David Starkey: the elite is guilty of treason -- The Brendan O'Neill Show

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Historian and broadcaster David Starkey speaks to Brendan O’Neill about the ‘lying, deceiving shits’ in the establishment.

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15 Set 2019



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Comentários 80
Vaclav Haval
Vaclav Haval 3 horas atrás
-100 pts for ad hitlerum
Chris Creaser
Chris Creaser 4 dias atrás
Life oday is Like living in the movie "Groundhog Day"..... :( - - - People (voters) Should grow up & STOP being manipulated by the Lying,Evil,Manipulating,Shit-stirring Left wing msn!!.... :) The initials BBC stands for Brainwashing,Boring Corporation!!.... :( *Stop buying/Cancel tv licences & Newspapers ffs!!.... :(
Craig Stevens
Craig Stevens 7 dias atrás
Wonderful interview, David is excellent, I just wish he would pause occasionally for breath and allow the interviewer to speak
Lawrence Popoola
Lawrence Popoola 10 dias atrás
Fantastic discussion. The points highlighted really hit the nail on the head, regarding the many failures in the UK
Irishravr63 15 dias atrás
The 147 who hit the dislike button are corrupt politicians.
Ruth irwin
Ruth irwin 18 dias atrás
this was incredible... how would have thought all i learned about the tudors and stewarts in school i wish i had known how important it was
joe buffalo
joe buffalo 22 dias atrás
I remember Starkey on the radio explaining how unemployment could be solved by a " return to domestic service "
Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson Mês atrás
Dr Starkey Can I pretend you are my father
Mark Machale
Mark Machale Mês atrás
I’m glad he cuffed James O’brien round the back of the head, O’brien is a spoiled, supercharged prick who just bellyaches all the fucking time.
Alfred Newby
Alfred Newby Mês atrás
Starkey is brilliant!
fox 2 meses atrás
He's good value; that's for sure.
Jerry Can
Jerry Can 2 meses atrás
32:45 "Why have things gone so wrong?" TREASON.
Margy Rowland
Margy Rowland 2 meses atrás
Edward Harley
Edward Harley 2 meses atrás
A legend among gay men.....brilliant brilliant man........
J C 2 meses atrás
This is all going to lead to civil war.
Jerry Can
Jerry Can 2 meses atrás
Not if a root and branch extraction of ALL Common Purpose graduates are lifted out of the public sector and similar (eg. quango) institutions.
Laura Meszaros
Laura Meszaros 3 meses atrás
Fantastic presentation by David Starkey. More please, SPIKED!!
desperado315 3 meses atrás
Sanity. Total sanity. Thank you for this.
John Hooper
John Hooper 3 meses atrás
Yes the real establishment, the wealthy, privately and Oxford educated privileged establishment represented by the Tory party and their supporters have committed treason by engineering Brexit which will damage the country's economy and remove regulations such as workers rights and environmental and food safety protections, which will leave the ordinary people of Britain to the mercy of a Thatcherite Tory government who only govern in the best interests of the wealthy and business. Starkey seems to be arguing in favour of the destruction of our democracy and it's replace it, no doubt, with rule by an oligarchy of his wealthy Tory friends! The only reasonable point he makes is about the Houses of Parliament. If only the Luftwaffe had bombed it to ruins in 1940, instead of the gothic hotter we could have had a well designed mid 20th century building fit for purpose.
Ross G
Ross G 3 meses atrás
No, dead wrong. The Establishment, the middle classes were hugely on the Remain side. The working class won it for Leave.
Boaby Davrot
Boaby Davrot 3 meses atrás
Use the law courts to put them on trial WHY NOT
Jerry Can
Jerry Can 2 meses atrás
We couldn't even do it when the bastards were fiddling their expenses. So…no chance!
kevan harris
kevan harris 3 meses atrás
a definition would be we need a written constitution to cover those swine behaviour in the house of commons, get the pigs snouts out of the trough.
