Deltarune (Chapter 2) with a side of salt

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3 Dez 2021



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Comentários 1 536
Cheese Wizard
Cheese Wizard Mês atrás
Scott: “I don’t get why people hate Berdly so much.” Also Scott: “My favorite part of Chapter 2 was killing Berdly.”
James Morris
James Morris Dia atrás
birdlys stretched out meme face was the first time i laphed outloud in this game
TheBook Less
TheBook Less 29 dias atrás
@𝙺𝚊𝚝𝚜𝚞𝚞. I don't know what to tell ya' buddy, but I am pretty full of life last time I checked...
@TheBook Less Life
TheBook Less
TheBook Less Mês atrás
@Galv Sparks of what?
Galv Sparks
Galv Sparks Mês atrás
@TheBook Less hating Berdly is a red flag
Daniel J
Daniel J Mês atrás
I personally disagree that Noelle has only one character trait in the normal route. The game tells us a lot about her relationship with Kris and how her family life is pretty f*cking broken.
Rind48 K
Rind48 K 12 dias atrás
@Alexander Leonardi Actually it does raise, up to almost 20 if i recall correctly
true, true
Alexander Leonardi
Alexander Leonardi Mês atrás
She has a willpower stat of NEGATIVE 15. She's broken to the point that she's got a negative willpower score And check her stats in snowgrave. Her cold stat grows, but her willpower remains at -15
UnBudging1 1
UnBudging1 1 Mês atrás
You don’t need to censor the word FUCKING ok
thevioletskull Mês atrás
Karuko Mês atrás
would freaking love it if toby just constantly made Scott’s predictions canon just for the hell of it
AviOwl 16 dias atrás
Was that the gas line? It is now
Spinonk 28 dias atrás
O cara das mão lá do boku no hero
@Nintensum Phyrx Oh, i've seen that one too! It's pretty cool, but i still prefer the classic TV head
Skel3tron Mês atrás
Chapter 3: Exploring the basement to find tools to repair the gas leak
Like Scott Cawthon and Markiplier-
Shiny! Mês atrás
Berdly is underrated, he gets a banger theme, goes through character growth, and apparently adapted *really* fast to the Dark World
yeah i mean c'mon
Firestardude Mês atrás
What is the character growth if not a randomly shoved in sap story
Krimson Mês atrás
Yeah he's cool, but he's so damn grating
Kiyo Komaeda
Kiyo Komaeda Mês atrás
Berdly reminds me of my ex lmao
Fork God's Descendant
I love people hating on Berdly, but magically forgive and forget about all the shit Susie did in chapter 1. I also think Berdly is going to change. What he said before he leaves in the normal route ending is proof that he changed a little, and made progress. Chapter 2 spent a ton of time on Noelle, and her relationship with Kris and Susie. Berdly really didn’t have time to develop because it was right before the big showdown with Queen. So I think Berdly would develop more in a future chapter, if he comes back. And I think he will, because he keeps saying HOLY HALBERD. Definitely related to the theme with Angels, Heaven, and the datamined HOLY element thing. If he does come back, he’ll definitely be an important party member. He’s quite capable if he actually takes a situation seriously(actually, he still is even if he isn’t cuz he saved our asses against Queen.)
Kingofthe_humanz Mês atrás
Berdly is one of us. A gamer… Thats why everyone hates him, hes a reflection of us
Rodrigo Mês atrás
if you hate berdly, you hate yourself
f bell
f bell Mês atrás
@rot honestly this arguement sucks even if i agree berdly has nothing bad, i mean all of deltarune's characters live in a world where being non binary can come from birth
Iffondrel Mês atrás
Despite everything, it's still you!
NotASpyReally Mês atrás
Yeah I just dont get it at all, like, if you play Deltarune, aren't you already a gamer??? like, wtf? how can you hate him for that???
Jom Mês atrás
@Galv SparksHe values her a lot more than him? He constantly dismisses her! He doesn’t help when she’s in trouble in mouse room 3, he deliberately attacks her in his bossfight, which she’s shocked by, he constantly refers to her as 2nd place, even though he knows she’s smarter than him…he still pursues Susie after Noelle’s reaction to it being so negative… Not saying he doesn’t value her as a friend, but if he does value her more than himself, rather than value her as a means to an end, he has a funny way of showing it most of the time.
Sloth Mês atrás
I think the fact that Toriel is lying about why she was checking the car is interesting. If you check on her while she bakes, you see Susie catching her eating sugar out of the bag, but her excuse for checking the car is that she forgot the sugar (that she was already eating) in the car.
Gold Galaxy
Gold Galaxy 27 dias atrás
Wasn't it flour?
Drew Mês atrás
i think she went out because she saw kris prowling back to the bathroom window, not knowing it was them, and needed an excuse to not scare the kids
EpicFailureFive Mês atrás
@King Luigi Perhaps she really went outside to smoke, but didn't want Susie or Kris to know? Then she saw that the tires were slashed while outside.
WitherBlaze Mês atrás
@King Luigi have you considered the possibility that they realized the lack of sugar late? And I meant Susie was eating the sugar AFTER they realized there wasn't enough. Either way, pointless argument I think.
King Luigi
King Luigi Mês atrás
@WitherBlaze OR MAYBE, just maybe, she had another bag of sugar in the car but _didn't_ actually 'need' it... -_- That was likely when she "saw someone prowling outside" and needed an excuse to go check without worrying Susie. In her mind, it could have been Kris sneaking around to check her car for snacks... or possibly a criminal. If it was simply "not having enough" to make a pie, I don't see why she wouldn't have just... _said_ that to start with. It 1st gets brought up just as they start making it: Toriel: * Hm, hm... Susie: * ... * (She's sneaking sugar right out of the bag...) Toriel: * Susie? Susie: * Wh-what? Toriel: * My pie, my rules. Susie: * G-got it. Then, several minutes later, while Kris is "in the bathroom": [...] Toriel: * ... Alright, where the HELL is Kris? (Susie: Toriel???) Toriel: * The pie is nearly done... * Oh, the sugar! Wait here a moment, I left it in the car! Susie: * OK! If she was _just_ eating some of the sugar a few minutes ago, why then, would she _suddenly_ act surprised about "leaving [sugar] in the car"? If they needed more she would have realized it at the start and gotten it then.
Dan Hatter
Dan Hatter Mês atrás
I honestly love how post-snowgrave Berdly not waking up is portrayed, it leaves so much to be questioned. On one hand, he doesn’t turn to dust like monsters should, but on the other, the game specifically avoids saying he’s sleeping. It’s so chilling.
Ilikebats123 12 horas atrás
@minishadowstorms True. Wouldn't exactly call this natural though. We can't really say for sure but it's fun to speculate.
