Did a Doorbell Camera Capture a Woman Screaming for Help?

Inside Edition
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A Ring doorbell camera captured a frightening incident that rattled a Los Angeles neighborhood. It started with bloodcurdling screams that sent one worried resident outside to investigate. Her doorbell camera captured a woman frantically crying out for help. It appears the screams were coming from a white car driving down the street. A man’s voice could also be heard in the video saying what sounds like "I'm sorry." A neighbor told Inside Edition she saw the struggle happening just two doors.

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14 Nov 2019



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Comentários 3 280
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Hora atrás
This happens in my neighborhood! I don’t know why. :/
Sophie Hoffman
Sophie Hoffman 2 horas atrás
Did a doorbell camera catch a girl getting kidnapped by her screams? Take note of question mark YOU CAN HEAR HER SCREAMING!!??
Alexa Adamek
Alexa Adamek 7 horas atrás
I’m sorry but it annoys me that the woman didn’t do anything in that video, she just stood there.
aesthetic_ taste
aesthetic_ taste 13 horas atrás
GreenBean 2 horas atrás
aesthetic_ taste she did, is a doorbell cam, obviously it won’t record inside her house
Ravage Gonza
Ravage Gonza 16 horas atrás
What a disarmed society looks like and the sheep only stand there and watch...
Ta9meem Dia atrás
The most scariest dream I’ve heard.. *is my moms no joke.*
Love Thy Self
Love Thy Self Dia atrás
And that lady just stand around looking??? ...Not even run inside to get the the phone to call 911...ook...smh....
GreenBean Hora atrás
Love Thy Self and? Maybe She didn’t but the man that was inside the house with her maybe did
Dana Faisal
Dana Faisal Dia atrás
What the 😱😱😤😣😠
Jose Varelas
Jose Varelas 2 dias atrás
They didnt even do nothing dum asses
Dalila Lutz
Dalila Lutz 2 dias atrás
Dude wtf why would no one go run out there asap to help her?!?!?!?
oktaviani 2 dias atrás
the neighbour is the real psycopath 🙂
H o n n y B u n
H o n n y B u n 3 dias atrás
Tommie Reid
Tommie Reid 3 dias atrás
This is GIRL-POWER at it's finest! She heard the screaming, but didn't dare run the risk of putting herself in danger. Sorry- but I'll stay right here. I'll bet she identifies as a FEMINIST.
Jamie Munger
Jamie Munger 2 dias atrás
Yeah and I'm sure you'd be running out there and save that lady with your katana collection and your 250 pounds of lard attached to your body
Lil Danger6000
Lil Danger6000 4 dias atrás
Dumbasses just stood there... If Jeepers Creepers swooped down and took that woman they would be doing everything in they power to get that woman back. Didn't even bother to write down the license.
Jorge Aguilera
Jorge Aguilera 4 dias atrás
Why did the woman come out with a blanket wrapped around her?!?
Ler Say
Ler Say 4 dias atrás
brianna swartzendruber
They just gonna to stand there not do anything or call 🚔. If I saw I would help. What if it’s was u or your sister.
Ryan Rebecca
Ryan Rebecca 5 dias atrás
Is she ok
ha ha
ha ha 5 dias atrás
I would grab my car keys run to my Car and follow this withe Car and call the Police
Gacha Ruby Mango
Gacha Ruby Mango 5 dias atrás
Why do people jus stand there?
Luna Bela
Luna Bela 5 dias atrás
Like, wtfrick dude. Go help her, don’t just stand there do something. Maybe they had a gun or something but like, use a rock to like defend or something. Call 911.
hasya hamzah
hasya hamzah 5 dias atrás
This is terrifying 😭
Starr Spencer
Starr Spencer 6 dias atrás
The fact that she just stands there.... I need to shut up because I would be scared to go over there🙁 I hope that lady is ok
wizard :)
wizard :) 6 dias atrás
good thing im fat and no one can carry me (12. 60 pounds)
DRAYFN 6 dias atrás
Born4Gaming #
Born4Gaming # 6 dias atrás
Im sorry
Maycee Randall
Maycee Randall 7 dias atrás
Why does he says I'm sorry?
Jimmy Dominguez
Jimmy Dominguez Dia atrás
That's the most ominous part. Most likely, he knows her and cares about her, but he also knows he can't undo what he's already done and what he's about to do. And seriously, why is there no update on this at all? How disturbing is that??
AllieTheBean 7 dias atrás
Was she found safe?
Lizzett Leal
Lizzett Leal 7 dias atrás
man that scream is creppy!
Connie Guzman
Connie Guzman 8 dias atrás
That lady acted like she was watching a parade go by. She might as well have just saved at them going by. She shoukd have been on the phone calling 911. And it took that guy long enough to come out.
PJ Reactions
PJ Reactions 8 dias atrás
As someone who lives in LA, still not sure why no one got in the way of the car, or ran down the street with 911 already dialed & ready to help. Get a baseball bat, anything to help this person.
Jacobi69 8 dias atrás
i got an add for a doorbell camera lmao
Janissa Emilia
Janissa Emilia 9 dias atrás
Is she getting murdered wtf ?
Beatv 10 dias atrás
boyfamersshakersfom Marqwinez
This gives me the chills man if i would here a large screm at night I would be scerd my god
williss11 10 dias atrás
Yeah I would had chased after the car, or just follow it stealthly. At least get more details from pictures. Maybe even a nameplate number. It sucks. I wonder what happen to her
cookieMonstar 1
cookieMonstar 1 10 dias atrás
Rest In Peace 😭😭😭
Villager #4
Villager #4 10 dias atrás
Sasha Hammy
Sasha Hammy 10 dias atrás
It’s just so anoyying how the women didn’t fricken do anything lik?
DALJEET SINGH 11 dias atrás
They have to follow that car
Shadow Ãce
Shadow Ãce 11 dias atrás
Person hearing screams:sounds like a legit call for help but I can’t possibly do anything so imma just stand here very concerned
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