Stuart Williams
Stuart Williams 3 meses atrás
Now we are out of the EU we can bring back treason and treachery laws we van get rid of jihadists and MPs who act against our great nation.
George Arnold
George Arnold 4 meses atrás
Wow, just wow! Well David it appears your friend's former history student take your advice. DC and his PM puppet have pretty much debased the Political arena even further. Oh and please Brendan or David please show me these electorate that are "willing and hungry to debate". I can't find any. Especially Brexiters.
George Arnold
George Arnold 4 meses atrás
One would think that such a learned gentleman would know that Treason in Britain is an act that can only be committed upon the Queen.
George Arnold
George Arnold 4 meses atrás
I absolutely agree with David's opening statement, however, I do hope his accusations of UK hating Elites he is including ALL Elites, not just the ones he chooses to "disagree" with.
Miya Preeya
Miya Preeya 4 meses atrás
Great interview. Starkey is brilliant in summation .
Margaret Cooper
Margaret Cooper 4 meses atrás
They hate their own country because they have actually never belonged to it
Anthony Lalangley
Anthony Lalangley 4 meses atrás
Could not agree more on the complete dereliction of responsibility of our sovereign. It is shameful and will hasten the final demise of the monarchy
kukalakana 4 meses atrás
The purpose of Scottish MPs is to make trouble... Maybe. But isn't the whole purpose of Scotland?
Alan Oliver
Alan Oliver 4 meses atrás
I was not allowed to vote in the last election...l wonder about the legitimacy of this. I always thought that if you were born British, you would have a vote forever. No one told me that l had to vote every time there was an election or my vote would be revoked. I really wanted to vote for Boris Johnson and for Brexit... but l was told l no longer had a vote because l had not voted in 15 years... as a pensioner had chosen to live abroad in a warmer climate. During my working life, l had worked from 15 years of age, had served in the Royal Navy and have never claimed benefits of any kind. I had worked and paid taxes until my retirement. I have never seen a document saying l would lose my vote at any time, for any reason ...and l am not the only OAP who is living abroad, many do. so where is the legal base, that can revoke my vote without warning? Where can l find my legal rights... Where can l write to complain... which office or department has the power to do this?
Etienne Paul
Etienne Paul 4 meses atrás
Wonderful stuff from Starkey - very relaxed in this company. Not an elitist at all - he tells us so. And by the way, everyone else is an idiot (except Grieve, he's a disgrace). A bit flakey on the rule of law but then his hero (Henry VIII) was too. Right about Thatcherism and justice - we no longer have a workable system for civil redress, except for the rich. I'm surprised Harry Woolf escapes a lashing.
Etienne Paul
Etienne Paul 4 meses atrás
Half way through. Did Starkey comment on the outcome of the Miller case or did his head explode with indignation?
Jim Bobber
Jim Bobber 4 meses atrás
David Starkey is a beacon of light in a dark tunnel.. Utterly refreshing to listen to,crushing truths and quite brilliantly exposing the treachery.
Unauthorised Service
Unauthorised Service 4 meses atrás
All hail the unicorn
Problembeing 4 meses atrás
David Starkey makes me sapiosexual.
cameronpaul 4 meses atrás
‘’They did not like the result (E.U. referendum)’’. Could also be referring to Hillary Clinton who has never excepted the result of her landmark defeat - lol
Brian J
Brian J 4 meses atrás
"If you apply reason to everything, you destroy everything". What a great quote.
Bell Maximus Cattus
Bell Maximus Cattus 5 meses atrás
Starkey on form is like listening to a symphony orchestra
yamabushi170 5 meses atrás
Coming back post GE 12th December this is just plain brilliant to listen to. Revenge is sweet but not fattening.
american woman
american woman 5 meses atrás
David Starkey absolutely hits the truth dead on. Wonderful job. My new superhero! Most of his conclusions can be applied to the left here in USA, especially here in Calif.
Flossy 5 meses atrás
Boris must sort out the undemocratic House of lords, the BBC and the ridiculous amount of money that goes to foreign aid. Charity begins at home.
