Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers | 2022 Divisional Round Game Highlights

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21 Jan 2023



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Comentários 9 591
High Voltage Media
High Voltage Media 5 dias atrás
As a Niners fan…that was exhausting. Kudos to the Cowboys defense. They showed up. Dak did not.
Steel pulse
Steel pulse 10 horas atrás
@Joseph Kostinko Dont matter atleast were making noise in the playoffs unlike the cowgirls last NFC Championship game 1995 got damn pathetic.
Steel pulse
Steel pulse 10 horas atrás
@Elephant Grass how old are you 12 they didn't look weak at all cowboys played great defense period. Learn football before you post dumb comments kid.
Steel pulse
Steel pulse 10 horas atrás
@angel lol you do realize he will be 46yrs right
Richard Gregory
Richard Gregory 23 horas atrás
Dallas defense played well however Diggs dropped pick 6 at end of 3rd in a tie game with 49ers in redzone and few plays later 49ers scored a td was rhe single biggest play that probably changes the outcome
@Lorenzo CityBoy415 Your team didn't play much better bro.. Eagles will easily beat them right now.
Daniel 4 dias atrás
That field goal was so shocking and unbelievable, they had to show it twice
Tanush Parikh
Tanush Parikh 13 horas atrás
They do this with like every game highlights video idk how they manage to do it every time 😭
djf750 2 dias atrás
I was worried that Dallas would score a TD making the score 19-18 and then have to decide what to do...Maher probably was too
Phil Anderson
Phil Anderson 2 dias atrás
Dude can make 60 yard field goals in bad weather. He just can’t make extra points. Get your facts straight everyone. 😊
djf750 3 dias atrás
I'm glad he made it
Remy Webber
Remy Webber 3 dias atrás
They need better editors
Francesco Botti
Francesco Botti 3 dias atrás
Man, Robbie is a beast of a kicker. So glad to have this guy on our side
Nour Khaled
Nour Khaled 2 dias atrás
Windsor Kid
Windsor Kid 4 dias atrás
That amazing juggling catch by Kittle will be in every highlight film forever. I definitely will never forget it. Go Niners!!
It wasn’t a clean catch it was sloppy, the announcer said it was a one handed catch when bro used 2 hands.
Not even the best TE play that week. Dallas Goedert was way better.
Cedric Brewer
Cedric Brewer Dia atrás
@Evan Rushing commentator even said he wasn’t part of the route
Alan Rachal
Alan Rachal Dia atrás
@Nancy Malkova L
K Man
K Man 2 dias atrás
A talented WR will make a mediocre QB look great. That was an overthrown ball Kittle was able to juggle for possession.
Top Cat
Top Cat 3 dias atrás
As a neutral British fan a great battle. Difficult to pick a SB winner this season, perhaps the most competitive for years!
Mightykeef 4 dias atrás
Best display of defense we had this year
Moonmaster 3 dias atrás
Wait, you a cowboys fan, or 9ers fan?
Seargent Slaughter
Seargent Slaughter 4 dias atrás Finally it’s here🤠
myk tran
myk tran 4 dias atrás
Ohhh my man is a football fan
ronza A
ronza A 4 dias atrás
Here is the recommended clip that say it :
Stephen Soltero
Stephen Soltero 4 dias atrás
That was the most exciting low scoring game of the season. Teams drove the field, the respective defenses dug in and field goals were kicked. Not a bunch of boring 3 and outs.
PEPEdela110 3 dias atrás
Dak is the Chosen One. Literally, he was the chosen one to be the franchise qb.
woogie87 4 dias atrás
This was an exciting game that was well played on both sides. Respect for both teams.
ronza A
ronza A 4 dias atrás
Here is the recommended clip that say it : !!
jsum33 4 dias atrás
Are you high?
Rob Sepe
Rob Sepe 4 dias atrás
The last play will have me rolling forever😂
Adrian Redoble
Adrian Redoble 7 horas atrás
No cap 😂
EpicFan 11 horas atrás
@David Hatchel they were trying to do some sort of lateral I think
BigSpender29 Dia atrás
@David Hatchel move the ball downfield so your closer to the endzone and easier to throw from your 40 or theirs.
David James
David James 4 dias atrás
@David Hatchel He was going to lateral back to Prescott. Got hit too quick.
