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14 Set 2023



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Vindooly 7 dias atrás
It's great to see you doing so well Felix! 😊
Jrqolx 7 dias atrás
Anshu Thakur
Anshu Thakur 7 dias atrás
I am aware hammy as you are🎉
liquid_sally 7 dias atrás
hi its u
liquid_sally 7 dias atrás
get this to the most likes
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma 7 dias atrás
LOL 2 dias atrás
unlike most parents, it warms my heart to see felix and marzia give the same care to their dogs after having a baby
faker beast
faker beast 2 dias atrás
Alexander Samson
Alexander Samson Dia atrás
Absolute agree.
asdf Dia atrás
my 4 dogs went out to pasture when ours was born. Can't risk having a land-shark tear out the baby's throat when i'm not looking.
i8ET Dia atrás
@asdfwhat do you mean “went out to the pasture”? Did you kill them just because you had a baby? Poor dogs
asdf Dia atrás
@i8ETput em out of their misery. Ole gunny was gettin a bit gray around the edges anyway. A quick way out
iGameApple 2 dias atrás
He looks so happy and it makes me wanna move to Japan.
vanitas 2 dias atrás
As a Japanese person, we're really glad to hear that phrase, but working life here is kinda tough unless you're professor or smth like that, keep in mind abt that
Stevey K.
Stevey K. 2 dias atrás
​@vanitas-5813 very true, Felix's lifestyle is truly like the top 5% of all Japanese residents.
Ace Verhel
Ace Verhel 2 dias atrás
Can you explain more about this? Many people want to go to japan but like me who dont know how it works there, I seen a fellow nationality working as a welder in japan
フジスケ Dia atrás
@Ace Verhelif you’re retired then its haven. if you’re looking for work/working, its shit. aside from the working conditions its really good. people are polite(mostly), lowest crime rate in the world, great food, good tourist spot, and a relatively unique culture, and most importantly anime.
Andrés Pérez Paulin Iberri
Also be careful because its one of the loneliest countries in the world, its difficult to make friends, even for some japanese, i live in Tottori city (yes i know , why tottori?) so its kinda difficult to make friends, specially if you dont know good japanese, you can get extremely lonely, even if you have good japanese, and im aware that even in big cities people struggle to have close relationships, im not saying it would be the same to you if you decide to go, just keep the possiility in mind.
LOL 2 dias atrás
Felix living in Japan grants him a normal life, truly cool to see such a notable public figure live normally and enjoy life to the fullest
Xloafe Dia atrás
Lmao copying the top comment
Erlacine 21 hora atrás
Ikr like oof
vule 17 horas atrás
Truly a top effort comment
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean 4 dias atrás
He went from screaming at games to becoming the calmest coolest dad ever. I bet even Felix didn't anticipate how much his life was going to change.
Big Ounce
Big Ounce 4 dias atrás
I’m gonna cry, I’ve never been so happy for someone on BRvid. It feels weird to have second hand happiness for someone I’ve never met but seeing how far pewds has come since amnesia is just so amazing.
Stevey K.
Stevey K. 2 dias atrás
Dw, I will snuggle you into your blanket
Domnul L
Domnul L 2 dias atrás
Lol ok
MRJagdishYT 2 dias atrás
Pewds ran the campaign to unsubscribe T series channel so that he could be the first😏, is that the greedy person you are happy for?
phantom 2 dias atrás
You did not just say "second-hand happiness" 💀
kaili Dia atrás
Kristine 3 dias atrás
It’s heartwarming to see how satisfied both Marzia and Felix look after Bjorn was born.
jj 5 dias atrás
I don't want to have kids myself but then I see stuff like this, and having a little family just seems so nice.
Harsh Kapadia
Harsh Kapadia 4 dias atrás
Everything has its positives and negatives!
Baby Bloo
Baby Bloo 2 dias atrás
Same here! I guess I wouldn’t mind being a cool aunt though
Welcome to the Gulag
Welcome to the Gulag 2 dias atrás
It's perfectly fine if you don't want kids
ICaughtTheSnitch26 2 dias atrás
Don't have kids. They are showing the cute nice parts and not the trials of parenting. They also don't work normal jobs and have a lot of freedom and time to relax. This is a very unrealistic representation.
