Dad of Kid Seen Working at Popeye’s Gets Fired

Inside Edition
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A child was photographed preparing the insanely popular Popeye’s chicken sandwich in a restaurant outside Dallas. The boy appeared to be about 8 years old and no taller than four feet. A customer took video of the boy wearing a Popeye’s apron while he helped the overworked staff as they struggled to keep up with the chicken sandwich orders. The kid's father works at the restaurant in Colony, Texas. The person who took the video told Inside Edition the restaurant was packed at the time.

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15 Nov 2019



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Comentários 3 738
Gabriella Zhane
Gabriella Zhane Dia atrás
What’s wrong with him having a job
RR 1976
RR 1976 4 dias atrás
That kid rocks.
Lollipop Gurl
Lollipop Gurl 4 dias atrás
And now they homeless
PentiPenti 4 dias atrás
Lol imagine this guy being like 20 lol
alexa yahen
alexa yahen 5 dias atrás
That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard really all he doing is helping his dad not to cause any problems oh “it’s unsafe” this world is unsafe we need to live but some people don’t know how to do that 🤦‍♀️
VORTEC OMAR 6 dias atrás
VG Dubrovin
VG Dubrovin 6 dias atrás
Wtf I remember working when I was 15-16 years old with the permit I got from school
Wandy Chambers
Wandy Chambers 8 dias atrás
This lady is about the most wicked customer I have ever got had m off his job, so how's he gonna take care of that child without a job
1talldaddy 2 dias atrás
no it's the dad's own fault he was fired.
Dem Boyz Runnin
Dem Boyz Runnin 8 dias atrás
Mfs always snitching mane got damn
usernamedkjah 9 dias atrás
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Is this really news?! **GASP** A child helping out and doing something constructive instead of being a little terror?! Does this lispy underbite broad have kids? She probably has never been in a Chinese restaurant then. Heck, probably never been in a Black Soul food restaurant before. Probably never worked a day in her life. Caramel Karen
Esaiah G
Esaiah G 10 dias atrás
I watched this while waiting in line fir a goddamn sandwich
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom 11 dias atrás
What she did was wrong.My brothers on the weekend or summer vacation they go to work better than playing video games all day long since the age of 9.Nothing is wrong about it it’s just people out here r not giving their kids the experience of working then they cry y is my kid locked up in the room playing video games and go to Dr.phill for help😂
OMER QASIM 11 dias atrás
She just ruined the kids life. His father doesnt have a job anymore
1talldaddy 2 dias atrás
well that's the dad's own fault he doesn't have a job.
Jurgen Ruppel
Jurgen Ruppel 12 dias atrás
So what? Let the kid have fun. The customers who took the video and photo should get lost!!
1talldaddy 2 dias atrás
well since it violate company polices the isn't allowed to have fun in the kitchen.
-Veridis_ Quo-
-Veridis_ Quo- 13 dias atrás
wow the only thing that’s crazy here is the lady who didn’t mind her business
Hendrik Loeslim
Hendrik Loeslim 13 dias atrás
Plott : he was a midget 😁
Lgn1234 GN
Lgn1234 GN 14 dias atrás
Did she ever take in to consideration that this particular day was bring your kid to work day 😜
1talldaddy 12 dias atrás
no for legal reasons Popeye's isn't having that.
jbee railroader
jbee railroader 14 dias atrás
So I would think the manager would have been fired as well...
Mei Mesaki
Mei Mesaki 14 dias atrás
Man this is why the movie "Chef" can't happen in real life
Brucev7 15 dias atrás
Even a women customer slammed down on the parking lot by an employee
X Ray
X Ray 15 dias atrás
so what about business owners who tell the stories of how they started working with their dad at the age of 8 and learned the business and took over or started their own business? This society is getting softer and softer. I can understand the kid shouldn't have been there because of insurance purposes. I can't call it.
1talldaddy 14 dias atrás
@X Ray yeah that's where the dad really screwed up.
X Ray
X Ray 15 dias atrás
@1talldaddy Yes. I realize. I wasn't aware of the fines.
1talldaddy 15 dias atrás
X Ray the kid wasn't even supposed to be in the kitchen in the first place.that reason alone was enough to get fired.but the dad took his stupidity to the next level by violating a few company policies along with a federal law that cost the Popeye's a lot in fines.
X Ray
X Ray 15 dias atrás
@1talldaddy I understand that. You think the kid was pulling a 40 hour shift? . I'm quite sure it was only for the day and probably a few hours.
1talldaddy 15 dias atrás
that has nothing to do with this.and it's not a society is getting softer problem.this is a corporation that doesn't want to get in trouble for violating federal child labor laws.
Aka Fart
Aka Fart 16 dias atrás
She’s in front of my school that got shot up talking about Popeyes like wtf
Rumor Lf
Rumor Lf 16 dias atrás
What a snitch
Mr. Guy
Mr. Guy 16 dias atrás
Wha da fack... I started working at 11 cleaning cars, collecting cars and aluminum from salvage car lots.. so what let the kid get some life experience..
1talldaddy 14 dias atrás
well it's illegal for major corporations like Popeye's to have 8 year olds working in their stores.
Uncle Spam
Uncle Spam 16 dias atrás
Hey if the kids getting paid who cares as long as he does his job well
1talldaddy 15 dias atrás
he wasn't getting paid.
ultrakool 17 dias atrás
shorty be workin
THE GAMER 17 dias atrás
Bro I am 12 and on the summer I work whit out pay in construction whit my uncle and grandparents qI would love to work in a restaurant
Armando Munoz
Armando Munoz 17 dias atrás
Wow 69 made snitching popular...
Phillip James Clearman
Phillip James Clearman 18 dias atrás
If the dumbasses who demand to have the chicken sandwich instead of just going home and making it themselves this wouldn’t be a thing.
Dina haddad
Dina haddad 18 dias atrás
Bro, dude's just minding his own damn business, then some lady freaking snitches on him and got the dad fired. This lady is like that one kid in class that everybody hates that reminds the teacher that the class has homework. Like just leave the damn kid alone, jeez I'm pretty sure that kid does a better job at work then her, well if she even has a job, I doubt she's get one with being a snitch.
1talldaddy 17 dias atrás
no the dad's own stupidity is what got him fired.
Harry Kimura
Harry Kimura 18 dias atrás
Big deal, hard work builds character. It's good for him.
J. Montrice
J. Montrice 18 dias atrás
k Ive seen 10 year old Chinese kids working at the Chinese restaurant downtown? So...should I report them too?
Sekruno /:
Sekruno /: 18 dias atrás
That chicken sandwich is so overrated
josiah caporuscio
josiah caporuscio 18 dias atrás
Pause at 0:00 u see mason
POOPonYOUall 18 dias atrás
I guess she never watched Masterchef jr.
Oh Mushrooms
Oh Mushrooms 18 dias atrás
Damn is this 6ix9ine’s long lost sister?
King Power
King Power 18 dias atrás
This is very common in many restaurants
1talldaddy 18 dias atrás
but in restaurants run by corporations it's illegal.
Jassel Alcala
Jassel Alcala 19 dias atrás
Bruh kids need to understand what it's like to work. Abviously not a full time job.
1talldaddy 18 dias atrás
but the kid wasn't even supposed to be in the kitchen in the first place.
Miss Honey Never Came
Miss Honey Never Came 19 dias atrás
I think this all depends on the details. Was it after 9PM, does he work every night, does he get paid, do they let him get involved with the frying pan? Who is gonna help that kid if he burns himself? The kid should be at home doing his homework so he won't have to end up like his dad.
Dirafv3 19 dias atrás
Let the little homie get bread..damm..
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