Martin Cole
Martin Cole 5 meses atrás
Great man Starkey! He generates a huge amount of rage from certain people. Because he is utterly razor sharp in his analyses.
sifridbassoon 5 meses atrás
"what do the Commons think?" that reminds me of:
Demetrius H
Demetrius H 5 meses atrás
Starkey is the man😁😁
Demetrius H
Demetrius H 5 meses atrás
Starkey is the man😁😂😆
Andy Giabo
Andy Giabo 5 meses atrás
I would love to hear another interview now we know the election result.
Helen Taylor
Helen Taylor 5 meses atrás
Andy Giabo do a search for David Starkey on you tube, there is an interview with someone from the sun talking about Boris’s win. Done around 18th December. Well worth the hour listen
Julie Horton
Julie Horton 5 meses atrás
A brilliant video.....thankyou
Daniel Aitchison
Daniel Aitchison 5 meses atrás
How much has he been proven right?
Tom Thumb
Tom Thumb 5 meses atrás
He should really know better than to use vague concepts like 'the elite'. When you break this concept down, his arguments start to fall apart. From my perspective, for instance, he is part of the southern ascendancy of which his 'elite', if it is more than a useful fiction, is only one part - and despite his northern birth and upbringing, he is deeply implicated in the nexus of relationships which constitute the dominance of essentially south-eastern-based (London, the Home Counties and the Oxford and Cambridge corridors) inter-connected groupings of mainly middle-class persons over all aspects of life in the UK. He needs to move back up to Cumbria or Greater Manchester and see things from up here. The real conflict in the UK is between the regions and the deprived parts of the city-regions (not just 'the north') and the various metropolitan centres, but, above all, London. He is now an 'established' member of that particular metropolitan centre and misses obvious things as a result, giving only a partial and thus misleading account of the current state of affairs. To me he is as blinkered and 'fanatical' as, say, Owen Jones or Jeremy Corbyn because he espouses a deeply, and narrowly, partisan perspective. He should stand back and look at the whole picture. Historians are meant to aspire to this kind of disinterestedness. He is merely setting up a, say, 'Tory' history as against the Left's Marxist history. The true historian would look at the different views of history and see these as distinct and important parts of the story to be told. He can't act as an impartial critic of current events because of his partiality, his prejudices and his allegiances. He is an advocate not an analyst.
Michael 5 meses atrás
This is what a thinking and listening discussion should be. Thank you.
balham456 5 meses atrás
“The rule of law bears an extremely strong resemblance to the rule of lawyers.” Touché
MG John
MG John 5 meses atrás
Most of the clear thinking ordinary UK folks in the full range of both ends of the Political RED-BLUE spectrum know most of this stuff. Basing that knowledge on the best evidence available to them. Simply that of their own day to day reality experiences seen and heard with their own ears and eyes. Not what the UK's PC-Riddled misguided Media and Westminster Classes incessantly try to get us to believe on their "We know best" agenda. They do not as their judgement is distorted in their mainly cushioned against reality mainly "Jobs for Life" environment. That the rest of us should be so lucky. There are a few exceptions in those two classes who do not share the rest of their colleagues' collective mindsets. Boris, JRM and a precious few others clearly "Get it". I struggle to think of any in the Red Spectrum of the UK Political scene who do. They have deployed a low profile momentum for obvious reasons. The mindset clearly the Party First. Not UK First!. The sooner the rest of those two privileged classes"get" the loud and clear messages of the last three peoples' votes the better the longer term well being for the Nation as a whole overall. Yes, the many rather than the few. I for one enjoyed seeing a re-run of the Media and Westminster Classes "Smacked Bum" faces clearly seen following the Referendum of June 2016 and repeated earlier this month. Yet, some on both sides of that Political Spectrum clearly appear determined to ignore those Peoples' messages and are in permanent denial. More fool them.