Adi 2 dias atrás
then, you are a burden to the country you live in
A 5 dias atrás
I can't explain how surreal it felt to watch Felix speak to his baby, the look on his face. He looks so happy and content. ❤
Incrementium 2 dias atrás
twopurrcent Dia atrás
When he’s on the couch with his glasses he looks JUST like his father. It’s almost spooky
Carolina Pachas
Carolina Pachas 5 dias atrás
When he paused before saying Maya's name @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="452">7:32</a> ...🥺 I'm glad to see you guys out and about enjoying life with baby Bjorn
Abdelaziz Boudabia
Abdelaziz Boudabia 7 dias atrás
From that kid who screams while playing video games to actually being a father, I'm genuinely so happy for you Felix
Anirudh Ghatty
Anirudh Ghatty 7 dias atrás
We literally saw a man grow. Beautiful
Future Reflections
Future Reflections 7 dias atrás
First Bjorn and Felix father son gaming stream is going to be epic
AtomicDynamite1 7 dias atrás
Now felix will be playing games and his son will do the screaming 😄
vincoxc Dia atrás
Been watching you since I was a kid and seeing you like this is weird, We're proud of you Pewds
bartyan14 2 dias atrás
I used to watch Felix for laughs and now look at me - almost crying every new video, i dont know what to say. Happy for you (and your family), dude, that's a nice life to live!
Joanna Dia atrás
Felix is currently experiencing the same emotions as my cousin, who also just became a father, thus it makes me very glad to see him in these circumstances. I don't know why, but seeing them makes me happy.
G. G.
G. G. 3 dias atrás
That kid is gonna be so happy, healthy and wholesome. Best dad ever! He's gonna be so proud of his dad when he grows up.
Cindy Manzanarez
Cindy Manzanarez 3 dias atrás
I’m so grateful that even though he’s a busy dad now he’s still able to take and share with us through his journey. It feels like we’ve all grown with Felix and his little family and it’s truly beautiful, thank you Felix! 😊
Veil 7 dias atrás
Dude is literally living in the “Good Ending”, and frankly, he deserves every bit of it. I’ve watched since 2013, every evolution, every improvement, and every setback. This man, after everything he’s done for us, deserves to live the good life. Brofist, Pewds 👊
SuperWiiBros08 7 dias atrás
He's literally living the BRvidr's Good Ending
ツmelz 7 dias atrás
Fr it’s so sweet to see him able to just enjoy being in public with martzia 🥹
Kelton 7 dias atrás
One of my biggest online role models for sure, started watching when I was 11 and im 21 now. Couldn't be more happy for him
Blankets 7 dias atrás
Honestly from seeing Felix evolve over time, I'm so glad that he's living his best life right now.
LEGEND 7 dias atrás
Petra 2 dias atrás
it honestly makes me emotional to see pewds and marzia living their best life, we really did grow up with them and it's so wholesome seeing them go from filming fridays with pewdiepie to being parents
Jackie Meadow
Jackie Meadow Dia atrás
I absolutely love these vlogs and how they are edited. It’s making me so nostalgic for Japan! Thank you for taking the time to make these videos in the midst of having a newborn, I know you both must be exhausted. What a beautiful life you have created! 💖🫶
DeadSilver 5 dias atrás
Mannn this man really made our childhoods and now has a child. I'm crying tears of joy
Lucy 1st
Lucy 1st 4 dias atrás
Cant believe I've seen him making lets plays to him being a dad now... so damn amazed and proud to have been able to see his journey
Karina Garcia
Karina Garcia Dia atrás
This is so relaxing to watch. You guys are slowing removing my fear of having a baby! I can't wait to see my husband become a father.
HUNTER BS Hindi 7 dias atrás
Bjorn showing the middle finger is a declaration that he ain't just a month old baby... He's a 9 year old too..
ItzYuzuru Clips
ItzYuzuru Clips 7 dias atrás
Damn lmao
SMM :Object Fruitiness Central!:
kite was here
kite was here 7 dias atrás
​@SMM :Object Fruitiness Central!:13:48
Gang Slangin ViceLord
Gang Slangin ViceLord 6 dias atrás
JAY FR Topic - Will You Remember, after this yall ? or b4 it?s
DheyShortsGamerTv 5 dias atrás
well he’s our leader now!
