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We knew Deadpool was coming to the MCU with the upcoming Ryan Reynolds starrer Deadpool 3, but we had no idea we'd be bringing a friend! Ryan Reynolds announced on his BRvid channel that Hugh Jackman will be reprising his role as Wolverine in the upcoming Deadpool movie. That's one more reason to get excited for the film!


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Comentários 751
GETJaby 2 meses atrás
If you’re seeing this video after Sept 28, two small sections of the reaction needed to be trimmed because despite the fact that the Whitney Houston’s music was trimmed significantly to avoid any issues, our video still got hit with copyright claims. Figured chopping it out was better than the audio suddenly dropping out. Either way, it’s damn annoying. Sorry guys.
Danish Verma
Danish Verma 2 meses atrás
I just want to say this to Achara, seriously what are you still doing with this stupid guy, he just says one single line all the time "I don't get the joke". I mean even kids will get it, but this guy is so much more dumb than a toddler
emoji_ ers
emoji_ ers 2 meses atrás
It also has a second part
Firoz Ahammed
Firoz Ahammed 2 meses atrás
Lil dum boy koay
Nicolas233 2 meses atrás
Bro thank you for talking about it, and trust me I know it's gotta be frustrating for someone who takes out more constant number of videos
Ryan Tibodeau
Ryan Tibodeau 2 meses atrás
Daddy Long Legs
Daddy Long Legs 2 meses atrás
I'll be damned. I didn't think anyone could've talked Hugh Jackman into coming back. Not even Ryan. Especially after the perfect send off with Logan.
Veo T.
Veo T. 2 meses atrás
Can. You. Spell. M.O.N.E.Y. 🤑
Fay Anne Aura Arts
Fay Anne Aura Arts 2 meses atrás
Maybe Ryan was willing to let him play Wolverine without getting ripped for it. After all, Hugh wasn't ripped in the first movie where he played Wolverine.
K Jaime
K Jaime 2 meses atrás
@har Dude is worth $180 million. He acts. He sings. He and his wife live in an 11,000 sq ft condo in West Village NYC. He doesn't need any more money. But it's been six years and six months since he's filmed as Wolverine. I bet he misses it. Do what you love. Playing a role you love. With a friend as a partner. Havng a say in what happens. Being on set in and of itself will be a blast. Don't be so cynical. Sure, with the money from this he'll pay to have his wife fly first class anywhere in the world to join them while filming. But he doesn't really care.
har 2 meses atrás
Money brings him back. Paycheck.
K Jaime
K Jaime 2 meses atrás
This morning Reynolds and Jackman appeared on the couch together for a hilarious update to the update, saying they're going to answer ALL our questions, but the only one they really answer is to put the film Logan in a particular year in the MCU, which is in the future of where the films are now (2030, I think Ryan said), and said that film is its own thing and they're not going to touch that. But whether it's also a multiverse thing or not, who knows? Though we can be sure Deadpool will say something about that film in Deadpool 3.
Alberto Moscoso Jr.
Alberto Moscoso Jr. 2 meses atrás
It must have taken some Maximum Effort to finally convince Hugh to agree to this. It will be worth the wait.
rockvent918 2 meses atrás
check the deadpool 2 timelines scenes this has been in the making for a while?
ozamrani22 2 meses atrás
Or a bag of a billion dollars or something similar
Gabriel Marks
Gabriel Marks 2 meses atrás
@Ali Gmal Butt hurt ? 🤣😭💀
DID YOU KNOW ¿ 2 meses atrás
🔴( *Live Fact* ) *Interesting Fact about Ryan* : On the television series episode, The Outer Limits: If These Walls Could Talk (1995), he played a ghost trapped in a haunted house. Ironically, in The Amityville Horror (2005), he plays a living man trapped in a haunted house. Like it? ✅
Bouba Diop
Bouba Diop 2 meses atrás
Actually it was super easy, barely an inconvenience!
