Deiveson Figueiredo Octagon Interview | UFC 283

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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20 Jan 2023



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Comentários 983
Arvind 6 dias atrás
Honestly, can't even fault Figueiredo here, only so much you can do seeing out of one eye. Good stoppage by the doctor. Moreno proves again why he's an absolute beast.
Iran Silva
Iran Silva 4 dias atrás
Foi dedo no olho sim.
Preston Lions FC
Preston Lions FC 5 dias atrás
it was Herb Dean fault when someone got eye poked or nut shot Herb Dean should pause fight to check on his eye it's like Herb Dean let Brandon brush up Deivson????? you think that's fair????
speed me
speed me 5 dias atrás
He was holding his eye closed he never tried to open it he was looking for a way out of the beating he was getting
Gang Is Khan
Gang Is Khan 5 dias atrás
Can fault him, he is rude and cringe
xStaman 5 dias atrás
@Kathryn Whitbeck Really easy explanation. Figueiredo could continue and there's a good chance he could lose his eye. If your eye is already gone there's not much point worrying about it. We try to learn from past mistakes. Understand now?
Chinto 6 dias atrás
Figgy is a beast, no reason for him to be upset. The crowd are the only ones who should be ashamed.
BWJ 20 horas atrás
@y.lworld It won't do any good. He approached all of his fights with the same strategy. His style is to land a big punch or get a choke. If either of those doesn't happen, he's done!
y.lworld 20 horas atrás
@BWJ 😆😆😆tell them
BWJ 20 horas atrás
He needs to work on his defense. He engages with both hands down. In my opinion that is why punched in the eye. If he wants to be a striker he should work on his boxing technique and defense.
y.lworld 2 dias atrás
Exactly refugees
SpiceBoy7UK23 4 dias atrás
right on Chinto!
Tihetris Weathersby
Tihetris Weathersby 6 dias atrás
All the respect to Deivison, He put in a good effort
Alpha Craig
Alpha Craig 4 dias atrás
Idk man he’s been a dirty fighter for a long time and been getting away with it, I respect his skills but I don’t respect the guy
Skitz Cunt
Skitz Cunt 5 dias atrás
kind of funny he was wearing those pretentious shades now he'll actually need them
Thawhid 6 dias atrás
Indeeeed. Was a fun champ
Alikhon Khasanov
Alikhon Khasanov 6 dias atrás
F*ck respect ! He didn't deserve it !!!
Yussuf Hussein
Yussuf Hussein 6 dias atrás
The fact that Glover had to ask the Brazilian fans not to throw stuff at Hill after his just shows how bad that crowd is. Props to Figgy: It's a shame it ended the way it did.
Diego Amato
Diego Amato 5 dias atrás
At least they didnt kill 500,000 iraq childre
phil 5 dias atrás
typical brazil crowd, they gotta stop hosting there
Rob 5 dias atrás
I'm Brazilian, but sometimes I feel ashamed of Brazil and many don't represent MMA fans and lovers like me.
Akiko Tsuji
Akiko Tsuji 5 dias atrás
@David Willian You just described not being perfect, which is fine. But I understand completely, you don’t respect them as a person. But you have to respect them as a fighter
David Willian
David Willian 5 dias atrás
@Akiko Tsuji chael was a clown who walked the streets thinking he was the champion but the champion was anderson silva he hit the fight and then lied colby is a pervert and arrogant anyone who knows him closely knows that he being a pervert on polyana and there is no respect for nobody changed who was his essence for money a guy like that doesn't have my respect
Valente Guerrero
Valente Guerrero 5 dias atrás
Eu sou mexicano e todo respeito ao povo do Brasil, vocês também são grandes guerreiros🇲🇽🇧🇷
papel higienico
papel higienico Dia atrás
Boa manito
MmaFan 2 dias atrás
@EROZAKY los fans del canelo son igual y racistas 😂 aparte acuerdate cuando yair peleo en el df con todos los chilangos como se portaron
Valente Guerrero
Valente Guerrero 2 dias atrás
@EROZAKY pues si carnal pero nosotros también vamos a los estadios a gritar p*t0 o incluso a armar desastres como el del Querétaro VS Atlas pero eso no quiere decir que todos los mexicanos seamos malos, esa banda no representa a un país
EROZAKY 2 dias atrás
Porque respeto a los brasileños? No viste lo que ese basurero lleno de animales le hizo a Moreno? Lo sacaron con pura basura, y al pobre de Glover lo abandonaron en el momento final de su carrera
Cássio Henrique
Cássio Henrique 3 dias atrás
Sou Brasileiro e o Devison mereceu esse cacete todo lutador que tira onda dá nisso
Streaky Drip
Streaky Drip 6 dias atrás
I hate that the fight had to end like that, but it was a great stoppage by the DR. The last thing you want to to have a fighter get serious injured if it can be avoided. Great job by both fighters, they are both champions in my book!
