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Look back on this day, the night became heavyweight king beating Deontay Wilder in their rematch.

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Beterbiev-Deines to headline card that will air LIVE on an ESPN platform from Megasport Arena in Moscow

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22 Fev 2021



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Comentários 0
Gray Oliva
Gray Oliva 11 minutos atrás
i think wilder feet is a bit small for his body
Muhammet Karaer
Muhammet Karaer 16 horas atrás
Matthew Shroba
Matthew Shroba 18 horas atrás
Good call ref. What a fight.
Malachi107 20 horas atrás
The black dude was LOST as fuck when Tyson Fury was in the ring singing that bullshit. 🤦🏻‍♂️ You played yourself. (DJ khalid voice)
William Boyer
William Boyer 22 horas atrás
What a sad state the heavyweight division is in when these two uncoordinated bombs are considered the best in the world. SMH
Michał Kocik
Michał Kocik 23 horas atrás
Go Champ
Michał Kocik
Michał Kocik 23 horas atrás
Michał Kocik
Michał Kocik 23 horas atrás
Only One
Michał Kocik
Michał Kocik 23 horas atrás
What Are You talking about, Wilder have nothing to say in this contest
Michał Kocik
Michał Kocik Dia atrás
Thank You Sir
Michał Kocik
Michał Kocik Dia atrás
Master is The Only One
Mob Gmoney
Mob Gmoney Dia atrás
I see more problems with his defense than offense
Lushion Xazaver
Lushion Xazaver Dia atrás
Shawn B
Shawn B Dia atrás
I love both of these guys as people amd as fighters, the only thing I hate about this fight is all of the excuses that came out of Wilder's camp after he lost. He just cant seem to accept that fury is so much more skilled at boxing than he is.
Ertiza Abbas
Ertiza Abbas Dia atrás
USA referee favourd USA fighter
Hi-Tech292 Dia atrás
How can anyone watch this and not see wilder get an ass whooping???
Byron Williams
Byron Williams Dia atrás
The illuminati is they control our daily life reptilians is real they are in control until they fall
yaboycapone 96
yaboycapone 96 2 dias atrás
I love seeing fury win. I watched this so many times when wilder made up a bunch of excuses
Grey Fox23
Grey Fox23 2 dias atrás
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 2 dias atrás
God I love coming back to this fight watching Fury absolutely bully Wilder is so satisfying
Eren Dripper
Eren Dripper 2 dias atrás
I like how their faces in first few round are terrafied!
Kelz Supreme
Kelz Supreme 2 dias atrás
Yeah Wilder will definitely win the 3rd fight. I never seen equilibrium issues last that long. No drugged water equals Fury down..
Hambone Fakenameington
6:31 wtf was the commentator saying 💀
Josh Light
Josh Light 2 dias atrás
As a Wilder fan, I finally forced myself to watch this fight. In my humble opinion, Wilder didn't look quite right even before Fury landed anything significant. Not taking anything away from his win, it was brilliant and he did exactly what he needed to do. The first two rounds were fairly even, but the shots Wilder took in the third round though nasty didn't look like they should have rubbarized his legs that easy. He's taken worse shots. The first fight with Fury he looked indestructible and powerful if not like a uber skilled boxer. Here he definitely looked sluggish. I don't know if I buy the suit excuse even so. In my humble opinion, I think he will do better when they have the third fight if not winning and this was not his A game. I could be wrong of course. Fury is no doubt an all time great.
Eduardo Martinez Garcia
Como se extrana a Mike tyson el si era fuera de serie
teori 3 dias atrás
Fury KİNG.
The OP
The OP 3 dias atrás
Man i love deontay, but mann, its just so clear whos the winner here
Derik Warren
Derik Warren 3 dias atrás
Lets see an old man Mike Tyson VS Tyson Fury. LOL I bet old man mike can still win!
Malte Mann
Malte Mann 3 dias atrás
stop stop stop...don't hit him
David Santillan
David Santillan 3 dias atrás
Fury vs thor
FURY 3 dias atrás
I pissed myself when Tyson flicked his tongue
FURY 3 dias atrás
Wilder swung like 3 times after he said stop but he takes Tyson points lol get new refs
Andre Parker
Andre Parker 4 dias atrás
He gave Breland a HUG before fight...
