Deiveson Figueiredo Octagon Interview | UFC 283 

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Former flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo spoke to Daniel Cormier following his co-main event defeat to newly crowned champ Brandon Moreno on Saturday at UFC 283.
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20 Jan 2023



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Comentários : 959   
@arvind6821 Anos atrás
Honestly, can't even fault Figueiredo here, only so much you can do seeing out of one eye. Good stoppage by the doctor. Moreno proves again why he's an absolute beast.
explain Bisping
@percanatord3461 Anos atrás
@@kathrynwhitbeck9798 right just a bunch of excuses
@sonyemerson6675 Anos atrás
@@kathrynwhitbeck9798 bisping was already a one eye before the fight if doctor didn't stop it then he might end up like bisping or much worse. fighting with one eye against moreno is a ticking time bomb for further injuries, doctor won't jeopardize Figgy's health for your bloodthirst.
@mightyhabib1182 Anos atrás
@@kathrynwhitbeck9798 explain you. You're bung eyed without being hit 👺😂
@booprice5473 Anos atrás
@@mightyhabib1182 might still smash tho
@chinto6389 Anos atrás
Figgy is a beast, no reason for him to be upset. The crowd are the only ones who should be ashamed.
@pedropaulo13220 Anos atrás
why? what did the crowd do?
@kevinlorenz8608 Anos atrás
@@pedropaulo13220throwing stuff at Moreno
@Kurdati Anos atrás
@Pedro Paulo Furgeri showing no sportsmanship because their fighter lost
@pedropaulo13220 Anos atrás
@@Kurdati damn, i didnt see that. Its a shame man, i'm brasilian but i was actually rooting for moreno cause figgy is too disrespectful. Well, i'm sorry guys. That's why brasil is a shitty country
@stevenbaker8903 Anos atrás
Exactly Colby said Brazil is a fucking dump
@yussufhussein8859 Anos atrás
The fact that Glover had to ask the Brazilian fans not to throw stuff at Hill after his just shows how bad that crowd is. Props to Figgy: It's a shame it ended the way it did.
They acting like animals
The arena was almost empty for glovers retirement speech which was so sad
@nathantanti8283 Anos atrás
@@clearlyalunhead1109 Yeah wtf? Bad form.
@@clearlyalunhead1109 I was where did everyone go
@Mistanyycguy Anos atrás
@@clearlyalunhead1109 Yeah wtf they are babies man. The real ones stayed.
All the respect to Deivison, He put in a good effort
F*ck respect ! He didn't deserve it !!!
@Thawhid Anos atrás
Indeeeed. Was a fun champ
@skitzcunt4213 Anos atrás
kind of funny he was wearing those pretentious shades now he'll actually need them
@alphacraig2001 Anos atrás
Idk man he’s been a dirty fighter for a long time and been getting away with it, I respect his skills but I don’t respect the guy
@DusmaEduardo Anos atrás
He did not think it was an eye poke like the stupid translator said; he just acknowledged Moreno's superior night and said it was a clean punch
@JillSandwiches Anos atrás
Thanks for clearing that up, I didn't think Figgy would say that he always shows class in defeat
@kennedyleal2943 Anos atrás
This translator always messing up just like he did with José Aldo versus conor, bring back that Charles translator
@kdclutcho1oo Anos atrás
What did he actually say word for word it’s like people with different languages have to use more words in a sentence than we do with English 🤔
@coffeeyouu Anos atrás
We needed the Giga Chad translator that’s usually around at all the UFC events these days
Figgy is class. Idk what's this translator is smoking.
@streakydrip8792 Anos atrás
I hate that the fight had to end like that, but it was a great stoppage by the DR. The last thing you want to to have a fighter get serious injured if it can be avoided. Great job by both fighters, they are both champions in my book!
Yep even with 2 good eyes he wasn't seeing many of Moreno's strikes. He was doing good but still losing all 3 rounds.
We'll see how he does at Bantamweight.
@barrymcoc8171 Anos atrás
Why are you posting this same comment on every single video? 😂 want likes that bad ?
@unknownentity8256 Anos atrás
I'd agree, then again I remembered that there was also this British champion in the middle weight division by the name of "One Eyed Baby Boy" Michael M.F Bisping.
@fart2711 Anos atrás
Doesn't matter about your book. They have both been official champions.
Glover's post fight speech was just the most beautiful thing ever.
@SemNome-me3po Anos atrás
I really cry
@TanWam Anos atrás
@@howmonster he really was, scumbag crowd, watching events there makes me feel dirty.