Puffination 2 dias atrás
This puts a smile on my face to see Pewds enjoy life with Marzia and Björn, It's the best thing to see a family enjoy each other, very lovely
keeleyv22 4 dias atrás
such a proud and happy feeling from all of us watching felix because the man and father he has become
Scarlet 3 dias atrás
i'm so emotional rn because i see my favortie amnesia player now smiling down at his own baby and spending so much time with his wife and kid... this is so beautiful
Flash_Kat25 3 dias atrás
Pewds looks so happy and honestly I love it. I'm so glad you're doing awesome, buddy. Thanks for raising me.
Shibe Doge
Shibe Doge 4 dias atrás
happy seeing felix just enjoying life and sharing it to us.
Leonhart 7 dias atrás
Was just in Japan last month for first time; having enjoyed these vlogs for a while now; it made the trip over even more special!
goofy aah ketchup boi
goofy aah ketchup boi 7 dias atrás
isa rezkian
isa rezkian 7 dias atrás
Yooo leon
Kat! 7 dias atrás
am1N official
am1N official 7 dias atrás
Here before he blow up
Nehemiah Pouncey
Nehemiah Pouncey 7 dias atrás
Picture if there was like a BRvid Retirement home for BRvidrs? Everybody will be there markplier Etc.
Grandpa Papi
Grandpa Papi 4 dias atrás
We're all so proud of you, Pewds
JacySunshine 4 dias atrás
The way this is edited gives me so much nostalgia as a 90s kid growing up with home videos and vhs tapes. Bjorn is so lucky he will see from y’all efforts (great editing Marzia!!) how much love y’alls family contains and celebrates!!
MizAly 3 dias atrás
I’m so happy seeing felix in this kind of moments right now, it’s the same feels as my cousin, they became dad at the same time! Idk why but it gives me happiness seeing them having a child, like they have this different smile that I cannot explain.
Super Girl
Super Girl Dia atrás
Pewdiepie's vlogs always make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside whenever I watch them. These other "vloggers" need to take notes because this is the right way to get it done! We need more content like this!
SLicKo 5 dias atrás
Its so weird watching Pew being so mature lol... Happy dad life Pew 💕
♠️Mace of Spades♠️
Marzia did a really good job of editing this, it really feels like a home video for them to watch back on for the memories and that ending with the sound of a vhs getting taken out seals it.
♠️Mace of Spades♠️
They should make actual home videos for them alone. Those would probably have the best memories for them since their gonna just for themselves to look back on
Kouhaiii 5 dias atrás
@♠️Mace of Spades♠️ I can imagine them already doing it with clips that are more personal. kinda inspiring too
UsrNmTkn 5 dias atrás
​@maceospades how do you know they aren't already doing that?
itsrainening 4 dias atrás
Is Marzia editing all Feliz videos?
Robin's diary :)
Robin's diary :) 3 dias atrás
she edits the vlogs@itsrainening
Nazrul Muhaimin
Nazrul Muhaimin 4 dias atrás
I first watched Felix's vid when I was 10,and now I'm 20 and trying to enter adulthood, I love you guys,hope that this family is going to continue to be so wholesome
Evilwolf 3 dias atrás
What a time to be alive, nothing more inspiring than witnessing a person you've seen climb the ranks from the bottom to the top and even see him have a family.
Kye Ikemi
Kye Ikemi 3 dias atrás
It's so sweet how they're living life so peacefully.
Crazy to think he went from screaming in his room at a computer playing games to getting married and now you guys are parents 🥺🥺🥺 Bjorn is such a sweet boy, he’s so lucky to have such doting parents :)
Emma Richards
Emma Richards Dia atrás
Time is being so gracious to Felix. it makes me so happy to see him and Marzia happy :)
Saladoom3312 7 dias atrás
Y'know, seeing where Felix ended up in life really gives me hope for a better tomorrow for everyone.
Wendy Whoisit
Wendy Whoisit 6 dias atrás
I mean, he also had a very fortunate starting position in life, it's not like everyone's gonna have it this good.
forgotten 6 dias atrás
⁠​⁠​⁠@Wendy WhoisitTrue but it isn’t the start that matters, it’s the end
Laure 6 dias atrás
If everyone believes in themselves, there's hope for everyone imo.
Nathlaaar 6 dias atrás
I mean... the dude is absolutely loaded
HÜZI 6 dias atrás
Sorry to break it to everyone, Felix is extremely lucky (not saying he didn't work hard) and most of us are going to struggle in life. I think it'll be better if we stop dreaming for impossibilities.