Edu Park
Edu Park 4 dias atrás
Singing at the end of the fight, Tyson Fury is a big cool guy. And a religious warrior too 🙏 giant with a big heart.
just jack
just jack 4 dias atrás
Deontay shouldn’t tha- deontay shouldn’t let him jab- jab the jabber…….. yea bro I getcha pour another beer
Zeyan 4 dias atrás
Its giving me the vibes of 'Creed vs Drago' from CREED movie.. 👍
Corrado Malchiodi
Corrado Malchiodi 4 dias atrás
Mi sono emozionato...!!!!!! Nn smetto di riguardare questo incontro....!!!!! SEI UN RE
Furnie Wilson
Furnie Wilson 4 dias atrás
Literally the ugliest fight I've seen in a long time. Sloppy punching, weak footwork from both fighters
Cameron Cook
Cameron Cook 4 dias atrás
These two hug more than my girlfriend hugs me
Orlando Gonzales
Orlando Gonzales 4 dias atrás
The Paul brothers think they are showmen. They must of never seen this.. lmaooo
Shantorey Wilkins
Shantorey Wilkins 4 dias atrás
C S 5 dias atrás
Now he has covid ducking his inevitable ass whooping that he signed up for. Cheaters never win in the end.
Expired1337 5 dias atrás
Everyone thinks Mike Tyson would win against these guys. The only way that would happen is within 4 rounds. Once Mike was gassed he was a punching bag, Fury goes 12 rounds solid. Idk would be interesting.
Luis Donado
Luis Donado 5 dias atrás
25:42 The commentator got Wilder's reaction to his loss wrong. "That's the kind of man he is" LOL. That was all wrong. We learned what kind of man he was after he fired his legendary boxing star coach Mark Breland who saved his life.
F50 Lucky
F50 Lucky 5 dias atrás
dont post spoilers on the thumbnail 😭
Roger SoCalBeaches
Roger SoCalBeaches 5 dias atrás
I haven't watched boxing in years and found interest in it again because of Tyson Fury. He looks so awkward and uncoordinated I couldn't believe could win a fight. So I had to watch as many of his fights to try and make sense of all this. 30 and 0
op mcginy
op mcginy 5 dias atrás
Wilder gonna get all the brain damage.
Travis G
Travis G 6 dias atrás
man Wilder looked drunk from the 3rd round on, he wasn't ready for this.
ian mcfadden
ian mcfadden 6 dias atrás
The first fight wasn't a draw. Wilder won 1 round out of both fights. He got completely outclassed. He was beat so bad he went in too a state of delusions and fairytales.
Michael Rumrill
Michael Rumrill 6 dias atrás
A real champion goes on on his shield.. Peroid!!!!
Youtubes Bichasspolicys
Moneybags McGregor sponsor smack bang in the middle
Rafe 6 dias atrás
My man tasted blood. Sheesh
Achmad Zaenudin
Achmad Zaenudin 6 dias atrás
only a Champ with a fighting style like Mike can take down AJ. Both of them are not comparable.
Allison Reid
Allison Reid 6 dias atrás
Deontay please don't make that mistake again don't sleep on him ..... let's get things done....D Bronze Bomber !!!!!
Thizlam 6 dias atrás
“The ref stepped in when he didn’t see deontay throwing any punches back” Dude was obviously not watching in that moment. 😂
scott lambert
scott lambert 7 dias atrás
Take your whipping sir
Tren Babone
Tren Babone 7 dias atrás
No one gonna talk about how this dude licked deontay on min 22:35
vinny the chin
vinny the chin 7 dias atrás
wilder got beat up
Tren Babone
Tren Babone 7 dias atrás
Wilder got licked. Nasty
It’s CønvulsIøns
It’s CønvulsIøns 7 dias atrás
The ref is mad annoying 😂😂
Gedieyon Tewede
Gedieyon Tewede 8 dias atrás
They paid him to lose
Grimace 8 dias atrás
My cousin knows folk from fury camp he had brass knuckles under his gloves vs wilder 2
Ismail Ajjawi
Ismail Ajjawi 8 dias atrás
Tyson fury was just bigger and more heavier than deontay wilder
Incel with Rage
Incel with Rage 8 dias atrás
I enjoy watching this hate crime beat down TIL THIS DAY. TIL THIS DAY.
