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Pop. Hip-hop. Power ballads. There are so many flavors of K-pop-how do you choose the right one?
In this episode of Dev Doodles, developers recall some of the challenges of creating the song POP/STARS.
Animated by: Ehlboy


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21 Out 2019



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Comentários 2 144
ohmytrance Hora atrás
KDA Come Back😫😫😫
Eritok Gaming
Eritok Gaming 8 horas atrás
Too inspirational!
Inez Kapczynski
Inez Kapczynski 17 horas atrás
0:34 oh well hello there cutie
K/DA: Comeback please(2)
Amanda C A Santos
Saiko desenha melhor
Gamingnar 〈3
Gamingnar 〈3 2 dias atrás
You have sacerfice your soul only to make a song. Is it worth it?
goldtitan 337
goldtitan 337 2 dias atrás
I wouldn't have it any other way
Joaquin AnS
Joaquin AnS 2 dias atrás
You have to do the same with True Damage :D
Chris 2 dias atrás
0:15 is that baby Malphite?
Mustang Cz
Mustang Cz 3 dias atrás
Please come back i still listen to the song
Mustang Cz
Mustang Cz 3 dias atrás
I have game for Evelynn Forza Horizon 4.
KEITH YEN LIM 3 dias atrás
Could you guys bring back K/DA for another song.
Mustang Cz
Mustang Cz 3 dias atrás
Wait She has McLaren P1 too!!!
DarkRubeN0360 GamingYT
I wish blizzard was like this...
Najmah Chant
Najmah Chant 3 dias atrás
little did they know they were about to make the greatest collab in history
Yzhra Zen
Yzhra Zen 3 dias atrás
Need more K/DA song next world
Snowy Collar
Snowy Collar 3 dias atrás
2:42 the far right ahri fuels my existence
Andrew Chavez
Andrew Chavez 3 dias atrás
Soooooo when will K/DA release their next single??? Asking for a friend....
Armylink 3 dias atrás
I still get GOOSEBUMPS whenever I listen to it
Charlotte M
Charlotte M 3 dias atrás
Lowkey feel like Giants was True Damage (?) ft. Akali (Soyeon). Her rap was too short. idk.
Torab Abdullah
Torab Abdullah 3 dias atrás
Someone please tell me what do i need to learn to make this kind of animated video? Which software? I need to know how was the animation so smooth and it's in 3d and yet rend3r is like 2d . How do you achieve such amazing lighting. How to make these character movements and transitions?
Help Me
Help Me 3 dias atrás
Me and my friends learned a dance inspired by kda-pop/stars and cosplayed as them and did the dance at school it was near the end of the year and I was in 6th grade now I’m 7th :))
UN GAMER TUT 4 dias atrás
But will kda ever have a comeback?
LUKE XIMON xaronhilo
LUKE XIMON xaronhilo 4 dias atrás
Its so Inspiring i love the story of kda
Twice Once
Twice Once 4 dias atrás
Hope Riot release the official demo
Kookie 4 dias atrás
We could make a religion out of this
kookoo army
kookoo army 4 dias atrás
well that's so cute, still like k/da the true damage.... true damage need's work, like really bad
IzFan Art Animeme
IzFan Art Animeme 5 dias atrás
Ravenspire 1
Ravenspire 1 5 dias atrás
Before I knew where this came from, I thought this was a legitimate K-Pop group.
Павел Карев
Павел Карев 5 dias atrás
Can we get more KDA plz?
Julian mateo Bustos moreno
more song from KDA
K E 7 dias atrás
Im no lol player but more of K/DA please
Matthew Manibusan
Matthew Manibusan 7 dias atrás
But what about K/DA Sona????? I found her on instagram! @mazincosplay go check it out!
Scarlet Psycho Wolf
Scarlet Psycho Wolf 8 dias atrás
4:05 describe K/DA in one image
Rafiyoutubified 8 dias atrás
Riot. The K/DA clip and song are just 10/10, everyone who sees the end result falls in love with the animation and music. I enjoyed this short as well.
HONORLESS Oracle 8 dias atrás
Yo roit in 2020 worlds are u going to Philipines or something? Nvm......
STRFSH 9 dias atrás
So this is how they finally found soyeon
Nur Mrang
Nur Mrang 9 dias atrás
here i am after watching giants
everyyxy 9 dias atrás
But the question we all want to know: How were the singers found for this project?
Alejandro Coronado
Or brought together anyway, considering they were already well known. Especially the (G)I-dle members. Actually, I'd like to know how they picked them out of many possible candidates.
Kemrit The Frog
Kemrit The Frog Dia atrás
Just another roll of the dice
NCT stands for Neo Crackhead Technology
Yeah that's an important question
Redska Red
Redska Red 10 dias atrás
Video: Talking about the amazing hard work that went into this Me: Look at all the cute widdle Ahris!
zargus 10 dias atrás
Credit to the Dev, the song is Awesome, me and my daughter really love it
a a
a a 10 dias atrás
more kda song plz
Ân -
Ân - 10 dias atrás
You guys really did a fantastic work there! Hope to see more surprises in the future, next gen KDA maybe?
Friends in Action
Friends in Action 10 dias atrás
Não entendi nada mas deixei o like
김영재 12 dias atrás
영상 왜이리 귀여워ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Mark Lanting
Mark Lanting 12 dias atrás
me and the boys: 2:42
Jericho Constantino
Jericho Constantino 12 dias atrás
A Silva
A Silva 12 dias atrás
I was thinking that they had asked help of koreans music experts for this but i guess not.
Abomi 12 dias atrás
*"And Then We Made K/DA 2.O"*
Funny Videos - Funny Out Loud
What about the animation video!?!?!?
Jason Leo
Jason Leo 13 dias atrás
Riot: Music producing company
KpopNoodle 13 dias atrás
Welp now I really want to see the chibi version of K/DA MV.
Jeanelle Saavedra
Jeanelle Saavedra 14 dias atrás
im crying ahri is so cute
Clementine's Thigh Gap
Clementine's Thigh Gap 15 dias atrás
*_but can we get another song?_*
Kendric Lai
Kendric Lai 15 dias atrás
@0:16 Malphite splash art
Spring 16 dias atrás
나는 대한민국, 광주에 살고 있는 한 학생입니다. 우선 제가 자주 하는 게임 회사에서 k-pop 노래를 만들어줘서 매우 감사합니다. 더 좋은 게임과 문화를 만들어주시기를 바라며 기대합니다. :) I am a student living in Gwangju, Korea. First of all, thank you very much for making K-pop songs at the game company I play often. I hope you will make a better game and culture. :) P.s. fxxxxng teemo 🤬🤬
Mai Big Butt
Mai Big Butt 16 dias atrás
Once you're in to K-Pop, you can never get out of K-Pop.
Robby Rodriguez
Robby Rodriguez 16 dias atrás
riot only based on korean meta because they are kpop fans
Robby Rodriguez
Robby Rodriguez 16 dias atrás
evelyn aint singing
Stuff152 16 dias atrás
3:45 this....this makes me laugh 😂
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