Cozy Evenings ❄️ | An Indie/Chill Mix

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🌟 Lay down, chill'in and enjoy. Favorite time of year, so let's celebrate it with this lovely indie/chill mix!
C H I L L ' I N - Let's get lost ᄿ
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× Tracklist: 0:00 CRØW - Electric Feel
4:16 Chymes - All Time Low
6:52 Alina Libkind - Radars
10:13 Lewis Ross - Not That You're Gone
14:41 Mykey - Maybe I Was The One
19:02 Lewis Ross - Come On Home
21:44 Khalid - Location (atlas in motion x atlantic cover)
25:57 One Hope x Olivia Burns - Wildfire
29:34 Anson Seabra - Trying My Best
35:15 Lewis Ross - Sign Of Life
37:28 Dekleyn - Empty
41:31 The Hollow Men - City Light
44:47 Native - Slowly Fading
48:12 Apsley - Running
51:11 Dekleyn - Ghost
54:40 Olivia Grace - Safe
58:04 Dekleyn - Change
◦ Photo by Cathrine Krispinussen
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1 Dez 2018



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Chill'in 5 meses atrás
Hey friends! I need your help. You've probably noticed that I'm not quite active with uploads. A year ago, an automated decision from BRvid took away monetization from this channel and since then I'm not able to monetize the channel again. BRvid did nothing to help. For the past time, I've been creating a platform mostly for independent artists and their recognition and would gladly like to continue doing that, but I need your help. If you've ever enjoyed content on this channel, please consider helping me. All you have to do is to go to twitter, tag @TeamBRvid and tell them why you love this channel (or you don't :D) with channel link in a tweet. Or you can use this link and tweet this: You can also help by donating to this link: Thank you so much
Nicole Carbine
Nicole Carbine 28 dias atrás
Hi i was wondering why oh-Rain in blocked in the u.s
The Vibes
The Vibes Mês atrás
@the_vibes Me tooo
Bridget Woods
Bridget Woods Mês atrás
wow youtube in a pain in the arse hope u get it soon
Yassine Magh
Yassine Magh Mês atrás
Done buddy, great channel though and wish you all the best
Samantha Shene
Samantha Shene 2 meses atrás
I don't know how but listening to this made me think a d open up to so many emotions that I thought were gone for ever and I just wanted to say thank you for that. I have more to 💛 say but I'm tired now so I'm gonna stop here but don't give up everyone hope is on its way
hồ hồ
hồ hồ 21 hora atrás
Life Umbrella: Relaxation
Been listening this non-stop! This is really soothing. Thanks. We have similar videos on our channel to. Do check it out
ThePeacefulBuddah 234
32:35 30:20 34:45 38:30 42:28 43:07 51:25 58:08 10:40
bbyrenjunx Dia atrás
this hits hard when u are sad, thinking about life, lonely, drinking hot chocolate while sitting on your bed with the curtain open a little and let a lil bit of light get through your dark room 😔💗
journey1186 3 dias atrás
love these mixes. reminds me of reign and greys
Braydon Lee
Braydon Lee 3 dias atrás
im so speechless :(
S J 4 dias atrás
I love this comment section..noone's here to judge, just to relax and calm's rare..thanks for creating this beautiful mix! You don't know how much it lifted me up.. Enjoy the matter how dark it seems something will happen to bright it up! Happy day people!!
the best selection of music
Come to my channel and listen to music, and suddenly like it))
white trap
white trap 5 dias atrás
*You have good music, try mine too... something new *
Joy chernov
Joy chernov 5 dias atrás
I meant etc...
Joy chernov
Joy chernov 5 dias atrás
I love this playlist I like listening to it when I am reading, drawing colouring in ect...
Chilling n living
Chilling n living 5 dias atrás
Looking for spending some time just chillin and thinking brought me here to listen and creating this kind of music, what brought you here people?
