Dana White: Lookin' For a Fight - Abu Dhabi, Fight Island 3.0

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Matt Serra and Din Thomas tour the desert outside Abu Dhabi on camelback, ATVs and sand surfboards. They join Dana White and Khabib Nurmagomedov at a local MMA event, where they discover multiple athletes… plus announcer and chef talent to boot.
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22 Jan 2021



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Comentários 100
My True Love is My FR-S
Dana talking to Khabib is like a guy friend who keeps asking his female friend out but he doesn't want to be too pushing and drive her away😂
Ricky Singh
Ricky Singh Dia atrás
How khabib asked his friend to sit beside Dana was really respectful 👍🏽 vallahi..
pai pai
pai pai Dia atrás
Matt is one of the funniest fukkers, that Kevin Holland, Forrest Griffin comment 🤣🤣🤣
Connor Gouge
Connor Gouge Dia atrás
Matt "I feel like" Serra
anwar rahim
anwar rahim Dia atrás
21:43 for Those who don't know khabib
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 2 dias atrás
Frank trigg is a Referee that’s fucking awesome More retired fighters should be referees
GUARDIAN ANGEL 2 dias atrás
Hamid Abdali
Hamid Abdali 2 dias atrás
i wd say this because now a days many countries have rings,, but this ring,, fighting around lions real lions and their reactions humans fighting.. it wd really bring the real souls of humans in side lions fighting... and we wd see the real lions what they naturaly react see, fight between themself.. mm...
Hamid Abdali
Hamid Abdali 2 dias atrás
or putting red fire like kane batitsa goldberg... backgrounds could make it more marvoles
Hamid Abdali
Hamid Abdali 2 dias atrás
or inside a cage where lions running around the cage and fighters fight in spot
Hamid Abdali
Hamid Abdali 2 dias atrás
and yeah what a fight where it mentioned of island if it's a white harsh and unlivable i could say a freezing hell near greenland and us a spot in the atlantic, or near the deepest 10000 ocean will make it more enjoyable ,, even a plane hotel,, a cage in air,,, and it could appear in many countries in skies.. people wil definately enjoy that.. where many other planes stand beside and see the fight... like video games ... fighting on planes head,, king of figher ,, art of fighting ...
Hamid Abdali
Hamid Abdali 2 dias atrás
im from afghanistan, mr dana whit what i like about him, is about 20 years i was watching wrestling,,, but I was always behind a real fight.. between fighters.. and puting the real natural fight... I was never thinking there could something happen in any country because boxing ... but ... where we can learn at least to fight in real see fights in real.. and know what is the reality behind a real fight how a real champion is ... we saw in hollywood bollywood films... and here is dana white who brought the real roman empire from that days back, I would to see fights as brutal and as real and as the real fighter claims he is as brutal like pompei like he can fight 2 ,, or ... with new dimentions in championship and bringing the real self fire burning and making this world the real faces and pictures of those roman fights which i saw in spartacus... or videos ... that we saw in tv,, every one is turst wil be fulfiled definately by these fights.. and now a days world is behind this... everyone want to see the realism of fighting... and it happens in this world in this real life and we will see someone dying ... like more real of those days... definately there are some peope who train to die or swipe the challenger.. and we will see continents which one really produce the real bloods that could take up and go through the rivers rocks... i will definately wait for new dimentions taking place in fighting championship and rings and outer rings and what ever that we saw in pomepi hollywood i think there should be a ring that could confirm there was existing these kind of people with this power or ... what we are reading is a time waste not a real... here it in reality brings the real face of real research out of human power in all and stam the confirmation of a real power undisputed ,, continental,, and lately earthly universal... i saw mayweather it was all centered in us, us championship but not even asia africa australia america europe,, 3 continents shd confess,, he is the champion and religion what ever rules behind the real power of a championship psychological muscle memory practice, besde physical power and real machine out of human soul,, could be research, of a real powerful human so that his power bring the real power of a human from min to maximum what a human can do having the utomst power.
MR 4AK7 3 dias atrás
FUCK YEA i love this and it's back!
Kishan G
Kishan G 3 dias atrás
The only billionaire traveling and finding fighters personally
jeff fung
jeff fung 4 dias atrás
The aquatic jellyfish unequivocally spell because daisy promisingly guide atop a deserted mexico. zippy, empty turret
Carrefour Vendi
Carrefour Vendi 4 dias atrás
just don`t look for the next ronda rousey :))) the rest is ok with me
Mohamed ayoub Elbikri
Mohamed ayoub Elbikri 5 dias atrás
Mr: dana Way you go just in the Rich country if you have some time comes too africa start to morroco broader thanks and god bless you and the champion too👍
Magic Mic
Magic Mic 5 dias atrás
Need to come check out pyramid fights in Arkansas boss!!!! You’ve already seen what we have in Arkansas through my boys Bryce Mitchell, Luis Pena, Thomas Gifford, Justin Frasier, Roli Delgado, the list goes on and on!! You’ve only scraped the talent out here!! I haven’t fought in years, so I’m not just trying to get you here for me! These guys out here are crazy sir!! We don’t have an NBA basketball team, or an NFL football team, or an MLB baseball team, so when it comes to a sport that arkansans focus on, its MMA!!!! These guys are killing it out here!! I’m telling you boss!! Of course Bryce and Luis can back my claim!
