Death Valley Flood Destroyed Our Road...Now What?

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Hey guys, this week was a hard one up here at Cerro Gordo. A "1,000 year flood" hit Death Valley right by us and completely washed out our road. Short term, it made it impossible to get up or down the road. Long term, this will mean we cannot get the trucks up the road needed to continue progress on the American Hotel and many other projects. This is an absolutely devastating blow in the series of devastating blows that seems to come with living up here.

The future of many projects is completely up in the air right now and may push the timeline into the winter, which would mean at least 6-8 months of no progress. BUT we're doing everything we can to push through.

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13 Ago 2022



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Ghost Town Living
Thank you all so much for all the continued support on this project! If you didn't catch last week's video when we brought up the tank, you can check that out here:
Andrew Landis
Let not forget; after Brent works 12+ hours a day repairing the road he takes the time to edit and upload so we can come along on the journey. Thanks Brent!
William Bryant
I've been a heavy equipment operator for almost 20 years and I'll offer a bit of advice. Make sure your material you're putting in for the road is compacted really good. Use the excavator to do this by tracking back and fourth over a bunch and don't skip any spots. Crown the road so water sheds to the sides and doesn't run down the middle. If there are spots where you can put in ditches do so. On really steep parts put in water bars, look up on the web how to do that it would take too long to explain here. If you can find rock that breaks up easily and compacts together really good use that as a road base. Keep the really big rocks out of this fill material because it's harder to pack around them and stabilize them. The better the material compacys that you use to build the subgrade of the road the better it will withstand the elements. If you can put in ditches make places often where the water can exit the ditches so there isn't so much in them. When you put crushed rock back on the road use ABC, crusher run, or water ever it's called where you are. It's crushed stone around ½" or so that still has the rock dust and some dirt in it and this compacts very well. Maintain a good compaction, a crown in the road or sloped to one side where needed the best you can, and include water bars on the steepest parts. Wish I wasn't in NC I'd definitely lend my time and knowledge to help fix the road. Never done one that long and in such rough conditions so it would be a challenge for me that I'd really enjoy overcoming. Best of luck with keeping the hotel somewhat on schedule. Stay well. -Wil 👍
Thomas Stratman
Hey Brent, consider the positive things that happened just prior to the washout. The tank was delivered, a nice new excavator was there when you needed it, and that there is a back road into Cerro Gordo. I'm sure you will figure this out and it will be a delay and not a project stopper.
Love how strong you have grown over the years.
Paul Lambert
I think that everyone that watches this channel is pulling for you. What you have done already is beyond amazing. I’m sure that many thousands of people out in BRvid land are willing you on and will continue to send their good thoughts towards Cerro Gordo. Keep up the great work Brent!
Didn't realize that I was emotionally invested in your project until this event. Was talking with a neighbor up here in Vermont about you yesterday. We were nearly in tears over the flash flood, as if it were a personal loss. We have decided that Cerro Gordo is now on our bucket list. See you when the hotel gets done.
Tyler Trembley
Just like the burnt ashes of American hotel, the road will be revived! Love the preservation of history you’ve been able to maintain Brent! Keep it going. Incredibly inspiring
Joshua Chilton
The production quality of this is incredible. It’s like a documentary that has been carefully crafted over the course of years. Way beyond any “vlog”.
Matt Williams
Brent thank you for sharing the new chapter in Cero Gordo's history with the world. I think the task you have taken on is a great test for anyone to tackle but you are smashing it. The town was obviously built by many people who share the passion of the place you also have but you are one man keeping the dream and history alive. So much respect to you Brent you are doing what many people could never tackle. Peace out from the UK 🇬🇧
Travis Ganser
Hey Brent, even though this may be a disappointing setback, this too is part of Cerro Gordo’s history and the great adventure you bring to us each week. Me and my 13 year old son, Gerard, enjoy wanting. Hoping to visit you sometime in the future. Keep the faith, as you are a master story teller and bring us much joy.
This really makes me realize just how hard it was for the people who lived at CG during its heyday. It’s must have been very isolating in the winter when snow was heavy and also during the rain. I’m sure you’ll have the road working again in no time. PS like the music you used in this video and where you used it.
Jasper Stroupe
My lord, setback after setback.. can’t catch a break! Brent, I respect you beyond words for your dedication to this town and all your hard work. The fact you still take time to make us content through all this is unbelievable and very appreciated.
Jonathan Keith
Brent I’m a 50 year old farmer running a 3000 acre family farm in Australia. My experiences in life have taught me no matter how hard things get, when you work through them and fix the problems your self, the feeling of satisfaction and personal reward is far greater than being able to call the maintenance team to fix it. These things make you stronger, and you come out the other side a wiser and better person. You are doing a great job with Cero Gordo, I started following your channel about 2 days after you posted the first video when you got the 2WD Toyota stuck in the snow, in the dark that very first episode. I hope to come visit you some time in 2024, we are coming over to visit my wife’s sister in Oakdale CA. I look forward to every video that you post, both good and bad; hang in there buddy and stay strong!
Shahrul Aiman
I’ve been following the progress since the beginning. I can see your body is actually changing due to environment and your hard work. Please take care of yourself more . One day I’ll definitely visit you there.
couu alis
Man, I wish that more people, including myself, had the courage, enthusiasm and perseverance of you guys. My utmost respect for you guys!
I won’t be surprised that washing out of the road ends up becoming a blessing for him… like the road will end up being built better this time and him meeting a lot more people who will help just because …
Quarter Mile High
I don't usually comment on your videos, even though I enjoy them so much, but I feel I just needed to say, Brent, you go this, this is just another stone in the road. You and your team will over come yet another set back.
Robin Ievoli
Thank you for taking the time to share all of this even though you have so much on your plate right now. For those of us who cannot provide any assistance just know we have all the faith in the world that you, Cerro Gordo and so many volunteers will prevail💞
Ruth Z
That the excavator was left there for you is incredible. Gives a person reason to hope. No matter where you are life is going to send curve balls. Expect it! This is what makes people stronger!
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