Ilikebats123 12 horas atrás
@Rogeryo Pretty sure monsters are still made of magic in Deltarune. There are some monsters in town who will ask you how it feels to have blood.
Table Salt
Table Salt 6 dias atrás
@minishadowstorms This is most probably the most reasonable answer, as Toby said, your choices don't matter, so having it go right back to normal makes a bunch of sense.
Kirby With A Knife Is awesome
@Rogeryo Yep! Hacking the game to use snowgrave on normal enemies makes them disintegrate!
Just A Person
Just A Person 25 dias atrás
@Rogeryo yeah, if you talk to preacher alvin in the end of chapter two at the graveyard, you can ask about Gerson. He responds by saying that, as is tradition, there is a hammer buried there (presumably with his dust on it) to symbolise his existence
Aleximmortal Mês atrás
Ralsei not wearing his hat was about the only disappointment in this game
An Entire Calamity
An Entire Calamity 12 dias atrás
@UrnixFAK Ok but like.. the aesthetics tho
Ryan C
Ryan C 24 dias atrás
@Aleximmortal His hatless sprite atleast has really nice facial expressions
Aleximmortal 24 dias atrás
@Ryan C As well he should be
Ryan C
Ryan C Mês atrás
@K0MET Z now he a femboy mage
K0MET Z Mês atrás
I liked him more when he was black mage...
Cosmic space thing
Cosmic space thing Mês atrás
Tbh I think Queen was supposed to be more like a “Saturday morning cartoon” villain than an actual threat.
SHC Demolisher
SHC Demolisher Mês atrás
Yeah a minor villain not the overarching bad guy for the long term.
Comical Realm Animations
Deltarune chapter 2 blew chapter 1 out of the water in almost every way, the visuals, the battles are more fun and impactful, with crazier bullet patterns, the overworld exploration is cleaner, faster and smoother, the story is more interesting and in depth, giving even more cool questions, and even answering some smaller ones
SHC Demolisher
SHC Demolisher Mês atrás
Yeah the music just easily sold the chapter for me as did a lot of people.
RocketShipSquid Mês atrás
kufe Mês atrás
2/10 no lancer (yeah i agree, the only thing i wish was he was in it more ~_~)
Wildfire Mês atrás
chapter 1 added most of the lore so far...
NRobbi Mês atrás
@Nice Goat Doctor I was surprised that Lancer was in ch 2 at all since sealing the fountain should've just ended his existence. Having him only being able to persist in Castle Town is at least consistent with what was established in ch 1.
SufferG Mês atrás
6:18 I just want to say if you hit a gas line that easily with just a kitchen knife, I think your house may have some problems.
Tyler Furrison
Tyler Furrison 24 dias atrás
That's why you don't use rubber for it
SHC Demolisher
SHC Demolisher Mês atrás
Yeah some engineering and architecture problems that do need to sue someone over!
Fraudulein Mês atrás
I would argue that the baddie not feeling like a threat and the whole chapter feeling like nothing was at stake was deliberate, because most of the characters see the whole thing as more just a fun little adventure, and as at they point out at the end, Queen literally doesn't know what she's doing and just thought it'd be a Good Idea, not even being aware that she'd endanger the whole world and so on (most of the main cast having actually forgotten about that little detail by then as well)
kufe Mês atrás
@NRobbi wait that's so cool
Champagne Supernova
@Jacob Esterson its because his name is ralsei
Jacob Esterson
Jacob Esterson Mês atrás
@Champagne Supernova Ok goat and femboy I get but rat? Since when did goats have anything to do with rats.
Wildfire Mês atrás
@Champagne Supernova -the original lancer
NRobbi Mês atrás
I also liked the chess parallels of King staying in his castle and only needing to make a move when threatened (his walking animation is also only one step at a time) being contrasted with queen going wherever she pleases and basically hanging out with the gang from the beginning.
Christopher Moon
Christopher Moon Mês atrás
Absolutely insane how Toby Fox looked into the future and relied on the community to dunk on Berdly for no reason at all, in order to fully flesh out Berdly being an awkward gamer, Toby really is a good writer In all seriousness, this was a pretty good video! I think Snowgrave is a very, VERY interesting part of DeltaRune, and I wonder what Toby's gonna do with it in future Chapters Also, yeah, Spamton is a really great character, it's funny how Toby tweeted that he wasn't sure if people would even like him
Aesthetic Shadow
Aesthetic Shadow 15 dias atrás
@Blue Shell 4d brain move
Un extraño
Un extraño Mês atrás
Casinoe Productions
Toby has this strange power to create a character everyone ubiquitously loves
TheRealODG Mês atrás
"Very very interesting." I see what you did there.
Brandon Castellano
Brandon Castellano Mês atrás
@Mariomaster 456 …. Don’t.
Bucko Mês atrás
Consider: the point of the genocide route isn't to make you feel bad for gaming, it's to point out how ridiculous and messed up the premise of most RPGs is
PenisPenisPenisPenis PenisPenisPenisPenis
I think one of the reasons Undertale pulls it off so well is that it technically never really breaks the fourth wall. Monsters are completely aware of the battle mechanics, EXP, LV and even the yellow names since when you choose to play without them the Froggit tells everyone not to use them and they can be found discarded in the garbage dump, Saving and loading is also part of the world of Undertale so it makes complete sense that some characters are aware of it. Undertale embraces the fourth wall as if it were part of the game. The only instance I can think of the game breaking the forth wall is room_gaster(believed to be entry 17) and some unused strings since you need to alter the files to reach them.
hipe er
hipe er 16 dias atrás
This would have been cool and all if Moon didnt do it first (though, moon didnt get a english translation till recently)
NRobbi Mês atrás
@Bludgeon That's fair, but Undertale pulled it off better than any other game I can think of by quite a fair margin. The attention to detail can't be denied.
Bludgeon Mês atrás
@NRobbi Yeah, I get what you're trying to say, but it just doesn't really resonate with me. I've never been a big fan of "meta" games. I always just roll my eyes when the game decides that it wants to become self aware.
NRobbi Mês atrás
@Bludgeon I wouldn't call it "secretly genius" as there isn't really any subtext, just... text. Toby basically spells it out for us. While I myself do think Deltarune's weird route with what it could mean for the characters and overall narrative is a little more intriguing, I'm not gonna act like Undertale's genocide route was poorly thought out.
Bird The bird
Bird The bird Mês atrás
I’d say he’s wrong about Noelle’s character just being “hungy for Barney” in the normal route, given her arc was always about moving past the engrained idea of learned helplessness she had. It’s just in the snow grave route, she moves past it in a much darker way.
devthegoogleuser Mês atrás
@Bird The bird Ah a man of culture I see
Bird The bird
Bird The bird Mês atrás
@devthegoogleuser Shit I’ve been spotted
devthegoogleuser Mês atrás
Ah, I see someone watched Daryl Talks Games' video about Noelle
SHC Demolisher
SHC Demolisher Mês atrás
Yeah it’s the scenario of someone who is used to helplessness, is suddenly given power and they realize that they can take revenge with this power and no longer be helpless.