Dominic Suhoza
Dominic Suhoza 5 dias atrás
Moreno won fair and square lol he was up 3-0 anyway
fart2711 5 dias atrás
Doesn't matter about your book. They have both been official champions.
Unknown Entity
Unknown Entity 6 dias atrás
I'd agree, then again I remembered that there was also this British champion in the middle weight division by the name of "One Eyed Baby Boy" Michael M.F Bisping.
Sábado güey
Sábado güey 6 dias atrás
Why are you posting this same comment on every single video? 😂 want likes that bad ?
Robert Palatsky
Robert Palatsky 6 dias atrás
We'll see how he does at Bantamweight.
Marcus 2 dias atrás
Virá forte , por que você é forte cara. Muito obrigado por nos representar ! Tomara que leia isso, não é exagero , você merece!
Soturno 6 dias atrás
He did not think it was an eye poke like the stupid translator said; he just acknowledged Moreno's superior night and said it was a clean punch
Tales TheSalesman
Tales TheSalesman 5 dias atrás
But he's tall and white so they gave him the job of translator
jose garcia
jose garcia 5 dias atrás
I thought the translator was trash as well… even when Moreno was getting interviewed. He never translates the entire message.
Soturno 5 dias atrás
@KD Clutcho not much really, he basically said it's time to fight in another division; said it's Moreno time to shine, said it was his night and some things about representing poor young brazilians
SoBasicReviews 6 dias atrás
Figgy is class. Idk what's this translator is smoking.
CoffeeYou 6 dias atrás
We needed the Giga Chad translator that’s usually around at all the UFC events these days
young pipo
young pipo 6 dias atrás
🇲🇽🤝🏻🇧🇷 Eu sou mexicano mas meus respeitos aos meus irmãos brasileiros vocês também são guerreiros e lutam todos os dias admiro muito sua fé em nosso senhor Jesus
Paulinho Santos
Paulinho Santos 5 dias atrás
Obg meu irmão q Deus abençoe tds nós
young pipo
young pipo 5 dias atrás
Os dois são valentes, já mostraram que são guerreiros, o Figueiredo já havia derrotado o Brandon e hoje perdeu, mas continua ótimo, são seres humanos, ninguém é melhor que ninguém e tudo pode acontecer em uma luta.
young pipo
young pipo 5 dias atrás
@Maykon Didone Sim, eu sou do México de Guadalajara Jalisco
young pipo
young pipo 5 dias atrás
@Player One Isso não acontece, sabemos que nem todos são iguais, existe de tudo.
young pipo
young pipo 5 dias atrás
@Jack Doe I am mexican from Guadalajara jalisco Mexico
shi ban wong
shi ban wong 5 dias atrás
Reconhecimento da derrota sob nenhuma dúvida do adversário é uma atitude digna e pra poucos ! Parabéns ao Figueiredo que logo voltará a dar show !