@kanthony9154 Anos atrás
@@howmonster Colby was right 🤣🤣🤣
Eu sou mexicano e todo respeito ao povo do Brasil, vocês também são grandes guerreiros🇲🇽🇧🇷
@IsaiasPiedrasanta Anos atrás
Porque escribes en brasileño
@txremovals3497 Anos atrás
@@IsaiasPiedrasanta por qué es un mensaje dirijido para los brasileños no sea wey
Obrigado hermano👍🇧🇷❤️
@alalvarez6332 Anos atrás
Calla barbero!
Muchas gracias hermano, Dios abençoe
@youngpipo2541 Anos atrás
🇲🇽🤝🏻🇧🇷 Eu sou mexicano mas meus respeitos aos meus irmãos brasileiros vocês também são guerreiros e lutam todos os dias admiro muito sua fé em nosso senhor Jesus
@warrior3368 Anos atrás
Parabéns povo mexicano 🇧🇷💪🇲🇽
@eltoncosta4114 Anos atrás
Obrigado, parabéns ao Campeão Moreno. Grande lutador....merecido
@michaelaziz9166 Anos atrás
Tmj brother
This four parter was legendary. They should train together, maybe there's no love between them, but the fire forges out the weakness. Deivison, i think, will be revivified to train for a different opponent, and more terrifying for this long war. I dont even know who i want Brandon to fight now... bring mighty mouse back??🤣 these two men have owned the division, kai kara is close, but I'm not certain he is on their level, i need to go look at the options. Deivison at 135 is exciting, many good fights to make, and i think he will be closer to Morano in speed at that weight.
@henry247 Anos atrás
Parabéns hermano 👍🏼👏🏼
@WunnSEN Anos atrás
Brazil outta be ashamed of itself for the way they acted. Even in the Glover n Hill fight, they all left beforethe end too congratulate the winner knowing it was going to be Hill. Absolutely shocking
@ashleyd1379 Anos atrás
Ya man I was thinking the exact same thing. Crazy how different the fans can be around the world!
@andrewvazquez1936 Anos atrás
I mean it’s not a surprise that they’re gonna act like that. they do that all the time. they don’t give af lol. I agree tho they should be ashamed
@emilioflores2213 Anos atrás
Chael sonnen was right about Brazil lol
@1987benhur Anos atrás
@@emilioflores2213 Colby too haha
@fogoeterno6666 Anos atrás
Congratulate who? Glover is already a praised Guy in Brazil.
@brownpride5125 Anos atrás
Un gran peleador una gran persona respetuosa y deportista sencilla y humilde y eso se admira mucho God bless him
@JuliusRockMMA Anos atrás
Tonight was Brandon night i can't say that was an eye poke i felt the punch and unfortunately my eyes shut down, i don't know if is a serious injury i just hope god protects me and i don't lose my vision, but thank you for the fans, tonight wasn't my night was Brandon night congrats to him. Guys i will say again i fought for the youngers in Brazil who dream been here one day, never give up your dreams i made my history in 125lbs, like Jose Aldo "i'm your fan bro, a lot respect", i made my history but i'm going 135lbs because in 125lbs i get so ugly, haha. Not 100% but more precise than you guys heard 👍👊
@PigDaddy2020 Anos atrás
UFC should hire you, & ditch the other guy, lol! Thanks for the much better translation!
@charliehulme8020 Anos atrás
cheers brother
@Csidney Anos atrás
Thanks man for an excellent translation!!!!!
@luiskunk0433 Anos atrás
Caraí viado , dichavo no inglês .
@SirHumano97 Anos atrás
@@PigDaddy2020 The guy on TV definitely didnt do a good job, hell he made it sound like Figueredo said it was a poke, but he is under pressure, doing it live and Figueredo was ranting a little bit, you saw DC pulling the mic away.
@Lagolas-Fps Anos atrás
Impressionante a humildades desse cara , psicológico no alto.
@shibanwong3205 Anos atrás
Reconhecimento da derrota sob nenhuma dúvida do adversário é uma atitude digna e pra poucos ! Parabéns ao Figueiredo que logo voltará a dar show !
@octaviopineda3467 Anos atrás
Figuereido un gran guerrero, felicidades, esta fue la noche de Brandon, respeto para figuereido y todo Brasil? Saludos desde mexico
@kingkong-rp3fh Anos atrás
huge respect to u man,, whole brazil must b proud of u
@ronaldinho5860 Anos atrás
Yep hige respect whatever that means !
I think Figgy still has some fight left in him at Bantamweight. Crazy rivalry this has been.
@heest3438 Anos atrás
nah he needs to retire
@goead Anos atrás
@@heest3438 why?
