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WTF BRO........
How can a fan just walk into our house like that?! WTF!
Jk jk guys that was just a fun little skit that I've been wanting to do for a long time! Shoutout to my boy Hayder for helping out, FIRST TRY! Please drop a like if I had some of you fooled for a second, it's always fun doing these skits! Have a great rest of your day, love you all!
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If you read this far down the description I love you!
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22 Jan 2017



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Comentários 25 997
grace alyssa
grace alyssa Dia atrás
Ohh it was a skit?!
Faunah Burns
Faunah Burns Dia atrás
I should have said "GET OUT BRO"
Hipwop1 Dia atrás
You have to appreciate that he’s a fan of you so be nice to him
No kids Allowed
No kids Allowed 2 dias atrás
Ye looks nice
Breanna Barnes
Breanna Barnes 2 dias atrás
Mama rug get the chancla
bby doll
bby doll 3 dias atrás
Thank God i was worried
Patrick McStar 7
Patrick McStar 7 3 dias atrás
This dude is so annoying NOT FaZE ruG the dude who broke in
Samantha Rojo
Samantha Rojo 3 dias atrás
You got me and my cousin 😡
Samantha Rojo
Samantha Rojo 3 dias atrás
They can't do that he is crazy 😡😡😡
pal adin
pal adin 3 dias atrás
911 what the emigrants
Cayden Hayes
Cayden Hayes 4 dias atrás
Cayden Hayes
Cayden Hayes 4 dias atrás
Scary bro
Prola tati Torres
Prola tati Torres 7 dias atrás
I am a rug rat
RonRonPlayzRBLX 7 dias atrás
I understand it can be a little creepy, but there's no need to be mean about it. He was probably just excited to meet his favorite BRvid star.
Clever Doge
Clever Doge 9 dias atrás
Man you really got me
Aubrie King
Aubrie King 9 dias atrás
That was odd if that happend to me i would kick them out
Jeanette Watson
Jeanette Watson 9 dias atrás
Bro I was about to comment and you it was just a skit
Cassandro. mannie43
Cassandro. mannie43 10 dias atrás
2020 anyone?
GERARDO MONTES 10 dias atrás
Shout out maniac. Where my 2019 people
XWS Official
XWS Official 12 dias atrás
shit never watching ur vid again gonna unsub from 3 acc right now i thought it was real
Alex Dales
Alex Dales 13 dias atrás
That guy has a mental problem
Julian Ede
Julian Ede 15 dias atrás
just tell him to FRICKING GO AWAY
Gaming with Josiah
Gaming with Josiah 15 dias atrás
You totally got me
pro me pro
pro me pro 16 dias atrás
PandyPlays 17 dias atrás
Everybody this is just a skit, he explains it in the description. If it was real he would be yelling and probably calling the cops, lol 😂
Audrina Chavez
Audrina Chavez 18 dias atrás
You should’ve grabbed him by the arm and kick him out
Fatima Begum
Fatima Begum 19 dias atrás
If your.stumped read the description
Bubs Bubs
Bubs Bubs 19 dias atrás
Nash Gonzales
Nash Gonzales 20 dias atrás
Oh rug u make me believe
He has a bedroom downstairs? Damn man...
ZuRi 21 dia atrás
if this was real you da a bitch
RockstarGaming32 22 dias atrás
Read description
Itz Me
Itz Me 22 dias atrás
I hope I can go to your house.😔
Eesa Muhammed
Eesa Muhammed 23 dias atrás
He looks like sway lol
luna darling
luna darling 24 dias atrás
Do something faze
Jimmy john luxton
Jimmy john luxton 24 dias atrás
I knew something was fishy
jqdhauhiuashf 24 dias atrás
Im sorry to say this but this is click bait
Eric Xiang
Eric Xiang 24 dias atrás
Dequindell Jackson
Dequindell Jackson 24 dias atrás
WTF lol why's that someone breaking in
Soccerboyfifa 25 dias atrás
Jessie Astorga
Jessie Astorga 25 dias atrás
FaZe rug you know all of us fans and stuff would like to be able to meet u in real life I mean everyone comment down if you live in San Diego but I live in El cajon
xXmidnightXx cute
xXmidnightXx cute 27 dias atrás
What omg crazy
Benedict Wong
Benedict Wong 28 dias atrás
That's so messed up
Miriam Osorio
Miriam Osorio 29 dias atrás
Is this real or planed? Like if u agrie
Hammad Rehman
Hammad Rehman 29 dias atrás
1 minute silence for people who thinks this is real EDIT:aww it was a skit
Thousand Dreamz
Thousand Dreamz Mês atrás
it really looks like a skit, the fan was not a good actor lol
Crystal Niblett
Crystal Niblett Mês atrás
Is that big Nick?or whatever 😐
game changer kay
game changer kay Mês atrás
That's tough
Aiden Reynolds
Aiden Reynolds Mês atrás
This guy is stupid why would you go to his house you idiot
Aaliyah Mati
Aaliyah Mati Mês atrás
is it real
Raccoon _ Gaming
Raccoon _ Gaming Mês atrás
it was planned
Cris Galvan
Cris Galvan Mês atrás
He was always laghing
Michael Flores
Michael Flores Mês atrás
2019 or just me? 😂😂
David garcia
David garcia Mês atrás
dude THAT'S crazy
Stacy Garcia
Stacy Garcia Mês atrás
Who else is here 2020 👇
rosy_ kenzi
rosy_ kenzi Mês atrás
this is 2019...
NuggsterGaming Mês atrás
bro, for a second I thought this was real, but like once you saw the fan it is pretty obvious that it is a skit
Ninjasian1065 mitchell
I hate that guy soo much 😡
Wesley Vogels
Wesley Vogels Mês atrás
this shit is so fact
Abby Espinoza
Abby Espinoza Mês atrás
That is not Cool
Max Duffenais
Max Duffenais Mês atrás
This was A q and A
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