ARUP (kutu) GUHA
ARUP (kutu) GUHA 2 meses atrás
Only Ryan Reynolds can bring Hugh Jackman back 🎉🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Slim Kim
Slim Kim 18 dias atrás
The MCU can
Slim Kim
Slim Kim 18 dias atrás
@Anikesh Thakur No he didn't
ABHIJITH S 2 meses atrás
In deadpool 2,gone to the past to kill the his own alternate in front of wolverine Do you remember that?
Barun Chaudhury
Barun Chaudhury 2 meses atrás
Like anything
Anikesh Thakur
Anikesh Thakur 2 meses atrás
even john krasinki quote tweeted ryan's announcement hinting he will also be in the film. CRAZZYYY
Ethan P
Ethan P 2 meses atrás
The thing is, Hugh Jackman's appearance will not be a Multiverse of Madness-esque cameo. If this is the first thing they're announcing about this movie and the logo is slashed by Wolverine claws, he's going to be a major part of this movie. I'm so excited for it. Also, my favorite Deadpool movie is 2. I think they're both really strong, but 2 is more visually interesting. The "Christmas special", which is more of a Princess Bride parody than a Christmas special, was decent. All the new footage was great, but the re-cut of Deadpool 2 into a PG-13 movie was unsurprisingly nowhere near as good as the original Deadpool 2.
FlareKnight 2 meses atrás
I love how this shows that he will be a major part of this movie. This isn't a cameo thing that they could announce later. This feels like a staring role level and honestly I'd expect nothing less. These two will be amazing in Deadpool 3.
Coldflame bluedragon
Coldflame bluedragon 2 meses atrás
This is a Dream come true. The casual way Hugh walks past and is like yeah sure is just the icing on the cake
Turbo watches
Turbo watches 2 meses atrás
The level of excitement I have for this movie is insane they actually did it 😳
Kartik Sharma
Kartik Sharma 2 meses atrás
Whitney Hughston singing "I will always love Hugh!" is Ryan and our most sincere emotion!! M.C. Hugh could be fun again!
2Juiced4Me 2 meses atrás
holy shit Ryan is a damn genius that’s such a good subtle joke
Maximillian Osaben
Maximillian Osaben 2 meses atrás
If there is any time or place for him to make one more appearance, in The Multiverse Saga and with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is the place to do it.
Harold 2 meses atrás
Let's face it, the MCU needed this.
SoulShardx Mês atrás
@Sam Thomas I think that’s just you not getting it. Wolverine and Deadpool being so different is exactly what makes this team up so good. Plus it’s not something new to put a serious character with Deadpool Cable was good so was Colossus. And it’s not like Wolverine is not gonna fuck Deadpool up if he annoys him.
Spaceman N
Spaceman N 2 meses atrás
@Captain Pike-a-chu minions earned more than Thor L&T and people watched that shit as a joke lol
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez 2 meses atrás
@Captain Pike-a-chu No one is saying it's a disaster in terms of financial earnings, they're referring to the content not being up to par. Phase 4 has been Marvel's most divisive and negatively recieved Phase to date, not only by critics but more importantly by audiences. That's not to say there hasn't been some really high praise as well. But this is the most pushback they've had from fans not liking some of their movies/shows.
Captain Pike-a-chu
Captain Pike-a-chu 2 meses atrás
@Muhaiminul Hasan Nirjhor Disaster? Dude, seriously? Nothing about this phase is even objectively a disaster given pretty much every film they’ve released has made a lot of money, literally the top profit films of the last few years have been Marvel films, and yes Phase 4 films. And the shows are all doing well in engagement and viewership. Phase 4 isn’t a disaster by any stretch of the imagination. Hell, every studio could only wish they had this level of “disaster”
Captain Pike-a-chu
Captain Pike-a-chu 2 meses atrás
@Sam Thomas it’s disease? Is that why they’re still making a lot of money and getting all the views and dominating the box office?
Jotaku Plays
Jotaku Plays 2 meses atrás
After this Ryan should do Deadpool, Spider-Man (Tom Holland), and Daredevil (Charlie Cox) together. #TeamRed
Ram Kabilan
Ram Kabilan 2 meses atrás
Team Red
pravin daga
pravin daga 2 meses atrás
@joris kuipers No wonder China is funding Hollywood to Promote Red Army. Hail Hydra Hail Communist
Fuzzycheetah 2 meses atrás
YES!!! Team Red all the way ❤❤❤
joris kuipers
joris kuipers 2 meses atrás
Then do Red Guardian too! Commusnism-party!