Darien B
Darien B Mês atrás
Honestly, I really do like Berdly. He's the kind of character that I roll my eyes at, but I always do it with a smile. I know that he has a little bit of character development, but it didn't feel like it changed much. I really do hope he returns in future chapters and we can see how he develops.
Fabio (sonhando grande)
@iLikeGoblo y'know, that would make more sense... I guess i assumed too much, but that would definetly be interesting
iLikeGoblo 9 dias atrás
@Fabio (sonhando grande) Betrayal Dosent make a character a throw away??? And his betrayal Dosent have to have him be “ evil” I just think he’s going to betray them in some way
Fabio (sonhando grande)
@Galv Sparks you guys talking about Ralsei. I do think Ralsei *will* be more interesting than how little we know now, but not like that (i don't think he hides his true self), he knows more than he shows, and if you wanna talk about betrayal, i've seen someone say Ralsei will betray *us* somehow. Not who he sees as friends, *the player* or at the very least *the misplaced soul,* some way, somehow. It just doesn't seem like Ralsei turning evil out of left field would be the best for Deltarune's mysterious seemingly overarching story, and would just make Ralsei throwaway for most possibilities, Ralsei doesn't seem like the type of character Toby would just throw away for not much reason
Galv Sparks
Galv Sparks Mês atrás
@iLikeGoblo honestly when I first heard those theories about evil Ralsei I just thought it was a bit of a stretch but now that I see how kinda bland he actually is I kinda want this to happen it would make him more interesting for sure
iLikeGoblo Mês atrás
@Galv Sparks that’s why I hope he betrays kris and susie I definitely think he’s lying about the prophecy in some way since he’s the only character that actually presents the whole thing, lancer also says about the prophecy but ralsei said he was practicing it so I could see lancer listening in to learn ralseis version of it
Thomas O'Reilly
Thomas O'Reilly Mês atrás
Everyone talking about Berdly's character growth and how he's underrated, but you know who's really underappreciated? The origonal Starwalker, that's who. He has a full on character arc, goes from being pissed off at everything, to joining the team just because other people are. But THEN, he joins the party voluntarily at the carvrnival place, even if it's for one room, which shows that he's stopped being pissed at everything. Then it all comes together when he lends the power of Starwalker to the Thrash Machine at the end of the normal route. Now THAT's a character.
The Original         Starwalker
Thanks for the shoutout My *Homie*
Nice Goat Doctor
Nice Goat Doctor Mês atrás
Isaac A.garcia
Isaac A.garcia Mês atrás
The best character.
The Mac
The Mac Mês atrás
He’s a great character
DiamondAppendix Mês atrás
"The big bad just follows you around and makes jokes and doesn't feel like a threat" I mean, that's how pretty much every undertale character works
RichConnerGMN 28 dias atrás
nice pfp
Ica Rue
Ica Rue Mês atrás
Asgore and the other king didn't show up much. Both being built up as a super evil dude that kills children/bad parent. Just that Asgore was a chill dude (child murdering aside), but the King was ACTUALLY an ashoe
Xac Mashe
Xac Mashe Mês atrás
Undyne, Flowey, even Mettaton was trying to kill you. He was just foing it in his "entertaining" sort of way. Even the minibosses were more threatening than Queen.
empeanutson Mês atrás
Playing Chapter 2 along with the full game would probably feel more like the Snowdin part of Undertale, where the player is exploring the new area while dealing with the shenanigans of the new "threat"
DiamondAppendix Mês atrás
Flowey is... Special
Zteck Mês atrás
I feel like Kris isn't trying to get rid of the player, but is actually the one who summons them there. Catti says something about them studying the dark arts together, so it's likely Kris summoned you rather than you just showing up in them one morning. However, after the fight with Spamtom, Kris realizes that if they cuts ties to the player completely, they might just drop dead, whereas they just seem half-dead when they remove your controls.
SHC Demolisher
SHC Demolisher Mês atrás
Ohhh I forgot about the dark arts part in the search history. And this theory could easily work, where they tried to summon the player in the Bunker but something went wrong and now Kris is like this, possibly forever.
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith Mês atrás
I think the problem with the story not having stakes is that it’s still very early in the full game. Remember this is chapter 2 of 7, the story isn’t gonna be full on balls to the wall directly after the tutorial. Also, idk what the point in critiquing it for not being serious enough is when you also complain about Undertale for being too edgy.
Dolton I.
Dolton I. 14 dias atrás
Serious ≠ Edgy Take a look at some of the fanfics written in deviantart about Undertale. You'll find that it's difficult to take a story seriously when its edgy.
Mox Stole Your Socks
The whole shtick with deltarune is that your choices don’t matter because everything is foretold in the prophecy. The prophecy tells about Kris, Susie, and Ralsei. Not about anyone else. *Especially not Noelle and Berdly.* Sure, you may not be able to change how _Kris’_ story ends because of the prophecy, but you can influence how the others are affected.
Zaxor Von Skyler
Zaxor Von Skyler 15 dias atrás
@NIGHTFURYWARRIORCAT I was about to say: Says the guy with the Count Bleck profile!
When I saw the words "everything is foretold in the prophecy" and saw your icon, my brain went "hehehe super paper Mario"
Jacob Esterson
Jacob Esterson Mês atrás
I think this is a very smart and rather important observation to make. The first game was trying to make a point about how none of your actions matter, but part 1's major cast only included those from the prophecy. Then chapter 2 comes out and gives you seemingly meaningful choices, but only affecting non prophecy characters in the form of snowgrave route and losing recruits permanently. Personally I'm unsure if Toby has dropped the point about your choices not mattering, but it's literally impossible to know for sure until he releases future chapters.
devthegoogleuser Mês atrás
@ATHATH Maybe the roaring thing ralsei was talking about?
ATHATH Mês atrás
My money is on the game ending in a nuclear blast or some other form of apocalypse. That'd make the end result be pretty much the same no matter who you killed, spared, redeemed, etc.