IC XC NIKA 5 dias atrás
Não acredito que a torcida brasileira se comporte assim universalmente, estou decepcionado com a falta de respeito contra aos lutadores vencedores; uma das coisas que as pessoas precisam aprender é como perder com honra e integridade. Figuereido perdeu com a honra intacta, parabéns a Brandon Moreno pela vitória. Espero que a torcida brasileira possa melhorar sua demonstração de respeito e humildade mesmo na derrota como na vitoria, e infelizmente traz grande vergonha para o povo brasileiro uando eles não são capazes de perder com graça, um perdedor dolorido torna uma pessoa dolorida.
Darlan da Silva Guimarães Guimarães
Gostaríamos que o Brasileiro vencesse a luta , mais como ele mesmo reconhece; o momento é do México. Parabéns para ambos Lutadores !!!!!
Lucas Fernando
Lucas Fernando 5 dias atrás
Mais esse corte no olho atrapalhou tudo
Julius Rock
Julius Rock 6 dias atrás
Tonight was Brandon night i can't say that was an eye poke i felt the punch and unfortunately my eyes shut down, i don't know if is a serious injury i just hope god protects me and i don't lose my vision, but thank you for the fans, tonight wasn't my night was Brandon night congrats to him. Guys i will say again i fought for the youngers in Brazil who dream been here one day, never give up your dreams i made my history in 125lbs, like Jose Aldo "i'm your fan bro, a lot respect", i made my history but i'm going 135lbs because in 125lbs i get so ugly, haha. Not 100% but more precise than you guys heard 👍👊
Arturo C
Arturo C 5 dias atrás
Julius Rock
Julius Rock 5 dias atrás
@JRXP 1997 Yeah! but that is the danger of mistranslation, one single word can change everything.
Só a cabecinha
Só a cabecinha 5 dias atrás
Isso foi o que ele disse de verdade, obrigado, sses tradutores oficiais são horríveis.
JRXP 1997
JRXP 1997 5 dias atrás
@PigDaddy2020 The guy on TV definitely didnt do a good job, hell he made it sound like Figueredo said it was a poke, but he is under pressure, doing it live and Figueredo was ranting a little bit, you saw DC pulling the mic away.
Luís kunk043
Luís kunk043 5 dias atrás
Caraí viado , dichavo no inglês .
Wunn Sen
Wunn Sen 6 dias atrás
Brazil outta be ashamed of itself for the way they acted. Even in the Glover n Hill fight, they all left beforethe end too congratulate the winner knowing it was going to be Hill. Absolutely shocking
Josh Galli
Josh Galli 2 dias atrás
Colby said something there. I hate that guy but wtf is their problem.
Diego Amato
Diego Amato 4 dias atrás
@Vini TGS yankees killed 500000 kids in Iraq to steal oil
francisco V8
francisco V8 4 dias atrás
@paexghost io wtf
Vini TGS
Vini TGS 4 dias atrás
Norte americanos falando bosta de outros países, esperar o que desse povo. Único país que recorreu à bombas atômicas pra depois ficar com medinho da Russia.
Diego Amato
Diego Amato 5 dias atrás
@Emilio Flores At least they didnt kill 500,000 kids in Iraq
Pha-tha Ma
Pha-tha Ma 5 dias atrás
Once a champion is always a champion, good luck on moving up Deiveson and congratulations Brandon on unifying the Flyweight Title.
CLÃ [MPP] GAMES 5 dias atrás
Impressionante a humildades desse cara , psicológico no alto.
Anderson Bispo
Anderson Bispo 5 dias atrás
Moleque humilde o brendon,merece o título
brown pride
brown pride 4 dias atrás
Un gran peleador una gran persona respetuosa y deportista sencilla y humilde y eso se admira mucho God bless him
gus polidor
gus polidor 5 dias atrás
Foi muito humilde 👍🤕🙏
Julião -Bauru
Julião -Bauru 5 dias atrás
Você não deve absolutamente nada a ninguém guerreiro .