David Hatchel
David Hatchel 4 dias atrás
Not sure what the plan was, can't figure it out, you HAVE to get the ball down the field, throw it DEEP, what were they thinking? They got nowhere at all. Dumb play calling with 43 seconds left you GOTTA GOFOR IT! 4 dias atrás
One more time, 49ers beat Dallas.
patton303 5 dias atrás
Robbie Gould was the MVP of this game. He even saved a return for a touchdown.
Daniel Hooker
Daniel Hooker 2 dias atrás
Robbie Gould is 100% in playoffs. He's never missed a single point. As a kicker he literally couldn't be any better in playoff football. He's scored 29-of-29 on field goals and 38-of-38 on PATs. His 29 successful field goals is the best in the history of the NFL. I don't think he gets enough attention...
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson 4 dias atrás
@c h i think he got in his running path. I know dallas was bad but not so inept they would run into a defender after splitting a seam.
c h
c h 4 dias atrás
@zbaker330 Gould was in the right place at the right time so he'll get credit.
c h
c h 4 dias atrás
That tackle was so funny. It was more like Gould just got in the way and got bumped and he went down.
BrenL T
BrenL T 4 dias atrás
​@Cesar H 🤣
Mildred's Recipes
Mildred's Recipes 4 dias atrás
Enough points to tie the Cowboys all by himself...PURE GOULD!! Thanks Bears!
John Loye
John Loye 4 dias atrás
I want to personally thank Dak Prescott for helping the 49ers to win this game
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As a cowboys fan, Dak is definitely the only thing holding back our team
Brian Beckstrand
Brian Beckstrand Dia atrás
Dak is just plain stupid with the decisions he makes. Get rid of him.
Sean Keys
Sean Keys Dia atrás
@Jeffery Wilson two weeks ago he was the man Lol
Jeffery Wilson
Jeffery Wilson Dia atrás
Me too
Kendawg and Candy
Kendawg and Candy 2 dias atrás
@Sean Keys The Romoitis is real
Bill Mason
Bill Mason 4 dias atrás
Nobody talks about how good these two teams look together.....the uniform colors....conflicting are a perfect match
Donnie Alexander
Donnie Alexander 13 horas atrás
Yup. Agreed. Like a heavyweight championship fight with one boxer wearing red & gold and the other wearing white & silver. Looks like 1 person didn't agree with your observation
Bill Mason
Bill Mason Dia atrás
@G CN As a Niner fan....where's my Oakland raiders...Yes I'm. I'm a fan that roots niners or raiders....Raiders need to get a superbowl...(3) and counting
Bill Mason
Bill Mason Dia atrás
@Baronarx V I'm straight....what's your insinuation....
Bill Mason
Bill Mason Dia atrás
@NMLKrakersNmySoop Goes back to Brodie vs. STAUBACH...EARLY 70S
Bill Mason
Bill Mason Dia atrás
@G CN I agree Raiders vs Chiefs or Dolphins or cowboys.....
Joanna 2 dias atrás
Playing the cowboys always makes me nervous, one of the best rivalries of all time..GO NINERS!!
Lee 5 dias atrás
Congrats niners, you’ve emotionally scarred us for 2 years in a row in yet another game that will haunt us for years.
Sean Keys
Sean Keys 16 horas atrás
@Brad Erwin do you know how often receivers are open?
Lee 17 horas atrás
@Vahid Musictx dog it’s a joke
Vahid Musictx
Vahid Musictx 17 horas atrás
I’m a cowboys fan. Day one. But your comment is so weak to me. Talking about scarred us. Naw it scarred you. Don’t talk on behalf of us with your weak mindset.
Sean Keys
Sean Keys 2 dias atrás
@Dialectical Monist well the 49ers won the last championship years ago and now two playoff games back to back,..can you imagine how nervous cowboy fans will be if they meet next year? trust me I know from watching the 49ers play Dallas 3times in a championship,'s like the more a team win the more confident they become .
Sean Keys
Sean Keys 2 dias atrás
@Junior_- yeah right, the eagles choke
Magnus Brodd
Magnus Brodd 4 dias atrás
I’m absolutely buzzing over this win, really great play by both teams, tight game but love that 49ers won🤘🥇❤️
Lorenzo P
Lorenzo P 3 dias atrás
One of the best defensive games I have seen. Thanks
Lisa M. Willson
Lisa M. Willson 4 dias atrás
As a Niners fan…that was exhausting. Kudos to the Cowboys defense. They showed up. Dak did not.