Jotaku Plays
Jotaku Plays 2 meses atrás
@Young JBR© what about Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck? Lol
Mangolite 2 meses atrás
Ryan Reynolds, is so good at being funny that it totally destroyed Jaby’s mind and sanity.
Jigsaw407 2 meses atrás
You mean Jaby "Over My Head" Koay? 🤣
Renegade Brick
Renegade Brick 2 meses atrás
Bringing in Jackman will help ease us into when they recast Wolverine. I doubt he will be around for more than a movie possibly 2(Secret Wars). Wouldn't be surprised if the Fox-men/Deadpool universe gets destroyed in an incursion. It's kinds how the Posehn Deadpool run ends in the comics leading into the recent Secret Wars.
Magee Aaron
Magee Aaron 2 meses atrás
5:32 Love you two's humor 😂 I know their not joking with us. Kevin Feige's first Marvel movie he helped produce were the first two X-Men movies, and Hugh Jackman and him were pretty close friends. I do agree, the Quicksilver in WandaVision was disappointing, but this is Wolverine! 🙏🏽
Marcellous Nguyen
Marcellous Nguyen 2 meses atrás
Amen hermano! 🙏🏽💪
Billybug News
Billybug News 2 meses atrás
Exactly. They can't just do Jackman like that
cooksad 2 meses atrás
Hope they do this cause it will be fun to see them together again as their respective characters. Haven't seen Deadpool 2 yet, but I'm going to watch 1 and 2 before watching the third movie. Enjoyed the reaction and Achara is such a joy to watch. Makes the the day happier. Have a good one you two. 👍👍✌
Dwight White
Dwight White 2 meses atrás
i screamed like a little girl on this announcement, the legend, the icon, the only man that was born for this role, Ryan Reynolds aka DEADPOOL
RONIN Unchained
RONIN Unchained 2 meses atrás
Achara you are gold! "Coming Hughn" moment with the both of you, cracked me up. 🤣😂Still in denial and mix because LOGAN is the best love letter to Wolverine and book end. We shall see.
SoulShardx 2 meses atrás
@Bobbi Sun Yeah I know that’s why I said just a couple of years ahead.😅
Bobbi Sun
Bobbi Sun 2 meses atrás
@SoulShardx we are in 2025 in the MCU.
SoulShardx 2 meses atrás
@Bobbi Sun Relative to MCU time it isn’t that far in the future just 2029 so just a couple years from current MCU time.
SoulShardx 2 meses atrás
Are you saying it was the best love letter to Wolverine as in Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine or Wolverine as a character in general?!?!?
RONIN Unchained
RONIN Unchained 2 meses atrás
@Bobbi Sun Yes.
Sonu Neil.
Sonu Neil. 2 meses atrás
I watched this on Instagram, Hugh Jackman posted it. It's really unbelievable. I think it'll be released in 2024. And Hugh's not in it a lot? That's what I heard. Or at least this is this only thing he'll be in. I'm not sure. We'll see.
Darth Pryce
Darth Pryce 2 meses atrás
Why would Hugh not be in the movie a lot? The movie is literally being marketed around him even the logo 😂
Rishabh Upadhyay
Rishabh Upadhyay 2 meses atrás
6th sept 2024
‎                               Ghost
‎ Ghost 2 meses atrás
See I always knew he would return as Wolverine/James Howlett/Logan, because he mentioned in a podcast that he had to step away for a while because he didn't want the fuel in the tank to run dry, so this is the perfect time for hugh to reprise his role as the one an only Wolverine!!
Mudflap's Movie Reviews
Such a Ryan Reynolds move! I love how casual they both were!
Mark Daza
Mark Daza 2 meses atrás
Holy crap! The more I think about this… the more I’m convinced that Hugh Jackman may not actually play a Wolverine variant, Fox or not, but he could officially be THE MCU Wolverine!!! I just need to be sure and my mind shouldn’t be playing tricks on me right now lol.
