David Starkey: the elite is guilty of treason -- The Brendan O'Neill Show

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Historian and broadcaster David Starkey speaks to Brendan O’Neill about the ‘lying, deceiving shits’ in the establishment.

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15 Set 2019



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Comentários 1 896
Weazel 5 dias atrás
Love me some Starkey. Thank you, spiked.
Just wrong, Right?
Just wrong, Right? 5 dias atrás
I could listen to Starkey all day every day! Great to hear unbiased history for a change...........
Paul French
Paul French 9 dias atrás
starkey needs to leave ns germany out of it...... they had referendum twice a year on issues that effect the general public.......
jaye see
jaye see 9 dias atrás
Who is this old drama-queen? Sure I remember him at Dolphin Square with Francis Bacon.
Gary Churchill
Gary Churchill 9 dias atrás
He's so utterly correct. There really is something in our DNA that makes us utterly different from the rest of Europe. Even the immigrants that have come over here since the 60's don't want to be part of the EU. They feel as 'British' as us guys that have natural ancestry with our white skin. The EU is a busted flush. Now even Germany, the powerhouse of Europe is in recession. Italy, France and the whole lot of them have been in it for the last few years. Why would we want to be tied to a sinking ship?
Margaret Pitts
Margaret Pitts 11 dias atrás
What an educated and wonderful personality
L Turner
L Turner 11 dias atrás
Lets call things by their proper name.....Remain MP's are guilty of F*****g TREASON!!
David Hargreaves
David Hargreaves 13 dias atrás
"Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson have to come together or they will hang separately".....what an amazingly profound statement. ..................................I fear that may haunt us for decades, but I hope I'm wrong....
David Hargreaves
David Hargreaves 13 dias atrás
David Starkey should be SIR David Starkey.............
Margy Rowland
Margy Rowland 14 dias atrás
I’d love to have dinner with David. Love from Australia 🇦🇺
loszhor 15 dias atrás
Classy! Thanks for uploading!
Fredrik Larsson
Fredrik Larsson 16 dias atrás
Absolutely Fabulous!! This is so on the spot, so poisonous, so historically correct and politically NOT! I liked David Starkey before, because we see quite the same picture, but this was the funniest hour I have had for a long, long time.
David Sutch
David Sutch 17 dias atrás
This is an utterly brilliant analysis of the present state of British politics presented with deep understanding and using prosaic language to perfectly reflect the attitude of an 'elite' who treat ordinary British people with what Starkey describes as sneering contempt. Treason is the accusation and for me the accusation holds. I know this interview will not change anything but listening to it certainly makes me feel better I have played it half a dozen times now because it explains exactly how I feel in a far more sophisticated way than I ever could. Thank you David Starkey, you have hit the nail directly on the head.
mm. k
mm. k 20 dias atrás
enjoyed every minute...… Starkey and O'Neill are a pleasure to listen to.....
Sadnan Mamun
Sadnan Mamun 20 dias atrás
Wonderfully Anglo Saxon.
Pete Said
Pete Said 21 dia atrás
His Mum was right though about the Mystery Babylon whore. Mother always knows best
Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer 21 dia atrás
This is a classic even by Starkey's own high standards. Brendan, you have a great laugh, I too found it impossible not to at times.
Gwen Stone
Gwen Stone 21 dia atrás
We don’t get enough of David Starkey. He needs to be heard loud and often.
pamla motown
pamla motown 21 dia atrás
Always admired Starkey's intellect but now admire him as a person. 👏👏👏👏
Ian Gordon
Ian Gordon 21 dia atrás
Harry Kiralfy Broe
Harry Kiralfy Broe 22 dias atrás
Well said Mr. David Starkey.
Dragon Energy
Dragon Energy 22 dias atrás
Thanks for doing this Brendan. Must be the first Brexit interview I’ve re-listened to 5 times now. Starkey is utterly on fire 🔥. You have to re-listen to catch up with the guy. Absolute tour de force.
Dragon Energy
Dragon Energy 22 dias atrás
Gentle reminder : Dr Starkey is from a northern working class background and grew up in extreme poverty. He is the living embodiment of social mobility via education.
Dragon Energy
Dragon Energy 22 dias atrás
Utterly astonishing interview. We’ve needed Starkey’s insight never more than now. If you don’t know history you are doomed to repeat it.
miteor 22 dias atrás
David starts at 3.45 ish 😀
truth agenda
truth agenda 22 dias atrás
116 sheeple with no critical thinking skills give this the thumb down.Perhaps they are EU fanatics?
Ro Lo
Ro Lo 22 dias atrás
Thank you for this podcast it was so great to listen to. And I am soooo glad that we Brexiters have Starkey on our side. He is an outstanding orator and his knowledge and gift for explaining things are second to none. Good interviewer too which nowadays is pretty rare.
Frank Potter
Frank Potter 22 dias atrás
What was so "horrible" about the civil war interregnum he mentions @14:40 ? In fact Cromwell's New Model Army got on quite well with the Irish people when on campaign there, it had good discipline. The subsequent 'bad' history was rewritten afterwards as anti-English propaganda.
