Cristiano Ronaldo Full Length Interview - Why It Wasn't A Messi Movie, Who'll Win Ballon d'Or?

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Cristiano Ronaldo Full Length Interview - Why They Didn't Make The Movie About Messi, Who will Win The 2015 Ballon d'Or?
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14 Nov 2015

FootballSoccerCristiano RonaldoInterviewLionel Messi (Football Player)FIFA Ballon D'Or (Award)



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Comentários 5 972
Vishnu S Lal
Vishnu S Lal Dia atrás
He tells UNBELIVABLE 1000 TIMES A day
Jailan Rayvon
Jailan Rayvon 2 dias atrás
Zak walaljecel Aden
Zak walaljecel Aden 3 dias atrás
Y not messi...... Hhhh they were looking for the best player😏
sam wild
sam wild 3 dias atrás
I liked this interview a lot, seems like a very sweet guy with a great sense of humour and also his English is amazing- also what an amazing father, you can see the pride in his eyes whenever he discusses his son and his family, you can see the real Ronaldo in this interview and I love it❤️
sam wild
sam wild 3 dias atrás
I actually like the guy- don’t think he’s as arrogant as people make out and seems like he’s a genuine person
Lyrical Tube
Lyrical Tube 4 dias atrás
YoyoEzziJr 4 dias atrás
Lol and people saying “it will be you”, and Messi carried his team to 5 trophies, while Ronaldo won nothing that year.
YoyoEzziJr 4 dias atrás
Still mad about how he called Ronaldo the greatest player on the planet..
talent finder
talent finder 5 dias atrás
God of football is here
Akash Verma
Akash Verma 5 dias atrás
"Because they r looking for best player in world 🤣" best moments
MsYT Gaming
MsYT Gaming 5 dias atrás
Greatest in the history of football no words❤
Maverick Bristoñ
Maverick Bristoñ 6 dias atrás
Remember the truth, no one in his status do not go without paying dues to the Elites. Illuminati sellout and he is also a homo.
Rene Flores
Rene Flores 7 dias atrás
People who make fun of someone who speak with an accent only speak one language,. Christiano speaks 3. What a bunch of haters!
Radhey Acharya
Radhey Acharya 7 dias atrás
My idol king cr7
Willian 15i
Willian 15i 7 dias atrás
Cade a legenda em portugues filha da puta
Muthoi Ksh
Muthoi Ksh 7 dias atrás
Souravjyoti Deka
Souravjyoti Deka 7 dias atrás
the questions were too weird ...too personal
Hank Olson
Hank Olson 8 dias atrás
So bazzikally
Morad Rad
Morad Rad 8 dias atrás
Cristiano Ronaldo is under cover he knows what I mean
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar 9 dias atrás
May be he is best football player but surely he is best human being
aviral agrohi
aviral agrohi 9 dias atrás
8:03 epic............. best player in the world..
HackeRsWorlD 9 dias atrás
11:59 my favor part
Salvatore Di Crocco
Salvatore Di Crocco 10 dias atrás
Cristiano Ronaldo miglior giocatore del mondo 🇮🇹⚽️🇵🇹indiscusso
Goldameir Israel
Goldameir Israel 10 dias atrás
"if he does that (tattoo/marking), then he's smart. he knows the good players" Ronaldo is so much more
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 12 dias atrás
Fuck ronaldo😝
Jarhead _4824
Jarhead _4824 12 dias atrás
The nicest people in the world is actually Canadians xD
Abdel9282 12 dias atrás
I had to learn how to respect him because of my kids: "they just love him". Now I'm a big fan of CR7. He is amazing.
EVER EVER 13 dias atrás
Naruto and boruto is ronaldo and ronaldo jr
Epen W
Epen W 13 dias atrás
CR7 rocks, his ENGLISH is great for a portuguese footballer.
Mizo Book Club
Mizo Book Club 14 dias atrás
Damn he has a nice accent and his voice is nice, husky
donkey mong
donkey mong 14 dias atrás
Why is Jonathan Ross asking so many deep questions?