SoulShardx 2 meses atrás
Hugh isn’t going to be the new Wolverine in the MCU. I’m pretty sure he is doing this for Ryan and Shawn Levy and he loves the character. So I heavily doubt he wants to play it another 8 to 9 years.
Mark Daza
Mark Daza 2 meses atrás
@Ariyan Singh honestly, Idk for sure if he’ll be the main Wolverine yet. On that case by 2024 or 2025, I’ve a feeling they might introduce someone else as the actual MCU variant of the character. I’m still wrapping my head around this big news on Hugh Jackman and Deadpool 3
Ariyan Singh
Ariyan Singh 2 meses atrás
He won't be the main mcu wolverine
H.O.R.N.E.T 2 meses atrás
As expected from the one and only Deadpool , it's gonna be a banger see these two legendary actors who were born to play these characters. The characters that people cannot imagine anyone else playing better than them.
Turcocum 2 meses atrás
I always wanted to see Wolverine (Hugh Jackman playing him) in the MCU. And my second wish was Deadpool and Wolverine together. Ryan Reynolds made all this real.
Magee Aaron
Magee Aaron 2 meses atrás
7:23 The crowd would of been insane! That would of been incredible!
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 2 meses atrás
I hope they bring in Channing Tatums Gambit as well
Melvis Varon
Melvis Varon 2 meses atrás
Taylor kitsch played gambit not channing tattum
N.B.L. 2 meses atrás
Nah, Wesley blade
Rashadow 2 meses atrás
That was channing???? I need to rewatch this.
karthii raja
karthii raja 2 meses atrás
Channing Tatum won't Come back
Cognizant1 2 meses atrás
They didn't actually imply Deadpool and Korg were doing a movie together, in that promo, though. This is completely different.
TheQuadGlaser 2 meses atrás
I think I've shed more tears to this than I have to the "You bow to no one" scene from Return Of The King! It's at least equal!
EL-ANTONIO 2 meses atrás
So glad Hugh jackman is back! This news really Made my day. The legend is back!!!
Ashlee Enriquez
Ashlee Enriquez 2 meses atrás
Deadpool 2 is my favorite!!!
Anonymous 2 meses atrás
Love Hugh Jackman. I've been on a Xmen binge streak and would completely love him playing Wolverine again
K Jaime
K Jaime 2 meses atrás
You two didn't watch the last couple of seconds? I think the finality of it providing an actual RELEASE DATE gives me more relief that this is actually real.
jjstarrprod 2 meses atrás
About Hugh Jackman saying farewell to Wolverine with Logan, well, that was in 2017. A full 5 years ago. We're in a very different time, now. Deadpool became a global phenomenon, fans have been clamoring for it for years, Hugh himself wanted to join in the MCU for years, the MCU is now in full Multiverse mode, Patrick Stewart already came back, and Deadpool is now entering the MCU... So well, it was only a matter of time Hugh came back. So pumped for it, now ! That Deadpool 3 logo with the Wolverine 3 claws is nothing short of Genius !
William Brown
William Brown 2 meses atrás
Wow this is a day maker bit of development!! 😮😊 I wonder what it took to get MY FAVORITE (Marvel) Actor - Character combo back on the big screen in that role… It’s so awesome; gonna be an epic Deadpool movie for sure! 3rd movie is going to be the charm! First two were good but- third’s got Hugh, doesn’t get better than that! 🎉
Tharuka Epaarachchi
Tharuka Epaarachchi 2 meses atrás
This was out of nowhere!! I'm so excited to both Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds together.
Batman 2 meses atrás
Hey Ryan Reynolds. I liked Deadpool's first movie, second movie was eh with a big oof. I'm really hoping you can land the mark for your third movie, because oh boy, did time travel sure did conspire against you, but if you can roll with it, and just convince the audience to just accept the entry, they will love you for the bastard that you are, as they always have. :3 One day at a time.
거북이 2 meses atrás
My initial reaction was exactly like Jaby 😂 I was like 'hahaha it's cute' then that logo and marvel studios thing coming up and I still couldn't believe it so had to search articles to believe it is real. I'm just so happy today that there's still something we can get hype from Marvel.