Ibraim Carrillo
Ibraim Carrillo 6 dias atrás
He was losing the fight no doubt. But props to the god of war. He was a dominant champ. And still a dominant contender. He should move up. That power with added weight. Dangerous. Bless figgy and his rein but there's a new king of the flyweight division and his name is Brandon Moreno 🇲🇽
Andrei 4 dias atrás
@《𝕲𝖑𝖔𝖗𝖞 𝕲𝖆𝖟𝖊𝖗》 yeah, and I'm saying who knows what would've happened had Moreno not been hit in the nuts as hard.
《𝕲𝖑𝖔𝖗𝖞 𝕲𝖆𝖟𝖊𝖗》
@N4NURFKNB1NESS Nothing delusional about factual statements. It's a fact Figgy would've won that fight without the point deduction and it's a fact he has more defenses than everyone else except Demetrious Johnson.
《𝕲𝖑𝖔𝖗𝖞 𝕲𝖆𝖟𝖊𝖗》
@Andrei Didn't say the point was taken for no reason. I said the point deduction cost Figgy the win and it did.
Paul Badman 🇷🇺
Paul Badman 🇷🇺 5 dias atrás
@Douglas Paulson seemed to win every fight? You cannot be this delusional.
N4NURFKNB1NESS 5 dias atrás
@《𝕲𝖑𝖔𝖗𝖞 𝕲𝖆𝖟𝖊𝖗》 delusional
Renato García Guerrero
Renato García Guerrero 12 horas atrás
Fue un golpe completamente legal, cuando Figueiredo vea las repeticiones en cámara lenta, no podrá negar que le ganaron bien.
Marcos Bruno Gonçalves
Obrigado Deyvison, sua história nos inspira Campeão!!!!
Maurizio Peraltta📴
Maurizio Peraltta📴 3 dias atrás
George Hutchinson
George Hutchinson 4 dias atrás
So excited to see this guy fight at bantamweight. I'm sure it won't be long before he is in the mix for that title. Awesome warrior in the Octagon.
joab mdc
joab mdc 5 dias atrás
Deiverson é muito guerreiro mas nessa categoria ele fica muito desgastado pelo corte de peso mas sucesso pra ele na categoria 61 kg
the WOLF BLACK 5 dias atrás
Deiveison lo hizo bien, pero brandom lo hizo mucho mejor, si hubiera continuado el siguiente round tal vez hubiese quedado en pésimas condiciones el brasileño!!! Lo mejor q ya esta el cinturón con su verdadero dueño. Arriba mexicoooo y arriba Brasil!!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Iván Nolasco
Iván Nolasco 6 dias atrás
Grande figgy lo amo 🔥🇲🇽🇧🇷🔥
Straight White Male
Straight White Male 6 dias atrás
Glover's post fight speech was just the most beautiful thing ever.
K Anthony
K Anthony 5 dias atrás
@howmonster Colby was right 🤣🤣🤣
TanWam 5 dias atrás
@howmonster he really was, scumbag crowd, watching events there makes me feel dirty.
howmonster 6 dias atrás
It would have been without the ugly crowd leaving him in an almost empty arena. Colby was right.
Sem Nome
Sem Nome 6 dias atrás
I really cry
Pedro Coreia
Pedro Coreia 6 dias atrás
MT humildade do Figueiredo grande lutador,grande homem
convert313 5 dias atrás
Dayum ,unlucky Figueiredo,Moreno is such a sniper ,love his fight style,he really leaves no room for unluckys or mistakes when it comes to his opponents .Congratulations Brandon Moreno .
Retrô - Filmes e Vídeos 🎬
Representou bem ,Valente figueiredo ,torço pra que não perca a visão, breve estará de volta na categoria 61kg
Pereira Abrahao
Pereira Abrahao 5 dias atrás
@Enrique Ramírez Aparte de Boca abierta sou Brasileiro mais não gosto dele.
Enrique Ramírez
Enrique Ramírez 5 dias atrás
Figuereido un tramposo, dando patadas ilegales y agarrándose de la reja. Qué bueno que Brandon lo hizo pedazos
James Reid
James Reid 5 dias atrás
does anyone else think he broke his orbital? the swelling above eyebrow looked insane. the way he reacted to the blow too
Diego Diego Gomes viana
Tudo oque o Deiveson foguereiro conquistou não pra qualquer um
Joel Mesquita
Joel Mesquita 5 dias atrás
Espero que na próxima luta o Deiveson seja mais humilde e não se preocupe somente em provocar o adversário. Que faça bom proveito da BABANA!