King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England
@Frank Potter And so we enter the inevitable point of any online debate: ad hominem in place of actual argument. How delightful. When did I dispute the fact that England had just been through a civil war? But your portrayal of events is just flat out wrong. Charles declared war on Parliament because he thought them a threat to his Crown. Parliament fought back because they wanted to save their necks, and rights. The Parliamentarians wanted to assert their ancient political rights and to protect England's Protestant nature, with the Puritans leading this cause (largely.) The Royalists may not have liked Charles' absolutist tendencies but they believed he was a moderate while Parliament would go too far in upsetting the balance of the realm, as well as trampling over England's religious balance in favour of ultra-protestants. But you know what neither of those sides wanted? The railroading of Parliament, the murder of the King and the rule of a religious zealot enforced through an army which could not be dismissed. Literally only Cromwell and the NMA benefitted without consequence from this outcome. By which I mean that even the people who gained some benefit from Cromwell's regime lost in other ways that they hadn't before the war. Now, unfortunately for us, they didn't take opinion polls in the seventeenth century so we haven't the faintest idea as to how people felt about these events but based on the evidence we DO have, we can see Cromwell was not a popular ruler. He was never mourned by the populace at large, and Charles' restoration was a time of enormous celebration. So from this it is reasonable to deduce that Cromwell's military tyranny was not loved by the people at large, even among former Roundheads. If you want to compare this to today, it's be like a military general closing down Parliament on his own authority and instead of a debate about the EU, applied to become the 51st US state. It was something no one wanted, and yet could only have happened because of that crisis.
Frank Potter
Frank Potter 20 dias atrás
@King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England What are you a 2yr old ? If you wanna argue with the facts, go find the nearest wall and argue that it shouldn't be standing there and maybe it'll fall down, b'coz you say so. The English civil war like most civil wars consisted of at least two sides with opposing viewpoints. So I would say that those on the parliamentary side were chearing Cromwell's New Model Army lads on. And in all probability they were the majority. Not unlike todays 'civil war' between Brexiteers and Remoaners.
King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England
@Frank Potter What is this technicality? You know that the NMA was disbanded following the Restoration as ane effective force. Were there hangovers? Undoubtedly; it's why we don't have a Royal Army when we have a RN and RAF. But to suggest the NMA was the same in 1660 as in 1650 is just ignorant. ...Well that's just silly. You can't just pick some random event and say "THIS is the TRUE beginning of this cultural evolution!" They were large numbers of things happening simultaneously. You think scientific research began in the 1600s? We've been adapting science, industry and philosophy for centuries as humans, FFS. But the enlightenment and Industrial Revolution have nothing to do with the 17th Cen. It's developments were cultural and political. (Also, by your own definition, the first steam engine was outside the Cromwellian era in 1698.) I wouldn't say that. Cromwell was a great man with much to be admired about him, but the fact that he was a military dictator is beyond dispute. Perhaps you like this form of government but to rule through the army is so ironically continental and unenglish, that it's the reason Monarchical restoration was so rapid. Why do you think it's "BOLLOCKS" to say the English hated the NMA and Cromwell when all evidence suggests they did?
Frank Potter
Frank Potter 21 dia atrás
@King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England Disbanded ? The Brigade of Guards was/is a direct offspring of the NMA. For instance it was General Monk who first recruited the Coldstream Guards regiment. The scientific and subsequent industrial revolution really began with the creation of The Royal (scientific) Society, so called because it gained its charter from K.Charles II in 1660 (17thC). This society actually began during the commonwealth period. The first steam engine was invented by englishman Thomas Savery in 1698. You seem to have a very negative take on Cromwell and the New Model Army. I don't know why or what you've been reading for you to come to such an erroneous conclusion, but you are wrong. To say that the English "hated and despised them" and "in a state of tyrannical fear" is just BOLLOCKS !!
King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England
@Frank Potter I'm aware Cromwell tried to do that. Nevertheless, the fact remains that Ironsides ruled with an Iron Fist through the NMA, and kept the British Isles in a state of tyrannical fear through all the years of his rule. I mean that during his rule, his dissenters would be arrested without warrants, the NMA would billet themselves on the populace without paying and on a personal level, they were a mob of unruly brutes who rode roughshod over the people. They were hated and despised by the English, which is why they were disbanded - and why James II was so mistrusted for trying to do the same. If they were liberated, why did the mob cheer Cromwell's death and Charles II's return? The answer is that they weren't. The Monarchy protected liberty from those who would destroy it. ..What the fuck are you talking about?! The Enlightenment was a 18th Cen creation and the Industrial Revolution was in the 19th Cen. And neither of them had ANYTHING to do with Cromwell or this period. The only event that might have politically allowed them is the Glorious Revolution in 1698, but that is a stretch. Yes, Cromwell facilitated the rise of numerous "dissenter" Protestant sects. And persecuted Catholics more severely than any King had since Edward VII.