Jean-Boner 2 meses atrás
Achara's reaction to Jaby not getting the 'Coming Hughn' joke had me wheezing.
Ludovick Almanon
Ludovick Almanon 2 meses atrás
I wanna say I like the "Christmas Special" but I remember that there's less blood or no blood there. But I like Deadpool 2 since they showed the "X-Force" with Cable and CGI Juggernaut.
Magee Aaron
Magee Aaron 2 meses atrás
IT HAS BEGAN!!!!!!! Now this, puts a smile on my face 😌 I like Deadpool 2 better! The first one is a better movie, but I love the humor in 2
Sumith Singh
Sumith Singh 2 meses atrás
Storytelling of the First one was really frickin good 2 had higher stakes, great characters and better payoffs
David Bergfors
David Bergfors 2 meses atrás
2 amazing quotes there! thank you!
Rqanov 2 meses atrás
My favorite part was when Hugh said "It's wolvin time" and then wolved all over the trailer.
The Thinker's Bible
The Thinker's Bible 2 meses atrás
Interesting preview and analysis. I'm not a Deadpool fan but seeing Wolverine in it makes me want to go see it. Thanks for cluing us in on what's coming down the pipe! Cheers.
Raixor 2 meses atrás
*Well, Logan was set in the future, when he dies. And Hugh, who produced "Origins" and sewed Deadpool's mouth shut, will get some serious payback, from Ryan, in "Deadpool III" if they do a multiverse thing.*
GoatLuffy_97 2 meses atrás
The MCU hasn't been my jam or peanut butter since Endgame, but I'll strap in for some more of the merc with a mouth and his bestie Wolvie.
bella 2 meses atrás
I really love Deadpool 1. Deadpool 2 not so much. But I'm really excited for Deadpool 3! 💕
T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
It must have taken some Maximum Effort to finally convince Hugh to agree to this. It will be worth the wait.
Ava RoSe Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 21
It must have taken some Maximum Effort to finally convince Hugh to agree to this. It will be worth the wait.
Halenius 2 meses atrás
In early 2017, Hugh Jackman said he would love play Wolverine again in MCU. This was before Disney bought Fox. So it makes he is coming back.
Hank Valencia
Hank Valencia 2 meses atrás
I can feel that when they're finally promoting the film, Hugh Jackman won't be billed next to Ryan Reynolds. Instead, he will be billed at the last, marking his actual, final send-off to the character. "...and Hugh Jackman"
felipe medrado
felipe medrado 2 meses atrás
i love hugh jackman and im totally excited to see him back as wolverine,but i think that like ryan said in the annoucement is one last time,maybe he gonna be the wolverine to the universe where deadpool exist until now and them in the movie something will happen and deadpool go to another universe (the marvel canon universe) where another wolverine would be the younger actor dont know
Khamphai0 2 meses atrás
Hugh Jackman did say he would only return as wolverine if it was in a Deadpool movie.
lee treanor
lee treanor 2 meses atrás
Personally this was always on the cards for Ryan and Hugh to team up- Doubt Deadpool 3 would've happened if Hugh didn't join the project. So everything is thanks to Ryan for making this happen some how.
diego luna
diego luna 2 meses atrás
The time to see Jackman with Reynolds in Marvel ... It's a dream come true!!!❤❤❤👏👏👏😭😭😭
Shourya Singh
Shourya Singh 2 meses atrás
I was only yesterday wishing when will Deadpool 3 will come and here it is 🤯
[breedable vaporeon]
[breedable vaporeon] 2 meses atrás
Christmas special was actually pretty good I call it my favorite because I love the added intro so much
Kartik Sharma
Kartik Sharma 2 meses atrás
The first time Wolverine & Deadpool were together, Hugh Jackman was the producer!
lon rea
lon rea 2 meses atrás
that "and i will always love hugh" song at the end!
Jacob Baranowski
Jacob Baranowski 2 meses atrás
Braking the internet 2024 Deadpool 3 with Wolverine side buy side, so excited about this, Comics material, TV 📺 cartoon Marvell X-men, hope there is time travel and a future war, and Cabell shows up, you know he has the Cabell Time travel watch ⌚.