Fierce Leo
Fierce Leo 3 dias atrás
Dak who? The real Mr. Irrelevant. Just trash. He need to be cut. You cowboys fans will never get anywhere with him.🤗
cultofbunny 1970
cultofbunny 1970 4 dias atrás
They had to show Maher's 43 yard field goal twice because it was so unbelievable that he made it.
Erick Khan
Erick Khan 5 dias atrás
*one-play, season-ending decision on the line* Kellen Moore: I'm going to absolutely destroy my RB and WR for no reason
Renee Johnson
Renee Johnson 2 dias atrás
That's very true! Look lost 2nd year straight!😭🙄 Eagles fan, but I think the defense is getting a pass,they were playing a rookie!! Dak isn't good here but they get paid too! Go Birds!💚🏈
Greg Adams
Greg Adams 2 dias atrás
@Sung Shin you left out one thing, draft TJ stroud with first round pick. Maybe bring in Rogers for a year
Greg Adams
Greg Adams 2 dias atrás
@Jason Muska he is not a joke he is just past his prime
Greg Adams
Greg Adams 2 dias atrás
@Eric VonVorsrervorn very true. A lot of blame goes to the kicker. Even though they went for it on fourth down and made it, if they would have kicked the field goal instead Dak would not have throw the second interception. Also after he missed the extra point, the game plan changes.
Greg Adams
Greg Adams 2 dias atrás
@Coriente Williams I agree. He has the talent but it's all in his head. He chokes
Daniel JANG
Daniel JANG 4 dias atrás
It's a tremendous game! High quality match! Both teams are deserved honor! 👏
KswaggReacts 4 dias atrás
Check out my hilarious reaction 😂
ronaldo montero
ronaldo montero 4 dias atrás
What do you mean both Dallas got humbled
Flash3477 4 dias atrás
@Brandon Momentum has to be going forward in that situation when going out. Ward hit him and stopped his forward progress, then he went out, so under 2 minutes the clock is supposed to run. If Schultz had dropped the shoulder and went through Ward on the way out while continuing forward, the clock would have stopped.
Brandon 4 dias atrás
why was it a running clock 14:12?
Joon Pak
Joon Pak 4 dias atrás
10:14 I know McGlinchey got tossed around by Micah Parsons but this here was a phenomenal block for the CMC TD. Leighton Vander Esch saw the whole thing coming and didn’t even have a chance to make a play 😅
bubba burdle
bubba burdle 4 dias atrás
Ive watched this like 10 times already. The roar of the crowd gives me the chills every time!! I love NFL!!
Don't read profile photo
That amazing juggling catch by Kittle will be in every highlight film forever. I definitely will never forget it. Go Niners!!
The Black Flame
The Black Flame 4 dias atrás
The most incredible part of the Kittle catch was the way at the last second he dips his shoulder and just misses getting blown up, pure instinct
LJ Caraang
LJ Caraang 2 dias atrás
@Greg Adams I love hard hitting, physical safetys and corners. That attempt was atrocious lol
Greg Adams
Greg Adams 2 dias atrás
@LJ Caraang or Roy Williams, who love to crash into people. That was definitely piss-poor by diggs. He even had his eyes closed. Does he remind you of someone else? Coach prime? He plays to not get hurt. Never get you in on gang tackling and is very easy to block. He also should have had that interception that landed right in his belly
Marcus Adams
Marcus Adams 2 dias atrás
@Buddy James Kittle was in a defenseless posture during the catch. it is prohibited to 1. hit him in the head and neck area, 2. lower your head and hit him anywhere with the crown of your helmet, 3. launch yourself (leave both feet off the ground). see the official rules for more details.
Byron Smith
Byron Smith 3 dias atrás
@Brian Whitaker I totally understand that. However, Kyle tends to get way too conservative and it more often than not, bites him in big games. Look at the QB draw he called. The D-line of Dallas had been dominating and you risk the best QB you currently have, running up the middle? That is not smart. Run a reverse, something misdirection, to take advantage of them coming up field so hard. I did think him finally going to Mitchell in the second half was huge.
ala4fadeel 4 dias atrás
@LJ Caraang You're right, Kam Chancellor was a beast and would have dislocated someone's shoulder in such a scenario. Haha
Maria de-flower me now
That amazing juggling catch by Kittle will be in every highlight film forever. I definitely will never forget it. Go Niners!!
mbalaoro 4 dias atrás
It reminds me the 90's. And as always, the best Rivals in the NFC WEST DIV. It was really a good game. Although 49ers didn't score big, both offensive and defensive players did such a great job. And I admire B Purdy. He doesn't play favorites. Most of all, R Gould is to be consider the MVP of this game, for not missing a field goal.
