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BRvidr and all-around nice guy David Dobrik guesses how 1,016 of his fans responded to a 17 question survey about him. From his first kiss to his favorite body wash scent, David attempts to guess the responses of the majority of his fans and lets us know how spot on they really were.

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David Dobrik Guesses How 1,016 Fans Responded to a Survey About Him | Teen Vogue


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25 Mar 2019



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Comentários 3 652
David Dobrik
David Dobrik 9 horas atrás
Thank you for having me Teen Vogue!! Also, thank you for comparing me to Channing Tatum. I feel a lot more confident in my day to day life now!!
Yazireth Rosales
Yazireth Rosales Hora atrás
Ur the greatest david, u deserve everything and more love youuuu❣️
Mimi Abdo
Mimi Abdo Hora atrás
+DepressedGirl44 umm..
Mimi Abdo
Mimi Abdo Hora atrás
+super nova uhhh.........
Libby Lommel
Libby Lommel Hora atrás
btw I think u look like Paul Rudd
Lacey Irsik
Lacey Irsik Hora atrás
You talked about the eyeball in a cup on your podcast. I was listening to this one again earlier today😂
LeafyisBeefy Hora atrás
Ah cancer as usual
Bunbunchan chan
Bunbunchan chan Hora atrás
I watched it are you happy now youtube?
Reinaldo Torres
Reinaldo Torres Hora atrás
Haha honestly, David does look as if he'd smell like Irish Spring.
Fenty Bitch
Fenty Bitch Hora atrás
Sarah Farnsworth
Sarah Farnsworth Hora atrás
Basketball helps you with throwing stuff out into the garbage 😂
Karen Guevara
Karen Guevara Hora atrás
14:24 his face makes me feel things.
Suka Beda
Suka Beda Hora atrás
nice! david. Keep rocking!
Angel 0 to 100
Angel 0 to 100 Hora atrás
I guessed happiness and got it right
Lay In Pink Is My Aesthetic
Evelynn Bee
Evelynn Bee Hora atrás
David : " Brad Pitt " " LORD FORQUADE "
David Dobrik looks like what would happen if John Krasinski, Josh Groban, and a lizard were all stuck in the large hadron collider
Pihoo Singh
Pihoo Singh Hora atrás
I saw a comment a couple days ago on a post i found on the explore page that he looks like Jim and thats all i can think about
rjjello Hora atrás
woah who is this dude is he just a youtuber ? i dont understand. how is he famous?
Ariana Gomez
Ariana Gomez Hora atrás
I love him 😍
Esther Entertainment
I’m sorry but David does not look like Justin 😬
Master_ Kiguii
Master_ Kiguii Hora atrás
Sub 2 Pewdiepie
Christie sall
Christie sall Hora atrás
okay but what about the magic trick?
Amanda Maisto
Amanda Maisto Hora atrás
at 13:30 so accurate.
I love David
*we love a trendy sister*
Dannia Mendoza
Dannia Mendoza Hora atrás
love David Dobrik
Maddy The kween
Maddy The kween Hora atrás
I just now realize that all/most of David’s videos are 4:21 long Four minutes twenty one seconds
Wonder if Trisha Paytas is watching
Madison Serbantez
Madison Serbantez Hora atrás
he said justin beiber in such a heavy accent and he doesn’t even realize he did it 😂😂😂😂
Naomi Martin
Naomi Martin Hora atrás
I love it when I go to the BRvid Trending page and David is there.
Tacos Forever
Tacos Forever Hora atrás
This guy looks like his danky stanky
Rylee Spencer
Rylee Spencer Hora atrás
The Mawa Show
The Mawa Show Hora atrás
kaylee jeanne
kaylee jeanne Hora atrás
david u talked about the eyeball in a cup holder dream in the podcast smh
Victoria WDW
Victoria WDW Hora atrás
I love him so much he’s so adorable and sweet omg ❤️❤️😭
Alexis Candler
Alexis Candler Hora atrás
Aseel Al-Bokhari
Aseel Al-Bokhari Hora atrás
“U act like you don’t want to see the trick.” Poor David 😂😂
deztroyer76 Hora atrás
Who cares.
ice322 Hora atrás
Bring Color to your Smoking Experience!!!!!! Designer Pre-Roll Cones!!!! Order on Etsy!!!! $6 + Shipping
Sarisha.x Hora atrás
Who are you kidding, we saw you kiss Liza on camera smh
SzoyaF Vlog
SzoyaF Vlog Hora atrás
cipotle david burito
Ahluxis Hora atrás
I love this so much! I watch the Vlogs and it's nice to see this side of David.
Paige Ruskaup
Paige Ruskaup Hora atrás
David buy me a Tesla ❤️
Aseel Al-Bokhari
Aseel Al-Bokhari Hora atrás
Cause I’m embarrassed of it. 😂
O Hora atrás
David also looks like Paul Rudd at certain angles!!!
bree b
bree b Hora atrás
when david said he was a burrito, i felt that
Daizee t
Daizee t Hora atrás
david’s fav activity to do wouldn’t be to eat a scorpion he’d get EVERYONE else to do it
Sophie Tapak
Sophie Tapak Hora atrás
Okay David getting all excited about the fact that he can do a magic trick is honestly adorable omfg 😩
Grace Leja
Grace Leja Hora atrás
Go watch my videos🕺🏿
can i breathe yet?
can i breathe yet? Hora atrás
Only og David Dobrik fans will remember him in the show called the office
karen music
karen music Hora atrás
Thumbs up if you love David Dobrik❤
Queen Lizzy G
Queen Lizzy G Hora atrás
Honestly I totally want David to collab w/Shane Dawson & Charlie Puth for one of his videos....anyone else?