… well Hugh *has* been tapping his little heart out 8x a week in The Music Man, so I’m sure he’s still pretty fit
GekkeHenk 2 meses atrás
he already said (very soon after logan) that was only gonna be 1 way for him to return as wolverine and that was if wolverine was part of the MCU. Now that deadpool 3 is within the MCU, and honestly the best person to bring him back is Ryan, he went through with his promise. It would be for only 1 more movie tho, but you never know
Sanjay cool
Sanjay cool 2 meses atrás
I mean even in the end of dp 2, Wolverine was there, i mean just a scene cut out of origins, but this is insanely good!!
couu alis
couu alis 2 meses atrás
I think I've shed more tears to this than I have to the "You bow to no one" scene from Return Of The King! It's at least equal!
Tiago 2 meses atrás
0:13 Both films are fantastic, but Deadpool 1 is probably my favourite. * I love Vanessa, so more of her is a plus * I wasn't a huge fan of Russell tbh * Deadpool 2 had a couple of jokes that missed the mark for me, etc
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce 2 meses atrás
I do remember hearing Hugh say that the only way for him to come back as wolverine is if Ryan asked him to
Mark heffernan
Mark heffernan 2 meses atrás
I knew Hugh Jackman couldn't stay away!!! Woot!!! we get Wolvie and DP in a movie together!! Yay! Thank you for this and keep up the great work you two! Excelsior! Heff
Ankit Takiya
Ankit Takiya 2 meses atrás
OMG 😱 I can't wait My favorite Wolverine coming back
Nemisis 007
Nemisis 007 2 meses atrás
Wolverine did frequent hells kitchen quite a bit so a daredevil Wolverine match up could happen at some point.
Prathap Kutty
Prathap Kutty 2 meses atrás
The mcu needs more Charlie Cox.
Decimation1030 2 meses atrás
"Look! It's The Hugh! He's looking good! Look at him go... Dang..." Lmao Achara is adorable. Even when she's Ogling Hugh Jackman.
Pablo Ruiz
Pablo Ruiz 2 meses atrás
I’m glad that you guys reacting to Deadpool 3 Trailer announcement.
Kim Faes F*Kim
Kim Faes F*Kim 2 meses atrás
I love both Deadpool's you can't have the second without a great first. And the other trailer with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman interact with each other I'm just lmao off
Shaddicted 2 meses atrás
Hugh will come for sure cause I don't remember the time but before 6-7 months I saw Hugh and Kevin together on his insta stories and at the exact time I thought that maybe.. Maybe we will get Hugh's Wolverine in MCU at least for one more time. Cause Kevin won't ruin this and he knows Ryan and Hugh both are perfect brothers to each other in real life and in reel life they would be perfect Deadpool and Wolverine. W for MCU on this one.😎😍
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan 2 meses atrás
It will be the record breaking and one of the greatest film in mcu.
Jeff Ehren
Jeff Ehren 2 meses atrás
The first Deadpool was better than the second. And I'm not excited for this. But I wouldn't mind seeing them as supportive characters in the MCU.
Awonddy 2 meses atrás
finally somethin exciting about the mcu
Charles Lee
Charles Lee 2 meses atrás
To have Wolverine and Daredevil together is a good thing -- they've both fought the Hand.
Loganrshaw 2 meses atrás
Did you miss the release date at the end of the teaser?!
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 2 meses atrás
Jaby being slow as hell in this lol
Wesley J
Wesley J 2 meses atrás
They are best friends also, so Ryan could have convinced him to come back for one more Logan/Wolverine role
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 2 meses atrás
Bring back Evan Peter's Quicksilver from the X-MEN movies
Kedo 2 meses atrás
This is a Dream come true. The casual way Hugh walks past and is like yeah sure is just the icing on the cake
Erwin Candelaria
Erwin Candelaria 2 meses atrás
That "Double D" really cracked me up. I was waiting for Jaby to break lol
WebsTreX 2 meses atrás
So so excited!!!! I love Wolverine and Deadpool. I liked Deadpool 1 much better than 2, Jabs!