Liliana Lancheros
Liliana Lancheros 6 dias atrás
Micha Orellano
Micha Orellano 6 dias atrás
Hahahahaha :(( so much feels
Jovin Ortiz
Jovin Ortiz 8 dias atrás
Can i have the list of title😍
Stamo Vladimirov
Stamo Vladimirov 8 dias atrás
One of the best playlists for goofy times at cozy evenings with my love♥️
한번 들어봐 [Playlist]
Awesome! I absolutely love the vibe and the flow of the songs! I am so love with this channel. So much to learn from Love it.
rozettemumbi 9 dias atrás
my favourite chill mix.
Laura Metton
Laura Metton 9 dias atrás
If u are a boy who is listening to dis really cool playlist like, if you are a gril subscribe to me!
Bew Itthiphurithat
Bew Itthiphurithat 9 dias atrás
I need to know what kind of these music
Alex Lucan
Alex Lucan 9 dias atrás
Lewis ross and the beginning song are the only reason i listen this playlist
Alpha 10 dias atrás
What's amazing is that I've just started listening to MGMT and the first song really surprised me 🤣
Bolinho de Feijão
Bolinho de Feijão 10 dias atrás
this feels so good
wah panda
wah panda 10 dias atrás
an acoustic indie electric feel cover. awesome.
emmi sophie
emmi sophie 10 dias atrás
I couldn't focus all day and I'm only starting my homework now in the evening and I've still got so much to do but I know I gotta stay calm right now and I just needed some music so I came here. Such a beautiful mix, thsnk you so much for this, it's helping me a lot right now
Princess Alexandria Ligasan
Rain here is unoredictable. Wanna listen to this when it comes again 💜
Débora Bermudes
Débora Bermudes 15 dias atrás
Loved it! Thanks for this!
tuan anh luong
tuan anh luong 16 dias atrás
ok , u have got a one vote ,
Raiza Quisil
Raiza Quisil 18 dias atrás
Who cried?..cause I did..
Jang Aquino
Jang Aquino 18 dias atrás
You have a great mix right here👌👌👌
Gigi 2
Gigi 2 18 dias atrás
Anson Seabra, 29:47 caught me off guarded
Calvin Farello
Calvin Farello 18 dias atrás
hate it when the ads suddenly just show up
Erica Färlin
Erica Färlin 21 dia atrás
Otto Sollberger
Otto Sollberger 22 dias atrás
Crying missing her
DemeaN 22 dias atrás
this mix is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Екатерина Долгачева
Thx! Turn on at work. Very like
Dena Tri Utami
Dena Tri Utami 23 dias atrás
super cozyyyy
Alberto Pennini
Alberto Pennini 24 dias atrás
these songs and these comments makes me wanna hug you all, I love you, and I wish you a good life
Ferry Vogel
Ferry Vogel 24 dias atrás
This playlist is fucking fire dude i love it
Hanan Intong
Hanan Intong 24 dias atrás
Most of the people around me don't get the kind of songs im listening to. But to those who does, they all are special. 💖
Igor Sajiro
Igor Sajiro 25 dias atrás
só musica de qualidade s2s2
Henckel 25 dias atrás
Annalisa Ohm
Annalisa Ohm 25 dias atrás
not that your gone by lewis ross hits different
Darlene Nguyen
Darlene Nguyen 26 dias atrás
Me and my baby cuddling on the couch, the fireplace on, hot chocolate in my hand, the tv on, this playlist playing = Paradise/The perfect quarantine :D
Rania Thabet
Rania Thabet 27 dias atrás
This is really perfect, it matches all your moods, takes you back to your best memories but at the same time at your sadest ones. It gives the loveliest feeling. Even if you're feeling low, don't forget that most of the people who came here are sharing with you that damned feeling keep going guys you made my night tbh
Electro Drives [Virtual Road Trips]
Don't want to take people away from this channel. But if you could open my channel in a different tab and take a look, I think it's quite fitting with the feels of this video. My car is basically like the image above. I have built a bed in CRV and drive around New Zealand, and upload the videos in 4K. Hope some of take a look and please let me know! :)
Eloh galdino
Eloh galdino 28 dias atrás
@ aaaaaaaa this song is wonderful!!!!!
Margarida Almendra
Margarida Almendra 29 dias atrás
God! Thank you so much for giving me motivation to do my homework!
Camille Quatrevaux
Camille Quatrevaux 29 dias atrás
Woaaa great relaxing song for a cosy evenings!
