DaBaby - Brother's Keeper [Official Audio]

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DaBaby - Brother's Keeper
My Brothers Keeper (Long Live G) Out Now
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#Dababy #MyBrothersKeeper #LongLiveG


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19 Nov 2020



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Latasia Tabatha
Latasia Tabatha 2 dias atrás
I cry every time I hear this . depression is real yall for real . So many times I want to give up but I know my lil sis need me .... My sister and I been through so much if some only knew what my sister when through together ......... this song hit different when you dealing with depression and you the oldest . I have to talk to my sis and son so I want pull the trigger on myself ! 🥲🥲🥲 . GOD PLEASE HELP MY MIND
MARQUISE X ELLIS 2 dias atrás
Feel bad for you Dababy. Hope you feel better.
layla denham
layla denham 2 dias atrás
i lost my sister on december third to suicide so this song hits close to home
Big Franko Da Delta Gentleman
Couldn't come at a better time.
THEO MACC 4 dias atrás
I feel yo pain I lost my brotha & father with in a years tyme😰😰😰
Sylvia Frisbee
Sylvia Frisbee 7 dias atrás
Fuck yea my brother's did that and they are doing it now
Maggot Brain
Maggot Brain 7 dias atrás
I think he was living in Cleveland in this picture
Mitchy 8 dias atrás
My brother breaks my heart when he tells me I want to die I take it seriously shit hurts
Grace Tahitahi
Grace Tahitahi 8 dias atrás
Fire USO. Give us a shout to New Zealand
Jack Barry
Jack Barry 9 dias atrás
BIGGER THAN YOU 11 dias atrás
It took me about 2 weeks of listening to this song to figure out what happened to his brother and why he made this song. I respect Baby. Rest In Peace Glenn Johnson.
brandi niyu
brandi niyu 11 dias atrás
You was the oldest so you got is worse... I felt that one
Mildreina Bray
Mildreina Bray 12 dias atrás
I Was Fucked Up When You Found Me
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Rickochet 13 dias atrás
I heard this once and didn’t stop to find it. I don’t like Da Baby that much ,but he actually put feelings in this song
Courtney Leonard
Courtney Leonard 13 dias atrás
You’re so strong. This is so real. pure feelings. This hits to my core
Ocean Exclusive
Ocean Exclusive 11 dias atrás
John Feathers
John Feathers 14 dias atrás
My lil bro just sent me this from his prison phone. I haven't cried like this in a long time.
Josh Cooper
Josh Cooper 14 dias atrás
I lost my brother this last year and when I hear this I think of him 💔
Daniel DBOY Harper
Daniel DBOY Harper 14 dias atrás
This guy is garbage🤣🤣 he tries to say best rapper alive 🤣 compared to what, lil pump? 🤣🤣
Adam Noyb
Adam Noyb 11 dias atrás
You a simp. 🤡
Dee Austin
Dee Austin 15 dias atrás
Ashlei Jackson
Ashlei Jackson 16 dias atrás
Malachi Varner
Malachi Varner 16 dias atrás
Dababy the experenced goat
Gary Mason
Gary Mason 16 dias atrás
“Don’t let depression go unchecked that shit’ll cost you” 💯
Ruth Abraham
Ruth Abraham 17 dias atrás
Akira Andrews
Akira Andrews 17 dias atrás
As the oldest child, I lowkey felt this. We really do get it the worst. Sadly no one cares until we go.
Akira Andrews
Akira Andrews 10 dias atrás
@kostas kas it’s okay, I understood perfectly :) and yes I totally agree.
kostas kas
kostas kas 13 dias atrás
Im sorry for my English 🤣 im greek. Hope you understand what im saying
kostas kas
kostas kas 13 dias atrás
Also we always have to protect and advice our little siblings. Work so i can provide our family more money and my little brother and most of the time blame us for whatever they are doing
06NIC-_GAMING 18 dias atrás
0:24 He Speakin Facts Long Live G
Matt Mata
Matt Mata 20 dias atrás
I'm my brothers keeper
Jennifer 20 dias atrás
Rip to my bro...i miss you so much #mybrotherskeeper
AMG KORTYMAK 21 dia atrás
Prayers!!! 📿 #stickz
Justin Montana
Justin Montana 21 dia atrás
The best of the new generation he got flow message and has good lyrics respect🔥
salih turcin
salih turcin 21 dia atrás
l love you dababy
Alaa Mahmoud
Alaa Mahmoud 21 dia atrás
The tiktok boys still listening to rockstar and sleep on this masterpiece smh
KingBig Man
KingBig Man 21 dia atrás
Brothers to keeper too emotional but give me the vivid
EbkDonations Cashapp
EbkDonations Cashapp 22 dias atrás
Raised right but the streets was callin . That’s a tough one niggas don’t no unless you’ve been in that situation personally .
