Denzel Curry, Kenny Beats - UNLOCKED

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A Psycho Films Production (@PsychoFilms)
Directed by: Jack Begert (@JackBegert) & Christian Sutton (@ShowMeSutton)
Written by: Jack Begert, Christian Sutton and Denzel Curry
Producer: Sam Canter
DP: David Bolen
Production Design: Nathan Casteil
Editors: Will Tooke, Jack Begert, Neal Farmer
Post Dialogue Mixing: Keaton Smith
Lead Animators:
Desktop Intro (8 Bit): Mike Manor
01. Track 01: Sam Hochman
02. Take_it_Back_v2: Joey Prosser
04. Pyro (leak 2019): Forrest Whaley; VFX by Justin Johnson
03. Lay_Up.m4a: Chaz Bottoms, Malik Bolton, & Rachel Headlam
05. DIET_: Chaz Bottoms, Malik Bolton, & Rachel Headlam
06. So.Incredible.pkg: Chaz Bottoms, Malik Bolton, & Rachel Headlam
07. Track07: Chaz Bottoms, Malik Bolton, & Rachel Headlam
08. 'Cosmic'.m4a: Borboev Shakhnazer & Asekov Tilek
Stay Close
#DenzelCurry #KennyBeats
Music video by Denzel Curry, Kenny Beats performing UNLOCKED (Animated Short). © 2020 PH Recordings, LLC., Under exclusive license to Loma Vista Recordings. Distributed by Concord.


