David Gilmour - Live In Gdansk 2006

Alexander Zakharov
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David Gilmour - Live In Gdansk 2006 (full concert)

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3 Ago 2018



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بهروز پهلوان صادق
Hello Mr David Gilmour Thankyou so mach 🙏⚘❤❤🙏
Jorge Armas
Jorge Armas 5 dias atrás
Gilmour has reached perfection in music and artistry in general. If in reality Gods or All-mighty beings exists, well David Gilmour is one of them. It is impossible for a human being to do, what Dave does. This is just too amazing !
Alex Castro
Alex Castro 5 dias atrás
Wow.. Banjo, Saxophone, Guitar, Slide Guitar... Who knew?
Alex Castro
Alex Castro 5 dias atrás
Wright knew who to stick with... Waters was a great songwriter, no doubt, but for live performances you have to go with David Gillmore... 😎
jimmy salido
jimmy salido 14 dias atrás
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Rodro Floyd
Rodro Floyd 18 dias atrás
196 dislike? que carajos tienen en la cabeza
Joseph Dayrit
Joseph Dayrit 20 dias atrás
G Major
G Major 22 dias atrás
תודה רבה אלכסנדר :)
Daniela Da Silva Ferreira
Simplesmente qualquer um sai de Órbita. Inacreditável. Pelo amor de Deus. Por mais que eu queira palavras pra expressar ,não consigo. Chorei várias vezes. Gilmour tem um poder sobre minha alma que ele não sabe. Que guitarra é essa? Eu juro, só posso sentir, falar, expressar, QUERIA, mas não consigo.
ThisSheetB4RealYo 24 dias atrás
Omg. And high hopes was so exhilarating to absorb too. Amazing
Carlito's Way
Carlito's Way 24 dias atrás
Seriously hurts me to say this, and I know they are old age pensionors now and talanted too.. But I'd be a liar if i said this is not what i was hoping to hear.. david gilmour.. please get back on the ol you know what, get off your face and start creating before the angels lift you from these lands.. This is just lackluster with no vision, grit with no social or political statement which we all love you so much for.. Go out with a bang.. You are above this fairy rubbish m8... you're a legend.. DON'T EVER FORGET THAT! Rock on 🎸💙 R.I.P Richard Wright 🙏🏽💙
ClaraLiz 26 dias atrás
Жаль, что можно поставить только один лайк! Мощный концерт.
astrid hardt
astrid hardt 27 dias atrás
Александр Бураков
Ничто не вечно в этом мире, но есть Бог и Pink Floyd, всю жизнь (мне шестьдесят) играю на гитаре, думал, что техника, скорость- это все, а он просто давит нотки, просто давит нотки, в этой кажущейся простоте- вся Вселенная
Manuel Camejo
Manuel Camejo Mês atrás
Grabación 26 de agosto de 2006 Gdańsk Shipyard, Gdańsk, Polonia Publicación 22 de septiembre de 2008 Live in Gdańsk es la grabación en directo, editada en CD y DVD, del último concierto de la gira "On an Island" de David Gilmour, guitarrista y compositor de Pink Floyd, desarrollado en la ciudad de Gdańsk ante una audiencia de aproximadamente 100.000 personas. Duración 2:28:58 (versión 2-CD) Discográfica EMI, Columbia Records Musicos: David Gilmour, Entre sus acompañantes encontramos nombres como Dick Parry, Phil Manzanera y el teclista y compositor de Pink Floyd, Richard Wright. Lista de canciones: 00:00 Castellorizon 03:40 On an Island 11:05 The Blue 17:27 Red Sky at Night 24:58 This Heaven Then I Close My Eyes 34:39 Smile 39:01 Take a Breath 45:40 A Pocketful of Stones 51:09 Where We Start 59:01 Astronomy Domine 1:03:45 High Hopes 1:13:08 Echoes 1:39:38 A Great Day for Freedom 1:45:02 Comfortably Numb 1:55:05 El 6 de marzo de 2006 David Gilmour publicó su tercer álbum como solista, On an Island.46​ Para promocionar el disco, Gilmour realizó una gira por Europa y Norteamérica entre el 10 de marzo y el 31 de mayo de 2006. El tecladista Richard Wright y sus colaboradores frecuentes Dick Parry, Guy Pratt y Jon Carin lo acompañaron en la gira. En una conferencia de prensa previa a la gira, Gilmour afirmó: "Espero que con este