@333rdAlchemist Anos atrás
@@heest3438 lmao what are you on about?
He is tired of cutting so much weight you can tell during the embedded episodes, dude was so drained. He would do well one weight class higher, Figgy will decimate everyone mark my words.
@@Forenzikproductions sorry, but bantamweight is the toughest division. Don’t see him beating top guys like Yan or Aljo.
Gostaríamos que o Brasileiro vencesse a luta , mais como ele mesmo reconhece; o momento é do México. Parabéns para ambos Lutadores !!!!!
@lucasfernando1325 Anos atrás
Mais esse corte no olho atrapalhou tudo
@johnmaciasjr496 Anos atrás
The way DC just walked off at the end is crazy!! Lmfao
@thechicanotrooper Anos atrás
Took off quick before the bottles start flying
@johnmaciasjr496 Anos atrás
@@thechicanotrooper I guess this is why Joe Rogan doesn’t do international events??
@peteevans825 Anos atrás
Right... DC didn't even look him in the eye when they shook hands 😬
@alphonsevallery Anos atrás
producer was in his ear saying wrap it up
@MMA_CAT Anos atrás
He needs a different job
@ivannolasco6947 Anos atrás
Grande figgy lo amo 🔥🇲🇽🇧🇷🔥
@convert313 Anos atrás
Dayum ,unlucky Figueiredo,Moreno is such a sniper ,love his fight style,he really leaves no room for unluckys or mistakes when it comes to his opponents .Congratulations Brandon Moreno .
Knew the weight cut was difficult again for Figgy, good for him that he's moving up
@HomieFFM Anos atrás
''It's impossible to fight with one eye!'' - Micheal Bisping
@hardspecialist Anos atrás
Virá forte , por que você é forte cara. Muito obrigado por nos representar ! Tomara que leia isso, não é exagero , você merece!
@andersonbispo2731 Anos atrás
Moleque humilde o brendon,merece o título
@johnb.5217 Anos atrás
The weight cut was taking years of his life. Glad he decided to go up…
@bnegs521 Anos atrás
He will be a non factor at 135. His career is heading to the exit
@pbusyrichard4600 Anos atrás
@@bnegs521 facts I don’t think his power holds up well but him joining that division is ridiculous that class is fucking stacked
@roelhurkmans8766 Anos atrás
He has a really hard time against the top 6 of that division. Wish him all the best though.
I don't see the drive anymore from him at 125, you see in the 3rd fight with Moreno he's smiling and gesturing and talking to him the whole time, not phased by anything, and in this fight he was just kind of on autopilot.
@rogersampaio7450 Anos atrás
So humble in defeat
@mojesus680 Anos atrás
Warrior 🙌
@edimaralves4136 Anos atrás
Esse sim é um homem de bem parabéns devede
Representou bem ,Valente figueiredo ,torço pra que não perca a visão, breve estará de volta na categoria 61kg
Figuereido un tramposo, dando patadas ilegales y agarrándose de la reja. Qué bueno que Brandon lo hizo pedazos
@@enriqueramirez6099 Aparte de Boca abierta sou Brasileiro mais não gosto dele.
@peterbarrett5496 Anos atrás
Knuckle punch is now an awesome strategy
@samblack5313 Anos atrás
If you’re accurate enough to throw and land in that exact spot with that exact spot……….
@pha-thama976 Anos atrás
Once a champion is always a champion, good luck on moving up Deiveson and congratulations Brandon on unifying the Flyweight Title.
@Counter-Intuitive Anos atrás
That interpreter looks like he could be a Chess GM. His memorization skills are phenomenal 👏 👏👏 Brilliant
@alexbank4879 Anos atrás
This was actually as bad of a translation as Aldo v Connor lol. Completely misrepresented what figgy said and straight up put words in his mouth he didn’t say 😂
@themandemane Anos atrás
@@alexbank4879yeah he straight up did with that eye poke thing
By cutting part of the interview? Lol
@Counter-Intuitive Anos atrás
@@alexbank4879 Did he do it on purpose?
@battousai9795 Anos atrás
Typical monolingual who gets amazed by terrible translators lol
@joelmesquita4088 Anos atrás
Espero que na próxima luta o Deiveson seja mais humilde e não se preocupe somente em provocar o adversário. Que faça bom proveito da BABANA!
@Sahilyadavful Anos atrás
Amazing fighter win or lose happens apart from that he is an amazing fighter, god bless him
So excited to see this guy fight at bantamweight. I'm sure it won't be long before he is in the mix for that title. Awesome warrior in the Octagon.