Sammyj 3 dias atrás
49ers show every week why football is a team sport. These guys offense and defense, play for one another and fight for 60 minutes. 12 wins in a row is an incredible feat but i just dont see this train stopping til after glendale. 49ers super bowl champs 🏆
Jim Caldwell
Jim Caldwell 4 dias atrás
Niner fan - mad respect to cowboys especially defense, speed on the line good schemes and solid tackling. Sorry Pollard got hurt hope he recovers well, he was a threat to change the game.
Greg Adams
Greg Adams 2 dias atrás
Yes good tackling by everyone but diggs. If you watch him during place he never does get in on any kind of gang tackling. He should have knocked that ball loose from George kittle and he should have intercepted the ball that landed in his stomach there is a lot of blame to go around besides on Prescott. And most of it starts with the kicker. Dak would not have thrown that second interception if they would have had confidence that he could make a field goal. Even though they made it on 4th down
GinaCruz Borrero
GinaCruz Borrero 4 dias atrás
I love how kittle caught the football with one hand.. that was my favorite part of the game. 49ers all the way
Very Unusual Stories
Very Unusual Stories 4 dias atrás
Been watching NFL since I was 5, and i always thought that under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES,if the runner goes out of bounds,the clock stops. I never knew that if you sort of push him back before he goes out,the clock does NOT stop. I never knew that....
Rubbela_XxSnipper_ 3 dias atrás
This was an exciting game that was well played on both sides. Respect for both teams.
Eli i i as
Eli i i as 3 dias atrás
Very nice to see the niners being a top team I remember not too long ago we were the bottom of the barrel . Let’s go niners !
Vahid Musictx
Vahid Musictx 5 dias atrás
I was at this game. I’m a Dallas cowboy ride or die for life. I just want to say that the 49ers fans Were very respectful to me when visiting their stadium. San Francisco as a whole was very hospitable. I had a great time at the game. Good luck against Philly guys
Vahid Musictx
Vahid Musictx 12 horas atrás
@Lost Beagle haha that’s cool!!
Fk Democrats
Fk Democrats 2 dias atrás
Would have been a little different had Dallas won lol
Greg Adams
Greg Adams 2 dias atrás
@Bill Mason and we both beat the Buffalo bills the last time we won
Lost Beagle
Lost Beagle 3 dias atrás
Ha! I remember you! I was sitting two rows behind you to your left
Doobie Doo
Doobie Doo 3 dias atrás
@oakblackbird Good point sir.
Rubbela_XxSnipper_ 3 dias atrás
I’m absolutely buzzing over this win, really great play by both teams, tight game but love that 49ers won🤘🥇❤
marcfrommars 2 dias atrás
Losing pollard this game was tragic. I hope Dak heals from this mean I'm not making any excuses for our cowboys but he was coming from a thumb injury so we don't know what type of pain he's still going through with that but he hasn't been playing elite. Congrats on the niners with the dub well deserved.
Spear 327
Spear 327 4 dias atrás
The game is what I expected from two great teams, a damn good dogfight.
SQ 3 dias atrás
What an insane game it was awesome!!!
Shlumpty 5 dias atrás
As a 49ers fan, Kudos to the Cowboys defense. They played their heart out fasho
Forgiato Capone
Forgiato Capone 4 dias atrás
Eagles vs Bengals
hagamapama 4 dias atrás
@Leonardo Braynen 3: Robbie Gould
Randy 4 dias atrás
@Purwanti Allan Niners didn't get lucky.. The Girls were overrated as usual!!! We see why Dak was a 4th round pick!!
Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams 4 dias atrás
@C.R. How are the Chiefs going to get past the Bengals?
birdlynn 4 dias atrás
@Fred Werza And playing clean. I am impressed with how clean they play, not fouling...that is the wisdom to this game of winning.