anuncio de gira, la gente me crea cuando les digo, honestamente, que esta es la única banda con la que planeo hacer una gira", refiriéndose a las especulaciones sobre una reunión de los músicos originales de Pink Floyd.52​ El 10 de abril de 2006, On an Island logró la certificación de platino en Canadá. La presentación final de la gira On an Island fue llevada a cabo en la ciudad de Gdańsk el 26 de agosto de 2006 ante unos cien mil espectadores.54​ La presentación fue grabada e incluida en el álbum Live in Gdańsk.25​ Para esta ocasión Gilmour tocó acompañado de la Filarmónica Polaca Báltica, dirigida por Zbigniew Preisner.54​ En agosto de 2006, su solo en "Comfortably Numb" fue votado por los espectadores de la estación de radio Planet Rock como el mejor solo de guitarra de la historia jamás grabado. Su particular estilo, unido al inmenso éxito comercial y crítico de Pink Floyd han convertido a Gilmour en uno de los guitarristas más representativos e influyentes del panorama musical. Fuente: wikipedia
Manuel Camejo
Manuel Camejo Mês atrás
00:00 Castellorizon 03:40 On an Island 11:05 The Blue 17:27 Red Sky at Night 24:58 This Heaven Then I Close My Eyes 34:39 Smile 39:01 Take a Breath 45:40 A Pocketful of Stones 51:09 Where We Start 59:01 Astronomy Domine 1:03:45 High Hopes 1:13:08 Echoes 1:39:38 A Great Day for Freedom 1:45:02 Comfortably Numb 1:55:05 End Credits
irishlizzi3 Mês atrás
Brilliant! It was great to watch this without any ads! Thanks, I presume to the latest I O S update! I must check if you have uploaded anything else!
El Hadj Malick Mbaye
Je crois que c'est le meilleur groupe de musique de tout les temps
francis mcdowell
francis mcdowell Mês atrás
its not a concert, its an oil painting
Oscar Suberbie
Oscar Suberbie Mês atrás
Are my Favorite
Иван Иванов
Дэвид Гилмор!!!👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏
ricardo moniz
ricardo moniz Mês atrás
Thanks Alexander
Abdo Aboushahba
Abdo Aboushahba Mês atrás
Igor Mês atrás
Удивительно, но первую песню я не слышал о_О Спасибо! Всем поклонникам Pink Floyd - жму руку!
W Bruce Wright
W Bruce Wright Mês atrás
All that separates us is space.... LOL.
Betty Smith Scott
Betty Smith Scott Mês atrás
Love this it’s so soothing and relaxing I especially love the saxophone
77heavensgate Mês atrás
Make me fly hearing his music truly takes you out of your body so beautifully pleasing🙏💋
David Robinson
David Robinson Mês atrás
Brilliant. And that was some string section!
curiosidicas 2 meses atrás
tenho 44 anos, conheço música.. acreditem. pra mim, David Gilmour é o maior músico de todos os tempo. O cara é completo, preciso, cheio de sentimentos. Hoje e ontem.. o cara é já é uma lenda.
Valérie D. G
Valérie D. G 2 meses atrás
Superbe Concert ❤️David Gilmour/Pink Floyd 🎼🎸💖👍🏻 Thanks U 🙏🏻
Neil Stamper
Neil Stamper 2 meses atrás
Marek Čech
Marek Čech 3 meses atrás
WithL.O.V.E (Yhann Charles)
Utham Mandanna
Utham Mandanna Anos atrás
Pink floyd is god's apology for not being present on earth.
Hugh Fraser
Hugh Fraser Anos atrás
Echoes is a fantastic tribute to Rick Wright. David and Richard at their best.
Andreas Maurer
Andreas Maurer Anos atrás
I understand perfectly, that BRvid is a channel that requires payment one way or antother. And I agree. But 3 lock-down-ads within the first 10 Minutes while listening to DG. That´s not the right note...
Ignacio Carrizo Liendo
00:00 Castellorizon 03:40 On an Island 11:05 The Blue 17:27 Red Sky at Night 24:58 This Heaven Then I Close My Eyes 34:39 Smile 39:01 Take a Breath 45:40 A Pocketful of Stones 51:09 Where We Start 59:01 Astronomy Domine 1:03:45 High Hopes 1:13:08 Echoes 1:39:38 A Great Day for Freedom 1:45:02 Comfortably Numb 1:55:05 End Credits
3Xcollasso 5 dias atrás
@sharpcircle 'breathe,' for me
sharpcircle 22 dias atrás
anytime they dont play another brick is a sad day
Дядя Боря
Дядя Боря Anos atrás
О, какой интересный концерт! Спасибо за публикацию!