no name
no name Hora atrás
5:55 No I'm actually eating dinner..
FillUmUpp Hora atrás
10:22 that was kindof deep..
Sister Skwad
Sister Skwad Hora atrás
10:23-10:32 I love the way he explained that💀what a fricken mood
bree b
bree b Hora atrás
ok but i really wanted to see david’s card trick
Nancy Ascencio
Nancy Ascencio Hora atrás
I love David so much ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️
forever karma
forever karma Hora atrás
I’m 5.4
Hingle McCringleberry
Woah he went to my school and I know his sister Ester
GrowthGuided Hora atrás
The only question I have is how does this guy have fans ?
Jewel Chwe
Jewel Chwe Hora atrás
he’s so pure i’m gonna cry
ominous jack
ominous jack Hora atrás
Allie Da Cat
Allie Da Cat Hora atrás
Number 1 on trending. Gg
cloud person yaga
cloud person yaga Hora atrás
Ok but why am I *crying* like both in happiness and sadness.
jamie m
jamie m Hora atrás
David is so cute holy guacamole
Alessia Mansouri
Alessia Mansouri Hora atrás
I’m 14 I’m a waitress I have two 2 hour shifts and I’m so proud of my job
Alessia Mansouri
Alessia Mansouri Hora atrás
Alex Tandy under federal law its legal
Alex Tandy
Alex Tandy Hora atrás
Alessia Mansouri how r u a waitress if you’re 14? isn’t the legal age 16?
Lani Brasi
Lani Brasi Hora atrás
He’s so perfect 🙃
Daniel Vasquez
Daniel Vasquez Hora atrás
so we not going to talk about the burrito
Crispy Chris
Crispy Chris Hora atrás
This man just said his mom is 37
Janet Zarate
Janet Zarate Hora atrás
“he’d be a chipotle burrito” 😂
GhostPrime12 Hora atrás
I never heard of this guy
Aya Hayden
Aya Hayden Hora atrás
yesss #1 trending
Grace Hora atrás
“Hey before you leave, what font am I?”😂😂😂
D A Hora atrás
Stop apologizing you inspirational, supercalafragalistic burrito. We all love you
Christine Caswell
Christine Caswell Hora atrás
Is it just me or does David say "Badminton" differently? Or am I the one saying it differently...........* me going into a deep thought*? David can you discuss this in your next podcast lol
Michelle Adamik
Michelle Adamik Hora atrás
I would’ve loved to have taken a quiz on David, I’m way way older than the average age of a David follower and I can tell you that watching his videos brings me joy, laughter and a means of escaping reality. See... no matter how old or young you are we all feel pretty much the same about one of the most likable, talented, relatable guys not just on BRvid but on any media platform.
Ella :D
Ella :D Hora atrás
"I was a Mc Donald's burger eater!" *Me* Mood xD
Luke Toast
Luke Toast Hora atrás
Don't click this link
alma Chavez
alma Chavez Hora atrás
I love that David Videos on other youtube pages Trends but none of his Vlogs do.
Vito Toxic
Vito Toxic Hora atrás
Was that Zane behind the camera?
Harleigh Stringer
Harleigh Stringer Hora atrás
so ... did david not get the sour patch kid reference?? "sour then sweet" he will literally cut your arm off, then go buy you tickets to see your favorite singer.. all in the same day
lollipop the popstar
I would have said a burrito!! Lol
Glockaid Budwax
Glockaid Budwax Hora atrás
Who is David dobrik?
Daniel 123278
Daniel 123278 Hora atrás
Didn’t see the magic trick Im actually triggered
Giselle Oquendo
Giselle Oquendo Hora atrás
Has David done this before or am I having *deja vu* ?
Briana Palmer
Briana Palmer Hora atrás
I'm in love
TheCocolover14 Hora atrás
How did no one say Paul Rudd??
Noah Chen
Noah Chen Hora atrás
Stranger Things vibe with the music there lol...
Alexia Zepeda
Alexia Zepeda Hora atrás
love ya david
Miftah Rahmadini
Miftah Rahmadini Hora atrás
LOVEEEEEE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Emmy G.
Emmy G. Hora atrás
yess daddy dobrik
Mimi Abdo
Mimi Abdo Hora atrás
5:37 cement is offended
Vintage Lizzie
Vintage Lizzie Hora atrás
David’s so cute 😍😍
lauren hemsley
lauren hemsley Hora atrás
David makes me so happy
nathan cabano
nathan cabano Hora atrás
i love Mrbeast... but i find Pewdiepie annoying... should i be arrested?
Lily Nakagawa
Lily Nakagawa Hora atrás
That chipotle burrito thing wuz deep
Simply Christi
Simply Christi Hora atrás
Again, same hairline. *Give me two years*. 😂 8:13
Laila Khan
Laila Khan Hora atrás
He said sense of humor and we all know he meant it for Liza
Lillian De Falco
Lillian De Falco Hora atrás
Loved that Chipotle analogy
Angel Carter
Angel Carter Hora atrás
Adorkable is a Liza answer
Cheyenne Nicole
Cheyenne Nicole Hora atrás
trending #1❤️
Olivia Madeleine
Olivia Madeleine Hora atrás
he needs to get david spade in a video reacting to being called "really average".
Lizseth Gallardo
Lizseth Gallardo Hora atrás
Aww my heart when he compared himself to a burrito and when he said at any moment it could come apart. 😍😭😭😭😍
Tatum Meyer
Tatum Meyer Hora atrás
At my school everyone makes fun of my name and say Channing Tatum or Tatum Channing it's annoying
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