Yuti Mês atrás
Yeah, I get what you mean about Jevil but I feel like he was Toby entering into this whole optional secret boss thing While Jevil was a great character… he was great for the very short time that we got to see him Spamton fixes that a lot by actually being integral to the main story in a way, sure he’s not a big character but he has much more screen time and you’ll always see him in the main story even if you just speedrun right to the ending It does make sense why there isn’t really anything to Jevil in Chapter 2 specifically but that does make it feel like he got the short end of the stick I at least hope that Toby sticks to how he treats secret bosses with how he treated Spamton and it does seem like there’ll be quite a bit to the next one with the whole Shadow Mantle thing At the very least, I would’ve liked it if maybe, when Kris was alone in the City, Jevil could speak to Kris when you interact with things if he’s in your inventory, since his armor or weapon technically IS him Plus, that concept can lead to some fun interactions between the secret bosses in the future rather than just having them be only in their respective chapter while still keeping them as a background element to avoid disrupting the main story
quid lad
quid lad 8 dias atrás
@shade-playz-gamez the jevilstail most likely isnt him, but the devilsknife is 100% him, considering that if you try equipping it to noelle she says "it smiled at me...?"
shade-playz-gamez Mês atrás
The armor isn't jevil, he said "take *this* and do your strongest" and also says "I will now sleep for the other 100 years"
devthegoogleuser Mês atrás
Ya know, I think it would be really cool if the secret bosses kept ramping up in relevance to the story of the chapter and the overarching narrative. Like Jevil's only a few lines, Spamton gets his own mini-boss and then a secret boss and by the final chapter, the secret boss is an integral part of the story and unskippable(?).
Sinteleon Mês atrás
Unlike Spamton, I feel like Jevil WILL return eventually. After bringing all the residents of the classroom into the dark world, a new cave-thing is created at the left side of the dark world, which serves no purpose on a normal run... but if you didn't defeat Jevil prior and redid chapter 1 to defeat Jevil, the cave contains the item you would've gotten from Jevil but didn't transfer through, meaning that cave likely has relevance to Jevil. That along with the shopkeeper's association with Jevil, and the game seemingly hinting at potential requirements to chronologically break the game in regards to the shadow crystals, makes me think that replaying chapters may be a requirement for the true ending.
L O A D I N G . . .
Preach, but this comment did remind me, the weapon or armour technically is Jevil, and he’s sentient and everything evidenced by the line “I think it smiled at me” when you try and give the weapon or armour to Noelle. BUT, Jevil didn’t turn to stone obviously, so I’m wondering if it could pave the way for possible interactions with Jevil in the future. Maybe he helps guide you or whatever during different secret boss fights, because I’m pretty sure they acknowledge each other’s existence, with him saying there’ll be others stronger than him, and Spamtons potential reference to Jevil in the “Soon Ill be stronger than that [CLOWN AROUND TOWN]” comment.
Madeline Mês atrás
One thing I dislike about the fandom is how much they're clinging to Undertale. Toby said from the start that Deltarune is an entirely different story but so many people are talking about Kris being Chara just because their eye is red in literally 2 cutscenes. I feel like Deltarune is trying to tell a story that feels far more impactful than Undertale's was, especially with Snowgrave. In Undertale the story was essentially just everyone dies, everyone lives, or nothing interesting happens. In Deltarune it already seems like the story is far more complex
Shitpost-Meh 11 dias atrás
@DubiousTheatre YT How exactly does it “ask that you play UT first”? I’ve only played Deltarune, never tried Undertale, yet it’s still a coherent story on it’s own.
TheLordOfBugs 25 dias atrás
Having Undertale characters in Deltarune seems really counterproductive if Toby was trying to differentiate Deltarune from Undertale
me da paja inventar un nombre
Well Is kinda hard to not relate deltarune to undertale when there are a Lot of similarities between these Two games
Boshwa 27 dias atrás
Kinda hard for people to do that when the exact same models are being used
DubiousTheatre YT
DubiousTheatre YT 29 dias atrás
I’m 50/50. Its true that Toby said to treat DR like its own thing, and a lotta folks have! But the game itself, upon first launch, asks that you play UT first.
NerdyNobody Mês atrás
imma be honest that one scene where spamton falls and just dies really hits, like no fanfare, no explosions, no final scream of terror, he's just gone and like that really made me feel some sort of emotion that i don't know what to call
TooManyDum 15 dias atrás
grief, i believe you're looking for the word grief
Wobbmin Mês atrás
In Undertale, the reason the Genocide Route and Sans’s dialogue in his fight is so preachy is because the game is ABOUT being merciful, and Genocide Route is what happens when you do the exact opposite. In Weird Route, you just find out how to throw the story off the rails, but the game doesn’t really need to tell you that it’s bad, you just see it all for yourself. Hell, the final boss of Weird Route isn’t some heroic antagonist like Sans, Spamton was the one who enabled you in the first place and is only fighting you because you’re now doing something he doesn’t like. Also, side note: Spamton’s Weird Route dialogues has a lot of sexual undertones, most notably when he says that you and Noelle were “MAKING [Hyperlink Blocked]” which likely refers to gaining Level of Violence, aka LOVE. Quite the double entendre and makes the whole toxic abusive relationship part of Weird Route even more fucked up.
Wobbmin 27 dias atrás
@qishylia I know, but spambots are known to often lead to adult content
qishylia 28 dias atrás
I don't thing spamton's weird route dialogue supposed to have sexual undertones but supposed to have a more peer pressure like undertone or something because manipulating people isn't always about forcing ones sexual desires upon others.
King Luigi
King Luigi Mês atrás
You think making [Frozen Chicken] with your [Side Chick] is gonna let you drink up that [Sweet, Sweet] [Freedom Sauce]?
Panmaster at Arms
Panmaster at Arms Mês atrás
Spamton also calls Noelle a [Hochi Mama] which I think is both funny and creepy.
Hayden Mitchell
Hayden Mitchell Mês atrás
“Wait was that the gas line-“ Famous last words
CatEyedBoy 23 dias atrás
@JACKSEPTICEYE'S DAD DESERVED IT LMFAO I have no words, what the fuck.
God Magikarp
God Magikarp Mês atrás
kingmonster Mês atrás
Kirby the Artist
Kirby the Artist Mês atrás
Scott is officially a Berdly defender :)
TheBook Less
TheBook Less Mês atrás
"Good, that's one less loose end..."
MayoBoi01 Mês atrás
Nobody (ignoring me) has responded to the troll. We're learning. *UPGRADES PEOPLE, UPGRADES.*
Galv Sparks
Galv Sparks Mês atrás
@The Gremlin Berdly is the best as you said you don’t make the rules
The Gremlin
The Gremlin Mês atrás
@Galv Sparks berdly sucks. Sorry, I don't make the rules.
Galv Sparks
Galv Sparks Mês atrás
@The Gremlin yeah what a shame That you don’t seem to have the intellect to understand how great Berdly is
InfernalDalek Mês atrás
Berdly has risen above the cringe, as an oppressed gamer, and is free. That's why so many hate him.
EmbreFrosste Mês atrás
Okay but like is nobody going to talk about how Noelle has an older sister named December Holiday who has been missing and presumed dead for years? And how Noelle has been struggling with learned helplessness ever since?
