Customers Embarrass Server by Singing THEM Happy Birthday

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10 Jun 2019




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Comentários 2 614
who’s zlay
who’s zlay Dia atrás
7:02 yes
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 2 dias atrás
I hadn’t laughed this hard in so long. Thank you
Time For Stunt
Time For Stunt 3 dias atrás
i always laught so hard when i watch ur videos
yb os
yb os 3 dias atrás
Prank joogsquad since they always prank the news
yb os
yb os 3 dias atrás
Kole is a fucking legend
Guilt 4 dias atrás
please do that video where you dress up as dolphins and say "OMG A HUMAN" that'd be gold
Chase Easley
Chase Easley 4 dias atrás
Bartledo boys
Neko Nominyan
Neko Nominyan 4 dias atrás
please do more of that employee birthday, i haven't laughed this hard in months!
Robert S
Robert S 4 dias atrás
Damn that jump was impressive
Robert McCullough
Robert McCullough 4 dias atrás
The only channel that genuinely makes me laugh
Tyler Cosgrove
Tyler Cosgrove 4 dias atrás
I had a police car with a pa system and we used to play porn through it at Walmart parking lot😂
ItsBenny 6 dias atrás
At 6:30 is that the short bagel guy that recently had a tantrum
Rigatoni21 6 dias atrás
That fudge place you went to is so good their fudge is really good
Marissa Morales
Marissa Morales 6 dias atrás
“When’s the last time I what?... called isis?” I’m dead 😂😂
TheReal PhoeniX
TheReal PhoeniX 8 dias atrás
1:57 oh that's so onfortinet
James Justin
James Justin 8 dias atrás
White shirt blue jeans quit copying homer simpson ross
whY aRe YoU rUnNinG
whY aRe YoU rUnNinG 8 dias atrás
Imagine if it was actually on of the waitresses her birthday
Turtle Stomper
Turtle Stomper 9 dias atrás
Drugs are bad
Cary Caldwell
Cary Caldwell 9 dias atrás
The music in the first one got me
lonewolf36s 9 dias atrás
if you can manage to find a docile pet bird that likes flying near people, i think a really awesome idea you came up with here @end. Put a RF transmitter speaker necklace on the bird, let it fly around saying "Hellooo human"
Will. Faurie
Will. Faurie 9 dias atrás
Low-key Lindsey thicc
Neppy 10 dias atrás
7:14 “Called isis!” HE WAS SO SHOOK
Nothing Left
Nothing Left 11 dias atrás
3:23 dolphin 🦈
Gary Bell
Gary Bell 11 dias atrás
Ed bassmaster was hilarious
Sebastian Englberger
Sebastian Englberger 11 dias atrás
Hellou hooman
Fresh clan For life
Fresh clan For life 12 dias atrás
1:50 kwahi Leonard laugh
RF WOLF 12 dias atrás
The speaker idea sounds great! xd
Schorch Vortex
Schorch Vortex 12 dias atrás
“Hwidjwjdj mowers inc” lmfao
bridgest99 14 dias atrás
They need to do the Ed Bassmaster thing again but whenever they respond bc they cant understand he should get super offended lol
Letucces Satan
Letucces Satan 14 dias atrás
Waiters: *Sings Happy Birthday song to customer* Customer: *Pulls uno reverse card*
Nin9211 14 dias atrás
The cowboy made me laugh everytime he opened his mouth!
FREE RIDER 15 dias atrás
inappropriate music at the beach 🐸
Games4Nerds 15 dias atrás
3:30 Me with my trust issues
Sean Ocansey
Sean Ocansey 16 dias atrás
Boomhauer lawnmower rental
Zane R
Zane R 16 dias atrás
put a speaker in a bag and hide it in the sand at the beach and play a bunch of weird crap
Zane R
Zane R 16 dias atrás
walk out on the beach with like winter clothes and and cuddle with your friends and act like your cold
Cheezish 16 dias atrás
Romes Garage
Romes Garage 16 dias atrás
Ive come to the conclusion you guys are the reason why aliens won't invade us.... #705 Secretly putting kick me signs on the back of aliens
Obese CJ
Obese CJ 16 dias atrás
1:45 is that Burger Planet?
yeah yeah
yeah yeah 16 dias atrás
The hot shower is so true omg
BU3 D 16 dias atrás
Ed fucking Bassmaster!!!
Outside Edition
Outside Edition 16 dias atrás
I am glad you guys take requests.
Number 16 dias atrás
Like impractical jokers
Skelewyvern V2
Skelewyvern V2 16 dias atrás
It was actually my birthday when u uploaded this lol
Diamond Dakota
Diamond Dakota 17 dias atrás
2:32 A’s u said that I farted lmao!! Coincidence
Stomp Pie
Stomp Pie 17 dias atrás
Take a photo of someone then put the photo in there pocket
ThuggishPlum82 18 dias atrás
Oh no... Ed bassmaster...
John 18 dias atrás
Hand people 5$, say nothing, and just run away with your hands up and see if they takenit
Father_Sauce 18 dias atrás
When’s the last time *you* called isis?
United Skylanders America
pick up people’s sun umbrellas that are stuck in the ground and hold it above them
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