Marvin 4 dias atrás
Hannah Hicks
Hannah Hicks Dia atrás
It's a tremendous game! High quality match! Both teams are deserved honor!
JustinNYC 3 dias atrás
One takeaway for me, is that Purdy has a keen awareness when he's in danger in the pocket, and is able to escape the heavy. pressure.
Daryl D.
Daryl D. 3 dias atrás
Fred Warner forever known as Freddy Krueger after today. Best player on a field of superstars.
HAACHAMA VIRUS 5 dias atrás
Kittle in the middle. WHAT a catch. Rooting for 49s team from France
TooLate 3 dias atrás
Frenchies are cute lol
HAACHAMA VIRUS 4 dias atrás
@apbuggy ;)
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 4 dias atrás
@ACR Kittie more likely as the flying frenchman.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 4 dias atrás
@No Exit 👍👍👍👍👍
apbuggy 4 dias atrás
Strongest idol 🤝 Strongest Team
Dawon Henderson
Dawon Henderson 4 dias atrás
Sad we lost, but 49ers is an amazing team. They're good on both sides of the ball. They are arguably the best team in the NFL.
Andrew Mayberry
Andrew Mayberry Dia atrás
As a die hard eagles fan, I was kind of hoping for an eagles and cowboys rivalry game right here before the Super Bowl. How awesome would that have been! Congrats to both teams though. I won’t trash talk either team. Good luck to the ones that remain.
rykemedia 4 dias atrás
After the first game of Purdy i had this feeling this could be a superbowl winning game changer for the 49ers and since he is on the field they havent lost one game... this kid is all his money worth
Brandon Payne
Brandon Payne Dia atrás
gotta say i was worried at first but now i dont think i even want garapollo or lance back this season lol let this kid play the superbowl if we make it there
Mspi Onage
Mspi Onage 4 dias atrás
Both championship games are great matchups. As far as the NFC, damn, it is really hard to predict what will happen there other than I have no doubt it will be extremely physical and nasty. Both teams really get after it.
Texas Bull
Texas Bull Dia atrás
Eagles are going to win. -Cowboys fan. I hate the eagles more than I could ever hate the Niners. Just telling you how it is going to be. Eagles will probably blow out the Niners in embarrassing fashion.
Gregory King
Gregory King 4 dias atrás
Very cool to see 9ers vs cowboys in the playoffs. Reminds me of childhood.
Gregory King
Gregory King 3 dias atrás
@Ronald McDonald yessir
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald 3 dias atrás
Damn you hella old
KswaggReacts 4 dias atrás
Check out my hilarious reaction 😂
ronaldo montero
ronaldo montero 4 dias atrás
TSG Breezy
TSG Breezy 4 dias atrás
Jerry Jones had to draw up that last play wtf...
Conditionally Unconditional
Niners held it together as a team. Defense ruled! Gould was consistent 4/4 and saved a potential score on a kickoff. Great team effort! 👏👏👏
Moonmaster 3 dias atrás
@Chris Castillo Cry more.
Chris Castillo
Chris Castillo 3 dias atrás
They got away w/a clear hold on that return. It was pretty blatant u can see him get pulled in. Should’ve been 10 yards from the spot 1st n 10 from the 10.
plainform 3 dias atrás
That's what I keep saying, Gould definitely saved the game right there.
𝖓𝖚𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖙𝖎 HavalKing™
This Game this just crazy going back and forth !!! 49ers winning it all #6 🏆
tyler miller
tyler miller 4 horas atrás
I really love what the niners have going, I think joe burrow is unstoppable right now.
Luis Alcalá
Luis Alcalá 3 dias atrás
The 49ers came to play and not just that, they came to dominate and prove a point! They deserve to be where they are right now! 12 wins in a row!!!!
Best display of defense we had this year 😍
Thanks 🙏
@local47_74 4 dias atrás
you've been an awesome subscriber, Congratulations you won a prize. Massage the username on telegram
Yaboyhouse 4 dias atrás
I'm happy for the 49ers, Brock Purdy deserves this, the Cowboys played decent defense but it still wasn't enough to stop them. Going to be a good game in each Championship game!
Picasso 4 dias atrás
that man said decent defense 🤣
Mandy McMahon
Mandy McMahon 4 dias atrás
One of the best games played by both teams in a loooong time. Thank you Dallas and St. Francisco 💕👍
Mandy McMahon
Mandy McMahon 3 dias atrás
@ronaldo montero nevermind the score, there were some awesome plays.