@Daniel J Yeah like- SHES KRIS'S CHILDHOOD FRIEND!! That makes her more important than everyone ... also with the subject of "Dess is missing", I think it will be very important for the next chapters because Toby fox in the new deltarune update censored the word "December" in the berdly’s backstory so I'm pretty sure he really wants that to stay as a secret And I’m pretty sure Noelle helplessness is also because of her mother
Daniel J
Daniel J Mês atrás
Most people in general oversimplify Noelle's character and say that she only acts as a love interest. It actually seems like she will be one of the more important characters throughout future chapters.
HowDo ILogin
HowDo ILogin Mês atrás
Berdly is literally the best written character in the whole chapter and everyone hates him because he's mildly annoying. Also Jevil is already with you, check your inventory he's in there, either as a weapon or armor depending on how you beat him.
devthegoogleuser Mês atrás
@Pikaspoop Depending on the name, I think he literally gave his own tail as armor
Pikaspoop Mês atrás
weapon, yeah. armor, debatable depending on how you perceived jevil's pacify speech.
Plänt Mês atrás
I love Berdly's character arc, and he's really funny, just like all the others. Give my boy the respect he deserves.
graveyard dog
graveyard dog Mês atrás
i find it interesting that after completing Chapter 2, you still consider Queen to be the "big bad". in Daryl Talks Games' video on Chapter 2 he considered Queen to be the hero of the story rather than the villain, an idea i subscribe to as well. you can tell very early on that Queen isn't really evil or anything, she is ultimately trying to help in her own flawed way- especially when it comes to Noelle. in my opinion Spamton is actual antagonist of Chapter 2. while he is certainly tragic and tortured, he is the only character in Chapter 2 that seems truly opposed to the party and their goals. when Queen has the upper hand near the end and threatens to kill the party, she can't follow through with it. Spamton, on the other hand, very much so wants to kill Kris and take their soul despite the fact that he recognizes them as a fellow victim kinda surprised the music didnt hit as hard for you in Chapter 2 as well, i've had so many more tracks from this chapter manage to worm their way into my ears than Chapter 1
Nice Goat Doctor
Nice Goat Doctor Mês atrás
Bro just because she has good intentions doesn’t mean that what she’s doing (enslaving people or turning them into mindless drones) isn’t evil. Yeah, she cared about Noelle, but she was still trying to control everyone and everything. She fully intended to kill Kris, Susie and Ralsei at the end. She only didn’t because Noelle convinced her to change. That was when she stopped being a villain. A character doesn’t have to go full-on Joker to be evil.
GreenDog3 Mês atrás
“This handy-dandy knife will make a trip to the- wait was that the gas line?” 10/10
AT7outof10 Mês atrás
Only people with refined taste have the capacity to like Berdly~ I swear, Toby can make any character trope likable.
TheBook Less
TheBook Less Mês atrás
bluELFsuma Mês atrás
_Truly, the worst part of Toby Fox's games is the people who play them._
Retro Red
Retro Red Mês atrás
Chapter 1: "Your choices don't matter." Chapter 2: Noelle-"He's just sleeping."
Driver 2900
Driver 2900 Mês atrás
I did kinda feel some weight in the pacifist route. Mainly because it starts questions about the nature of the darkworld. Like "hey so If people can just walk in and stay here theoretically forever, how do we know who's actually from the real world"
abc def
abc def Mês atrás
Video is cool and did make me chuckle a couple of times, but I can't hide that I'm a bit disappointed with how shallow some of the script was. Noelle's only character trait being her crush? Did you uhhh miss her entire character arc and her backstory and the numerous details pointing to her significance? Just as an example. I mean I get you're pressed to release content within a somewhat reasonable timeframe, but I think you're kind of limiting your own enjoyment of the game if you experience it on this level... to reach some of the conclusions you've presented in the video. Though it could just be me expecting in-depth analysis from a short animation made for laughs lmao
abc def
abc def Mês atrás
@Redwolf her arc isn't at the end, it's throughout the whole chapter, if you pay attention to the details in how she acts. The moment where she confronts queen is just an abrupt conclusion of her character development, and she carries it smoothly out of the light world. In my case, sure, I liked her when I got to interact with her first, but right after the first playthrough she was far from my favourite character. First impressions, you know. How could I like her more than Queen or Spamton right after playing the game for the first time? It just came over time when I started exploring the themes of the game and analysing their connections... and god damn, she's not just an adorable relatable character, but also deep as hell, she has (so far alluded to) three layers to her personality and complex interactions and histories and their implications with multiple main characters, it's genuinely insane how much we got in this one chapter
Redwolf Mês atrás
@abc def Noelle is easily my favorite character in the cast. As soon as I met her, I felt an instant need to protect her. Sure, her lines about Susie were pretty constant, but saying it's her only character trait is a little ridiculous. Now the thing is, the need to protect is what changed her from "shy deer girl" to "oh wait she can actually stand up for herself." She goes through a character arc in chapter two, the problem is that its right at the end, meaning that we don't get to explore how she's changed besides one scene with Queen and one with her dad.
abc def
abc def Mês atrás
@Jacob Esterson ridiculous for a single chapter is what I meant, sorry if I worded it poorly. I'm saddened but not that surprised that people judge her so harshly to be fair. While it's clear to anyone who pays attention during the game (apparently that rules out quite a lot of people already...) that she's an interesting character in an interesting position, a lot of her actual depth requires you to go looking for it. Unlike with most others though, you can actually find plenty of her context right now if you try, which characters like Kris and Ralsei notably lack thus far - as in, there's only signs that they have a lot of interesting potential, but we can't currently infer much from the information we're given.
Jacob Esterson
Jacob Esterson Mês atrás
@abc def Ridiculous is extreme hyperbole, but she does have plenty of depth in all of the ways that people have been describing. She's my least favorite character out of the main cast because Ralsie is adorable and Suzie is... Suzie, but that doesn't mean she's hollow. People are too harsh on a character that has adequate development in the first chapter she's properly introduced in, in a series that's likely to have much more content to come.
abc def
abc def Mês atrás
@Redwolf I mean, Noelle has a ridiculous amount of depth for instance, even Queen has a lot going for her under her humorous demeanor, hell, even Catti who got like 20 lines in the whole game mysteriously seems to know a lot. There's plenty of depth to give a character in a chapter. Unless this point is about the fact that Berdly can still develop, in which case sure I guess
Trav Trav
Trav Trav Mês atrás
"We truly are oppressed" I laughed WAY too hard at that
Peter Pain
Peter Pain Mês atrás
This game felt like an elaborate shitpost with a hundred layers of irony and self-awareness slapped onto it. I fucking love it
Peter Pain
Peter Pain Mês atrás
@Your College Debt ok
Your College Debt
Your College Debt Mês atrás
@Peter Pain Just ignore it. Report and move on.