Edimar Alves
Edimar Alves 5 dias atrás
Esse sim é um homem de bem parabéns devede
Octavio Pineda
Octavio Pineda 5 dias atrás
Figuereido un gran guerrero, felicidades, esta fue la noche de Brandon, respeto para figuereido y todo Brasil? Saludos desde mexico
John B.
John B. 6 dias atrás
The weight cut was taking years of his life. Glad he decided to go up…
roel Hurkmans
roel Hurkmans 5 dias atrás
He has a really hard time against the top 6 of that division. Wish him all the best though.
Pbusy Richard
Pbusy Richard 5 dias atrás
@bnegs521 facts I don’t think his power holds up well but him joining that division is ridiculous that class is fucking stacked
bnegs521 5 dias atrás
He will be a non factor at 135. His career is heading to the exit
Gilson Ferreira
Gilson Ferreira 5 dias atrás
O principal problema que eu vejo no Figueredo, é que ele fala e promete demais antes da luta,e isso é a pior coisa que um verdadeiro guerreiro deve fazer ,a maior arma de um guerreiro é o silêncio !
Swiss1984 5 dias atrás
They way DC ended the interview, like “cut the BS and just admit you lost”
Kelen Estigarribia
Kelen Estigarribia 4 dias atrás
Deu dó ele estava indo bem 😔
Sahil Yadav
Sahil Yadav 5 dias atrás
Amazing fighter win or lose happens apart from that he is an amazing fighter, god bless him
Coffeetalk 6 dias atrás
He's moving up because there is no chance of a 5th fight. The UFC would overlook him because no one wants to see a 5th. I think he might do quite well at BW. He's definitely a warrior who brings it.
Lino Gamez
Lino Gamez 5 dias atrás
Mis respetos para figueredo por expresarse de esa manera
Andrew Andrew
Andrew Andrew 6 dias atrás
Can't wait for Figuereido vs Moreno part 9!!
kevin osborne
kevin osborne 5 dias atrás
Not happening Figgy moving up Can't make 125 no more Like he says I like eat to much! Lol
Nick Pan
Nick Pan 6 dias atrás
Moreno is 4-0 that 3rd fight was all Moreno.
FIGHTSMACK 6 dias atrás
@PjXu98 you mean there are*
Sam Black
Sam Black 6 dias atrás
@Tommy Noble 😂😂😂😂 Grudge match with old school rules.
Sam Black
Sam Black 6 dias atrás
Moreno v Figeredo 72: So very, very tired
A PROVA MORTA 4 dias atrás
No 61 Deivison infelizmente não terá vida longa, a adaptação dos atletas do peso de cima, a vitalidade,a força , a vibe é outra...
antonio rivera
antonio rivera 2 dias atrás
Eso es todo Brazil 🇧🇷 la humildad por delante 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Max Andrioli
Max Andrioli 5 dias atrás
Chega arrepiar a torcida
Francisco Cruz
Francisco Cruz 2 dias atrás
Saludos max tienes toda la razón primero es aprender respectar y saber perder los brasileños son buenos para pelear también los mexicanos somos grandes de Boxeo 👍✌️😅
Jenny Walborn
Jenny Walborn 6 dias atrás
Let's go Brandon!
FuckDaRich 5 dias atrás
@Nick Pan bruh that’s the oldest joke in the book. Doesn’t help you’re trumptard so it makes sense
Nick Pan
Nick Pan 6 dias atrás
@FuckDaRich even Steve Wonder can see whats wrong with the country
PigDaddy2020 6 dias atrás
LMFAO! No longer just the sage words of wisdom from a NASCAR driver for millions of rednecks to rally behind since coherent arguments have seemingly always proved too difficult for them! 😜
Sean Matthew King
Sean Matthew King 6 dias atrás
Nah stopped trying to trick people with that stupid shit lol Let's go MORENO! And Figgy for that matter. Great fighters.