Mandy McMahon
Mandy McMahon 3 dias atrás
@Moonmaster have to love auto correct. Makes us sound real smart eh. SAN is more correct
Moonmaster 3 dias atrás
St. Francisco?
ronaldo montero
ronaldo montero 4 dias atrás
Good game lowest scoring game
Boba Defett
Boba Defett 4 dias atrás
Purdy is just stepping up like a boss, since the saints can't win it I really hope he wins it all.
Just Myopinion
Just Myopinion 4 dias atrás
Could have been a different outcome if Pollard didn’t get hurt. Great game
Presents 5 dias atrás
Truly one of the cowboys final plays of all time
Fierce Leo
Fierce Leo 3 dias atrás
Dak who? The real Mr. Irrelevant. Just trash. He need to be cut. You cowboys fans will never get anywhere with him.
Ephilly 1010
Ephilly 1010 3 dias atrás
@Purwanti Allan 😂😂😂😂😂
Ephilly 1010
Ephilly 1010 3 dias atrás
@AA 😂
AngryPeanut52 4 dias atrás
@William Morgan all he did was watch black people enter a building *66 years ago* So it's racist to look
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 4 dias atrás
@Ted Benveniste🇺🇦 Eagles gonna crush 49ers in NFC Championship match. 35-3.
🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨
That field goal was so shocking and unbelievable, they had to show it twice
lawofthewest Dia atrás
The Clownboys never disappoint when it comes to a foolish ending.
Jasha Argueta
Jasha Argueta 4 dias atrás
What a great drive by the 49ers in the 4th to get a field goal. Ate up so much clock
J- Express
J- Express 4 dias atrás
I feel like the key play that changed everything was that tipped interception Dak threw towards the end of the first half to Cee Dee Lamb got the Niners 9-6 lead which should've been cowboys lead instead going into halftime maybe a 13-6 cowboys lead instead would've changed the players psyche both teams at that point and therefore the outcome of the entire Game.
Mike Beatty
Mike Beatty 5 dias atrás
The defense of both teams was spectacular. Hard to figure how any of the teams offenses left in the playoffs could have been able to move the ball against either defense.
Zack’s ASMR
Zack’s ASMR 4 dias atrás
@Is Az that’s true but the Niners haven’t lost the turnover battle or a game for 12 straight weeks now
SiriusV21 4 dias atrás
@Joe Heasley Yes and Kyle needs to not lose confidence in Brock. Let him play. Kyle tried to run the clock out at halftime. Wasted 30 seconds. Lucky to still get a field goal out of that. If Kyle keeps playing not to lose, we can not beat the great teams.
Don Cooper
Don Cooper 4 dias atrás
@richard escobar Agree 20th against the pass the eagles are Loaded with weapons Good Luck Trying to stop them no way the 49ers holding that team to 12 points
birdlynn 4 dias atrás
😄 Yes, really true. They both did very good with what they could do, and that was a tight and controlled game.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 4 dias atrás
@Is Az no way.
Donald White
Donald White 4 dias atrás
Man those calls was brutal it was 2nd and 2 and they went empty backfield in the red zone with 1:17 left before the half and was getting ball back at the half. That was the ball game honestly especially after pollard went down
trueblood 4 dias atrás
It's a great day when the cowgals and Jerry go home with a tear in their eye.
dhtm3577 4 dias atrás
Great game!!! Never doubt the 49ers. Winning with a 3rd string QB!!!!!! What!!!!????
ms 3533
ms 3533 4 dias atrás
Glad to see Dallas go into hibernation! Better luck next year !
Darrell Covello
Darrell Covello 4 dias atrás
That catch by Kittle was such a spark for the Niners. They had all the momentum from that point forward..
Greg Adams
Greg Adams 2 dias atrás
@STONER HISTORY diggs please do not get hurt watch him on running plays and he is always getting out of the way or getting blocked very easily. He also missed an easy interception
KswaggReacts 4 dias atrás
Check out my hilarious reaction 😂
STONER HISTORY 4 dias atrás
Garbage catch..he got lucky
STONER HISTORY 4 dias atrás
Good catch? He almost lost it and it was a good throw. He even almost got lit up from catching it so badly..Luckily for him Diggs is a horrible at tackling other wise he would have looked like a idiot.
