You will not be happy.... 🔪🩸 (I will use the child's power... I know what he knows... Be very afraid... 🤜)
Jeong min Youn
Jeong min Youn 11 dias atrás
Great. You are the better korean speaker indeed. But not better figher who lost by younger person.
Al44.09 11 dias atrás
wtf thry sayin
Haris Dailen
Haris Dailen 11 dias atrás
someone please help Likieon- i cant spell, but someone please help him-
Snapy944 12 dias atrás
mark has just a fun family and it funny to watch them in videos
Jared Gabriel
Jared Gabriel 14 dias atrás
Lixian is portugese?
Eleni Athas
Eleni Athas 14 dias atrás
Teacher: *mentions the dislikes* Dislikes: *hating intensifies*
DerpyGameR PlayZ
DerpyGameR PlayZ 14 dias atrás
My Sarcasm: I DidN'T KNoW YOu wERe hALf KorEAN
Tina Bean
Tina Bean 15 dias atrás
15:52 Gotta love that American southern drawl you added to your Korean. xD The world needs more of that.
Sumiya Azmi
Sumiya Azmi 16 dias atrás
I learn in Bangla & thank you for your personal things to share
Neck Thebet
Neck Thebet 17 dias atrás
I love how mark’s editor is also an animator
Bára Palocsányiová
Bára Palocsányiová 17 dias atrás
Omg I know him, I try to learn Korean!
qlavii 17 dias atrás
I know that Lyxian is Portuguese but I’m English and “soul” (city) is spelled Seoul. I’m not trying to be a grammar freak but I just had to get it out. Ignore this comment :P
Tim Lindblom
Tim Lindblom 17 dias atrás
Anybody else realize that in the thumbnail, Mark looks like Sylvester Stallone's character from Ants.
Tornado Hair
Tornado Hair 18 dias atrás
Ah yes, to being an American is to like red meat and brown soda. Truly beautiful
Pablo Cardozo Fraser
Pablo Cardozo Fraser 19 dias atrás
Markiplier calling his cousin this child.
Sunshine Joon :D
Sunshine Joon :D 19 dias atrás
4:04 "i WiLl fiGhT yOu" I'm pretty sure that kid can kill Mark but okay
Blue Jacket
Blue Jacket 19 dias atrás
Goodness I smiled a bit too much at this Thanks Mark :D Actually I take that one back Thanks smol child and Momiplier and Korean man :D
legend loli
legend loli 19 dias atrás
Lixian is hilarious
KaitoMyPotato UwU
KaitoMyPotato UwU 19 dias atrás
Am I the only one that think he looks like Dwayne Johnson 8:40
Shadow clone Zaifan
Shadow clone Zaifan 20 dias atrás
I can see bloodshed in the future
Kathy Graham
Kathy Graham 21 dia atrás
Everyone: *watching the video normally*. Mark: *my cousin can beat me up*. Me: *waiting for mark to get tired of loosing and lay out his cousin*
Crazy Reaction
Crazy Reaction 23 dias atrás
when he started singing red velvet i lost it No one: Mark: STRAWBERRY
ThatLuckyClover 24 dias atrás
1:03 Felix!
Nebula 25 dias atrás
Franzeska Felicia Martiono
I love momiplier
zombie 13
zombie 13 25 dias atrás
8:52 this is when bro just gave up fr 😂
Lucy Cooke
Lucy Cooke 27 dias atrás
Mamiplier is the best youtube mami
paw Patrol
paw Patrol 27 dias atrás
My friend is from korea
Raghinie Ravi
Raghinie Ravi 28 dias atrás
You know it's gonna be good when Mark's first sentence into the video is "I am an idiot"
Tony Tocci
Tony Tocci 29 dias atrás
mark: * actually kills someone * me, a ride or die markiplier fan: * like *
CryptiCypher Darkhand
CryptiCypher Darkhand 29 dias atrás
Momiplier FTW!
Jaden Herceg
Jaden Herceg 29 dias atrás
In Korean: Jeoneun hangug-ingwa migug-in ban-ibnida, In Korean: 저는 한국인과 미국인 반입니다, In American: I'm quarter Korean and half American
Elias Herrmann
Elias Herrmann Mês atrás
The podcasts of Talk to me in Korean are phenomenal and educational if you want to learn Korean
Bjkombo Mês atrás
I pressed the like button so hard that my.mpuse split in half .. oopS
Thomas Dunlap
Thomas Dunlap Mês atrás
Haley Sullivan
Haley Sullivan Mês atrás
I love to talk in Korean ❤️
Perfect Choi's
Perfect Choi's Mês atrás
Bay Area WHF Inc.
Bay Area WHF Inc. Mês atrás
Momiplier: “I gave you your good looks, thank god” Mark:*distressed laughter*
Bay Area WHF Inc.
Bay Area WHF Inc. Mês atrás
Mark has an army of his own and he knows it far too well
Henry G.
Henry G. Mês atrás
I love that the teacher clearly finds Mark hilarious and is basically trying not to laugh the whole time.
Raivynn Real
Raivynn Real Mês atrás
Alternate Title: Mark gets beaten up by a small child wearing crocks... and also he learns some Korean i guess.
Hobble Gobble
Hobble Gobble Mês atrás
I can confirm you can tell if you are in Korea by just the smell.
Ghost Mês atrás
"Half Korean, Half E..English..E..Is that?..." That brought giggles to me and now my mornin' is complete
Jaycie Coon
Jaycie Coon Mês atrás
As a person who’s trying to learn Korean...... I’m sad 😭🤣 (they make it look so easy) although I’m going off of BRvid videos. If anyone has anything that could help me or any tips that would be great if you could share 😁 stay safe! Thank you.
Jaycie Coon
Jaycie Coon Mês atrás
Hobble Gobble aww I’m sorry. They don’t deserve you 😞
Hobble Gobble
Hobble Gobble Mês atrás
Jaycie Coon I learn by listening to my parents talk about me behind my back.
Christian Gustafson
I'm not going to learn 🇰🇷 but I am going to learn Swedish
Muhammad Luqman
Muhammad Luqman Mês atrás
I laughed so much 0:23
Rahman Hakim
Rahman Hakim Mês atrás
poor Lixian for editing this video haha
Bucky Wilcox
Bucky Wilcox Mês atrás
I thought the public couldn't use the internet in North Korea...
Dipity Mês atrás
I didn't know I needed to hear Mark sing Red Flavor until now.
Tyran The T-rex
Tyran The T-rex Mês atrás
Okay, if I had a personal momiplier, I would choose her, but I don't sooooo
Corokaye •-•
Corokaye •-• Mês atrás
Mark: "I like red flavor by red velvet " Me and my kpop ass: *starts dancing to the song as mark sings* My sister: *walks in* Me: "mArK lIkEs ReD vElVeT! rEd FaVoR" Her not listening: "cool- wait what???" Me: "YE"
Corokaye •-•
Corokaye •-• Mês atrás
Lixian: "annihilated?" Me: "lmao yes.😂😂 no it means not"
Lauren Mês atrás
no estoy segura si mark esta viva despues el ataque de su primo
Lauren Mês atrás
mark a su primo: te golpeare! su primo: puta no tienes idea
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