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Please join me and vote in this year’s election. Visit for more information.
'Commander in Chief’ out now:
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Music video by Demi Lovato performing Commander In Chief. © 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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14 Out 2020



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Comentários 100
Mysterious Agony
Mysterious Agony 7 horas atrás
This reminds me of pinks “Dear mr. president”, it’s crazy how history repeats itself
Some random human
Some random human 7 horas atrás
Jesus Christ, I wished I could vote but I'm Australian and I'm 14.
Risheet Govardhanam
Risheet Govardhanam 10 horas atrás
Kritika Malik
Kritika Malik 11 horas atrás
Goosebumps come
Noony Adam
Noony Adam 11 horas atrás
Hannah DeNunzio
Hannah DeNunzio 14 horas atrás
No commander and chief can be perfect and the one we have now is far from that. However, to the people who watch this video. Please educate yourselves on the things that the current president has done. Please don't rely on mainstream media and celebrities to get your information. Go to and actually read the bills he has signed and you will be shocked by the good that he has done. He has gone to bat for veterans, African Americans, Indigenous peoples, victims of sex tracking, and so much more. He has signed executive orders to provide funding for programs that support veterans, Historically Black Colleges, Organizations that fight sex trafficking, Corona Virus relief. That's right, that stimulus check many of you got was being blocked by democrats until our president signed an executive order to implement it. In addition, he is one of the few presidents in history to decline the $400,000 salary that the president is supposed to receive. He walked away from his success to fight for our country in office. Don't blame this virus on him. We were told from the beginning to wear masks and isolate, but we didn't want to. Our inaction had just as much a part to play in this outbreak. Our president has done so much work fighting for us despite being met with an onslaught of disrespect and slander from just about everyone. So, please, turn off the news and do some research so you know what's actually going on.
Persephone 15 horas atrás
Dear Mr. President, how can you sleep while the rest of us cry? How can you sleep when a mother has no chance to say good-bye?
Natasha Vela
Natasha Vela 16 horas atrás
I'm not sure what she thinks President Trump did? Its sad people don't research and think for themselves anymore.. this has to be because of how the media betrays him ...
John L
John L 16 horas atrás
Hmm sounds like CNN. Their fake news gets a lot of people caught up in bad situations with those radical Leftist groups: BLM and Antifa who love setting their community on fire and violently attacking people who believe different from them because the Left typically lacks logic. It’s like children that hear “no” throwing a tantrum
babi Ardor
babi Ardor 18 horas atrás
chrisandthefakemike 19 horas atrás
dude, why is this song so political
꧁ GABY WOLF STAR꧂ 19 horas atrás
Sunny with the stars ☆☆ Cambiaste mucho
Jacob Martinez
Jacob Martinez 21 hora atrás
Lmao there are plenty of singers that sing better then her lmaoooo. At least I don’t overdose and use drugs ahaha. Work on your self first Demi before preaching about politics..
Masuma Khatun
Masuma Khatun 22 horas atrás
Demi is so beautiful and so is her music i loved how she put so many different types of ppl on there but i wish there was a muslim 😅
My_name_is_Poetry M
My_name_is_Poetry M 23 horas atrás
I love how all the people who came from Ben Shapiro's video are just helping this song gain views. He literally promotes all the shit he hates by making videos about it that literally won't change a fucking thing. If you don't like the music then don't listen to it 🤷‍♀️😂😂
Sepehr Azizi
Sepehr Azizi Dia atrás
Amanda Martinez
Amanda Martinez Dia atrás 💕🤷🏻‍♀️
carley estrelles
carley estrelles Dia atrás
Angad Ghosh
Angad Ghosh Dia atrás
I am in luv with the lyrics . Full throttle Motivation Really
Angad Ghosh
Angad Ghosh Dia atrás
These bastards government of Modi should understand the pain
Lisa Evans
Lisa Evans Dia atrás
omg...Absolutely beautiful. So happy for you! Stay fierce gorgeous!
I'm not Jesy
I'm not Jesy Dia atrás
Osman Küçük
Osman Küçük Dia atrás
demi atiker
TheBassoonGuy Dia atrás
Can I be honest? This song doesn’t bring much to the table as a musical piece, and the message is pretty one-sided.