Little Cricket
Little Cricket 14 dias atrás
He's being mind controlled by purple man
Harculean Singh
Harculean Singh 11 dias atrás
Little Cricket which men ??
ARS 14 dias atrás
He is probably the most famous man on the planet to be honest, since football is watched by over 4 billion, surely no one is more famous.
Ashu Sam
Ashu Sam 16 dias atrás
10:20 very good answer
Ashu Sam
Ashu Sam 16 dias atrás
14:26 i dont know 😂😂😂
Abhishek Rabha
Abhishek Rabha 16 dias atrás
8:06 that was the worst joke i ever listened to..
Harculean Singh
Harculean Singh 11 dias atrás
Abhishek Rabha like ur face
Maltepe Kore
Maltepe Kore 16 dias atrás
respec c. ronaldo
Malik Xahid Malik
Malik Xahid Malik 16 dias atrás
Ronaldo is ❤️
Yogesh Jadhav
Yogesh Jadhav 17 dias atrás
Best line 'They are looking for the best player in the world'
Amit Shaw
Amit Shaw 17 dias atrás
I can see lot's of english people in comment section and they are mocking cr7 english accent. See i am an indian. I can speak English also many indian languages like hindi,bengali etc. But what you people can do? You people can barley speak any other language. So please don't judge anyone's english because atleast he is trying and he knows something but you people dont even know a single thing about his language.
Mostafa E
Mostafa E 17 dias atrás
Bazically ;)
THE ANTI UNIVERSE 18 dias atrás
This fucking tactic interview shows are bs look at that asshole while asking questions 🤮🤢
ZÁM YT 18 dias atrás
Footballers should be ready for the questions from reporters. Reporters should be ready with questions for players like Messi Ronaldo and specially Zlatan Ibrahimović
ሎመስ ሓቂ ዶ ክንዛረብ
I like Ronaldo and his English becouse it is easy to understand for me GBU Ronaldo
Zounnouraine BAH
Zounnouraine BAH 19 dias atrás
When legends are talking u feel like crying & if they're crying u feel like...i don't know.
wongto yemchong
wongto yemchong 19 dias atrás
Best in the world....
ozzy leo
ozzy leo 19 dias atrás
ozzy leo
ozzy leo 19 dias atrás
A R 19 dias atrás
8:11buthurt Messi fan boys stated hating him more 😂😂
Hlumelo Chumande
Hlumelo Chumande 20 dias atrás
Ronaldo is the best, no one can replace you. But if you think his weak you don't know soccer but CR 7 stay strong and keep on wearing your JUVENTUS KIT and carry on making us proud and we love you❤⚡⚡
Anshul Saxena
Anshul Saxena 20 dias atrás
After watching this how can you hate this man ♥️
Eyes Speak
Eyes Speak 21 dia atrás
English people are polite- Thank god he didn't visit Essex lol
Prasun Bhattacharya
Prasun Bhattacharya 21 dia atrás
If you say skill means ronaldinho,if you say talent before skill then christiano.
Prasun Bhattacharya
Prasun Bhattacharya 21 dia atrás
The host is proud oh his english,but chistiano can buy this type of at least 1000 english knowing people.
Oz Jatt
Oz Jatt 21 dia atrás
Love and respect from india ..... you are just osm
khushi Ahmed
khushi Ahmed 21 dia atrás
ILove you cristiano Ronaldo ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤⚽🏆⚽🏆😍
Joy Paul
Joy Paul 22 dias atrás
He is a very honest person. u my hero ,idol
Haze Der
Haze Der 22 dias atrás
Cwistiano wonaldo 😂😂
Mohammad Yaseen
Mohammad Yaseen 22 dias atrás
I’m not a massive fan of football. But I would go for Ronlado, he’s a fantastic player.