сергей бурдейный
Какой волшебный звук у гитары Гилмора.нисчем не сравнить.Пинк Флойд супер.
G.Sz. Anos atrás
Jeden z największych zespołów rokowych. Szkoda, że już bez Rogera Watersa. Wspaniały Pink Floyd ❤️🎶
Who knows anymore?
Who knows anymore? Anos atrás
David Gilmour, your music touches my soul ♡
Andrzej Lew
Andrzej Lew Anos atrás
I'm in very very big depresion. I'm feel very badly. When i see and hear David and rest band craing and feel better. Thank for this music. ✌😅👏.
Miguel Mota
Miguel Mota Anos atrás
Gilmour is God...
marie faulkner
marie faulkner Anos atrás
Pink Floyds visits planet earth from heaven
serhii kochietkov
serhii kochietkov Anos atrás
как всегда вещььььььь......
misha eletronicsparts
Richard Wrigt is amazing...RIP ...the verey best pianist
Andrzej Lew
Andrzej Lew Anos atrás
Richard Wright is peace, love, amazing musican and very eparthy man. Remember in peace!!!
SuperEvilC Anos atrás
Where's the dern timestamp duder??
Mollie Holtman
Mollie Holtman Anos atrás
Two years later, Rick Wright would pass away. Sad.
Victor Mendez
Victor Mendez Anos atrás
La sicodeli presente !!!
Scott Reinold
Scott Reinold Anos atrás
Hey, this guy David Gilmour isn't half bad. I think we will go far. Ok, but for real, his guitar work is AMAZING, look at his fingers on those strings. Each note filled with the emotion that is exactly what is should be. WOW.
dezider salinka
dezider salinka Anos atrás
jedndoducho nádherná krása...
OldEMGStrat Anos atrás
trump ad in the middle of DG ...shame Utube! please vote to end his(Trumps) perpetual nonsense
Tickedy boo
Tickedy boo Anos atrás
The song from 24:58 though
Mattlostatsea Anos atrás
How could anyone give this a thumbs down?
mark anderson
mark anderson Anos atrás
looks like the streets of washington DC only in black and white
SHINE Anos atrás
Ноты дрейфуют в рай, а рай отвечает больше, больше, больше.
Shival Anos atrás
are you fucking stupid ? who puts an ad between a solo. you are annoying man.
Za Wir_USA odpowiada USA
But this not REAL Pink Floyd. Real was with Rogers Waters Pink Floyd !
Frank Kolton
Frank Kolton Anos atrás
Reading is an essential skill in life. Have someone read this to you, the title - David Gilmore Live in Gdansk 2006. Now grow up and get over it.
Jeff Stewart
Jeff Stewart Anos atrás
youre no Syd tho jus sayin
ed pasco
ed pasco Anos atrás
Awesome. I have a guitar but it's hard to learn when you are older. I'm a pianist by hobby. I saw Roger Waters a few years ago in Boston, but much rather prefer David Gilmour.
Richard Arthur
Richard Arthur Anos atrás
All are blessed who have risen from the mire. Soar as eagles, mighty and free.
Doug Smith
Doug Smith Anos atrás
You have your God... I have mine. Mine plays a mean Guitar!
yunas saxer
yunas saxer Anos atrás
very nice!
Brad Propst
Brad Propst Anos atrás
I really enjoy watching Rick, Nick and Dave. There was a magic there beyond compare.
Javier Rengel
Javier Rengel Anos atrás
that's not nick tho
Majo Gómez
Majo Gómez Anos atrás
Es imposible no sentir amor y admiración por ti, David.
Jean Kabeya
Jean Kabeya Anos atrás
Wow, I always had a feeling that there was something saxophonesque about DG's guitar solos. Didn't know the man actually blows! Amazing musician!
Charles We b
Charles We b 20 dias atrás
Octavian Postoaca
Octavian Postoaca 22 dias atrás
Liz Stanley
Liz Stanley Anos atrás
Bloody hell that was good !!!