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6 Fev 2020



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Comentários 100
Shafiq Haqime
Shafiq Haqime Dia atrás
Man read junji ito bruhhhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥
GXNXSIS 2 dias atrás
Bro said “it’s got a usb” boyyy😆😭😂😂😂😂
Android Lives Matter
Android Lives Matter 3 dias atrás
Fucking perfection.
Jakub Schlosser
Jakub Schlosser 3 dias atrás
thank you for showing me the galaxy , Jesus Christ is da Lord
Henri Van Vyve
Henri Van Vyve 3 dias atrás
Number11to87 3 dias atrás
This gay
Derryl Brooks
Derryl Brooks 6 dias atrás
I wanna do this for his project
Mayor Wade
Mayor Wade 6 dias atrás
Denzel looks like a child compared to Kenny
C D 7 dias atrás
This is very good.
louie the kid
louie the kid 10 dias atrás
cant believe i found out about this just now... i was sleeping on this masterpiece
Maggie Lukasiewicz
Maggie Lukasiewicz 9 dias atrás
Bro same
pvtrik nvgy
pvtrik nvgy 13 dias atrás
I started listening and it took 10 minutes to realize its not just a music omfg
Max theMonke
Max theMonke 13 dias atrás
This is the coolest thing I’ve ever watched
stoneyufocult 14 dias atrás
we out den shit 💀
stoneyufocult 14 dias atrás
Dominic Lawrence
Dominic Lawrence 14 dias atrás
Didn't know my workout mix came with a movie. This was a really special and wonderful gift to the world. I feel bad I got here this late.
WhiippedK 15 dias atrás
This whole video is RAW as fuck !
Marshall Crocker
Marshall Crocker 17 dias atrás
6:53 oh my god
Casey Lane
Casey Lane 18 dias atrás
This shit is raw
Jorji Costava
Jorji Costava 20 dias atrás
this is fucking insane... what is going on?
itoldyou 20 dias atrás
Levi Lewis
Levi Lewis 21 dia atrás
1:30 that face lmao
Big____Rich 21 dia atrás
Wait people pay for this?
Robbie Larney
Robbie Larney 21 dia atrás
Denzels scream at 3:51 fucking sent me dude 😂😂😂
cj lone wolf uzumaki namakazi
That's awesome 😎
rc graves
rc graves 21 dia atrás
Just got put on to denzel like that knew he was dope from the xxl cypher and clout cobain but nah this flames i gotta hear more😂
XN-TriQ 22 dias atrás
This some Chris Chan OC next dimension ish!
Sophia Sterz
Sophia Sterz 22 dias atrás
I love this fucking shit! Better than therapie.
Ben Shahyalani
Ben Shahyalani 22 dias atrás
This has MF DOOM all over it!✊
Marvin Randolph
Marvin Randolph 23 dias atrás
This is like the modern-day the wall from Pink Floyd or heavy metal for Hip Hop Heads straight up
Marvin Randolph
Marvin Randolph 23 dias atrás
Yeah the animators are killing it
Marvin Randolph
Marvin Randolph 23 dias atrás
This shitt is incredible unlocked
Victor Caban
Victor Caban 23 dias atrás
Thanks youtube algo. I would never have seen this otherwise. So. Fucking. Dope.
Khemist Did It
Khemist Did It 24 dias atrás
Yo this some legendary flow Curry got.
Alvaro Vix
Alvaro Vix 24 dias atrás
i fucking love it. shut up. i fucking love it. shut up. i lucking fove it. mkey.
Richard Gowing
Richard Gowing 24 dias atrás
So pleased that I've come across this today, absolutely fantastic. A new fan for life.
Donk 24 dias atrás
Kenny did it,returned to monke, even if just for second
NEVERKiLLTIME 25 dias atrás
What a dope project, not sure how it took me this long to find it 🎶☠️🎶
Some Dude
Some Dude 25 dias atrás
TAWP EffEcTZ 26 dias atrás
Ima come back to this on mushrooms
nowhereweareagain 26 dias atrás
Guitar Center sell this? Not in the states.
Scr3w the insatiable [DeVon Jackson]
Noooo they gotta make a return
Scr3w the insatiable [DeVon Jackson]
🤣 bruuhhh
Cinema Dweeb Productions
The album is 10/10 gives me hardcore madvillany vibes
Tyler Mick
Tyler Mick 27 dias atrás
The uzumaki reference was a pleasant surprise
Dustin Delaney
Dustin Delaney 28 dias atrás
"It's got a USB" lmao
Majin Maui
Majin Maui 28 dias atrás
X woulda been perfect on this
John Groves
John Groves 29 dias atrás
"Think, don't overthink"
Autumn Vanderbosch
Autumn Vanderbosch 29 dias atrás
Paste 29 dias atrás
GOAT music video
Tyler Phillips
Tyler Phillips 29 dias atrás
Did I hear Deltron?
smashbro247 29 dias atrás
The guitar center in Guadalajara is bumping
Ja'Van Turner-Moore
Ja'Van Turner-Moore 29 dias atrás
This is beYOND fantastic
Cole 29 dias atrás
This might be the coolest shit I’ve ever seen
N1 Solutions
N1 Solutions Mês atrás
bangers from multiple angles.
Fraser van de poll
Fraser van de poll Mês atrás
Kenny beats is the police
Raca Shaca
Raca Shaca Mês atrás
The animations are mediocre at best. Nothing to rant about tho.
aeiou 9 dias atrás
JW Mês atrás
I can only imagine what was in the “Puppies” folder. 😉😏
Tristan Jennings
Tristan Jennings Mês atrás
Damn this was so fucking good, an ode to so many interests ive had growing up 🔥🔥🔥
MEAT MAN Mês atrás
why am i just now watching this bro
swago 69
swago 69 Mês atrás
Knockoff unus annus lol
Mikey 2DropZ
Mikey 2DropZ Mês atrás
So. Fucking. Good.
Not official Alt-j
Not official Alt-j Mês atrás
Lol shake hands with danger
MJ Chandler
MJ Chandler Mês atrás
Best 20mins spent today great project!
ELMO Mês atrás
getting some MF DOOM vibes form this, love it
Martel Martin
Martel Martin Mês atrás
Bruh this is it!!!!!!
noscopingnerd 123
noscopingnerd 123 Mês atrás
What the hell is this? This was awesome! 13:22 he sounded like DMX
Slander on Da Sticks
TeeJay x6 the one who leaked it
Elchinodiabolero Mês atrás
''What type of bdsm shit you into, bruh?!'' I WAS DEAD
I don’t Get it
I don’t Get it Mês atrás
I like how the first song is the best one
Aditya Shahi
Aditya Shahi Mês atrás
Mizzle420420 Mês atrás
The 4$ you gonna make on your 2million streams
C D Mês atrás
I enjoy that Pyro was so fire that it melted the pyramids onto which it descended from the sun.
CkreeM Mês atrás
Mr. Naptime
Mr. Naptime Mês atrás
The last one give anyone else mirrors edge vibes?
Erik Garcia
Erik Garcia Mês atrás
im high as fuck, this is perfect
Fox Braisthorn
Fox Braisthorn Mês atrás
Can we all just take a minute to thin about how much fun they must have had doing this
Burning Hammer Studios
yo this was hella creative
Planet Panthers
Planet Panthers Mês atrás
Unus annus hoodies
swago 69
swago 69 Mês atrás
Frrr, knockoff unus annus
B.Smith Lyrix
B.Smith Lyrix Mês atrás
...."that $4 you gon make off of 2 million streams..." lol facts...smfh. The industry is grimey as fuck.
Wakamono Kami
Wakamono Kami Mês atrás
what kind of back to the future shit is this 😂
Bandman Tre
Bandman Tre Mês atrás
this video just played randomly and they acting was so good and on point i actually watched this whole thing, i never listened to denzel before this but he actually kinda fye🔥. the acting made me intrigued and the rapping made me stay, bro should do a movie or something fr.
Gabriel Mora
Gabriel Mora Mês atrás
"I do not write rhymes, I write checks"
Blacklist Incorporated
"I got it at a Guitar Center in Guadalajara" I'm dead 😂😂😂
Josh Michael
Josh Michael Mês atrás
I don’t know what just auto played but I am not mad
SteadyRhino Mês atrás
BrandoNNN Mês atrás
NalyD_SSB4 Mês atrás
This was so well done wtf. I loved this
mitke TV
mitke TV Mês atrás
8:52 claptrap from borderlands easter egg
Joey Gladstone
Joey Gladstone Mês atrás
Kiwi Guardian
Kiwi Guardian Mês atrás
10:30 in the fucking morning bro
Edgy Circle
Edgy Circle Mês atrás
3:38 this frame is still golden
Nick Hughes
Nick Hughes Mês atrás
this shit goes hard
Geovany Rosario
Geovany Rosario Mês atrás
Dislikes coming from people who listen to be trap/ mumble rap. This song was fire 🔥and the video is masterpiece
Corrupt Mind
Corrupt Mind Mês atrás
Denzel needa cartoon wit these same animators
Slim BraVo
Slim BraVo Mês atrás
Nigga did the friezaw voice
Slim BraVo
Slim BraVo Mês atrás
Mob psycho brought me here
Marnix Klapwijk
Marnix Klapwijk Mês atrás
till 5:30 maddddddd MF DOOM VIBES BRO... danm
Adam Shepard
Adam Shepard Mês atrás
Yo this is such good art
Mr Tiddles
Mr Tiddles Mês atrás
I fire up my mighty, I put this on, and it lasts my entire session every time. Thanks Denzel, great soundtrack to bake up to.
I love the concept and style of your lyricism/art. Much sci-fi/mystical vibes.
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