Philip Swain
Philip Swain 5 meses atrás
My word, this is excellent. Parliamentary history is a fascinating subject and a subject I never came to grips with. After listening to this, I at last feel enlightened and prompted to read more on the subject.
Diogenes 5 meses atrás
Starkey's rhetoric has been vindicated by the General Election. He is one of the VERY few political commentators worth listening to.
MR Mister
MR Mister 5 meses atrás
MR Mister
MR Mister 5 meses atrás
The strong leader is coming and these leftist brought it upon us all.
Boatface Slim
Boatface Slim 5 meses atrás
Pure brilliance from Starkey
bill wheeler
bill wheeler 5 meses atrás
All school children should have to debate the words of David Starkey, he knows facts.
T.D. Lux
T.D. Lux 5 meses atrás
WHAT A FORCE OF NATURE. Absolutely on fire here! Godspeed.
D Carbs
D Carbs 5 meses atrás
We'd be a much more patriotic nation if more of us knew history.
Gayle Elizabeth
Gayle Elizabeth 5 meses atrás
....Starkey has always been this (much younger) historian’s favourite historian...He is, quite simply, what I aspire to be one day....
mary ward
mary ward 5 meses atrás
Quality Broadcasting at its best.
SamWeller 5 meses atrás
I agree entirely that the Queen has been a coward ever since side-lining Rab Butler. As for the Coronation Oath she swore, to keep this nation Christian and Protestant; all her pious talk of Christ every Christmas, and Sunday church going, is just self-serving hypocrisy.
Paul Briody
Paul Briody 5 meses atrás
Rotax 636nut
Rotax 636nut 5 meses atrás
Fantastic stuff, many thanks for a most enlightening discussion
Andrew Wooldridge
Andrew Wooldridge 5 meses atrás
God Bless Dr. David Starkey - HE'S RIGHT RIGHT - RIGHT !!!
My Effulgent Hairy Balls say
Look out! You might trigger the LEFT! 8oO lol.
Neil Harvey
Neil Harvey 5 meses atrás
National treasure!
Andy Goldie
Andy Goldie 5 meses atrás
Just imagine what a wonderful country we would have if David Starkey could be our Prime Minister.
Tony Parsons
Tony Parsons 5 meses atrás
Have to admit, I used to think he was a bit of an arrogant w@nker - happy to have my mind totally changed.
Andrew Wooldridge
Andrew Wooldridge 5 meses atrás
the Elite "ARE" Guilty of Treason -- NOT The Elite IS Guilty of Treason (A Split Infinitive) !!!!
Paulie 5 meses atrás
David Starkey is the new punk rock.
Nick Nack
Nick Nack 5 meses atrás
Brexit has flushed out the anti democrats and the enemies of the people. We managed to cull them from Parliament. The portant job is now to make sure they are kept out.
lynn robertson
lynn robertson 5 meses atrás
Anthony Siebenthaler
Anthony Siebenthaler 5 meses atrás
They need to be pursued for what they tried to do. If they are not punished then they will not stop at either Brexit or other schemes in the future.
R. D.
R. D. 5 meses atrás
Starkey: Excellent when talking about history - full of contempt, prejudice & hatred when talking about present. Take his words as gospel to your own peril.
Tex Beaumont
Tex Beaumont 5 meses atrás
I share Starkey's talks on FB. No one listens to them.
Millie May
Millie May 5 meses atrás
The best thing on here Brendan & David!. Thank you so much. So easy on the ear because its not the depressing leftie bias from everywhere else! So refreshing.
dac4710 5 meses atrás
David Starkey does not understand how democracy works. If the referendum was democratic vote the UK would have left the next day as it would be on a legal deal the same as a democratic election.
Mike 5 meses atrás
We say no to socialism and yes to Starkeyism.
Edmund Hamlin
Edmund Hamlin 5 meses atrás
Hear hear!
Lokman Merican
Lokman Merican 5 meses atrás
I first heard David Starkey in Music and Monarchy. This is now the new music in my ears. He's a fantastic speaker.
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