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Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan gives an in-depth look at the game’s newly overhauled matchmaking and queuing system, which allows players to select their role before the match even begins.
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ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Use of Tobacco, Violence.
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18 Jul 2019



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Comentários 11 906
Yinx 41 minuto atrás
I really love the update! It's awesome that you only stick to one category and the roles are fair(2 healers, 2 tanks and 2 dps). I also like that you got stricter with the consequences. It's awesome really however I've been facing some problems lately and I would appreciate it that you could change it. A lot of players leave the match in tge middle of a comp play and in the end there's 6 players against 3 and this isn't fair at all because when we lose our rank still gets lower. And guess what this happened to me over 4 times and my rank got drastically lower. It's not a fair match. Okay the player who left need to face some consequences. But why do the player who played fair and stayed until the match ended get lower? (I am not english so I hope ya'll understand what I mean)
AUSXTEN 9 horas atrás
Thanks papa Jeff, for not giving up on the game. I haven’t placed in comp in a few seasons (I placed every season since the first until like 13) because it’s just not worth it anymore. After this update idk maybe I’ll like it better? (Still haven’t tried it yet lol)
Mytherthunder 10 horas atrás
Jeff ROLE QUE is great for the game, good for the community and feels likle matches are better and more interesting now
Justin Lafreniere
Justin Lafreniere 11 horas atrás
Sorry but i think this adds more pressure to the player? If i choose tank and am not doing the best, i can't switch with a dps teammate. I am now locked in and will be shamed by my entire team lmfao.
Mytherthunder 10 horas atrás
Then try to be good at the game? practice thats why you start at bronze and dont focus on the rest of the team focus on yourself and how you can develop as a better tank/dps/healer
pp fatdatty
pp fatdatty 12 horas atrás
Me I want to try to get into diamond ATLEAST. Me last season dropping to silver: No I don’t think I will.
Kirito kun
Kirito kun Dia atrás
When they start listening to the players because they realized most are gone already
Julie K.
Julie K. Dia atrás
Role queue is AWFUL. It’s way too restricting. Let’s say I’m not doing great as a tank and I would feel more comfortable playing a healer... Well, too bad, I’m screwed and so is my team because we can’t swap mid-game. Or DPS isn’t getting kills or playing the proper heroes to counter the opposing team. No one else can switch to DPS and help put out damage. There have been many games where I’ve swapped off a tank or healer, to another DPS and it helped to have extra damage to push through the choke or cap the point. I also like to play different heroes depending on the map. That is out the window now. I get it that team comp is important and 2-2-2 can be a good strategy, but being forced into it and having no way out is an awful idea. I don’t understand who the target audience is for this...?The cons outweigh the pros by a lot. I’m really not a fan.
Green Dorito
Green Dorito Dia atrás
Honestly think the role que is so dumb, I have to load in a game for so long. And the tier list is also really dumb. Add back the normal comp que, it was better that way.
xXSki11erLPXx Dia atrás
I'm a consol Player on xbox and i love the the new 222 role lock but since the it came out i feel like the aim assist is gone or something is wrong with the aim that i can't really descripe but many People had the same issue and it would be nice if you take a look at it. thx.
Janet Gomez
Janet Gomez Dia atrás
The role thing sucks
boarder989 Dia atrás
THIS IS HORRIBLE! Get rid of role queue and let us pick the character we want like it used to be! I mainly play competitive but play the other modes as well and have NEVER felt pressure to pick a character! Overwatch is/was my favorite game but if you don't get rid of role queue I WON'T be playing this game as much! ROLE QUEUE is not as fun do away with it!
Shadow Kid
Shadow Kid 2 dias atrás
Can you please fix the overextending problem
dee seta
dee seta 2 dias atrás
Absolutely hate this new role queue, imposible to recalibrate team, either you have a working team ( or better working team tan the other) and win, or thats it, you cant recalibrate team. hate it
Dylan Rhynard
Dylan Rhynard 3 dias atrás
Best thing that's ever happened to OW
JustTheTypicalGuy 3 dias atrás
honestly... that sounds rly cool!
Ioannis Mallis
Ioannis Mallis 3 dias atrás
last season I ended up 2226 highest sr 2689 and this season I I had 5/5 as a DPS at 2090 WTF? Tank 4/5 win placed at 2108 again wtf? And support my main role 4/5 placed at 2200 seriously what is this? Winning most of the games and again I gad lower rank than previous season overall and in each role. I really want to buy a new account in order to have my MMR and SR reset for REAL. Right now there is no reason for placements every season because they are not placement matches. Blizzard you really need to fix this, because it destroys the game experience. I won’t buy a new account because I have all the skins and levels, but I am not even trying to win for real, competitive is QP with a badge so I will just have fun.