Archie 4 dias atrás
Its so lovely seeing them have a peaceful life ❤
Fe Aran
Fe Aran 22 horas atrás
It's great you're doing so well Felix! Congratulations to you and your family!
face- less
face- less 4 dias atrás
My friends always call me and my gf the parents of the group because we are always so "mature and resposible" (lmao) and now i know how it feels to have someone to look up to like parents to me. I'm always learning so much and have some new perspectives on what to expect as a father now. Thank you pewds please keep us updated on everything i really love these vlogs that you do and they help me understand parenting some more. Thanks a lot Felix, love you so much man.
chaosgremlin 3 dias atrás
Watching new parents navigate parenthood is so refreshing. Capturing all these little precious moments as a family is such a good idea. 🖤
Moose 6 dias atrás
Every time I watch these vlogs it makes me wanna move to Japan lol
Ivy? 6 dias atrás
worse if you’re IN japan 🥲🥲 (visiting)
Diogo GF
Diogo GF 6 dias atrás
do it
WitheredIce 6 dias atrás
Used to watch your videos when I was younger glad to see you again
Ashley EZ
Ashley EZ 6 dias atrás
then move there, give it a try. lifes short. think maybe ill try next year, see how it is.
Rytb09 Gaming
Rytb09 Gaming 6 dias atrás
You were such a core part of my childhood, Moosecraft I thank you.
Strawberry Bambi
Strawberry Bambi 19 horas atrás
these videos make me so happy and so sad at the same time, so happy to see them happy and being a loving family and so sad cuz they are living the life i wish i had
ms.randomoon 5 dias atrás
It can't be just me who cries at every family vlog 😭😭 i love this, it genuinely warms my heart.
Mellisa Desgagne
Mellisa Desgagne 2 dias atrás
Being first time parents is absolutely scary and also amazing. You guys are doing awesome!
Lizzards Gamers
Lizzards Gamers 4 dias atrás
I love seeing how well you two are doing and adjusting to being parents. It’s a difficult thing, parenting! But you two are doing amazing! And Björn is so adorable. :) congrats to you both!!
Sexual healing Music  - Multilingual Version
I love seeing you and your family enjoying your life in this beautiful country, Japan.
FootballViper 6 dias atrás
Watching pewdiepie grow up from “Fridays with pewdiepie” to Father Time is wholesome
enter username
enter username 5 dias atrás
Stawp you're making me feel old. 😢
Kvas_Nubas 5 dias atrás
Margarita Shepard
Margarita Shepard 3 dias atrás
It is like I have visual family
Natalia Cortés
Natalia Cortés 3 dias atrás
Marie uhi
Marie uhi 4 dias atrás
Thank you Felix for updating and taking us along with your life. It is truly sweet and wholesome to see, and anyone who has been here for a long time can tear up having watched you grow as we have grown ourselves
snap my neck
snap my neck 23 horas atrás
The sheer contentment and joy you guys live now is absolutely beautiful 😊 So happy for your little family!
Gaming Buster
Gaming Buster Dia atrás
Congratulations to you both :) he's the most wonderful little ball of joy. Now that I've gotten to my early 20s I'm astounded at just how much we look alike (which sounds...weird, sorry but it's true); my girlfriend of 6 years pointed it out and now I cannot unsee it. Now I'm considering round glasses since you were rocking some at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="910">15:10</a> . All the best to you both :)
Osama Osman
Osama Osman 5 dias atrás
Watching these videos truly fills me with joy! So happy for you Felix!!
Ahmad Abbadi
Ahmad Abbadi 4 dias atrás
Baby bjorn looks so cute and healthy, I can’t help but smile everytime I see him, so happy for you felix
Pumpkin 7 dias atrás
I dont think you understand how calming and happy this content makes me. I can't thank you enough for sharing, nor Marzia for editing in such a beautiful way.