@xoloesquincle Anos atrás
Both guys are fine fine gentlemen. Thank you for 4 shows of the highest quality of violence
@chgofirefighter Anos atrás
They are both great MMA fighters, Deiveson is a beast so is Brandon...
Obrigado Deyvison, sua história nos inspira Campeão!!!!
@maxandrioli3841 Anos atrás
Chega arrepiar a torcida
Saludos max tienes toda la razón primero es aprender respectar y saber perder los brasileños son buenos para pelear también los mexicanos somos grandes de Boxeo 👍✌️😅
I just saw this fight and hope there’s another one, it was crazy seeing them slugging each other !
Solo se te demostró que en tu país y dónde sea,se demuestra el corazón mexicano
@paydn202 Anos atrás
closed fist thumb knuckle in the eye. excellent technique
@linogamez661 Anos atrás
Mis respetos para figueredo por expresarse de esa manera
Tudo oque o Deiveson foguereiro conquistou não pra qualquer um
@WolfDaddy69 Anos atrás
i thought dude bout to retired hold that gloves off 😂
@PjXu98 Anos atrás
Brandon Moreno made him retire at 125. Figgy vs Yan would be a war
@bendover7841 Anos atrás
@@PjXu98 It would be a one sided beatdown from Yan
@WolfDaddy69 Anos atrás
@@PjXu98 good for him and credit for keep the division alives
@awlmirssantos2838 Anos atrás
Maluco humilde sobe e vai arrasar master
@usrdh Anos atrás
Great fight from both only warriors this night and Brazil you canbe proud!
@gmaluenga23 Anos atrás
Foi muito humilde 👍🤕🙏
@tannerboy92 Anos atrás
Brazil fans keeping it classy as usual
@luckyrockmore2796 Anos atrás
Really loving their bread and circuses
A diferença é que o Moreno é muito mais rápido nos golpes que o Davison aí já viu mais tá de parabéns o deiveson
Figuereido un tramposo durante la pelea se le notaba la impotencia de que no podía ni en los derribos ni boxeando, qué bueno que perdió
@joabmdc16 Anos atrás
Deiverson é muito guerreiro mas nessa categoria ele fica muito desgastado pelo corte de peso mas sucesso pra ele na categoria 61 kg
@VexFord Anos atrás
Bro the translator was sweatin on that last part
@wmpcdogboxer6507 Anos atrás
Parabens por reconhecer o resultado da luta sem mimi..
@swagtrophy Anos atrás
does anyone else think he broke his orbital? the swelling above eyebrow looked insane. the way he reacted to the blow too
Parabéns boa luta
@antoniorivera7128 Anos atrás
Eso es todo Brazil 🇧🇷 la humildad por delante 🎉🎉🎉🎉
@chingrimungrei Anos atrás
@icxcnika7722 Anos atrás
Não acredito que a torcida brasileira se comporte assim universalmente, estou decepcionado com a falta de respeito contra aos lutadores vencedores; uma das coisas que as pessoas precisam aprender é como perder com honra e integridade. Figuereido perdeu com a honra intacta, parabéns a Brandon Moreno pela vitória. Espero que a torcida brasileira possa melhorar sua demonstração de respeito e humildade mesmo na derrota como na vitoria, e infelizmente traz grande vergonha para o povo brasileiro uando eles não são capazes de perder com graça, um perdedor dolorido torna uma pessoa dolorida.
Asta a nosotros los Mexicanos nos sorprendio ese comportamiento de los Brasileños si siempre han sido reconocedores de las abilidades de los buenos atletas ganen o pierdan siepre se mantenian en la misma linea ,hoy la perdieron,irrespetuosos,pero de todos modos nos caen bien Basil.
@vijaychege8953 Anos atrás
Big congratulations 🎉
@mannyblackstar Anos atrás
No disrespect. A fan and enjoy his fights. Much love
@johnrambo6296 Anos atrás
I'm happy that Figueiredo didn't lose his eye.... He'll comeback stronger.... Congratulations to Brandon!
@Swiss-Cash Anos atrás
They way DC ended the interview, like “cut the BS and just admit you lost”
@mugshotmarley Anos atrás
Im gonna start practicing my hook thumb knuckle punch. Doesn't count as an eye poke since your hand is closed and thumb pointing in, but does the same damage as a regular eye poke. Its an eye poke disguised as a punch.
@havenhale7690 Anos atrás
Or it's just simply a punch.
@cybergus18 Anos atrás
Are you retard? Where do you put your thumb when you throw a punch?? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
@PigDaddy2020 Anos atrás
Just don't practice it on your wife or kids, OK? You sound angry, is all.
@netoprudencio235 Anos atrás
Deiveson, você vai ganhar e tomar o cinturão do Brendon ainda em Dezembro desse ano. Fé em Deus!