Brandon Cobb
Brandon Cobb 2 meses atrás
Deadpool 1 sold a believable romance, but Dp2 had the best Cable we might ever get!
Hugo Auditore
Hugo Auditore 2 meses atrás
1:46 "Its the Hugh,he's looking good,look at him go...dang" 😂😂😂
Albion of Avalon
Albion of Avalon 2 meses atrás
well sir patrick stewart came back as professor X in Multiverse of Madness so why not hugh jackman also the forest ryan reynolds was walking through feels like that one scene in Logan
Vijay diwaakar
Vijay diwaakar 2 meses atrás
Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is my favourite superhero. ❤️
Gurkirat singh Anand
Gurkirat singh Anand 2 meses atrás
The "do you need me to explain this" oh my god had the same feeling lmao
ricK 2 meses atrás
Achara: "Oh Ryan, I love U!" Me ri8 now: "Don't we all!" #ForTheBoys
ScotInTheDot 2 meses atrás
With the de-aging tech available (even used in Logan), face-swapping tech seen in Free Guy ("Catchphrase!"), and body-buffing CGI as seen on Natalie Portman in Love & Thunder, Hugh Jackman doesn't even have to put himself through the regime he used to for the shirt off scenes that he hates so much. Jeez, even the practical effect muscle suit spandex as seen in Shazam would do - if he's finally wearing the suit and cowl...
Dandy Chiggins
Dandy Chiggins 2 meses atrás
I know it's a cashgrab and that is gonna be more of the same, but still prob gonna go watch it with my friends 😂
Vinny Sant0s De SouZa
Vinny Sant0s De SouZa 2 meses atrás
Man, i always knew Jaby was slow...but him not getting Hughn joke is actually impressive lmao
Pechaos 2 meses atrás
Can't you see they're both high?
David Bergfors
David Bergfors 2 meses atrás
I had to hear a reactor read it out loud for me to get it, the third time watching. I might get away with it since I'm not a native speaker, but harsh!
Mike Hance
Mike Hance 2 meses atrás
I wanna see wolverine meet spidey I really think this can happen it will most likely have something to do with the multiverse and doctor strange and spidey can come because strange will ask spidey for the favor for helping him and we will get a classic cartoon comic moment and after xaviors death i feel like it will filter together wolverine deadpool and doctor strange
Krissie 83
Krissie 83 2 meses atrás
I love Deadpool 1 and Once upon a Deadpool which was poorly promoted in UK cinemas and had to buy the DVD from outside of the UK but I absolutely love it more then Deadpool 2
Scott Vanhille
Scott Vanhille 2 meses atrás
I'm so pumped for this.
Ikbal 2 meses atrás
Shawn Lavy confirmed Hugh's appearance in DP3 in an interview.
Jonathan Ladra
Jonathan Ladra 2 meses atrás
"And I will always love HUGH'.
Alyx Villalobos
Alyx Villalobos 2 meses atrás
I thought this was 100% a joke. I'm thrilled that I was wrong.
Mr. T
Mr. T 2 meses atrás
Huge has stated he would come back to play wolverine again if it was different and he didn't have to get super lean so if he can just get in good shape and have his shirt on i think he would be down lol
Mike B
Mike B 2 meses atrás
Love you guys! Jaby, you had to be trolling saying you didnt get "Coming Hughn"
Necromonger 2 meses atrás
When one video elicits more emotions than anything the MCU and Disney+ has put out lately.
The Mitch Zone
The Mitch Zone 2 meses atrás
0:31-0:39 I love you guys so much! Hahahaha 😂❤🔥 And yes, I'm still *PROUDLY* boasting about my laugh impression video (of your laugh) that you reacted to! I told my friends that I'm friends with Jaby Koay, and that he followed & dm'd me on Twitter, and they all said how happy for me they were (because of how happy I was), even though I know they don't actually know who Jaby Koay is. LOL I tried telling my mother about it, but she hardly even knows what the internet is, so I know for a fact that she doesn't know what a "Jaby Koay" is... or even BRvid for that matter. 🤣💀
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