TheBassoonGuy 21 hora atrás
@Carl Langenscheid Expected a comment like this from someone named Cari. Who are you to speak for the masses anyway? It DOESN’T bring much to the table, especially since it took four writers to make this song work.
Carl Langenscheid
Can I be honest? We don‘t care about your opinion.
Amy King
Amy King Dia atrás
Demi has truly been an inspiration to me. I have been suffering with depression for 20 yrs now and her music and her beautiful self is what helps keeps me going.
Pamela Farmer
Pamela Farmer Dia atrás
Your song is relevant to what's happening. Your voice is beautiful
Kevin Kerr
Kevin Kerr Dia atrás
Heroine makes her sleep.... lol
Blklyst Into the Gallery
Darn it Biden when will you CHANGE!!!!
betty 2 dias atrás
Horrible song
Lil Tree
Lil Tree 7 horas atrás
betty can’t be worse than trumps presidency
Mohd Irfan
Mohd Irfan 2 dias atrás
Millie Grint
Millie Grint 2 dias atrás
You did it Demi... luv ya
Glynna Schmehl
Glynna Schmehl 2 dias atrás
You should have no idea what's happening in my life. I'm sorry you're not good enough for Bono, but I don't want a three way with you sickos. Stop humping my leg like a dog.
Adi Greenberg
Adi Greenberg 2 dias atrás
This is pretty much a song telling us she’s for #Biden2020 *that’s what I like about it, and of course every other part of it*
Brandi Gunnoe
Brandi Gunnoe 2 dias atrás
Wow. Just WOW!!
Canal dos ecléticos
Canal dos ecléticos 2 dias atrás
Não gostei muito não dessa música
Anything Okey
Anything Okey 2 dias atrás
This song sucks 🤮
Karan Sandhu
Karan Sandhu 2 dias atrás
Thank you so much for featuring a Sikh American
WhatWhatinthepants Front
I would sure hope that the president that the MAJORITY OF THE COUNTRY voted in would keep safe away from rioters in the streets destroying their own communities. Also every president has become wealthy from media exposure so saying trump is getting rich from it could be said about everyone. He can just press a magic button and fix everything, and it’s not like he is created poverty and suffering, if anything he’s helped by significantly helping our economy, because he does make some poor decisions but if he knows anything it’s business. And that seems a little more important in a developed company than screwing around with simply nonexistent issues in terms of “systemic racism” and other things.
José Eduardo
José Eduardo 2 dias atrás
Eu nunca vi nada igual a isso ❤️✨
curlysunflowers 2 dias atrás
Moonnni !!
Moonnni !! 2 dias atrás
That was embarassing i-
Selouskimo 2 dias atrás
Demi Lovato be like mmm cocaine
Dakota Velazquez
Dakota Velazquez 2 dias atrás
This is dumb af 😂😂 wow
Alyssa Pallotta
Alyssa Pallotta 2 dias atrás
Her face in the thumbnail....I cannot take her seriously. Lol. This is a joke.
Dominick Carmona
Dominick Carmona 3 dias atrás
This song is perfect for the new presidency “taking” office and for the whole world. #Trump2020
The DeviousOrange
The DeviousOrange 3 dias atrás
Beijing Biden has been lining his pockets with Chinese money and will sell America and a dream to China. The funny thing that people like you lining your pockets while people suffer will be taxed more like the bottom feeders. Americans will get poorer but hey it's not like the is footage of Joe Biden endorsing segregation. Oh wait there is. You have been sold the lie and you bought it because your livelihood depends on it. Virtue is the greatest sin of all.
