Deniece Williams - Free (Audio)

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"Free" by Deniece Williams
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Whispering in his ear
My magic potion for love
Telling him I'm sincere
And that there's nothing too good for us
And I just got to be me, free, free
Whispering in his ear
My magic potion for love
Telling him I'm sincere
And that there's nothing too good for us
But I want to be free, free, free
And I just got to be me, yeah, me, me
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9 Out 2015



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Comentários 2 759
Debbie Lynn
Debbie Lynn 5 horas atrás
My Mother and Father
Matt McCoy
Matt McCoy 7 horas atrás
My God just plain timeless music wow powerful
JAY Busby
JAY Busby 11 horas atrás
Good old school 8o s music
Alexa Johnson
Alexa Johnson Dia atrás
This song makes me feel so FREE!
Tim W.
Tim W. Dia atrás
2000 dislikes...........IDIOTS !!!
Dennis Walker
Dennis Walker 2 dias atrás
I Was About 12 Yes Old An I took Advantage Of A commotion Developing Out side A Studio in Shepherds Bush.. and I sneaked in This Stunning African American Women Deneice Williams I later Discovered Was Her Name.I was Mesmerised..She Sung This live When Most Other Acts Were Was To this Day The Single Most Incredible Performances I,v e Ever Seen ...The other Acts Got polite Applause When Denice Finished The Cried Roared...I.m Taking Cheers And Whistles.. Non Stop For I Swear Almost A Full 5 o6 minutes... The only let Down is that She politely Refused My marriage Proposal... She Smiled And Said look Me up in 10 yes Then Maybe We.ll Talk...I Knew I Should,be Worn Suit
Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez 3 dias atrás
Wu Tang send me here beautiful song
Shopaholic undisputed heavy weight champion
70’s black singers were the coolest 👍🏻 stunning vocals , this decade cannot be beaten ❤️
Rachel Silver
Rachel Silver 3 dias atrás
this song is song is soooo beautiful! i love it
Alexander Devine
Alexander Devine 3 dias atrás
And that's how you bring it out!!!!!💯💯💯💯💯💯
del ham
del ham 4 dias atrás
Simply beautiful 🎼🎼🎼
The Beast Within
The Beast Within 4 dias atrás
Tommy (ain’t my) Boy
Dominique Whitaker
Dominique Whitaker 4 dias atrás
For years I just want to be free but can't 😢😢😢
M C 5 dias atrás
Here cuz of Hulu Wu Tang show and can't stop listening. No school like the old school!
XCocoaCutieX 5 dias atrás
This was before my time, but I love listening to music from the 70s-80s. The music hit so hard back then.
S Spicer
S Spicer 6 dias atrás
Named my first after her. We call her Neicy.
Lynn Russell
Lynn Russell 7 dias atrás
Me cruising south side Phoenix in the 80s .
Kayshawn Simmons
Kayshawn Simmons 8 dias atrás
Still listening in 2019 🎶🎵💗💐👑
Poshen One
Poshen One 8 dias atrás
My soul bought me here
Saleem Reed
Saleem Reed 9 dias atrás
Quentin B
Quentin B 9 dias atrás
Glad it didn’t get cleared rza... no wu tang without this song/sample
R McCoy
R McCoy 10 dias atrás
Brings back so many warm and loving memories. RIP Denise Turner (late 70's) from Southwestern High in Detroit Michigan. You are missed so much. My life changed forever when you left for a better place.
Netta2 10 dias atrás
Angelic alien beautiful voice!!!! Still amazing!!! #2019 ❤️❤️❤️
BritannyDuhh 11 dias atrás
Loveeeeee This 😍🎤♥️
CANDYSOULonline 11 dias atrás
Speak The Truth
Speak The Truth 11 dias atrás
Best song ever talented women and still hits the notes today!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️gotta be me
Speak The Truth
Speak The Truth 11 dias atrás
My favorite cousin ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lecorsha J.
Lecorsha J. 12 dias atrás
Nothing like old skool
Gin H
Gin H 12 dias atrás
These people today in the industry cant even come close to this woman.This is what talent sounds & looks like🍸🔥
Tiffa Kang
Tiffa Kang 13 dias atrás
When singers really SANG!💞💞💞💞💞
Flatliner 9 dias atrás
100% truth!
LLLUUU Bluetigers
LLLUUU Bluetigers 13 dias atrás
👤🌳🌳🐦🐦🐦🌳🌳🌳🐦🐦☁☁☁☁☁☁☁🐦🐦🐦☁☁☁☁🐦 I'm free
Joe Jones
Joe Jones 13 dias atrás
I remember this beautiful song back in the late 1970's...I think this was her debut album, produced by the incomparable genius of the late Maurice White.
Dank Kanal RUS 2006
Dank Kanal RUS 2006 13 dias atrás
Casandra Bordes
Casandra Bordes 13 dias atrás
I still love this song too bad it’s about her and her husband at the time getting a divorce
Louie Colon
Louie Colon 14 dias atrás
Beautiful, and still listening 2019
StephonST 14 dias atrás
Thanks for puttin people on RZA!
Jahmal Jackson
Jahmal Jackson 14 dias atrás
Good listening ears for great music brought me here!! Timeless💙💙
Allahquan Tate
Allahquan Tate 15 dias atrás
This is still one of the simplest but dope beats! Just hearing the guitar strum, and then the trumpets ... .and then her octaves .... love this damn song!!!!!
John923T 15 dias atrás
A wonderful song produce by Maurice White (EW&F)...her voice was astounding at that time. I remember catching this on the radio and I ran to record it on my cassette deck and caught a portion of it, it stayed with me for a while until I caught it again in full.Has stayed with me for many years I am back in time to 1976 when it hit the airwaves..
Mary Thomas
Mary Thomas 16 dias atrás
Free I Love This is my jam of the 80s and today 😆😊 it never let my heart or my soul 💜💜💜💜🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎼🎤🎹
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