luke73tnt 7 dias atrás
@CJDookIsBackI’m a huge homosexual right now
Salamenza 5 dias atrás
Bjorn is gonna know so many languages! His mum is Italian, dad is Swedish, but both speak English and live in Japan! I'm so jealous of this kid lmao
Louie Ayade
Louie Ayade 3 dias atrás
watching this video makes me feel at ease. I am happy that PewDiePie is living a happy life
Stephanie 5 dias atrás
Literal looks like such a happy and peaceful life. What a beautiful family you have Felix
Lily Raiyne
Lily Raiyne 5 dias atrás
It's beautiful watching you with your family and being a Dad!!! Happy Anniversary and congrats on your amazing journey of happiness! Bjorn is so adorable! Marzia looks great and you look so happy. Makes me smile to see these precious moments!! ❤
Toyoko Lucero
Toyoko Lucero 4 dias atrás
This is by far one of my favorite series. Just seeing you guys live life and relax is so nice. It's crazy to think I've been watching for almost 10 years. Bjorn is so stinking cute 🥰
Kylie Sparrow
Kylie Sparrow 6 dias atrás
I literally cry watching pewds vids since he’s moved to Japan😭 it’s just so sweet to see him and Marzia live out there dreams and be able to live a peaceful normal life. They both look so content with themselves. It’s so sweet and I’m so happy for them
iamrichlol 5 dias atrás
SkyForgedDragon 4 dias atrás
Same girl
The Encouragement Kid
The Encouragement Kid 4 dias atrás
me too :')
ashmar 15 horas atrás
Fr they both look so peaceful and calm
MsWatsupwiththat 3 dias atrás
I can't stop watching! I love to see Bjorn bond with you! And as for your doggies, you are such an excellent doggie dad!
jjLG 5 dias atrás
Thank you for showing us Bjorn 😊 he is absolutely adorable.. looks a lot like you too. It's really sweet of you to trust in us here and let us see him.. love and best wishes ❤️ xxx
LaurenAndTheJets 3 dias atrás
Watching Felix enjoy dad life is soo wholesome to me🥰
Gwenx 5 dias atrás
Its so cute to see how you are as a family, you're doing so good all of you
Maxim R
Maxim R 5 dias atrás
Every vlog is another amazing video to watch. I just feel so happy getting share a peek into this wholesome life. It also makes me feel positive about and confident towards the future. Thanks for sharing. And lastly, Bjorn is soooooo cute. What a beautiful baby!
Heisenberg 7 dias atrás
Felix and Marzia being parents is legit wholesome, so happy for their new chapter of life
Connor Garvin
Connor Garvin 7 dias atrás
lowkey felix has gone from making content to just filming memories and posting them on youtube, we dont even need to be here😂 and im so here for it, its so relaxing to watch
xristodoulos 7 dias atrás
i think you are the most famous person making comments
BillyBob 7 dias atrás
If it isn't HeisenBot
Isabelle 7 dias atrás
@Connor GarvinYeah I feel like all of these vlogs are for Björn to watch one day along with the rest of us
Becky P
Becky P 5 dias atrás
I live for Pewds going through his Dad transformation 😍 I just had my lil one back in February 🥰
SC0RN 5 dias atrás
I was there from almost Day 1 Felix. Seeing how your life changed over all this years was awesome. I'm happy 4u that you met such a perfect wifey and I wish you all the best In the future. You really been blessed, Bye Bro 👊
Michelle Vong
Michelle Vong 4 dias atrás
I can’t stop smiling 😊 This video you made was so wholesome ❤ Thank you for sharing!
Ivan Valerian
Ivan Valerian 3 dias atrás
I just watched old Fridays with Pewdiepie and then this, damn what a time to be alive to see this man grew from being a teenager to being a full blown dad
Brad Wallace
Brad Wallace 7 dias atrás
Bjorn is absolutely gonna love watching these when he's older it's so heartwarming, keep doing great Felix
Possum Magic
Possum Magic 7 dias atrás
Imagine the hours entertainment Bjorn will get watching all his Dad's videos!
G1nSan3 7 dias atrás
i dont know about that. maybe in 20-23 years. but definetly not when hes a teenager. he will hate it. like every kid
Jazz Man
Jazz Man 7 dias atrás
@G1nSan3 since when do teenagers hate pewdiepie by and large
Taylorkreate 7 dias atrás
@Jazz Mannot too many but just about everyone would be embarrassed by their dad, the famous youtuber
Nate Taylor
Nate Taylor 7 dias atrás
Yea especially the bridge incident video
Tanner Neff
Tanner Neff 3 dias atrás
this video literally felt like 2 min i never watch vlogs but this was amazing pewdiepie is truly living his best life and you love to see it.
DeSjeft 4 dias atrás
The absolute most ideal situation to raise a kid in. I'm glad you're in a position to do so!
Skilly 5 dias atrás
I've been watching Pewds since the beginning and his journey is absolutely inspirational. I'm very happy for you Felix you totally deserve it and congrats again for Bjorn!