Spinosaurus The Proud Socialist Aegyptiacus
@Raider Bo Joe Biden is still your president, snowflake.
John Macias Jr
John Macias Jr 6 dias atrás
The way DC just walked off at the end is crazy!! Lmfao
Meshika raw meat eater
Damn …! 🤣🤣 hella disrespectful
Woodsaras 5 dias atrás
@lo0k3r realy? How?
Lou 5 dias atrás
DC should not do these interviews.
lo0k3r 5 dias atrás
UFC really disrespected Figueiredo.
Woodsaras 5 dias atrás
Yeah, he is being petty. Do you fkng job DC.
Diogo Espírito Santo
Diogo Espírito Santo 3 dias atrás
The translator got it all wrong when he said "I thought it was an eye poke", when in reality Figueiredo said "Tonight was Brandon's night, i CAN'T say it was an eye poke"... Basically the exact opposite. Respect for Deiveson
Christian Jimenez
Christian Jimenez 6 dias atrás
I think Figgy still has some fight left in him at Bantamweight. Crazy rivalry this has been.
Newfie-Dean 5 dias atrás
@Christian Jimenez O’Malley is the top guy.
cole 6 dias atrás
Fiij g is better
Nick Pan
Nick Pan 6 dias atrás
@heest he needs to move up
Edward Elric
Edward Elric 6 dias atrás
deiveson figueiredo is very likely going to have success against the short 135er in height, but the taller and longer 135er are going to be a tough fight for him.
Katana _
Katana _ 6 dias atrás
@Christian Jimenez he ain't the toughest division..second toughest division
domingos junior
domingos junior 5 dias atrás
A diferença é que o Moreno é muito mais rápido nos golpes que o Davison aí já viu mais tá de parabéns o deiveson
Enrique Ramírez
Enrique Ramírez 5 dias atrás
Figuereido un tramposo durante la pelea se le notaba la impotencia de que no podía ni en los derribos ni boxeando, qué bueno que perdió
HomieFFM 5 dias atrás
''It's impossible to fight with one eye!'' - Micheal Bisping
WMPC DOG BOXER💪 5 dias atrás
Parabens por reconhecer o resultado da luta sem mimi..
Jiggernaut 6 dias atrás
Whenever people look at David. They’re going to say that he’s a warrior.
Flying Fesh
Flying Fesh 6 dias atrás
I don't see the drive anymore from him at 125, you see in the 3rd fight with Moreno he's smiling and gesturing and talking to him the whole time, not phased by anything, and in this fight he was just kind of on autopilot.
Shaikh Azharuddin
Shaikh Azharuddin 6 dias atrás
Knew the weight cut was difficult again for Figgy, good for him that he's moving up
Menace to Society
Menace to Society 6 dias atrás
I just saw this fight and hope there’s another one, it was crazy seeing them slugging each other !
John Rambo
John Rambo 5 dias atrás
I'm happy that Figueiredo didn't lose his eye.... He'll comeback stronger.... Congratulations to Brandon!
Drew Pratley
Drew Pratley 2 dias atrás
That was no eye poke but a left punch right to the eye socket! Nasty but legal. It wasn't deliberately done, it happens in MMA. You train in MMA you know all about it. Try getting in the cage and experiencing a shark tank! I have and it can happen. I've got nothing on these pros but a punch in the eye can happen and its nasty. Much respect to both fighters 👏
Awlmir S Santos
Awlmir S Santos 3 dias atrás
Maluco humilde sobe e vai arrasar master
Cabron G
Cabron G 5 dias atrás
Muy buen peleador vendiciones
andrew aniche
andrew aniche 6 dias atrás
This is what happens when you fail to train with who got you the belt.