SuplexGame 3 dias atrás
I think if I make it 4-2 class optional 4 between damage and tank. class 2 support. Even the search will be faster.
Tony .D
Tony .D 3 dias atrás
I don’t like this. The main problem is that you are not aware of the map that you are queuing for. For example, I do really well as widowmaker on Hanamura. However, if I’m playing on Ilios, I do really well as Orisa. If I could see the map I was queuing for, it would be more beneficial for my team. Oh, and before someone says “just play quickplay classic lmao”, arcade sucks. You get less exp (which is good for blizzard cause you get less lootboxes) and you can’t earn trophies/achievements. And arcade is a bigger sweat fest than comp when an event is going on.
darkxotaku 2 dias atrás
Why play overwatch for achievements?
Darren 4 dias atrás
you explain thing so eloquently jeff
Darren 4 dias atrás
love this so much ITS THE NEW OVERWATCH
joshua lurian
joshua lurian 4 dias atrás
It only took 3 years for role queue
Kash Jepe
Kash Jepe 4 dias atrás
Thank you for the info Jeff! :D
Bethany Edwards
Bethany Edwards 4 dias atrás
I love this idea just not for quickplay, quickplay is just a place to relax and have fun, why do you want this for quick play?. I LOVE overwatch but this has completely ruined it. I am so disappointed 😣
Bethany Edwards
Bethany Edwards 3 dias atrás
@JP MUSIK I hope that it isn't limited, for competitive this is brilliant I just don't know how I feel about quickplay but we'll see. I just hope you can play classic quickplay whenever, if not then it might ruin it for me 😕
JP MUSIK 3 dias atrás
@Bethany Edwards To me it sounds like its permanent and I hope its the case. I don't see how classic overwatch in the arcade would be limited
Bethany Edwards
Bethany Edwards 3 dias atrás
@JP MUSIK but that's going to be in the arcade and how many times will it be available? Once a week ?
JP MUSIK 4 dias atrás
Justine Sagan
Justine Sagan 4 dias atrás
Can you guys please nerf Baptiste immortality field? It's like another man on the field. It's op when there's so many shielded tanks. Esp with the ult nerf, Baptiste needs to be looked at. Some DPS players waste their ults going against Baptiste. It's really not fair.
Mad Peach
Mad Peach 4 dias atrás
MegaGeek24 4 dias atrás
A truly nightmare with no creativity and no flexibility in the game You killed Overwatch with this role queue
Meaniehero 4 dias atrás
I really hate the fact that I can’t change my hero I main tank and heals so I like to alternate especially if I know I could be a better tank than someone else or maybe better heals and we could switch. Personally I don’t like the update. It makes me want to delete the game because it’s not fun anymore.
Anthony Millan Jr
Anthony Millan Jr 4 dias atrás
You guys ruined AI mode with 2 2 2
JP MUSIK 3 dias atrás
@Anthony Millan Jr no problem
Anthony Millan Jr
Anthony Millan Jr 3 dias atrás
@JP MUSIK You've taken my worries away....for now, I really hope you're right. I don't know where to keep up to date with these things, reddit has way too much content to search through. Either way thanks for giving me the time of day and giving me back my optimism!! 🌺🌸🌺 And sorry for being rude to you, I was so frustrated, I shouldn't have been so rude.
JP MUSIK 3 dias atrás
@Anthony Millan Jr That's the bug I'm talking about. It happened to me in QP with characters being grayed out Its not intended and blizzard is working on fixing the problem
Anthony Millan Jr
Anthony Millan Jr 3 dias atrás
@JP MUSIK First of all let's establish that I'm playing on PS4. Not sure if this is native to that or if it's across all platforms. Second, 2 2 2 for AI is not like the comp one. Test it for yourself. Load into a game, and the minute any 2 characters from a select role get picked, the rest of the characters get greyed out. If they were gonna do this they may as well have let us pick our role before the match starts instead of having to insta lock a role not knowing or being considerate to what others actually want to play. The thing that made AI fun before was the flexibility with picks, as the bots are already broken as it stands. I just want them to change this and i don't know where to voice my concern other than their video here. It's very frustrating and honestly kills 80 percent of this game for me overnight.
JP MUSIK 3 dias atrás
@Anthony Millan Jr U must've had a bug cuz role queue isn't supposed to be on ai mode
weirdyoda04 4 dias atrás
Overwatch dying: Blizzard: It's time to give them what they've been asking for for three years.