STONER HISTORY 4 dias atrás
So,it wasn't the 3 flags they called?
DPTH3GR8T 4 dias atrás
The 9ers kicker will forever be remembered as a hero
elise nispee
elise nispee 4 dias atrás
Congratulations niners but kudos to cowboys who held me at edge of my seat and breath. Who’s next? Bring it on! Go niners😊, one more step to Phil, a giant leap to superbowl!😊
Shaylin Monk
Shaylin Monk 4 dias atrás
Love watching classic teams in the playoffs. This game brings back good memories.
Shaylin Monk
Shaylin Monk 3 dias atrás
@ronaldo montero lol delusional
river j
river j 4 dias atrás
@ronaldo montero literally the 2 biggest franchises in football…
ronaldo montero
ronaldo montero 4 dias atrás
Classic no
Stephen Soltero
Stephen Soltero 4 dias atrás
That last play was the epitome of the Dak Prescott era in Dallas. Elliot gets trucked and Prescott's pass goes 5 yards getting his receiver killed for the game ending tackle.
John Lai
John Lai 3 dias atrás
Good win by the San Francesco 49ers Dallas Cowboys had a good outing here.
Gary Sparhawk
Gary Sparhawk 2 dias atrás
Well one thing that the Cowboys can take to heart. Don't have to worry about anymore missed extra points!
Gleb Negey
Gleb Negey 4 dias atrás
Игра персонала защиты обеих команд удалась :) Мне жаль, что Cowboys проиграли. Прескотт не вытянул. Вынос сдулся. Только за Махера я рад, после очередного промаха при EP, я боялся, что парень сломается, но потом он забил несколько FG и теперь я спокоен за его психику :) Круто, что Маккафри (RB, 49ers) в большой игре, такой мастер заслуживает участие в битве за главный трофей!
jim bo
jim bo 3 dias atrás
Still seems incredible that the 49ers RB did not just fall to the turf after completing the game winning first down yardage. Ultimately gave Dallas new life when they were essentially done.
Big Ten Football
Big Ten Football 4 dias atrás
That was a very good game..the Cowboys defense showed keep a low scoring game to the Niners was impressive.
Keith Borowski
Keith Borowski 3 dias atrás
Nick Tuffo
Nick Tuffo 4 dias atrás
@Theplug88 we were moving the ball better than the winers the whole game bro what u talking about lol. This should of been a blow out. Laugh all you want.
Vince Gedeon
Vince Gedeon 4 dias atrás
Vince Gedeon
Vince Gedeon 4 dias atrás
@Theplug88 no excuses for those mouthy losers 🙄😂
Vince Gedeon
Vince Gedeon 4 dias atrás
@László Németh THEY SUCK🙄😂
Roy Williams
Roy Williams 4 dias atrás
Playing the cowboys always makes me nervous, one of the best rivalries of all time..GO NINERS!!
Ty Farrell
Ty Farrell 4 dias atrás
As a niners fan, damn I feel bad for pollard, so talented and fun to watch
49erfanoz 4 dias atrás
One game at a time. 2 more for the chip. Let's go 9ers!!
JM-drums 4 dias atrás
Hell of a game. Go Niners!!!
ICUC 5 dias atrás
Kittle's one-handed catch was purely awesome.
Greg Adams
Greg Adams 2 dias atrás
@David C disagree sir diggs had his eyes closed. All he had to do was stick his hand out and touch the ball and then he would have never caught it. Diggs is just like coach prime used to be
David C
David C 4 dias atrás
@john Kimble straight ducked the head and whiffed that tackle!
G d F
G d F 4 dias atrás
@john Kimble on the replay I think you can see Kittle is aware that he's going to get hit and he's able to shift his body to avoid the hit - Great catch and excellent heads up play
birdlynn 4 dias atrás
He is so fun! I love his fun humor and zany ways which is so HIM on field and off field. Great player, glad to see some plays by him finally.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 4 dias atrás
@john Kimble wasted opportunities to go for a sack.
Vibe Music
Vibe Music 4 dias atrás
Shocking and Unbelievable, they had to show it twice..❤️
BenRiley83 3 dias atrás
I love watching the Cowboys lose! Literally my favorite thing in sports 🏈!