The Khatak Films
The Khatak Films 8 dias atrás
Not so good,..need aggressions like myke Tyson ....Tyson is only one
SV Moment
SV Moment 8 dias atrás
What a great great video
D' sories
D' sories 8 dias atrás
How can a big guy has that stick leg lmou. Did he even can balance it? Now i know why he's so wobble.. He's must really hate leg day lol.
Panda 8 dias atrás
6:32 commentary
Salvador Suazo
Salvador Suazo 8 dias atrás
27:08 always that guy trying to get noticed. Gtfo of here clown 😂🤡
Aisea Ratokalau
Aisea Ratokalau 8 dias atrás
There shouldn't be another fight.Wilder is full of words.Without the help of the referee Wilder would be shamely put down in boxing history.Find a good Ref,this one is not ashamed of himself protecting Wilder.Fury,a much bigger n taller Heavyweight who have mastered UK style boxing n now mastering the American style.Fury went to school n study,he's gonna be Rich
Andrew 8 dias atrás
Tyson Fury is a problem for any heavyweight of any era!
Mar10 8 dias atrás
Good to know Tyson has a singing career after boxing.
Bryan Russell
Bryan Russell 9 dias atrás
I've seen several comments about Deontay Wilder's claim that he could beat a prime Mike Tyson, and then commenting on his poor performance in this fight. What you probably don't understand or realize is that as a professional, competitive fighter you have to have that kind of confidence in yourself. If you go into a fight thinking there's no way you can win, why would choose this profession? Whether or not he could beat Mike Tyson in his prime is irrelevant. He has to believe that he can. Every fighter, competitor, has to have that mind set for any hope of success.
Antonio Olmo
Antonio Olmo 9 dias atrás
A esos 2 lo coge tyson con 20 años y los pone pata arriba en 2 rounds
Bryan Russell
Bryan Russell 9 dias atrás
Boxing would be awesome if you could eliminate all the holding. I bet if they started deducting points for that, they'd cut that shit out. Or you'd have to judge the fight on who ended up with the smaller negative score...
Bryan Russell
Bryan Russell 9 dias atrás
There's just something about Lennox Lewis' voice that I find eloquent and soothing. I wish I had that.
Holy Angel Barachiel Kadisha Malachie
What a great fight! Rocky marciano and Muhammad Ali would have been proud. Heart went in to both these fighters. Something rare in the modern boxing. We seen old school heart that evening and in the other fight they had as well.
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez 9 dias atrás
The ref smacking the shit out of Fury’s back every time they clinch but doesn’t do shit to Wilder. The ref looked like he was protecting Wilder a little too much.
Truelycalm 9 dias atrás
The first so called knock out in the 3rd round by fury, was a punch behind the head. That’s is not a knock out. Fury came in to have a rough fight like a wrestling match and it worked for him. He was rough, holding and leaning . Wilder was not prepared fir this fight, not because fury was a good fighter
Truelycalm 9 dias atrás
No way , furry beats wilder the next fight. Wilder loss because fir some reason, he was scared from the jump and that affected everything.. Fury not a good fighter, wilder was just terrible this fight. Wilder must have learned from his loss and make his adjustment. 1. Be ready and be aggressive from the jump by fighting forward at all times. 2. Don’t let him lean on you 3. Left hand up at all times and throw jabs regularly 4. Then let the right hand go at all times. Don’t hold it back. 2 to 3 left hand jabs, then the right punch. Fury has no defense
Stevie Wonders
Stevie Wonders 9 dias atrás
He did taste his blood after that. Sang after the match. Had an amazing entrance too 😂
Caleb Wirkkala
Caleb Wirkkala 9 dias atrás
6:40 the commentator had a stroke
Stay Alive
Stay Alive 9 dias atrás
Fury has a look on his face like he’s insane. That should scare most people.