Nice Goat Doctor
Nice Goat Doctor Mês atrás
That’s honestly the perfect way to sum it up.
Peter Pain
Peter Pain Mês atrás
@JACKSEPTICEYE'S DAD DESERVED IT LMFAO im sorry sir but i dont know the context of this comment
Janet Rogers
Janet Rogers Mês atrás
When I was playing chapter two with my buddies and the ending happened and I was like “omg Scott falco called it” and my friends were like “who?” So we spent the rest of the day binging your content. It was fun! Thanks for being you. Your content is great!
Creeper Boat
Creeper Boat Mês atrás
5:43 best theory on what actually happened. Kris didn’t slash the tires, someone else did.
Creeper Boat
Creeper Boat Mês atrás
@Cuprite makes sense
Alejandro Lozano
Alejandro Lozano Mês atrás
the knight want *PIE*
Fnacman124 Mês atrás
The knight…he slashed the tires
Cuprite Mês atrás
Honestly, I interpreted it as they slashed the tires so that Toriel would ask Susie to stay over so she wouldn't get hurt. Partially to hang out with her more, partially to open the Dark Fountain with her there so she would be in the new Dark World with them (Still not sure why they did it, but that's not relevant here).
Garrett Bates
Garrett Bates Mês atrás
I do think that Kris hitting a gas line would be funny. But I also unironically think that the Dark World Kris makes at the end is a Red Herring. We are going to be in there for like 10 minutes because everyone inside is rolling out the red carpet for "The Knight" and doing whatever we say. Then we are going to seal it and find another Dark World somewhere else where 90% of the chapter takes place.
Sinteleon Mês atrás
@John Hunter Hanna To be fair, what OP just said justifies that, just replace "where 90% of the chapter takes place" with "where the next chapter takes place".
minishadowstorms Mês atrás
Idk, spamton talks about a mike and to not trust what they hear on TV, and the creepy smile on the tv shows at the end very briefly up in the castle basement in a blink and you'll miss it kinda way. Jevil really vaguely foreshadows the next chapter's antagonist, the queen, and so Spamton doing the same but a touch more than jevil feels like it fits a trend
Mew Mês atrás
@O cara das mão lá do boku no hero dw about it, it’s pretty easy to miss these details toby’s a tricky guy too, usually the most significant pieces of lore are hidden in little details like those
O cara das mão lá do boku no hero
@Mew ...............Ooooooook so my entire undertale life was a lie?
Mew Mês atrás
@O cara das mão lá do boku no hero they meant something else. determination is only ever referred to in white or GOLD text, so it’s implied that determination is gold or colorless as for the player soul being red, that’s implied to have nothing to do with determination. the ball game has every soul color as a flag. if you get a red flag, it lists the other soul traits before telling you that you used them to succeed in BALL GAME. getting a second red flag gives different text, stating that you “stayed true to yourself”. the red soul actually stands for honesty
general 555
general 555 Mês atrás
Well damn, he actually did one for chapter two, great stuff
RVSTY Mês atrás
I initially hated berdly, but damn he grew on me. Glad to see other people appreciate the reddit meme bird too. Also love, LOVE the the idea that Kris simply hit a gasline in the ending. I'm kinda hoping it's revealed in chapter 3. Ps: Alphys is the worst character made by Toby.
Rodrick Goldberg
Rodrick Goldberg Mês atrás
“Wait, was that the gas line?” That actually makes the ending hilarious yet terrifying.
Supershadow301 Mês atrás
tbh when Berdly realised he wasn't truly smart, but Noelle was, and he had to keep showing he was "smart", it seriously resonated with me. I've been in a similar situation when I was a kid, and eventually realised how terrible it was, up to shunning being smart away (sort of like him...). I think the blue bird deserves a bit more love, even if he's an insufferable idiot. He had some major character growth, considering characters like him tend to never reflect on themself or change their ways.
Sammy The Umbreon
Sammy The Umbreon Mês atrás
Berdly is, hands down, my favourite character and i'm sad to see a (relative) big part of the fandom bully him so much.
TooManyDum 15 dias atrás
@Jacob Esterson i mean it checks out
Jacob Esterson
Jacob Esterson Mês atrás
By hating Berdly the fandom proves that it hates itself to a degree.
EnderJohn Mês atrás
Can’t wait to see you boast about chapter 1’s ending lol
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Mês atrás
I messed with my friend by sending him a lot of Berdly related things and ironically saying how much i love him but now i think hes one of my favourite characters. Go figure
yrettuJr Mês atrás
I fucking LOVE berley. He's just a self-concious dork and I love his dialogue so freaking much
Poppy Francis
Poppy Francis Mês atrás
I love Berdly. He's the character I love to hate and seeing him being a stupid smartboy always brings be joy, because he's almost guaranteed to have some comeuppance immenently
Raven Mês atrás
I love Berdly so much and will fight for him.
Victor_E_Dafeet Mês atrás
I loved Berdly too!!! He was one of my favorites, as well as his theme
David Portillo jimenez
I like the idea that Kris isn't the knight, he just cut the gas line with his knife
NoLo Games
NoLo Games Mês atrás
Finally, somebody who recognizes the mightiness and metahumor that is berdly. Very cool.
Delek Master
Delek Master Mês atrás
I'm glad everyone can agree that Spamton's awesome.
sxnbu Mês atrás
i like that there's genuinely NOTHING wrong w/ berdly. yea he's annoying but he cares about noelle plus he's a gamer so bonus points for that. as for noelle, i disagree w/ her having one character trait in the normal route. it shows she's more than having a crush on susie. she doesn't have a great home life w/ her dad in the hospital & her sister possibly missing or even dead. her friendship w/ kris & how they go way back. noelle is an interesting character that i'm glad we got to delve deeper into, same w/ berdly!
Matthew Gagnon
Matthew Gagnon 29 dias atrás
The Queen even says as much that there's nothing wrong with him, he's just kind of annoying.
Jim Cobbler
Jim Cobbler Mês atrás
The best thing about this game is it's totally SFW community! After all, every character is child friendly and wholesome... Right guys?
GoopySlimeSpider Mês atrás
I really loved this take! I also think Berdly gets an unfair amount of flack from the fandom. He's just a dorky and awkward kid. Also, I absolutely love that as a content creator you're critical of your older works and conscious of how your ideals are constantly changing.
Thomas Stephens
Thomas Stephens Mês atrás
The sad part about the battle network games is that they actually do have a virtual console release (though sold individually not as a collection) But for whatever reason they decided to put the amazing handheld series onto the WII U home console instead of the handheld 3ds for reasons that defy all logic.
