DAY6 "Time of Our Life(한 페이지가 될 수 있게)" M/V

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DAY6 "Time of Our Life(한 페이지가 될 수 있게)" M/V
Listen to DAY6 "The Book of Us : Gravity"
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15 Jul 2019



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Keyara Singh
Keyara Singh 4 horas atrás
I'm listening to them for the first time.. I just want to ask that do they play the instruments themselves?
Life's a Beach
Life's a Beach 2 horas atrás
Yes they do. You might like to check some of these out as a bit of an example. (edit) It's also funny when they all swap instruments & let the drummer sing
Neko Meow
Neko Meow 7 horas atrás
My favourite band from korea♡ and ONEOKROCK from japan♡
Lavendur Aux
Lavendur Aux 20 horas atrás
when i listen to this song of day6 it reminds me of my childhood watching animax lol
Kang Younghyun
Kang Younghyun Dia atrás
jaerubeee Dia atrás
My sister said she can't jam with this song. I don't know what's wrong with her, I wanna cry!!!
NAISHIXX Tv Dia atrás
Soo good to know themmm
Cristy RJ
Cristy RJ 2 dias atrás
I Love You DAY6
ricxxx xxx
ricxxx xxx 2 dias atrás
It's my first time to watch this. I just read this on a Comment section . It's like in a anime hhhahahaah i love it.
Agustín Robertito
Agustín Robertito 2 dias atrás
Its sad I can't stan because I have a problem with bands and its that I only like or appreciate the singer :(... But it's not only with DAY6, it's same with another bands... :((((B
GEEK대장 2 dias atrás
Day6 is one of the few groups where the verses are so good (better) that you dont even need the chorus
Odalys GR
Odalys GR 2 dias atrás
Los amo mis amores ♡♡♡
clarence cendaña
clarence cendaña 2 dias atrás
we need a japanese ver. of this
E Crespo
E Crespo 2 dias atrás
Fricken love this group 😍
Hyper Panda
Hyper Panda 2 dias atrás
I feel like they should’ve used this song in Extraordinary You when Haru and Dan-Oh spent the day together and messed around
Yuuki Nightcore
Yuuki Nightcore 3 dias atrás
I'm not really a myday? But I really like their songs its like LiFE
Tiara Haerunnisa
Tiara Haerunnisa 3 dias atrás
sonya sahandra
sonya sahandra 3 dias atrás
me addic to they music....never bored wach them again n again..
I N F I R E S M A N 3 dias atrás
JYP por favor promociona a los chicos
Aminat Kosumova
Aminat Kosumova 4 dias atrás
Day6 is one of the few Kpop Bands I really like. Admittedly, their songs ARE damn good.
Serendipity Jimin
Serendipity Jimin 4 dias atrás
I was gonna mention something about this sounding like an anime song. But y'all beat me to it :( PS: if you listen to this, I automatically love you
umang jata
umang jata 4 dias atrás
i knew about day6 but never really listen to their music. but then, i stumble upon sammy from the rose through jtbc superband, and been following sammy since few months back. then i learn about sammy friendship with jae, then i discover jae's YT channel, which jaesix and been binge watch his videos since yesterday. and now i decide to listen to their music. and here i am about to stan day6 for real!
Army_Myday_Once 4 dias atrás
Anyone else sad that these legends did not win as best band in Mama 2019?? Just me? *cries in drum*
Nix Kim
Nix Kim 4 dias atrás
Am I the only one who's disappointed in MAMA 2019 after not making them the best band performance with this song
naruto sasuke
naruto sasuke 2 dias atrás
MAMA are snakes u should know that they humiliated exo and exols in both 2017 and 2019 so what do u expect from them
mariela 4 dias atrás
I’m a whole gg stan, but day6 is making me think twice🙏
AlanaShardaPersad 4 dias atrás
THIS CAN BE AN ANIME joke..thats how amazing this song is
Chewy x Kookie
Chewy x Kookie 5 dias atrás
Sorry Day 6 for not be able to give you an award in MAMA.....I'm sorryyyyy....WE ALL KNOW YOU GUYS DESERVE IT.....😭😔
Ftin suraya
Ftin suraya 5 dias atrás
It like an anime opening! I like it very much❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lulucat 6 dias atrás
xRobijntjex 6 dias atrás
SOTY 100000%
Liz Adrienne Garcia
Liz Adrienne Garcia 6 dias atrás
all my days are elitists on their superior taste in music because day6 only serves us beautiful, emotional and top tier music. it's day6's fault we're elitists
Liz Adrienne Garcia
Liz Adrienne Garcia 6 dias atrás
i don't listen to this song very often because when it plays, i will have to put it on repeat because it's just so addicting
Liz Adrienne Garcia
Liz Adrienne Garcia 6 dias atrás
0:15 I love this part so much. my sunflower piri
btstan 14
btstan 14 7 dias atrás
Oh my are you kidding me this is so beautiful ❤️
day6 — novyta
day6 — novyta 7 dias atrás
Raihana Jasmine
Raihana Jasmine 7 dias atrás
ganteng ganteng banget kenapa sihhh
Allison Langbis
Allison Langbis 7 dias atrás
i stan who idols who can sing and play instrument at the same time btw all day6 mv's should be more than the views i can count
ita maemunah
ita maemunah 7 dias atrás
I play this song every morning as my mood booster....
Yo Ku Zen
Yo Ku Zen 7 dias atrás
Shalie Reynales
Shalie Reynales 7 dias atrás
The day this way released was the day I started stanning this wonderful bunch and the only regret I had was not stanning them earlier.
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