Crush의 BLACKVOX - Ep.01 with j-hope 

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Crush의 BLACKVOX - Ep.01 with j-hope
Crush (크러쉬) [Rush Hour] is now available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music & Spotify.
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23 Set 2022



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@moons.h2614 Anos atrás
크러쉬와 호비의 합작은 진짜 최고! 너무 신나서 매일매일 듣고 있다. 뮤비도 매일 보고ㅋ 히비히비~~ 안무도 매일 따라추고있는데 내 몸은 호비처럼 절때 될 수가 없네 ㅋㅋㅋ마음만은 나도 제이홉인데 ㅋㅋ
@namjoonkim7408 Anos atrás
Jhope is always so kind and hardworking im so proud to hear other artists praising and appreciating his sincerity I could really feel is unique energy in everything he produces
I didn't know that J-hope is this chill and outgoing. He radiates positive vibes that just by watching him makes my heart really light. Not an Army obviously but he is really cool.
Jhopes energy is just everything. I love that in order to collaborate with others he feels the need to have respect and sincerity, it really shows that he is genuine with what he does.
Солнышко ты наш рада видеть ,Круш талантливый певец и дуэт подходит
호비~ 웃는 얼굴에 매일 미소짓게 되요! 아시죠?너무 이쁘고 실력은 할말이없고 예의장난아니고 노래 멋있다 춤은 할말이없다♡ 이쁜 홉! 영원히 가자~ 많~은 사람들한테 웃음 미소 즐거움 행복을 준다 건강해야해요~♡ 사랑해요♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
J Hope tiene una sonrisa tan hermosa
@user-tc3uo8ej7v Anos atrás
아니 rush hour노래 진짜 너무 좋음 제이홉 덕분에 크러쉬도 멋진 가수란거 알았고 방탄그룹이 아닌 정호석이라는 솔로가수의 느낌도 잘알게됨 아니 춤을 너무 잘춤 둘이 케미 대박임..노래가 그냥..소름돋을정도로 올해 들은 곡중에 젤좋음..완전 내스탈임..
The cute duo feels like they've known each other for ages, they're so comfortable singing this amazing song 🥺🤍
@shrekke Anos atrás
1. Jhope is so so incredibly beautiful
the way CRUSH's and J-HOPE's energies matches!!
@AnnikaD-zo3th Anos atrás
Jhope is really a sunshine. He lights up a room. Im so proud of him. He’s wonderful and amazing.💜
@leahj139 Anos atrás
Mad props to Crush and J-Hope. Great song with a great vibe.
@NSBlinkbuddy Anos atrás
Crush & Jhope is such a good duo, they are very talented, has very nice visuals and has great personalities.
난 제이홉 웃음이 그렇게 좋더라.. 주변 사람들 행복하게 만들어주는 긍정 에너지~
@gracechae4649 Anos atrás
아! J hope! Rush hour를 단순 교통체증이 아닌 본인 삶으로해석해서 담았다는말. 월드대스타인데 크러쉬씨 대하는 모습 정말 겸손.
J-hope é tão lindo e especial 😍😍😍
@elissayoung531 Anos atrás
J-HOPE has such a great work ethic and the energy he brings to the table is just insane
j-hope is really one of the greatest artist, his music, lyrics, rap, vocal and his performance presence all of that are insanely so good, armys are here for these things besides his personality. j-hope and his group BTS are not famous for nothing or just for their visuals, I hope ppl understand that 🥰.
@jeon-210 Anos atrás
제이홉이 춤의 신이자 춤의 왕이라는 건 누구나 인정해야 한다