ClayXros Mês atrás
@ZeroTheHeartlessKing It's kinda fitting BN works well with a keyboard.
there's always hope of another proper collection on modern consoles (my god playing BN on a pc is a fun thought)
EnderKing Mês atrás
Seeing as how we got a bit of jevil in spamton’s theme, imagine how awesome it would be if the next secret boss’s theme had a tiny bit of both jevil’s and spampton’s theme in it
Luke Davies
Luke Davies Mês atrás
I wanted to get more from berdley in the beginning so I was very satisfied with this. Glad to see some representation from the most oppressed group of all: *Gamers*
Kuzo Games
Kuzo Games Mês atrás
I've got to say his last prediction was so game changing that he actually converted me to his side. Here I was thinking Kris is creating a fountain to feed his delusions of grandeur but after hearing this new theory everything goes back into question. There's no way Kris is the knight, that much I'm sure of. Buy now after seeing this prediction I want to get behind it and see Toby meme us again
Jone Buliruarua
Jone Buliruarua Mês atrás
I agree, Berdly's the best! Even though I cringe sometimes when he is around, it was still fun seeing him. I hope he shows up lot more in the future.
Slimreaper13 Mês atrás
Interesting to note is that the ending does change based on how you act, i.e. violence means Berdly gets his arm messed up, he dies in snowgrave, or he’s fine if you do pacifist. Plus, how many recruits you end up with directly helps your max hp for the giga Queen fight. Choices look like they’re starting to matter
Pinxelated Mês atrás
Considering Spamton knows about Jevil, this confirms the the little clown dude has been to and has affected people in other dark worlds. I don't think it's impossible to see more of him or his lore in future chapters. Jevil is one of the few characters who understands the meta nature of the game/world, so to me it seems he's still gonna be relevant to the story.
Bob, but slowly fading
@GSAmaterasu Okami I see the spam all over, just wanted to see if I get any kind of reaction. Quality control of trolling, if you will.
GSAmaterasu Okami
GSAmaterasu Okami Mês atrás
@Bob, but slowly fading It's spam, don't waste your time. Just report it and don't give it attention
Bob, but slowly fading
@JACKSEPTICEYE'S DAD DESERVED IT LMFAO Is this fun to you? Humans always find a way to suprise me in a new way.
Pinxelated Mês atrás
@armageddongirl612 yeah, I know. I was wondering if having him as an item would trigger some bonus content that expands on his character (more that it already does). Since it's clear that doing the bonus bosses is leading up to something.
Andrew Diedrich
Andrew Diedrich Mês atrás
That ending summary was amazing. I still like the idea that Toriel in dark world burns the place down thinking "It's just a videos game" and they awaken to a house fire. Which they then blame on the gas line breaking / the oven being left on since they never finished actually baking the pie.
SHC Demolisher
SHC Demolisher Mês atrás
That could be possible but I don’t think Toby would do the same manipulation twice back to back.
ShadowGolem86 Mês atrás
I saw a thing a while ago that can apply to how people feel about Berdly It was something like "Their war crimes are fake but my annoyance is real", about how a really evil character is less unlikeable than an annoying one.
Panmaster at Arms
Panmaster at Arms Mês atrás
@Dering Josue Garcia Probably another spam bot. I doubt they even know you're replying to them. Just report and move on.
Dering Josue Garcia
@JACKSEPTICEYE'S DAD DESERVED IT LMFAO You know you could make it less obvious that your are trolling right?
This side of salt is officially my favorite so far. Great content!
Deep Weeb
Deep Weeb Mês atrás
I think the issue with Chapter 2's writting is that is themed around a computer world, which means *internet culture jokes* (memes and forced memes) which as a whole make the humor come as less earnest than in the first chapter. On top of the fact that Susie, Rasiel and Lancer had a lot of charisma in Chapter 1 and are mostly absent and downplayed here with their replacements don't having as much growth outside of the Snowgrave route. But as a whole, knowing it's 7 chapters long, I suppose I have to accept having some filler to keep the over-arching narrative balanced.
Baxxer918 K
Baxxer918 K Mês atrás
While I like chapter 2 more than the first, I do agree that this chapter feels more like filler than chapter one which had a lot more story progression. Good filler mind you, but still filler.
Junpei Animates
Junpei Animates Mês atrás
Chapter 2 is basically telling Chapter 1 in the hospital: “You are dead to me”
-[S O F F Y] - Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
Berdly is underrated, he gets a banger theme, goes through character growth, and apparently adapted really fast to the Dark World
LX BDK (If I don't reply check my acc description)
Boy tried harder to stop Kris/Player in the weird route than any other character in either DRWeird or UTGeno aside from Sans, Undyne and MTT. Plus look at the violent neutral ending, he paralysed his arm just to help his friends. Kid is brave as heck, just because he's a dork who thinks highly of himself doesn't mean he's a bad person much less character. He's one of the highlights of the chapter, yeah he's annoying but far moreso to the cast than the audience, it's hilarious seeing the others react to him and Queen trying to hide from him, he's an infinitely better "obnoxious nerd" character than Alphys could ever dream of, he's often the butt of the joke and is hilarious while being so. The Mobile games line among others had me dying. His haters don't know what they're talking about, he's a great character both to laugh with and at while also genuinely being especially heroic when it matters.
Edited by Jackson
Edited by Jackson Mês atrás
Really good video! The editing, original animations, gags, it makes a really entertaining video :)
BananaSauz Mês atrás
Berdly is unironically my favorite Deltarune character after this chapter, and the scene where everyone hoes nuts when you give him the plush is just *Chefs kiss*
Moss Mês atrás
Finally, someone who truly understands the ending of chapter two.
Isaiah S. Lewis
Isaiah S. Lewis Mês atrás
Those secret boss speedruns really are addictive. Good music and an awesome battle. 👌🏾
Dragoonsoul7878 Mês atrás
I don't think Kris is trying to free themselves from the Player's Control as that would be a short sighted narrative. If it was that simple we could do nothing and let Kris take control and observe, the entire story and relevance along with Kris in Ch2 knowing it isn't time to wash their hands yet implies there is a lot more going on then we realize and Kris is interacting with someone off screen. Same with Ralsei talking to Kris, Ralsei is only upset about not getting a conversation with Kris if you do the Weird Route... which means it appears the Dark World and the Player's Actions are used to figure out who's side the Player is on. This can be expanded on more with how Toriel saw someone outside... but didn't recognize her own child? Remember Kris is the only human making it hard to mistake their outfit/appearance. After all if Kris is a good person capable of handling things on their own... then who wouldn't let them? It would be like forcing the player in Undertale to do Genocide and then calling the player, not the character, a monster.
Sinteleon Mês atrás
We can't just give Kris control, our very presence prevents Kris from taking control mostly, along with Kris possibly not being able to survive without us to begin with (hence why he moves awkwardly during the brief time he does take control)
That Anime Geek Girl
Holy crap, i didn't realize when Spamton glitches like that and asks for help that it was possibly Gaster. I just thought Spamton was having this forced personality and was trying to break out. But now that is WAAAAAAAAYYY cooler!!!