Daniel 22 dias atrás
Bercow aka. "Berkowitz"
Michael Elmer
Michael Elmer 22 dias atrás
Brexiteers need to start a serious embargo or probition against the purchase of any EU products until the EU allows the UK to leave. They have bribed and influenced the remainers to the point the EU is running parliament.
Tony Webb
Tony Webb 23 dias atrás
i always loved the history documentaries he narrated and he is clearly well learned on the history of the English speaking peoples bravo
Alan Smith
Alan Smith 23 dias atrás
A Must listen to podcast a hour well spent !
hawicksteve 23 dias atrás
Yep.........this guy nailed it absolutely. What an articulate well educated man in touch with ‘normal’ people.
Keith Berry
Keith Berry 23 dias atrás
The laws of this land is taken from the history of legal and political events.But now the law didn't git so the supreme court makes its own that is unlawful so the decision should be reserved and the case rehurd in a legal nonbiast court
eightiesnow 23 dias atrás
One of the most extraordinary, thought provoking interviews into the betrayal of Britain by the political ruling class I have ever listened to. Thank you Brendan O'Neill and David Starkey.
paul leader
paul leader 23 dias atrás
i love listening to this man, please run for MP and save our parliament
ginger bollocks
ginger bollocks 23 dias atrás
If there's a David Starkey histormentary on the telly,I watch it, SIMPLE.The only downside is that it's normally on the VILE,WOKE,LIBTARD BBC.And I FUCKING cannot stand the BBC.
Stuart Menzies Farrant
Stuart Menzies Farrant 23 dias atrás
Vote for the Brexit Party if you want to get democracy back.
Thomas Carnacki
Thomas Carnacki 24 dias atrás
The clarity of this man ! Bravo.
Darren Munsell
Darren Munsell 24 dias atrás
Ben Beasant
Ben Beasant 24 dias atrás
The definitive account of the current shambles. Essential!
andy smith
andy smith 24 dias atrás
the name cox was thrown at boris 2 weeks later in parliament.
Little Traveller
Little Traveller 24 dias atrás
It’s going to be remain or brexit in name which is tantamount to remain. And the worst thing is they will get away with it. Starkey’s a gangster and I had no idea
peter mitchell
peter mitchell 24 dias atrás
bet you any money david wont get another airing on the bulshit broadcasting service too truthfull
peter mitchell
peter mitchell 24 dias atrás
great stuff,theres hope yet with minds like david on side bring on the elections so we can purge parliament of these anti democrats
Mavis Emberson
Mavis Emberson 24 dias atrás
Reading The King's Parliament by G O Sayles. Parliaments were used by Medieval Kings for their own purposes mostly about tax.. Barons were consulted and Bishops as landowners. Commons were not in Parlliament but consulted in various other councils. also about howmuch tax they were required to give.
Curious Cat
Curious Cat 24 dias atrás
Many of the MP’s have never had a job in the real world, they are out of touch with real people and lives
Curious Cat
Curious Cat 24 dias atrás
John Major is the biggest hypocrite!
Curious Cat
Curious Cat 24 dias atrás
The Gov do not fight back with information as you do but I suppose that is because they are too busy trying to get a deal and positive program. I think it’s all about money and deals people like Soros pulling the strings. Who the hell is Gina Miller?!
Topgun God
Topgun God 24 dias atrás
I've been saying this for years but no one listened.
8bits Creeper
8bits Creeper 24 dias atrás
Starkey had made a prediction that came true as the Supreme Court made a decision and became an enemy of the people.
Choleric Melancholic
Choleric Melancholic 25 dias atrás
Spooky - how prescient of Dr Starkey ... only the other day Paula Sherrif in parliament brought up the "universal passe-partout"
Graham Robb
Graham Robb 25 dias atrás
john gibbons
john gibbons 25 dias atrás
Thank you Brendan and David. I was so impressed I subscribed and donated. Keep up the good work.
Toxic Delirium
Toxic Delirium 25 dias atrás
Wow. No ambiguity with this guy.
The Delattres
The Delattres 25 dias atrás
Superb comments by David Starkey. I only wish that all MP's, civil servants and the Speaker would be obliged to listen to this, and to have some history lessons from this man. It might do a lot to help in these troubled times.
Puzuzu 25 dias atrás
Do you think Cox hear Mr Starkey’s comments prior to 25th September? Something put the fire back into his belly and by God he was good!!! Talk about wiping the smugness off the faces of the treacherous Remoaners. They are even dragging up the dead’s memory to hide their shame. The country - no - The Whole Wide World is disgusted by them and try as they might there is no hiding from their shame and disgrace!!!! Cox and Boris et al gave the political performances of their lives and I for one watched every syllable with bated breath. If only it can do some good in the toilet if Westminster because it’s more than the drains that stink.
Peter 25 dias atrás
To many lobbyists masquerading as journalist if you ask me
emma harrington
emma harrington 25 dias atrás
Starkey is getting too dangerous for the establishment, watch what happens next...
Keith William MacHendry
Well, I am a Scottish nationalist who voted out of the EU, however, I am not a member of the SNP. Brilliant & insightful Interview from Mr Starkey, I enjoyed listening to him & his opinions very much.
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