Jorma Teräs
Jorma Teräs Anos atrás
Parasta metsä kävely musiikkia
Echo Base
Echo Base Anos atrás
Silk hands at 54:06 just
Daniel Leonardi
Daniel Leonardi Anos atrás
Akala-Blue Saville
Akala-Blue Saville Anos atrás
Phew! I bet that Fender Strat sure needed a cigarette after that epic shred fest! I know I did 😉🐨✌️💕🎸
Tullio Bonfiglio
Tullio Bonfiglio Anos atrás
The perfect soundtrack for a trip to Mars
Rene Chavez
Rene Chavez Anos atrás
Saludos desde Chile!! Este es un tremendo pedazo de concierto! Una verdadera joya!!!
Eugenio Gallardo garcia
Llegaste a verlo por que esto es oro para oírlo y verlo una verdadera joya de tema un saludo desde España 🎸👍
James a
James a Anos atrás
Look at the fucking sea of people. Rock on Dave fucking rock on brother.
anna arvanitidou
anna arvanitidou Anos atrás
Gilmour is a mastered genius of the electric resonance of the guitar
Berkay Kurt
Berkay Kurt Anos atrás
Büyü bu büyü
Martín Anos atrás
No mames estoy bien pacheco jajsja
Izzy Anos atrás
uui archive
uui archive Anos atrás
claudio oliva
claudio oliva Anos atrás
Great concert! Where barn jams appear?
Evge Rogov
Evge Rogov Anos atrás
замечу,что съёмка фильма изумительна....вся команда на высоте...
Munelin Music
Munelin Music Anos atrás
OMG!! Astronomy domine of David!!
eNeNe Anos atrás
At the end Rick sings the lower part and David the higher. I've never heard them singing like that. It's totally different and it sounds fantastic!
Evge Rogov
Evge Rogov Anos atrás
филармонический оркестр на высоте.....молодцы поляки!!! И публика очень приличная!!!
Impericon Anos atrás
Where is the guy with the set list?
João Pedro Mura
João Pedro Mura Anos atrás
not all heros wear capes
CU43 Anos atrás
lol damn i was about to start scrollin
Irene Szórád
Irene Szórád Anos atrás
it' s verry good!
gurra63able Anos atrás
THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!, from Sweden with love and stay healthy.
Mostafa mokar
Mostafa mokar Anos atrás
Just beatuful. Greeting from Casablanca Morocco
Fresh Air
Fresh Air Anos atrás
Супер !
Łukasz Szczygielski
Tata zabrał mnie na ten koncert razem ze swoimi kumplami. Dziękuję Ci Tato.
Cristian Terranova
Cristian Terranova Anos atrás
Simply the best of best....!!!!!
James Justice
James Justice Anos atrás
Why not add Rick Wright in the title?
Iveta Valachovičová
Thank you👍❤
Omi San
Omi San Anos atrás
The You Tube's stubborn and clumsy way of placing ads in the middle of an Echos jam. I hope there's a special place in hell for those who let this happen.
Mr Toy
Mr Toy Anos atrás
A special place where everyone has Grammarly.
yotuvemauro Anos atrás
Or just intall BRvid Vanced, this will solve it all.
gurra63able Anos atrás
Install firefox and adblocks plus. I never see any ad's on the net.
Richelle Wuthrich Edwards
Clumsy is POLITE ... lol !!!
Max Lethe
Max Lethe Anos atrás
Not enough ads
Pritam 01
Pritam 01 Anos atrás
One of Best Band ever🤟🤟🤟🤚🤚🤚✌👍💋💋
Mauro Balbino
Mauro Balbino Anos atrás
The best "Echoes" version. Rip Rick. Muito obrigado, Александр.
andrea anido
andrea anido Anos atrás
Grande gilmour
Susan Kuhn
Susan Kuhn Anos atrás
Gdansk = birthplace of the Solidarity movement that defeated communism in Poland. Pink Floyd = the liberation of the human soul from trivial expression. Two giant steps toward the light.
Michael Bakowski
Michael Bakowski Anos atrás
Oh, for God's sake! Two giant steps? Really? Firstly, communism is alive and well. Secondly, Solidarity was a trade union and as such was a communist movement (and don't start me off on Wałęsa!). But lastly, as much as I love Pink Floyd, there must be something wrong with your soul if you need a commercial rock band to liberate it.
Who knows anymore?
Who knows anymore? Anos atrás
Yes! Well said ♡
Mr Terry
Mr Terry Anos atrás
This was recorded 2 years before Richard Wright passed away. IMO, he's been one of the best musicians in transmiting emotions. Alongside DG and Nick Mason
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