Candise Breanna
Candise Breanna 3 dias atrás
Did you do any research before writing the lyrics for this song? It's complete ignorance not to mention making you a hypocrite. Guess has beens will do whatever it takes to get there 15min back. 😉
I'm not Jesy
I'm not Jesy 3 dias atrás
People can't handle the truth at all. I mean look at the dislikes
general grievous CFN-_-
Beethoven did all 9 symphonies by himself Shakespeare did all his poems by himself And this took four writers 😂😂😂😂
Pintu Mri Sangma
Pintu Mri Sangma 3 dias atrás
Maybe 3 dias atrás
é Ariana, vc tinha razao...Deus é uma mulher... e chama Demi Lovato
No Face
No Face 3 dias atrás
How amazing is Demi
Robert 5G
Robert 5G 3 dias atrás
I think we can all guess who the people who disliked this video are💩
Pamela Farmer
Pamela Farmer 3 dias atrás
Please send this to anyone you can
candycane 3 dias atrás
I wish demi would just stop preaching & just put out a great song like ariana grande. And just get in a better shape for godsake no wonder this mv is a flop
Dilku Fields
Dilku Fields 3 dias atrás
Thank you for wasting 3:19 that'll never get back. Shit song
Nathan Gilbert
Nathan Gilbert 3 dias atrás
The people who are dying are not limited to the abortions of course.
The Shnock
The Shnock 3 dias atrás
Hey It's Cami
Hey It's Cami 3 dias atrás
All the dislikes are from people who voted for Trump 🤷🏾‍♀️
The Shnock
The Shnock 3 dias atrás
There would be way more dislikes then
Chelsia Marie
Chelsia Marie 4 dias atrás
What a joke
I am feeling COOKEE
I am feeling COOKEE 4 dias atrás
This is word for word literally about what's happening in Lebanon لُبْنَانْ يَنْطَفِضْ🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧
Büşra Bayraktar
Büşra Bayraktar 4 dias atrás
Hello I covered "So Far So Great". If you look at, I will be glad🐣
Jenna Sullivan
Jenna Sullivan 4 dias atrás
demi, your a great songwriter and singer! but i disagree with you
Sean Corriveau
Sean Corriveau 4 dias atrás
Know your facts!!
Valkor Darkmoor
Valkor Darkmoor 4 dias atrás
What a horrible bias this song has. We all know wiI it is aimed at. You know what I will be quiet if you do one about Biden because he has not taken office (and may not) but there is Pllllllenty of material to work with. 😰
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 4 dias atrás
She smells like heroine
Max M
Max M 4 dias atrás
oRaNgE mAn BaD
Zach White
Zach White 4 dias atrás
Trump doesn't take a paycheck FYI -- he's the first Commander in Chief to do this in a loong long time...He stands for you, for me, for America the Land of the Free, for Israel where people live like you and me. He stands tall and sacrifices himself for you all, yet you sing cheap shots as if you know it all, even though you know so little, or are informed so little -- with pockets lined with so much cash you can afford to belittle, our Commander in Chief. A Chief who's been taking lopsided grief from goose-stepping geese atop political towers claiming they're your relief. You seek peace you do, but you can't even calculate that one plus one equals two. Your beliefs are clear and your desires are what you want us to hear, but while you wallow the words you swallow, the best of us Americans follow, our Commander in Chief. If you were informed during this storm of the "new norm" you'd know that your qualms would be reborn. You'd know that your issues would reform, since they've been torn and scorned while many mourn the deaths of suicidal brothers and the unborn. This is the first Commander in Chief that actually fights for what we fight for -- locally and globally -- Freedom and the Responsibility that comes with it, and don't forget it because in time we'll all need to remember it. Remember the day when we couldn't set aside our pride and find humility in God so we could see what was right in front of our eyes. (Our Commander in Chief).
Lil Tree
Lil Tree 7 horas atrás
Zach White He’s the Worst president of all time
Taeyun Kim
Taeyun Kim 4 dias atrás
thats why you use auto tune and i dont
Army Blink 2000
Army Blink 2000 4 dias atrás
Foi feito para Bolsonaro
Kylie Quirk
Kylie Quirk 4 dias atrás
That is SO rude! You should not be talking about your President like that like him or not
Susan Lilly
Susan Lilly Dia atrás
Everyone is allowed to say what he thinks about the president. He is not holy like a god. He is just a person and if she disagrees with what he does she can speak up. It is her right to do so.
esteban soria
esteban soria 5 dias atrás
This song is stupid
y b
y b 5 dias atrás
I loved it, good job Poot Lovato
derek hicks
derek hicks 5 dias atrás
Anyone hear because of Ben Shapiro’s reaction to it. It was funny I suggest you watch it.
