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Pre-Order Now. Available for PlayStation®4 on November 8, 2019.
Sam must help rebuild the country by reconnecting the people.
From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all-new, genre-defying experience for the PlayStation®4. Sam Bridges must brave a world utterly transformed by the DEATH STRANDING. Carrying the disconnected remnants of our future in his hands, he embarks on a journey to reconnect the shattered world one step at a time.
Starring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, and Lindsay Wagner.
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Rated Mature: Blood, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Strong Language


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12 Set 2019



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Comentários 3 436
Jefe 6 horas atrás
6:40 Is that a barcode on Sam's back?
Pietro Ganci
Pietro Ganci 3 dias atrás
La bionda somiglia alla donna bionica
JSagittarius 4 dias atrás
I love the part when she is walking and creating that holo map with that music in the background.....!!!!
GaZ loves Games
GaZ loves Games 6 dias atrás
Cor why is this boring me and not exciting me yet. Cmonnnnn Kojima!
Guhhh yuii
Guhhh yuii 7 dias atrás
The mystery mask man is colonel campbell!
Stalwart Shinobi
Stalwart Shinobi 7 dias atrás
I love that norman reedus motherfuckaaaA!!
sensoriuskinetikos 7 dias atrás
“I’m not being kept in a cell or anything like that. I’m allowed to use their facilities and to speak with you whenever I want. I just can’t leave the city.” Hmm... 😑 **suspicion intensifies**
Shimohira Reika
Shimohira Reika 8 dias atrás
Make American great again, I see this somewhere before.
Lo Spaghetto
Lo Spaghetto 9 dias atrás
She looks like the bionic woman
PrototypeActual 9 dias atrás
Die-Hardman english Voice actor reminds me a bit of Damas in Jak 3
Bjarne Dürlitz
Bjarne Dürlitz 10 dias atrás
Reedus is the only person coming up with believable acting in this scene. Not too convinced.
ANDY RIVERA 10 dias atrás
Can't wait till this game comes out. Only thing I have to do is buy me a PS4. Lol
Sebastian Volland
Sebastian Volland 11 dias atrás
So Hillary Clinton finally destroy the country and self proclaimed president. Oh man, these games
CarChrisMC 12 dias atrás
Am I the only one, who also wants a girl that doesn't grow older? 🤔😂
manuel tavares
manuel tavares 12 dias atrás
So if her name is Amelie, why do they keep calling her "Emily"?
"Maximum armor" anyone? :D
Aleksandar Ačanski
Aleksandar Ačanski 15 dias atrás
Just don't pre order, don't buy on day one. Be sensible and wait for reviews. Cheers :)
Aleksandar Ačanski
Aleksandar Ačanski 7 dias atrás
@Hena pena I can; you don't have to listen though :D
Hena pena
Hena pena 7 dias atrás
You cant tell me what to do
Adam h
Adam h 15 dias atrás
"Samantha America Strand" ...what?
Fabricio Osuna
Fabricio Osuna 5 dias atrás
Samantha is the name, America as "she's supposed to unite america", strand as that's the name of the company I guess. Just like Sam. Sam is the name, Porter the profession and BRIDGES is the name of the company he works for.
RedheadedUndead 16 dias atrás
Fans: "So what's this game going to be about?" Kojima: "Yes"
bob dylan
bob dylan 17 dias atrás
He must have left his cross bow on the motorbike.
Art 18 dias atrás
So can I go to Texas in game?
Mammoth Mk3
Mammoth Mk3 18 dias atrás
Rebuilding America *isn't gonna get rid of the BTs* . Long as they're still around. *There's no escaping it* .
Dhanang Wibowo
Dhanang Wibowo 18 dias atrás
The game comes with a pack of aspirin.
OKANE 19 dias atrás
Danny Sullivan edmonton12345
dope reminds me of the mgs 1 sub briefing
Layuni Rocha
Layuni Rocha 19 dias atrás
I think I’m dumb. I still don’t understand what the story is about lol Looks and sounds great tho
NekoJessi 20 dias atrás
Basically the bad guys are titans and hunters from destiny
Hena pena
Hena pena 7 dias atrás
Got them RoI trials of osiris armor set
Xialoh 20 dias atrás
This isn't ever going to actually make sense, is it?
The Shortening of the Way
Thumbnail looks like Lindsay Wagner when she was young.
Sean V
Sean V 20 dias atrás
Don't know if I'll like the story or gameplay....pre ordered!