Onur Cavus
Onur Cavus 5 dias atrás
Wtf my guy czn burak was at the event
Dev mishra
Dev mishra 5 dias atrás
8:34 our hero who choked everyone
King AD_5
King AD_5 5 dias atrás
Bro look at 16:45 he said "but not this time" in response to Thomas sayin "thats what he does he gets people emotional so they get tired" talkin bout connor so could we be seeing connor khabib 2 ...
OIC NUKES 5 dias atrás
efc shorts really looking good
Myles Scott
Myles Scott 6 dias atrás
I hope they make another one this is my favorite show
Stella Blue
Stella Blue 6 dias atrás
Is that ref at 11:20 a fat ass frank trigg?? Lol
Aldy 7 dias atrás
fahad khan yusfzi
fahad khan yusfzi 7 dias atrás
Come here for khabib
JahiruL the YB
JahiruL the YB 7 dias atrás
Khabib miss you boss
wasup fool
wasup fool 8 dias atrás
The Dustin Conor fight did not come close to the PPV numbers of the Khabib fight, Dana is really trying to con him into coming back
ava graham
ava graham 8 dias atrás
The awful note therapeutically reject because breath radiographically exist beside a undesirable sale. direful, large tugboat
Fai Zee
Fai Zee 8 dias atrás
Dana White is looking for next Conor Mcgregor and Ronda Rousey but not looking for Next Khabib or Amanda Nunes! Great 😞😞😥😥
casillasscorer 8 dias atrás
That moment where Dana talks about Conor PPV numbers with Khabib just shows that Dana does not understand why Khabib competes.
Рахмет Нур
Рахмет Нур 8 dias atrás
If a Khabib said you Eve Edwards, you Eve Edwards))
Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis 9 dias atrás
Was that Frank Trigg reffing the fights?
Brian Hunte
Brian Hunte 9 dias atrás
Dana White is selling Khabib..ABD..Always Be Dana
Peter I.
Peter I. 9 dias atrás
Matt Serra's voice is perfect for voice acting. He sorta sounds like Jake the Dog actually lol
mohammed khan
mohammed khan 9 dias atrás
Dana saying think of the pay per views. You should forget conor vs khabib. It should be khabib vs GSP make that happen.
Brady Prpich
Brady Prpich 10 dias atrás
matty boy... its not the Conor Mcgregor walk its the Vince Mcmahon million dollar strut
Simo Harjane
Simo Harjane 10 dias atrás
The guy who pretend to spill drinks and food on you 😂
MSLM SLM 10 dias atrás
Eurasian guy from Russia came to destroy foreigners
Sultan Titi
Sultan Titi 10 dias atrás
The Guyana guy story almost had me in tears. I wish him the best.
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 11 dias atrás
Dana trying to convince khabib is me trying to convince my lil bro to tell our parents if we can eat ice cream after dinner
Undead 11 dias atrás
7:42 - Matt serra "Din Thomas the man with 2 first names" lol does he not know he has the same thing lol 🤣
Muhammad Zohaib Qureshi
Dana please look in to mujtaba volwarine
Henry Gabbard
Henry Gabbard 11 dias atrás
Dana "I'm just saying" White
FIGHT CLUB 11 dias atrás
Dana the type of guy to say “this fight with poirier... is trending higher than you and Conor”.
Athulbensaj SAAB
Athulbensaj SAAB 11 dias atrás
We love you Khabib....Love from India 🇮🇳
Insaan Adam
Insaan Adam 12 dias atrás
Salam Dana brother i love you to spot poor people God bless you
David Ochoa
David Ochoa 12 dias atrás
Honestly I love Connor but I have high respect for Khabib he’ll forever be a legend
Syndic Calls
Syndic Calls 12 dias atrás
I wish it was Din, Matt, Dana and Nick the tooth
Khabib.Men who loves his parents will always be a champion ❤ Best ever .Enjoy your retirement champ 🏆
Sarmad Rao
Sarmad Rao 12 dias atrás
Khabib never acts like he is a star or he's crazy famous, he is so damn humble
Samar Anand
Samar Anand 12 dias atrás
Coma to Papa 🤣🤣🤣
mohdanishh 12 dias atrás
15:47 Din Thomas is referring to Mystic Mojahed
Brother KHABIB, make my point clearer, (please!) (never!) (return) (to) (mma.) (Be) (extremely) (careful,) with the (*deceitfulness*) of (*worldly*) (*riches,*) (*knowledge,*) & (*worldly*) (*mind*) (*peoples.*)
Brother KHABIB, I'm a Christian Member of, THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS. My advise is, please! never! return to (mma.) It's time for u to serve our HEAVENLY FATHER & our BELOVED HEAVENLY MOTHER, (forever.) Becareful w/the (deceitfulness of worldly riches, knowledge, & worldly mind people.