Luis González
Luis González 5 dias atrás
Solo se te demostró que en tu país y dónde sea,se demuestra el corazón mexicano
Chris 5 dias atrás
That injury looks so bad wish to see him healed soon
DIMEH BNX 5 dias atrás
2020 Figueiredo would've never got hesitant at striking or grappling with whoever, he was fearless. He seems like he lost it ever since Moreno submitted him. 2020 Figueiredo beat Moreno (Idc what anybody says, even with the point deduction he should've won) and beats every Moreno version, he just regressed a lot.
ToquinhaGamer 5 dias atrás
Lutou bem mas esse golpe que entrou no olho acabou com ele
THE MOVIETIGER 6 dias atrás
When he took his gloves in his hand, I thought he will retire 😂
bnegs521 5 dias atrás
He should of
Oliva Martinez
Oliva Martinez 4 dias atrás
que pena del público Brasileño.😢
Counter-Intuitive 6 dias atrás
That interpreter looks like he could be a Chess GM. His memorization skills are phenomenal 👏 👏👏 Brilliant
battousai9795 5 dias atrás
Typical monolingual who gets amazed by terrible translators lol
Counter-Intuitive 5 dias atrás
@Alex Bank Did he do it on purpose?
Helton Ornellas
Helton Ornellas 5 dias atrás
By cutting part of the interview? Lol
TheManDemane 6 dias atrás
@Alex Bankyeah he straight up did with that eye poke thing
Alex Bank
Alex Bank 6 dias atrás
This was actually as bad of a translation as Aldo v Connor lol. Completely misrepresented what figgy said and straight up put words in his mouth he didn’t say 😂
jeremyramone 6 dias atrás
That one knot on his forehead never goes away. Seems concerning. Also a head clash early on was a factor. Hope he moves up to 135.
Vinicio Ramos
Vinicio Ramos 5 dias atrás
Falou como campeão
Gilvan Oliveira santos
Se não consegue ganhar nessa categoria dentro de casa imagine 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
tinyGIRAFFE 6 dias atrás
the crowd just proving covington right once again. absolutely disgraceful. smh.
EnterTheCarp 6 dias atrás
💪🏻👍🏼. Great Fighter! 🍻🍻🍻
Ben Wong
Ben Wong 3 dias atrás
Very good fight. It's unfortunate that it had to end like that. Does anyone notice the way Daniel Cormier ends his interviews? To me it's lack of sincerity and attention given to the fighters. I used to think it's because they're pushing to move on, but i don't think so. Joe Rogan would stand patiently, look at the fighters in the eyes, give them plenty of mic time to express their thoughts, and, most importantly, genuinely shake their hands before stepping away. That's why all the fighters are extremely excited to talk to JR, and they even ask to photograph with him. They put their lives on the line to entertain us. That's the least interviewers could oblige them. Just my 2 cents
Joao pedro Santana
Joao pedro Santana 5 dias atrás
Parabéns boa luta
Dylan S
Dylan S 5 dias atrás
I think he’s the only fighter I’ve ever seen lay their gloves in the ring just to announce they’re leaving a division but not retiring 🤣 maybe something got lost in the translation
Weebstrong 6 dias atrás
Respect. That move up was overdue imo.
itachi uchihq
itachi uchihq 5 dias atrás
Great fight from both only warriors this night and Brazil you canbe proud!
Andrés Manuel Lope Obrador
Viva México y Viva Brasil 🫶🏻
My Music Playlist Selection And More Por Ana Elisa
Infelizmente o Deivison Figueiredo sofre demais com o corte de peso. Isso desgasta. Já tinha que ter migrado para os galos antes.
Cartel's Aviary
Cartel's Aviary 5 dias atrás
After seeing a video of figgy a day before the weigh ins i knew already he was really having issues with the weight cut
Slyx 5 dias atrás
People that say it was a eye poke don’t know mma even if the doctor didn’t stop the fight Moreno was up 3-0 Moreno was dominant all rounds
Sam Black
Sam Black 6 dias atrás
Fig is what happens when a fighter does well and USADA begins testing them. Completely different fighter in both body and mentality since he became known and as a result started getting tested.