Mr Incredible42
Mr Incredible42 21 dia atrás
ItzMatty 56
ItzMatty 56 21 dia atrás
So... "Hormol Demons" are the Death Stranding version of ISIS?... Okay
DANDRRX 21 dia atrás
maybe ill play it....pirate
Streaming Junkie
Streaming Junkie 21 dia atrás
She looks like Lindsay Wagner, the Bionic Woman from the 70s TV show.
Streaming Junkie
Streaming Junkie 10 dias atrás
@themarcshark cool, I didn't expect to put her in a game. She was a beautiful woman.
themarcshark 10 dias atrás
That IS Lindsay Wagner
soph LUL
soph LUL 21 dia atrás
Let's make America great again!!
xerxes2044 22 dias atrás
henkez 22 dias atrás
Does Amelie say "Chiral knots" or "Carnal knots"? A chiral knot would be a handshake, yes?
Fabricio Osuna
Fabricio Osuna 5 dias atrás
Yep a handshake. Someone identified the codes that the Qpid carries and it has codes for space travel and quantum travel. I guess is a taste of what STRAND posseses. They share the knowledge if you join them.
Iris Diaz
Iris Diaz 23 dias atrás
We are almost just a month away from this game its getting real
GEO000 23 dias atrás
Face animations and skin hair textures look really bad, the way hair looks fake.
supermotokev 23 dias atrás
this is the WORSE graphics of any 2019 game.
Kyle Kidwell
Kyle Kidwell 23 dias atrás
"anomly" Google the definition my gawd it will explain
Michael Westen
Michael Westen 23 dias atrás
Samantha "America strand"? Death STRANDing? 24 dias atrás
“Snake? Snaaaaaaaaaaakkkkke!!!”
FuryRust 24 dias atrás
Why don't anyone talk about some map reveals?
DogeGamer2 24 dias atrás
There is lot of trailer about this game... I guess it would be longest story gamer ever
DCNOS18 24 dias atrás
Why do the graphics look so bad? Im confused
themarcshark 10 dias atrás
@DCNOS18 I think they look great
DCNOS18 10 dias atrás
@themarcshark No the faces and hair look really weird, uncanny valleyish. Everything else looks great
themarcshark 10 dias atrás
You're confused because they don't look bad, they look amazing
Athena Nguyen
Athena Nguyen 24 dias atrás
The background song for this trailer... PERFECTION
Lizzie Sutcliff
Lizzie Sutcliff 24 dias atrás
It looks kinda cheap... I don’t know, there’s something off about this game, I really hope it will worth the wait.
Kurt Russel
Kurt Russel 25 dias atrás
Did anyone notice the music that plays when you see Amelie at the beginning ? Sounds familiar right ??
Jason Huffman
Jason Huffman 25 dias atrás
J Stephens
J Stephens 25 dias atrás
"This game will have 100s of hours of gameplay" *searches walking distance between DC and LA* "865 hours" *Alright then.*
Jason Huffman
Jason Huffman 25 dias atrás
Walter Kovacs
Walter Kovacs 25 dias atrás
Oh NO the plot!! Now things are gonna start making sense!
Sam Sherrington
Sam Sherrington 25 dias atrás
It's about time one of us got the spot of main character :P
Jason Huffman
Jason Huffman 25 dias atrás
bruh shut up
Eliene Braga
Eliene Braga 25 dias atrás
Exclusive PlayStation?
Mihály Acsai
Mihály Acsai 26 dias atrás
Somebody knows whats the OST?
Emilio Miranda
Emilio Miranda 26 dias atrás
heavy Escape from New York vibes 🤘🏼
Solid Snake
Solid Snake 26 dias atrás
¿Soy yo o todos los actores que usa Kojima para protagonistas de sus juegos se deben oír como Snake?
Prathamesh Thakur
Prathamesh Thakur 27 dias atrás
Is it worth buying?
ICE CREAM HAVEN 27 dias atrás
this is an amazing scene...the acting, camera angles and panning, background music...kojima is an amazing director
Bbbbbbb 26 dias atrás
coldscooter 27 dias atrás
This looks so mediocre and generic
coldscooter 7 dias atrás
@Hena pena The combat looks like the generic Arkham/whitcher style, the stealth the same as TLOU, and the the placing ladders to traverse the landscape looks uninspired. Pretty graphics though.
Hena pena
Hena pena 7 dias atrás
Of all the things people have said about death stranding nobody except you have ever said it is "generic" like have you watched anything about this game?
H. 26 dias atrás
That's not true at all
Another Shugga
Another Shugga 27 dias atrás
kojima la va a romper
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