Nathan Garrison
Nathan Garrison 13 dias atrás
The only guy that can say “ I see multiple guys that I’m interested in” and not be gay at all
The Expert
The Expert 13 dias atrás
Good episode
Muema Muema
Muema Muema 13 dias atrás
From today henceforth he shall be called papa serra
Yung Terv
Yung Terv 13 dias atrás
Khabib is really a nice guy
•Roox •
•Roox • 14 dias atrás
Khabib to Dana White: “I see holes in your game”
TheSphinx 14 dias atrás
18:40 ... that's a mindfuck right there
Xxixvالحسن vxix
Xxixvالحسن vxix 14 dias atrás
Dana come to Irleand
Xxixvالحسن vxix
Xxixvالحسن vxix 14 dias atrás
has to visit Dublin atleast twice a year
Shur1kn 14 dias atrás
Matt and Din impersonating 3PO and R2 was hilarious! Love that show! Keep it up
Thetruth 15 dias atrás
Most viewed fwd is only with khabib
Bald Guy
Bald Guy 15 dias atrás
Dana White: “Conor McGregor was never my friend!”
Oshay Glover
Oshay Glover 15 dias atrás
Please more lff
an unenveloped
GrowMoOrganics 15 dias atrás
Yeah. Normal in Abu Dhabi and insanity in covid America.
dexe gaming
dexe gaming 15 dias atrás
14:23 is that boku no hero...
Gringo Jacinho
Gringo Jacinho 16 dias atrás
Whoever picks the music for this needs to be fired
fyperG 16 dias atrás
This was one of the best videos I've watched from ufc, these series should continue. Also changed my look on Khabib a lil bit, I used to not like him, not saying I like him now but can't not respect him
Mr XxX
Mr XxX 16 dias atrás
Dana come to asian country Man! there is a lot of fighter here because all they do is fighting all day !
Azly 16 dias atrás
Khabib: "I smesh peoples" Joe: "What do you eat to smash people?" Khabib: "Ches booger"
Fahad malik
Fahad malik 16 dias atrás
Khabib's Entry BadAss 💕👌
Forward News Today
Forward News Today 16 dias atrás
I cried at the end
lowridr2 16 dias atrás
that joy that these fighters feel after dana signs them gives you goosebumps
Cony Lee
Cony Lee 16 dias atrás
The teeny newsstand sicily snow because satin analogously crack amidst a resolute nylon. witty, opposite engine
Rahul Saini
Rahul Saini 16 dias atrás
Khabib is a funny guy man Its jus he doesn’t know😄😄😄
noRacks Bigballs
noRacks Bigballs 16 dias atrás
Get khabib outta your asses this dude look like joe rogan
EGE FİTNESS 16 dias atrás
16:27 sooo Dominick Cruz was right ???
martin layag
martin layag 16 dias atrás
what the fuck dana everybody losses????😅😅😅...tell that to khabib and he will smash you😁😁😁
Gun Fighter
Gun Fighter 17 dias atrás
Looking forward to seeing carlston fight. Make it happen soon, Dana.
Ricardo Pina
Ricardo Pina 17 dias atrás
Finaly sign a dude that ain't american or russian and from a country that I don't even know and I'm pretty good at Google Maps 😆
adie hermansyah
adie hermansyah 17 dias atrás
Khabib ngomong apa
Dark Matters
Dark Matters 17 dias atrás
15:00 business talk
PP ACADEMY 17 dias atrás
Khabib is the boss now. He help fighters to get sign in UFC through his own promotion. You really can't hate khabib.
Im Niceisit
Im Niceisit 18 dias atrás
12:30 Judos
Michael Cielo
Michael Cielo 18 dias atrás
They are SO OLD😂
quazzie1 18 dias atrás
Even after 2 decades of doing it, could changing people's lives EVER get old? Man, that's gotta feel good.
JAMEZ ALZ 18 dias atrás
What a great episode
jason linton
jason linton 18 dias atrás
How can you not love khabib he said he doesnt like hurting people the guynis now my favorite fighter i want to see more fights but if he doesnt want to thats fine too!!
KHA LID SANI 18 dias atrás
Then he continued :" You fight with who?"
Lewis Everton
Lewis Everton 18 dias atrás
“Camels face looks like jay z”😂
Ramo Chaty
Ramo Chaty 18 dias atrás
The next conor mcgregor? Lmfao the next KHABIB NORMAGOMEDOV
jiujitsuboxer 18 dias atrás
is the ref Frank Trigg?
M Bakes
M Bakes 18 dias atrás
My camel looked like Jay Z. Lmao wtf
M Bakes
M Bakes 18 dias atrás
The intro sounds like a cheesey version of storage wars or Pawn Stars lol
luvDYL4N 19 dias atrás
18:38 boy shit himself🤣
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