JB 3 dias atrás
I love these videos ‐ thank you so much for including us Bros to follow you into this new chapter of your life. ❤
VoidMySoul Dia atrás
What a beautiful life to live, congrats Pewds 🤙
Toonimated 4 dias atrás
I started watching pewds in 2010 and have grown up with him, and seeing him being a Dad really made it sink in that I'm in my mid 20s now lol
rocketcat818 Dia atrás
Never stop teaching people how to live a happy life 🙃
Al3x_does_things 4 dias atrás
I just hope Piewd keep doing these for a long time... it's such a comfort to me
man doodoo man oops
man doodoo man oops 2 dias atrás
Congratulations, Pewds! God bless you and your whole family
manki_D_Boss 4 dias atrás
Se felix live so chill makes me smile, well deserved
Ike_Ren 7 dias atrás
just watching you, Marzia, Momo, Edgar, and now Björn live your best life never fails to put a smile on my face
My balls hurt
My balls hurt 7 dias atrás
Edgars gonna go soon :(
samul 7 dias atrás
RIP Maya
Deepoi 7 dias atrás
Kaleb Barney
Kaleb Barney 4 dias atrás
Watching you guys makes me genuinely happy, gives me hope for the future.
Katey mardis
Katey mardis 4 dias atrás
Watching these videos make me feel so at home and part of the family, you 5 are the best
tito 4 dias atrás
I've been watching you for over 10 years Felix and somehow this video made me cry :')
Natalia H
Natalia H 4 dias atrás
Happy peaceful times watching dad, mom, and Bjorn moments 😊 hi everyone, hope you’re well.
alainxaa 5 dias atrás
I remember following in 2011 watching you play Amnesia & other odd ball games. Just so surreal and awesome to be able to witness the life you guys have created for yourselves!
Cherry Kamino
Cherry Kamino 7 dias atrás
15-20 years from now Bjorn is gonna watch all of these videos with him in it and we're gonna be much older at that time. It's quite wholesome to see Felix and Marzia when they were just gf/ now having a happy family. I'm so glad that I get to witness their journey and onwards to the future. Love y'all Kjellberg family!
Alexandr Revenco
Alexandr Revenco 6 dias atrás
gf/bf = g/b. Simplify your fractions kids.
Cherry Kamino
Cherry Kamino 6 dias atrás
@Alexandr Revenco sorry granpa i couldn't pass the algebra exam 5 years ago, 😥I am so ashamed
informitas 0
informitas 0 6 dias atrás
Maybe you will be older I won't.
BatteryJuicy 6 dias atrás
his son will be like "daaad I don't wanna watch your stupid videos leave me alone to watch jacksepticeye"
Dir. L Frost
Dir. L Frost 4 dias atrás
I like watching this kind of pewdiepie vlogs when my life is going downhill. It's so soothing and for some reason it gives me comfort that someday everything will be ok, and that I can also have my life figured out.
Jesica Hot Blog
Jesica Hot Blog 5 dias atrás
👏 Felix, it's fantastic to witness your remarkable progress! Keep up the amazing work! 😊🌟
Caroline 5 dias atrás
Thank you for still doing Vlogs and sharing your time! Love these so much!
N.I.N.K. 5 dias atrás
Wow i cannot believe i missed Pewdz and Marzia becoming parents OMG! So happy seeing them live they're best lives ;3 Super wholesome
Mathew Champlin
Mathew Champlin 7 dias atrás
Bjorn's little smirk when he, Felix, and Momo and were laying down was hilariously cute
RoyalBlueKitsu 6 dias atrás
Daniela 6 dias atrás
11:55 @RoyalBlueKitsu
Cinthya Perez
Cinthya Perez 6 dias atrás
Smileheart110 6 dias atrás
@DanielaThat one’s with Edgar, not Momo
KOCHI 4 dias atrás
日本で子育てしてくれて 日本人としてはとても嬉しいし なんだか、小さい事もありがたくて 幸せでいいんだなーってなんだか思いました😊😊😊
Madison 3 dias atrás
Such a beautiful family ❤ makes me teary eyed knowing how it’s all started to where it is now, I still remember pewds Wonderwall cover for marzia…now seeing them living their best life with their newborn son is truly heartwarming 🫶🏻
EvilWizard 5 dias atrás
Amazing to see your dad life unfold pewds! I’ve been a sub for forever and the amount of love and laughs your content has given me and my wife is incalculable! Thanks for everything you do and have done and I pray peace and prosperity for you and your family! Thank you again!
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