Collin McLaughlin
Collin McLaughlin 4 dias atrás
This is literally only good for competitive where team composition actually matters
Anthony Blanco
Anthony Blanco 4 dias atrás
I absolutely detest the role lock, you are forced to only play 1/3 the game then what happens when a person leaves the game? You then lost a whole critical role that can NOT be replaced
darkxotaku Dia atrás
That's a community problem bud. This just further indicates that the community is the ones killing overwatch
Trevor Clasper
Trevor Clasper 4 dias atrás
Quit playing because the comp balance was always 20/80 just like at 8:08 and I do like to win every once in awhile. Sad that it took how many years to implement a feature that should have been with launch? I am downloading right now to see if it has any improvement, keeping my fingers crossed.
Victor Lindholm
Victor Lindholm 4 dias atrás
This it Job jeff from the overwatch team an today We gonna tolk about we don’t manar you in overwatch
Victor Lindholm
Victor Lindholm 4 dias atrás
Okay this was what in has been working on for a year
Austin N
Austin N 4 dias atrás
Bruh. Why would you add this for quick play
Young Victor
Young Victor 3 dias atrás
Quickplay classic dumbass
Savaughn Cowan
Savaughn Cowan 4 dias atrás
This is the kind of change that is making me redownload the game. You guys really went out on a limb with this one and it is so highly appreciated, at least in my eyes.
Kaia 4 dias atrás
Jeff: "Sit down you little sh*ts, it's time for a Shakespeare lesson."
Michael Reese
Michael Reese 5 dias atrás
This really sucks. As a major flex main I can play most heroes on dps and support hugely depending on the map. This ruins it completely. I think I’m done playing Overwatch.
883388 5 dias atrás
Isn't overwatch dead? Season 17? Lmfao, played overwatch back in season 4 then dropped this dumb game.
JP MUSIK 4 dias atrás
No one cares about ur opinion
Amy Leighton
Amy Leighton 5 dias atrás
I freaking LOVE this! Being a support and tank main, it has been so frustrating to watch the rest of the team pick dps and then lose a match as a result!!
Savaughn Cowan
Savaughn Cowan 4 dias atrás
Yes! A guaranteed THREE other actual teammates per game is heavenly.
Jennifer Bailey
Jennifer Bailey 5 dias atrás
this should have been in the game since release.
Alpha 5 dias atrás
Good. Every time I play, everyone flocks to Bastion, Hanzo, Soldier 76, Reaper, and Junkrat. Nobody wants to be the tank or support, which means I’m stuck with being either Moira or Orisa
L Raddant
L Raddant 5 dias atrás
Ha..well stop making qp and arcade reflect what you place in comp..its the other stupid thing with comp..if you get lucky and wi. 4 put of five and you shouldnt be that high you'll drop..I cant learn characters or try new things out because mmr reflects how I place in comp
Christoffer Enfors
Christoffer Enfors 5 dias atrás
We have entered the Renaissance!
Christoffer Enfors
Christoffer Enfors 5 dias atrás
This is like when they introduced Standard in HS.
Ze Melon Lord
Ze Melon Lord 5 dias atrás
Role lock will kill the game.
JP MUSIK 4 dias atrás
Victor Tironi
Victor Tironi 5 dias atrás
loved this new feature, it makes the game much more fun and competitive
Jose 5 dias atrás
I don't like this new update
Sotiris Theocharous
Sotiris Theocharous 5 dias atrás
Pls not in quick play in quick play we want to play what hero we want
JP MUSIK 4 dias atrás
U still can. I believe ur misunderstanding role lock and role queue. Role lock is the quick play bug that happened when the game updated where after 2 of one role was picked, it became disabled. Role queue allows u to pick the role you want to play and pick only the heroes in that role
The EGC 5 dias atrás
oh god plz get rid of this, 2-2-2 is not the best is every situation, c'mon maaan
That Dude
That Dude 5 dias atrás
He said "we believe that role que will make the game better" news flash it doesn't 🙃
That Dude
That Dude 3 dias atrás
@Young Victor naw I play console it's bad
Young Victor
Young Victor 3 dias atrás
@That Dude if you truly played those classes you would know how great this update is
That Dude
That Dude 3 dias atrás
@JP MUSIK I am 🙂
That Dude
That Dude 3 dias atrás
@Young Victor 😂 naw I play tank and healer because I like helping my team ... It's bad when you join a match and you can automatically tell if it's going to be a good or bad game... And I was excited for this update now I am not 🙃
Jofus Drums
Jofus Drums 5 dias atrás
Idk why it has to be for quick play. I love it in comp but in quick play you don't need it.
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 5 dias atrás
Only thing left now is the leavers When someone leaves the match it should cancel even if it’s middle game other players shouldn’t suffer because of one person
Kaya Alin
Kaya Alin 5 dias atrás
Jotaro Kujo no cuz when your are going to lose and your duo q’ing your friend on his smurf can leave the game So then you can doge Every lost game
kieran crossland
kieran crossland 5 dias atrás
this just makes it less fun.