Donovan Warr
Donovan Warr 10 dias atrás
Butterbean is still the goat
Mike Lowe
Mike Lowe 10 dias atrás
There's a really cool battle of footwork going on in this fight from the jump. Tyson keeping his lead leg on the outside of Wilders lead leg to negate the right hand and create a battle of lead hands. He's following him around with that strategy like a mirror.
krombopulos rick
krombopulos rick 10 dias atrás
At 19:10 wilder retaliated for the uppercut but didnt get a point. Ref really want wilder to catch that w
krombopulos rick
krombopulos rick 9 dias atrás
@Floki close enough
Floki 9 dias atrás
19:06, do you even check your timestamps? But yeah I agree, ref should've taken away a point from wilder there.
krombopulos rick
krombopulos rick 10 dias atrás
Wilder is effective but tyson is a better technical boxer by a few leagues. Hard fight for someone who has a known weapon that right. Wilder looked scared at the start deff let nerves win this time.
Truelycalm 9 dias atrás
Yes, you are absolutely right. That is the difference in this fight. Wilder was scared and appeared not ready from the jump
Chris CWL
Chris CWL 10 dias atrás
Fury vs the ref and wilder
Chris CWL
Chris CWL 10 dias atrás
The ref didn't mind penalizing Fury. Wilder do the same crap, free pass. Hhmm. Favoritism
Scott Millsap
Scott Millsap 10 dias atrás
A.M. Sport
A.M. Sport 10 dias atrás
Clorifom in the water and gloves,,Cheatcodes Fury
Jayz World
Jayz World 11 dias atrás
Bro ur ear drum is ruptured 🤪 Huh?!!!
J 421
J 421 11 dias atrás
On this day it was proven to the world. Gypsies dont care for bronze, they prefer gold instead.
Curtis Frierson
Curtis Frierson 11 dias atrás
I don't know who Deontay Wilder's financial advisor is but that guy or lady is just wasting Wilder's money... I don't care what he's paying them, Wilder is just wasting his money. The minute the Trilogy fight didn't happen in 2020, for whatever reason, if it was because of Fury, Wilder should have filed a lawsuit against Fury and his handlers for at least $50 million dollars... That would have forced Fury to at least fight him asap, to give Wilder a quick chance to get his WBC belt right back! Now, Wilder has 100% loss nearly two prime producing years worth of income. Hell, Wilder could have fought 3 different cab drivers over the last 18 months, and still made $10 to $20 million dollars. But, the way it stands right now, this Trilogy fight will never happen, because Fury has no interest in facing Wilder in the ring, ever again. So, my advice for Wilder is, to immediately initiate a $500 million dollar, breach of contract lawsuit against Fury, Top Rank, Match Room, DZAN, and ESPN. Then, just to keep his boxing skills up, and get paid something, just fight a cab driver on July 24th. That's just like Fury fought 2 different cab drivers before their rematch, and NOBODY saw anything wrong with Fury doing that! Fury actually got raving PRAISES for beating two guys who were not even tanked in the Top 15 heavyweights, and the second cab driver, Otto Wallin, really should have won that fight by a TKO, for giving Fury over 50 stitches!
Lenny Schneider
Lenny Schneider 11 dias atrás
When Tyson licked blood off Wilder's neck. No recovering from that psychologically
Pieter Bijlmer
Pieter Bijlmer 11 dias atrás
Relieved to see Fury Wilder 3 was cancelled. Deontey made it into a racial thing. That's not good for the sport nor society at large.
Tri Minh
Tri Minh 12 dias atrás
Tyson's Skill is very Good . From move to fight .
C Ladd
C Ladd 12 dias atrás
what happened to your fake laughing wilder?no wonder you have to where the headphones during conference lmao he rattled your brain and exploded your ear
Omer Abdul Haye
Omer Abdul Haye 12 dias atrás
I hate this ref 😡
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