Crystal 22 dias atrás
I'm also the baby but of a family with 3 sisters. My oldest sis died too, rip to ur big bro 🙏
plushie world
plushie world 23 dias atrás
Sleep with angel’s brother we love and miss you everyday Eddie Cardenas...
Roblox_ Fangrxp
Roblox_ Fangrxp 23 dias atrás
🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 ✨✨✨✨✨
Donna Young
Donna Young 24 dias atrás
My heart n prayers goes out to Dababy n his family SORRY FOR THEIR LOSS STAY STRONG KIRK GOD GOT U ❤❤
Amir Chapma
Amir Chapma 26 dias atrás
I was DaBaby so I got it easy I felt that
Storytelling by Noblesse
Hue Jassle
Hue Jassle 27 dias atrás
My baby brother passed away 13 days after his 18th birthday...Herbert Nix Jr will forever live in my heart...a part of me died along with him...REST EASY YOUNG KING
Sherilet Clark
Sherilet Clark 27 dias atrás
This song represents my kids as their brother's keeper
Atlanta Memez
Atlanta Memez 27 dias atrás
Man I’m the oldest and every word relates
Queen Pisces
Queen Pisces 28 dias atrás
R.I.P. Jaelin did you sing this for my son’s my condolences for you bro R.I.P.
James Trueblood
James Trueblood 28 dias atrás
Joseph McGinn
Joseph McGinn 29 dias atrás
he is right the oldest gets it first and worst I know dat
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez Mês atrás
I feel you Dababy my brother died last year I'm fighting these devils by my self
Hollis DmoLish
Hollis DmoLish Mês atrás
I didnt think this song would put me in my feels but so many memories of growing up as an oldest child in 90s hit me. Everything he said I felt that. 💯
Demetri Vorhees
Demetri Vorhees Mês atrás
When this ep came out I listened to it multiple times and got drunk. Called my little brother and told that nigga stay out the streets.
Dababy_daughter Kirk
This song is sooo sad
Iyke Selfmade
Iyke Selfmade Mês atrás
RIP B4L💔 lost kid bro 27th nov 2020..Things will never be thesame
Andrew Cohen
Andrew Cohen Mês atrás
This one's for everyone that was raised tough - the old school way. The oldest always had it the toughest. Nuff respect to all big brothers and sisters. Condolences to the family.
Olivvicia k
Olivvicia k Mês atrás
Dababy have time changes I hear this...
SuperPothead14 Mês atrás
Song put some tears in my eyes. I can feel the pain
Gerrard Gibbs
Gerrard Gibbs Mês atrás
Almost lost mine last year. I'm still fucked up. He's healing up though and I thank God for that
Cody Williams
Cody Williams Mês atrás
Long live g man long live g
Digi Mob
Digi Mob Mês atrás
Damn my Lil bros just passed this shit hit different.
Alihan Parpucu
Alihan Parpucu Mês atrás
The RSW Family
The RSW Family Mês atrás
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BrianSavage000 YT
BrianSavage000 YT Mês atrás
R.I.P to DaBaby’s brother 🙁☹️😣😖😫😩🥺😢😭
John Rollins
John Rollins Mês atrás
Harem King
Harem King Mês atrás
Bruh was really snapping on this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥 we can't lose DaBaby guys Protect him at all costs
Dirty Luva
Dirty Luva Mês atrás
WE STILL Wantin for you to come BACK BIG BRUV
Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop Mês atrás
Lost my brother to suicide so this song hits home 👌🏼
João Vitor Ramos
João Vitor Ramos Mês atrás
Foda demais mano slk🥶💜
fabian crum
fabian crum Mês atrás
HollowRhyme Mês atrás
Bro dababy has went through some stuff hopefully you are alright dababy we love you man
jozildo dias
jozildo dias Mês atrás
Brasil tropa do menor toddy
Buddie Ross
Buddie Ross Mês atrás
It's komplik8ted - Sorry not sorry Sorry not sorry, In the clouds sorring, Ice rock snorttin, fix for a moment, Mentally distorded, Hard to stay sober, ×2 but fuck it my homie, we stay Rollin, Rollin, rollin Father forgive me, For my vision, Of this fucking world we live in, With death will come wisdom, We should of had in the beginning, My life is just beginning, And what's truly sickening, Is my mind cuts like insisions, To the brain, When most are simple beings, I'm just being fucking honest, I will not say sorry, for the way this shit may seem, Sorry not sorry, In the clouds sorring, Ice rock snorttin, fix for a moment, Mentally distorded, Hard to stay sober, ×2 but fuck it my homie, we stay Rollin, Rollin, rollin This is my shit I really want to get out with but knowbody gives me time of day cause they don't take me seriously when I say I know I got it
Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar Mês atrás
Sty strong Jon bra we love you dawg🤞🏾❤️‼️
raenell banks
raenell banks Mês atrás
Man I miss my fucking brother, I'm sorry for everything I ever said to u when u were here. I always thought we get over that in time. I wanted u to have a family and be all that you wanted to be. I know your finally free. I miss you Coray Matthew Epps!!!!!!! 11/17/2020
Abyssツ Mês atrás
Sorry for asking but how’d he die? You don’t have to respond if you don’t want to
Lazy Mês atrás
“Suicide doesnt stop the pain,” “it gives it to someone else
Timm Dfd
Timm Dfd 3 dias atrás
KB GAMING Mês atrás
Miss you bro
Boss Jones
Boss Jones Mês atrás
How do you get dislikes on a Song like this ? RIL Bro
KobyPlaYzGaMeS Mês atrás
Anyone who disliked this video is a bad person like the video DaBaby lost someone and u dislike his tribute Shame on 2 u even f u dont like his music at least like the video and show some support R.I.P. Jonathan Kirk
Xx_Gopassive_Xx 1
Xx_Gopassive_Xx 1 Mês atrás
But Dababy could easily stop rapping for a few weeks bc of him losing his brother but he likes rapping i respect him #1 rapper Dababy
BIA 4Life
BIA 4Life Mês atrás
What is peace. They take the good and yet Im still alive suffering . On this earth. Depression is real deal .29 now . And been happening last 15 years . Try take my life 2 times yet still here not my time . Guess grass is greener on the other side gotta keep going 🙏🏾✊🏾💜 forward . Shout from Sydney Australia . 213 ashfield enjoy people's stay bless
TheChicagoway 5700
TheChicagoway 5700 Mês atrás
Damn new respect for this one💯 my bro ,rip mom m dad 💪
Kelso R
Kelso R Mês atrás
As the older sister, this one hits me on a whole other level. Thanking god for being alive, breathing with a roof over my head. Sending light, positivity and many blessings to everyone ❤️✨
Charles Thomas
Charles Thomas Mês atrás
Nicole Wright
Nicole Wright Mês atrás
Dame my lil brother just sent me dis song I just started crying
JoEKiDD TM Mês atrás
globoy zzZ
globoy zzZ Mês atrás
Daizhaun Watkins
Daizhaun Watkins Mês atrás
Im my brothers keeper #LLM
Ew Itsmemario
Ew Itsmemario Mês atrás
“Bruh, I been hurt, ain’t had no feelings since we lost you” man I felt that. I’m miss my big brother so much man. The day after my birthday this month, it will be 5 months. I still check my phone for messages or snapchats from him.
J Deezy
J Deezy Mês atrás
Dont let depression go unchecked that shit will cost u Real shit
Lil jet 999
Lil jet 999 Mês atrás
Hey I feel this so much I lost both my parents grandparents and my brother and sister I don't think life worth living anymore
canadce bailey
canadce bailey Mês atrás
I swer
canadce bailey
canadce bailey Mês atrás
I'll kill in by for my brother
Nakyrah Williams
Nakyrah Williams Mês atrás
Da baby songs are toooo fire to be this short 🔥🔥🔥
Arterrion Mcdaniel
Arterrion Mcdaniel Mês atrás
think song rlly hit my heart
David Klassen
David Klassen Mês atrás
I haven’t fuck wit dababy harder than now he got what all the oh rappers got that background respect dababy young Tupac
Mateo Tesei
Mateo Tesei Mês atrás
The best hip hop rap playlist. Updated since 2016, I have been uploading the best songs of the genre, for more than four years. It has more than 1200 songs. From Notorious BIG, Eazy E and 2pac to Young thug, Lil Baby and Lil Uzi Vert. Hope you like it
Tommy Hill
Tommy Hill Mês atrás
I just got put on this song and I love🖤 #BigUps👍🏿 to #DaBaby😎
Common Man Crypto
Common Man Crypto Mês atrás
"Label CEO keep begging me to keep the gun up".....Listen to that shit! The powerful people who decide which songs become super popular, they want black artist like Da Baby to keep depicting themselves as violent and "gangsta"....isn't that toxic? Meanwhile, the same artist drops a meaningful and powerful song like this ain't on the radio. That's fucked up on another level.
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