Shivam Srivastava
Shivam Srivastava 5 dias atrás
God, Hollywood is so damn delusional
Quisito Nassoro Kampani
I love Demi Lovato . God save “Cabo Delgado” and protect my people 🥺🥺
Seo O'Catháin
Seo O'Catháin 5 dias atrás
nice mellow meloncholic...but positive..great lyrics...duet suggestiom-Dimash Kudaibergan...taking up arabic asian chromatics...he recent mtv with kevin..see his chromatics at his countrywoman is good to Danielya Tuleshova. So inspiring....Music industry should look in pandemic to get back virtually pre vaccine to integrate youtube/livestream screen in vc apps ie ad optimsed zoom banner frames realtime Ai interactive virtual handling audiences Zoom programme communities..see Very inspiring artist..much love from ireland shine always your light as interpreted only by you!
Kayla Laroque
Kayla Laroque 5 dias atrás
I dont care who won...who u voted for..this song ❤
Kalani Habaragamuwa
Kalani Habaragamuwa 5 dias atrás
D'Andra Clark
D'Andra Clark 5 dias atrás
I was just listening to 'Dear Mr. President' by P!nk and then this song played after. I love all the representation in this video. Demi you have done an amazing job
Jackie Turner
Jackie Turner 5 dias atrás
Sucks!!! Just another jab! Whiney liberal
Anita Warren
Anita Warren 5 dias atrás
Used to love Demi Lovato. This makes me sick. You lost someone that adored you! Bye Felicia!!!
S MM 5 dias atrás
From South Africa here and I am touched❤️
Kathleen Atwater
Kathleen Atwater 5 dias atrás
Loved this!
Jenny Larsen
Jenny Larsen 6 dias atrás
Demi you should watch a stone cold cover by danyeliya tushinova she sang it on the voice please watch it you will be surprised
Shane Scolaro
Shane Scolaro 6 dias atrás
Brandon B
Brandon B 6 dias atrás
Released this during the wrong administration
Andrew F
Andrew F 6 dias atrás
“We’ll be out in the streets”... lol nah, Demi will be cosying up in one of her mansions enjoying all her tax breaks. So hypocritical
Sarah Sasser
Sarah Sasser 6 dias atrás
Yup everyone is so oppressed and has it so bad off in America that they can literally write a song about how much they hate the president, that he is a mean orange man...the person they voted in. Wow if only they knew how U.S. government works especially compared to others. 😂 good one!
greetlatina 6 dias atrás
We're equal
QueenBee 6 dias atrás
The whole word needs to hear this. This song is amazing und wonderful produced🥺 We need more like this. Stay strong everyone
J. 6 dias atrás
Fat, fatter, demi. Loooooool my friend said this. Hilarious
HilarityBribo 6 dias atrás
Lot of crocodile tears
Ramatoulie Wadda
Ramatoulie Wadda 6 dias atrás
I can’t stop listening to this song it’s gives me goosebumps every time but sadly this song doesn’t only apply to America it’s for the whole world
alisha soobin
alisha soobin 6 dias atrás
Demi and her fucking depressing song
adwa sisters
adwa sisters 6 dias atrás
o my god this make me cry😢😢😢
Mary Henderson
Mary Henderson 6 dias atrás
Thank you, America for coming out and voting. Respect!
Megan Moore
Megan Moore 6 dias atrás
Demi i love you i support but that doesnt mean i have to agree with you on political thing's. Pls No hate just saying what needs to be said
Sunny Shah
Sunny Shah 6 dias atrás
This makes no sense another celebrity who can’t think for themselves I think the drugs killed her brain cell oh by the way someone needs to tell this idiot trump doesn’t take a salary it’s all donated to charity. Now I see why we got so many minimum wage workers because they can’t think for themselves and do what they are told I believe that’s called followed haha
GoFfY ZAckly
GoFfY ZAckly 6 dias atrás
49k?? What did she do wrong bruh damnnnnn
Shivam Srivastava
Shivam Srivastava 5 dias atrás
she is a classic brainwashed Hollywood degenerate thx for reminding me ill add to that dislike
Shivam Srivastava
Shivam Srivastava 5 dias atrás
Lex Layton
Lex Layton 6 dias atrás
I also share the same opinion about Andrew Cuomo but he's not really the commander and chief
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