Deshaun Watson’s FIRST NFL game since 2020 (Browns vs Jaguars Preseason highlights)

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11 Ago 2022



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Nathan Moore
Yeah it was definitely a rough start for Watson, but you never know; he may still have a "Happy Ending"😉😆😂
J. Peace O
The Browns and Stefanski will deserve every thing they get from this guy, good or bad.
Deshaun “massage” Watson
Imagine what his first pass will look like next year 😂😂😭😭😭😭
ali sallam
His muscles look tight. Could use a massage.
Link Journey
You could tell his sweet release is all over the place
CJH Da Bears
His go to play is the rub and tug 😂😂😂
Dean Machine
I’m trying to understand this here- So just last year the Browns were a helmet to helmet penalty call away from the AFC Championship game. Then of course had a season of flops and injuries which can happen to any team. Yet instead of trying to regroup and refocus by continuing to improve the team around Baker Mayfield the same guy who helped them end their playoff drought, they essentially say ‘screw you Baker’ and go out to grab a QB who will have this controversy hanging over his head for the rest of his career and will surly give any team he’s on a bad name. How does that work?
Xander Roberts
Didn’t expect him to play great after not playing since the end of the 2020 season anyways
Jay Bruce
This dude can hit perfect face shots from acrossed the room......he should be throwing dimes all year
James Watson
Didn’t miss his target the second time. But he has to play all 3 pre season game.
My God that would be hilarious if he regressed to the point of no return
T Wayne
The man hasn't played in a year I don't expect explosive plays from him until he has at least 3 games under his belt from the suspension
I just can’t believe how cursed the Browns franchise continues to prove itself to be.
Fuchsia Swing
It's clearly rust and getting comfortable with a new team and offense. Watson’s never been the most technically sound QB, but his knack is his tenacity and competitive drive. He always finds a way to win and is brilliant at extending plays; he's one of the toughest quarterbacks to sack, even after contact. This is just going to take a long time to get right, maybe even another season.
Zap Rowsdower
Imagine being beside him in that offense out there while a half filled Jacksonville stadium is chanting so loudly that you can hear the play call "You Sick F©®%" Don't expect these guys to be a cohesive unit.
Browns are in for a wild season . Prob a lot of L’s
Aj Sanders
Might as well play the whole game if he gets hurt he’ll have plenty of time to heal Probably the whole season lol
Damn, he threw away off on that open wr. That was an easy 15 plus yards. The man hasn't played in over a year
Always clutch with the uploads 🙏🏽
Khiry Lockwood
Missing one year has been proven to be deadly for a lot of players
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