Socialism Sucks
Socialism Sucks 5 dias atrás
I'm not being asked to pick a role in Quick play... that's a problem. I'm just being shoved into a field and I hate it.
JP MUSIK 4 dias atrás
There's a bug in the role queue system for qp. Once 2 people choose a role, the entire role is blocked out. Pretty sure that's what happened to you
Ishaq 187
Ishaq 187 5 dias atrás
It is gooooood compatitive now pleaaase keep it now i can play alone
Hornstrup 5 dias atrás
I am High Master/GM player. When i take placement matches in role queue, Will the system take standpoint in that i was Master/GM in the old system?
Liam Lake
Liam Lake 5 dias atrás
Overwatch is in my top 5 best games and I have been excited for this update when it got announced
DASH64 5 dias atrás
wtf is this role lock dogshit
Hector Rosario
Hector Rosario 5 dias atrás
I couldn't be happier about this. this is great
Normal Ansan
Normal Ansan 5 dias atrás
not sure if it will stop toxcicity but at least i can play my hero anytime i want :D
JP MUSIK 4 dias atrás
Toxicity is a community problem. A gaming company can't fix the actions of players that simply
Fred Smith
Fred Smith 5 dias atrás
If sym can tp out of grav why can't sombra translocate out of grav?
John Arch
John Arch 5 dias atrás
222 you’ll never fix offensive healers , let’s hope some people that like to attack rather than he’ll learn that their healer now that this patch is coming out otherwise kiss your teams goodbye while they have 30 to 40 kills as a healer and you lose
Chromolox 5 dias atrás
this is actually lit asf
The Swan
The Swan 5 dias atrás
Role queue honestly sounds great too me
Burgerking Myers
Burgerking Myers 5 dias atrás
I think this is a bad idea, what if you need to switch to another dps because the enemy team are really good at defense but horrible at offense? Am I just limited to Roadhog?
Young Victor
Young Victor 3 dias atrás
@Burgerking Myers you make no sense man
JP MUSIK 4 dias atrás
@Burgerking Myers Every overwatch team needs a tank, healer, and dps.
Burgerking Myers
Burgerking Myers 5 dias atrás
@JP MUSIK It also forces you into a role whether your teams needs it or not.
JP MUSIK 5 dias atrás
@Burgerking Myers why should tanks and support be good at dps now. Your team should be playing as the role they chose. This system is suppose to allow to pick the character u want to choose not to be forced to play someone that won't benefit the team
Ollie Smollie
Ollie Smollie 6 dias atrás
im actually excited for role queue, no more solo healing lmao
Dolphin R cool
Dolphin R cool 6 dias atrás
Can’t wait for today five hours left rn
ramonster163 6 dias atrás
"There's a lot going on here". No there isn't. You're just forcing the meta on everyone who doesn't play arcade. And comparing Shakespearean sonnets with creativity within a video game team composition? You're literally dumbing the game down and forcing characters further into their "designated roles". How is this comparable to Shakespear? Your argument is detrimental.
Earth To Hailey
Earth To Hailey 6 dias atrás
*Overwhelmed flex player noises*
Child of the Chosen
Child of the Chosen 6 dias atrás
Rocktum 6 dias atrás
So basicially it's a good move, but I think 1) to late and 2) giving power to trolls. Can't wait to have a Moira as "Support" only throwing dmg balls :)
Jay G
Jay G 6 dias atrás
Jeff please bring back skins like pink mercy I die everyday a little inside bc I missed the event for skin please give new players a chance Ik this isn’t relevant to the topic but I’m speaking for all the mercy mains out here that didn’t get a chance
Alien Anthony
Alien Anthony 6 dias atrás
There's to much pressure for your dumb brains to choose from the selection of characters. So instead of multiple characters we've narrowed it down to 3 choices!
Quantum Uncertainty Workshop
i've had a few too many games where i've had to switch up mid match and take over someone else's role while leaving us without a tank or support because people simply cannot do their job the way they THINK they can and then allowing us to advance or defend better and then getting bashed on while everyone else thinks "it was me that won it for us"...
FadiCrafter 7 dias atrás
Just imagine the salt for dps genji mains who queue up for 10 minutes to find a game only to loose. Thank god I know how to play tank and support.
Arthur Calciolari
Arthur Calciolari 7 dias atrás
I want this change on xbox right now!
Adam W
Adam W 7 dias atrás
Does this work with squads ?
Skeptical Bill
Skeptical Bill 7 dias atrás
Nicely said, i can't wait for this update!
Ζωή Σκαβετζάκη
That's great news
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