Samkhih Langstang
Samkhih Langstang 22 dias atrás
Movie about me Why not leo messi I know they are looking for the world best player........... Love u ronaldo My god of football
GXT Shadow
GXT Shadow 22 dias atrás
Messi better if you want proof look at the stats
Harculean Singh
Harculean Singh 11 dias atrás
GXT Shadow stats say cr7 is better
Sasw Bindari
Sasw Bindari 23 dias atrás
I,m messi fan.... but i respect c.ronaldo
Meme Mouse
Meme Mouse 24 dias atrás
Fahrettin Konakli
Fahrettin Konakli 26 dias atrás
Caroline Jones
Caroline Jones 26 dias atrás
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Rowen Nelson
Rowen Nelson 28 dias atrás
World best
Luis Vollmer
Luis Vollmer 28 dias atrás
Harculean Singh
Harculean Singh 11 dias atrás
Luis Vollmer how ??
Patrick Folan
Patrick Folan 29 dias atrás
If you don't like the hero himself CR7 this will definitely change your mind about him
broken heart
broken heart 29 dias atrás
he is a verryy Beautiful man
whoison2ndable 29 dias atrás
whoison2ndable 29 dias atrás
Number 1 fan
DRN News
DRN News Mês atrás
Cwistiano Wonaldo!!
rahul debbarma
rahul debbarma Mês atrás
He doesn't sounds like he respects messi..
Pedro Jiménez
Pedro Jiménez Mês atrás
Èl habla español y portugues perfectamente
NIKE213326 Mês atrás
like this if CR7 is the G.O.A.T
Ronaldos english is great
HeHoZy Mês atrás
The whole rivalry is a bullshit scheme created by the press. They’re the two best players to ever grace the game. Why wouldn’t they respect eachother.
Tariqqo Omari
Tariqqo Omari Mês atrás
😂😂 this moron and his delusional fans think he is on messi level 😂💔
Dick Poon
Dick Poon Mês atrás
My top 1 favorite football player ever ... C Ronaldo 👍👍👍
Johnstick Mês atrás
That bit where he talks about Ferguson and his dad being sick, you see the genuine Ronaldo, away from the pomp that is needed to succeed on the pitch, the human that was in a bad space and had the right person, at the right time to help him through it. I always respected Ronaldo as player but more so as the person.
Mark Sabaduquia
Mark Sabaduquia Mês atrás
he needs to fertilize more women to produce better looking human
Door.27 Door.27
Door.27 Door.27 Mês atrás
DumDum Mês atrás
Many people will hate him many will be jealous or envy and many may think he is lucky or whatever. But you have to give credit where is to. He worked his ass pretty hard to this point and believe me being a footballer is not as glim or easy as it seem to is huge work training and especially discipline that’s why some end up playing in lower tear and some at his level , talent doesn’t mean nothing, discipline training and sacrifice does. So i just love his determination and confidence and the huge amount of work he dit to be at this level, and lastly when most people see arrogance on him i see desire to always win and this is what differentiates him from the rest.
prozoneuk Mês atrás
Ross: Is there a special someone in your life right now? Ronaldo: A few. BOSS.
akram socisse
akram socisse Mês atrás
8:12 I thought messi was laughing
Abu Maryam
Abu Maryam Mês atrás
Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest player of all time g.o.a.t
Paul Hatcher
Paul Hatcher Mês atrás
Christiano ronaldos real dad is Nick cotton ? Bloody Hell..... 😂
deepak vadaye
deepak vadaye Mês atrás
I know what men's love
STARTKIZ presents
STARTKIZ presents Mês atrás
Lol i still dont understand him😂😂😂
The fact is there
The fact is there Mês atrás
Sheila Kitson
Sheila Kitson Mês atrás
He's beautiful, he can't even help it!
Gull rahman
Gull rahman Mês atrás
He is great gay respect
яonaldo7 Mês atrás
People may argue and choose Messi over him as a greatest footballer of all time but deep down in their heart they would like to be Ronaldo more than Messi if given chance to restart their life as a Footballer. To me he is the greatest of all time for so many reasons.
George Albano
George Albano Mês atrás
Wow he is such a great, honest guy. I love him for being such a hard worker.
Teplembo Mês atrás
What a class personality.
memoranda1 Mês atrás
There is some truth to his laughter at 2:45 if he knows what the interviewer is saying it's true.
Jack Travis
Jack Travis Mês atrás
this guy is a prick (not ronaldo)
Jack Travis
Jack Travis Mês atrás
messi is the best
Muthoi Ksh
Muthoi Ksh Mês atrás
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