Scott: “I don’t get why people hate Berdly so much.” Also Scott: “My favorite part of Chapter 2 was killing Berdly.”
Lumi Mês atrás
This video really put into perspective thoughts and really gave me a greater appreciation for Snowgrave's existence. Great stuff Scott!
Gamerharddrive Mês atrás
I really enjoyed the jokes and goofs in this one. I also love hearing your critiques, good work Scott
Jack Felt
Jack Felt Mês atrás
I gotta say I like snowgrave cuz it shows just how weak noelle is as a person/character and how she’s easily pressured to do anything with enough “motivation” like this isn’t a pure snowflake tainted by Kris it’s just a fool unable to use logical thinking to maybe “talk” to the enemies seeing as berdly is clearly on their side and not being ripped apart by them
King Treedede
King Treedede Mês atrás
2:10 I’m so glad someone finally mentioned this Also the joke guess at what the ending meant at the end of the video was really funny
Aldar Mês atrás
Everyone talks about "your choices don't matter" like it's a ubiquitous theme, but it was a lot less present in chapter 2 overall. Heck, even in chapter 1 the ending changed depending on what you did. Sure, the king ends up captured regardless, but with the recruit system and characters mentioning past events, it seems weird to treat "your choices don't matter" as though it's *the* theme. Whenever people talk about Snowgrave they'll often try to write in a loophole for why your choices still don't matter but you're capable of derailing a route that hard; I think it makes more sense that "your choices don't matter" is a fake theme, and the theme is really about how people act when they *think* their choices don't matter.
empeanutson Mês atrás
I felt like "your choice doesn't matter" was more towards Kris, and Kris is doing what they can to make their choice matter. So far it seems like they try to take charge in brief areas where the player can't control them, like ripping out their SOUL in ending cutscenes, or expressing certain dialogue choices with sarcasm since they usually have control of their tone of voice.
Bumblebot 245
Bumblebot 245 Mês atrás
I saw this somewhere before, but I think the concept of "your choices don't matter" is meant to work similarly to Flowey's "it's kill or be killed" mentality/message in Undertale. With that, you could either follow it and go Genocide, or work against it and go Pacifist. The same applies to Deltarune. Yeah the status quo doesn't seem to be shaking as much as it did when you made these choices in Undertale, but we're beginning to see cracks. Ranging from who you recruit to be in your town or who stays trapped in the Dark World, to following through with Spamton, to even possibly eliminating one of the characters (Berdly) from the story entirely, it's safe to say Toby is using a similar trick again.
M B Mês atrás
I agree, I've been thinking about it more like "to what extent do your choices matter" because even though the final outcomes of chapter 1 and 2 are the same, the ways they get there and what that does to the people around you has far-reaching consequences. Even little things like the thrash machine still has a small impact in chapter 2, when we thought it was just going to be for that one gag in chapter 1.
ClayXros Mês atrás
I agree with your perspective. I also want to add on the Fanon idea that we were being told by Toby in a meta way "your choices dont matter" as though we're a character. In Fanon Kris and the soul we use to pilot them are separate entities, Kris having their own life and wants with us as the soul doing our own thing. Frisk was an empty avatar for us to inhabit, Kris was not. And unlike Frisk and other avatars we inhabit in other games (many of which we customize) Kris fights back against our control. When Toby said our choices dont matter, he was talking to us expecting another empty avatar and to Kris as we were forced into their body. When Kris agrees with our actions, there is a violently positive reaction from Kris("Kris are you ok?" "NO. IM NOT!"). When they disagree, they're quiet or surprised, as though they cant believe that an untrue thing came from their mouth so easily, or they're trying to suppress our answer but cant. Toby seems to be treating us as the soul as a character alongside Kris. And our choices dont matter, in that he writes where we go, rather than it being an open world for us to do as we see fit. Our choices do matter, just not in the ways we'd expect
Cereal Boi69
Cereal Boi69 14 dias atrás
I love how he completely shifted the end! Just “Wait was that the gas line?”
Aryn Rink
Aryn Rink Mês atrás
I'm going to go out of my way and say that the prediction of this video doesn't have a good chance of happening... BUT IT'S NOT ZERO
K0MET Z Mês atrás
"If the chances aren't zero percent then that's as good as 100 percent" - Some nerd with a drill
- [REBBECCA]🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌
would freaking love it if toby just constantly made Scott’s predictions canon just for the hell of it
scout'sleftnut Mês atrás
Thank you! I prefer snowgrave instead of genocide. i actually felt bad and i was legit scared. It does the "the player is the real villain" so well
♡Snowy♡ Mês atrás
I never played deltarune or really wanted to but I'd like to hear Scott talk about it
Hannah The Hot Cheeto
that opening joke about Toby Mac had me dying in literally the first 5 seconds of the video. Awesome Video Scott! I enjoyed both of your Deltarune videos and i even occasionally come back to the Jevil's day out animation. And I cant believe you actually called the opening of chapter 2, Kris really wanted that pie
Thatoneperson Iscool
Berdly is literally one of the best characters, he shouldn't deserve hate. Berdly has best music, best jokes, and good character development.
Galv Sparks
Galv Sparks Mês atrás
He also has : -best design (he looks like falco immediate W) -best powers (shoot tornadoes, having an energy based Halberd that can manifest at will and shapeshift into a spear which can shoot lasers, flight ? YES PLEASE)
Nice Goat Doctor
Nice Goat Doctor Mês atrás
You have good taste, my friend.
yes Mês atrás
Awesome video man! It was really funny and insightful. Keep it up :D
Cats Corner
Cats Corner Mês atrás
Honestly this is one of my favorite videos of yours, sans the kinda forced ending bit. You've clearly gotten better, keep up the good work! Also I'm glad I'm not alone in liking the gamer bird.
PhazonOmega Mês atrás
The explanation for the end of chapter 2 is excellent, and is definitely at the top of the list for what is going to happen. After all, remember how he ate all that pie the night before?
Asmos159 Mês atrás
It's good to see you're still comfortable doing with a side of salt. I have seen so many content creators say that they are going to take a break, or do something less often. Only for them to never do that thing again.
Lasagna Man
Lasagna Man Mês atrás
I hope we get the option to give Ralsei his hat back in future chapters. Oh yeah, and while I personally disagree with your opinion on the genocide route in Undertale, you've really hit the nail on the head while talking about Deltarune. Nice.
lukka Mês atrás
I was waiting for this one! Thank you very much Scott for uploading :D
sam c
sam c Mês atrás
chapter 2 also shows us that toby fox is incredibly good at writing divorced characters
tyler thomas
tyler thomas Mês atrás
The summary of the part 2 ending got me…
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