DaBaby - iPHONE ft. Nicki Minaj [Official Audio]

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KIRK Out Now
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27 Set 2019



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Comentários 6 793
Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans 6 horas atrás
Im ready for the music video
Kozmik 20 horas atrás
1:50 Nicki talkin some incest shit
Shane Dia atrás
Nicki Made this Song EVERYTHING IT IS!
folseyfredy Dia atrás
Oh yeassss!!! NICKI MINAJ 👑
we all need help sometimes
If you buy a iPhone you're supporting trump for president 2020
Gang Smoggy
Gang Smoggy Dia atrás
Da baby diss coming soon watch out dababy
Da Baby: Ride me like a motorbike Queen Nicki: Vrooomm
unhandy space
unhandy space 2 dias atrás
I prefer Samsung
Theodore Wilbur
Theodore Wilbur 3 dias atrás
we need the music video soon! love all of your music videos so creative
Moe Salamander
Moe Salamander 3 dias atrás
Wow this song is awful
Moe Salamander
Moe Salamander 3 dias atrás
That’s some wack-ass logic. I had to hear it to tell if it’s bad or good, right?
keon 3 dias atrás
But you're here listening to it 🤣
Up The Road 492
Up The Road 492 4 dias atrás
Should be album of the year
Not Lilly
Not Lilly 5 dias atrás
He really made a song about an iphone but its meaning 😂😆😆😆😆
Geleusom Ramos
Geleusom Ramos 5 dias atrás
hannah golden
hannah golden 5 dias atrás
He's going to be on Nicki's next album..can't wait for that👌
Janiqua Chirlias
Janiqua Chirlias 5 dias atrás
Soo BRvid expects us to believe this only got 4M views?
keon 3 dias atrás
ryan ramlochan
ryan ramlochan 5 dias atrás
Everybody who love the queen of rap so much give a big like right here for the Queen of rap
Sonny Flores
Sonny Flores 5 dias atrás
Temon ! Csmre bancando a Dababay Desde Perú !
King Aquarius
King Aquarius 5 dias atrás
Nicki is the muthafuckin queen Perrrrrriod 🔥
Dylan Bowles
Dylan Bowles 6 dias atrás
what your ex ask you about your new girl she treats me like a motorcycle rides me like a motor bike
Samya Ahmad
Samya Ahmad 6 dias atrás
Stay up on my iPhone tell my b*** i love u
M7P gg
M7P gg 6 dias atrás
Jay1 to saucy
wholahayy 6 dias atrás
This needs a music video!
Byron Phillips
Byron Phillips 6 dias atrás
Who skipped to nick’s part first
Miguel Carvalho
Miguel Carvalho 6 dias atrás
the best song of the album!
markthibeaux23 6 dias atrás
Name a feature NICKI DIDN'T BODY?🔥
Alicia Dawn Miranda
Alicia Dawn Miranda 6 dias atrás
Just wondering how in the lyrics you praise a lady for not needing lipo but got nikki on here. How she feel about coming on after that? Oh that's right she probably wasn't in the studio. Just recorded to a hook and sent it over right
Z Wilson
Z Wilson 5 dias atrás
This comment is a whole mess of angry nothing 😂😂😂😂 take care
Princess Goodluck
Princess Goodluck 7 dias atrás
My best song on the album.
Joyce Knight
Joyce Knight 7 dias atrás
Where is the video dababy with nikki.💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Taco Meat
Taco Meat 8 dias atrás
This shit slaps lol
MISSING U 9 dias atrás
1291634 9 dias atrás
Stop blocking the views youtube
Ebony McCoy
Ebony McCoy 10 dias atrás
songs dead ass hard🚨🔥💯
Mikey Bee
Mikey Bee 11 dias atrás
Go Nicki Go !! 🎀
April R
April R 11 dias atrás
So where’s the music video🥺
charlie doe
charlie doe 13 dias atrás
👂 listening to iPhone 🎶 on my iPhone 📱😂😂
malcolm King
malcolm King 13 dias atrás
I wonder how the vid would look if thre would be one💯
Rushin' Jay
Rushin' Jay 13 dias atrás
So many nicki fangirls
Melina Bourne
Melina Bourne 13 dias atrás
I love that NICKI MINAJ keeps proving and showing you HATERS all that no matter what she is WAY BETTER THAN CARDI B IN SOOOOO MANY WAYS LOVE NICKI MINAJ THE QUEEN.
Mr Piggy
Mr Piggy 14 dias atrás
nicki just ate dababy in his own song lmao
Mr Piggy
Mr Piggy 14 dias atrás
*no doubt, nicki is a queen of rap*
King Sam
King Sam 14 dias atrás
Can't wait for the video of this burning supppppaaaaaaa boppppppppppppppppppp song yayks❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
hannah golden
hannah golden 14 dias atrás
Elichia Moore
Elichia Moore 14 dias atrás
Why is this not at 10 million 💕
Aydın Yılmaz
Aydın Yılmaz 14 dias atrás
This verse is F I R E !
Brandon Baeza
Brandon Baeza 14 dias atrás
DaBaby lowkey looks like Mayweather 😂
Aerria Zophi
Aerria Zophi 10 dias atrás
EssEm 14 dias atrás
Love dababy comment sections
Belen Dominguez
Belen Dominguez 14 dias atrás
Na Talie
Na Talie 14 dias atrás
I fucking can’t stop playing this 💯
Mingle Lee
Mingle Lee 15 dias atrás
Yesssss!!! Da baby and Nicki Minaj killing it!!iPhone
DM Jordan
DM Jordan 15 dias atrás
Nicki fucked the whole song up
DM Jordan
DM Jordan 14 dias atrás
@BaddieUniverse i mean don't get me wrong her verse going in till the end of it then she lost me
BaddieUniverse 14 dias atrás
As in killed it, yes.
Dev Nicole
Dev Nicole 16 dias atrás
This L is for you imma take a W
Nico Shaw
Nico Shaw 17 dias atrás
Nicki Minaj have music to drop😍😍
Morena Matshego
Morena Matshego 17 dias atrás
Can’t wait for Nicki’s album 🤩
Jeff Hoke
Jeff Hoke 17 dias atrás
Nicki never lets any male or female rapper out rap her and I love that for her & us 😂💁🏼‍♂️
1291634 8 dias atrás
Jeff Hoke eminem and wayne did outrapped nicki. She knows those two are hard as fuck
Nicki Minaj Force
Nicki Minaj Force 17 dias atrás
Cardi is a trend Nicki is LEGEND you can't deny it
BaddieUniverse 17 dias atrás
Issa hit. We need the video.
Bryana Grace
Bryana Grace 17 dias atrás
Nicki’s verse ... I’m shook.
Bbb_ Flight
Bbb_ Flight 18 dias atrás
The people that disliked this are the people with androids
Danielle Paniccia
Danielle Paniccia 18 dias atrás
How come I’m not seeing a little damn respect for Da Baby’s father that passed away?! Anyway, Rest In Peace to him, hold your head baby ❤️😚
ONE y 18 dias atrás
Thru the whole phone away 🤪time out tho?
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