Adão Castro
Adão Castro 3 dias atrás
Kkkkkk estes dois é a festa do UFC sim dois casca grossa kkkkk os nasceu para luta os dois cara é demais é festa cara.
Root 6 dias atrás
man... he was the nightmare of the 125 division and a guy who loves legos and funkos just took everything from him, he still a beast tho
Roger Sampaio
Roger Sampaio 3 dias atrás
So humble in defeat
Lincoln Leandro
Lincoln Leandro 5 dias atrás
Talvez se tivesse ficado em São Paulo treinando com o Charles e a equipe teria sido diferente o resultado.
Tanner Watts
Tanner Watts 6 dias atrás
Brazil fans keeping it classy as usual
Lucky Rockmore
Lucky Rockmore 6 dias atrás
Really loving their bread and circuses
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname 6 dias atrás
Deiveson scared to lose his sight and praying to God to not let him blind really made me sad.
Jhonny Brito
Jhonny Brito 5 dias atrás
O Figueiredo é da minha cidade, Belém do Pará, inclusive meu irmão conhece ele. Conheço outros caras que são amigos meus e terminaram com ele na mesma academia. O cara é completamente arrogante, não é um cara humilde mesmo. E isso eu garanto! Viram na pesagem? Assim é ele, não entendo o porque muitos são assim, no final, isso acaba lá em cima, e não foi diferente com ele. Apanhou merecidamente!!!
Willian Santos
Willian Santos 3 dias atrás
@Jhonny Brito bla bla amigo
Jhonny Brito
Jhonny Brito 3 dias atrás
@Willian Santos vc não tem muito a acrescentar em nada pelo visto. Poucas palavras, talvez se fosse em áudio, aí sim poderia se arriscar aqui kkkkkkk
Willian Santos
Willian Santos 5 dias atrás
Tá bom Juiz kkk
Datsko 6 dias atrás
Colby was right about Brazil🤣
Edward Elric
Edward Elric 6 dias atrás
deiveson figueiredo is gonna have success against the short 135er in height, but the taller and longer 135er are going to be a tough fight for him.
Adão Castro
Adão Castro 3 dias atrás
Não foi golpe inlegou não veja os vídeo em fim com serteza os dois fora é grandes amigos os dois sim amamos vcs caras é show
Sou desasombrado
Sou desasombrado 6 dias atrás
Deiveson N quis se comprometer em falar que foi dedo no olho. Com medo de alguma coisa.
Bernardo Mora
Bernardo Mora 4 dias atrás
Este sujeito perdeu a luta na encarada, a arrogância dele e maior que a vontade de vencer! Derrota merecida.
Raghuveer Dubagunta
Raghuveer Dubagunta 6 dias atrás
He's moving up to a division that has Aljo, O'Malley, Cejudo, Yan and Sandhagen? Brave decision.
jason555jason555 6 dias atrás
@ash iaqu Dominick Cruz
Dady 6 dias atrás
@ash iaqu just because Umar is Muslim he can maul him? Yea ...
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 6 dias atrás
@gumo gumo no pistol what defense? If Moreno did that to him, Umar will KO him like Barcelos.
s h
s h 6 dias atrás
@ash iaqu yes if he lost he should make figy vs moreno 5🤣🤣🤣👍
gumo gumo no pistol
gumo gumo no pistol 6 dias atrás
@ash iaqu I don't think so. Figgy defense looks great.
Manny Blackstar
Manny Blackstar 6 dias atrás
No disrespect. A fan and enjoy his fights. Much love
Argonaut 5 dias atrás
You know what’s funny ? His hand wasn’t open at all. That should end the argument right there. His hand was a fist, clear intent to punch and his knuckle so happened to pierce past the eyelids. It was a wild way for a punch to land, but it’s clear, he did not go into that punch thinking “ lemme stab his eye with my knuckle “ he was trying to take his head off. Good day.
quest lara
quest lara 5 dias atrás
yup 👍🏽
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