Charles Jacobson
Charles Jacobson 3 dias atrás
Dak is still sleeping well at night with his sleep number bed. Niners are pumped up for this Championship game. Let's go Niners!!! Let put the hurt on hurts!!!! Beat the Eagles!!!
Chivati-💖 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е🔞
As a Niners fan…that was exhausting. Kudos to the Cowboys defense. They showed up. Dak did not.
Zach Dolgin
Zach Dolgin 5 dias atrás
I think people don’t give Robbie Gould enough credit. The 49ers playing the way they did only had 1 touchdown. That’s pretty unusual for them. Robbie Gould was the majority of his team’s points. He deserves all the praise.
Michael Scott-Joynt
Michael Scott-Joynt 4 dias atrás
@Ginger Li Bears cut him to save money and save themselves from better chances to win. They didn't even wait for the regular season. He missed some PATs in pre-season, including a bad snap. He was only the all-time team point leader (ahead of Kevin Butler), with more total FGs and more 50+ than any other Bear. Gotta save a lousy team some money, though. Getting released was one of his top career wins. He immediately did well for the next team and the Bears looked into a dumpster to find a kicker.
atg13 4 dias atrás
Get off your knees already
Daniel Hooker
Daniel Hooker 4 dias atrás
He also blocked a return as well. That could have been an immediate Cowboys touchdown. He's 100% in the post-season - he doesn't get enough credit.
AngryPeanut52 4 dias atrás
As a bears fan, It was sad to see him go. (Especially after the double doink. Which Gould attended that game)
Glodaze8 4 dias atrás
Damn near all his kicks were under 30 yards as a vet he posed to make those points those were easy points 🤷🏽‍♂️💯
Tiff Tiff T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE
As a Niners fan…that was exhausting. Kudos to the Cowboys defense. They showed up. Dak did not.
Frank Esposito
Frank Esposito 4 dias atrás
For a Southerner I must admit he was PURDY good that Quarterback for the Niners !!!
daveo macron
daveo macron 4 dias atrás
Reminds me of the Niners/Cowboys classics back in the day.
AspireGD 3 dias atrás
Sucks to watch Pollard get injured, he's been one of the cowboys most valuable offensive players. Albeit this game wasn't the most thrilling when it comes to scoring it was still a great effort by both teams.
Cristian Chavez
Cristian Chavez 4 dias atrás
since about week 9 ive been saying this season feels special. keep it going fellas!!!
D.D. F.
D.D. F. 4 dias atrás
Couldn't see the game yesterday, glad for this recap! Go Niners! Sorry Cowboys 💔
Martin Newton
Martin Newton 4 dias atrás
I knew this would be the best game of the divisional round
John Redford
John Redford 4 dias atrás
As a Cowboy fan I want to congratulate the 49ers on there win yesterday. I knew it was over when Prescott threw that first interception yesterday. The Cowboys need stability not inconsistent play which he does a lot. Like what happened from last Monday night to yesterday.
Greg Adams
Greg Adams 2 dias atrás
A lot of the blame goes on the kicker Dak would have never thrown that second if they would have just kicked the field goal instead on 4th down even though dikran for a first down,.
Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts 5 dias atrás
For All the Cowboys fans the lost must hurt, but this game was on a high-level, hard hitting real rivalry type deal.
Fierce Leo
Fierce Leo 3 dias atrás
Dak who? The real Mr. Irrelevant. Just trash. He need to be cut. You cowboys fans will never get anywhere with him.
WellsThatSucks 4 dias atrás
@Jon Jonson they added that rule in 2008.
Jon Jonson
Jon Jonson 4 dias atrás
@WellsThatSucks wtf. Is that a relatively new rule? Never heard it before.
David James
David James 4 dias atrás
@msVanessajay Infuriating to watch that he didnt plow into the sidelines but instead did a ballet performance to not get hit. Same with the big catch. The Defensive guy was scared for the collision. Season on the line, I would die out there.
The College Life
The College Life 4 dias atrás
Nah Dallas is just ass lmao. Specifically dak
Zanathan 4 dias atrás
Good job Cowboys, keeping up with the usual season ender!
Frank lauj
Frank lauj 4 dias atrás
This crowd was loud! Lets go niners!
Monica Gomez
Monica Gomez 4 dias atrás
AQ! Cowboys fan! Better win next round! They work hard. I'm feeling their pain. Get some rest, for the next win. 🥰😍🤩
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