@netoprudencio235 Anos atrás
A revanche pode estar acabada pra quem se aposentou. Fora Deiveson, nenhum outro lutador tem potencial de tomar o cinturão do Brendon.
@servandoperez Anos atrás
He’s eyes are closed never will be same
@enterthecarp7085 Anos atrás
💪🏻👍🏼. Great Fighter! 🍻🍻🍻
@BabyFaceNelson23 11 meses atrás
Brasileiros são guerreiros! Figueiredo não tem com o que se aborrecer ! Saudações do México 🇲🇽 🇧🇷
@laughitoff3099 Anos atrás
Congratulations Champ
@Andregustavo2707 Anos atrás
O principal problema que eu vejo no Figueredo, é que ele fala e promete demais antes da luta,e isso é a pior coisa que um verdadeiro guerreiro deve fazer ,a maior arma de um guerreiro é o silêncio !
Great champ 🏆 👍 👏 💪 👌 🙌 🏆
Viva México y Viva Brasil 🫶🏻
He was losing the fight no doubt. But props to the god of war. He was a dominant champ. And still a dominant contender. He should move up. That power with added weight. Dangerous. Bless figgy and his rein but there's a new king of the flyweight division and his name is Brandon Moreno 🇲🇽
Dominant champ? His reign was a guy he already knocked out, a short notice win and, and then 4 fights with the same guy who seemed to win every fight.
@804.savage Anos atrás
@@douglaspaulson9190 He beat two of the best ranked FLYW's in devastating and quick fashion then had a 4 fight series where he won 2 outta 4. The 1st was only a draw because of the accidental nut kick. Until Moreno gets a few defenses Figgy's definitely the 2nd best FLYW Champion behind Demetrious Johnson.
@NoName-th2hy Anos atrás
He was losing but he already had round 2 on all judges scorecards and he has the power to steal a round at any moment. Can't say for sure he would've lost if his eye didn't balloon up. Sucks for him
@clinch4402 Anos atrás
@@804.savage He "won" 1 out of 4 by split decision you mongoose. Moreno stopped him twice and won the other two in many fans eyes. Moreno is the better flyweight, simple as.
@Andrei-sm3er Anos atrás
@@804.savage Dude, nut shots like these affect fighters, points are taken for a reason
Finally bros humble now
Fue un golpe completamente legal, cuando Figueiredo vea las repeticiones en cámara lenta, no podrá negar que le ganaron bien.
Figueiredo salvou essa categoria
@matthewneufer1758 10 meses atrás
Davison is a good sport .
@MrTmac2023 Anos atrás
i respect Deiveson Figueiredo. he is a hell of a fighter. im hopeful him moving up a weight class will be a good move for him.
@bnegs521 Anos atrás
It wont be
@deesee6009 Anos atrás
King of The Eyepokes questioning an eyepoke!
@cabrong1009 Anos atrás
Muy buen peleador vendiciones
Viva Mexico 🇲🇽
Y si Vives en mexico 😐
Bom do Figueredo sair dessa categoria msm só assim veremos outros combate
@ushilives3 Anos atrás
2 - 2 each now, depending on the night they can win other each other. Hope he makes noise in higher weight division
@hectorgarcia83 Anos atrás
Grande 👍🇲🇽🇲🇽
@juliao-bauru Anos atrás
Você não deve absolutamente nada a ninguém guerreiro .
@ethanyon1683 Anos atrás
Cte got into both there heads, tough men
@kentran9721 Anos atrás
Don’t get cocky before the fight 😂😂
Great fight champ
@uteacher03 Anos atrás
great figueredo!!!!
@edisontieri9601 Anos atrás
É campeão o mexicano né!!!
@aprovamorta5261 Anos atrás
No 61 Deivison infelizmente não terá vida longa, a adaptação dos atletas do peso de cima, a vitalidade,a força , a vibe é outra...
@CkMori88 Anos atrás
Translator messed up on this. Figueiredo didn’t say it was an eye poke. He said he felt his punch on his eye
@datsko6339 Anos atrás
Colby was right about Brazil🤣
@joelmercado6184 Anos atrás
Legal Punch...a fight is a flight 💯
@adaocastro1524 Anos atrás
Não foi golpe inlegou não veja os vídeo em fim com serteza os dois fora é grandes amigos os dois sim amamos vcs caras é show
@cns2957 Anos atrás
@AD-mv4yb Anos atrás
Based on the manner Figueiredo eye looks that definitely was not a eye poke. Good fight and tonight was Brandon Moreno night. 🇲🇽 🇧🇷
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