Rui Izidine
Rui Izidine Mês atrás
i feel lost... i feel lonely... Im a bit scared too... take me away...
Rui Izidine
Rui Izidine Mês atrás
but its ok to feel like that... life moves on
Vincent Flores
Vincent Flores Mês atrás
Uğur Aydıner
Uğur Aydıner Mês atrás
My favorite part is second. All time low. Because ı didn't listen other's. I stuck in this. Should ı listen other's ?
X Veronika X
X Veronika X Mês atrás
thankyou, you were one of the videos that helped me get through my school work!
hocine hocine
hocine hocine Mês atrás
Miss Otaku hardcover
❄️C'est vraiment agréable à écouter 🎧🖤. Ca me transport direct dans mon monde de rêve ✨🌌🖤
Gelyn Lobaton
Gelyn Lobaton Mês atrás
My fav playlist now. Thanks for making this mix 🙂
Trân Bảo
Trân Bảo Mês atrás
What is the song on 5:20
Liana Martančíková
Trân Bảo All time low
cam s.
cam s. Mês atrás
i get sad knowing life isnt as care free as it was in my teens. now that im adulting so much has changed! and its inevitable. i just got to keep moving foward in faith and stop wasting my time on people who only make me feel closed off. i just get discouraged knowing how our society works.
ᆰORØZCO Mês atrás
I C E. C O L D. 🥶
sweety dhey
sweety dhey Mês atrás
This is by far the best chill mix music I have listened to ❤.
Psychos BT PUBG
Psychos BT PUBG Mês atrás
Want to sleep but don't wanna pause this ,, fuCK!!!!!
Eveline Mês atrás
Please add Marble Waves - Through The Dark to one of your playlists! That song fits perfect in your playlists!! ​​​
Shirley Muñoz
Shirley Muñoz Mês atrás
Soooo good to be real... Thanks!!!
Emanuel Mambrin!
Emanuel Mambrin! Mês atrás
This is not chill at all is so fucking sad! :'(
No_Talent_Guy Mês atrás
Imagine being there with your loved one
Erwin Dave Dahao
Erwin Dave Dahao Mês atrás
The playlist makes you reflect the events while lying on the sofa cuddling the pillow. I'll have money soon, and I'll travel the world.
Keuna bell
Keuna bell Mês atrás
Imagine you're sitting by the beach and listening to these kinds of music...
Keuna bell
Keuna bell Mês atrás
Why do these kind of songs makes me sad but happy at the same time for no reason?
Moni Oyat Vlogs
Moni Oyat Vlogs Mês atrás
These songs really would make your soul feel good. I always listen to this playlist whenever I am working (Working at home during ECQ) the best!! :)
x_Mr DeviL_x
x_Mr DeviL_x Mês atrás
Are All songs royalty free?
Dustbunnie Assassin
Reminiscing about past failures because it brought you here to this point in time to cherish your one success.
luminousghosts Mês atrás
I've met someone online a month ago. I have never had romantic feelings for anyone before, but now I'm falling hard and we can not see each other because of Corona. This mix is getting me through 😌
Stacy Chiriseri
Stacy Chiriseri Mês atrás
i know how you feel we gonna get through this together
K- Loukas
K- Loukas Mês atrás
Sai Mori
Sai Mori Mês atrás
Amit Garg
Amit Garg Mês atrás
Pahle ham sab ko ghar jane dijiye fir band kijiye please
Patricia J. Parks
Patricia J. Parks Mês atrás
Have A Nice Weekend !
Bernetta Echols
Bernetta Echols Mês atrás
Amazing songs, they're all beautiful ... I'd like to know the tracklist, specially the name of first song. Hello everyone who loves this wonderful music, greetings from Monterrey México.
Price Zac
Price Zac Mês atrás
This takes me to a world of soul perfection, of relaxed confidence and contentment. Where you never want the moment to end. Where the past and future both disappear and all you can do is savor the magic of the moment. The enchanted allure of jazz is that it always keeps you in the moment. It's the only place to be.
Bertha McCroskey
Bertha McCroskey Mês atrás
You’re amazing
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